Yesbank Credit Card Spend based Offers are back

By | May 15, 2019

After devaluing all Yesbank Credit cards, Yesbank finally decided to show up with their Spend based promotions, which used to be one of their most popular promo of 2017. This is a personalized offer where you are given Target #1 and Target #2 that would get you Rs.X & Rs.Y Amazon e-vouchers. Here are more details,

Amazon Voucher – Yesbank spend based offer

Yesbank Amazon Offer Details

  • Type: Spend based
  • Offer 1: Spend Rs.X to get Rs.Y Amazon e-Voucher
  • Offer 2: Spend Rs.XX to get Rs.YY Amazon e-Voucher
  • Offer Period: 15th May to 31st May 2019
  • Fulfilment: 30th June, 2019
  • Sample Offer Received: Spend Rs.50k to get Rs.2.5k voucher (or) Spend Rs.40k to get Rs.1k voucher.
  • Source

That’s a nice Reward Rate of 2.5% to 5% over & above the regular reward rate on the card. Thanks to Satish Kumar Agarwal for sharing the offer details.

Note that the offers are being sent via SMS and then followed by an email, as its the usual way of communication by Yesbank.

I also checked with customer care to know that there are no spend based offers on my ac at the moment. So, maybe Yesbank is sending it to limited # of customers.

Have you received the spend based offer on Yesbank CC? Do let us know your targeted offer in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love Credit Cards! Minting reward points and cashback for years. Now exploring Airmiles & Hotel loyalty programs. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

46 thoughts on “Yesbank Credit Card Spend based Offers are back

  1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Typo error. Its 1K on 40000 spends and not 10K. Please correct.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        I suppose even if I make NPS or Insurance payments, it should qualify. Am I correct ?

    1. Dr Dnyaneshwar

      I got 10k spend 250 RS and 20000 spend 1k voucher

  2. Hardik

    Got this exact same offer by sms. Spend Rs.50k to get Rs.2.5k voucher (or) Spend Rs.40k to get Rs.1k voucher.

  3. Ankit Malhotra

    Yes Bank is going rudderless here. They have probably lost transaction volumes heavily and are now trying to revive the same with these offers. I had gotten an offer for 500/- BMS vouchers on 5k spend a mid-March just after the devaluation was announced. Loaded Amazon Pay 😀

  4. Sushil Kothari

    ₹ 2000 Amazon Voucher Spend minimum of ₹ 40000
    ₹ 750 Amazon Voucher Spend minimum of ₹ 30000
    Valid from 15 th May – 31 st May 2019

  5. Ankit

    I get 1K on 20K spend or 500 on 10K spend. Actually I got this message 5 days ago, but had ignored this message so far as I have made diners as my primary card. but it’s good for a wallet or fuel transactions for which diners won’t give any points.

    1. Himanshu

      Yesbank after devaluation of YFP and YFE have lost major txns vol. I didn’t spend a single ruppee on my YFP after devaluation. So spend based offers were expected.

      1. Ankit

        True that. luckily I got my DB card just before yesbank devalued their cards. YB exclusive was my primary card ever since I got it, primarily because of higher rewards along with non expiry of points unlike hdfc cards. But with rewards even lower than regalia, it’s unlikely I will be using it for other than wallet recharge. However bcz of 10x rewards on DB, even my paytm transactions are plummeted.

  6. Satish Patil

    Received the SMS and email Today:
    Rs. 1500 Amazon Voucher on Spending a minimum of Rs. 30K
    Rs. 500 Amazon Voucher on Spending a minimum of Rs. 20K
    Valid from 15th May – 31st May 2019

  7. kinshul

    My offer is : Get Rs.3500 Amazon Voucher on spending Rs.70000 OR Rs.1500 voucher on spending Rs.60000 with YES FIRST Credit card

  8. Praveen Perumalla

    1750 voucher for 70k spend
    4000 voucher for 80k spend

    15 days is too short for such high targets.. Easy decision to ignore the offer..

  9. Prashant Gupta

    No offer as of now but received offer on sbi simplyclick of doing 2 tx of Rs1000 each to get Rs250 amazon voucher. Havent used the card in last 8 months…in fact they claim to sent Rs2l milestone cleartrip voucher which i never received. Will close the card at renewal or convert to ola card as it is free it seems.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        They are not resending it as they say that voucher have expired 😀.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Oh, you missed it! I used it for an international stay by then. Quite useful voucher 🙂

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Ola card isn’t free. I also thought earlier this way. They are charging 500+GST. Or annual fee waived off on spending 1 lac.

    1. MAA-traveler

      Even I didn’t get offer. In fact I have never got targeted offer by Yes Bank ever.

      Closed by YFP today (even though it was LTF) after seeing it is pointless to hold it any longer with no offers and major devaluation. Anyway holding much better cards so good riddance.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      Not everyone is receiving. Those who received offer got email & sms both. U can call customer care n case u wanna confirm.

    3. HG

      Spoke with Customer Care, they are claiming Amz GV milestone spend offer is not for YFP cards because they are “premium cards”

  10. Pawan

    3500 amazon voucher on 70k and 1500 voucher on 60k spends for me.

  11. Abhishek Roy

    On my YFP, I got ₹1500 VOUCHER on spending ₹30K or ₹500 VOUCHER on spending ₹20K. On my Wife’s YFE, we got ₹500 CASHBACK on spending ₹10K or ₹1000 CASHBACK on spending ₹20K

  12. AJ

    I received a different offer – Rs 1000 cashback on Rs 20000 spend OR Rs. 1000 cashback on Rs. 10000 spend. This not Amazon cashback, but cashback back into the card statement. Slightly better than Amazon offer I would since I can get 1% again when I eventually load my Amazon wallet.]

  13. Mouli

    I didn’t get any offer as I am already spending close to my limit
    May be those who spends less gets better offer.Time to put my Yes First Exclusive in sleep mode

  14. Datta1108

    Me too have not received any spend based offer. Recently got upgraded from YFP to YFE

  15. Ankit Saraf

    Only offer I have is for yespay now registrations. 1000 bonus points and 500 bms voucher. I removed all my bills from yespay. If I do now again, there’s no bonus points. Sure wont get the bms voucher either.

  16. Praveen

    1000 AMAZON VOUCHER for 20K and 250 voucher for 10K spends.

  17. Mohan

    I didn’t get the offer on YFE card and confirmed the same with CC too … I have reduced my spend on YFE post devaluation by 1/4th – still I had spent >1Lac after the April 15th (devaluation date) … May be I should put this card to rest for few months for the spend based offers to kick in

  18. Tejas Ghongadi

    Offer 1: Spend Rs. 20,000 to get Rs. 1,000 Amazon e-Voucher
    Offer 2: Spend Rs. 10,000 to get Rs. 250 Amazon e-Voucher

    Also, Yes Pay registration now gets you Rs. 250 Bookmyshow voucher + 1000 Bonus Points. Sadly, this came about a month late. I just registered 8 Billers a month back and got 8000 Bonus Points.

  19. Jay

    Got a spend based offer on HDFC Jetprivielge debit card of 500/- BMS voucher upon 7,000/- spend and 10% Cashback flat upon one or more transaction of 1,500/- upto 200/-

    Both before 31st May, 2019

  20. bunty

    got this offer 5days back via sms . get rs.1000 cash back on spending rs.30000 or rs.500 cashback on spending rs.20000 with YFE
    Spend before 31-5-19.

  21. Umesh

    As per the value of transactions for the month of March’19, for credit card, Yes Bank is not even in top 10. Surprisingly RBL and Indus Ind is doing better than Yes Bank .

  22. ankit verma

    I didnt got any offer on my YFE. My average spend is about 1.5 lacs per month.

  23. ankit verma

    Although I did got an email for limit enhancement on my YFE from 5 to 6 lac.

  24. Heena

    I think with 1.75 forex markup its the lowest compared with diners, visa/Mastercard rates are always they are good only for foreign transactions.

    1. mani

      if you activate global value program with 199 rupees on diners black, then HDFC diners black mark up fee becomes lowest with 1% rate.

  25. Mohan

    If anyone concern about markup fee, there is a new card GoNiyo forex card introduced in India in association with DCB. No markup fee at all. We can load INR and use it in any country as per current forex rate.

  26. Aditya Date

    I guess they have sent me the highest spend target on YFP. 5k Amazon gv for 1 lac spend.. 2.25k gv for 90k spends. I’m hoping they’ll upgrade to yfe if I complete the spend target


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