YES Premia Credit Card Review

By | March 6, 2020

Important Update: YesBank is unstable as a bank and hence their credit cards are no longer suggested for primary/secondary usage. Kindly update your credit card strategy accordingly. Here are some of the other best credit cards in India for 2020 to choose from.

If you were following Cardexpert Facebook page, you might already know that YesBank has launched a new credit card variant named “Premia” which stands one step below Yes First Preferred and above Yes Prosperity Credit Cards. Yes Premia credit card was launched as a part of their premium banking product called “YES Premia” which is similar to HDFC Preferred or Axis Priority.

  • Joining Fee: 1500 INR+GST

You should still be able to get the card for free as YESBank is issuing most credit cards as LTF lately.

Yesbank Premia Credit Card

Reward Rate

  • 3 Reward Points on every INR 100 Retail spend (0.75% Reward rate)
    4 Reward Points on every INR 100 spent on Groceries, Supermarkets and Dining (1% Reward rate)

So its not a great card.

Complimentary Lounge Access

  • Domestic: 2/Qtr via Mastercard lounge programme
  • International: 2/Yr Via Priority Pass lounge programme (no add-on PP cards)

That’s a decent limit for a semi-premium card, though, wish they could have added some extra International visits on Priority Pass.

Reward Point Redemptions

This is where most of us are not happy with Yesbank in recent times. Few months back, Yesbank removed the Amazon Vouchers from the redemption options which makes everyone re-think about using even Yesbank’s premium & super premium credit cards.

I was fortunate enough to redeem some Amazon vouchers before it was removed. Now, eventhough the removal of Amazon voucher is a loss for us, they do have grand set of other vouchers like Taj/LP/cleartrip/pantaloons, etc which makes Yesbank cards still a worthy one to hold.

Overall Features & Benefits

  • Card Expert Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]
  • Reward Rate: Upto 1%
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Fuel surcharge waiver, for transactions between Rs. 400 – Rs. 5000. Maximum waiver upto Rs. 250 per statement, Service Tax as levied on surcharge will not be waived.
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Domestic: 2/qtr & International: 2/yr
  • Special Features: 2X/3X/5X promos during festive season, 25% discount on BookMyShow (capped at Rs. 250 per month)
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 2.5% + GST

How to Apply

Yesbank is popular for Card-on-Card LTF applications. So you can get Yes Premia the same way by applying using your existing credit card.

  • Expected limit for Card-on-Card: 3 Lakhs


Yes Premia is a good upgrade if you’re using Yes prosperity Cards, as getting Yes First Preferred might be tough for some. You can compare this card with HDFC’s Regalia first or Amex MRCC that has similar reward rates. Apart from all above, i like the card design much more than the Yes First credit cards.

Happy to see that Yesbank is coming up with new products and card offerings, like Yes Private Credit card for super rich and Yes First Corporate Credit Card for corporates – Not so great products, yet they’re doing something and hope they’ll improve them in future.

Thanks to our reader Aman for spotting the Yes Premia Credit card first! Anyone here has Yes Premia or planning to apply/upgrade? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

62 thoughts on “YES Premia Credit Card Review

  1. Chanchal Gupta

    Just applied for yes prosperity edge card after opening yes savings account, will receive the card in a week.
    Despite having four cards, they were asking for HDFc or axis for card on card basis.
    Any idea, how much time would it take to upgrade to yes premia? Six months or so?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Just forget about upgrade with yes. They are not upgrading my wifes yes prosperity. Reason internal policy. She fits the bill for yes premia and prosperity both in terms of ITR and card on card basis, still they are not doing this. I have even told then that i am closing the card, they said still u will not get the card. Apply fresh after 6 months. And i am really going to close the card next month after redeeming the points as its a useless card for me made by yes bank on false documentations……

      1. GTMAX

        I made a card to card application for my wife for Yes First Exclusive basis 8L limit with other bank card. They are not approving it stating that we do consider a lot of other factors as well and this 8L C2C limit is just a basic requirement. Instead, they have sent a mail to choose from their other useless card and the best one that they are offering is Yes Prosperity Edge

        1. Suresh Raya

          Hi sir
          I am using 4 cards currently ,hdfc regalia first with 3lacs limit and sbi simply click with 3.4lacs limit and Indus Ind next card with 83k limit and Icici expressions card with 38k limit,I want to apply for yes Bank premia card on card to card basis,can I apply despite having 4 cards and how much limit can I expect

    2. Rakesh

      Dear chanchal,
      As far as my knowledge is concerned, yes bank does not have any upgrade offer on credit card . I once mailed them and they responded with ” currently we do not have any upgrade offer , we are working hard on this”. Once I called them and they responded with once you are eligible for any card upgrade offer , you will get an SMS. Actually they do not upgrade card.
      Before issuing credit card, they say you take our lower version of the card and after 3 – 4 month , you contact us and we will upgrade . I called them after 6 month but they refused for any upgrade.

      1. Sandeep

        No that’s not true. I have been just upgraded fron Yes prosperity edge to Yes Premia by a sms.

        1. Manish

          How long you were holding yes prosperity edge card ?? To get an update offer to yes premia

    3. Sudhakar

      Got the below message within 3 months from the date of sanction with my YES Prosperity Card….
      Upgrade to Life Time Free YES Premia Credit Card. To apply,SMS UPG to 575758. New card will be delivered to your regd. address with Pincode 56048.
      For queries, call 18001031212

  2. Anil Singh

    How do you go about applying for a card on a card on card basis?

      1. Anil Singh

        I don’t have an account with Yes Bank. Will I have to visit the branch?

  3. Govinda

    Hi Siddharth,

    Have been reading your articles and posts from quite sometime. Thank you and this is wonderful and great amount of information.

    Wanted to know your inputs on HSBC credit cards. Did not find any articles or posts or reviews on HSBC Credit card. What’s your take on HSBC ?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      They’re doing good lately with merchant offers. Will write a review sometime soon.

  4. Amann

    Hi Sid

    Thanks for mentioning me. Any idea when we can expect 2x/3x /5x/10x promotions from YES BANK?

  5. Himanshu

    I have Yes First Preferred card for about 3 months. Applied via hdfc card on card. Recently i am receiving too many offers on. Yes bank cards. They are very aggressive these days.

    Cons :
    Poor net banking interface and features.
    It takes 2-3 days for payment to get reflected in A/c whereas HDFC and SBI immediately releases CL.

    1. Anshul

      How did you apply on Card to Card basis? Did you directly apply on the website or through third party such as bankbazaar?

    2. John

      Can you tell what kind of offers you are getting? I am using preferred for 6 months now and haven’t received any offer communication till now.

  6. Krishna R M

    Yes bank also has yes premia debit cards. Recently one of my colleagues and I received the following message:
    Dear Mr.____, As our esteemed customer, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary upgrade to our YES Premia Program. It aims to provide you with a banking experience that complements your lifestyle. You will be upgraded on 1/9/2018. Click – (link removed) if you Do Not wish to upgrade.

    Do not know what it is. We both have yes bank savings account and YFE credit card.

  7. Abhijeet


    Me and my wife have been thinking about a Europe Backpacking holiday with around 2-3 possible international Airport lounge accesses. I have got DC Black to cover it for myself and am thinking of having one for my wife ( as she does not hold any premium credit card ). I already have got ad on DC Black card for her. My question

    1. Whether she will be able to have complimentary lounge access at International airport considering the fact that her DC black credit card number is same as mine.
    2. If answer to 1 is yes, then I need to get another card for myself. Do you think this YES BANK PREMIA CREDIT CARD is the best next option ? Should I go for it ?
    3. I already had SBI signature elite , which I returned. I had to return my HDFC Regalia as I got upgraded to DC Black. Other option is to have dragon pass , but that will be overkill ? SBI prime comes with a PP access @ 3K INR as joining fee. What are other options ?

    Even if I plan to get this card, it will be purely for additional lounge access and nothing more.

    Thanks & Regards, Abhijeet

    1. Arun

      How did you manage? I have a similar situation. Your experience will help.


    How can i get a pre approved offer for yesbank credit card.

  9. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    @ MA WAHED

    Open Yes bank savings ac and maintain high balances. Within 4-6 months you may get pre approved Credit card offers.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        High balance means–
        1. Yes First savings account- Minimum 8 lacs + savings balance for recieving YF card pre approved offers.
        2. Yes Premia ac- Around 3-4 lacs for getting Premia card pre approved offers.
        3. Yes Prosperity ac- Around 1-2 lacs will be sufficient for Prosperity card offers.

  10. Mickey

    Hi Sid

    Is the Yes Premia a good alternative to SBI Prime?

    Of course Prime has some added benefits of Vistara/ Trident, but the Premia is coming LTF with no requirement for minimum spends in a calendar year.

    What are your thoughts?

  11. Mickey

    Hi Sid –

    From Yes Bank website – They have changed the forex mark up to 2.5%. You have mentioned 3.5%. So now you can give the card a 1/2 star rating more and maybe make it a 4⭐ card!

    “Preferential Foreign Currency Markup of 2.50% only”

    Cheers man

      1. Mickey

        Haha, thanks Sid – will help everyone.

        So now you can answer my original Q –

        Yes Premia v/s SBI Prime, which is better? As a lifestyle/ travel card

        Why don’t you do a shootout between Yes Premia v/s SBI Prime v/s HDFC Regalia.

        It will be a very interesting thread when comments start coming in.

        Cheers man!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You need all three for various reasons. 🙂

          Will try to do comparisons shortly.

  12. Mr. Verma

    Hi Sid,

    I have Yes bank Saving account with good deposit and they have offered me YF Preferred LTF. I will try to push for YFE via RM.
    I have SBI simplysave, Indus Iconia and Diners Premium.
    Eventhough YFP is LTF, how can we redeem the rewards?
    in my case, Diners point i use for tickets and simplysave and indus rewards can be adjusted in Statement.
    So Other then lounge access does Yes bank cards serve any purpose as i heard rewards option are not good.

  13. Mouli

    Yes reward point redemption catalog is still good but previously it used to be better with Amazon voucher

    You can redeem against Nike,PVR,Taj,Shoppers Stop,LifeStye , Flight tickets,hotel bookings ,Mobile Phones and still more options are available

  14. Mickey

    Anyone know how much limit is required for Yes Premia card-on-card application? It’s 3 lakhs for YF cards I know

    1. Jay

      It’s 2.40 lacs with card vintage of at least one year. (As communicated through branch guy)

      1. Mickey

        Jay – what does this mean, I could not understand!! What is card vintage? And 2.4 is enough for Premia?

  15. Mickey

    Is this a good time to apply for Yes Bank cards?

    With all the news around it, maybe they won’t reject card applications to maintain goodwill?

  16. Mickey

    UPDATE –

    Yes Bank does not issue Premia Card with card-on-card any more.

    All other cards are still offered though.

    Yes FE – 800,000
    Yes FP – 300,000
    Yes PE – 100,000

    1. Nabendu Mondal

      Hello Mikey,

      Just an update . They are providing Yes Premia cards on card on card basis currently as of June 2019 and the cards issued are LTF

      Yes FP : 400000
      Yes Premia : 300000

      I was looking to get Yes FP but since my max credit limit was 310000 at the time of applying had to settle for Yes Premia . It’s a decent offering with PP Access and I’m thinking of upgrading to Yes FP once that option turns to me in a year or two .

      Another options to get Yes FP LTF

      1) Open an Yes FP Saving Account with first time deposit of 5lacs . Until you pay for the credit card via the Yes Bank Account the card remains LTF
      2) Salary/ Income Criteria
      3) Maybe FD route ( unsure about the same )

      Thanks & Regards,
      Nabendu Mondal

      1. Mickey

        Nabendu – thanks for your reply.

        You suppose they will issue Yes FP (LTF) against SBI Prime with limit of 400,000?

  17. Yogesh

    Time to update the Reward Rate, Now it’s
    3 Reward Points on every INR 100 Retail spend (0.75% Reward rate)
    4 Reward Points on every INR 100 spent on Groceries, Supermarkets and Dining (1% Reward rate)

  18. Anil


    I am using Yes Property Edge card since 1 year, now I received message upgrade to premia card. Is it good to upgrade or not? because I am receiving good offers on property edge cards like book my show and amazon vouchers..

    1. GTMAX

      You should go ahead with the upgrade as Premia is a superior card than prosperity edge. Also, this upgrade will not really affect the bookmyshow & amazon vouchers that you are receiving right now.

  19. Nishant G

    Hi, currently Yes Bank is offering LTF cards basis your monthly income. But in TnC page, it is mentioned Joining Fee and Annual Fee are waived/reversed basis certain minimum expense on the respective card. So what does LTF mean?? What if I do not spend the said amount via the Yes Bank card…do I pay the fee mentioned??

    1. Himanshu Kainth


      LTF means Life time free. Even if you don’t spend on the card there will be no fee. Also you can take yes bank cards on card ro card basis.

  20. Deepak P Vishwakarma

    Hi anyone can suggest me Yes bank credit card can be approve on card to card basis I have applied on My existing Indusind card ..against..
    As my limit is 84k and from last 11 month old is my indusind card ..
    And he m Holder of sbi Prime card also..

  21. Saurabh Pahuja

    Hi Sid,

    My yes prsoperity edge card has been upgraded to yes premia card. They are providing 2 visits/quarter for domestic and 2 visits/calender year in international lounge. For how many years, I can enjoy these complimentary visits? As per customer care, it is for 1st year only but it is nowhere written in tnc.

  22. dhayapule

    i have Yes Premia, It gives no great benefits except complementary lounges which many use rarely

  23. MANISH kataria

    Hi sid ,
    I M using prosperity edge from 1.3 yrs with anual spends of 7.5 lakh soo far yes bank did not offer premia upgrade ,can u suggest if i shld keep credit utilisation low or high to get upgrade , i pay on time & does not hold yes saving account

  24. SS

    From yesterday, I am unable to use my yes bank premia credit card offline and online. Online it’s giving wrong cvv and in pos machine it’s showing decline.Anyone else is having the same issue ? It it any how related to yes bank financial condition as per news?

  25. Mouli

    Yes its because of yes bank crisis and through RBI may come up with action anytime soon and dont think it will take a month time
    Prior to this for GTB ,they gave 3 months moratorium and the issue is resolved in 2 weeks .
    Limit given in GTB was 10000.Then there was a merger,GTB became OBC and all limits are removed

    1. SS

      Thanks Mouli for your replay. Just got mail from yesbank about this, as below….

      Dear Customer,

      The Government of India has made an Order of Moratorium in respect of YES BANK with effect from March 5, 2020, 18:00 hours till April 3, 2020. First and foremost, I would like to apprise you that this is a temporary moratorium made by the Government to protect the interest of the Bank’s customers. I wish to reassure you that your deposits are safe with the Bank.

      While the withdrawal limit for each depositor has been capped at Rs. 50,000 in aggregate from all accounts, I and the entire team of YES BANK are committed to ensure seamless transactions for customers during the period of moratorium. If you require funds in excess of Rs. 50,000 for medical treatment, marriage, higher education, or any other unavoidable emergency, a provision has been made for consideration up to Rs. 5 Lakh with the approval of the Reserve Bank of India.

      A solution is being worked upon to revive the Bank well before the moratorium period of 30 days ends. Please be rest assured that the interest of the customers is the top priority of the Bank. We are working towards ensuring that you can continue to Bank with us with comfort and ease.

      I truly value your association with the Bank and look forward to your continued patronage.

      Thank you.


      Prashant Kumar

  26. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    After using Yes Bank credit card for 15 months finally got limit enhancement in Premia and that too a whopping Rs. 7,000😂.

  27. Sam

    Hey, can anyone update with the latest yes bank premia credit card variant ? Is it a visa signature variant or visa platinum variant, any help on this is appreciated

  28. Vikash Agarwal

    I faced the same problem with my premia card, I was told it was free but when the card was issued I got message regarding payment of 1500/- +GST after three months. sales team is making false promise to lure customers. After repeated complaints there is no solution. Its affecting my credit history negatively. Guys pls avoid any such calls from yes bank.


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