37 thoughts on “Axis Bank Premium Credit Card Signup offers

  1. Gaurav

    These offers are also applicable and can be seen when one applies through their online portal; the same was displayed when I tried. Further, this is applicable for their Ace cards too (spend based joining fee waiver).

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good to know. Is it showing online for existing cardholders too?

      1. Gaurav

        I have two of their cards, privilege and Flipkart. I tired applying online and could see the spend based waiver option for their cards, as mentioned in your post.

        1. Arun

          Sid, Gaurav, Is it only joining fee waiver, based on spend criteria or does the card become LTF?

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Its First Year Free only. Renewal fee waiver based on spend.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Myzone serves my need for now – Swiggy offer.

  2. Saadat

    Does Axis give free upgrades? My wife has a MyZone card and the limit has been increasing periodically, but there is no upgrade offer. She got an upgrade offer to Select which was a paid card, hence didn’t opt.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t think so. Axis is usually poor with upgrades/LE.

  3. Jk

    Hi Sid.
    Just 06days back I applied for Axis select Card through bank representative (after my attempts at online application got declined twice) and I got approval message two days back. I am expecting the card delivery in a couple of days. I was surprised and thrilled to learn fron the representative that If I spend 60k in 90 days, the joining fee would be waived off and it will be life time free. The bank rep. was quite confident. However, I am not sure, I shouod get it confirmed from the customer care once I recieve the card.

    Pls anyone can provide some more insights.

  4. Saurabh Patel

    I Currently hold Axis Ace card to go with my HDFC DCB and AmEx Plat Travel. I feel that Ace fills the gap (with its 2% cash back ) in the Diners and AmEx network perfectly.

    Other cards held Citi Indian Oil, AmEx MRCC, Yes Premia, SBI Simply Click, HSBC Platinum, and ICICI Amazon Pay.

  5. Sooraj

    As I can see the select card here, few days back i saw a post on the axis my zone card, there your axis select card was marked as inactive,
    As I too have my flipkart axis card as inactive,
    Can we still use the inactive card as shown in this post , you are holding select card.

    I am little confused will i be charged annual fees for inactive card , as it shows inactive card in axis site, normally closed and inactive cards shouldn’t be shown in cards list right

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Don’t get confused with the pics. Its for representation only.

  6. Pranab

    Hi Sid,
    How can I get FYF/LTF Axis (Super) Premium card? Currently have Flipkart & Ace with Axis (and Infinia as Super Premium).
    Is opening a Burgundy account helps?
    Do I need to maintain 5L avg balance in the account?
    Also whatโ€™s the impact of MC ban on getting such card?

  7. Jk

    Axis Select Credit Card gives 2% Value back on retail shopping. Can anybody elaborate what all it includes and what not?

    1. Chandu

      Purchases in big basket are also treated as retail spending. Looks, company registered with retail name in billing will be treated as retails spends both online and offline spends.

  8. KD

    Does axis still have the free meet n greet entitlement with their credit card ?
    Is there any other card which gives that ?

  9. manoj singh

    Nowadays we are doing so many transactions on credit card may be more then 15-20 lacs per annum. Few are fabricated like wallet loading for 10k every month on 2-3 paytm or Amazon or mobikwik which will amount to 4lacs then route same to bank account. 30k-40k rent every month even more to increase spend and may be fabricated rent spend which itself amount to 5-8 lacs. Then other spends to meet spend criteria such as travel or online shopping or grocery shopping etc. Sometimes buying vouchers from smartbuy or payzapp. Paying utility bills. Spending in NPS tier1&2 and then redeeming NPS. Also paying insurance bills car insurance fuel and maintenance etc. Sometimes we buy on Amazon or any online platform for our family or friends. Total spends may go upto 15-20 lacs. In which actual spend is mostly 5-6 lacs and rest is mostly fabricated spends to earn reward points or to reach milestones of each card or to encash spend based offer.

    Don’t we expect to get income tax for all such high spending. However this spend may be less then our ITR. But still it may raise eyebrows of income tax department. Please have some article in the same. Any views of readers in the same.

    1. Anadi

      Hi Manoj

      Curious to know how are you able to do wallet load on mobikwik and Amazon and route it back to bank account

      Also, is it possible to load more.than 10k on paytm by single credit card?

      1. manoj singh

        I mean for Paytm only to do wallet load upto 10000 for 4 members in family. Then route back to bank.
        Just now I realised that you can load your Paytm wallet for 10000 rs per day via Citibank citimobile app . If you have 2 Citi cards which is quite normal then you can have 20k cash each day routed to account through wallet.

        For Amazon and others you can’t route back to account.
        Rent agreement is not asked by no broker and cred and many other apps. So on Diner black or infinia you can earn rewards along with milestone benefits or spend targets.

        My post was much on various ways to increase spend on credit card and get reward points along with liquidity. Which can be problem in future to get income tax notice.
        Infact I want to highlight here that there are many spends such as wallet rent nps vouchers etc we are doing just got 2-3% benefits on reward or to achieve milestone or fee waiver or to achieve spend target or to get some liquidity in some case. Which infact income tax department don’t know that it’s just rotation of our money from one pocket to another. They will treat it as annual spend.

    2. Aks

      Interesting why you would think that high spenders fabricate their spends ๐Ÿ˜€
      Don’t think it is true for the larger segment as such…I have a 25 lac + spends on the 2-3 cards I hold and none is made with an eye to how to play the system !

  10. Varun

    My Select card is coming up for renewal. What is better?
    1) Upgrade to Magnus
    2) Switch to Ace
    I hold the ICICI Amazon Pay, HDFC Regalia and Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards besides the Select.

  11. Mugunthan

    Till yesterday, the Axis (app/net banking) didn’t allow me to apply for a new credit card as I already have 3 cards (Neo, Flipkart, MyZone).

    Till recently, axis allowed an upgrade option for Neo and Myzone cards.

    Today, axis app allowed me to apply for a new card and I applied for Ace (4th card). At the same the upgrade option for Neo and MyZone is disabled.

    Have to see, whether Axis process the 4th card.

  12. Dibakar Das

    I just got the axis magnus card through the online app portal 20 days ago was not made aware of any such offers when i got the card and the 10k joining shows an unbilled amount. Should i call and check to avail? I have spent 8L+ since i got the card.

    I am happy i even got a credit card without FD or showing income documents. I have no credit history at all so I am thankful enough for getting a card in the first place but getting the joining fees off would be cool in the first month ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Didn’t you notice the offer while applying? Few others have mentioned that they do see this waiver criteria while applying online.

      You’re likely eligible anyway, so consider emailing them reg. the same.


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