Yesbank Credit Card Spend based Offer (Dec 2019)

By | December 12, 2019

The Golden days of Yesbank Credit cards are completely gone as they first revoked their most popular spend based offers like this and then they devalued all cards one fine day.

After that I’ve hardly received any spend based offer, except one, received during Sep 2019 (same offer as this) but few of them seem to be getting decent offers like this one which our friend Satish reported.

So here’s one which I received today,

Yesbank Cashback Offer Details

  • Type: Spend based, targeted
  • Offer: Spend Rs.250 in 4 or more txns to get Rs.250 cashback
  • Offer Period: 10th Dec to 31st Dec 2019
  • Fulfilment: 31st Jan, 2019
  • Source

Its a neat & simple offer and its indeed a highly rewarding offer as you get 25% in return on spend but Rs.250 is too low. They do fulfill on time as it happened with my previous offer received during Sep 2019.


While its good to see Yesbank offers to be back, I wish they set some standards for premium cards like min. benefit value should be ~Rs.500 for Yes Preferred cards and ~Rs.1000 for Yes Exclusive cards and further raise the number based on other metrics like monthly spends etc.

Let’s see what Yesbank Credit Cards has in store for 2020!

Did you get a spend based offer this December or before? Feel free to share the offers you’ve received in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Yesbank Credit Card Spend based Offer (Dec 2019)

  1. Prashant Gupta

    I have received offer of Rs1000 cashback on spending Rs20k.
    The other card yes prosperity for last couple of months i am getting offer if Rs50 cashback on spending Rs250. Didnt avail though 😀.

  2. Mohit Singhania

    Bah! This is useless…For my super premium card they are giving a benefit of 250 Rs!!!
    Even the DBS Savings account is more rewarding.
    I dont know what there Marketing team is looking at but my guess is they dont care or cant afford to care for their customers. Eventually they will be left with only credit needy customers because of adverse selection.

    1. Nipun


      Bank hardly earns anything on the reward gammers. They truely need credit needy customers who can pay them hefty interests.

  3. Deepesh

    I got this offer – ₹ 1000 Amazon e-Voucher on Minimum Net Retail Spends of ₹ 60000 (Valid from 10 th Dec – 31 st Dec 2019)

  4. Rampy

    I got the offer of 1K cashback on spending 20K.

    @Sid, how do we report offers to you? I remember once (long time ago) I emailed you (got from your contact us page, I think), but it did not get noticed.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Kindly forward the offer email to sid[at]
      That helps a lot than the mails via contact page.

      But mails sent via contact page are also monitored but due to regular inflow of emails its tough to respond to each. Also, not all offers are published, esp. because its either sent to very tiny set of ppl (in your case, as i see the email now) or its very low rewarding like this offer Rs.250! but made it this time to check what others are getting.

      So it all depends, and when I write an article with your email as only source or a very early reported source, I usually credit them in the article.

      1. Rampy

        Cool Sid. That helps!

        As always, continue with your awesome work – of firstly sharing the detailed info and secondly, for creating & anchoring this trustworthy community which is genuinely helpful & forthcoming.

  5. Prasoon Agrawal

    yescart also has 5X which for a execlusive card is 7.5% return
    on myntra, flipkart, tataclick and amazon.


    YFE now only good for Priority Pass SELF + Family. Nothing rewarding as early days.
    Spent 2 Lakh in foreign currency, got 16k point, equivalent to Rs. 4K

    Yes Bank golden days are gone. Had a time when promotion was for 50K- 1 Lakh points.

  7. Nikhil

    I received similar kind of offers in last 2 months, but nothing this month

  8. Skywalker786

    Hey Sid,
    I received below spend based offer from stanC:
    Your StanChart Credit Card is now 5 times more rewarding. Use your card for INR 30000 or more from 12 – 31 Dec 2019 and get 5X reward points, up to 10,000. For tnc, visit

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      I got similar offer last month and this month new one in form of 1K gift voucher from amazon/bms/ola/lifestyle fir spending 24K from Dec 12-31st.

  9. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    Yes Bank, it seems has lost its way. Rs.250 Cash back is more of a “Joke” than a real offer. The Bank is under Credibility issue after all those unwanted things and its new Card addition program has taken a beating. Its high profile Prolay Mondal has since joined Axis bank, and it is now way behind its earlier target of securing the 3rd spot in Indian Credit Card market. Only good thing about this card is its lounge program, particularly Exclusive cards, for which I have retained this Card.

  10. Swagat Acharya

    The offer I got was for ₹ 500 Amazon e-Voucher for Minimum Net Retail Spends of ₹ 20000 between 10 Dec – 31 Dec on my Yes First Exclusive (LTF) card.


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