Citibank Prestige Credit Card Review (India)

By | July 27, 2016

Issues under Visa Infinite variant, Citibank’s Prestige credit card stands on top and provides double the benefit compared to PremierMiles Credit Card with unique Travel Perks that’s not with any other credit card issued in India. Similar to Premier Miles card, Prestige has vast set of redemption partners and it is the card for those who want to play with air miles and International Hotel Loyalty programs.

Citi Prestige Credit Card india

Citibank Prestige Visa Infinite Credit Card in india

Welcome Bonus Citi Prestige Credit Card:

Annual membership fee: Rs 20,000.

While the Joining fee of Citi Prestige card is quite high, it also comes with equivalent benefits through vouchers and reward points. below are the joining bonus benefits.

  • 10,000 bonus air miles
  • Rs 10,000 Vouchers from Taj Group or ITC hotels

That’s equivalent to Rs.20,000 in value, provided you’re smart enough to redeem the airmiles at Rs.1 or more. That’s usually possible with long haul International First Class award ticket or domestic award ticket redemption during the offer period.

Ongoing Benefits of Citibank Prestige Card:

  1. One night complimentary stay, on minimum booking of 4 nights
  2. Unlimited complimentary Priority Pass lounge access at over 950+ airports (for primary and supplementary card members)
  3. Elevated status on the loyalty programs – British Airways & Taj Group
  4. Two annual complimentary luxury airport services and meet & assist services at over 30 international airports within Asia Pacific region.

Out of all these benefits, elevated status with British Airways and luxury airport services is what makes the card a special one to me.

Awesome Rewards Program:

  • 1 Reward point on every Rs.100 Domestic spend
  • 2 Reward points for every Rs.100 International spend
  • Value of 1 Reward Point = 4 Air Miles (with most Airlines)
  • Earn up to 30% bonus points up and above your regular earn, basis spends on the Citi Prestige credit card, if you are an existing Citigold or Citigold Private Client

The last point is what makes the card a super special. For example, lets say you spend 10 Lakhs on international expenses which will get you 20,000 Points normally. With 30% extra bonus, you get total of 26,000 Points which is equal to 1,04,000 AirMiles. That’s a whooping 10% value back. Incredible!

Well, from bank and Air-miles perspective, most of them utilize the points for domestic flight tickets or international economy tickets, which reduces the value of the point by half. Hence it seems Citibank is able to buy lots of miles from the Airlines at rates far less than Rs.1.

Features of Citi Prestige Credit Card:

  • Card Expert Rating: 4.5/5
  • Reward rate: 4% normally to upto ~10% overseas
  • Annual Fee: Rs 20,000.
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Yes,Β  4 visits per quarter to Visa Lounges in India & unlimited access via Priority Pass Lounge Program across the globe (also to add-on members)
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax

Though the Reward Rate may look eye catching, this card is only for those who can play smart with Points & Miles with Airline and hotel loyalty programs. That being said, its on my wishlist for quite a time. Hopefully will hold the card by 2017 provided they don’t devalue the card at that point πŸ˜€

Do you hold this card or wish to apply for one? Share your views in comments below.

125 thoughts on “Citibank Prestige Credit Card Review (India)

  1. Nipun


    I got the offer to upgrade but I could not dare for a Annual Membership fee of Rs.20,000 plus ST.

    Guess this is the costliest membership card they have.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, but its worth it just for the Priority Pass & Taj vouchers. They’ve welcome bonus points too to justify the fee. Its for the affluent few πŸ™‚

  2. Hrishig

    I have this and one extra service will be airport pickup /drop in apac region which typically costs above 5k +. So if you are travelling once in a year internationally this is good card to have.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing the info. Could you please more in detail as to how it works from your experience?
      This is one of the unique service which i wish to try someday πŸ™‚

      1. hrishig

        You need to call them in advance and book a limo for either pickup or drop at airport once in six months for free. In india they send bmw/audi/merc at metro cities. This service is not avalible in other cities. The same deal is applicable in APAC region.

        The other advantage is you can get 2 nights free stay by using some tricks.
        Citi prestige offer 4th day free when hotel booking is done by them.
        Now you select some hotel chain which is offering 5th Day free by doing 4 days booking. ( Works best for international stays)
        So in Apac region you call citi desk book such hotel for 5 days and pay only for 3 days . ( 40% saving)

        Prestiage card Customer service is the best across all the cards I have seen so far.

        In short if you are plannning / doing trips in APAC, this card you can save a lot ( Hotel+ longe+ Limo + cashback) inspite of spending 20k fee.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Got it.
          Thanks much for the detailed info on that πŸ™‚

    1. Dhruv

      Today, I did a detailed analysis… and Infinia wins.
      Both give you the priority pass bit.

      Infinia points however are easier earned and worth Re. 1 each when you redeem them for tickets / hotels on the infinia travel rewards portal, which gives competitive rates and does NOT even charge the convenience fee!

      Infinia has Golf and other privileges too.. like Vistara / etc. You can choose to trade points for air miles as well, but have the option.

      Also, renewals…. Infinia charges 10k (which can be waived off if you spend 8 lakhs a year … normally happens for people who are entitled this card and use it). If you do land up paying the 10k, you get 10k points which as I said is exact equivalent of 10k. rupees when booking on their portal. Prestige on the other hand takes 10k. and gives you 10k Airmiles = 2500 points of Re.1 each.

      TAJ… Infinia broke its tie up , but hardly matters because one can always buy the Epicure membership with the $$$ saved and when you buy the membership, you get a free night coupon and few extra perks like 50% cash back on first 3 swipes. I did just that.

      Foreign currency mark-up: Infinia + Regalia are the only 2 cards I have seen with a ONLY 2.5% mark–up, vs all others @3.5%

      THERE IS ONE advantage of Citi…. In some countries where the currency is not normal, like Vietnam and Cambodia… most bank cards do not work. I had a friend stuck without cash. In such places, as was the case with him, he found a Citibank and they gave him cash.

  3. Ojas

    I’ve been using a CitiBank PremierMiles card for a few years now and have been regular with my payments. Full repayment every month. How can i get an upgrade to the Prestige Card? I also have a CitiGold level relation with them.

  4. NITIN

    Finally received the card yesterday. They have 5L credit limit. Concierge is quite helpful with hotels but encourage to book flights online. Will post my views one I use it for few months. For flight booking, I will continue to use Premier mile card as it gives better returns. Priority pass didn’t allow free guest to lounge clearly mentioned in T&C.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Congrats Nitin. Feel free to share your experience with the card soon.

    2. ND

      To be honest I’m surprised with 5L limit for an eligible card member with 40L gross income is way too low.

      Is this the usual credit limit Citi offers on Prestige?

      1. Sharad

        During signup, they offered 10L limit as standard. If I want to increase, they’ll need some documentation or even enhancing your relation will help!

  5. Muhammad Abrar

    How can i redeem the CitiBank Prestige airmiles at Rs.1 or more i am looking to book a flight to San francisco from New Delhi
    Can you give any example

  6. Guru

    I have Citibank PremierMiles card with 5L limit. I wrote to Citibank customer care asking them if my card can be upgraded to Prestige. They agreed to do so with the usual 20K annual fees. I have also written to HDFC to upgrade my Jet World card to Infinia. Awaiting their response. Accordingly will take a decision.

  7. Akbar

    I need to apply fr hdfc infinia or citi prestige how can i.
    I hold hdfc regalia business first card and citi rewards

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Akbar just go through respective threads and u will get ur answer.

  8. hrishig

    the advantage with citi prestiage is the help line. I am with hdfc for more than 10 years but every time I call them I feel like talking to robots/chimps. citi prestiage helpline is far far better.

  9. Ashutosh

    Infinia and Regalia and Diners are all 2% forex mark up and not 2.5%. The lowest in the industry except DBS debit card which is 1.8%. DBS debit is an infinite visa card. (but a debit card πŸ™ )

    1. Srikrishna Raajan

      DBS debit as you have mentioned here is DBS Treasures Visa Infinite debit card which has 1.75% FCY markup but can be obtained only on opening DBS Treasures account with a minimum TRB (Total Relationship Balance) of INR20 Lakhs and above. And more over DBS is very stringent with the forex transactions and allows a transaction only it passes through VBV.

      Instead of this, YES First Preferred card would work the same with 1.75% FCY markup and I think it is not that very hard to get approved.

      1. Abhishek Roy

        If you love to use debit card you can get a full waiver on mark up fees with IndusInd Signature Exclusive Debit Card

  10. Ashutosh

    And from what I know, Citibank has reduced their markup to 2.5% from 3.5%. I have the premier miles card and waiting to clock up many miles so I can take the prestige and finally convert it x 4. πŸ™‚

  11. Ankur Mittal

    The main issue with Citibank is that they don’t allow spending on credit cards for business purposes and high spendings are mostly for business purposes only.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Don’t allow in the sense, are they kind of giving warning or not honouring the txn itself?

      1. Ankur Mittal

        Citibank called me and told that you can’t use the card for business purposes. The same is written in terms. Others have also faced similar issue.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          This is quite sad to know. Never knew banks started limiting the spend types.

          1. Amex Guy

            No, it’s not a transaction type. You cannot use *any* personal loan given to you as business loan. What they mean is you cannot use it in lieu of a business loan, not monthly spends you do for business. Any bank if finds out you used a personal loan to buy stuff you can sell in future (that is, a business loan) will sue you when you default.

            This does not include expenses that you will bill to your company or business.

  12. Majumdar


    What is meant by “business expenses”? Does it mean that even salaried employees cannot use the card for booking expenses like tickets, hotels on official duties as well?


  13. J Rao

    I am thinking of buying the Citi Prestige card and had following questions:
    a) Does anyone know whether it has a similar travel portal to purchase airline tickets like I wonder otherwise how we can use the award points to buy airline tickets without converting them to air miles of the Airlines they only support?
    b) What is the conversion of award points to Rs. when we purchase air tickets directly? I heard this card also works at goibibo or yatra travel portals, so what would be the rupee value for 1 award point if we were to use one of these portals to buy air tickets?
    c) They talk about a rewards catalog where we can redeem their award points. Anyone has a link to this catalog?

  14. Sonar Menda

    Hi sid, what should be the annual income to get citi prestige card?

  15. Vikram

    Annual gross must be at least 40L to even initiate the application procedure. You cannot even apply for this card otherwise.

  16. Amex Guy

    You can convert the 10K bonus points to 40K Premiermiles. That is 0.45*40K = 18000 rupees value. And you can use them to book whatever you want. πŸ™‚

      1. Amex Guy

        Actually I was wrong, you get 10000 miles, not points. You get 2500 points every year, which will convert to only 10K premier miles.

        I didn’t mean downgrading, if you have both PremierMiles and Prestige, Citi allows you to convert Prestige points to PM.

        The first revelation makes me not-so-inclined to upgrade to this. It would be worth it if it came with more higher tiered hotel/airline memberships. Amex Platinum is still where it’s at. Especially when points to hotel points conversion is still exactly same as PM. And you don’t get 4.5% return on travel sites with this.

  17. Ajesh

    Did Citi remove the Elevated British Airways Status offer for the card ? . In their website , only Taj Silver membership status only mentioned.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      Yes. It seems the elevated British Airways status is now gone with Prestige.

  18. Nithish

    Do they provide 10000 taj vouchers every year on renewal , that’s what is mentioned on their website ? Any experiences ?

  19. nithish

    Ive asked CITI bank to upgrade the card to CITI prestige and they said they cant as they dont see any offer. I have their premier miles card with 4 lakhs limit. any help on the upgradE?

  20. nithish

    Ive called CITI bank and they said they cant upgrade my card to prestige. I then called prestige call centre and they said theyll approve the card. customer care of prestige is very good. even when i had 3.8 lakhs limit they took my request and issued the new card. I’m mainly taking this card for Ethihad miles to use it on jet airways. Ethihad miles are 40 percent less than jet airways to travel in India. so we can use 4 X conversion to ethihad and inturn use those miles in jet airways. my friends says , jet miles is 8000 for vizag to mumbai but ethihad is only 5200 . πŸ™‚
    Not only that I’m inspired to have a premium card where im getting back the benifits of 20000

    1. Nitin Khanna

      Hi Nithish, Can you provide the customer care number for Prestige card?

      1. Nithish

        To apply for (or to know if you are eligible) Citi Prestige Credit card, you can contact the Citi Prestige Service line at +91-22-49181050, 1-800-419-1050 (toll free).

    2. Ashwin

      Mumbai – Vizag is 8550 EY miles as per the latest redemption. Still I think it is good Domestic business class and even international domestic.

      Domestic business is just 2000 miles more than for economy. Chennai – Colombo is only 5000 miles which is good value.

      Another point to note is Etihad Guest status is valid for one year only.

      1. Nithish

        Thanks Ashwini . What do you suggest the best mile to play with in prestige card ?

        1. Ashwin

          EY is good for domestic business class and international economy. There are times (like right now) where you get 20% extra miles on transferring. You could accumulate prestige points and just when you want to travel, you could transfer and book.

    3. Abhishek Roy

      Hi, does the income criteria of 40Lakh/annum stringently followed? Is Credit Limit also a criteria?

      1. Nithish

        No they didn’t even ask my ITR , my credit limit is around 3.8 lakhs

        1. Ashwin

          Can you please share what card you had with Citi? How long you had used it before getting to Prestige.

          1. nithish

            i was having premier miles card since 1 years but citi card holder since 4 years

          2. Hari

            Eligibility for prestige card
            5 Lakhs limit on existing Citi credit card or ITR of 24 lakhs or Gold relationship with Citi bank.

      2. HP

        I am getting a prestige issued for me. The income criteria for the same is an ITR of 25L. It may be noted however that they waive the annual fee of 20000 INT if you have a Citi Gold level relationship which apparently is not published on the website but is mentioned by the sales team of Citi. Time to move my Imperia relationship from Hdfc to Citi as the fools are unwilling to issue an infinia to me!

        1. Amex Guy

          The waiver is for Citigold Private Client, not Citigold. That requires 5 cross NRV with Citi, vs 75 lakhs for Citigold.

  21. Nithish

    Guys I just got a prestige card , can someone share which would be the right miles to play and accumulate with citi prestige . Thanks

    1. Pawan

      Try BA avios they don’t as long as your account got activity. Cathay Pacific is good for availability but miles expire in 3yrs.
      It also depends on where you want to travel?

  22. Saugata Halder

    For Citi Prestige does one know the hotel chains that fall under the one night free offer on booking for nights?

  23. Amex Guy

    I had a long chat with my Citigold RM today to upgrade, and here is the criteria:

    1. 25 lakhs in account (Cash, not NRV).
    2. 40L ITR.
    3. Internal limit (not sanctioned limit) of 6 lakhs and above for Citi cards 2 years old and/or, 10 lakhs and above for cards less than 2 years old.

    The internal limit is something that Citi would allow you if you ask, or up to which they will offer you to upgrade on regular basis. Typically for 6 lakhs internal limit, the sought after income criteria is 15-20 LPA. For 10 lakhs, it is 30L and above.

    If any of the above criteria is met, their system will take the upgrade request, otherwise it won’t.

    This card is not free for Citigold, only for Citigold Private Clients which require an NRV of 5 crores and above. Knowing citi, even if it is 4.99 crores on renewal month they will slap a fee. PremierMiles remain the only free card for Citigold, only if the NRV is over 75 lakhs in renewal month. I’ve gotten PM renewal fee slapped for a few lacs missing from my NRV, so Citi is pretty strict on that.

    I upgraded to this card today. I had a PM card with 12 lakhs limit. They are converting PM to Prestige points at 45%, effectively 4X-ing my miles. 40K PMs = 18K Prestige points = 72K air miles. Otherwise, 40K PMs would have given 20K air miles. They charge annual fee for first year on pro-rated basis. So getting this card after six months of your renewal month will only have 10K fee for first 6 months, but you still get all 20K benefits. Which is a pretty neat hack.

    Good luck everyone.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for your valuable inputs. Might help the Prestige Chasers!

    2. Amex Guy

      More updates — They refunded the PM card annual fee they charged earlier this year on prorated basis as well. They have not taken back renewal bonus though, which has been converted as described to Prestige points. I love this bank!

      Essentially making this card 8000 for the first 6-ish months for me, while giving me full sign up/renewal benefits of both cards.

      1. HP

        if you have citigold level relationship with mrv of 75L you shouldn’t have paid anything for premiermiles in the first place. Also they are offering prestige free of annual charges if you have citigold level relationship. As I mentioned earlier it is not advertised in the website but it is offered through the Bank sales team. In any case it is clearly mentioned that premiermiles comes free with citigold relationship on the website, hence I am surprised that you are paying charges for the same!!!

        1. Amex Guy

          I am Citigold since 2013 so I know their rules very well. The way it works is, PM is only free if your are Citigold and NRV is fully maintained in renewal month. I’ve had a year where is was 2-ish lacs short (still Citigold, you don’t suddenly lose the status with a few months of shortfall) and they did slap a fee. Read the fine print.

          The card is not free for Citigold. Trust me at the point I am with them (almost tending to private client), they would give me if possible. Don’t just listen to sales agents, most of whom can’t distinguish between Citigold and Private Client. Confirm it with Prestige Line before applying. They are the ones levying the charges. Even some Citigold RMs are not quiet sure about how Prestige works, given how few people opt for it. Always confirm. πŸ™‚

          1. HP

            This is based on the info I was given by the executives manning the prestige desk. It is plausible that the same is in the works but they have confirmed in written that prestige is being rolled out LTF for Citi gold level relationship and this is coming from the prestige desk and not Citi gold RM. You may want to recheck with them once on this.

          2. Majumdar

            Amex Guy,

            Trust me at the point I am with them (almost tending to private client)

            Wow! Rich man!

            Jokes apart, earlier they used to convert PM to Prestige at 2PM = 1 RP or 50% conversion ratio. Are you saying now they have reduced it (marginally) to 45%?

            One obvious advantage of Citi Prestige is the 1+3 unlimited PP. But with Infinia and Yes Excl, which come much cheaper than Prestige, does it make sense to subscribe to it. Or would it better to have Yes Ex + Citi PM?


          3. Amex Guy


            Yes, they have reduced it marginally. They basically convert based on cash redemption. 1 PM = 0.45 rupee and 1 Prestige point = 1 rupee.

            Sorry for late reply. Just saw this. πŸ™‚

          4. Ajesh

            Got the Citi Prestige free for first year , with Citi Gold . πŸ™‚

        2. Amex Guy

          Please make sure you have a signed acknowledgement of LTF offer from agent if you’re being given a targeted offer. Also, Citi’s LTF offers (at least for PM and Prestige) still give you annual benefits without fee, unlike other banks, which is why they are strict. So check if that’s the case or not. Because 10K airmiles with occasional 50% bonus offers from Citi get you 15K airmiles. Add to that 10K hotel vouchers, you get 25K benefit for 20K fee. So with an LTF offer with no benefits, you’re essentially losing 5K every year.

          Make sure your LTF offer is hook free.

    3. nithish

      Hi Amex guy,

      I have a limit of 3.8 lakhs PM and they upgraded the card to prestige. I’m wit them since 5 yrs. i think they consider overall relationship than credit limit

      1. Amex Guy

        Nitish, your internal limit might be over 6 lacs, especially since you have their cards for long. Ask for a limit increase or wait for offer. With Prestige and PM cards, expect 1.5X limit increase every 6 months until you hit your internal max limit. Your next limit increase will take you to 5.7 lacs.

        1. Venkat

          They recently upgraded my PM to Prestige. Limit <3.5L. Have held it for 12+ yrs (first IOC card, then PM…). Have never asked them for a credit limit increase – they've slowly increased it once every two years or so roughly… Also, got a refund for unused months of PM – wasn't expecting that!

          1. Amex Guy

            I’d ask for increased limit if I were you. Also, don’t miss the ongoing Avios offer. πŸ™‚

    4. SH

      Hi Amex Guy,

      Do you know what hotel chains in india form part of their 4th night complimentary offer? I get a corporate discount on most of the chains. Can I club those offers?

      1. Amex Guy

        I’m yet to use the hotel benefit, given that I’ve had this card only for a few days. πŸ™‚

        The way I understand it is that it used to be a benefit only for Visa Luxury hotels, but now you can use it to book any hotel that you can typically book on other third party travel booking sites. I can confirm it with Concierge.

        I doubt you can use the discount. How is that availed to you? You need to book hotel through concierge. If it is a chain discount, they can apply it. If it is a loyalty program based, they can apply it, since you still earn hotel rewards when booked through Citi’s concierge. If you give more details, I’ll ask them specifically. πŸ™‚

        1. SH

          Thanks for the clarification. If the 4th night complimentary is available for all inventory (or at least most of it) that is available on third party sites, then it makes sense for me. Will wait for your clarification on that in this forum.

          To come to your second part of the question, most of the hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG etc.) allow one to use a corporate code when booking direct (you will have to show an id card at the time of check-in). That has several benefits: reduced rate, free cancellation (up to 24 hours prior), free breakfast and wi-fi. If one is an elite member then one can club those benefits as well (so late checkout, lounge access, complimentary upgrades etc.). So my question is if one can club the Citi Prestige 4th night complimentary on reduced corporate rates then that is a winning combo, and makes a lot of sense who can avail the corporate discounts. Otherwise one has to do a cost-benefit analysis on a case-by-case.

          As always thanks for all the information that you pass on to us. Most informative.

    5. Anshul

      The criteria has changed now. I recently swapped my premier miles to prestige.
      You need to have atleast INR 3 lakhs credit limit in your existing card. This is the limit assigned to you and printed in your statement. In case you hold 2 Citi credit cards with a total limit of more than INR 3 lakhs, then you can get your limit aligned/transferred so that one card has atleast INR 3 lakhs. Post that it can be swapped to Prestige.

  24. Venkat

    @ Amex Guy – (replying here as I guess the commenting system doesn’t allow nested comments) In two minds about converting to Avios. Have accumulated a whole bunch of Prestige points thanks to Citi’s generous PM conversion, and wondering how best I can use that… Avios redemption rates for some Asian destinations (planning a holiday for next year) I checked are terrible… Do you reckon it still makes sense?

    On credit limit – yea, never felt the need, sometimes utilization ratio might have taken a hit, but credit scores are good. Let’s see if their frequency/quantum of credit limit upgrades changes since this is a premium card…They’ve never asked for a payslip in a decade (closed my salary account then), so they probably think I still earn what I do then… Hence the low limit… πŸ™‚

  25. hrishig

    I guess the 50% avois offer is now over, there was 30% offer on jet also which is now Over.

    I do not work with citi πŸ™‚ but will tell you what just happened to me using prestige
    1) Convert your points to AVOIS using promotions ( like 50%) . ( 2500 points*4= 10k*1.5= 15000k AVOIS )
    2) Now don’t convert /use AVOIS using BA as there rates are pathetic, use partner airlines. I was able to get a deal on Qatar airways business class germany to bombay by paying 16k taxes , same time BA was happily asking 35+k in taxes for economy class ticket
    keep searching and you may get good deal
    3) You can use 4th night free offer for many hotels, I used mine on Ibis as well as on Marriott. ( min saving of 5k-15k INR depending on hotel). (Marriott recently ran offer book for 2 nights and get 3rd night free )
    4) Cherry on the top is the free unlimited airport lounge access to me + 4 more family members.
    What more you want.?

    Make sure not to use this card when abroad due to high forex charges. Till dec 17 you can use dinners black which will give you 10X reward points

    Yes it feels bad when you pay 20k+ taxes on yearly basis , but if you use it properly prestige is good card.

  26. gkcards

    Any update on if this card if offered LTF to citigold (not private client) customers?

    1. S&S

      It is currently being offered first year free for citi gold (not private client) said citi prestige sales guy in hyderabad.
      He said they will find ways to make it free succeeding years too…
      Just first year free bait may not be good enough to con citi golds to stay on and validly so too πŸ™‚

      Btw: Got prestige with add on and pp for my wife…
      Pathetic experience to get it though.
      Inept and indifferent sales guy for starters…after I had indulged him.
      He had promised I’d get it in 5 days… Got it in just under 3 weeks!
      Calls to prestige line escalated matters.
      The delay put paid to my hopes of using it on an intl trip…
      Hope to make amends in december though πŸ™‚


  27. nithish

    Right now Thai airways is giving an offer to get ACCOR membership for 25000 points ::) just converted exactly 25000 points to thai membership and redeemed for ACCOR membership which is totally worth it with a complimentary room anywhere in Asia Pacific . I love Prestige

    1. Amex Guy

      You made a mistake. Accor only allows one membership, either ibis business or accor plus. With ibis business, which only costs like 80 euros, you get bumped to Accor Gold tier. You get a room as a welcome benefit. You also get room upgrades, depending on where you stay.

      Now that you’ve bought Accor Plus, you cannot buy ibis business and won’t get any other benefits like Accor Gold tier and ibis discounts.

      I sincerely hope you did not burn 25000 Prestige points (around 1 lac value) for a membership that costs $150.

  28. Jay

    regarding the 4th night free- are bookings made directly with the hotel or through an ota such as makemytrip. I ask this because I don’t want to miss out on my hotel loyalty points. Thanks

    1. Amex Guy

      You have to book through concierge. At least on Marriott and SPG properties, you get loyalty points just fine. Can’t say about others as haven’t used them. You can call the hotel ahead and ask them before booking.

  29. Rishm

    Hi, I have gone through most of the comments as I am inclined to dump my AMEX Plat Reserve for Prestige. My request for Prestige has been accepted (I am not Gold or Pvt client). My spend is at least 10L pa and since my corporate Diners card moved to basic AMEX corp card, I miss the unlimited domestic & international louge access, although my current role doesnt require extensive travel.

    I am willing to pay for Prestige type of card and consolidate ‘all’ my spends on one card (both Diners & AMEX arent well accepted still and I land up using Citi reward card or Manhattan as secondary cards) but I still do not fully understand the ‘direct’ benefit (read: returns) of the 20k+tax fees for the 10k hotel voucher (this part is understood) but the 2500 reward point isnt really covering the direct benefit, right? Some of you do find it worthwhile but I am still not sure. I do understand that 2500 points is equal to 10k air miles, but isnt 10k miles is far from the Rs 10k as returns?

    So do I conclude that there isnt a direct benefit (return) of the first 20k +tax fees but it is compensated by 4th night hotel offer, the airport transfer and lounge access OR am I missing something?

    1. Amex Guy

      10k airmails can easily be 10k rupees if you know how to use them. If you book for J or F, it can be far more valuable than 10k rupees. Look at redemption options via Etihad, BA, Cathay, Alaska. Also, I am yet to see a card globally that can accumulate miles as fast as the Indian Prestige.

      It’s only less than 10k if you redeem it for domestic carriers. You have to fly at least J to get to 1 rupee valuation.

      You also get 5 unlimited PP and 2 meet and greet services, which is easily a 35,000 benefit if you buy it at discounted market price.

  30. Gkcards

    If u just consider 10k hotel voucher and 2500 points, which are immediate benefits, which comes to 12.5k. Fees is 20000+gst, which is 23600. So we are paying around 11100 as annual fees. But then it offers Taj epicure membersip, 4th night free, limo twice, priority pass for addon. So I think worth the fees, strongly more if you take vacations of 4 nights at least once a year.

  31. nithish


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Can i have more info on this Double offer? Looks like i’m hearing it for the first time.

      1. Amex Guy

        There are on and off offers, Sid. Like in October, you got 50% bonus Avios. So effectively it is 1:6.

  32. Sahil

    Can anyone elaborate on how 10k miles = 10k Rs. by booking flight tickets. Also, as per my understanding and discussions with Customer Care the Priority Pass access is for unlimited use for both primary and add on cards.

    1. Amex Guy

      You should look into Avios, Cathay, Etihad. Also, if you can hack your way around getting points to Alaskan, getting a transatlantic flight. All these are economy. Pick one alliance, with *A or one world, and stick to it like your life depends on it. Using Avios intra-europe. Using Avios on Cathay, Japan Airlines, and Malaysian. Using Etihad to book 9W. Using Avios to book intra-USA flight. There are literally hundreds of ways to get more than Re. 1 for a mile while redeeming economy.

      Almost any program will give you over Re. 1/ mile in J and F. If you’re looking for domestic carriers only, I’ll strictly stick to a Jet card instead.

      1. Sahil

        What is the meaning of J and F and 9W???…are these class of tickets while booking flights. also, should i for for a dedicated Jet card…I am already having prestige and hdfc diners cards…i think citibank is the best card for booking flights and hotels…and by your explanation it seems it is better to redeem the Prestige points while travelling abroad.

      2. Rishim

        Amex Guy,
        Can you please suggest any links or portals that help better understand how to use / hack the air miles?
        I have almost 200k Amex points & 66k Avios that I would like to use for a trip to the Nordics later this year.


    Does the free epicure membership also comes with the complimentary night stay as is available with paid epicure membership?

  34. nithish

    Also Singapore airlines krisflyer always have 1 reward points =1 rs. these days i’m converting only to Krisflyer and using on airindia

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Is that giving a good value?

      I’m planning to redeem the opposite way – AI Miles on SA. Any good routes in that case?

  35. Ram

    Guys, is there any cc in India that has partnership with any 1word airlines.. For me *A makes sense since we have both AI and Lufthansa partnered cards in India

    1. Amex Guy

      No. ICICI had BA card, Amex Plat gave Marco Polo Gold, but both those are now gone. Citi and Amex transfer to oneworld airlines. Recently, Diners added BA as a partner. With their 10X promo, it is safely the easiest way to accrue miles on oneworld.

      *A does make sense a lot in India, especially if you also travel locally a lot, because most airline lounges are on *A, including GVK. Since it becomes unlikely for Jet to join any alliance each passing day, it will probably remain the same way for a few years.

      Apart from status, I find *A to generally be lower on ROI than oneworld. YMMV.

      1. Ram

        Thanks bro. Agreed on transferring from other cards. The only reason I am inclined towards One world is bcoz of Qatar. Except Emirates (who’s not on any alliance) none can come closer to the service in Qatar. J or F service is exceptional is Qatar. Are would aware of any *a airlines who can come close to Qatar in J or F

  36. Rishm

    Amex Guy, Gk Cards, Nithish & Sid: thank you for your revert!

    I will go ahead signing up for Prestige and will land up using it as the ‘primary’ card after years with AMEX.
    Btw, I have about 162k points on AMEX gold charge card and about 30k point on the newly acquired AMEX Plat Reserve.
    So far, I have found the gift cash card option of Amex Gold as the best (easiest) way to redeem points although have used points for domestic economy travel as well. Also found the Amex Plat Travel very rewarding and easy to consume the reward points. Clearly, I need to educate myself on how to better make use of the reward points.

  37. CitiPrestigeUser

    Hi, I have been using the citi prestige card for a few months now. Had a premier miles with 12L limit, almost 4,00,000 miles on PM, converted to around 1,80,000 points on Prestige. Got an additional 5.2 lakh airline miles (PM coverts at 0.5 ratio) just by changing my card.

    Prestige is by far the best card according to me.

    I have booked 1 round trip business class ticket to China and 2 to Bali (using SQ miles). Have used the fourth night 4 times (almost USD 1,000 benefitsas each free night was around USD 200-250). Used the limo service in Perth and Shanghai (E class car). Used the meet and assist at Shanghai and Perth (which saved over 30-45 mins in immigration and customs lines).

    For someone still evaluating based on annual fee, if you even travel 3-4 times a year, you will definitely earn back more than your fee.

    I’m happy to share any additional information to help someone out.

    PS: I’m getting the annual fee also waived as I’m a Citigold private client

    1. Arnab

      Hi, I have a query. I have both the DCB & YFE cards. Recently have been thinking to convert my Citi PM to Citi Prestige. My lounge access and regular points benefits are more than covered by DCB & YFE. Looking to Prestige just for the 4th night free and Meet & Assist services (perhaps for Epicure too). Regarding the 4th night free I know that the Prestige Concierge use for rates. But do they also book the rooms at I have loads of points and elite status with a few international chains and I wouldn’t want to loose out on the room points by letting the Concierge book at I know for a reason the US Prestige Concierge books the rooms at the hotel website itself and so the room points are credited as usual. What’s the deal with the Indian version? Any response will be highly appreciated.

  38. AQ

    Happy New Year everyone!

    How does the Citi Prestige reward rate compare with HDFC Infinia? Are there other credit cards with a higher reward rate on MC/Visa network?


    Anybody having experience on 4th night free, can they tell how are the rates offered by prestige team compared to Makemytrip or goibibo.

    Also can anyone please shed light on the fact that how the 4th night is treated if we use the offer like “stay for 2 nights 3rd night free from hotels side itself”. I mean if we use this offer than we get 3 nights at the rate of 2 and since it is 3 nights, will the citi prestige provide 4th night free??

    1. CitiPrestigeUser

      The booking is done on, so you should be able to see the rates for yourself. Quite Transparent. Only issue they might not have access to all rates (Eg breakfast included, all inclusive, etc)

  40. Saurabh

    I applied for CITI Prestige (applied just to check my eligibility) and got approved. My annual income is 10L and I have CITI Premier Miles card with 3.2L credit limit. I have other cards also like Amex Platinum Travel, SBI Elite, Yes Preferred & IndusInd Legend. My transactions are mostly in Indian currency and my travelling is in domestic only. Should I go for CITI Prestige card?

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      If you not gonna use your Priority Pass, I would say avoid Prestige card. If you are paying 20K fees, You should be able to reap value out of it. If not Don’t go for it.

  41. Ajesh

    Got the Prestige free today with a 10L limit . Tried to book a Europe flight with Citi Prestige Concierge. Totally waste!!. They don’t have any direct quotes from Airlines. Instead they quote from Thirdparty vendor , non refundable fares which are higher than direct airline. Also they don’t have any fare options which are refundable. They advised me to book directly from airline site, if refundable fares are required. Also the quotes were atleast 10K costlier than airline website.

    Have applied for Amex Platinum . Will see if their Concierge is better in terms of airline bookings.

    1. Rishm

      I have been with AMEX since 2002, although haven’t used their concierge extensively but with 2 recent interactions with Prestige concierge, I can tell you that AMEX is way ahead.
      I had called Prestige concierge to understand the 4th night free offer & I already find it cumbersome > first select hotel at > then call citi concierge > they will check 4th night eligibility (offline) > then revert the availability. What if the hotel is not participating? Whole process repeats!

      I was surprised why isn’t there a better / faster way or a self service option.

      Btw, the hotel charge of such booking will be in USD.


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