Axis Travel Edge Offer – Get upto 20X Rewards on Hotels & Experiences

By | February 3, 2022

Axis Bank recently launched their new “Travel Edge” portal wherein one can earn/redeem their Axis Edge reward points for travel, like Hotels/flights & experiences.

This is more or less like the HDFC Smartbuy not only in their functionality but also in its promos. Axis Bank just came up with a lucrative 10X & 20X rewards promo on their Travel Edge portal for a limited period. Here’s everything you need to know.

Offer Details

  • Offer 1: 10X rewards on Flights
  • Offer 2: 20X rewards on Hotels/Experiences
  • Max. Cap: Nil
  • Offer Period: 13th Oct to 10th Nov 2021 (extended again for Feb 2022)
  • Fulfilment: 120 days
  • Offer T&C

That’s a nice offer, except that the fulfilment takes 120 days to kick in – that’s 4 months, Damn! That aside, its surprising to see no max. cap on this.

But the way they displayed the validity period in t&c, it makes me wonder if they are considering the 1L monthly cap for the reward points which they do with their other ongoing 3X rewards promo. It appears to be not the case for now, but maybe in future!

So with this offer, you can save:

  • 10% (flights) or 20% (Hotels & Experiences) on Axis Select,
  • 12.5% (flights) or 25% (Hotels & Experiences)on Axis Magnus
  • 20% (flights) or 30% (Hotels & Experiences) on Axis Reserve

Magnus & reserve definitely looks great on paper. Hope they fulfil the offer as expected.

Speaking of the Travel Edge portal, its bit slow and takes time to pull the city names while we type. You need some patience to use the website and I’m not sure if the site is actually functional, as I get this error most of the time.


While it’s amazing to see Axis Bank coming up with 20X rewards on Axis Travel Edge, it would be nice if they do the same with Axis Gift Edge (instant vouchers) as well, as 5X or 10X is too low for Axis Bank credit cards given that the point value is hardly 20Ps, which is the lowest ever in the industry.

That aside, fulfilment & tech are the most important aspect Axis Bank needs to take care going forward if they want cardholders to really use these benefits.

If Amex can fulfil the rewards on Gift voucher purchase in ~3 days and if HDFC can fulfil other 5X/10X offers in 30-90 days, I guess Axis could do better than 120 days as well.

What’s your thoughts on the Axis Bank’s 10X & 20X offer on Travel Edge portal? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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13 thoughts on “Axis Travel Edge Offer – Get upto 20X Rewards on Hotels & Experiences

  1. Amit

    Basically Smartbuy is an affiliate marketing program of HDFC Bank for its customers just like CashKaro, Go Paisa or even Intermiles or Payback do this. Other Banks are waking up to this and thus HDFC and Smartbuy will feel the competitive heat.
    Except for Infinia, DCB and maybe Millenia(SB+Amz combined cashback), other HDFC cards are not competitive even with Smartbuy and losing to new age cards(AXIS ACE, FK AXIS, ICICI APAY).
    Seems like AXIS with its affiliate marketing program like grabdeals/travel edge/giftedge can give very tough competition to HDFC.

  2. naveen

    can any one please upload the detailed review of AXIS BANK RESERVE card. that is such a premium card and there is not a lot of information out here about it

  3. Guna

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a Burgundy Salary account holder for the last one year. Bank offers Axis select card LTF, however I asked BM to offer me Magnus or Reserve at special rates as I already have HDFC DBC (17L CL), SC Ultima, ICICI Saphiro, YBE. No answers from them. If I take Axis select , will there be any upgrade process,, Any experience, pl do share.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They don’t have special rates unfortunately. You can upgrade later.

  4. Ashok

    I’m not able to login on Edge Rewards portal link that you have mentioned on your article. If I use my existing Edge rewards login it’s showing error. Do we need to register new for this?

  5. Raja

    Axis Edge Reward cards are absolutely trash. Even the premium card like select has 1% reward rate. Reserve which is top most card, has 2% reward rate – Same as an entry level card like Axis ace. So, these 10x and 20x points are also not good enough.

    You can easily get about 12-15% discount on flight tickets any day. With some effort and timing, even 20% is possible. Few days back during Flipkart big billion days, there was 25% (10+10+5) discount on Flipkart axis card for flights.

    1. Nikhil

      True that. In case of hotel it is even more useless to book via smartbuy. It is always cheaper through OTA’s

      1. Shivakiran

        @Nikhil..Like to like, it is true that Hotel reservations at SmartBuy are expensive than OTAs.

        However for an Infinia/DCB holder, it makes no sense to make hotel reservations on OTAs. 33% rewards on SmartBuy through Infinia/DCB hands down wins OTAs.


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