Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort & Spa, Chennai Review

By | August 17, 2018

Every Year i treat myself a luxury getaway at one of the Taj properties using the 10K voucher that i get from my American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card (review). In the past, i’ve used the vouchers to stay at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai & Taj Surya, Coimbatore and i always enjoy staying with Taj properties.

Their attention to detail, especially on service makes them one of the best hotel brand in the world and this stay at Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort & Spa too was no exception.

Taj Fishermans Cove Chennai – Sea view room

My Experience at Taj Fisherman’s Cove


  • Cost: 9,500 INR+GST

I booked the Garden View room via Taj centralized reservation and requested for a Sea View upgrade if available. Technically, Garden View rooms are more spacious, so I wasn’t really hoping for the upgrade anyway.


This luxury beach resort is located near the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai, about 40 Km from the Airport and it is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway (whether for friends, families or couples).

  • Uber from Airport: ~800 INR (1hr 15mins)

Check-in & Lobby

The check-in went very smoothly. You are asked to wait in the lobby while they come to you for check-in formalities. Got the Taj traditional welcome along with a welcome drink. All were done in less than 10 mins and I was then guided to my room.

The Room

I was told that my room got upgraded from Garden View to Sea View (Yay!). Sea View rooms are in the main building while Garden View rooms are a bit away. But they’ve got electric carts to take you there anyway.

The interiors were splendid and truly felt like heaven 🙂

The Pool & Sea View were nicely granted from the window. The overall look was nice and scenic, though the Sea “view” is not so great as the trees in-between kinda block the view a bit. You still could spend hours enjoying your time with this spectacular view.

Taj fishermans cove – Bed

Taj fishermans cove – view

Taj Fishermans Cove – Pool & Sea View

Taj Fishermans Cove – Fruits / Welcome Amenity

Taj Fishermans Cove – interiors

Taj Fishermans Cove – interiors 2

Taj Fishermans Cove – Bathroom (not so spacious)

Taj Fishermans Cove – Bathroom_2

The Resort

The resort is situated on a 48 Acre land and most of that is covered with lush green grass. Nature is there for you to enjoy at its best. It’s so “Instagramic” as well, check out some of the shots taken at the property below!

Taj Fishermans Cove – Pathway connecting Deluxe rooms

Taj Fishermans Cove – The Spot for Candle Light Dinner

Me @ Taj Fishermans Cove, Chennai

Apart from the regular rooms, to experience the property at its best, you must book one of their cottages that comes with a private area facing the beach. My next stay in this property would probably be in one of their cottages. Check out how scenic they’re:

Taj Fishermans Cove – Cottage

While cottages are the best, they’re bit old and some of them are under renovation now. So, if you’re planning on staying in one of those cottages, ask for the renovated ones.

The Beach

The resort grants access to a private beach area where you can spend your chilled evening or early morning breathing in the scent of the sea. The beach is neat and clean. We spent a few hours in the beach as the weather was fortunately cloudy.

Taj Fishermans Cove – the Sun, the Sand – the Beach, the breeze

Breakfast & In-Room Dining

In Room Dining: We ordered some sandwich, which doesn’t meet our expectations, especially when it costs a whooping 750 INR. Almost all items on menu were 3X Costlier.

Taj Fishermans Cove – inroom dining

Breakfast: Its included in the package, serving both Western and Indian delicacy with lots of tasty options to choose from. Apart from the delicious main course, my favorite here was the Cold Coffee.

And sorry… I realized that I did not snap any pics before getting started with it. Though, here’s one in mid way!

Taj Fishermans Cove – Breakfast


This is probably the only property I know where the checkout is done in a separated place – in a room opposite to the check-in area. They adjusted the Room Rate + F&B bills on the Taj voucher, meaning I used the entire voucher amount. Sense of Joy! 🙂

My American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

This unforgettable experience at Taj Fisherman’s cove was possible because of the Voucher received from American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card. So, go ahead and apply for one and treat yourself an amazing getaway at one of the Taj properties like this. 🙂


Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove is certainly one the best beach resort around Chennai for ages. Even though the property is a bit old, it still holds the charm in every aspect.

If you’re planning to stay in Fishermans Cove, consider staying around winter time, so you can enjoy the Nature + Beach + Pool to the fullest.

  • CardExpert Hotel Rating: 5/5 

Have you been to Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove or, maybe interested just after reading this article? Feel free to share your views in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

50 thoughts on “Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort & Spa, Chennai Review

  1. SH

    Hey great review. I will definitely plan for a trip here. Because the review was great we didn’t mind that pic you clicked mid way through the meal. 😀😀

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I did put a lot of effort on this review than usual. Glad you liked it!

      And thanks for the kind words 🙂

  2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Wow. Perfect review and awesome picture quality. We are delighted to see you are coming up with reviews more frequently. May your blog grows by leaps and bounds. All the best.
    I am going to Kolkata next month. If you want I can send pictures of Kolkata TFS Lounge.

  3. Prashant Gupta

    I visited the newer property Taj Swarna Amritsar, its the most expensive hotel in Amritsar courtesy American Express 😀. Its a sort of status symbol with locals as they all look at u with respect if u say u are staying in Taj. The Property i must say is awesome and a perfect weekend getaway.


    Speaking of American Express I got a call from them offering me a LTF Gold Credit Card which is surprising since I don’t hold a Gold Charge Card. I would have loved a LTF Membership Credit Card instead but they said that offer is over with and since I am self employed there would have been problems with that 15LPA offer so I should choose the Gold Credit Card.

    I found no mention on their site but did find it in their MITC and compared to their Membership card its a lesser of a card. The Gold Credit Card and the Everyday Gold Credit Card remain mysteries to me if anyone has info on Reward tier, Exchange rate, revolve charge, etc do enlighten us all.

    1. balaji

      same here. Today I got their message via linkedin.Its about gold credit card. I see only gold charge card on their web page.

  5. Abhishek Roy

    Some on seems to be on vacation mode!! Great pics. Awesome review. 🙂

  6. Gaurav

    Nice review and great property, Since u r a long time user of platinum card U will be able to address my query –
    1) The Taj voucher we get has a validity, this deadline is for doint the booking on taj website or for the stay.
    2) How u used the voucher for food bills.? as I understand this voucher can be used while making booking at taj website.
    3) Does Amex give you waiver in renewal fee for being a long time loyal customer.

  7. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Must say, its sooo tempting review.

    If someone wants to experience this type of Taj properties and don’t have Amex platinum then applying for SC Ultimate and using those 10K complementary welcome vouchers is not a bad idea too.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good idea indeed. But eligibility is the restricting factor for many in that case.

      1. Mouli

        As per my understanding ,Once you receive SC Ultimate card and do a booking in MMT ,you will receive 100% cashback (Max 10000). That’s been referred as 10k welcome voucher

  8. Sreehari

    Great review Sid-the details are much appreciated! Quick question-can 2 people make use of their Amex Taj vouchers for a single stay by combining the overall value?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If the stay is going to be 2 days, you can split into 2 reservations and do it.

      For 1 day, technically, it must be possible, as its actually considered more like a cash component.
      Though, do check with reservations.


        one can use any number of vouchers for bookings. single or multiple rooms, single or different days. they don’t care. it is like a money voucher but only usable at taj. just that partial voucher redemption is not allowed.

  9. Mouli

    Great Review Sid, soon I will come up with Taj Bekal Review in October.(Courtesy Amex & Sid)
    Though the voucher validity is for 1 year, still it can be used till 2 years.After voucher is expired ,we can once re validate the voucher that is you can extend the validity once that is valid for next 3 months
    I have blocked the room through TAJ direct call center and I am going to use my voucher that got expired on April 2018

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool. Are you taking flight to Mangalore Airport to reach Taj Bekal?

      Btw, my voucher validity is usually 6 months. I’ve heard about this extension of the coupon earlier, but never tried. Do you re-validate via Amex or Taj?

      1. Mouli


        Yes, I am taking flight from Chennai To Mangalore to reach Bekal.On the arrival I am staying in Lalit Bekal next day is in Taj

        Re-validation should be done through AMEX only

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Okay got it!
          Lalit Bekal seems to be equally great as well. Adding it to my wish list 🙂

          1. Mouli

            Seems, you have good hotel list ,Can you publish your hotel wish list , so that it would be useful for travel enthusiast like me

  10. Mrinal T

    i used the rs 10k voucher at Taj Hari Mahal Jodhpur during diwali last year , they didnt care much about what the discount is applied against , they just adjusted 10k against the total bill and of course i had to pay the balance by AMEX only

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Most hotels don’t mind on which card you’re paying the balance too.

  11. Vinod Kannan

    I have used d vouchers in Vivanta by Taj Surya in Coimbatore last year for 2 days stay… This time i ll try out Fishermens Cove in Chennai for sure ☺️ When u sign up for d membership n book, d rates r cheaper by 1000😊

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “sign up for d membership”
      Meaning for new members only?

      1. Sharathkumar Anbu

        I think Membership rate is like without breakfast. In that case, rate will be obviously cheaper.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, I’ve even availed it once couple of months back. But thought he’s referring to something different.

  12. SH

    Hey Sid, I was re-reading your review and came across this statement: “They adjusted the Room Rate + F&B bills on the Taj voucher, “. However, the T&Cs of the Taj Voucher on the Plat Charge goes something like this: “However, any additional usage of the hotel amenities during the stay (F&B, spa etc.) will not be adjustable on the voucher and will need to be settled separately. The taxes will have to be paid by the Customers on their own”. So great that you were able to pull it off.


    Hello Sid

    Thanks for the review. I already have a Taj voucher thought of trying Fisherman’s cove:) Can you please clarify whether the card holder can take a companion with him for the stay ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes ofcourse you can.

      You can also make your companion apply for the card and stay at another Taj property with his voucher, like i did once 😉

  14. Ameya

    Hi Sid
    Is one eligible to earn TIC points when paying via this voucher?
    If yes, that will be doubly awesome.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not sure about it, i totally ignore Taj loyalty program. Its not upto the mark!

      1. Ameya

        Ok. Will check it and update it over here for anyone who prefers the loyalty program.

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Yes you are eligible for TIC points. I got those. As long as booking is made through callimg the reservations or through site u get the points.

    3. Mouli

      No ,you wont get the TIC points for paying through the vouchers

  15. Mohan

    Taxes has to be paid only by the card or do they adjust it against the gift voucher as well (if any balance is left)? @28% GST, the taxes alone come close to 3k!

  16. Purna

    Hi Sid,

    You are saying room cost is itself 9500+ tax .How you covered food bill in the over all 10K voucher?. How much extra you paid? Do we have mention we have Amex voucher while booking through call center?

    1. Mouli

      No need to inform while booking,when you are checking out and settling the dues in the cash counter inform them that you want to pay through AMEX voucher

  17. Purna

    I have 2 Taj vouchers each worth 10000 from amex. Can I use both to settle the amount for single booking.

  18. Purna

    I have availed amex vouchers by booking taj fisherman cove.I got 2 vouchers worth Rs.20000 but the bill amount was 15667 with tax.The person at check out counter asked me to avail the lunch also because I have around 5000 left in my amex vouchers.Then total it came 20567 and then asked me to pay Rs.567.


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