3 IndusInd Bank Credit Card Offers to check out this May 2019

By | May 17, 2019

IndusInd Bank has some meaningful credit card offers for the month of May 2019 and here are the top 3 offers that you might need to know.

1. IndusInd Friday Cashback Offer

  • Offer Details: Spend a total of Rs.8000 or more on all Fridays this month on your IndusInd Bank American Express® Credit Card and enjoy 10% cashback.
  • Minimum POS Spends: Rs.8,000 | Maximum Cashback: Rs.1200
  • Offer validity: All Fridays of May 2019.

That’s a short and sweet offer. So on a spend of 12k, you would get a nice 11% return on the spend. Only downside though is, its limited to spends on friday’s and that they need a minimum spend of Rs.8000 at POS.

2. IndusInd Credit Card Travel Offer

  • Offer Details: Get 5% Cashback when you spend INR 50,000 or more on Travel category (Airlines, Railways & Hotel) on your IndusInd Bank American Express Credit Card. Maximum Cashback: INR 10,000
  • Offer validity: 1 st – 31 st May, 2019

Not a great offer, yet it could come handy for those who don’t have the HDFC 10X benefit.

3. IndusInd Amex Hilton Offer

  • Offer: Spend ₹20,000 at participating Hilton Portfolio of Hotels & Resorts and enjoy 4,000 off with your IndusInd Bank American Express® Credit Card
  • Offer validity: 02-April-2019 to 31-July-2019
  • Register here

This is nothing but the same AMEX offer that they give to the proprietary cards. Looks like they have extended it to the co-branded cards too.

Other Offers: Apart from the above, they also have 20% OFF on Roush (Good offer!) & Rs.1000 off on Park Avenue.

Note: Some offers might be targeted. So make sure to check if you’ve received the emailer before you go ahead with the spends.


It’s good to see that IndusInd Bank is coming up with good # of offers lately that carries some real value. Remember, most of the above offers are due to the Amex partnership. This is one of the reason why I continue to hold Iconia Amex and not go for Pinnacle or Legend.

What’s your take on Indusind Credit card Offers? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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14 thoughts on “3 IndusInd Bank Credit Card Offers to check out this May 2019

  1. Himanshu

    What exactly POS means?

    Does it also count online spends or just spends at machine terminals?

    I have received all three offers on the mail as well via sms.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its nothing but In-store/Swipe Machine spends.

    2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Himanshu can you please answers some questions I have asked on 11th May 2019 under ” HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review ( 2018 ) “.

      1. Sudarshan

        I have replied to your questions.
        kindly check and any other queries you have then reply.

  2. Akshay Sapar

    Jz check DCB Bank Platinum debit card (comes along with Elite savings ac), you get flat 1.6% cashback on all spends, including credit card payments as well.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      @ Akshay

      Any condition for getting DCB Platinum Debit card ?
      Minimum balance/deposit in DCb account etc ?


        To be eligible for cash back, you have to maintain AQB of Rs 25,000 in the account.

    2. Niranjan

      DCB Elite Saving account gives 4% interest. Don’y you think IDFC bank’s saving account us much better in that case.
      3 lounge access per quarter, Rs 250 BMS vouchers, 6-7% saving account interest and VISA Signature debit card.

      Correct me if you can save more with DCB Elite saving account!!

    3. Praveen Katiyar

      @Akshay Saper

      I checked FAQs on DCB website about DCB Elite savings account, it says that 1.6% cashback (max Rs. 2000 per month) on debit card purchases or expenditures at Visa establishment. Can anyone confirm if we pay another credit card bill, do we get cash back or not ?
      Im interested to see that, DCB Elite is also giving 50% off on locker fee.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Praveen Katiyar

        Had a word with DCB Customer Care, it says that, CC bill payment are not eligible for cashback.

  3. SN Behera

    IndusInd bank reneges from the terms and facilities agreed while issuing credit cards. Their Pinnacle card holders have suffered heavily due to sudden change in facilities that wre to be extended, viz. the cut down the number of golf games per month by half all of a sudden.

  4. ND

    I couldn’t agree more with SNB. Have suffered first hand with Pinnacle and wouldn’t recommend Indusind cards.

  5. Praveen Katiyar

    Joke of the Month
    Today on 30th May, I received the above offer. When i read the above offer on cardexpert.in on 17th May, I thought that it may be targeted and I may not receive it. Now Indusind has finally decided to send me the offer through SMS.

    On one hand, CC companies announce (and ensure it reaches all) offer before the start date, and here is IndusInd.

    Great going IndusInd.


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