Axis Diwali Offer (2022): Get 3X Reward Points on Credit Card Spends

By | December 26, 2022
Axis Diwali Offer 2022 - 3x rewards on credit card spends

Axis Bank is the first to launch the Diwali Spend linked promo offer on their credit cards for 2022. Given that most of you have got into Axis ecosystem recently, this offer is a cherry on cake. Here’s everything you need to know about the Axis 3X rewards offer.

Offer Details

OfferGet 3X rewards on Credit Card Spends
Offer typeOpt-in by giving missed call to 9966024900
Excluded SpendsWallet Load, Fuel, Jewellery, EMI
Min. Spend10,000 INR
Offer period15th Sep – 31st Oct 2022
FulfilmentWithin 90 days from offer end date

Here are the maximum capping on respective credit cards.

Credit CardMax. spendsMax. Bonus EDGE REWARD PointsReward Rate
BURGUNDY PRIVATE / RESERVE1,50,00022,5004.5% – 9%
MAGNUS62,5007,5003.6% – 7.2%
SELECT50,0005,0002% – 4%
PRIVILEGE30,0003,0002% – 4%
  • Reward rate mentioned are the “minimum” savings across “edge rewards portal redemptions” & “points transfers”.

That’s a neat & simple offer from Axis Bank on premium and super premium credit cards with less tricky terms and conditions.

It’s similar to the 2020 Axis Diwali offer except that the max cap is too low now. Capping like 50K for Reserve and 10K for other cards would have made the offer bit lucrative though.

But of-course Magnus is already flying high with monthly milestone benefit, so I think it’s fair enough. Moreover, the point value is now quite good with the points transfers ability, so overall its a decent offer.

Given that there are multiple offers running at a time its better to avoid double dipping as its against this t&c:

In case there is more than one offer available simultaneously, no two offers can be combined by the participant. It shall be entirely at discretion of Axis Bank to consider any exceptions to the above.

Axis Vistara Card Offer

Axis Vistara Credit Card Diwali Offer 2022

A chance to earn 2x CV Points on a minimum spend of INR 10,000 with Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards. Here’s how the bonus points work:

Vistara 2x bonus points Offer slab

This is the first time we’re seeing the festive offer on Vistara credit cards. Hope they do similar offers on SBI & IndusInd cards as well.

Speaking of the offer, its pretty decent, but could have done better.

Bonus CV Points will be credited to the concerned CV ID within 90 working days post offer end date (that is, 31-October-2022).

All you need to do is register for the offer by giving a missed call on 9966033357 and begin shopping to enjoy 2x rewards!

Final Thoughts

Axis Bank, the “aggressive credit card issuer of 2022” has just proved it again by stepping in first for the biggest festive offer of the year. This is likely to be followed by American Express and others this week.

Apart from this, Axis has also brought back Amazon Gift Cards on their GiftEdge Portal with 3X rewards, which is great and that’s something which you shouldn’t be missing.

Having said that all, don’t forget to give a missed call to 9966024900 to enroll into the offer. If you did not receive the confirmation SMS, you may email to support and get the confirmation before proceeding with the transaction.

  • Update: The fulfilment on rewards cards were done on 22nd Dec 2022

What’s your thoughts on the Axis Diwali offer for 2022? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

42 thoughts on “Axis Diwali Offer (2022): Get 3X Reward Points on Credit Card Spends

  1. Avijeet

    My Magnus has just got approved today
    They have charged 10K+GST= 11,800/- straight away ..

    Just want to know, can I get Input Tax Credit (ITC) against 1800 GST?

    If yes, how to go about it?

  2. Tejas

    Great !!
    I have a question, so If I buy Amazon Vouchers having 3x points offer, Will I get just 3x (grab deals) points OR 6x (grab deals + diwali offer) points?

    1. Paras

      How do u get 3x on Amazon voucher without diwali offer?
      Is that like when grab deal mentions about 3x on any specific voucher or ur card always gives u 3x on grab deals?

    2. Ajai Singh

      Same question… For example flipkart is 5x now in grabdeals and here it’s 3x here so does that not equal to 8x.

  3. Arun Murugan

    Hi Sid

    Edge Rewards points will not be earned on Gemstones, Gold ,Silver Coins & Jewellery purchases

    Hope this point is valid for the transactions made with merchants categorised under JEWELLERY CODE

    Not for buying Coins in Flipkart I suppose.

  4. Vish

    Hi Sid,
    I did not get the promo Targeted email. However I gave a missed call to the mentioned number and got back an SMS:
    Dear customer, we heard your request! Axis Bank Dil se Open celebration brings you 3X EDGE REWARD Points on PRIVILEGE, SELECT, RESERVE, MAGNUS, SIGNATURE, INFINITE & BURGUNDY PRIVATE Credit Cards, valid till Oct 31, 2022. Offer eligible if requested from registered mobile number. T&C Apply.
    Hope I am registered now? Did you get any other SMS?

    1. R

      Yes, Axis has launched 2x points in Axis Vistara co-branded cards as well. Received mail today.

  5. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Hopefully, Axis will also consider the Cashback card users also for some offer. They have some of the best cashback cards in the country , and hope that section is not left unrewarded…

  6. dks

    I am unable to give a missed call as the call never connects. It was the same earlier in the year too. I am on Airtel network ..
    1. Is there a trick or alternate mechanism to register for the offer ?
    2. Is the offer only for those who have received an email about the offer ?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. Ask them to enrol via email stating the issue.
      2. Only App notification was triggered today, email may be sent in sometime.

  7. R

    I have regd thru missed call today, I have spent 70k on 17th sep (before registering). Am I eligible?

  8. S

    Hi Sid,

    Do we get up to 10x on the gift edge portal thru Magnus as well? I see only select, signature, privilege and my zone cards eligible.

  9. Ankit Mittal

    I gave missed call yesterday and then again today but didn’t receive any confirmation on app, msg or email.
    Can someone please give me the support email address for magnus credit card

  10. Amit

    I recently got into the Axis ecosystem, after the glowing reviews for Magnus credit card. Got the Magnus CC and opened a Burgundy Private account. My experience over the past month has been very disappointing. Fashion retail spends done on Grab-deals are yet to fetch any reward points, even after paying the full statement on my Magnus. The promised LTF Select card with my Burgundy account is yet to be processed. Even the Supplementary cards for my Magnus are yet to be processed. I had applied for a Delight Debit card along with my Burgundy account, which is also lost in processing. There is no clarity from the branch, RM or customer care for timelines and guidelines. This is not a bank which was prepared for handling premium customers, at all.

  11. Sunil

    Hello Sid, got Axis Magnus just 2 days back with CL of 10.6 Lacs (the same as my HDFC Infinia). And receive this offer. It’s Cherry on the cake.

  12. Iyer

    Would insurance payments qualify for this award and for monthly 100k transactions? Thanks in advance.

  13. Doc Venkat

    After reading this I wanted to upgrade to magnus card and I called customer care and asked them for upgrade and they told me axis Bank stopped taking upgrade requests or card type change requests completely.If I want magnus card I have to apply for it via fresh card application.Is there any other way to get magnus card other than fresh application? And yesterday I saw there was an upgrade offer from Privilege card to Select BGD card with no joining fee and no annual fee and upgrade to atlas card with 5000 fee.Should I get the select card with zero fees or apply for fresh magnus card.

    Can anyone advise?

  14. Govardhana

    I got a upgrade offer from Privilege to select card funny thing is charges for select card shown as free .no joining fees and no annual fees.Is this correct or is there a glitch in my axis mobile app.did anyone get the lifetime free upgrade offer for select far as I know select card is chargeable card.i called the customer care and they said they can’t give confirmation regarding charges for the select can be free if I am lucky or it can be chargeable I can only know after applying for the upgrade.

  15. axisbanksucks

    Disappointed by Axis bank service.

    I already have infinia that I can continue using for a year as I have spent 8lakh in this year. Decided to give this card a try after reading glowing reviews online. Application was process was straight forward made it clear to the agent and banker that I want an Add-on card as well. They took the application including add on members KYC documents + photo. Yet when the card arrived, there was no trace of the add-on card. Followed up with everyone involved in application process and customer care on why the add-on card was missed. After lot of emails, phone calls, the bank manager agreed to issue the card. Came last Saturday to home to collect the documents again and has promised card delivery by end of this week (fingers closed.).

    1. You are eligible for 10k voucher after first transaction. However, I didnt receive any sms/email so called the concierge. They took the request and sent link of the portal to get the voucher. Said check after 48 hrs of making the transaction. Its been a week and I am still not able to login. Raised a incident. No update so far.

    2. Unable to login to the edge rewards portal with my net banking creds – raised yet another ticket for that. Received a generic reply to clear browser cache and try again.

    3. Didnt get the 3x points sms after giving missed call to the number – raised another incident and no response since Friday. Followed up today and they say wait for 3 more days.

    This is summary of my first week with the card. All the excitement of a new card marred by the poor customer service and technology of Axis bank.

    1. axisbanksucks

      update: received a call from customer care and they have the audacity of asking me whether the issue is resolved or not he did not even know regarding which issue was he calling about. Took good 2 min to check which one out of three issues was he following up on.

      Gave him an earful to check in their systems and call me when he sees that the issue is resolved from their end instead of asking me. He said he will check and get back.

      Checked whether the issue he mentioned was resolved or not. It is not.

    2. Boots

      1. I also got the magnus card recently. I got the sms asking me to login to “magnusbenefits” website for the welcome benefit. When I enter my phone number it says “please enter registered number. Waiting for resolution.

      3. I got the sms for 3x after I disabled dnd on my mobile.

      1. Vish

        For (1):
        It takes about a week after you get that SMS for the magnusbenefits website to accept your Ph no. I checked with them then waited. It worked after 1 week.

  16. Ashish Gupta

    I hold Axis Magnus and Axis is actually the worst in terms of customer support. Axis customer care doesn’t really know anything and in most cases they say we will check with backend and revert. Same with me for 3x offer- when i asked they were clueless as usual.

    Infinia is far far better in terms of customer support

  17. Ashish Kumar

    Axis customer care is very bad. In my past 7 years of being a customer, i have had 3 issues and each time it took significant follow up, emails, calls, escalation etc. to get the issues sorted. Currently, I have got around 40k edge rewards points yet to be credited for grabdeal transactions done in March (they were running some special offers 30x/ 20x reward points). It’s been around 2 weeks, and 3 emails until now, and I am yet to get a resolution.

    1. Shwetanshu

      Same for me, I havepoints worth 90k pending with the same 20X points offer in March and they just keep delaying/stop responding from past 3 months. I think a complaint with Ombudsman or Consumer Helpline is the only way to get help now. They claim points have been credited and when I ask to show the proof that points have been credited, they disappear/stop responding.

      Simply one of the most incompetent useless pathetic template customer service. Even a literal donkey would have more intelligence and understanding than them and would definitely provide better service. Even SBI Card provides far better service than them.

      1. Ashish Kumar

        The latest response I got is that apparently they had credited cashback to my account in place of edge points. They shared the statement ( June or july months) and yes the cashback was credited. However I said that I had opted for edge points which will be a lot more than the cashback. Funnily, they asked me to share the screenshot of the offer as if they dont know the details of the offer run by bank. I shared couple of 3rd party links. Also told them i have video of one of the transactions ( the largest value one) which i can share if needed. Got a call yesterday saying that they have raised the request to credit points and to wait for a week. Not too hopeful of an early resolution but waiting to see what happens.

        1. Shwetanshu

          To me they still keep asking the Order ID even though I have told them over 5 times. I don’t understand how can someone be so incompetent? They will ask for order ID, say will get back in 3 days, they say points have been credited, I ask for proof and they disappear, then I will mail and again ask for order ID, say will get back in 3 days, they say points have been credited, I ask for proof and they disappear, disappear. This has happened more than 5 times now (the exact same dance routine). I think their customer needs department is entirely staffed and headed by special needs people. Or the customer service department is outsources to their competitor whose target is it sabotage Axis’s customers. There is no other explanation.

          Can you please share the links with me? Cause I now know once someone capable gets it after 1000 tries, they will ask this for sure.

          I will record videos of each transaction from now on.

          I am generally a very nice person and deal with customer care very politely cause more often than not, it gets the job done. But here they have driven me to limits of my patience. I just wanna drag them to court and make a national newspaper ad saying “Axis Bank chor hai”. If only their products weren’t so good (right now best by quite a margin).

          1. Ashish Kumar

            The latest for me is that they told today that I have received cashback because I must have opted for it in place of edge points when doing the transaction. I told them i have video recording of complete transaction for the Amazon order which shows me opting for edge rewards. I emailed them a small clip and told that i can share the full video if they tell me how i can share a large file with them. Let’s see what they tell next.


  18. Raja

    Axis Bank customer care people actually don’t know much about anything you ask them. As someone mentioned earlier, they will simply say they will revert after checking and there will be no call back. I never got my Flipkart Rs.500 voucher welcome benefit for my Flipkart, and they simply asked me to call Flipkart and ask…Likewise, I have not received my points for my GrabDeal purchases…I think the best card in Axis is the ACE card and you get 2-5% minimum as cashback to the card itself…

  19. Rahul

    Is there some issue with the giftedge portal? It keeps saying please wait and nothing happens

  20. Rahul

    Seems Axis cannot handle so many users. Stopped crediting even normal reward points


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