Axis Magnus gets a new Welcome Benefit: TataCLiQ voucher

By | October 22, 2020
Axis Magnus Credit Card

As you might know, its been close to a year since I got hands on with Axis Bank Magnus credit card. While its a wonderful credit card with unique benefits like Airport Concierge services, I hardly made use of it, except once at Chennai airport.

That’s the only benefit why I hold this credit card, but as Covid-19 has hit hard I’m yet to take a flight since past 6 months or so.

So the card was on cold storage for a long time and I did not even redeem the welcome/renewal benefit, which used to be one-way economy flight ticket.

But fortunately, given the current pandemic situation Axis Bank has come up with a new welcome benefit option which is: Rs.10,000 TataCliq voucher.

Tata Cliq voucher

So now one can choose the welcome benefit between the two:

  1. One-way economy flight ticket worth upto Rs.10,000 (or)
  2. TataCliq voucher worth Rs.10,000

Note: TataCliq option is valid from 15th October 2020 to 31st March 2021.  

To redeem, all you need to do is Call the concierge at 1800 103 4962 and request for a redemption.

As soon as I got this email, I called up and initiated the redemption. It was surprisingly a smooth process and I was said that the voucher will be sent in 24-48 hrs.

Its been a while since I used TataCliq. So now I’m wondering what to buy!

Hence, if you have got the Axis Magnus recently and yet to redeem the welcome benefit, you now have an option to go for a shopping voucher.

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16 thoughts on “Axis Magnus gets a new Welcome Benefit: TataCLiQ voucher


      Its only for domestic and only for economy class. Even if there is a premium economy available within 10K, its not part of this voucher.

  1. Prasanna

    Tata cliq vouchers really suck in my experience. I have redeeened these EGV from HDFC bank for spend milestones and most times I have faced issues. They arbitrarily expire these vouchers – once in 12days! They run out of stock on orders and cancel the orders but don’t refund the EGV. Their system is not sophisticated enough to differentiate between EGV and promo codes. And their customer support is the worst.

  2. AAJ

    Does this mean Tata Cliq 10k + ticket or 2x10k Tata Cliq vouchers?
    I have Vistara Infinite coming up for renewal, any suggestions if this a good replacement, else I am planning to swap with Flipkart card

  3. Rishabh

    I tried redeeming the on way domestic flight. But the Axis Bank concierge is useless. And so is their partner My call was just transferred from the concierge desk to the desk. I waited for 18+ mins but no one from yatra picked up.

    Also, as my renewal was coming up, I tried to get my card cancelled. But the customer care is simply pathetic. No response. Ultimately I wrote an email to Axis Bank CEO to highlight this and got my card cancelled.

    I’ll never take an Axis card again.

  4. Siva

    I took the card in November 2019, couldn’t use the flight voucher, would I be still claim the Tata Cliq voucher for last year ?

  5. Raj

    Hi Sid,
    Is this welcome offer available every year on Renewal or is it only for for the First year of Joining?
    Pls clarify.

  6. Suresh

    Hey Sid, be careful to purchase something on Tata Cliq that you feel you wouldn’t return for sure. I had a similar voucher from another vendor and when I had to return the product I purchased, and the entire voucher value was forfeited. Be sure to read the T&Cs of voucher redemption.

  7. Vikram

    Today I spoke to Axis Customer Care and I was told that this card has been discontinued. But I still see it on the website. I asked her repeatedly and she insisted that it has indeed been discontinued.


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