Get 2X Rewards on Online Spends with Axis Premium Credit Cards

By | June 24, 2022
2X Reward Points on Axis Premium Credit Cards

Axis Bank has been in the news for all the good news lately and here’s one more to serve as a cherry on cake. Axis has rolled out a new promo where-in premium cards gets 2X rewards on Online spends.

The offer is similar to what they’ve done during Diwali 2020 with 3X rewards and here are all the details you need to know,

Offer Details

  • Offer: 2X rewards on ONLINE spends
  • Offer period: 1st Feb to 28th Feb 2022 (extended through March 2022)
  • Excluded spends: Wallet loads, Jewellery & Fuel spends
  • Max. Cap: Depends on the card, please find the details below
  • How to Enrol? Give a missed call on 8657956070 from your registered mobile no
  • Fulfilment: Within 90 days from end- date of the campaign
  • Offer Source
max cap

The offer is simple and straightforward, but the only only problem is that the t&c appears to be “targeted” offer as it says that the offer is eligible only for those who received the communication from bank, which I haven’t.

However, I reached out to Axis support and they’ve said over email that I’m eligible for the offer and can enrol by doing the above.

While I’m re-confirming this with them once again, feel free to check once with them from your end as well to make sure you’re on safer side.


Axis 2x rewards on online spends fulfilment
  • Offer fulfilled on 23rd June 2022 (both for Feb & March 2022 campaign)

While the offer has been fulfilled, I see a mismatch in the # of bonus points credited. I’ve raised a ticket with Axis to see if it helps.

Further, I also see that the t&c is updated with different max caps than what found initially.

Ideally, if everything works well, you would have got upto 18K bonus points on online spends for each month.


It looks like the planetary positions for Axis is amazing for Feb 2022. The good news about Magnus new milestone benefit along with this offer & extension of 10X & 20X promo on Axis Travel Edge when HDFC smartbuy 10X program is getting trimmed has given an edge for Axis to sell their Magnus more easily.

That said, you’ll need to be aware that all promos are short-lived and once there are enough people in the room, the reality will be back.

So, as always, make hay while the sun shines but don’t expect them to shine forever. 🙂

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

40 thoughts on “Get 2X Rewards on Online Spends with Axis Premium Credit Cards

  1. Gagan

    Thanks Siddharth for sharing.

    Yesterday evening I got to know this offer via notification from Axis Mobile app.

    Funny that while the same no. for registration worked for 2 family members, for me when I called that no., just few seconds later got a message from SBI Cards saying “Congrats for successful registration on Virtual Card”. No message from Axis unlike others

    Not sure what it means… will be checking with SBI Cards today anyways.

  2. Tp

    When calling this number to enroll, getting switched off number response. Anyone else facing the same?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I tried like 10 times to connect once. Keep trying with some gap maybe, never give up! 😀


    Hi Siddharth

    I am looking for a credit card which gives the best cashback for paytm wallet loading. Paytm charges 2.3 to 2.65% for wallet loading with credit card.

    Which is the best credit card for paytm wallet loading which gives cashback greater than or equal to 2.65%?

    1. Raja

      Most cards don’t give any reward points on wallet loading. Just use debit cards or UPI or upto 4k via uber/Zomato. Earlier Citi had facility for free wallet load upto 1Lakh. Now, Amazon pay ICICI gives 1% and IDFC first gives 1.5% (2.5% above 20K) for wallet loading.

    2. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

      Use Zomato Paytm wallet linking for upto 4k per month per account. Otherwise use Rent Payment and transfer money to account through Paytm rent payment at 1% and load wallet using debit card.

    3. ManzB

      SC Ultimate as it gives 3.3% for all kinds of usage. No restrictions whatsoever so far.


        Thanks but looks like they stopped issuing this card. Their website clearly states that. Any other suggestions?

        1. Subhankar

          From February 11th, 2022, they’ve started taking new application for it through its online channel. I applied on 11th and it took 4 days for approval. Existing SC card holders have the edge, only existing card verification is going on.

  4. Yogi

    Is it safe to get new credit card through BankBazaar Channel? They say LTF IndusInd Bank Credit Card. I got mixed more negative and few positive reviews applying through BankBazaar. Sid/Members, kindly opine

    1. Gagan

      Hi Yogi, a few years back I got Axis Neo Card LTF via BB whereas sourcing directly with Axis included Fees.

      So, I would say no harm if you want the card.

      PS: Though be ready to get multiple calls from BB team 🙂

  5. Sarvann

    In general Amazon Pay load money is considered wallet load or it is treated differently than other wallets like paytm, freecharge etc?
    How does CC billing identify Amazon pay load money vs amazon purchase?

  6. mohit singhania

    I took a magnus card, though the card has come in 2 days but the registration process for the card itself is so flawed…on top of it the customer care for the same is dumb af…they don’t know anything at all …I mean the dumbest ever…worse than hdfc, stanc and sbi who I have cards with…I was so angry I almost asked them to cancel the card….the worst ever, really…you must experience it yourself to understand it

  7. Deva

    As per RBI guidelines, on implementation of unique customer identification code, only single Customer ID will be maintained across all relationships for a customer and other Customer IDs will get suspended. In view of the same, all your existing Axis Bank add-on Credit Cards will be discontinued w.e.f 15th Mar’22. You may continue to use your existing Credit Cards mapped to your Primary Customer ID hassle free.

    Message from that mean all my add on cards will be suspended??

    1. Gagan

      I have applied to a few Axis Bank Cards (self and family). All were always delivered to communication address.

      1. Ankit

        But what if you are in some other town (than your communication address)? And you are not able to change communication address for some reason.
        Does Axis send it to nearest branch?

  8. Kapil Arora

    Hi Siddharth

    What is the process for setting credit limit on axis cards? I recently got a Acis Vistara Infinite card and have got only 30k credit limit on the same while I have already paid 10k+taxes as fees which I belive will get reversed once I make 1.2 lac usage in first 90 days of getting the card. However I am extremely displeased with the credit limit / Axis customer care and Axis credit card erratic messaging service – I sometimes don’t get any intimation when card is swiped while other times multiple messages are sent.

    I am only a credit card customer of Axis, so wanted to know if there is a credit card app similar to what amex has?

    In the first 45 days have found Axis services far worse than any other card I have used so far. My regular usage cards are amex platinum travel and HDFC diners black.


  9. Sandeep


    Hearing from March 15th, 2022 no cashback for Rent payments (MCC– 6513) on Axis Ace cards (along with some other changes). is it limited to ace card only or none of axis cards will get any cash back/rewards on rent payments?

    1. Jasond

      Received same mail for both ace card and flipkart card. No cashback means less usage Seems like remaining banks will follow the trend soon..

    2. Abhi

      Might still earn points for paying through redgirraffe on payzapp. Checked with redgirraffe whats their merchant code for rent payments, they replied they dont have a merchant code. Even hdfc tracks it as insurance payment. Where RP may not work is platforms like nobroker.

  10. Paras

    looks like standard chartered started the Ultimate card issue again,
    sid , can you quickly have a look and let us know if there are no caveats here in this reopening ?

  11. Prakash Roy

    @kapil Arora did you apply for through card on card basis or your ITR? You should try dropping a mail to their grievance department regarding your credit limit

  12. Ajit

    @siddharth Got an email communication from axis bank regarding changes in Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. They revised the cashback now. Earlier other transactions used to get 1.5% cashback but now it will 2% cashback. I think now Flipkart Axis is the best co-branded credit card.

    1. Raja

      Seriously? I didn’t get any such mail. Can you share any official link. I thought they will move ace to 1.5%. And u r saying Flipkart card to 2%, seems unbelievable.

  13. jitendra saraogi

    Above offer is valid upto 31/3/22 instead of 28/2/22.

  14. Amann


    Please write about Axis grab deals. I think it’s better than HDFC’s smartbuy.

  15. Gagan

    Guys & Gals,

    It seems Axis is offering Credit Card limit enhancement.

    I got a generous offer to increase limit from 3 L to 7 L in one account and from 4.1 L to 7 L in another account. One of the accounts was not eligible here

  16. Raja

    Anyone got 2x points for February month transactions? Already completed 90 days.
    Although I had just the Amazon gift vouchers from gyftr purchased, so not sure if that will give 5x+2x points.

  17. Vipul Aggarwal

    Has anyone got 2x reward points for the month of February and March? Not sure if Axis remember this offer or we need to remind them..Lol

  18. Ankur

    2X points posted today (23 June).

    Surprisingly, even wallet load gave 2X for me

  19. jitendra saraogi

    yes recd 2x bonus reward points yesterday with thanks.

  20. Raja

    Is it credited for both February and March? I got only 500 points which matches with February spends, but had a lot more spends in March. Didn’t get any points for those.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I can see the bonus points on a card that had spends only on March, so I guess they fulfilled the offer for both Feb & March. Wish they had mentioned the month in rewards stmt description!


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