Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review

By | May 20, 2022
Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Axis Bank has so many wonderful credit cards in their portfolio and Magnus too is one of the rewarding product without a doubt. It’s the HOT pick of the year 2022 for a super premium credit card holder with good spends.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card.


TypeSuper Premium Credit Card
Reward Rate1.2% to 6.2%
Annual Fee10,000+GST
Best ifMonthly spends of 1 Lakh
USPAirport meet & greet services

Calling Magnus a Super Premium Credit Card might sound new, but it does deserve the category, primarily for its unlimited lounge access & the newly added monthly milestone benefit, both of which we will see in detail below.


Joining Fee10,000+GST
Welcome Benefit1 complimentary one-way Domestic Flight
Renewal Fee10,000+GST
Renewal Benefit1 complimentary one-way Domestic Flight
Renewal Fee waiverOn spending >15 lakhs

Note that TataCliq voucher was valid only till March 2022, beyond which only the flight ticket option would be available, where-in the one-way economy flight ticket price is limited to Rs.10,000.

Welcome benefit is the only downside of the card. At-least they could have given 2 tickets capped at 5K each (or) continue with the TataCliq voucher.

To request for the welcome benefit, call Axis Concierge (18001034962) post generation of 2 statements.

The Card

axis bank magnus credit card-unboxing

The Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card now comes in a metal form factor on Visa Infinite platform.

The card used to look definitely premium even without the metal form factor. Anyway you can’t differentiate metal Magnus from a non-metal Magnus that easily.


  • Regular Rewards: 1.2%
  • Accelerated Rewards: 6% (5X on Travel Edge portal)

The regular reward rate is indeed poor on Magnus. However, with 2X promo which comes once in a while, it’s easy to save over 2% at times.

5X on Travel Edge portal is the new and nice benefit which you may find it useful for flight bookings.

Milestone Rewards

  • Rewards: 25,000 points on 1L spend (per calendar month)
  • Value: 5000 INR (+5% return)
  • Fulfilment: 90 days from end of txn month

Monthly milestone benefit is the newly added feature from Feb 2022 and this is the reason why it makes sense for high spenders to get Magnus Credit Card.

This is because no card gives 6.2% value just like that with easy redemption options.

Even with the air-miles cards it’s tough to squeeze this much value unless you use a lot of brain power.

While it’s a great benefit, the fulfilment period is bit long and that may bother some short term points players.

Caution: If you’re applying for the card & approved this month, note that the benefit is applicable only from the upcoming month. Your approval month (or) the card setup date is the date when you receive the “card approved” sms.

Easy way to double check on this is to look at the issue/expiry date printed on your card, just add +1 to it. If your expiry date is something like 05/27, ideally your spends are eligible from June.

Airport Lounge Access

Access typeAccess viaComplimentary Limit
Domestic Lounge AccessVisa / MastercardUnlimited
Domestic Lounge Access (Guests)Visa / MastercardNil
International Lounge Access (Primary)Priority PassUnlimited
International Lounge Access (Guests)Priority Pass8/yr

Guest access on Priority Pass (for International lounge access) is a good one to have and it is limited to 8 access per card anniversary year. That’s sufficient to cover the access for your family.

Wish they had given the complimentary guest access for domestic as well, as Axis has technical challenges in issuing Add-on cards as of now.

But as long as you are able to get add-on cards (hit or miss as of now), it comes with unlimited domestic lounge access as well.

Airport Meet & Greet

airport meet and greet services
  • Complimentary Access: 8 / year

The airport meet & greet service – which Axis Bank calls as “airport concierge” service is the USP of this product. It gives VIP Assistance Services for a smooth and hassle-free airport transfers.

The services include assistance across airport processes, such as: express check-in, fast-track security check, immigration assistance, porter & buggy services.

I’ve used this service at MAA/BOM/HYD airports both for arrival & departure and its quite useful. Here’s a detailed article on the airport meet & greet services available at Indian airports.


  • Complimentary Courses/Lessons: Nil

Unlike most other premium and super premium credit cards, Axis Magnus doesn’t have the complimentary Golf benefit.

This is because they basically replaced the Golf benefit with Airport Meet & Greet services to reduce their costs, which definitely makes sense.

Add-On Cards

Axis Magnus Add-on cards

Getting add-on cards with any Axis Bank credit card is tricky as of now. It can’t be applied independently either.

However, it can still be applied while applying for the primary card but it may or may not getting processed as expected. Risky and I wouldn’t suggest if you’re looking for peace of mind.

Hope Axis Bank fixes this Add-on cards issue soon.

Bookmyshow Offer

  • Offer: Buy one Get one
  • Valid on: movie/non-movie bookings
  • Max. Cap: Rs. 500 off on the second ticket
  • Monthly limit: 5 bookings per month

Boomyshow offer is pretty good indeed and if you’re in metro cities where the ticket cost is easily 500 INR, then this is a very good benefit. Else, Visa Infinite offer is sufficient for most.

That said, Visa offers may get maxed out pretty fast compared to the direct BMS offer on Magnus, so the separate Magnus offer still makes sense.

Forex Markup Fee

  • Foreign Currency Markup Fee: 2%+GST = ~2.4%

As the regular rewards on spends is 1.2% you’ll only end up in loss on foreign currency transactions unless you hit the 1 Lakh monthly milestone, post which it will be a sweet 3.8% net gain.

So if you don’t spend 1L in a month, you shouldn’t be using Magnus for foreign currency transactions.

Maximizing Axis Cards

axis premium content

The Year 2022 is an amazing year to explore Axis Bank Credit Cards. However, there are various issues with the bank, from application, credit limit to service and support.

If you’re facing various issues (or) if you prefer to have a smooth ride into a rewarding year with the lucrative Axis Bank credit cards, do check out this premium guide: Maximizing Axis Bank Credit Cards.

Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.8/5

Magnus Credit Card is one of the amazing credit cards that Axis Bank has ever created. It’s a must have card for those who’re spending ~1L a month, as it’s the highest rewarding credit card in India at that spend level with easy redemption options.

With unlimited lounge access, milestone rewards and airport concierge service, Axis Magnus is worth having in the wallet in 2022 if you’re looking for premium experiences in life.

The only downside is the service and support, which I guess will get better with the Citi merger.

Do you hold Axis Magnus Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

35 thoughts on “Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card Review

  1. Abhi

    1. Do we get complimentary one way flight ticket even if renewal fee has been waived once spend threshold of 15L has been reached?
    2. Does the complimentary air ticket cover only base price and rest cardholder needs to pay, like taxes and fuel surcharge, or is the entire booking amount covered upto 10K?
    3. Meet and Greet is available to cardholder, but do they accept family members by swiping for them additionally?
    4. Understood that wallet loads don’t count in monthly milestone, but regular 1.2% RP is offered?
    5. Rent payments don’t fetch regular points but do they count towards monthly milestone?

  2. Anupam

    Hi Sid – How would you compare Magnus against DCB/Infinia benefits? A comparison article would help people decide whether it is worth swtching over from HDFC Super Premium cards to Axis Magnus.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I wouldn’t suggest switching, as each has their own benefits. But if spends (non 5x/10x) are ~1L a month, then Magnus is the one. Will compare in detail sometime.

      1. ka

        How are some of the comments stamped as may17 but the article itself is authored on may20! Am I missing something?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You’re seeing the recently updated date of article.

  3. Bhavik Kothari

    If I want to apply only because of the milestone benefit, should I? Any idea how long this will continue minimum?

  4. Rohit Pandey

    I started using magnus card recently. But i noticed they don’t credit edge rewards for transactions in timely manner. For some transactions, it’s almost a month and even after statement generation points are not credited. Not sure if this happens to every magnus user or not. Otherwise this card seems to have every feature of a super premium category

    1. Joe

      Facing similar problem with Select card also.
      Don’t know if it’s a Axis thing.

    2. karan oshan

      Yes facing similar issue, calling cc everyday, dropping mails to no and pno
      Still no solution, their customer care is useless, they dont know themselves what is going on in their bank.
      However this is a common issue, and every one is facing the same, no rewards credited since 21st April 22.
      Hope it resolves soon

  5. Anubhab Sarkar

    I just called the concierge Sid regarding the tata cliq voucher.. they informed me that it is still valid for this year as well..maybe they haven’t updated in their T&C’s..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for that info Anubhab.

      Was able to avail TataCliq last week but they didn’t share this. Hope they update the dates accordingly, else it’s a hit or miss.

      1. Prashant

        Hi Sid,

        Are Tata Cliq vouchers worth the pain of switching from Amazon comfort? The products on Cliq are obviously priced higher compared to other etailers..Is it worth availing Magnus benefits?

        Till now my experience with Axis Customer care has been bad, hence I am in double mind, especially with Tata Cliq thing. Please guide.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Tata Cliq has improved a lot lately, their gift card system works pretty well and you wouldn’t need any support form Axis for the same, other than requesting for one.

  6. AKG

    I recently availed the airport concierge service and it was USELESS. There wasn’t even V of VIP in it. No express check-in, no fast track security check. VIP/fast-track immigration, anyway, is only for actual VVIPs only.

    What I got as a service was a lady who greeted me at Gate and was with me as an assistant until I boarded (assistant in terms holding your documents, you still need to stand in every damn queue). A porter who carried my luggage until check-in.

    Generally, airport concierge service provider also provides lounge access included in service, however this agency didn’t had any such tie-up (citing new company as a reason).

    It’s probably useful for those who will be travelling in an air plane (or Intl travel) for the first time or old people.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      May I know at which airport you had this experience?

    2. MT

      similar experience with me at Mumbai , luggage porter was provided (no golfcart) , was escorted into biz security and service ended there…since then , only used the service for arrivals

  7. ratbert

    The Tatacliq voucher can still be availed – I got it in the first week of May. Called the concierge, they noted my request and mailed the voucher in about a week’s time.

  8. Pratham

    Hey ,
    I have been using Magnus for quite sometime now . In my 2 years of owning a Magnus card I have used the concierge service quite a few times by now mostly at Mumbai t1 and t2 and recently at HYD airport for my transit .

    Honestly on none of the occasions I was received by meet and greet staff nor given fast track access other than once at T1 . The only thing that remained common amongst all the “Experiences” ( only if could call it as one) was a porter waiting with a name placard and the same person would carry my luggage . The services have never been consistent they have different rules at different airport .

    I think Since the service team at the airport is fully aware that the customer has availed the service via credit card program and has not paid for it directly so they tend to take it lightly and land up compromising on service quality.

    On an another occasion I was travelling with 2 of my employees who were accompanying me and so while placing the request for the service I had mentioned about 2 additional guests but even then there was only one staff sent from their end who only carried my luggage just like every other service that I have availed .

    So ultimately service was only availed by me while the other two did not avail any of the facilities but eventually they landed up debiting 3 services from my account for which I have raised the matter with the concierge team . So be it one Guest or three it dint make any difference nor was it useful .

    I personally feel the concierge program needs to be fine tuned .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve used twice at BOM T2 and twice at HYD in the last two months and it was all as expected.

      Once I was even informed that only porter is available for one of the slot and concierge was checking with me if I’m ok with it.

      Maybe they already fine tuned a bit.

      1. AK

        Is the card quality (material wise; metal) similar to infinia? Still waiting for mine to be delivered.

  9. jitendr a saraogi

    what are the exclusions for calculating monthly milestone for axis magnus credit card.will appreciate clarity on this for avoiding any confusion in this regards.thanks in advance.

  10. ratbert

    The grabdeals page says that the maximum number of edge rewards points in a month is 10000. Which is 2k INR.

    So if I buy something on Amazon through grabdeals:
    1. Reward rate is 10x, therefore becomes 12%.
    2. The max I can spend is 16666 a month, since 12% of 16666 is 2k. Seems pretty low.

    Also does anyone know if this max cap of 10k points apply to each grabdeal partner separately or covers all of them?

    1. Sandeep Vinayak

      Insurance is capped at 6k reward points max. Grab deals is capped to 10k per customer. So no matter how many you do, once you hit 10k you hit the ceiling.
      grab deal offers Zomato orders at 45x!
      Wise thing to do would be to route all Zomato spends through grab deal at 45x and hit that 10K!

      1. Ok arthi

        Can u confirm u r getting all reward points for grabdeal. Receiving mixed experiences

  11. Abhishek Laddha

    Which spends are excluded from 1L count ? ( read some where that they don’t count wallet load ) , what about insurence payments ? Any ideas ? Have applied it today but I’m worried it they excused these benefits then it might not be a worthy card

    1. Abhishek Laddha

      Update 1 : process seemed smooth so far , I had applied via call for upgrade from my zone card to magnus , he told me I can keep both ,but told him to upgrade card and cancel my zone,he did and lady from bank came and collected documents on 23rd morning . She too k deatils for add on card as well. And today card is visible in mobile app ( I have not recived any email or text that my card is apporved. )
      Now let’s see what all transactions come under spends based promotion.
      Secondly I think it shows same credit limit as my zone
      What is usual credit limit you guys have got on magnus credit card ?

      1. Abhishek Laddha

        update 2
        Got my card with priority pass , sadly they did not issue Addon card ( Called CC and they told they are not giving new Addon card as per policy ( People who already have add on card with get it , if they update credit card ).

        1. Abhishek Laddha

          Update 3
          You don’t need to wait for 2 statements before you get Tata cliq voucher. Once i did my first transaction if got a message from axis bank that i can get this voucher now . After placing order on phone i got my voucher on email on 7th day.

  12. Anubhab Sarkar

    I have received my Tata cliq voucher..though it landed in my spam was a smooth experience..and axis seems to have updated their T&C..kindly update the welcome/renewal benefit section..

  13. Karthickeyan

    Surprised to find the free cash withdrawal facility not mentioned. Does that free withdrawal mean no interest will accrue until statement generation?

    1. arpan kumar

      same question. how can we make most of free cash withdrawal option? can we withdraw amount till our credit limit without any charges? that sounds way too good a benefit to believe in 😛

      1. Siddharth Post author

        No w/d charges, but finance charges would be applicable.

  14. Abhishek Laddha

    25000 bonus points should come in account in 90 days after end of month as per website . What is experience of group how much time dose it take for points to come in account ?


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