Taj Shareholder Offers (IHCL): 25% Off on Stay, Dining & more

By | May 27, 2023
Taj fishermans cove - sea view room
Taj fishermans cove – sea view room

With my limited experience in the stock market (equity), IHCL is the only company I know that values the shareholders with “amazing” discount coupons.

These coupons are usually like 25% Off on stay/dining/spa, etc., with some limits. Here are some of the offers that I received recently in the last year.

25% Off on all Spends

Taj Shareholder offer email
  • Offer: 25% OFF on the Best Available Rate across all our participating hotels in India. Also 25% OFF on spends at select restaurants, spas and salons.
  • Discount mode: Digital Coupon
  • Offer Period: valid for stays until 31 July 2022

25% Off on Dining

  • Offer: 25% OFF on dining spends, discount upto Rs.2500. Some 10 such coupons were sent out via post.
  • Discount mode: Physical Voucher
  • Offer Period: valid for stays until 31 Dec 2022

I intend to use them sometime later next year, but problem is they don’t clearly mention how to use these coupons. I wish they make it much simpler.

But never mind, just show it to the executive, he will apply the respective discount.

Discounted Epicure Plans

IHCL Shareholder epicure offer

This one is truly an amazing idea to send discounted Epicure plans for shareholder, but I feel the discount is bit on lower side, not even 10% on the regular price.

A 30% discount on these would be AMAZING. Isn’t it?

Are they useful?

These coupons can save you a LOT if you stay/dine often at Taj hotels. While Gold members get 25% Off on stays anyway, the dining benefit is pretty useful in my opinion.

Moreover, most Taj properties are not part of the dining apps like Eazydiner & Dineout, so in such cases, these vouchers can help you save quite a good amount.

I’ve received all of the above offers but personally not any of used these yet, because anyway I get a cheaper room rate by being a gold member and for dining I use the other dining offers, like this one for November.

Criteria for receiving coupons

So how to get these coupons?

I’m not really sure what system they follow to send out these coupons.

However, someone reported that they’ve got these coupons even with # of shares in single digit.

Otherwise, from what I see from my circle, all of them have got these coupons and they were holding approx. ~100 IHCL shares each, for an year or more.

I wish they have better discounts for those holding shares like 10K or so. Maybe they already have, I’m not sure of that. Have you heard of any?


Apart from dividends, it feels truly great to see such amazing shareholders offers from IHCL. It’s definitely a blessing for those who prefer Taj properties for travel. Who can ignore the pampering Tajness anyway?!

That said, it would be nice if other listed companies too take similar measures to thank shareholders with such offers. Maybe Zomato can send 30% (or) 50% off on food coupons based on the shareholding pattern, among others. What say?

Have you received any other better offers from Taj or any other listed company for that matter? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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68 thoughts on “Taj Shareholder Offers (IHCL): 25% Off on Stay, Dining & more

  1. Manish Lalwani

    Not exactly relevant but a few other companies like Relaxo also send discount coupons to shareholders

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah I do see a couple of companies do it (Bata, Trident, etc). The query however is, are they really as good as 25% or above discount as the ones with Taj?
      Because 10% coupons are as good as nothing IMO.

      Will be great if anyone has more info on this.

  2. Varun

    Can anyone share the type of offers Taj sent for shareholders in the past (before 2020) as Sid covered only the recent ones?

  3. Anup

    I got 25% discount voucher even though I hold only 2 shares of Indian Hotels

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool, thanks for sharing.

      So it seems they don’t care about the # of shares.

      1. Kiran sahgal

        I used get 20-30 % discount coupons for the no of shares I’m holding , from last two years not getting any ,
        I would get physical no of Coupons n I could use them at dining or cake shops etc
        From last two years , none
        Checked in my mail also

        1. Alok

          I received for this year too 25% stay and 25 % discount on dinning upto 25000 INR can be used 10times only the dinning coupon.

    2. Sahil Arora

      Hey did you have to hold the shares for an year or did the coupons come before an year only?

      1. Angeline

        Is it worth buying IHCL shares to avail the discounts . Was planning to buy shares of the same but don’t know how to go about it.

    3. Aarti Madholia

      Could u plz guide how to be a shareholder..as I hv no idea about shareholding.


    4. Pooja patekar

      Hi, share name is INDHOTEL right? Probably when person will get that discount mail?
      I have purchase 10 shares,

    5. Bm

      I have 50 shares but don’t get email of discount from them could you help in !

      1. Shubham

        You don’t get discounts this early .I too bought shares for IHCL on the same day you did.

    6. Ajaz rais

      I hv also ihcl share but still I didn’t receive any coupon. Wht should I do?

  4. Siddharth M

    Good to know this about IHCL. In fact we can use this thread to list all companies which reward shareholders.

    Hawkins, which I own 6 shares of, sent me 20% discount coupons ( 3 total) which can be used across range

  5. Ashish

    25% discount on stay is practically useless. I’ve been checking rates for various properties for last few months, shareholder’s offer rate are always higher than Innercircle member rates.

    25% discount on dining could useful for people not having Epicure membership.

    What’s interesting here is discounted Epicure plan. Was it limited period offer? Or open throught year? I usually see very limited time bound discount offer on Epicure plan like recent one with 10% discount with HSBC cards.

  6. Sreehari

    Seems like a lovely gesture from IHCL to reward their shareholders. Very good benefit to have and a whole year to redeem the same. Can this be used in conjunction with Taj vouchers from Plat Travel? Also are there exclusions in the participating hotels list?

  7. Abhi

    Bata sends 2 discount coupons of 20% each, even if you hold a single share. In recent years they have switched to e-coupons from physical ones. Family’s been receiving bata coupons for over 35yrs.
    I used to get Hotel Leela vouchers but they have discontinued it seems. Not got for past several years.
    IHCL coupons also are regardless of share quantity.
    Titan also gives coupons to shareholder valid at Titan and Tanishq.

  8. Sreetharan

    Now comes the usual question. Can we use amex vouchers to settle bills on using these discount coupons? That would make it all the more valuable imo

    1. Rohit kumar

      Yes u can club all coupons at time of check out, i used amex and make my trip taj coupons. The people at taj are very considerate in their hospitality.

  9. Naishal

    epicure membership discount is not received to all shareholders but discounts on stay and dining are provided to all!

  10. Pankaj Singhal

    Can you share when you got these coupons? I have not received anything.

    Also, please note that as per law, the company cannot discriminate between different shareholders. They need to give the same offer to all shareholders.

  11. Praveen

    I hold IHCL shares but didn’t get any coupons.. are the discount codes unique ?

  12. Chetan Chopra

    Hi Siddharth, Can you good me on how can I get Taj Inner Cirle Gold membership without the nights of course ?

  13. Alok

    Hi Sid, Am a base member of Taj Inner circle from day before yesterday and while booking i saw rates were 8775 excluding tax at Taj Westend Bangalore for a day out experience and had some personal work so decided to travel from mysore.

    But when i logged in today through lappy on Taj website i saw the same room for 6390 ex Tax and i booked it 7125 incl tax. is that a Good Rate i know i got a reduction of 2k.

    After booking they say while checkin i have to show my TIC membership for validation but i logged in using TIC and booked it. Now another funny part is while booking the room i saw Membereship no already prepopulated starting 101015***40 but i received a email 600000********787, .

    Am confused which one is the membership no now I paid it online through Taj website . I hope they dont charge me more. After Bookin i saw same rook 15500 . Hoping they dont charge me more and later get embarrased.

  14. Alok

    It was a wonderful stay after 25 yrs i got the same room and building in Taj West end. Food was good booked it through easy dinner and got 10% discount for a 4990 bill. Bill is for 3 guests.
    They never asked for membership number but i for just asked your email states to show the number and i showed it and they said 6series one is not found but already it is assigined and attached to the reservation they said. To top it some ministers daughter ring ceremony(Engagement happened and lots of merc and BMW and Toyotas to see and well lit.. not sure how to attach some pics here.
    Overall was a good stay each building were alloted a bell boys and they worked like a clock checking everything if anything was needed . good experience after a long time. definitely liked the Amibence of the west end which is 20 acres of land started with 10 room inn by Bronsons and now it houses 117 Rooms Plus the presidential suit and they have dedicated a park in prince of wales name as he statyed in 1991 there. Lots of Turkeys and swans around and a mini zoo like. lots of trees and rare plants with flowers.
    Farangipani flower which grows in westend ,they use this to prepare cocktails. definitely a good one.

  15. Abhi

    There must be an ex-date as of which they consider shareholders eligible for coupons. Anyone aware of the date or month? Typically in which month do you receive the coupons?
    For instance, Bata coupons come in email by Sep and are valid till next June. This pattern has remained nearly same for decades.

  16. alok

    Hi Siddarth,

    Were you able to see the pics that i sent to your email of Taj West end Bangalore my stay in Dec 2021.

    Thanks in Advance

  17. Swathi

    Hi siddharth ,
    i’m swathi . Recently heard about this share holder offer in IHCL .. i would love to be a part of it .so, can you explain me how to be a share holder in IHCL

  18. anshul aggawal

    Is this scheme still available do anyone has full scheme of how to avail these coupons what are the conditions apply . Is it something provided to shareholders holding shares from long time back .

  19. Rohini

    I am share holder of ihcl but i dont have discount coupons physically with me how can i get digital coupons or can i get benefit

  20. Jatva mayur

    Hello,sidhdharth, after how many days of buying the shares of IHCL I get the voucher

    1. Abhi

      Doesn’t matter when you buy the share or how many you buy. Depends on when company conducts its AGM, coupons are issued only after that. As of a certain cut off date whoever is a shareholder gets the coupons. AGM 2022 is on 30Jun, expect coupons between Jul-Sep.

  21. Anupam

    You can easily get these discounts when booking the Taj properties from Tata Neu app. No need to wait for AGM.

    1. Abhi

      I think the query was particularly about shareholder coupons issuance. We are aware there are various other discounts that are the available and offers keep coming and going.

  22. Alok

    I received email today for shareholders a special offer for our IHCL Shareholders two coupons with 25% savings Valid for single use for bookings made directly for stays till 30th June 2023 Applicable on spends at spa and salon during the stay and another for valid for same time oeriod but the second coupons entitles to availa a discunt of 25% on a bill value of up to Rs 2500/- (In full or in Part) up to a total bill value of Rs 25000. Note applicable on banquets.but can find the coupons on email.

    It says not eligible or cannot be clubbed with any offers promtions or membership programs. Coupons are not valid for consumption of beer liquor smoke and cigarattes.

    Not sure will they send physical coupons or digital one. as it is not in the email.

    1. Atmanand

      Hi Alok,
      I have been waiting for the mail.. However i haven’t still..
      I am wondering if the mail got into SPAM folder and maybe i would have deleted all the mails from the folder..

      Can you please let me know what is the mail id from which you received these coupons.. ?

  23. Alok

    Hi All,

    Received today one coupon code instead of two, i have replied back to them let us see.

  24. Max

    Which email are the coupons sent from or what is the subject line for the email? Unable to locate them.

  25. Aspi P. Shroff

    I have been a shareholder since years and appreciate your discount coupons sent to me. All coupons are used by me always but during the lockdowns due to covid 19 issues, was not able to use the discount coupons. Now they have expired on 31st July 22. I expect new coupons soon but the management should consider that coupons which were not used by shareholders due covid 19 issues should be extended by a minimum of 3 months from the expiry date of 31Jul22.

  26. Vedant Malkarnekar

    after buying the shares do I have to register somewhere to get the coupons?

  27. FrequentFlyer15

    For all who are investors but did not receive any coupons, I was in the same boat until last month.

    I sent an email to the following persons, coupons [at] ihcltata.com & investorrelations [at] ihcltata.com with your Demat number, no of shares held as well as full name and Pan. They will immediately send you all the vouchers by mail.

    Also since covid, they have stopped physical vouchers.

  28. Anil kapoor

    I have yet to receive my gift coupons of IHCL. Even after 5 months of me buying the shares.

  29. Kumar

    Today I received coupons valid till 2024.
    Received 25% Off on Breakfast and 25% on Dining up to 25k.

    No Other Coupons. I have 400 Quantity.

  30. Abhi

    IHCL shareholder coupons have arrived on email. 25% off on one stay, and 25% off on dining 10 times, upto combined bill value 25K.
    Nothing outstanding because similar discounts are available on tataneu.

  31. Dinesh Surana

    after buying the shares do I have to register somewhere to get the coupons?

  32. Aditya Kumar Shukla

    I am shareholder IHCL but I had not received discount coupons….. Please let us know what the process is to get it.


    Myself & my wife both are share holders of IHCL since long. But we have not received share holders discount coupons.
    Can you send us IHCL DISCOUNT COUPONS or what is the procedure . To whom
    we should contact to avail the facility going to Indian taj hotel in Mumbai.

  34. Santhosh Kumar

    I have IHCL coupons 25% for stay and 25% of other options.. Question is can I share my coupon to friends or family?

    1. Alok

      You cant share your coupons to friends and families but when you use that you need to be guest or if your going for dinning you do can take your families or friends and claim 25 % discount on total bill. you can use the same coupon again until you exhaust 25000 INR . I did it last year 5 times. Stay only once 25% discount for any number of days you stay on total bill.

  35. Alok

    This is the first time i received oberoi hotels 25% discount coupon valid for a year for food and beverages at all oberoi hotels and resorts in india and all trident hotels as i have some shares of EIH. Last year i did not received but this year i received it in Sept 2023.
    This voucher entitles you to 25% savings on food and soft beverages on a bill value of to Rs. 10000(in full or partial). it states this voucher is for one time use only and may be used to settle againest food and soft beverages and not applicable for meetings, events or functions confereance and non refundable and lost cannot be reissued, It cant be redeemed for cash too

    1. Hemanth

      Is there any particular number of shares so as to receive the coupon ?

  36. DD

    Hi, can you please confirm how to get the discount coupons. I have some IHCL shares


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