Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review

By | August 29, 2023
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Axis Bank has many wonderful credit cards in their portfolio and Magnus is one of the best rewarding credit card without a doubt. Axis Magnus Credit Card is the hot pick of the year 2022 & 2023 for a super premium credit card holder with good spends.

While it has been devalued from Sep 2023 it’s still a worthy card to hold for some. Here’s everything you need to know about this most popular Credit Card in India at the moment.


TypeSuper Premium Credit Card
Reward Rate1.2% to 12%
Annual Fee10,000+GST
Best forAxis Burgundy Customers
USPAirport meet & greet services

Axis Magnus used to be not only the best credit card in India but in the world because of it’s monthly milestone benefit which has been recently revoked.

Yet, with 5:4 transfer ratio for Axis Burgundy account holders (10L balance a/c), it’s still worth holding any day.

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Joining Fee10,000 INR+GST
Welcome Benefit10,000 INR Flight ticket
Renewal Fee10,000 INR+GST
Renewal BenefitNil
Renewal Fee waiverOn spending >25 lakhs

Note that TataCliq voucher as joining benefit maybe discontinued anytime.

Otherwise, if you choose one-way economy flight ticket as welcome benefit, the price will be capped to Rs.10,000.

Once you do your first txn you’ll get a link on SMS, accessing which you can redeem the desired welcome benefit in a matter of few clicks. If not received, call Axis Concierge (18001034962) post generation of 2 statements.

The Card

axis bank magnus credit card-unboxing

The Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card now comes in a metal form factor on Visa Infinite platform. The card looks definitely premium even without the metal form factor.

Anyway you can’t differentiate metal Magnus from a non-metal Magnus that easily. So if you’re holding the previously issued plastic card under Mastercard platform, there is nothing to worry.


(Edge Rewards Portal)
(Points Transfer)
Regular Spend12 RP / 200 INR1.2%2.4% – 4.8%
Axis Travel Edge Portal (5X)60 RP / 200 INR 6%12% – 24%

The regular reward rate on edge rewards is indeed not exciting on Magnus if you’re not into points transfer. However, with 2X promo & 3X promo which comes once in a while, one can get massive savings.

Ideally, converting your points to the newly introduced Points transfer partners should be the only way you should redeem Axis Rewards as otherwise it’s like throwing away 75% of the point value for nothing.

Because what this does is that it increases the “point value” from the usual 20ps (Edge rewards portal redemptions) to ~40ps (Marriott) or even ~80ps (ITC & many more) if you explore airline partners.

Accelerated Rewards

  • On Spends of >1.5L a month: Get 35 points / 200 INR (~14%)

Effective 1st Sep 2023, we’ll be getting accelerated rewards as shown above. Which means, Magnus is a must have card for high spenders as it’s reward rate beats any card in any bank when “monthly” spends go up.

Here’s a quick look as to how the reward rate gets affected on monthly spend. As you can see, >3L spend a month looks quite lucrative.

Axis Magnus accelerated rewards

TravelEdge Transfer Ratio

Effective 1st Sep 2023, the transfer ratio of the points accumulated on Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card would be 5:2 by default.

However, customers holding Axis Burgundy Savings Account (10L Balance) can enjoy a better transfer ratio of 5:4 as long as the customer remains as a pure burgundy customer with the required AQB/AMB on the linked Burgundy Savings account.

The status of the account might be periodically checked using the AQB/AMB for Magnus to be eligible for the superior transfer ratio.

This privilege for burgundy customers is temporary and might be revoked anytime.

Milestone Rewards

Caution: This benefit to be discontinued from 1st Sep 2023.

  • Rewards: 25,000 points on 1L spend (per calendar month)
  • Fulfilment: 90 days from end of txn month

Monthly milestone benefit is the newly added feature from Feb 2022 and this is the reason why it makes sense for high spenders to get Magnus Credit Card.

This is because no card gives 6.2% value just like that with easy redemption options. And if you decide to play with points transfer partners, that’s easily ~24% savings.

While it’s a great benefit, the fulfilment period is bit longer which may bother some short term points players.

25K reward points can get you 2 nights at Marriott hotels through points transfer.

Note: Milestone benefit is now applicable from the joining month itself.

For those who’re wondering how long they take to credit the milestone rewards, here’s a quick look into the past:

  • 25 March 2023 for Dec 2022
  • 15 Feb 2023 for Nov 2022
  • 07 Jan 2023 for Oct 2022
  • 09 Dec 2022 for Sep 2022
  • 16 Nov 2022 for Aug 2022
  • 22 Oct 2022 for July 2022
  • 26 Sep 2022 for June 2022
  • 10 Aug 2022 for May 2022
  • 08 July 2022 for April 2022
  • 02 June 2022 for March 2022

Airport Lounge Access

Access typeViaLimitGuest Access
Domestic Lounge AccessVisa / MastercardUnlimited
International Lounge Access (Primary)Priority PassUnlimited8

Guest access on Priority Pass (for International lounge access) is a good one to have and it is limited to 8 access per “card anniversary year”. That’s sufficient to cover the access for your family.

Wish they had given the complimentary guest access for domestic as well, as Axis has technical challenges in issuing Add-on cards as of now.

But as long as you are able to get add-on cards (hit or miss as of now), it comes with unlimited domestic lounge access as well.

Airport Meet & Greet

meet and greet services
airport meet and greet services
  • Complimentary Access: 8 / year

The airport meet & greet service – which Axis Bank calls as “airport concierge” service is the USP of this product. It gives VIP Assistance Services for a smooth and hassle-free airport transfers.

The services include assistance across airport processes, such as: express check-in, fast-track security check, immigration assistance, porter & buggy services.

I’ve used this service at MAA/BOM/HYD airports both for arrival & departure and its quite useful. Here’s a detailed article on the airport meet & greet services available at Indian airports.

Golf Benefit

  • Complimentary Courses/Lessons: Nil

Unlike most other premium and super premium credit cards, Axis Magnus doesn’t have the complimentary Golf benefit.

This is because they basically replaced the Golf benefit with Airport Meet & Greet services to reduce their costs, which definitely makes sense.

However, if you’re holding the Mastercard variant, you’re eligible for the Mastercard World Golf benefit that gives 1 complimentary lesson a month and 4 games max per year.

Add-On Cards

Axis Magnus Add-on cards

Getting add-on cards with any Axis Bank credit card is tricky as of now but is getting better. It can’t be applied independently either unless there are additional approvals.

However, it can still be applied while applying for the primary card but it may or may not get processed as expected.

I wouldn’t suggest taking add-on cards if you’re looking for peace of mind. Because even if you get it, you need to call support every-time to change pin, etc, as add-on cards can’t be accessed online.

Hope Axis Bank fixes this Add-on cards issue soon.

Bookmyshow Offer

  • Offer: Buy one Get one
  • Valid on: movie/non-movie bookings
  • Max. Cap: Rs. 500 off on the second ticket
  • Monthly limit: 5 bookings per month

Boomyshow offer is pretty good indeed and if you’re in metro cities where the ticket cost is easily 500 INR, then this is a very good benefit. Else, Visa Infinite offer is sufficient for most.

That said, Visa offers may get maxed out pretty fast compared to the direct BMS offer on Magnus, so the separate Magnus offer still makes sense.

Forex Markup Fee

  • Foreign Currency Markup Fee: 2%+GST = 2.4%
  • Burgundy Customers: Rewards – Markup Fee = 4.8% – 2.4% = ~2.4%
  • Non-Burgundy Customers: Rewards – Markup Fee = 2.4% – 2.4% = 0%

If you’re a non-burgundy customer & redeem points to transfer partners, you’ll ideally end up at no-profit / no-loss.

If you’re a burgundy customer & redeem points to transfer partners, you’ll gain about 2.4% which is good.

But if you spend >1.5L in a month, you will anyway enjoy a lot higher reward rate because of the accelerated rewards.

Maximizing Axis Cards

axis premium content

The Year 2023 is an amazing year to explore Axis Bank Credit Cards. However, there are various issues with the bank, from application, credit limit to service and support.

If you’re facing various issues (or) if you prefer to have a smooth ride into a rewarding year with the lucrative Axis Bank credit cards, do check out this beginners guide to Axis Bank Credit Cards: Maximizing Axis Bank Credit Cards.

How to Apply?

You may apply online on Axis website in a matter of few steps. Axis Bank is recently known for processing fresh credit card applications pretty fast.

You may get the card approved usually within a week from the date of application. If you’re new to bank, not to worry, you don’t need to create Axis Savings A/c to have an Axis Bank Credit Card.

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Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.8/5

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card is one of the amazing credit cards that Axis Bank has ever created. It’s a must have card for those who’re spending >1.5L a month, as it’s the highest rewarding credit card in India at that spend level with easy redemption options.

With unlimited lounge access, accelerated rewards and airport meet & greet service, Axis Magnus is worth having in the wallet in 2023 and beyond.

The only downside is the service and support, which I hope will get better when the Citi merger goes live.

Do you hold Axis Magnus Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

459 thoughts on “Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review

  1. Abhi

    1. Do we get complimentary one way flight ticket even if renewal fee has been waived once spend threshold of 15L has been reached?
    2. Does the complimentary air ticket cover only base price and rest cardholder needs to pay, like taxes and fuel surcharge, or is the entire booking amount covered upto 10K?
    3. Meet and Greet is available to cardholder, but do they accept family members by swiping for them additionally?
    4. Understood that wallet loads don’t count in monthly milestone, but regular 1.2% RP is offered?
    5. Rent payments don’t fetch regular points but do they count towards monthly milestone?

    1. R

      Yes, I got it with renewal fee waiver as well after crossing 15 lacs usage.

  2. Anupam

    Hi Sid – How would you compare Magnus against DCB/Infinia benefits? A comparison article would help people decide whether it is worth swtching over from HDFC Super Premium cards to Axis Magnus.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I wouldn’t suggest switching, as each has their own benefits. But if spends (non 5x/10x) are ~1L a month, then Magnus is the one. Will compare in detail sometime.

      1. ka

        How are some of the comments stamped as may17 but the article itself is authored on may20! Am I missing something?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You’re seeing the recently updated date of article.

          1. Kaushal

            Hi siddharth
            I transferred the points to my Marriott bonvoy account but it’s over 24 hrs and I haven’t yet received the points in my account
            I read in your article that it gets credited immediately
            An early response would be highly appreciated..thanks

          2. Mohit

            Hi Sid. U r absolutely amazing every time with ur indepth reviews. With burgundy and magnus together, how easy or difficult it is to transfer points and gain Max 5:4. Is it worth upgrading to burgundy if I have magnus and a normal axis saving ac

          3. Siddharth Post author

            Everything remains same for Burgundy+magnus except that Accor is loosing it’s transfer ratio for all.

  3. Bhavik Kothari

    If I want to apply only because of the milestone benefit, should I? Any idea how long this will continue minimum?

  4. Rohit Pandey

    I started using magnus card recently. But i noticed they don’t credit edge rewards for transactions in timely manner. For some transactions, it’s almost a month and even after statement generation points are not credited. Not sure if this happens to every magnus user or not. Otherwise this card seems to have every feature of a super premium category

    1. Joe

      Facing similar problem with Select card also.
      Don’t know if it’s a Axis thing.

    2. karan oshan

      Yes facing similar issue, calling cc everyday, dropping mails to no and pno
      Still no solution, their customer care is useless, they dont know themselves what is going on in their bank.
      However this is a common issue, and every one is facing the same, no rewards credited since 21st April 22.
      Hope it resolves soon

  5. Anubhab Sarkar

    I just called the concierge Sid regarding the tata cliq voucher.. they informed me that it is still valid for this year as well..maybe they haven’t updated in their T&C’s..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for that info Anubhab.

      Was able to avail TataCliq last week but they didn’t share this. Hope they update the dates accordingly, else it’s a hit or miss.

      1. Prashant

        Hi Sid,

        Are Tata Cliq vouchers worth the pain of switching from Amazon comfort? The products on Cliq are obviously priced higher compared to other etailers..Is it worth availing Magnus benefits?

        Till now my experience with Axis Customer care has been bad, hence I am in double mind, especially with Tata Cliq thing. Please guide.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Tata Cliq has improved a lot lately, their gift card system works pretty well and you wouldn’t need any support form Axis for the same, other than requesting for one.

          1. Abraham

            That’s great to know Siddharth. If you don’t mind could you share if the TataCliq voucher needs to be utilized in a single transaction or is it similar to Apay, use as and when required in multiple transactions till the 1 year validity ?

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Yes, it works similar to Amazon Pay.

          3. Chandrasekhar Adusumalli

            Hi I have a DCB LTF, SBI ELITE LTF, SBI PRIME LTF, BoB Eterna, Axis Magnus will come tomorrow, Axis select , Axis Myzone ltf, IndusInd Intermiles Odyssey ltf, ICICI Intermiles sapphiro ltf, ICICI Apay ltf, ICICI MMT ltf, Amex plat travel ltf, Zomato RBL LTF, Yes Prosperity Edge Ltf, Regalia First LTF, Citibank Cashback Ltf, Uni card, Slice card, Postpe, Intermiles platinum membership, Club Mahindra purple studio membership. Does it make any sense for me to get Amex plat charge card? How to maximize the usage of my cards to get good benefits?

  6. AKG

    I recently availed the airport concierge service and it was USELESS. There wasn’t even V of VIP in it. No express check-in, no fast track security check. VIP/fast-track immigration, anyway, is only for actual VVIPs only.

    What I got as a service was a lady who greeted me at Gate and was with me as an assistant until I boarded (assistant in terms holding your documents, you still need to stand in every damn queue). A porter who carried my luggage until check-in.

    Generally, airport concierge service provider also provides lounge access included in service, however this agency didn’t had any such tie-up (citing new company as a reason).

    It’s probably useful for those who will be travelling in an air plane (or Intl travel) for the first time or old people.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      May I know at which airport you had this experience?

    2. MT

      similar experience with me at Mumbai , luggage porter was provided (no golfcart) , was escorted into biz security and service ended there…since then , only used the service for arrivals

    3. Bhupendra Basera

      My experience is good and i availed this service in Bangalore. I was travelling with family friends and had 9 people travelling. They did escort us and help to do express checkin

  7. ratbert

    The Tatacliq voucher can still be availed – I got it in the first week of May. Called the concierge, they noted my request and mailed the voucher in about a week’s time.

  8. Pratham

    Hey ,
    I have been using Magnus for quite sometime now . In my 2 years of owning a Magnus card I have used the concierge service quite a few times by now mostly at Mumbai t1 and t2 and recently at HYD airport for my transit .

    Honestly on none of the occasions I was received by meet and greet staff nor given fast track access other than once at T1 . The only thing that remained common amongst all the “Experiences” ( only if could call it as one) was a porter waiting with a name placard and the same person would carry my luggage . The services have never been consistent they have different rules at different airport .

    I think Since the service team at the airport is fully aware that the customer has availed the service via credit card program and has not paid for it directly so they tend to take it lightly and land up compromising on service quality.

    On an another occasion I was travelling with 2 of my employees who were accompanying me and so while placing the request for the service I had mentioned about 2 additional guests but even then there was only one staff sent from their end who only carried my luggage just like every other service that I have availed .

    So ultimately service was only availed by me while the other two did not avail any of the facilities but eventually they landed up debiting 3 services from my account for which I have raised the matter with the concierge team . So be it one Guest or three it dint make any difference nor was it useful .

    I personally feel the concierge program needs to be fine tuned .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve used twice at BOM T2 and twice at HYD in the last two months and it was all as expected.

      Once I was even informed that only porter is available for one of the slot and concierge was checking with me if I’m ok with it.

      Maybe they already fine tuned a bit.

      1. AK

        Is the card quality (material wise; metal) similar to infinia? Still waiting for mine to be delivered.

        1. Siddharth

          Can you please tell me how much time did it take for the card to be delivered after approval ?

          1. Abhi

            Atleast for me approval took 14 days from applying, and card delivered just 2 days after approval.

  9. jitendr a saraogi

    what are the exclusions for calculating monthly milestone for axis magnus credit card.will appreciate clarity on this for avoiding any confusion in this regards.thanks in advance.

  10. ratbert

    The grabdeals page says that the maximum number of edge rewards points in a month is 10000. Which is 2k INR.

    So if I buy something on Amazon through grabdeals:
    1. Reward rate is 10x, therefore becomes 12%.
    2. The max I can spend is 16666 a month, since 12% of 16666 is 2k. Seems pretty low.

    Also does anyone know if this max cap of 10k points apply to each grabdeal partner separately or covers all of them?

    1. Sandeep Vinayak

      Insurance is capped at 6k reward points max. Grab deals is capped to 10k per customer. So no matter how many you do, once you hit 10k you hit the ceiling.
      grab deal offers Zomato orders at 45x!
      Wise thing to do would be to route all Zomato spends through grab deal at 45x and hit that 10K!

      1. Ok arthi

        Can u confirm u r getting all reward points for grabdeal. Receiving mixed experiences

      2. Amar

        Wasn’t sure of this cap on insurance RP of 6,000 as I don’t see that as a T&C anywhere. I made a transaction of Rs. 1.045 lacs 3 days back and got 6k RP today.
        Grab deals has been a terrible experience. Till date, none of my Zomato spends from June 22 have been tracked. A total of 100 cumulative RPs is what I have got from all grab deals spend so far.
        Gyftr tracking is good and started crediting last month onwards with no issues or cap.

  11. Abhishek Laddha

    Which spends are excluded from 1L count ? ( read some where that they don’t count wallet load ) , what about insurence payments ? Any ideas ? Have applied it today but I’m worried it they excused these benefits then it might not be a worthy card

    1. Abhishek Laddha

      Update 1 : process seemed smooth so far , I had applied via call for upgrade from my zone card to magnus , he told me I can keep both ,but told him to upgrade card and cancel my zone,he did and lady from bank came and collected documents on 23rd morning . She too k deatils for add on card as well. And today card is visible in mobile app ( I have not recived any email or text that my card is apporved. )
      Now let’s see what all transactions come under spends based promotion.
      Secondly I think it shows same credit limit as my zone
      What is usual credit limit you guys have got on magnus credit card ?

      1. Abhishek Laddha

        update 2
        Got my card with priority pass , sadly they did not issue Addon card ( Called CC and they told they are not giving new Addon card as per policy ( People who already have add on card with get it , if they update credit card ).

        1. Abhishek Laddha

          Update 3
          You don’t need to wait for 2 statements before you get Tata cliq voucher. Once i did my first transaction if got a message from axis bank that i can get this voucher now . After placing order on phone i got my voucher on email on 7th day.

      2. Mohd M

        What was your myzone card limit? I also called axis customer care but they said minimum 3L limit is required for upgrade to magnus.

        1. Chandrasekhar Adusumalli

          I too got same reply. My myzone credit limit then was Rs 1 lakh. So I applied for magnus separately as a non-customer giving my 2 months pay slips wherein at least Rs 1.25 lakh net to reflect and got card approval. Card is in transit and will reach me tomorrow. It will take a total of 12 to 13 working days for the card to reach you

          1. Ravi

            I applied once and they sent me another card. Now have applied again. Net is more than what was advertised. Do not know what the process is in getting one.

          2. Ricks

            Is the Axis Bank Magnus is LTF for you ? What is the in hand salary or eligibility criteria for this ?

  12. Anubhab Sarkar

    I have received my Tata cliq voucher..though it landed in my spam was a smooth experience..and axis seems to have updated their T&C..kindly update the welcome/renewal benefit section..

  13. Karthickeyan

    Surprised to find the free cash withdrawal facility not mentioned. Does that free withdrawal mean no interest will accrue until statement generation?

    1. arpan kumar

      same question. how can we make most of free cash withdrawal option? can we withdraw amount till our credit limit without any charges? that sounds way too good a benefit to believe in 😛

      1. Siddharth Post author

        No w/d charges, but finance charges would be applicable.

  14. Abhishek Laddha

    25000 bonus points should come in account in 90 days after end of month as per website . What is experience of group how much time dose it take for points to come in account ?

  15. Prakher

    The reward rate seems to be extremely poor for day to day transactions. You only get reward points only in multiples of Rs.200 i.e if the transaction is of say Rs.325 you will receive only 12 reward points with Magnus whereas on my ICICI emerald I receive 13 reward points (4 per 100 and then 1 for the next Rs 25 hence 13 for the whole Rs325). Here if we calculate the reward rate per pro rated 100 than clearly Emerald wins (Magnus- 12*.20= Rs 2.4, Emerald- 13*.25= Rs3.25) because of the coverage of the whole amount spent in terms of reward point accrued. One more peculiar thing I noticed with Emerald – I do get regular rewards for my fuel spends i.e 40 reward points per Rs 1000 of fuel instead of 10 reward points (written on the website).

    So I guess, using Magnus below 1 lakh isn’t useful at all.

    1. Abhishek Laddha

      Thank ,Just noticed after reading your comment , even for 585 shopping ,you get reward for only 400 rs . But then even if you can spend 4L overall over 4 months out of 12 ,you get very good rewards .
      I have regalia for routine spends ( have applied for upgrade to infina 2 days back ,lets see how it goes )and have taken magnus for school fee payment for kids .
      I have also applied for SC utimate many times over last 2 months ,but application always get stuck at processing level so have given up on that for now.
      I guess we all you strive for 2% or higher reward rate when we use credit card .

      My target cards and spend pattern
      1. Axis magnus for large school fee payment 4 times per year . 6% rewards
      2. Hdfc regalia for routine spends ( 1.3% but gives a lot of spend based offer making it around 2.3 % with T1 milestone .
      Hoping it will be upgraded to infina this month .
      3. Axis Ace for bill payements ( mobile , Gas and electricity) .5 % cashback
      4 . Amazon pay on and off for mild shopping from amazon .
      5. Sbi click for special offers on and off
      6. Idfc select as back up and on and off for movies

      Standard charted utimate is probably only missing card in my kitty that I desire as of now .

      1. Abhishek Laddha

        had applied for Infina via Rm on 6th july and today my Hdfc ap shows infina ( transfer in )
        Took total 25 days and mutiple calls ( application form ,salary slip as documents)
        Planning to Use both magnus and Infina as primary cards with others as add no card as and when needed.

      2. Pulkit Popli

        Why for Flipkart axis card for Flipkart shopping? Flat 5% cashback for Myntra/Flipkart

  16. Amar

    Tata cliq has removed all electronics items from its website or app.
    Only fashion and beauty products now sold by them – all Tata cliq vouchers are now useless.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s a sad news, thanks for sharing.

      But TataCliq voucher is not useless for sure. Maybe you need to explore a bit. 🙂

      1. vyom aggarwal

        hi sid
        a very cryptic comment
        please elaborate on how to maximize tata cliq voucher usage..

    2. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

      Buy Gold Coins for the vouchers you have.

        1. Selva

          No! its working fine you need to add headset just 299rs along with gold coin and place order works fine

          1. Anoop

            This also seems to have been patched. Not allowing to buy gold even after adding another item.

  17. MT

    Hi,Just Wanted a Confirmation regarding the 25k milestone benefit on spending 1 lac.Is It Applicable if we use the card on the 1st month immediately after receiving or the benefit is applicable from next calendar month?
    Thank You in Advance.

  18. Deepak

    Has anyone received 25k points for month of April yet?

      1. Saurabh

        How much time after statement generation is bonus 25k points getting credited.

  19. Amit

    Hey Sid, thanks for your articles.
    Recently got the card but unable to activate the dineout membership. They have provide 6 digit code in the name of activation code. Anyone has recently enabled pls share your views.

    1. Abhishek Laddha

      I did not receive dine out membership with welcome kit . After putting compliant 3 times finally Lady gave me some code , which when i tried to log in was already expired . I gave up as my Hdfc regalia has already given me free membership of dine out passport which i use like once in a month or so . So did not put harder for it

  20. MT

    @Amit @Abhishek

    Any Solution for dineout activation?
    Facing similar issue.
    Thank You in Adance.

    1. Abhishek Laddha

      I Have given up , but i guess only way to get is sorted is call Axis costumer care again and again till they resolve it

  21. Hari

    AFAIK, dineout membership has been removed from magnus card. Now only eazydiner 40% off for 2500rs bill.

  22. Gkcards

    Just for eazydiner 40%, one should have magnus or vistara infinite. They offer this benefit once in 15 days.

    If bill is above 3350, then after 25% discount of restaurant, it will become 2512. Then if you pay via app, you will get 40% off further on this upto 1000, when bill amount to be paid via app is more than 2500, bill will become 1512.5. This is actually what you pay, 1512, which is more than 50% off.

    Both these cards have fees, which can be easily recovered in 1 restaurant visit every month (12 visits including GST), though both these cards have equivalent joining/renewal benefits as well. So I will say these are great cards to have.

  23. Yogesh

    Airport “meet and greet” is useless as per experience on bengalore airport. I would rather call it “porter service”. Other than carrying your luggage, they dont help you with anthung else be it getting boarding pass, security check or boarding. Everywhere, you need to stand-in in regular lines only. Assistance person was saying they can fast track when there is no rush. This is so funny.

  24. Rohit Sinha

    Is the flight ticket/ tata cliq voucher given every year ? It is mentioned as their welcome and annual benefit. Annual benefit should be given each year right?

    1. Vivek Ranjan

      I have the same query. I asked my RM for the upgrade but they say that it is just a one-time benefit. Though, on their website it is mentioned as annual benefit.
      Can someone share their experience?

  25. siva

    Can you please provide card variant Visa or Master ?
    Seems like website shows master card image as well as Rs 25 for domestic lounge access

  26. Lakshmi Narayana

    Hi, I see Axis has done a few changes to rewards for some other cards
    For Magnus do we get rewards points & Milestone benefits for Gold purchases?

  27. Abhi

    Wouldn’t want to risk trying it, so if someone already knows, kindly clarify whether:
    1. Fuel spends accrue regular reward 12p/200, over and above the surcharge waiver, and also count towards 1L milestone?
    2. Insurance and rent payment accrues regular rewards 12p/200 and also counts in the 1L milestone?
    3. Any capping on any category other than grabdeals 10K pm? Somewhere I read about a capping of 6000 pts per month in case of rent, is it true? Any capping on traveledge 5X?
    4. Wallet load doesnt count for anything. Is there any category which counts towards only regular rewards 12p/200 but not for 1L milestone, or vice versa??

  28. Sunil

    Hello Folks,

    I had applied for the Magnus card on Aug 8th 2022.

    Someone from the bank promptly collected the documents.

    Post document collection I received an email from Axis bank confirming the receipt of my application.

    After a few days, I received an SMS on my registered mobile number that my application was approved and card details would follow shortly.

    However, around 2 weeks back, the credit card application status portal suddenly started stating that my details were not found.

    I have called Axis customer service multiple times to enquire and they also claim they are unaware of my application or any of my details.

    It seems they have somehow lost my application. I have written an email to their nodal officer, not sure if I should expect a response or not.

    Anyone experienced anything similar? Any other suggestions on what I can do here?


    1. Aswath Narayanan

      Similar thing happened to me. Got an credit card approved sms and its been two weeks with no card on my hands. Customer care says I’ll get some communication, please wait.
      Looks like Axis banks filling and integration process is pretty bad or they have rejected my cc application.

      1. PT

        I faced the same issue, received the message that credit card application is approved and card details will follow shortly. For 10 days no communication and then application went missing. After hitting them on chat multiple times I came to know that the application was declined.

        This would be my first application that got rejected by any bank. I already hold DCB, Amex plat charge and Citi Prestige, so not sure what was the criteria.

        However what repels me is the continuous mis communication from the bank’s end, most probably when citibank winds up completely, I wouldn’t move to axis bank, seems like signal from the heavens 😉

  29. Pavan

    I require information and/or assistance. I have two transactions on the 11th and 10th of August. Both are travel-related expenses. I have not received any edge points to date, and my total points on the edge portal is zero.

    How should I escalate this issue? I understand it takes max. 10 days to post edge reward points and it’s now almost 12 days.

    Need your help

  30. Thomas

    Just got fuel zero points. I was getting points before. In my edge rewards statement after logging in fuel spend zero points. Now I am worried will it affect my 1 lakh milestone

  31. Puneet

    Hi, can you help clarify a query I had about Axis Grabdeals. I hold an Axis Magnus CC.
    On the Grabdeals website, if I click on ‘our partners’, there is an offer available for Gift Edge which is another gift voucher platform in partnership with GyFTR. However, in the offer details, it is mentioned that only Edge Rewards eligible credit/debit cards issued by Axis Bank will get rewards on purchases made through this Edge Rewards portal. Can you clarify if Magnus CC is Edge Rewards enabled card (I think so but not 100%)?
    If yes, what is the max points one can on spends made on Gift vouchers purchased on this Edge Rewards portal? Is it still capped at 10k points?

  32. Hari

    Siddarth, Axis bank is not taking any upgrade requests over phone citing some RBI circular. Asking to apply for the same through web portal. Any idea ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Heard the same, not aware of the progress though. The online application is pretty fast though.

        1. Anshul

          How do they verify salary details provided during online application? Does an agent visit home?

          1. SM

            I applied online for Magnus card on 29/08 and the same was delivered 07/09. The agent had visited home to complete the verification process.

          2. iyer

            Agent came home the very next day after my online application to collect salary details and picture.

  33. Gkcards

    Are there any categories/items for which we don’t get reward points, or not get considered towards monthly milestone except for wallet load

  34. Arpit Bansal

    Any idea what the eligibility for this card might be?
    Any chances of getting this at 38LPA?

  35. Iyer

    The process is super slow. I applied for this card almost 10 days ago, and I am yet to receive SMS confirmation / physical card. A guy came home the very next day after I applied online to take picture and certain document proof. While he came home, I asked him to apply for add-on card as well, and that was also done the same day. It is 10 days since then and nothing has progressed. I don’t have any savings / deposits with the bank. I would not have any problem with any credit card application with any banks in India, based on my salary and credit score. So approval for this card should nothing but just a mere formality in my case.

    1. Abhishek

      I had applied for card by calling ,they approved it online and next day guy came to kyc . She filled by form for add on card as well ( my wife has Axis account and we have family banking with axis bank ) ,Very next day card was seen in mobile app. They don’t give add on card as per policy and it did not come .

    2. Abhi

      If you applied offline end of Aug, you should expect approval anytime now. There were holiday interruptions in the meantime but its picking back now. Even the tracking portal might not show progress beyond first stage but its inaccurate.

      1. Iyer

        It is now more than 15 days and no update yet. Wonder what is happening! Never seen such slow progress with any other bank credit card application.

  36. Avijeet

    I already have Axis Flipkart & ACE Card … Can i apply for MAGNUS card?
    From many posts, i came to know that they are cancelling ACE Cards citing commercial use.
    My average monthly utility bills (combined) amount to 1.2 Lakhs
    so I am thinking AXIS MAGNUS will be a better option …

  37. Kiran

    Sid,any reason for not crediting milestone benefit on card setup month ?Thanks.

  38. Varun arya

    Hi friends,
    Just sharing my experience with this card and the customer care of axis bank(burgundy customer care).
    I am an avid jewellery buyer, having couple of transactions every month. I just wen through my rewards statement for the last few days, I saw that I have received edge points for all the transactions except for the transaction done on 2nd of September. On this day I did three transactions, 2 of which were on a jewellery store Where I have done transactions before and third transaction on Haldiram. So i called up axis bank regarding the same. I was informed by the axis bank burgundy customer care executive, that you cannot receive edge rewards for Jewelery transactions on the magnus credit card. Where in i informed him, that i have received points before and after that date on jewelery transactions, but he said as per the TNC of magnus credit card you are not suppose to receive the points but still i will raise the query regarding the same. When i asked him, where are these fictitious TNC on the axis bank website, he was not able to locate them on the website, where as he said you are suppose to send us an email, and we will send you a revert to that with a pdf of Magnus credit card TNC stating that you are not suppose to get edge reward points for jewellery transactions. My service request number has been generated, so will update as soon as i have resolution to that request.
    Varun arya

    1. Hari

      i did jewelry transaction on 10th September and got reward points for that. But there was no reward points for the transactions(school fees and car service bills) done on 2nd September.

      1. Varun Arya

        hi hari, thanks for the update.
        so after reading your comment, i feel they have not posted points for the transactions done on the 2nd of october, and it is not connected with which merchant you have spend that on. may be they will credit the points for the transactions done on 2nd, late during the month.

  39. Sandeep Kumar

    Can’t use Magnus on Payzapp app. It says card not supported. I have other Visa cards working but not Magnus. Mine starts with 4514. Anyone facing similar issue?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      For unknown reasons Axis Vistara works on PayZapp but not Magnus/Reserve.

      1. Mouli


        My Magnus card works in Payzapp and used it last month also for EB payment. Mine is Visa Infinite

      2. AbhiKohli

        I think I have some idea. The fault lies with Payzapp capturing CVV AFTER the transaction. You may have notice that Pazapp asks for CVV after entering the OTP for all non-hdfc cards. Axis has confirmed the transactions are failing due to incorrect CVV. Looks like either it is due to some recent bug in Payzapp system which is causing incorrect cvv to be sent for recently added cards (most people facing issue are recent Magnus customers, for old ones it is working) or it could be extra security layer on Magnus NOT allowing transactions without CVV and other cards are working even without CVV/correct CVV. I always had doubt in Payzapp asking CVV after the transaction (and not asking at all for some cards eg my YFE) I have complained to PayZapp but they are not accepting as an issue on their side. maybe if enough people complaint they would resolve. (Payzapp resolution is really bad, I remember when I started using PayZapp for UPI and started facing issues, they took more than an year to resolve the issue. So I stopped using PayZapp for UPI completely.)

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, I felt the same. It has something to do with CVV.

          But when I ask, Axis usually say it’s declined because of “security reasons”. PayZapp Support is hopeless usually.

          Anyway asked Axis to check on this once again, let’s see if it works this time.

          1. Hari

            Any update on this? Is there any other way to pay Redgiraffe rent payment using magnus card ?

        2. AbhiKohli

          I tried doing a transaction with my ICICI amazon pay card by adding Rs 2 (card not added to Payzapp) The transaction succeeded WITHOUT asking for CVV 🙂 At the same time I tried doing Rs 2 transaction with my saved master CC and a Visa CC both worked again WITHOUT asking CVV. I doubt saving CVV is allowed. So for sure some cards can work WITHOUT using CVV at all. And for sure Magnus needs correct CVV.
          If someone is feeling adventurous enough, they can delete their saved Axis card (Magnus or non-magnus) and try doing a transaction/linking again 🙂

          1. ka

            rent payments using amazonpay credit card will be levvied 1% fee by ICICIBank wef 20Oct2022

  40. Kamal

    Anyone received Magnus June month milestone benefit of 25K points. Pls let us know.

    1. Rahul

      Not yet received for June month… normally by 10th of each month these points were being credited….

      1. Kamal

        Thanks for comment Rahul. Atleast this thread is giving us some updates, other their CC is very poor. I was thinking and validating my expenses and type of expenses for eligibility of rewards.

    2. Rushabh Shah

      Have recd milestone benefit for the month of may…….June is yet to come.. it say withon 90 days usually will come by end of September.

  41. Sandee

    How much I can delay calming of Tata Cliq voucher for my Magnus card? What’s the voucher validity and when it starts – when voucher is claimed or when card is setup?

    1. Nick

      Tata Cliq voucher can be claimed after payment of the joining fee (generation of 2 statements) and within 6 months of card setup. Once issued, voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance irrespective of the date on which it is added to Tata Cliq wallet.

      1. SM

        I received the Tata Cliq/Yatra voucher for 10K in 3 days after the I made the first transaction. My card was delivered on 07/09/22 and I got the SMS and email for voucher on 10/09/22. The validity is 6 months.

  42. Thomas

    Hi all did a forex transaction on September 1 but only one transaction is reflected in Magnus statement. Does the markup fee and gst come later. In hdfc it’s posted within few days

  43. Abhi

    3x on Magnus from 15Sep-30Oct after registering for the offer. Max cap on bonus is 7.5K, to be credited in 90 days after offer ends. Burgundy and Reserve have a generous 22.5K cap on bonus.
    EDGE REWARD points will not be earned on those credit card transactions that have been converted into EMI  EDGE REWARD points will not be earned on transactions for wallet spends and reload using your Axis Bank Credit Card  EDGE REWARD points will not be earned on transactions for fuel spends using your Axis Bank Credit Card  Edge Rewards points will not be earned on Gemstones, Gold ,Silver Coins & Jewellery purchases

  44. Ashwarya Gupta

    Hi Sid,

    Are there any payment charges if paying high amount of electricity bill from this card?
    I have AIR INDIA SBI card and it doesn’t charge any fee for paying electricity bill even of 1.5 lakh a month.
    Can you please confirm same for this card as well. As most of my spend is on monthly electricity bill reaching to 1.5 lakh/month.


  45. Rahul

    Seeing all the buzz I cancelled Select and applied for Magnus. Lets see how they respond. I called to upgrade but apparently RBI has put a freeze on upgrades.

    1. Rahul

      Applied on 21st Sept.. no update, no call nothing.. says will be processed in 2 days.. 😂

      Lets see how this develops

      1. Anshul

        Axis bank has the worst card application process. You will not get any update. No turnaround time.

        1. Rahil Shah

          Try SBI Cards. You will have second thoughts and will feel Axis a breeze.

      2. Rahul

        The online application is still pending. I applied again through branch attached my Infinia cc statement as well. The card was delivered today in 7 working days.

        Limit 2/3 of Infinia but 67% higher than my current Vistara Infinite.

        As i closed select last month, now I have 3 Axis cards again

  46. Yashen Savla

    Is there any cap on the maximum reward points that can be a earned on Axis Magnus Credit Card from the Travel Edge portal and Grab Deals portal?

  47. Ankit Mittal

    Is there any cap on the maximum reward points that can be earned on Axis Magnus Credit Card from the Travel Edge portal, Grab Deals portal and portal?

    1. Ankit Mittal

      Hi Siddharth,
      Is there any cap on the maximum reward points that can be earned on Axis Magnus Credit Card from the Travel Edge portal, Grab Deals portal and gyftr portal?

      1. Puneet

        I also posted a similar question earlier (not same) but got no reply. I guess we will have to try it ourself.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Travel Edge portal: Nil
          Grab Deals portal: 10K a month
          Gift Edge portal: Nil

          * may change anytime.

          1. Pranav

            Is fulfilment for Travel Edge 5x after x days or with regular rewards? I booked a hotel through that & I received regular points.

          2. Aims

            On the gyftr portal it shows 3x rewards on purchase of amazon vouchers. Does it mean 36 reward points per 200?
            When will these additional rewards for amazon gv purchase gets credited? Is it after 120 days of purchase?

  48. Aravind Lakshmikanthan

    Hi While we use international lounge within India , should we use our credit card to enter or our PP card ?

      1. Aravind

        Thanks Siddharth

        If you don’t Mind Can you explain this here or in your priority pass blog on how and where to use CC and PP when it comes to domestic and international lounges

  49. Bhavesh chheda

    I Got Axis Magnus card today only , Want to know can I get benefit of 25k bonus points in first month only after spending 1l.

  50. Vibin

    Primary and Add on Card (both received) – no prior relationship with axis bank

    Primary Card:
    I applied for a Magnus Card through a local branch on the 30th of July 2022, a rep from the bank came home and processed the request. I enquired about an add-on card and about the possibility for applying for them together. He assured me that I could apply for it a week after I had received the primary card and that there weren’t any problems. Received my card on the 5th of August 2022

    Add-On Card:
    The branch rep who came by mentioned that “add-on cards can only be processed from the branch level and needed to be approved” (think he mentioned Ops Manager, but not sure, he was very vague in his description of the process)

    I promptly sent him all the docs on the 12th of August 2022. After 2 weeks of no updates I got a call asking for some more info. I sent them and another 3 weeks later, received the Add-on card on the 16th of Sept 2022.

    During the entire time I did not receive any updates of any kind, not even an application number. Made the mistake of calling phone banking to check, their response was “we are not issuing add-on cards at the moment”.

    Overall, I guess I was just REALLY LUCKY with my “point of contact”

    The Add-on card does NOT appear on the App and OTPs are received only in the primary care holder’s registered number. Even activation, changing pin etc can only be done through phone banking.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Amit Patnaik

      I too applied for the Add-on cards at the Branch on the 1st of September. No update so far at all.

      1. Rahul

        Hi Siddharth,
        Itc is removed I guess for transfer.
        What will be the best airlines to transfer points to in ur opinion

  51. vyom aggarwal

    What’s the time frame for credit of 5x/10x reward points from gift edge and travel edge portals?

  52. Anjan

    Is there any limitation or restriction for CitiBank Prestige card holders (or ex-card holders) to be eligible to get an Axis Magnus? I recently cancelled my CitiBank Prestige card because I was really not getting any value out of it. I then applied for an Axis Magnus and I got declined with a vague message:

    “We regret to inform you that your credit card application vide application number has not been approved due to reason a credit card on account of your previous credit history as provided by the credit bureau, which does not meet our card issuance guidelines.”

    1. NMS

      I don’t think that should be an issue as I have a Citi Prestige card as well and got my Magnus card last month.

  53. Rahul

    Just availed meet and greet service at Delhi airport…through and through seamless… Check in, security, boarding all done on priority…till boarding gate whole process took 15-20 mins max

    1. aka

      Do the people normally tip the person assisting you or will they be embarrassed about receiving one ? Don’t know the protocol!

  54. Ak

    Are rent transactions eligible for the monthly milestone benefit?
    I have a few transactions in flights and utility category for which rewards are not credited and Axis support has been abysmal in handling it or any other queries around this.

  55. Anupam

    Hello, Do insurance transacations count towards the Annual 15 lac spend? And do they count towards the monthly milestone benefit?

  56. Ranjeet Choudhary

    Any luck with rent payment from Magnus card on Payzapp.

    1. Ranjeet Choudhary

      Just tried rent payment with Magnus card on NoBroker and it failed, while the axis vistara card was successfull.

  57. Sudheep

    How long it takes to credit the regular edge rewards post purchase? am new to edge rewards, have done my first purchase with magnus 10 days before. no points credited yet.

    1. karthi

      sometimes in a couple of days and sometimes it has take 10 days to 15 days for me and all the points come in batches i guess

    1. Ranjeet Choudhary

      Pkease guide, was it through payzapp or some other portal.

      1. Amit Patnaik

        It was through the Cred app. Go to rent payment in the app, and put in the Magnus card details. Charges a bit higher than No broker; ~2% but I guess offset by the 1L monthly milestone benefits.

  58. Vaneet

    Got the Axis Magnus card after reading your review and applying online. Whole process took maybe 10-12 days till delivery of the card. No prior relationship with Axis.

    One query – can I use to this card to pay for schemes like tanishqgoldenharvest and get the 1L spend benefit every month?

    1. MT

      all spends count for 1L milestone except wallet loads , but from next calender month of card setup.

    2. MT

      in golden harvest scheme , they borrow money for you at 1% p.a interest, bad investment in my opinion, even if you gain a few % by way of points , they will end up charging you higher for gold and making charges

    3. Gkcards

      It seems good strategy, but there seems to be confusion on whether we will get points on jewellery or not. Some people are saying they got, and some saying didnt

      1. Rahul

        axis bank doesn’t give base points on jewellery for sure. Not sure if they give the milestone bonus

        1. Nikhil

          I got edge rewards for transactions done at tanishq store on 1st october- magnus card

    4. Mayank Agrawal

      Please update if you get 25K points on Golden harvest payment of 1 lac

  59. Aka

    The 8 no of meet and greet services in a year – are they counted from card anniversary year or from calender year? Any idea ?

  60. Ravi

    Also what is the minimum net salary requirement for a non axis bank customer?

  61. Mayank Agrawal

    Can we book meet and greet service for family member from my card quota?

  62. Amit

    Not getting any reward points accrued since 3rd September. Anybody else facing this issue?

  63. Nikith Ravichandran

    Applied for this card and got rejected, have way more than the salary requirement mentioned on website and excellent credit scores all over but still declined. Any suggestions on how to get this card or anything I can do to make them reconsider?

  64. Iyer

    Dear all – I got the AXIS Magnus card issued last month. I made the first transaction this month. Yesterday i received an SMS for the welcome benefit. I clicked that link and entered my registered mobile number. However, I am not getting OTP to proceed further. Has anyone faced this issue? And can you please guide me on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

    1. NMS

      I had issues while trying to claim my welcome benefit as well. I suggest calling up the customer care at Thriwe. The contact number can be found on the same website.

    2. Abhinav

      Hi, it takes some time. The same thing happened with me. Try again after a week or so. It may take your first statement to be generated.

  65. Rahul

    I am ready with my google sheets for Magnus..

    Infinia early days was like this as well.. but the points were worth it. Magnus seems worth it as well if they fulfill the promised numbers

  66. SATISH

    Is paying LIC premium thru amazon pay ( using magnus card) is considered as wallet load?

  67. nitin khatri

    how do i make an adani electricity bill through axis magnus of 2 lakh without additional charges and for the transaction to be treated as non wallet transaction? other credit cards have bill payment integrated in their website/app without charges.

  68. Nmrc

    Has a smooth application process. Should say one of the fastest card delivery I have ever experienced. The application process is completely digital including video KYC. Received the card in flat 4 working days, and no I did not have a prior relationship with Axis Bank, this was an application as new customer.

  69. ARR

    Hi all,
    I applied for this card last week and it was declined since I already have 3 Axis cards (Vistara Infinite, Flipkart and Ace). But, I want to get hands on with Magnus. I’ve a basic account with Axis.
    1) Is there anyone with 4 cards in Axis?
    2) Is it a good idea to drop Vistara Infinite for Magnus? Or
    3) Shall I drop Ace and go for Magnus by retaining the Vistara Infinite?
    *Suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Rahul

      I have VI and Magnus as well but next year I would close VI. I would suggest you close VI as well

        1. Rahul

          I think magnus gives more rewards even in terms of CV points with 9.6 CV points per 200 vs Vistara Infinite with 6 CV points per 200. Secondly, you have a much larger ecosystem in Magnus. Also cobranded cards get a lot fewer offers – of 2x/3x/5x/10x rewards. Getting redemption on Vistara Business class ticket vouchers that you get on VI is a bit difficult.

        2. AbhiKohli

          Probably most people will. Tata is planning to merge Vistara and AirIndia. Singapore Airline has announced that they have cleared it.

    2. Swapnil

      You can drop ACE for Magnus. Instead of ACE you can use SBI Cashback card which gives same 5% benefit as ACE for all online transactions and not limited to just gapy.

    1. rahul

      Even I’m waiting for July Points Credit as it was my first month of using the card. Looking at previous trends, the points will mostly be credited by October end.

    1. gitns

      How do I use Magnus to pay rent using Redgirraffe? Unable to add the card to Payzapp (have raised an issue with them on Oct. 1 but no resolution yet). I can use other platforms to pay rent though.

  70. Ankit Mittal

    I am not able to use magnus credit card wherever no cost emi option is available. I tried on few merchants like dyson, furlenco etc but not working. Has anybody faced this issue?

    1. D3mon

      Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Wasn’t able to pay on samsung website/app with this magnus card, but other axis cards like vistara were working fine. The customer care had no clue and an email to them elicited no response so far.

      Did you get any update on using no-cost EMI on this card?

  71. SM

    Does Magnus accept credit card dues through Cred? The money was debited from my bank account but the credit to the Magnus card failed. Received the failure notification after 3 days and the refund is initiated by Cred. This is my first payment to Axis Magnus.

    I have never faced a transaction failure through Cred for credit card payment.

    Just curious if this is a one-off incident or if anyone has experienced as similar issue with Magnus?

    1. Abhishek

      Only happened this time , before this payment with Cred were working fine

    2. Varun arya

      This is a one-off failure on the part of cred. But otherwise you can pay for magnus through cred.

    3. rahul

      I regularly use Cred for Magnus cc payment as well as numerous other cards….I’ve never faced an issue regarding unsuccessful payment.

    4. Shashank Sharma

      It is common with Axis. I face it at times with Magnus and Vistara card.

    5. glen

      I did multiple payments towards Axis cards this week in CRED. They all took 2-3 days to post opposed to the usual few minutes. Same happened when paying through PayTM and other third party apps. Seems to me it’s a bank issue .

    6. Sam

      I use axis select credit card payment from cred and never faced this issue?

  72. Aims

    I do not have any existing(or past) relationship with Axis bank. But when i try to apply the card online, after entering my mobile number, i am getting an error “Multiple customer IDs are linked to the mobile number. Please login using customer ID”.
    I called the customer care also and checked with them and they also couldnt find any existing customer id with my mobile number. Any thoughts on this please?

    1. Ravi

      That’s the speciality of Axis Bank.

      Iam holding Axis Ace card since 2 years. Regularly get SMS for every transaction.

      But Axis website states this mobile number is not Axis customer base

  73. Sharad

    Hi fellow point minters, I applied for magnus 10 days back, video kyc was done next day and from last one week below is the status reflecting on axis site:

    Thank you for your interest in Axis bank Credit Card. We have received your application vide (Ref-C1-XXXXXXXXXX-C1) and the same will be processed within 2 working days.

    Is stagnancy of above message normal or I need to do anything. Have infinia, ultimate etc. already and I doubt if eligibility is an issue.

    Please guide.

    1. Jitendra Joshi

      Its due to a few non-working days this month. My application was stuck for couple of weeks. Please follow up with the Relationship Manager. Got approved yesterday.

    2. axissucks

      Welcome to the Axis universe my friend!
      I had to wait for more than a month and several followups before my card was issued. The add-on card is still in process with no signs of movement for a month now. Not much you can do except pray that you get the card in next week so you are eligible for milestone benefit for spends in November. If the card is issued in the month of November, you would need to wait until December to put spends that can make you eligible for the offer.

      in my opinion, this is deliberate from their end as they want to give you a glimpse of your future with this bank. My complaint is pending with their principal nodal officer for over a month now and all I keep getting every three days is an email where they apologize for the inconvenience and seek 3 more days to resolve the issue. I am not even frustrated anymore. I just sigh, smile and get along with my day.

    3. Pawan

      Wait, I also received the same message and then got approval message after 4-5 days. No action required at this point.

    4. Ramakrishnan

      I applied for Axis My Zone card on 13th October and the status as of today is exactly what you have outlined below. I am so frustrated and have mentally told myself that my card is declined and to move on. If my card gets approved by some miracle & this is how the service is going to be, I worry about my experience as a customer of Axis cards.

      Pls do post if / when your application status changes.

    5. iyer

      It takes time, they are not super fast in processing. My application also took 2 weeks to process (although it was not video verification).

  74. Sivaram

    I applied to Magnus on 2nd Oct. A local agent collected two pay slips and went off the next day.
    Online I didn’t see any update until 11th. Suddenly it updated on 12th that it’s issued. Got the card on 13th blue dart. Seems like the updates are not that fast but 10-12 days is the limit.
    I have Amex plat and ICICI sapphiro. The saphhiro also updated to emeralde this week. Didn’t get the Amex variant but got visa infinite. That’s good to go with 3 ultra premium cards for few years of my world tours and vacations that I plan.

  75. RM

    I had applied for Magnus on Card to Card basis on 4th Oct. It got approved and the card is showing up in Axis app with a six figure aggregate limit (I have Ace as well). Earlier I had issues with Axis service, hopefully they have sorted it out. I don’t hold any accounts with Axis other than the Ace card.

  76. Lakshmi Narayana

    Finally, my card application has been approved after doing a lot of circuses, submitting 3 months’ payslips for different reasons ( bonus, arrears, etc), and also submitting my DCB ~13L limit statement as the last try along with Payslip.
    It took almost 45+days from the date of the online application to approval but one good thing good happened to me is I got a very good limit(10L) on my card.
    Yes, I’ll miss this month’s Diwali offers but let’s see how long this Magnus euphoria lasts in the market.

  77. Bhavin Shah

    I applied on 8th oct and it got approved on 19th oct. I was not keen but applied thanks to this informative blog by Sid and also the premium article on maximising axis card benefits.

  78. Tegradragon

    Hi, does magnus or any other card these days provide complementary international travel insurance?

  79. Ankur

    I just received an email regarding dining delights birthday offer for my Magnus card (started from 1st Oct 2022) which gives you 1 year EazyDiner prime along 50% off at restaurants upto Rs 3000 plus free cake/dessert.

  80. Pavan

    Looks like Axis is going to exclude many merchant categories from reward points. I just got a message from the bank, that says:

    • Effective 15th November, 2022, customer will not be able to earn EDGE REWARDS on the following categories: Rent, fuel, educational services, utilities and government transactions done through Axis Bank Credit Card.*

    Does the card lose its sheen?

    1. Abhi

      The notification does not include their top cards like Magnus, Reserve, and Burgundy Private. The list of cards for which this is applicable is Affluent Signature, Titanium, Infinite, Pride Platinum Credit Card, IndianOil, Signature, Buzz, My Choice, Neo, Instant Neo, My Wings, Advantage, AURA, Visa Platinum, VISA GOLD, Pride Signature, My Zone, My Zone Easy, Signature Premier, Visa Silver, Insta Easy, Wealth Signature and Privilege and also ACE. But since Ace doesn’t earn edge rewards there’s no impact on it.

      1. LN

        It looks like the notification is inaccurate. I did not get any ER for the fuel spends since Nov 15th and Axis support on Twitter claims that all Axis credit cards are excluded from earning ER or milestone rewards from rent, fuel, education, and govt transactions post Nov 15th.

        1. Nikhil

          I don’t think fuel spends were eligible for edge rewards even in the past, it’s mentioned clearly in the program TnC (

          I’ve seen some screenshots on other forums where users have received points for rental transactions post 15th. Potentially, Magnus and other HNI cards are excluded from this change. Personally, can’t verify this. I’m experimenting with small-value NPS and utility bill transactions, will share my findings.

          1. Lakshmi Narayanan

            I was receiving ER for fuel spends before Nov 15th. Magnus & other HNI cards were originally excluded until Nov 15th.

  81. ratbert

    Spent about 4L on this card this FY. Made around 20k INR in points converted to Amazon vouchers. 5% reward rate, not bad at all.

  82. Ram, New Delhi

    I hold 6 cards: Citi Premier, Sbi Air, Sbi Octane, Citi IoCL, Sbi Vistara, icici hpcl supersaver.

    Applied for Axis Magnus through their website. Approved and got it.

  83. Navam gupta

    Hi Sid & everyone else,

    I had a question about how grab deals work. Basically is it a one time thing where you select x% cashback and continue using / ordering from the site as many time as you want or you have to go to grab deals every time you want to order something from partner website?

    e.g. if i am ordering from zomato 5 times a month, do i go to grab deals website 5 times (for every order) or just the first time?


  84. Harsh

    Applied Magnus card on 27th October and Got in delivered on 5th Nov. Their application tracking portal is not that great.

  85. Rohan

    Siddharth, if I have done EMI transaction of 90k in a month , will it add on to monthly quota of 1L for next 3 months or will it be used for that particular month ?

  86. Naman

    Does anyone know approx how much time it’ll take the bank to process the application?
    Applied 4 days ago and got a message the next day saying
    “Congratulations, welcome to Axis Bank Credit Cards! Your Application for Axis Bank Credit Card is approved. The card details will follow shortly.”
    But no further details yet.

  87. Harsh

    Do we have any capping on 5x rewards points on gift edge portal ?

    What if 1 buy 1lakh of reliance digital voucher. How many points I’ll be getting ?

    As per my calculation it should be : 25k + 6000*5 = 55k

    Please correct me if am wrong.

  88. Thomas

    Harsh that is the correct calculation, but I haven’t recieved any extra 5X or 10X points till date for transactions in July. 120 days have passed. Have emailed axis bank but no response

  89. Mukund

    How has the meet and greet experience been at Bangalore airport? Saw a few negative comments on the service but seems to vary from airport to airport. Security clearance at BLR airport is a pain ( 30 min minimum ) and this would be a major benefit

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Mixed is what we’re seeing here. Taking a flight next week, I’ll be able to update my experience in a while.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Update: I was taken through the regular gate & regular security line (executive helped in handling trays) at BLR, had less rush anyway, so passed in about 10 mins from gate.

    2. gitns

      I have used this twice for domestic departures at BLR (will be using for domestic arrivals next month). I found the service to be good at both the times. Here is my experience:

      1. The agency calls you well in advance and asks you to let them know when you are about to reach the airport. I generally call them when I cross the tollgate.
      Although they say that you can avail this service 2 hrs before departure, but I reached around 3.5 hrs before my departure and there were no issues. YMMV.

      2. You get down on the reserved drop-off lane (if you are taking a cab) instead of the common lane. An executive and a porter would be waiting for you.

      3. You enter the terminal from a different gate (gate 5A IIRC) which has a shorter queue but have to walk a bit to reach there.

      4. You go directly to the fast track security check while the porter gets your luggage checked-in, gets a copy of your boarding pass (if you need it) and your checked-in luggage tags.

      Overall it takes around 10 mins to clear security from the time you reach the airport. The executive drops you at the lounge if you want to (you need to have access to the lounge).

      Both the times I availed this service, the executive asked me to call them when I leave the lounge, so that they can drop me to the gate. But both the times, I said that I’ll go to the gate by myself.

      Not sure if they’ll just drop you at the gate or the aircraft (in case there is no Aerobridge). Maybe, I am being too greedy here 🙂

      I think this will be very useful if one has domestic/international transfers through one of the eligible airports. The security check will be very fast.

      You’ll have to give your ID card to the porter so that they can check-in your bags. The first time I availed, I was using Digilocker for identification and I had to give my phone. The other ID cards where in the carry-on bag but I didn’t want to take it out. The second time, I gave the person my DL which I kept handy.

      Things I feel that can improve:
      1. The executive should have a copy of my ticket, so that they can have a printed copy of my boarding pass ready.
      2. Priority baggage irrespective of the class I am flying or the status I have with the airline would be great. But I don’t think this will happen.

      I will update here on this when I avail the service at arrivals next month.

      1. gitns

        Here is my experience with arrivals at BLR:

        The executive and the porter were waiting at the terminal building with my name on a placard. The aircraft didn’t use the aerobridge but the bus to transfer to the terminal. Due to aircraft movements, it took around 30 mins to reach the terminal. The executive and the porter were waiting till then.

        They called me multiple times (and from different numbers) asking me to call them when I get down from the bus. This led to a confusion that whom should I call back when I get down.

        The executive and the porter escorted me to the luggage belt and we collected the luggage. They took me out of the building from the regular gate although there is a faster exit gate – staff exit, which is right opposite belt 1 and 2.

        They asked me if I had a car/cab waiting for me, which I did. They asked me to call the cab and the pick up point 4, which I did.

        The experience with meet and greet at arrivals was not of any use IMO. If you have a lot of luggage and/or elderly/children, it might be useful.

        Things that can improve:
        1. Calls should be made by just one executive or one phone number. This would avoid confusion.
        2. Luggage can be collected in advance, if it arrives. Not sure about the logistics behind this.
        3. Use the staff exit instead of the regular gates.
        4. If a car/cab is waiting, then it they should coordinate with the chauffeur to park at the reserved pick up instead of the general pick up.
        Although I was told that reserved pickup is only reserved for VIPs, when I called the BLR parking helpline and there is no way to pay and use this parking facility.

  90. Shabir

    Siddharth, heard a major news that Magnus PP is allowing free domestic lounge access similar to Infinia PP. Can you confirm?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It was always like that, but highly risky.

      Earlier they don’t charge, now they do charge and reverse it.
      It’s only a matter of time they stop reversing.

      So it’s better to stay away from using Axis PP for domestic, as Magnus is anyway getting accepted in most lounges, including 080 lounge in BLR.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Since Nov 2022 (as someone reported so in 080 lounge thread). I tried Axis Reserve last week and it went through as well.

  91. Nikunj Palaniya

    My Magnus approved today.
    Thanks for the Informative article as well as experience shared through comments.

  92. Kesavamoorthy A K

    Hi Sid,

    I have 2,17,000 edge reward points. Any suggestion for redeem with maximum benefits?

    As of now, using 6,250 points for Prestige vouchers. Until now 7-8 redeemed.

    Please share your view on this

    Thank You.!

    1. Arjun

      You can get Kalyan Jewellers or PC Jewellers vouchers to redeem against gold coins or get Amazon vouchers which can be added to Amazon pay balance

  93. Thomas

    Hi i have not got the 10X points from axis edge gyftr till date. My first transactions were in july. I have done the transactions directly after logging in on axis edge site is that the issue. I have emailed customer care no response. Please help what can i do.

  94. Harsh

    Did anyone has received 5x or 10x points after using on grabdeals / giftedge portal??

  95. Thomas

    I just got 10x from gift edge today after emailing and pestering axis bank since past 4 weeks.

  96. SM

    It’s more than one month and I have not received the reward points for regular spends. The last day of credit for reward points for regular spends was on 11/11.

  97. Aditys

    Got my card last week. Took me 4 days from filling out applications online to recieving the card. Smooth process. However, they’re now saying that add on cards have been put on hold.

  98. Tp

    Does month’s EMI spend count towards milestone spend? Does anyone has tried this before?

  99. Anupam

    Does anybody know if the 10k Tatacliq gift card (welcome offer) is usable on Tata Cliq Luxury ?

  100. Prof. Dr. Rohan Sequeira

    I already use the Axis Vistara Infinite and must say I am very happy. have used more then 12 Business class tickets till date and accumulated tons of CV points.

    The only reason I want to apply for this Magnus is for the Priority Pass Benefits. I travel a lot internationally and usually at the last minute. Do you think this is a good card to apply? Also does the Priority Pass membership renew every year automatically?

    I have the Axis Select which gave me Priority Pass for one year and after that they needed me to spend 3L on the card annually. I am not a big fan of spreading my payments across cards ad prefer to use only one or two.

    Your reply is appreciated.

    Kudos on the great website.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      The only reason I want to apply for this Magnus is for the Priority Pass Benefits. I travel a lot internationally and usually at the last minute. Do you think this is a good card to apply?
      – Yes

      Also does the Priority Pass membership renew every year automatically?
      – Yes

  101. D singh

    Just used the airport meet and greet service. Really great. Was at lounge in 30 minutes dot. He took us through priority entrance and then the business security check. We also got a buggy reserved as well but I Politely declined as walking is good for health 😂

  102. prabhash

    I have 5 Axis burgundy accounts and 7 Axis Priority accounts in the family. Axis Magnus was preapproved for the last few months. Due to the new credit card king status being given to Axis Magnus by card enthusiasts, I applied for the same. My experience was different than others.
    The card was approved in 42 seconds, visible in the axis bank app after logging off, received the card in 2 working days.

  103. Saurabh Mittal

    Hi, I am unable to use my Axis Magnus on any portal to pay off my rent (Paytm, No Broker, Magic bricks etc etc).
    Pls advise

  104. sangit kumar

    which card will be best magnus or axis vistara infinite
    i dont travel frequently only once or twice in a year
    can any one please suggests ?

  105. bikash agarwal

    is there any cap on gyftr? on website its written that there is no cap but when i called customer care of gyftr they said 50k worth of vocuhers is the maximum limit..

  106. Thomas

    Hi Bikash 50000 of one type or brand. For instance I tried buying more than 50000 Kalyan jewellers but that’s the limit. But u will be able to buy netmeds or pvr etc. I tried more than 10000 for pvr but again blocked. It will keep comin transaction failed. So individual limits are there for different brands.

  107. Sahil

    Hi, can rent be paid on Payzapp via Magnus? And is it eligible for the 1Lac limit?

  108. Yahnit

    Hi Sid,
    Thanks a ton for the informative post. It was super helpful.

    I have a couple of questions, humbly request you to answer them,

    Will the following be considered towards 1L spends,
    1. Rent
    2. Fuel
    3. Grocery spends
    4. Educational fees

  109. Vipul

    Hi Sid,

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. KIndly help with the below query:

    – Do spend on travel edge and gift edge count towards monthly milestones?

  110. yash shah

    Has anyone received 25000 bonus points for September & October month.

    It is becoming difficult and messy to track bonus points, additional multiplier points from gyftr edgerewards portal..

  111. Ashwarya

    Hi All,

    Can anyone confirm if I can pay electricity bill through this card without any additional charges?

    I have quite a good amount of electricity bill each month.

  112. Nitesh

    Just used the airport meet and greet service at Mumbai T2 during departure and arrival, really great. During departure it hardly took 10 minutes for security check & immigration, then was escorted to Adani Lounge which is included in the service. On arrival, the representative was waiting with a placard and a buggy which saved lot of walking, immigration was through business class queue. Overall a pleasant and airy experience.

  113. Mohit

    Hi Sid, could the meet & greet services be used for other family members as well, in case the card holder is not travelling?

  114. Pavan

    Is Gyftr working for others? I tried via with two different Magnus cards and I am getting “Transaction failed” errors, no matter what I do.

    Did Axis discontinue Gyftr and moved to some other gift voucher platform using GrabDeals?

    1. Nithin

      Same Issue for me. I have raised a service ticket with gyftr on Dec 15th upon constant follow up’s every couple of days they told me on Jan 3rd that there is an issue with the bank. I raised a complaint with axis bank and they replied saying everything is fine on their end but still they will look into this internally and get back. Hoping for a resolution soon

    2. Balpreet Singh


      I got transaction failed error multiple times in December ( after 15th Dec) Gyftr told me its Axis bank issue and I need to talk to them. Now as I see your message, it may be the case Axis discontinued it


  115. Manoj

    Hi Sid – Recently i have applied to 2 credit cards Vistara Infinite and Magnus (Intended to apply only for Magnus but applied to Vistara by mistake). Vistara Infinte got approved but Magnus got rejected citing “Not meeting bank’s expectations / Received more than one application for a card”. I have just applied once. I hold a DCB and want to move to Magnus but that seems like a distant dream. Can you please suggest what should i do? Is there any point reapplying for Magnus

    PS: Have cancelled the Vistara Infinite card too

  116. Sahil

    Is buying Amazon gift card from Amazon website considered as wallet load?

  117. arpan kumar

    has anyone transferred axis points to Air asia rewards? how much does air asia reward points worth in terms of rupees?
    or in general has anyone used air asia reward points for air asia flight booking? how much does it worth?

  118. Harsh Middha

    How are you guys tracking if you got the right amount of axis reward points ?? I feel there are lot of bugs and issue in Axis’s system.

  119. manas

    If I link my HDFC infinia credit card to Google-pay, and pay for govt transactions, will I get reward points? or will I atleast bypass the additional credit card gateway fees?

  120. Ankit

    I have axis ace and flipkart axis cards. How do I apply for magnus? I applied for myzone last year and it was denied with no specific reason. Do I surrender ace card? (Flipkart one is LTF)

  121. Uday Sinha

    Hello Friends,

    I am not sure if it is just for me but it does look like credit of rewards point for Magnus customers is quite sluggish. As a matter of fact, after a point the credit for regular spends has also halted, let alone credit of accelerated rewards from Traveledge and 1L milestone. As usual, the Axis Burgundy customer care had no clue what is happening.

    Has anyone else faced this problem as well. Do let me know if you have.


  122. Vikram

    Is everyone still having issues with edge rewards credits? I am thinking on getting this card as I am planning to get rid of some other cards that I have. But I am skeptical for 2 reasons.
    (1)First is the issue with edge rewards credit which seems to take much much longer than other banks.
    (2) Second is I heard that the transactions are rounded down to the nearest 200 and that’s a huge loss for the user. Like for example if the user swiped for Rs 350 then he’d get just 12 edge rewards points as it’s 12 points for every Rs 200. While most other banks credit 21 points for the same.

    Can someone please confirm on the above 2?

    1. Abhi

      1. Yes takes too long but they do credit the points.
      2. They don’t give prorated or partial points, it’s only 12s on 200s.

    2. Sunil

      Yes, you are right on both points. There is rounding off for calculation of RPs and Bonus Edge RPs take around 3-4 months for posting.

    3. Vikram

      Thank you Abhi and Sunil. Then I am gonna have to analyse and see which card I must go to. So far my Infinia and SCB Ultimate were both my go to cards for different purposes. With the kinda experience I’ve had with SCB in the past 2 months I am considering dumping them. Axis Magnus was on my mind but for me prompt service is more important as otherwise I’d just stick with SCB itself. Let me see.

  123. Ashish Kumar

    I don’t have magnus but I have had issues with credit of bonus edge points for my Privilege card. Axis customer care is useless, so in case of issues be ready to have a tough time dealing with them.

  124. Aims

    Is there a maximum rewards point credit limit for each day? I did a transaction of 2Lacs and received only 3000 reward points for that transaction. On checking with the customer care, they mentioned that there is a daily upper limit of 50000 for which the reward points will be credited. And beyond 50000 spend on a single day no additional points will be credited. I could not find this mentioned anywhere. Is this true?

    1. Gkcards

      There is no such limit on spends. Maybe the category you spent on has this limit, where did u do this spend

  125. Hashy

    I have applied for Magnus today(1/24/2023).
    Seems interesting after going through the article. Will post updates after the approval.

  126. Hasy

    Hi applied on 23rd Jan and I got my card delivered to Door step in 5 days.
    I got a Metal version of the card and Kit looks nice too.

  127. Rahul

    I have recently got the Magnus card and joining fees mentioned in the welcome kit has Rs 0, Annual Fees Rs 10,000. Does that mean is it first year free?

  128. Neel

    So I was able to get add on for my Axis Magnus by applying at branch. However, one thing that really surprised me is that any spends on Add On card would not be counted towards the monthly 1 lakh – 25K Bonus Edge Points quota. Only spends on primary card would be eligible.

  129. arun kumar

    yesterday received update on T&C for Magnus with effect from 05th Mar’23 on

    1. 1% surcharge on Rent payment upto to 1500 INR
    2. Exclusion of Rent & Wallet (already in place) from 1L milestone & Annual fees reversal

    So only bulk spends left for 1L milestone are Insurance, Education & fuel. Am i missing anything?

  130. Joy

    Magnus is not working on PayZapp ….technical issue error message.

    Pl share if there is any trick

  131. Varun

    I have one query.I make school fees payment for my daughter. Transaction is processed through paytm payment gateway.If I use Axis Magnus card for fees payment. Will this counted as wallet transaction

    1. Gkcards

      Yes, you will get points. Paying via paytm and using paytm PG are 2 different things

  132. Ayush

    Hi Sid, can you please clarify the below mentioned points

    1) From the date of receiving my credit card, till how long i can get to choose which welcome voucher i want and it’s validity will start From which date.

    2 ) Is there any purchases that i need to do from my card before using any of these vouchers?

    3) If I opt for flight ticket vouchers, it can be used to book ticket just for me or anyone in my family and on which booking portal it is supposed to be used?

    4) If I opt for Tata cliq voucher, is there any minimum amount of transaction for that order that i have to do in order to redeem this voucher??

    5) Any capping on how much edge points i can earn in a day or in a month!

    6) Is offers on grabdeal site of axis still applicable for magnus credit card as I can’t see those benefit on their website? And can you give a brief about the benefits of using grabdeal.

    7) If traveedge points are valid for 3 years and just before they get expired I convert them to miles, then how long these miles will be valid for?

    8) To book tkts/hotels using miles do i need to signup for the airline membership first? Is that membership chargeable? After signing up on airline membership, is there any clause that I cannot use miles in my first booking with that membership??

    9) Is the international lounge access via priority pass membership free or do we have to pay 27usd+taxes for the primary cardholder?

  133. Rahul Jain

    Hi Sid,

    Could you confirm if Axis Magnus Card is still giving points for Advance Tax payments and does it also qualify for 1L milestone benefits?

      1. Vivek Sharma

        There was a revision of TnCs a few months back by Axis. Effective from Nov 15. That notice mentioned that spends on education and government are excluded from reward points (no mention of milestones). But the cards mentioned were the regular cards, not the so called ‘affluent’ cards. So evidently magnus, vistara, reserve still earn points and milestone benefits on spends on education and government. I had someone else also tell me that the points will accrue but when I called their helpline, they said no reward points as per the revision notice. I pointed out that the affluent cards are not listed, so they said drop a mail. Done that. Let’s see. So Siddarth, you’re confirming on the basis of a payment you’ve done personally and post-15Nov?

        1. SM

          I have paid advance tax on March 02, 2023 using Magnus and the reward points were credited for the transaction.

        2. Aims

          I received reward points for Govt transaction done in current month on magnus. I hope it will be counted for the milestone also

      2. Bosch

        Is advance tax payment being considered for both base reward points and milestone? Noticed a confirmation comment dated Feb 2023. Looking for recent experiences.

  134. Iyer

    Did anyone receive milestone reward points credited in this month? I received a credit on Jan 7. But in Feb I have not yet received any. Their customer service is pathetic. I managed to speak to customer service representative after battling with the automated options. But that guy could understand only Hindi and little English. Only to hear from him that for rewards query there is a separate customer service number. But when I called that number it says some burgundy lost card reporting etc. such a pain.

  135. Varun

    Hi Everyone
    Is there any capping on edge rewards if vouchers are bought through giftedge portal.

    1. atlac

      NO limit, except for amazon, Flipkart and tatacliq, as per terms and conditions given in the website.

  136. JJ

    Can i directly login to gyftr portal and buy the vouchers using Magnus card or do I need to login to grabdeal first and then go to gyftr portal ?

  137. Krushna

    Received my Magnus card along with Add on Card .
    No prior relationship with Axis .Have applied online ,next day got a call from agent and same day KYC done .It took 3 weeks from KYC day to card deliver . .Agent advised -its good have a bank account with Axis for add on card holder easy approval , we didn’t have so he opened new one online .Its easy to activate primary card (can easily setup online ) however its bit difficult to activate add on card , have to use phone banking and follow IVR .

  138. KUSH G

    Got my Magnus Card in JAN 2023.

    1)While applying representative said ADD ON card will be issued only once you receive Primary card. Now Customer care has clearly refused to issue Add On card. What is the solution?
    2) I had undertaken a transaction of 80k in Feb for online purchase, but as order was cancelled later the 80k will be refunded to card.
    Two scenarios are possible
    A) if refund is issued within Feb I shall not be eligible for 1 lac Milestone benefit.
    B) What if refund is issued in March. Will I be given milestone benefit for Feb assuming that in March my spends are more than 2 lac.?

  139. Hrishikesh

    Just to make aware other Axis bank card holder about this hidden charge which I never faced in case of HDFC cards. IF I buy anything in foreign exchange and due to cancellation the charges are reversed then the Axis bank charges me foreign exchange fees twice first for original transaction and second time when the charges got reversed. This is even written in their T&C. I even called HDFC to check what is their policy and they confirmed that they reverse the fees based on the new transaction rate and dont charge double. I checked HDFC bank T&C and found no mention of double charge. This was really hidden weapon which Axis bank is using. They even reverse the points but not fees. I have just gone ahead and disabled foreign exchange transactions on my axis bank never going to use it for foreign exchange transaction in future. Learned it hard way.

  140. Alok Jayakar

    Hi Sidharth,

    considering I spend between 1.5-2.5lkhs a month,

    should I opt for the vistara infinite card or the magnus card?

    I’m super confused about which one would provide me better rewards


  141. Amar

    Card renewed on 14th Feb and since I had completed 15 lacs last year, no renewal fees charged.
    However, i haven’t received renewal benefit of Tata cliq or flight ticket.
    I was under the impression that even if renewal fees is waived off, i would get the benefits. Doesn’t seem so.

  142. Mayank

    I had applied for Magnus around a month back and forgotten about it. It was delivered yesterday out of the blue with joining fees of 10k. Now I’m facing slight buyer remorse; in that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to max out this card by spending 1 lakh a month. If there a way I can cancel this card? And what are the implications of the same? Appreciate any suggestions.

    1. Leo

      Even if you are able to spend 1L+ in 2 months a year, you’ll your 10k back in vouchers. Anyway, you’ll also get joining 10k vouchers as well. So, not a bad deal.

  143. Vikram

    Is it true that there is capping for points on a single transaction. Then it would mean this card is useful for multiple smaller value transactions, en route to 1L per month or more rather than large value transactions. I don’t know what’s the idea behind this given that this is a premium/super premium card.

    1. Arpit

      I checked my statement and I have received 18k points on a transaction of 3L.
      I also see another transaction of 1.2L with 7200 points as expected. Plenty of 50K-1L expenses with points as expected. If there is a capping it is for transactions above 3L.

    1. Akshay

      you have to have a salary account with axis with a minimum credit of 5 lakhs a month as salary to get LTF. you will get FYF if salary credit is above 3 lakhs but less than 5 lakhs.

  144. Niranjan

    It looks like Axis bank has changed the terms and conditions on Magnus card related to 25k bonus points for 1L spend. It now says one is eligible starting from first month itself. I called up CC and they too spoke the same language. The T&C page also updated with this info. Can someone else confirm this?

  145. Avnish Burman

    Hi Sid
    Thanks for your detailed article and analysis.
    I have just one doubt – if i book an air ticket on their travel edge platform, is there a cap of 10k points per month or there is no cap? Can you please clarify?

    I am looking to book tickets for US which are worth rs 4lc. Does that mean i will earn 120000 points if booked via travel edge (12/200*400000*5(x))?

  146. vaibhav

    has anybody got notice for explaining high spends on their magnus card from axis ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not happening to any of those I know personally. But HDFC is doing it, got a fresh report from someone today – card closed.

  147. bravothemaverick

    How long before the edge rewards appear in the balance? I have done a few tranx 2-3 days yet dont see updated rewards balance.

  148. Santosh

    Hi Sid, thanks for this Magnus Credit Card and applied got it on Jan 2023. I spent almost 4 lacs for now and Still my Regards Point of 25k spent of 1Lac a month (Almost 75K) is not got credited. CC team said that they will crit the RP after 90 Days so JAN month i will get in APIL Is that correct?

  149. ajayneo

    Sid, you should clearly say that the IT systems and customer care at Axis is very very poor. Lot of people like me are stuck with their poor quality. Never had issues with other premium cards from other banks.

  150. Manoj Kumar Muthumanickam

    Dear Siddharth,

    Thanks once again for enlightening about the Magnus benefits and various intricate details. Your work is really commendable.

    I would like share my experience in securing the Magnus card (though still need experience and insights to maximise the benefits).

    From the time, I read the review on Axis Vistara Infinite card, I was interested to get that. I had applied online (few times) and at Axis CC airport desks (Delhi and Pune) in Nov / Dec 2022 period. But all of my applications were declined without any proper response. After continuous declines, lost interest in the applying for this card.

    On 4th of March 2023, while I was travelling from Delhi airport, wanted to give it one last try for the Axis Vistara Infinite card. The representative took my application for Vistara Infinite card and Privilege card (he said that it might increase the possibility).

    My application for Privilege card got approve in 2 days time and with a week’s time, I got the card delivered. However, since the Vistara card decision was not coming, I called the Axis CC customer care and requested for details.

    During one such call, the representative informed that I am eligible for an upgrade to Magnus card (and two others – Atlas and Select) from Privilege card. After careful consideration, I took the offer and requested the phone banking representative to process the upgrade.

    While on the call, they had sent me a link via SMS which then took me to a Axis Bank webpage with T&C and to button to confirm the offer. This did not require any additional documents other than the IT docs I handed over to the Airport desk representative.

    This happened on 14th March 2023 and today, 17th March 2023, I had received the Magnus card at my home.

    On a side note, still waiting for the decision on Axis Vistara Infinite card though. And I am yet to cancel the Privilege card.

    1. AbhiKohli

      With Vistra heading for a shutdown (after AI merger) there is no reason to go with Vistara card.

      1. Alok

        Should wait and see if the merger happens vistara card will become useless or Air india Visa Signature card from SBI becomes useless or devalued. OR will they come up with new scheme only man on top should know.

        1. AbhiKohli

          Merger an discontinuation of Vistara has widely been announced. Even SIA has given its nod.

  151. Iyer

    Has anyone got the monthly milestone (100k spend) award credited this month? Last month they credited to me on 15th and this month no credit yet.

  152. krishna

    30 percent extra CV MILES on points transfer from Axis To Club Vistara until 31st March 2023. In case anyone wants to go ahead and do it.

  153. Tarun Saxena

    your article says, 25k points can translate to 2 nights for marriot. Is that still true or am i looking at the wrong place. the Marriot Bonvoy points books shows a very poor conversion.

  154. Harsh Middha

    Did anyone receive extra 30% bonus cv points on vistara ?? I did a transfer but didn’t receive the bonus points yet.

    1. Swapnil

      You need to wait 45 days from 31 March for bonus points to get credited.

    2. Rahul

      I had the same query checked with Vistara, will be credited post the offer period, wait

  155. Rahul

    Update is required to the article, recently got Magnus and confirmed with the customer care and actually landed upon updated TnC issued by Axis around the monthly milestone, the monthly milestone bonus points are applicable from the same month as card issuance now. No need to wait a month. 🙂 it’s there in writing now, no confusion.

  156. Iyer

    Transferring points to hotel (ITC) or air (any airline) – which one is value for money? I mean how much Rupee equivalent is 20000 ITC points vs 20000 air miles? Which one would fetch more value?

    1. aka

      This is too random to answer precisely…For Eg ..normally ITC points fetch Rs. 1.1 to 1.2 & miles can go from 50 paise to 5-6 Rs..or even more..depends where and for what you are redeeming !

  157. Harsh Middha

    Does anyone know how can I book flight from my cv points for my infant(<2 years) along with me. Not getting option to add infant as nominee.

    1. Himmat

      You have to purchase separate infant ticket through customer care. You will be charged small amount depending upon class & sector of travel . For business they charge around 4500 , premium economy 3000 and economy around 1700.

  158. vaibhav

    Is axis magnus team helpful in transaction dispute cases? I have filed a dispute against star and daisy yesterday for defective product which are not taking back?

  159. Rajesh Bhatia

    Do they consider advance tax payments on income tax site as monthly milestone …?
    My regalia considers it as spend milestone but doesn’t issue any reward points on the transaction.

  160. Himmat

    Request if anyone can update : DO insurance (lic) payments made using amazon pay by magnus card will count for. Milestone benefits or am i mssing something


  161. Anupam

    Hi, Has anyone got the 25k miles for Jan 2023 1 lac spend milestone?

  162. Avinash

    Got the Magnus last year. Was doing rent payments on it till now. The change in T&C in Feb is quite a downer – rent payments not considered for milestone and fee waiver spends, plus a 1% fee on rental transactions is gonna force me to go back to Infinia as my primary card. However, keeping the card for now as we watch a lot of movies and the BMS offer makes a lot of sense for us. Plus, vouchers for 10k when annual fees is paid essentially means the card costs 1800 a year. Any further devaluation tho, and this card would need a good hard re-evaluation

    Are NPS transactions exempt from the changes in t&c?

    1. Anupam

      Yes NPS are exempt from TnC and count towards 1 lac spend milestone as of now.

  163. Pranay Kasthala

    What would be the best miles program for an average indian?

  164. Abhishek Maheshwari

    Got Add on card after mutiple attempts now..

  165. Vishal Tajpuria

    Instead of using Travel Edge to earn 5x reward points, does it make sense to buy makemytrip gift voucher which is offering 10x rewards points. Has anyone tried it?

  166. Abhishek Maheshwari

    Got my add on card on magnus after 1 year of trying
    No priority pass with Add on magnus

  167. Abhi

    Can someone confirm if the add-on card receives OTP on their phone, or it comes on the primary card phone number?

  168. Ashish

    Requesting this fantastic forum for a quick clarification. Does the monthly cap on 10,000 bonus edge reward pts apply to the complete card account or can it be stacked up? Meaning can I earn 10,000 bonus edge rewards on the primary card and thereafter another 10,000 bonus edge reward points on the add-on card by splitting purchase of vouchers on primary and add-on cards? Apologies if this query appears to be extremely naive. Would really appreciate advise on this please.

  169. Prem Chugh


    If anyone can share their experience, though Axis Bank is now obvious in their TnCs now that NRE credit card won’t get bonus points on gyftr bonuses (5x/10x) and Grabdeals bonus (earlier they had mentioned they would get bonus rewards no cashback but now no bonus is mentioned).

    I am still hopeful of getting bonuses but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this.

  170. rakesh mittal

    Anyone received 25K Bonus point for Feb’23 month which is supposed to be credited in this month?

    1. Himmat

      No still waiting, however received normal edge point after long period for transactions done before 7 may

  171. Soumalya

    Anyone got the Feb ‘23 milestone bonus yet. Seems it got delayed a lot. Pls reply if anyone has an update

    1. Ashwarya Gupta

      Nothing yet. Still waiting for 25k for Feb 23.

  172. MSJ

    As Detailed as always Sid !
    I have been Putting most of my spends within Infina-Amex Travel-MRCC spending around 12+L Per Year.
    I am fascinated By the Magnus Bug and want to try it out. But the downside it , i wont be able to afford keeping Infina & Amex Travel.
    Calculations show i can spend 1L pm atleast 5/7 times a year. Should i go for it , Closing Infinia & Amex Travel ?
    Any and all thoughts welcome !

    1. Prashant Gupta

      yeah is this card still worth. whats the real reward rate people are able to extract. I have also now shifted all my spends from SC ultimate back to HDFC infinia.

  173. Krishna

    Can we buy gold with Tata Cliq voucher . Is it worthy to buy Tata Cliq voucher

  174. R

    Hi, Any one recieved Gyftr bonus edge rewards (3x/5x/10x) for the month of January 2023?

  175. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    Hi Sid,
    I was planning my holidays and calculating my net outgo for a spend of Rs.1 Lakh on Axis Bank Magnus within a calendar month.
    6,000 points for Spending Rs.1 Lakh (Regular Points)
    25,000 points for Monthly milestone
    10,000 points for spending Rs.19,000 under 10X offer (MMT/Yatra) + Rs.1000 Cash Discount
    19,200 points for spending Rs.81,000 under TravelEdge Portal
    (Entire Rs.1 Lakh will be spent thru 10x + TravelEdge portal).
    Total Points = 60,200
    If they are converted into Vistara CV points during the 30% bonus offer period, Total CV points = 62,600
    CV Points + Cash = 63,600 [1 CV = Re.1]
    That’s Cool, 63%.
    With a better value for CV points, say 1 CV = Re.1.20; the return can go higher, upto 75%+
    The holiday may come for almost free. 😊
    Is my understanding correct?

    1. Abhishek

      Bonus points ( except milestone is highly unpredictable ) . So as of now you can expect 31k points for 1L spends .

  176. Samir

    Can we use Magnus to pay electricity bill through Tata Neu app?
    I mean , will we get any benefit on the Tata Neu app and will it count on Axis for Rewards and milestone benefits?

  177. Jinay jain

    Discontinuance of edge miles transfer trf to Vistara and Accor plus is this permanent or temporary?

    Best options to transfer edge miles and get best value ?

  178. Vikram

    Which variant is being issued these days, Visa Infinite or World Mastercard?

    I am planning to close my SCB Ultimate after using it for almost 6 years. It was my most rewarding card so far but after the devaluation it lost it’s shine as my main spends are now only 2% instead of the earlier 3.3%. Putting up with their terrible service is not easy too.

    I was considering the AU Zenith but that too seems to have been devalued. The Magnus is something the I’ve been very sceptical about due to them not giving fraction points but rounding down, points not being credited on time etc. But I don’t seem to have any other option right now as I already have the Infinia, Tate Neu Infinity Plus, Axis Ace, ICICI Amazon Pay. I also have the Amex Platinum Reserve and the MRCC, both of which I am waiting to close as I don’t have any use for them anymore.

    1. AbhiKohli

      I think everyone will get it in last 1-2 days as they did last month. I think from here on it is going to be end of month only.

  179. R

    Any tips to track 5x and 10x edge rewards? The transaction history has only posted date no transaction date. I am always confused if I got 100% of the eligible rewards and confused about what month the points credited.

  180. Vikram

    From what I’ve read on their website, this card seems to offer reward points even on fuel transactions and EMI transactions and all transactions in fact except that rent, EMI, wallet, priority pass fee transactions don’t count towards milestone benefits.

    Can someone confirm?

  181. Rahul Jain

    Huge Devaluation by Axis Magnus Credit Card!

    Any views Sid?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      So it’s over!
      Will do the article when official announcement comes.

  182. Arun

    I heard about the devaluation. @Sid How the devaluation is going to affect in real time?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It will affect real bad. The party is over.

      1. Neethi

        The main party maybe over….But there is still some after party left. At 6.2% returns for an 1 lakh spend… is still the best rewarding CC. That catch here is Axis doesn’t want both Very High spenders (>12L) and Low Spenders (<1L) to prefer Magnus.

    2. Arun

      Increased Annual fee, Removal of renewal benefit, 25L spend required for waiver.

      It is well rewarding for spends >1.5L per month. But the conversion ratio is low.

      Overall this will not be a go to choice for any tom,dick and harry going forward. 🙂

  183. Gurmeet Singh

    I have heard that the miles transfer has been reduced drastically from 5:4 to 5:1. Is it true ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Appears to be, from Aug 13th. But we’ll wait for the official announcement.

      1. aka

        if at all the news is true , should we take the risk of shifting our points to say – ITC , Vistara & American airlines ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          ITC,Accor & United are the usual best options. But yes, depends on individual’s needs as well.

  184. Oval

    Hi Sid, Considering the fact that party may be over here. Which is the next best card according to you?

  185. N Shah

    I checked, even Reserve is devalued to 5:1

    Important question: Whats next?

    I somehow tend to lean onto Amex Platinum Travel till 4 Lakh to get the 12% Marriot points…no light post that it seems! I hope it not the end of an era – I hope IndusInd picks up the baton 🙂
    [HDFC–> Axis –> ????]

  186. Gagan

    I heard Magnus rewards devaluation is put on hold for now as per Axis bank customer care. Can someone please double check?

  187. Abhi

    One thing to note the reports of magnus devaluation coincide with reports of Axis facing 34% workforce attrition. While magnus devaluation among other things might have been on the cards, the attrition rates might be speeding it up.
    Copied from another blog: those planning to travel to Madrid might now have to settle for Meerut, those planning for Paris would now settle for Patna, while those headed for Bangkok now go to Bodhgaya.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Attrition rate definitely not linked to this.

      Hyper activity about cards on social media is the only reason for super fast devaluations these days.

      1. boots

        Sounds right. Generally these extra offers are a part of promotional budget. As many people are using these accelerated rewards the budget is depleted fast and banks devaluate the cards.

        1. Abhi

          They do set aside promotional budgets for every card launch, but major part of their card suite is getting devalued in one shot (just magnus is likely to be on temporary hold maybe due to the media frenzy, but its devaluation is inevitable). There is something going on with Axis which alone is facing such severe attrition (something which their customer care won’t have answers to), such as steep targets, which will push rehiring and manpower costs higher, and cards is one of the businesses that can be targeted for cost cuts. It’s not like magnus promotional period is over so just magnus is taking a hit, it’s several cards including Reserve, Select, Privilege, Flipkart and Myzone all being hit in one go. As I mentioned “magnus devaluation *among other things* might have been on the cards, the attrition rates might be speeding it up”.

      2. balajic

        NOT hyper activity BUT hyper abuse with unethical ha*ks.

    2. balajic

      NOT attrition rate. The main reason the extreme abuse of Magnus card thru money rotation schemes.

  188. Santosh

    Checked with axis customer…they said devaluation is on hold for now for magnus..and official announcement is awaited….although it appears this is very much on the cards…..
    Seeking some guidance, dear expert users of magnus…
    1. Any cap on transferring edge rewards to itc green? It seems there is no restriction
    2. Any cap on redemption amounts etc..if I transfer 1 lakh points and try to redeem them in 1 year would it be permitted
    3. Any other good transfer options where in there is no expiry date ….i am agnostic and can make a travel plan domestic or international …..krisflier is one on my mind ….redeemed 60k points of itc green just now ….thanks a ton

    1. aka

      Yes… this thought was on my mind as well….for point 2 , there is no cap on redemption amount as of now..

      Further, would request @Siddharth to please do an article how to get more value of our points and where to transfer them ( preferably to a partner where they don’t expire !)…much in line with the article on AMEX points which was done a while back.

      We realise, it will not be one size fit all but your efforts in this regard shall be appreciated by all !

  189. r

    Did you notice? There is no 10x section, and Amazon vouchers have only 2x now on Gyftr/edge rewards program. probably they are devaluing the earnings instead of redemptions. I also got a mail for one of the escalation to pno on devaluation that there is no 5:1 plan and its the same as earlier for redemptions.

  190. Vikas

    Has anyone done miles conversion to Qatar AVIOS points and how many days it takes for Miles to get credited after conversion request. Thnx

  191. Arun

    Got mail about change in edge point to miles, removal of TataCliq/Yatra from joining benefit, removal of renewal benefit, increase in annual fee, increase in spends to get annual fee waived!


    Axis Magnus is discontinuing 25k points for 1L spend

    I know it will happen one day but I never thought this soon

  193. Anurag Agrawal

    Devaluation mail for Magnus came effective from sep 1, 2023:
    1. No more 25k bonus points
    2. Transfer ratio changed to 5:2
    3. Fees changed to 12,500+GST without any renewal benefit

    More finer details on the mail.

  194. Naval Agarwal

    Got the email from Axis Bank for devaluation for Magnus card. Seems to be fair. We will at least not lose the points that we earned.

  195. Hrishikesh Deshmukh

    Too much publicity devalued the Magnus card. The card offers were too good to be true. And too much publicity achieved the card targets, and the card died untimely death! RIP good old Magnus Card.

  196. Pseudo

    Downgraded my card from Magnus to Atlas. Axis customer care somehow calls it an upgrade, lol !
    Atlas seems to be a good alternate for monthly spends < 1.5l

  197. VG

    Sid, thanks for this writeup. I had the card since last year and it was to renew tomorrow, and today I was informed that the TATA Cliq voucher won’t be provided since mine is renewing after Sept 1, 2023.

    Anyways, I have a super noob question for you. How do you avail benefits like “Bookmyshow Offer”? I never understood what needs to be done in order to avail such benefits.

    Also, given my noob knowledge, do you have any writeup on your blog about credit card (its jargons, how-to, what not to, etc.) for beginners? My noob clan would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for your content.

  198. Rags

    Hi Sid, I think the article needs a correction. “customers holding Axis Burgundy Savings Account (10L Balance) can enjoy a better transfer ratio of 5:4”. Even after AQB 10lacs, the customer still needs to maintain a TRV of 30Lacs to be a pure burgundy customer and to get 5:4 redemption.
    Example – I have AQB 10lacs and have >3lacs monthly salary credit but still i have not got 5:4 / Magnus for Burgundy upgrade as my TRV is not 30lacs.


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