Hands on Experience with Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card

By | November 26, 2019

This is a review by our reader Satish Kumar Agarwal who recently got hands on Axis Bank’s newly launched Flipkart credit card.

Flipkart Credit card could possibly be a game changing addition to Axis bank family of credit cards, so much so that it can take Axis bank credit card user base to a high level if managed well by the bank.

Comprehensive features of this Axis bank Flipkart card has already been covered in the card launch article. So this article will cover more about the card application experience as well as some of the useful facts about the card which may benefit prospective card seekers.

My Application Experience

Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card

Applied for this card via Axis bank website on 23rd July 2019, the day it went open for all to apply. Prior to this date the card was mostly open to previous Axis Buzz credit card users for swapping. Flow of card processing is as below–

  • 23.07.2019- Applied for the card via Apply Now tab on website
  • 25.07.2019- Bank executive visited my house for KYC as I had no prior relationship
  • 21.08.2019- Received email/ sms that card is approved (Cibil enquiry also done today)
  • 27.08.2019- Received Application ref no. for the first time via sms which was not provided even by the executive who came for KYC
  • 30.08.2019- Received sms containing Bluedart AWB for tracking
  • 01.09.2019- Card delivered (Generated Pin via Axis Mobile app)
  • 07.09.2019- Pin delivered by EMS Speed Post

As can be seen card processing time can be quite long, like 35 days in my case when you don’t have any prior relationship with the bank.

Name on the card is printed and not embossed. Card design is as usual but looks vivid and colourful. Credit Limit is almost 1X my salary and among the lowest of the 6 cards I hold.

Things to Know

  • Welcome bonus of 500 Flipkart GV on any spend within 30 days ( I received it via sms link within 2 days of 1st transaction )
  • 1st transaction on Myntra using this card will give you 15% cashback upto 500
  • Most importantly EMI transactions will not earn any cashback
  • Wallet topup/ Gold purchases will not earn any cashback
  • Every Wednesday/ Saturday Axis bank runs good offers on Grofers/ Amazon Pantry/ Big Bazaar
  • Sms received after each transaction confirming the eligible % cashback
  • Cashback to be credited in card account for use in next billing cycle
  • Every billed transaction shows earned cashback against them (completely transparent) in the monthly statement
  • Bank executive told me salary requirement of 60K+ for the card (this may vary from city to city)
  • He also told me 2-3 times that the card is pre-approved for me. As I don’t have any prior Axis relationship so far, only possible reason may be salary north of 60K plus
  • Generated the pin via Axis mobile app as soon as I got the card. Few days later sadly I am unable to use the Axis mobile app as an error is shown everytime saying Customer ID login mismatch. Axis bank support is unable to help and suggests to visit Axis bank branch.

Looking at the past 3 months statement it’s clear that there won’t be any cashback below spends of Rs 100 for general merchants or even uber which falls in 4% cashback category. Can’t say about flipkart though.

I hold Citibank, HDFC, Yes, RBL, ICICI, Kotak apart from this card and this cards statement is much superior and transparent than any of the card I hold. 


Over the past year I have found that Axis bank is not generous in issuing credit cards to non account holders. As Axis is targeting to issue 1 million of this card in first year itself hence even if you don’t have an account, chances are that card may still be issued easily if monthly salary/ ITR/ CIBIL is good enough. Though card processing time could be as long as above.

If opening Axis account relationship is not something you want, better apply this card via website and not through branch, as branch executive may insist that opening an account is mandatory to apply for the card which is not true.

Also if you don’t have any of the Super Premium credit cards and are an avid online shopper, this card along with the ICICI Amazon Pay card will reward handsomely being comparatively easy to get approved.

Have you applied for the Axis Flipkart Credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

111 thoughts on “Hands on Experience with Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card

  1. Vivek Agrawal

    I already have ltf axis neo with 40k limit (less limit coz i have 10 other cards also :D) and salary is well above 60k. Will they give me this card or do I need to close my existing card? Any chance of getting this as ltf

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Just call Axis CS and they will easily approve this card in most cases. Though I doubt if they will give it LTF to anybody. May issue LTF to their real HNI customers selectively.

    2. Krishanu

      Yes, just call customer care and ask for an upgrade… They will not give u additional credit limit though.

    3. Firose

      Just call customer care and tell them u need an upgrade if u already have an axis bank credit card like I did. If you need the old card to keep working, tell them not to close the old card and if you need an add-on, tell them at that time itself. DO NOT FORGET THESE TWO THINGS.
      Getting an ADD-ON with axis bank is the most difficult thing to do unless u do it when u apply. Mutiple follow ups and rejection for some super secret reason.

      I had myzone. This method will not give you LTF. I dont know if they even have LTF for this card.

  2. Shailesh

    I got this card this month. only. I applied for it within the Flipkart App last month. And now I see they running 1000 Rs Flipkart voucher bonus on joining. Should’ve waited a big longer. They sending a detailed SMS after every transaction of how much %cashback I’ll get on the transaction and which billing cycle will show it. Pretty decent card.

    1. Ramki

      I think the Rs 1000 Flipkart Gift card is for applying for a new Citibank Rewards credit card. The Axis Bank Credit card does NOT come free as there is a joining fee always which they do reimburse with a Rs 500 GV for Flipkart.

      Pls check your Flipkart app and let me know if you are indeed getting this Axis Bank card with GV as I might then be tempted to get this card.

  3. Gopal

    I have Axis select card already.I was interested in this card also,so wanted to apply this card through the website initially.But,someone mentioned that,you can get this card by calling customer care,If you hold a Axis credit card presently.So,I tried that route and to my surprise,they sanctioned the card within 5 minutes,and the cedit limit is same as my existing select card,2.4 Lakhs.I am very much satisfied,with the customer care of Axis credit cards.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Yes, they are issuing Flipkart card to existing card users quite easily basis a call to cs.

  4. The Outrigger

    I’ve applied for this card about 3 times now. They even took my ITR, Bank Statements, etc but since then haven’t heard back. This was way back in August 2019.

    On a slightly similar note, I used to have a MYZONE card with them. Until I started seeing random charges from the UK on it and I immediately called the bank to cancel. They said they would cancel my card and I would be getting a new one in the mail within 10 days. Been over a year now and still nothing.

    Gave up on Axis credit cards with that!

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Can’t exactly compare Millenia with this card. Both have their own advantages n disadvantages. This card is among best offering from Axis bank.
      Whereas in HDFC there are way better cards than Millenia if you are eligible.

      1. Ram

        For paying rent via payzapp (redgiraffe) won’t Millenia gives me around 5 percent of the rent and along with the usual promo code of billpay it would be 5 percent plus 200 ?

  5. Pragyan

    I got this card within 10 days of application over phone. I already hold neo and privilege credit card from axis (started closing them). Already earned more than 10k in cashback. It was super helpful in diwali sale when I maxed out 10X of DCB. From my experience I can say this has the most transparent reward experience ever. Few points I want to add.
    1. 5% cashback on flipkart has a cap of 10 transaction in a month
    2. Cashback is rounded off. Transaction of 70 rupees earns 1 Rs cashback for 1.5%. Very useful for small value transaction
    3. As always Axis offers reward point/cashback for wallet loading.
    4. One hack I found is for NPS topup 1% is charged on the amount of investment as surcharge. This card gives back 1.5%. 0.5% profit.

    1. Rajkumar

      Pragyan – There is a Payment Gateway Charge for NPS while making payment with Credit Card -(0.90% of the transaction amount + Goods & Services Tax (GST) @ 18%). Is this 1% surcharge includes above 0.9% payment gateway charge?

    2. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Point 3. I did try loading paytm wallet and sms came that this transaction is eligible to earn 1.5% cashback. But when I checked the statement on generation, no cashback provided as its supposed to be wallet loading.

    3. Pranab

      @Pragyan, what’s the hack in it (Point 4)??? The 1% (actually 0.944%) surcharge (actually Payment Gateway Charges) in NPS is levied to all credit cards. The cashback (or Reward points) are totally different things. I can use my Infinia card and get 3.33% value back (as reward points).
      The point is, you’ll get 1.5% cashback in all you transactions, not only in NPS.
      If the charges were waived for any particular card, then it could be termed as hack/trick.

    4. Ganesh

      Actually the cashback is not rounded off, they are truncating all decimal digits. Eg.
      purchase for 120 rs,
      1.5% is 1.8 rs
      but axis will give only 1 rs cashback and pocket the 0.8 rs.

      nice trick.

  6. Pranab

    I’m having this card since 4 months. I had Axis Buzz card (with one add-on) and when applied through Flipkart site, card was instantly generated (similar to ICICI amazon pay).
    The limit was similar to existing Buzz card. My primary Buzz card was deactivated soon after I used this new card, but surprisingly the Add-on card is still active.

  7. Ashis Kumar

    I think you are promoting axis cc service.
    Not reviewing the service, I have bad experience from axis bank cc center. Last 3 years I am using my zone cc on last September, I just upgraded to Flipkart card and added an add on card for my wife at the time of upgrading. No bank executive came to my home for addon card. Poor service by axis bank cc center.
    To be frank I planned for surprise gift to my wife.
    Finally I cancelled the service blocked the card and ended the 7 years bank relations.

    Such a bad experience…

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Please read the review carefully before jumping to any conclusion.
      It contains multiple negatives which I faced actually with Axis bank cc.

    2. Dipak kumar

      No visit is required if you take another credit card if u already have one card. Just call customer care and give a request within 7 days card will be attached to account which you can see in axis mobile / net banking and card will reach to you within next 7 days. No document verification, no paper work, nothing, just a call, if u upgrade and you get what u need easily. Axis is best for this service.

  8. Sanjeev Kumar

    I am also facing same issue with axis bank online app, customer details mismatch, how did you sorted out this problem

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Still not sorted. Will try next week by visiting a branch.

  9. Keshav

    I applied for this card on 29th of October and got the card delivered on 7th November i.e. within 9 days of applying this card.

  10. Mungurappa

    You said “Every billed transaction shows earned cashback against them (completely transparent) in the monthly statement” but they also employ a trick to cheat customers in cashback.

    I have this CC and although Axis says that it gives 1.5% cashback on each transaction, I have noticed that they reduce the cashback in every transaction by removing the decimal points completely. They don’t even round off, they simply remove all decimals. For ex. if u purchase worth 1790, although 1.5% is 26.85 rs but they will give u cashback only of 26. So Axis will pocket the remaining 0.85 rs and they do this in all transactions.

    This is not being transparent, this is just fraud.

    You said Axis is targeting 1 mil customers for this CC, imagine if Axis can cheat 10 rs per customer per monthly bill, they can fraudulently make 1 mil x 12 months x 10 = 12 crore every year just by this trick.

    So trickery in our Indian banks 🙂

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Axis should not have done this. But imagine if they didn’t give points details it would have been much difficult to even calculate.
      So you are right. Forgot to add this point in review.

    2. Abhishek Roy

      @Mungurappa The point is many credit card companies credit the point on the basis of per ₹100(SBI)/₹150 (HDFC)/₹50(AMEX) etc. This is used to calculate point in the multiples of the number mentioned above. So this is not fraud, it’s just the way the bank calculates the points. for eg, whatever may be the spend value. If it is less than ₹150, you’ll not get a single point from HDFC.

    3. Rahul

      Rightly said Abhishek. However, I would like to counter that.

      SBI, HDFC & Amex gives 1 point for every Rs.100/Rs.150/Rs.50 spent by you and not a fixed percentage.

      Axis bank Flipkart card has 1.5% cashback. So they should give the complete cashback including the decimal portion.

      Also ICICI bank Amazon pay credit card gives complete cashback including decimal portion.

  11. Pranab

    What about HDFC then? Then don’t give us any points if transaction value is even 149.99!!! Every bank has their own terms & conditions. Terming Axis ‘Fraud’ for denying decimal values is an overstatement. 1.5% value back for a non-premium card is way too much. Even some premium & super premium cards don’t give that much. Only DCB & Infinia (which comes at 10 & 20 times annual fee respectively) have a higher (only 0.166% more cash) value back.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      @Pranab How did you come to 0.166% figure? NPS charges 0.9% + GST that amounts to 0.9% + 18% of 0.9% = 1.062% of the total value that you spent for NPS. Considering the fact that HDFC Diners/Infinia/SC Ultimate gives 3.33% as return in the form of RPs, therefore net gain is 3.33%-1.062% = 2.268%. I hope this is clear. Let me know if I am doing any mistake in this or not.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

        As per my understanding Pranab was referring to cash credit comparison. As in DCB and INFINIA cash credit will be 1.65 per point as compared to 3.3% if redeemed for Flight tickets or Hotel booking.

  12. Anbu

    The only reason I got this card was for other spends.
    i have been using this card for 2 months.
    No other card gives blanket 1.5% cashback for all spends. except for dcb &infinia, but they are not giving me either of the cards.
    I saw hsbc cashback 1% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends. this card is better compared to that.
    – I use ubereats more than Flipkart, so 4% is a good default cashback option.
    – 1.5% default cashback is a good cashback to get behind this card for credit card beginners.
    – All cashback are credited 3 days before the next billing cycle, so overall you need to pay less. which is equivalent to cash in hand at the next billing.
    – Statement is very clear about cashback for each transaction.

    Only downside I am facing is that cashback is rounded down to the lowest value. even if u r eligible for 2.95rs. They will credit you only 2 rs. You won’t lose much in high-value transactions. eg. spending 1495 you will be eligible for Rs. 22.4 but you will be credit only 22 so the effective cashback is 1.47%. but the smaller ones u lose more. eg. if you spend 130 u are eligible for 1.95 but you will be credited only 1 rs which makes effective cashback to 0.76%

  13. Pranab

    You merged my two replies in one.
    Anyway, your first concern is right. It was a calculation mistake by me. It’s indeed 1.062% for NPS. But the context by Pragyan is totally wrong. It’s never a hack. I mean, how it could be??? We’re getting 1.5% cashback for every transactions, not only NPS. The statement of his a total waste and bogus.
    Coming to your second concern, I’ve already mentioned ‘Cash’ (DCB & Infinia) and further elaborated by Satish. In Axis Flipkart, we’re getting 1.5% (Annual Fee 500); whereas in DCB/Infinia, it’s 1.666%* (Annual Fee 5000/10000). So only 0.166% more CASH benefit but a huge 10/20 times annual fee difference.
    *Considering points conversion to cash, not Flight/Hotel bookings.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      No sane person will use DCB/Infinia to get statement credit or “cash” as you call it. The real benefit of the card is only when redeemed as RPs and not as cash. Plus, the amount of priviledge you get for that amount is unparalleled. Besides, the fees is waived off if you spend more than 5L for DCB and 8L for Infinia. Most owners can meet this criteria. So i think they are great card and in no way can be compared to Flipkart Axis card.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        How can anyone compare dcb/infinia with axis flipkart card. Thats insane. The benefits cant be compared.

  14. GTMAX


    One thing that you have rightly said is 1.5% cashback for a non-premium credit card is quite good. However, comparing DCB/Infinia with this card just on the basis of fees is quite inappropriate. There are many more additional things that these super premium cards offer, the most lucrative being its Smartbuy 10X offer which translates to 16.5% (Cash benefit)

  15. Mannat Juneja

    Axis Bank is a cheat. They have PVR Cinemas as a preferred partner, I always get a message for 4% cashback but the statement only give me 1.5%. I have escalated the matter but to no avail. They don’t respond and there is no respite.
    I am going to close the card before I complete one year. Pathetic service with Axis Bank.

    1. Sobhan

      I use Goibibo site to book tickets for which it is supposed to be 4% but I am receiving only 1.5%. Raised query, complaint against but nothing happened.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

        If you don’t apply any coupon code then only 4% is applicable, otherwise 1.5%.

  16. Pranab

    @Abhishek and GTMAX, I’m not comparing. My sole intention was to discard the ‘Fraud’ statement by Mungurappa.
    In less than 3 months of having Infinia, today (26th Nov) my RP balance is 87718 (after approx 10K points redemption in flights for a colleague). It’ll be at least 300000 in a year. I’m not a frequent traveler (2-3 times a year), yet to have a mark in my passport. So, there’ll definitely be a time when I’ve to redeem my points as statement credit. That’s the reason I consider Infinia rewards rate as 1.666% (16.66 for smartbuy).

    1. MT

      Dont redeem above 100,000 points for statement credit , it attracts Gift tax , our dear friend income tax department will send you a sweet love letter to cough up tax , reward rate will be even lower thereafter , rather splurge on a business class ticket if you end up having 300,000 points at end of year … its just a suggestion

  17. DareDevil

    All those who are complaining of floor function / decimal truncation, we should tweet about this and tag @AxisBank, @Flipkart and @AxisBankSupport with hashtags #AxisBankFraud #FlipkartFraud and #Fraud.

  18. DareDevil

    Till axis bank fixes decimal truncation of cashback, use Axis bank flipkart credit card only for transactions above 133.
    Till 133, use one will gives cashback for even 1 Rs. 😛

  19. Pranab

    Thanks for your suggestion, it’s a very good info which I wasn’t aware of. Just tell me, if I redeem multiples of 99998 points (Maximum Rs.49999 statement credit in each redemption), will it still be taxable?

  20. Ramki

    If one is looking for a LTF card or very cheap annual fees card for just domestic lounge benefits and movie ticket benefits (BOGOF) for 4th card to add to the wallet (other 3 takes care of online spends, intl travel lounge, rewards thru cashbacks), what would you recommend?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      ICICI Coral cc will fit nicely to your requirement. If you have an account in ICICI bank, you may get it as LTF from time to time or else fee is 500 per year+GST.
      Yes First Preferred is also good LTF card if you are able to get. But movie offer is 25% on BMS and comparatively higher airport lounge access per year plus PP for International lounge access.

  21. Kishore

    I’m having vistara platinum ..If I apply for this card..my limit will be merged or I will get separate limit for this card..?

      1. Kishore

        Finally Today I received this card..Can’t understand their procedure..First I have applied for this card ..they rejected and same day I called customer support and asked them to convert my vistara platinum card to Flipkart card..after 10days today i got this card..

        CS executive told me limit will be same and shared between both cards.it seems they given the same limit but not shared between the cards..I have done some transactions on new card and available limit is showing different than the old card..and both have different bill dates and due dates..

  22. Sonali K

    Axis customer support is plain horrible. I already have axis signature credit card and I also have salary account with Axis. I called customer care once in September and once in October to apply to this credit card. They said their sales team will get back to me. Nothing happened. Third time I applied online by providing all the details and then finally their sales person called me to arrange document pickup. So, even though I have salary account + credit card, I had to submit the documents once again. Then for next 1 month, no updates.. The customer care person said that I have to apply for card again. This when they had already made a CIBIL enquiry. Then I had to escalate the issue. After two days, card was approved and dispatched couple of days later. I didn’t liked the packaging much, one of the simplest card packaging I have received. The card has a separate limit than my existing credit card. It’s almost 4X time my monthly take home, so no complaints there.
    The fact that 4% won’t be applicable on MMT/Goibibo with coupons is a very big disappointment.

    Now comes the most horrendous part. A week after receiving the credit card, I get a scam/phishing call. The caller knew I had applied for axis bank credit card. They were asking for last 6 digits of my card, what variant it was (flipkart/neo), were confirming expiry date (since they knew it was issued last month, so they were able to take correct guess) and whether it was mastercard/visa. And I realized that only that information was enough for phishing guys to do an international transaction. Wow. I had a very interesting conversation with the girl trying to scam me. First I fed up all wrong information to her just to see where this was going. Later when I called out on scam, she got angry and started cursing me, saying “we work so hard, it’s not easy to scam people” and then threatened that she is anyways going to transact on my card.
    So somewhere during the process my name, my number and the fact that I was applying for an axis credit card was leaked. And it worries me that a phishing group has my mobile number and name.
    I recently upgraded my Yes and HDFC credit card, and the process was so smooth.

    1. Jambui

      Hi sonali k same here. I applied axis vistara card on card basis and after my card was approved by citi card was fraudulently used in nyc laundry. Thank god cvv no was incorrect.
      Actually after getting all new card i cut highlight the cvv no by permanent marker so to read it one needs to put it under direct light to watch for engraving.
      Mine was also the sales guy who came with tablet.

      1. Bala

        Dear Jambui,

        Did you apply axis vistara cc on card to card basis? Can you share the details please

        1. Jambui

          @Bala I applied the card via sms code from vistara website. Their executive called from delhi and rejected on-call as i flied 2 times with vistara in last 10 months not 6months they want.

          After 2-3 months in march first week i received call from mumbai sales office asking for what all reasons i didn’t applied the card. Told him to give me card on card basis and he asked if i got diners black he is happy to accept my application. Told him i have citi permier miles instead with good limit and he agreed …. rest all i wrote above how the guy with tablet came for application and was surprised that my application was getting accepted C2C basis. I think it was year end sales target which made it happen.

    2. SS

      Yes, there is indeed some problem in axis bank security system. After a fraudulent transaction with my axis card (which was solve in my favour) I keep block and change card in every six months. And once or twice a year I got msg that some one try to do transaction with my old card numbers and failed as it was already blocked from my end. So always I block my axis card transaction for international from your mobile app and open it on way when ever required.

    3. Vimal

      After applying for axis Bank fk cc my application got rejected but after rejection I received same type of call that u got

    4. Sanchit Khandelwal

      This is very common with Axis cards. I also receive such fake calls once a week on average. The scammers already know that I have a Axis Vistara Signature card and try to confirm other details on some pretext.

  23. Kishore

    @sonali k
    I’m also having axis credit card… I have contacted customer care to convert my existing card to Flipkart.. they told we can’t downgrade a credit card, you can apply for a fresh credit card application…I applied and same day they made a CIBIL enquiry..next day I received a message that application delined.. having their premium credit card with good salary and CIBIL.. can’t understand what would be the possible reason for rejection..?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      If your earlier Axis card issued within last 6 months? Otherwise, escalate via social media.
      Bcoz quite a few old Axis card users got their card converted to this Flipkart card via just a call to Axis cc. May try 2-3 times as Axis cc is quite unpredictable.

      1. Kishore

        @satish Kumar
        My card is more than 7 months old.. recently got limit enhancement also..CC support told me “you will get the rejection letter in 14 days through post.. reason will be mentioned in the letter” …

    2. The Conscience

      Mis-management, I’m dealing with them for last 10 yrs and when I raise any request ,I anticipate every possible mistake from them. For instance, they have my 5 address, and when I upgrade to vistara from priveledge, they sent the card to my old house despite confirming address twice. So tough to deal .

  24. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

    I received 4% cashback for all 3 Uber spends even though 25% Uber discount coupon was already applied. Hope they won’t revert back.

  25. TAPAN

    can anybody confirm if we can open internet banking id, if we dont have bank account with axis

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Yes. I have only cc and netbanking is working.

      1. Rishabh Mangal

        How you manage to register? It asks for Customer Id.

        Please share the link where we can register for Card Netbanking.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

          Use Axis mobile app to see Customer ID

          1. Rishabh Mangal

            Even to check on app, you will need some login. How you will register for the first time on app?

          2. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

            Register on Axis mobile app using credit card no. alongwith name/ mobile/ email based verification.

  26. Chirag Katara

    This card doesn’t work with repayment of LazyPay due’s. Has anyone else also faced the same issue?

  27. sunil kumar

    One query sir
    Suppose there is already 10% discount on Axis bank credit card sale ongoing on Flipkart platform. If I use Flipkart Axis bank card which have 5% extra discount. Whether effectively I will get 15% discount or 10% discount only

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      15%. That’s beauty of this card.

  28. Pranab

    @sunil kumar,
    You’ll get 10% upfront discount and 5% cashback on final price after 2 billing cycles.
    If the initial price of the product is 10000, you have to pay 9000 and will get 450 cashback after 2 months (depending on your billing cycle).

  29. Neville Joseph

    While going through the TnCs of this card, I found that to get the 4% cashback on MMT/Goibibo, we need to apply a coupon code. However, often there are better offers than this 4%, available on MMT/Goibibo. So, has anybody tried doing a transaction without applying the 4% offer promo code, and instead applied the best offer code at that time? If yes, then how much % cashback will you get?

  30. Ayush Bhargava

    I applied for Axis Flipkart Card and the card was pre approved. I submitted my aadhaar card/pan card and my HDFC Credit Card statement in income proof having limit of Rs.3.45 Lacs. But they have rejected my application and have not provided any reason for rejection also. Is there any way to re-apply for this card or to know the reason for rejection.

    1. Shivi

      “Another credit card statement” is not counted as an Income proof.

      It’s either last 3 months salary slips/form 16/ saving or salary account bank statement showing salary deposit/last 3 year ITR for salaried people OR last 3 year ITR/P&L statement/balance sheet/current account statement/GST number for self employed.

  31. Renjith

    I got this card few days back and the limit was said to be shared with my LTF Neo card I already have. But in the app, it shows me same limits for both cards with separate Available Credit. My primary card is above 60% use now (temporary due to an unexpected medical expense). Will I be charged over limit charges if I make a purchase that will make the total credit utilisation of both cards combined above the credit limit of the Neo.

  32. Ramesh

    I had opted this Card with very much excitement and enthusiasm by seeing the offers what you were offering. I was even wondering no other card can beat you in terms of rewards.

    But unfortunately within a short period of time I’m realising there is nothing major rewarding part in your card rather that it was just a gimmick to attract customers and cheat them subsequently.

    I have used this Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card since last 1 year and spent more than 2.5 Lakhs till date using this card.

    Each month I was seeing some weiered method of computing Cashback.

    This month surprisingly it breached all the public offering it was showing on papers.

    1) Transaction on Flipkart worth Rs.16999/- was credited with Rs.254/- (not even 1.5% , 1.5% will be Rs.254.985) against actual reward of Rs.849.95

    2) Transaction on Phonepe Bill Payment site worth Rs.563/- was credited with Rs.0/- (Not sure whether you are considering Bill Payment as Gold / Fuel purchase). The same site another purchase of similar amount was awarded with 1.5% earlier.

    3) Downward Rounding of Rewards. Doesn’t matter even if it’s 99.9999999 , The Cashback will be just Rs.99.00000000. Not sure what algorithm you are using for not giving exact 1.5% or 5% rewards.

    4) No Rewards for Purchases upto Rs.99.9999 even when it still can reward you Rs.1.5/-

    I feel pitty on you guys for giving such attractive Offers on papers and cheating customers in reality.

    I may be just 1 customer out of 1000 who noticed this. There will be 999 customers who are still using this card without noticing such a huge loot.

    Flipkart, you have some brand value. Please refrain from such partners who doesn’t value of honor what they offer

    All the best !!

    1. Angshuman

      I received the statement today and same thing happened with me, they didn’t provide cashback for most of the transactions (even for Flipkart transactions also showing zero cashback earned, in statement).

      Do anyone knows how to report the same? Or the card is devalued or cashback is capped to some limit?

      1. Manmeet Nagar

        I have also received 0 cashback for many transactions despite receiving messages of 5% and 1.5% from axis. This has happened for the first time. In thinking of raising a complaint with axis cc.

    2. Manmeet Nagar

      The downward rounding and no cashback below Rs 100/- is already mentioned in Terms & conditions. But you can raise the complaint for point 1&2. I have also received 0 cashback for many transactions despite receiving messages of 5% and 1.5% from axis.

  33. Hamza

    I have received the first statement of my card, but to my suprise it has not mention the cashback even for a mobile purchased from Flipkart, although I got a message that I will receive 5% cashback on it.
    Same is the case for other few other usage where they have mentioned zero cashback, while the sms received after purchase mentioned that you will get 1.5% cashback.
    Since this is my first bill which I received, kindly suggest your opinion.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      I am using this card since almost last 1 year, but out of more than 40 transactions done at flipkart, this has happened only once last month that they didn’t provide 5% cashback on a single low value transaction. So the journey for me has been satisfying, but if it’s happening repeatedly, then Axis should clear this technical issue asap so as not to loose customers faith and hence business.

  34. Kumar

    I have Axis credit card with 3L credit limits , I applied to change(upgrade) variant to Axis Flipkart Credit card 8 months Back as suggested by Axis customer care but its got rejected no reason provided. after 8 months i applied on card on card basis provided axis card and hdfc card (limit 5L) still got rejected . Not understanding why axis rejecting my application though I have axis cc with 3L limit , good credit score never default on payment need some input How to get axis flipkart CC Thanks

  35. Manmeet Nagar

    I called the axis customer care and they informed that this 0 cashback is technical issue and it has happened to mant customers. They will rectify it within 5-7 days. No need to register any complaint. They will rectify it.

  36. Pranab

    Axis don’t seem to rectify the issue.
    In my last statement, in the cashback calculations section, 1.5% and 5% are properly calculated but in the cashback earned this month (cumulative) section, Flipkart transactions aren’t included (approx ₹2000 cashback). This is simply ridiculous 😠!

  37. Raja

    Even for me Cashback wasn’t posted. I reached out to CS via chat and here is the transcript,

    cashback isnt properly credited in last cycle statement

    I understand your concern regarding the cash back amount.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    I would like to inform you that, there was technical issue with the cash back amount posting. All of our Flipkart credit card customers are facing the same issue.

    Please do not worry! Our team is working on the issue to get this sorted at the earliest.

    The cash back amount for all the eligible transactions will be posted in your next statement.

  38. Himanshu Raghav

    Has anyone got the 0 cashback issue sorted ? I am also given 0 cashback while eligible cashback should be in 3-4k. Please share of anyone got the issue sorted

        1. Pankaj Gupta

          “Dear customer, due to technical error, cashback for your credit card ×××× in july CC statement was displayed as rs 208 instead of rs. 291. Please be assured that the correct amount of rs 291 will be credited in the next statement. Regret the inconvenience. ”
          This difference tallies with the cashback of the transaction given as zero in the last statement.

  39. Sampath

    Did anyone get 4% cashback for uber? I noticed that they are giving only 1.5% cashback.

  40. Shuvan Saha

    If we pay utility bills (Elec, Water, Mobile recharge etc.) using this card via PayTM, PhonePe, Amazon, PayZapp etc. will we get the 1.5% cashback? or will this be considered as Wallet money loading and hence no cashback?

    1. Shuvan Saha

      No cashback on Utility Bill payments, this is a hidden terms & condition, just confirmed this with Axis Bank customer support. This is cheating to keep such terms hidden from customers. This was not expected from reputed brands like Flipkart & Axis. Really disappointed. I have raised a formal complaint for official clarity on this, will keep you all posted 🙁

  41. Himanshu Raghav

    I pay utility bills using this card through Payzapp, Mobikwik and Phonepe. Till now I have got cashback for all transactions on these platforms.

  42. Akshay

    Will I get 5% cashback if I did Flipkart transaction on my friend’s Flipkart account??
    Or is it necessary to order from Flipkart account from which this card is issued??

  43. Piyush Kumar

    I applied for Axis Flipkart Card on 06/08/2020 and the card was pre approved. I submitted my aadhaar card, pan card and my HDFC Credit Card statement as income proof to the axis bank executive on 13/08/2020.
    Got message from axis bank on 16/08/2020 that card is approved and limit is 1.25Lacs.
    Virtual Credit card generated on 18/08/2020 in Flipkart app.
    Physical Card received on 22/08/2020 and pin generated on the same date.
    Done shopping of 2,200/- in offline store on 24/08/2020 and got flipkart voucher of 500/- automatically on 25/08/2020.
    Card joining charges is rs. 590/- including GST.
    I am a non Axis Bank Customer and having no prior relationship with axis bank and it really doesn’t matter in my case. Overall, my experience is good with axis bank.

    1. Pradeep

      if you’re not axisbank customer, then what do you mean by “the card was pre approved” ?!!


      1. Piyush Kumar

        it’s pre-approved in my flipkart account. Pranab is right.

        1. Sagar Chand

          What was the limit of your hdfc credit card based on which you got flipkart card.

  44. Jayant

    Got below message from Axis:
    With effect from 22nd Sep 20, there will be a change in the EDGE REWARDS accrual towards Insurance Premium txns on your Axis Bank Credit card and will be capped to Rs. 5000 per txn.
    Did any once else receive this kind of message?
    We get cashback and not Edge Rewards in case of Axis Flipkart. Will this rule be applicable for Axis Flipkart as well? Like max cashback for Insurance payment for any amount more than 5000 will be capped at Rs 75 (1.5% of 5000)?

    Thanks in Advance.

  45. Rajesh

    For the past couple of months, I am unable to pay rent via payzapp using flipkart axis card. It worked fine until July. When I called the customer care, they are saying that axis bank is declining all the transactions from payzapp wallet since they found many fraudulent transactions on it. Is it true?


    It is 9 days since i filled the form on flipkart website. And despite repeated requests they have not visited for my documents and application. Everyday they change the person assigned for completing the formalities. Dont know how they manage the bank. In my mind i have already opted out of this card.

  47. Aditya

    I cannot apply for the card on flipkart’s website or app. It shows “coming soon”. Is this by any chance an invite only card or is there any caveat I am missing ?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      It probably means that based upon your relationship/ transaction history with flipkart, they are not willing to offer you the card pre approved as of now.
      Better try on Axis Bank website.

    2. Upendran

      Flipkart website always shows only that message. Try in Axis bank website – i applied 15 days back through this and got instant approval (no existing relationship with Axis reqd)


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