Axis Bank Launches Magnus Credit Card for its affluent customers

By | May 17, 2022

Looking for a detailed & updated review of Magnus Credit Card? Please check out here: Axis Magnus Credit Card Review

Axis Bank after launching Flipkart Credit Card which is one of the best credit cards for beginners, now the focus has moved to the top end customers. Not to mention, Axis Bank already has an invite-only credit card named Axis Reserve at Rs.30K joining fee. 

While Axis Bank has been successfully serving the top end segment with its highly rewarding Vistara Infinite Credit card, not all customers fly Vistara due to its limited network. So here comes a new attempt by Axis Bank to capture the super premium credit card segment with its newly launched Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card that works on the Mastercard network.

Features Overview

  • Rewards Earn Rate: 1.2% (Regular)- 2.4%(Yatra, goibibo, etc)
  • Airport Meet & Assist: 8 Complimentary Airport Meet & Greet Services
  • Domestic Airport Lounge Access: Unlimited via Mastercard (primary & supplementary cards)
  • International Airport Lounge Access: 8 per annum via Priority Pass (default) + 4 more visits for next year (on 7L spend). This limit can be used to set off GUEST access too, which is new in India. 
  • Movie benefit: Bookmyshow Buy1 Get1 Offer upto Rs.500 per ticket, both movie & non-movie tickets like events, activities, etc. Upto 5 times in a month
  • Dining Benefit: DINEOUT PLUS MEMBERSHIP (save 25% on 5 star dining)
  • Hotel Benefit: Oberoi Offer @ 15% Off on BAR + Complimentary Upgrade
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Concierge Services: 24/7 concierge for travel/dining/gifting/shopping/events
  • Markup Fee: 2%+GST on foreign currency
  • Credit Shield: 5 Lakhs

That’s a good set of benefit covering all aspects of one’s lifestyle: Travel, Dining, Entertainment, Hotel & Wellness. And the 8 Airport Meet & Greet benefit is amazing which is over & beyond Citi Prestige which only gives you 2 meet & greet service.

Fees & Charges

  • Joining Fee: Rs.10,000+GST
  • Welcome Benefit: One-way Flight Ticket (upto Rs.10,000)
  • Renewal Fee: Rs.10,000+GST (Waived on 15L Spend)
  • Eligibility: ITR 18L & above

You shall apply using the apply now form on the website. Note that if you already have an axis bank credit card, you shall apply for this card separately even without upgrading/downgrading the existing card as Axis bank allows you to hold multiple credits cards at once. 

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s an amazing card with vertical, clutter free design on the front & worthy rewards for the price it demands. 

The USP of the card is its Airport Meet & Greet Services which could save you few hours, esp. in bigger airports, highly beneficial if you don’t fly business class. Other than that, Unlimited domestic lounge access & the ability to use international lounge access for guests is first of its kind in India with Priority Pass. If you are a family traveller, you gonna love this benefit.

Overall its a very good attempt by Axis bank and I’m sure the Bank’s top end customers would be very happy with this offering. But if you’ve other cards and just looking at higher reward rate, it may disappoint you, as Magnus is designed to give more experience, over just high reward rate. 

With the launch of Magnus Card, Axis Bank’s portfolio just got stronger and is in a very good position to compete with the top players in the industry.

Would you get the Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. A detailed review of the same should come very soon as well. 

91 thoughts on “Axis Bank Launches Magnus Credit Card for its affluent customers

  1. Mickey

    So this was the super premium card you were referring to! 😎

      1. Vineet

        Priority pass( with guest access) and meet and greet (8 is heaven sent) are amazing features.

      2. SG

        What is part of meet n greet? Pickup/drop or just guiding me through the airport? Is there only some airports this is offered?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Almost all major Indian airports are covered.
          Meet & Greet usually refers to an airport guide + fast track check-in, immigration etc.

          Ideally you get business class travel experience on the ground.

          1. Jaisal Rathee

            No really, they don’t fast track you to anything. The guy just stood by me holding my luggage in the queue.

  2. Sree

    Some of the best features which would suit most of us in this forum. And well articulated as always Sid! This card has good potential.

    1. Manveet

      Interesting proposition but low reward rate. Useful if you need meet and greet services. As always wonderful presentation by Sidhharth.

  3. Vineet

    I have a priority account with axis. My ITR this year was slightly short of the 18 lakhs requirement. However next year it will easily cross that. Do I have a chance if I apply through the website. My RM happens to be pretty useless

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You should be able to get it with slight variation. Try online, if not send application through RM as branch applications are generally considered as a good sourcing medium.

      1. Mohit

        How does Meet & Greet work when travelling with family. If I am travelling with two kids & spouse, will joint escort be counted as One meet & greet service or four ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Four, as per rules. You can “try” with one booking if you travel with spouse. But with 2 kids, it might be tough.

    2. Yash Khemka


      I am having Select and Miles & More cards… can the these any one card be changed to Magnus ?

  4. Ankit Tanna

    Through which company do they arrange the M&G? Any idea which airports are serviced? Is it also for the add on users?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Dreamfolks. 29 locations in India is what they say.

      Those links are down on Axis site. I think site should be fully functional by tomorrow.

  5. valliappan

    Worth the wait! The domestic flight ticket every year sets of the annual or renewal fee, and the lounge benefits are excellent for travelers who does couple of trips with family. Basic reward rate is low but the bms, travel benefits compensates it. so all in all a complete solution comparing with amex platinum travel as there you need to get travel vouchers, Taj vouchers to reap maximum returns.


      Is domestic flight ticket (upto 10K) option available every year or only for 1st year as part of welcome benefit ?
      It is not clear from T&C

  6. Prannoy Ghosh

    I still feel that Amex Platinum is better at 4Lacs n DCB n Infinia are unparalleled……

    Scb Ultimate was good till it lasted, and the reward redemption is such a pain that people don’t even spend on it fearing redemption. The fact that fees can’t be waived and redemption is such a problem as flight or Amazon vouchers are never available, it’s become a burden rather than a backup.

    SBI prime was recently devalued and stripped of its King of Utility Bills.

    People already owning a DCB or Infinia won’t bother with Axis Magnus due to it’s low reward rate as Amex Platinum is a better option than this. Heck even Amex Mrcc gives more value than this – for spends upto 1.5 lacs

  7. Ajai

    I have their SELECT and Vistara Infinite CC’s and spent enough on SELECT to get that marriot vouchers for next year and extra PP access on top of that I get golf access. I am currently spending on Vistara Infinite but it has low low low limit of 4lac “Same as my SELECT”. This is certainly not the way to go with so called premium cards.

    Its hard to split the payments again and again. Approached the BM and even submitted my ITR >20Lac “Previous year loss adjusted” and income documents >35lac but they say this 4lac limit is enough for your ITR. Me being a BURGUNDY customer have this low a credit limit I am sure others will have problems with them also.

    Have applied for a AMEX lets see if they will give a proper limit till then Regalia I am yours.

  8. Wanderlust

    Not excited. Only 2.4% that too accelarated. Base reward of 1.2% is lower than most basic cards. Unless one is travelling abroad frequently, the meet and greet feature doesn’t matter much as mostly I spend time at lounges. Also many cards today are providing unlimited domestic lounge access. The only redeeming feature is the guest access on international lounges. Since I have yes exxlusive, even that side is covered.

  9. Saksham Dhawan

    Hey sid,

    Could you please write an article on how “do anything” concierge services work across multiple cards (speically super preimum ones) ? What are the kinds of tasks they can do ? Do you pay extra per task or just for the service provided ?

    I haven’t found a lot of information on this.

    1. Ankit Tanna

      There’s only one “Do Anything” concierge in India and that’s the American Express platinum/centurion. They do pretty much everything you’d want them to.

      Most of the other CC concierge I’ve encountered (HDFC, SBI, YES), their forte is booking seats at restaurants, sending flowers. Not that great to be honest. Although I will say HDFC DCB concierge was exceptionally amazing till about 4 years ago when they were Delhi based. Now they won’t even suggest restaurants. And this is the Infinia concierge I’m talking about.

      1. saksham dhawan

        Could you share an exmaple of a task you got fulfilled from American Express platinum/centurion ?

        1. Ptap

          Amex ‘Do Anything’ isn’t that great either. Once I wanted them to book a broadway show ticket for me as per my preference but they couldn’t. Heck! The guy couldn’t even guide me on how to chose a seat. I had to do it myself on ticketmaster.
          If such tasks can’t be performed by ‘Do Anything’ then what does it matter.
          But when it comes to Dinner Reservations, no other Indian Concierge comes close! Through Amex, you almost always get a better table, However, I couldn’t get a table through Amex once at an upscale dining place in Goa and managed to get it through another concierge service…however, Amex is mostly better IMO.

  10. rishabh

    Can i upgrade to it if I hold a vistara (visa platinum variant) ?

  11. Prashant Tewari

    The only standout feature which I believe is “8 Complimentary Airport Meet & Greet Services”. However if it is only limited to India then not a great value but if it cover ASPAC region like CITI Prestige then it is a worthy card. Just a wishful thinking but if somehow this service extends worldwide then it becomes a no-brainer just because of this single feature.

    CITI also kind of gives you a free hand when it comes to lounge access with its unlimited domestic and international access even to the addon cardholder (upto 5 add-on, AFAIK). In a nutshell this card is Jack of few trades, Master of none.

    1. Chandrasekhar Adusumalli

      Diners black hdfc gives domestic and international lounge access for primary and other 3 add on cards

  12. Rushabh

    I have DCB and SC Ultimate. Do you think this card is worth if I want to use it just for Bookmyshow offer and aiport meet and greet? Other than that, my other cards seem to he sufficient.

    1. Chandrasekhar Adusumalli

      You will get cash withdrawl fees waived. So in emergency you can withdraw cash upto a max of 50 days there wont be any withdrawl fees

  13. Jitender Kumar

    Is it possible for NRE account holder (non axis bank) to get this card ? or there is an diffrent critiria for NRE customers ?

    1. Ankit Tanna

      Probably have to make a high value FD (at least in the range of 10 lakhs) considering this is Axis bank’s “Infinia competitor”.

    2. Ankit

      Unfortunately not. Just got off the phone with the sales team. They do not issue to NRIs so there’s that.

  14. Amit G

    “Axis bank allows you to hold multiple credits cards at once.” Sid, do they allow multiple cards under shared limit or these are separate accounts (shows two different entry in CIBIL).

      1. Kishore

        I have vistara platinum..if i apply another card..will the bank Check my CIBIL again..?

      2. Ajai

        They are separate but equal both my SELECT and Vistara Infinite have 4lac limit each.

      3. Himanshu Kainth


        They were doing it earlier but now Axis is mapping highest credit limit to the account. I don’t have any axis card. Few of my friends have experienced this. So yeah!!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That’s only with Flipkart card I suppose. Isnt it?

          1. abhishek

            I Have shared limit with Axis world privilege and ace cards

    1. Surindar

      Shared limits starting this year ! Even those who had separate limits, these are being merged and the highest limit in any one of the cards as the Total Available Limit !

  15. Anonymous

    The airport meet and greet is too hyped up. If you’re talking about fast tracked check-in, Vistara Infinite already gives it on their Gold/Plat counters. And do you really need a guide to show you your gate? If you were talking about tarmac service like United 1K or Global Services, then it makes sense. Most international lounges anyway lets you swipe twice for another guest. Other than the vertical design, I really don’t see this card moving any scales. Great article though.

  16. sagar chatterjee

    If you have a Citi Prestige, Diners Black and Amex Plat in your wallet then you dont need this card. In fact you would get less value for money.

  17. Royceton

    Just needed to check a couple of things

    1) is the supplementary card free and does it have unlimited domestic lounge access too
    2) if I am travelling with my spouse and 2 parents end of this year to Canada could I use the priority pass for all 4.
    3) if I am travelling as point 2 above would meet and gree include all 4 of us?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. Yes
      2. Yes. But not usable in Indian airport lounges though.
      3. Yes

      Looks like you’re the kind of the customer the bank actually targets.

      1. Viswanathan

        Pls confirm on pt#3 if it working for family members?
        AXIS exclusive & burgundy support confirmed that Meet and Greet is only for primary card holder and not for family members.

  18. A2Z

    My Axis cards carry different limit on each card
    Indeed they offered different limit enhancements for 2 of those

  19. The Outrigger

    This or SBI Elite as a backup for Infinia? I want it mainly just for the lower 2% forex markup.

    1. Neo

      Why not the YFP or the SC Ultimate ? This card doesnt work for me at all. Apart from the M&G ( which at dom airports) isnt much value, Magnus doesnt strike a chord.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      Go for Yes First cards. Forex markup just 1.75%.
      Hope it helps.

    3. Shivi

      Neither of those; YFE is any day a better deal for lower fx markup. While Infinia actually gives you a positive return of (+) 1.97% of the total sale value @ International transactions, the amount you spend with YFE on Fx is (-) 0.565%. This calculation takes into account the Reward programme on the cards. Then there is that IndusInd credit card too which I have not included because of its high joining fee.

      SBI Elite has negative value of 1.84% while this Axis Magnus has negative value of 1.16%.

  20. Prashant Gupta

    I dont think the reward for joining and renewal is worth as you are only getting one way domestic ticket which will always be less than 10K

    “Customer is eligible for 1 complimentary one – way domestic flight in economy class, upon payment of joining
    fee/ annual fee.”

  21. Saroj

    One more feature of this Card :- One domestic Air Ticket
    of any destination free every year



    I am having AXIS Bank Savings Account since last two years. I am interested to take AXIS MAGNA CREDIT CARD RECENTLY launched by the bank. I am working as A.O. in Insurance Co. and my Gross Annual Income is Rs.11,75,000/- and my Net Salary is Rs.47,500/-.
    I am eligible for AXIS MAGNA CREDIT CARD or any other similar Card is there for my Salary.
    Please send answer to my mailing address mentioned below.
    Kindly give advise for the above.
    With Regards,


  23. Amex Guy

    This is the Diwali firecracker which never really takes of. Now you’re wondering whether to get near it or not.

    I mean, if a card makes an ICICI card look good..

  24. Neha Gupta

    Between this and the amex platinum reserve, which one would you recommend ? Looking for a card with lifestyle benefits more than rewards. ITR is 20L, so if you can recommend some other Card will be great. Also, recently an internal rumour is floating in Amex that the revamped gold charge card is coming with a fees of 7500 and a metal form factor. I also saw the new 100 USD hotel benefit. Can you confirm or deny the same?

  25. Balaji Srinivasan

    Hi Siddharth,
    Greetings. I have HDFC INFINIA for which I know the benefits with respect to Rewards, Priority pass and others. I use credit card a lot with prompt payments being done. Does Axis Magnus card give benefits with regards to the reward points( I am looking for best reward points option ONLY )and its redemption as equivalent to Hdfc INFINIA. If not could you suggest any card which has equal benefits as HDFC INFINIA? Thank you.

  26. Anoop E S

    Siddharth, the eligibility criteria informed to me while applying for this card is that we should satisfy any two of the following conditions;
    1. ITR above Rs18 lakhs
    2. Existing card limit above Rs.3 lakhs
    3. Existing Business relation with Axis Bank more than Rs.1.50 crore.

    Got the card approved in November as my 3rd card from Axis Bank (other being Vistara Infinite and Privilege card)

    I’ve availed the airport meet and greet service once in December end for my family trip from Delhi. I was under the impression that there might be some fast track service while entering the airport or at check-in counter or at Security check. or at least priority check-in. But it is nothing like that. Their representative will come with you during the entire process from the airport entry gate till boarding. Porter service available from entry gate till check-in. That’s it.

    The only benefit I got was that I didn’t had to wait for entry to the Plaza Premium lounge at Delhi T3. He arranged to get the card swiped while going out from the lounge.

    1. Sabina

      Hi Anoop,

      Congrats for your Magnus Card. Is the credit limit shared among your axis cards or separate limit?

  27. Anoop E S

    CRED is not allowing for bill payment of this card citing “multiple failures reported”. Similarly Mobikwik is not allowing to add funds from this card citing this as an International Credit Card.

  28. Shalabh Agarwal

    Well I learnt from Blr airport today that this Magnus card is offered free for the first year. If 15L spent then it can be waived off for subsequent years.
    Since I have salary account with them since last year and few years before the last year as well (not in continuation), I currently hold the priority account. So, since I want to build further relationship with Axis so vouched for this card, and eventually take some add on card for my brother. In future, I’m also looking to enroll for visa infinite vistara. Let’s see, if they approve this card and if it works well. I’m not sure if I’ll meet the 15l soent limit for renewal waiver, but just for the experience I thought to give it a shot. 😊

  29. Moumik

    Does this Magnus Credit card have business variant too?I want this for my current account.

  30. Deepak

    In Magnus Credit card, can we redeem points to Vistara CV points. What is the conversion rate.

  31. prashant saxena

    looking for a credit card with lounge access My ITR is over 50 lacs per annum i am holding INDUSIND BANK INDULGE CARD,yes first exclusive,ICICI emerald card,AMEx gold charge,citi bank,sbi cards

    1. MT

      YEs First Exclusive has unlimited lounge access , why do you want more lounge accesses ? I suggest to upgrade your gold charge to platinum charge if you looking for benefits along with unlimited lounge access as well as access to amex lounges in mumbai and delhi

  32. Priyank Jain

    Hi Sid

    Do you know about the 10x and 5x edge rewards on gyftr edge rewards? All major brands are available like amazon, flipkart and myntra and monthly gytcard limit is also higher at 10k per month for each brand. At 10x and 5x the card offers a good 12% and 6% return.

    They also have good redemption options like amazon giftcard etc

  33. Neha sharma

    Anyone used priority pass (with magnus) within india ? Is it chargeable or free?

  34. Anoo

    Currently there is an offer running on this card. If 120000 (1 lakh 20 thousand) is spent within the first 90 days, then joining fee will be waived. It will be credited back to you. Thus is over and above the joining offer of Tata cliq voucher or domestic air ticket.

  35. Sharathkumar Anbu

    I applied for Magnus credit card upgrade recently and now they seem to issue Magnus credit card in Visa Infinite platform. Perfect for me.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Magnus on Visa Infinite is great. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Ankit Jain

    Recently applied Magnus. Got approved in 3 days. Card looks decent and

    1. on Visa infinite. Not sure Visa Infinite any additional value?
    2. Got Dineout Membership.
    3. Yet to get Tatacliq GV. I believe, i will get it post payment of 1st Bill (joining fee of 11800).
    4. Got one PPass with my Name. Can i use this single PPass to get access for guest members with me? or should i ask Bank for more PPass. any suggestions?
    5. Do PPass works same way in Domestic Airport> as i will having kids with me. No added card issued for them?
    6. Do i need to activate PPass or register anywhere. (1st time use of PPass)


    1. Gajanan Vaidya

      3) GV post joining/ renewal fee.
      4) Single PP for self and accompanying guest.
      5) for Domestic lounge, use Magnus Card . Add-on card too have unlimited access.
      6) no need to activate.

  37. Md Shoyaib

    I applied for magnus card, got sms of approval and it said card details to follow soon. It’s been a week still there is no communication or the card is not reflecting in the app. Any ideas about the same ?

  38. Gaurav

    Sid! Look at the new Magnus now. It’s a great upgrade that they’ve done to their Magnus card🤓 Can you give a detailed comparison to the new Magnus with other cards in the same segment, such as Infinia, DCB, Aurum, etc?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Magnus now eats them all for breakfast. 😀

  39. Amar

    Does Magnus give RPs on insurance payments? More importantly is insurance spend counted in the new 1 lac monthly milestone?

    1. Sarvann

      I have the same query. Does insurance payment count for the 1 lakh monthly payment?
      is the joining fee waiver going on for spends within 3 months or it is only paid version now?

  40. Vikash Singh

    I neither received the One Complementary Business class voucher after my Vistara Infinite Card Renewal fees payment and nor One Class Premium Economy class voucher for Vistara Signature Card(wife) renewal fees payment then i made call to customer care and both Vouchers credited in few days.
    Just the same way i wish to know that in Magnus they credit One complimentary voucher or not?

  41. Vikash Singh

    HI Sid,

    There is one request, please add Renewal Benefits just below Renewal Fees in brief i mean bullet wise or in single line nutshell/jotting of renewal benefits.

  42. Rahul M R

    What’s this renewal benefit all about ? I see on paying joining fee we get the vouchers worth 10k but on renewal what happens ?

    They show as joining /annual benefit as this 10k offer

  43. Nikhil

    Hi Sid/ CE users,

    I’m new to Axis Bank Edge Rewards credit cards. Please help me understand is Magnus credit card eligible for 5x/10x edge rewards points on below two?
    Gift Edge and 10x/20x on Travel Edge

    Above spends are calculated toward monthly milestone of 25000 edge rewards points?

    Also if there is any capping on Edge Reward Points per month?


  44. jitendra saraogi

    still awaiting response to below query by someone-
    Does Magnus give RPs on insurance payments? More importantly is insurance spend counted in the new 1 lac monthly milestone?
    thanks in advance

  45. Anand Rao

    The application form shows this as Master card and not on Visa Infinite. Is the network changed recently?

  46. Nag

    Received the card today on visa infinite.
    I didn’t knew it’s a metal card. Card looks nice.

    After card is approved, it just took 2 days to deliver.

  47. Varun

    Is there unlimited international lounge access for addon card holders too?

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