Axis Magnus Credit Card gets a NEW milestone benefit and more

By | May 17, 2022
Axis Magnus Credit Card

For detailed review & latest updates please refer to Axis Magnus Review

Axis Bank has recently added new benefits to the MAGNUS credit card after about ~2 months of onboarding customers on Visa Infinite Platform.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new benefits that’s going live for all Magnus credit cards from 1st Feb 2022.

  • Monthly Milestone Benefit: 25k points on 1L spend (5000 INR value, which is +5% return)
  • Accelerated Rewards: 5X on travel spends via Travel Edge (6% Value)
  • International lounge access: Unlimited via Priority Pass (guests limited to 8, same as before)

The monthly milestone reward points benefit is a MIND-BLOWING addition to Magnus with which one can now earn 6.2% worth of rewards on 1L spend (excluding wallet loads), every calendar month. That’s a massive benefit to have as a standard feature on the card.

So it now helps to compete with HDFC Super Premium cards as far as the reward rate (on regular spend) is concerned.

If Axis does another addition by making 5X to 10X or even 20X Rewards on travel as they did a while ago, then Magnus has everything one needs with better redemptions and no 70% restriction as with HDFC.

Note: For New customers, the monthly milestone benefit will be applicable from the 1st of the upcoming month post the card issuance date


Magnus is an amazing card and is the first mover when it comes to Domestic Airport Concierge services and seems it attracts high quality customers that they’re now able to give even more to them.

That said, I wish Axis adds something similar to Axis Reserve Credit Card as well to boost the reward rate, maybe something like 25K rewards on 1L & 2L spends each. Let’s see what they do!

Author: Siddharth

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162 thoughts on “Axis Magnus Credit Card gets a NEW milestone benefit and more

  1. Abhi

    Few other good to know conditions:
    1. Wallet loads are not considered for the monthly milestone.
    2. 2X benefit on MMT, Goibibo and yatra will be discontinued from 10March.
    3. Bonus 25K RPs will be credited within 90 days from monthend.
    4. Monthly milestone is calculated calendar month wise and not billing cycle wise.

  2. Gaurav Malik

    I have the reserve card taken in end October and still sending email to PNO/Nodal as my CLUB ITC membership has still not been processed. I am not sure if I would even get the 50K edge points…and this after being a Burgundy customer and holding 4 axis cards. I have stopped spending on my reserve card and now fighting for a refund as well let’s see..

      1. Gaurav Malik

        Hi Dhaval,

        Got select card free from my Burgundy account…was anyway holding Axis Flipkart earlier…in the new promotion in Oct applied for Vistara Infinite and Reserve and got both approved. Thus holding these 4 axis cards

  3. Chiranjeevi

    There is discalimer stating the benefit will be discontinued from 10th March
    25,000 EDGE REWARDS Points worth Rs. 5,000 on monthly spends of Rs. 1Lakh.
    5X EDGE REWARDS on travel spends via TRAVEL EDGE.
    12 Axis EDGE REWARDS Points on every Rs.200 that you spend.
    2X Axis EDGE REWARDS Points on purchases at MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Goibibo and more.
    *This benefit will be discontinued w.e.f 10th march 2022

      1. Gajanan Vaidya

        Is Unlimited International lounge access for old card holders also.( Master card)? I checked with Axis call center and they are not aware of this new feature.

  4. Fahd

    Hoping HDFC takes note of this and improves on Infinia / DCB..i personally plan on taking this card now and routing all non Smartbuy spends on this and keep my DCB for Smartbuy spends only

  5. Yash khemka


    The issue is that even though it is generous 25000 edge rewards on 1 lac monthly spend, the edge rewards cannot be converted to cash statement credit. The edge rewards can be redeemed only for vouchers like amazon gift, etc.

  6. SK

    Lucky are those who opted for FYF for Axis Magnus when the offer was live!

  7. Shreyansh

    Is there any minimum limit required for existing axis bank card holders to apply via ‘card upgrade’ for this card?

    1. Rakesh

      Yes , 3lacs. I upgraded my existing credit card to Magnus card through upgrade option.

    2. Md Shoyaib

      From Customer Care I was told that existing limit on card of axis bank should be 50000. I applied through the bank by submitting a new application on C2C basis. I submitted Regalia Statement with credit limit of 3.9 lakhs. The care was approved on 14 Jan and now reflecting in app. Not dispatched yet

      1. DIPAK KUMAR

        Hello shoyaib, i also want to apply for magnus card, as c2c from business regalia card. I want to know as you applied, with regalia card, how much limit you got ?? How did you apply form branch or individual agent?? Kindly reply asap.thanks in advance

      2. Md Shoyaib

        I got number of an agent of axis bank. I applied C2C with regalia. I got limit of 3 lakhs on magnus card

      3. ashwini

        is this a metal card? and is it better than business regalia which I am currently using?

    3. nandha kumar

      Yes.minimum limit is 3lakh required for upgrade the card

  8. Harish Raj

    Since it’s Visa Infinite, will the unlimited domestic Lounge access continue for AddOn card holders? Traditionally have only seen Master card allowing Addon Card holders to Swipe at Lounges.

  9. Sameer Desai

    How easy or possible is it to upgrade from Select card with 2.5L limit to Magnus? Any tips/suggestions for it?

    1. Mohammed Shoyaib

      If you have any other card with 3 lakhs + limit then file a fresh application through bank agent on C2C basis.

    2. Pratyush

      I have privilege credit card with 2.65L limit but was rejected as the limit is less than 3L.

  10. Abhishek

    For 2nd year onwards also will we get either voucher or air ticket after paying annual fee of Rs 10K + GST

  11. Aditya

    For a monthly spend of approx 1-2L, this card is more rewarding than the Reserve, Select, Ace, Flipkart cards and is the most rewarding card in Axis for that spend range. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Raghu

      The T&C doc states, “All spends are considered except wallet loads” – fuel/insurance/bill payment/NPS/all should be considered

  12. Deepak

    Hi all,

    I applied for the card 2 days ago and got a application id number but thats it. Does anyone know how to track or check the status. The usual links after google search dont bring up anything.

  13. MT

    Used the airport concierge service today domestic bookes using Magnus card at Mumbai airport … was disappointed to know that the service booked via axis bank partnership only includes porter service and VIP lane security, service ends when they put you into the VIP lane .. no golf cart provided … i wont value this service more than 1000rs per visit

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      If you value it even Rs. 1000 then I think they are doing a good job for a card with 10k fee.

    2. Vipul Aggarwal

      Lucky you atleast you are getting the service. I am shocked to see service is not available in Delhi region. I applied for the card for this service only.

      1. MT

        Not surprised at all , i think there is some problem with VIP services at delhi T3 , for Amex pmat charge holders, i was informed that the meet and greet is indefinitely on hold when i tried to book tickets for using the service

  14. Raghu

    Axis Magnus card applied as a new customer (hold ACE and FK) from website on 27Jan
    Physical verification done on 29Jan
    Approval SMS received on 31Jan and could see partial card number in Axis mobile app without any details such as limit, etc and they have added 11800 to the existing outstanding amount

    More details as it progresses..

    1. Raghu

      02 Feb: Received an SMS saying that Dineout Plus membership number and Priority pass card are enclosed in the credit card kit
      03 Feb: Card is shipped
      04 Feb: Card received along with PP

  15. Shiznit

    This becomes more attractive particularly post the devaluation of DCB/Infinia

  16. vikrant

    @MT The bank website says this “With airport concierge services, Axis Bank brings you a seamless air travel experience with any airline of your choice. Get greeted at the airport by our authorized agents, fast-track yourself through the check-in, security and immigration processes and travel care-free with our porter and buggy services. Book your services now!”

    By buggy services I believe they mean the golf card. You could probably raise a complaint with your RM/Bank.

  17. Vikrant


    Do you have a referral link for this card? I hold a LTF DCB(5.9L limit) and a LTF Yes First Exclusive(4.9L limit) and the Citi rewards card(9.7L limit). Do you think it makes sense for me to apply for this card?

  18. Vipul Aggarwal

    I got my card today(1st February). So I eligible for the offer this month or its going to start next month?

    1. mohdgadi

      For New customers, the monthly milestone benefit will be applicable from the 1st of the upcoming month
      post the card issuance date.

      – Written in T&C

      1. Vipul Aggarwal

        That’s my trouble and confusion in my case. According to terms and conditions, For New customers, the monthly milestone benefit will be applicable from the 1st of the upcoming month
        post the card issuance date.

        I received my card on 1st February and got activated same day. So obviously my card issuance date would be somewhere in Jan end.

        Even I spoke to premium customer and sent email to their premium customer service, they have no idea about it. I wish they had delivered my card in January only or somewhere in the middle of February 🤣🤣

  19. Mohammed Shoyaib

    Got Magnus card today. Limit 3 lakhs. Applied C2C based on regalia with limit 3.9 lakhs. Took more than 21 days to get approved. I was holding Flipkart axis Bank card with limit 40000

    1. Raghu

      How many days after receiving the SMS on ‘Dineout Plus membership number and Priority pass’ did the card get delivered?

  20. Mouli

    Applied for Magnus credit card and in 2 hours card got approved ,saw the card number also in mobile app and received the card in 4 days. Super fast process by Axis bank. I already have Vistara Infinite card with 6.15L limit so this card was kind of pre approved one

  21. Anshul

    Now that DB is further devalued for voucher purchase and daily cap of 2500 points, mathematically, is there card better than DB?

  22. Arnav Sarawgi

    Till a couple of days back I was keen on applying for the new metallic infinia, what do you suggest? Infinia or magnus?

  23. Sarvann

    This 1 lakh monthly spend milestone reward a feature of this card or a temporary offer? Planning to apply if it won’t be revoked immediately. Has anyone confirmed insurance premium is not excluded in Axis rewards?

  24. Mouli

    Axis confirmed that they are not issuing Add on card for any Axis credit cards so whoever applies for this card don’t consider add on card benefits

    1. Siddharth Post author

      From what I know, it can still be applied if applied along with the primary card application. Still, Add-on’s with Axis is full of bugs as reported earlier. So better to avoid.

  25. Praveen

    Holding vistara infinite and Fk card with 75k limit each… Applied for magnus online and got a confirmation call asking for full name and mail id.

    Card is now approved with a limit of 1.8 lakh and dispatched..

    Seems many comments above about 3 lakh min limit but seems that they are issuing even with less limit..

    1. Sarvann

      How do they even expect you to spend 15L p.a with a CL like 1.8 lakh?

    2. Srikkanth

      Could you please let us know applied for Magnus online means through axis bank website as existing customer or new application ?

  26. ARR

    Hi all,
    I want to have Magnus. I can spend easily 1 lakh for month. But, I’m not eligible with the ITR. I’ve Vistara Infinite, ACE and Flipkart cards from Axis with the shared limit of Rs.3 lakhs. I also have HDFC card with 12 lakhs limit.
    1) Is there a way to get the Magnus?
    2) Is it possible to have the 4th card from Axis?3)Is it a good idea to upgrade the Vistara to Magnus?

    1. Kapil Suneja

      Yes, you can
      firsttly, provided you have limit of 3,00,000 INR in existing card. Please note that you can only hold 3 cards that means you need to close on card and then apply magnus.
      I cannot answer your second question , as i dont hold vistara.

      hope i was able to answer you.

    2. srikkanth

      vistara to magnus is purely upon your priorities , if you cant get value through cv points or dont rate business class tickets or not in delhi/mumbai to maximise then you may consider magnus, even it has its own shortfalls. 3 lakhs shared limit is enough to call and swap any of your existing axis cards , afaik axis allows only 3 cards. if you want to try for more limit try to apply through c2c route , heard a lot have got good limits through this way

    3. Md Shoyaib

      You can easily get Magnus Card with your Credit Card Statement of HDFC. Apply it offline with biometric authentication. Axis may ask you to close one of the existing card. But in few cases axis allowed holding 4 cards.

  27. Pratyush

    Axis is launching a new credit card. Atlas Credit Card. Annual fees Rs 5000 +gst

  28. Parvesh Goyal

    Hi.. I had applied for Magnus card on 31st Jan and got the approval sms on 04th Feb but after that no communication. If I check the application status, nothing is showing there. So I want to know if this is the normal practice of Axis Bank.. Thanks in advance.

    1. Md Shoyaib

      Yes it is a normal practice by the bank. Many times even customer care will not be able to track it. Better to get in touch with any bank employee and ask them the status saying there is no communication. I got approved sms and after that it took 14 days for the card to reflect in app.

  29. Hello World

    Are the welcome benefits recurring after I pay renewal fee?
    I just got the Magnus card, its in Metal form factor.

  30. Sunil

    Hi Sid, used Magnus card for rent , Rewards point are generating for Redgirraffe transaction through payzap bill payment . And also did transaction in CRED.

    Did transaction on 5th current month.

  31. MT

    Mumbai arrival experience is must better at T2 , booked VIP service via concierge, had a person waiting with a porter and a reserved golf cart (5seater) , quickly escorted to baggage hall , pointed out my bags to porter , promptly picked up , exited via staff exit (for vaccine cert check) no waiting in line with normal passengers, porter loaded all bags into car … on pranaam website its 2,000 rs per person , guess it fits the valuation


    Hi Siddharth , i regularly visit your website. I am following your website for last three years. Thank you so much for investing your time and your effort . I recently upgrade my My Axis bank privilege to magnus after reading your post. I received the card within a week. But i Cant able to use it TNEB website. I am getting otp but after submitting the OTP , no message from bank side and Transaction getting declined for no reason. I dont even get declined transaction message. Do you or anyone from your website face issues like this. . Can bank block Transaction on Certain Mearchant ?.. Please share your inputs Regarding this.Will be very useful. Thank you


        i enabled ecom transaction online on control center. i can make payment on other website, but i cant make payment on TNEB only. Thank you Abhishek

    1. Kapil Suneja

      I may sound little odd to your ears.
      Did you checked your online transactions?
      if that enabled or not.?

    1. Kapil Suneja

      No, it’s not.
      May be you can keep this card foe first year and see how is the cost-benefit and then may be Axis would convert to LTF as part of retention process.
      Don’t forget this card is par with Infinia & Diners. It’s worth the cost.

    2. Basant

      Wondering the same. Is everyone paying 10K+GST or getting it waived off? I hold a Burgandy and have not availed any credit card from Axis so far. They offer select for free but I am not interested.

  33. Amar

    I am trying to use my Magnus card on the Axis Gyftr Edge Instant voucher platform to buy Amazon vouchers but the transaction is failing (just received today and enabled for Ecom transaction through the app – working fine on big basket).
    Tried using my Axis Select card and it is going through (though I cancelled on OTP page as I want to use Magnus).
    I also don’t see a mention of Magnus on the Gyftr Edge benefits illustration page – it starts from Select.
    Does it mean one can’t use Magnus on this platform?

    1. Jaya

      I too faced the same issue with the magnus card. Raised a complaint with Gyftr team. Will update, once the issue is resolved.

      1. Rishabh

        Have been unable to use magnus card on Giftedge portal. It says Transaction failed. Axis bank is clueless and so is the gyftr team.

        After one month of Axis Magnus I have realised that AXIS bank’s whole system is convoluted – they have grabdeals (which has vouchers and cashback links and few offers), they have travel edge (to redeem and book – earlier with 10x, 20x offers) and they have GIFT Edge where one can purchase vouchers.

        Very silly system. I am now moving actively from Diners Black to Magnus but they are making the shift difficult with such complexities. Hope they fix their internal co-ordination issues and make the experience simple. The customer care folks also need better training and understanding of the whole eco-system.

      2. Raghu

        Same issue with me, unable to buy on and raised a complaint about 15 days back and finally, Gyftr team came back today saying the issue is with the card and need to reach out to the bank. Reached out via Twitter, no reply so far.

  34. Purna

    I did not get any reward points including regular points after statement. I have asked customer care ,they are saying need to wait for next month statement generated for regular points as well because it is new card. Is it true?

  35. Amit Upadhyay

    Hi Sid,

    Do Magnus add on card holders also get a separate priority pass membership? Their website mentions complimentary domestic lounge access for add on cards but there is no reference to international lounges.

    Also, any idea when Axis will allow add on card applications?

  36. Mercury

    Received my Magnus card today – pathetic credit limit given of 27K – the application was on card to card basis with my infinia card having limits of 15Lacs….

    Any ideas about how to get the limit enhanced immediately. Otherwise paying 10K+gst joining fees makes no point. The main purpose to apply this card was the monthly milestone – have monthly expenses to the tune of almost 2lacs per month.

  37. Amrish

    hi sid, do you see the FYF offers coming back for Axis in March, since the LTF offers are already back for lower cards. I’m thinking of applying for Magnus but was thinking if I should wait a bit. Hoping the offers come back , even though I’m sure Axis is meeting more than its targets for Magnus after the devaluation by HDFC 🙂

  38. Vikram

    I applied for Magnus Credit card on 14/02/2022 thorugh online and the respresentative who came to do KYC (As i am not a bank account holder), didnt ask for any document, but still i gave my existing INFINIA Statement with limit of 7.37 lakh. The card was in pending status for 9 days and got approved today with limit of 1.5 lakh.

    1. Devansh

      Hi Vikram, I’m unable to track my card. Says AppID invalid. Which webpage are you using?

  39. Nick

    Received the card today with 8 lacs limit. Had applied on C2C basis l and it took good 21 days to get the approval. The card comes in metal now. Off topic, SBI Aurum is the only good looking metal card in india. Rest all including Amex Plat Charge, Infinia, and Magnus have that ugly square EMV chip. It’s kind of gross 😬

  40. Seshu Pasineni

    I’ve applied for this card online on Feb 8, physical verification (seriously!?) happened in a couple of days and the guy who came for the same says the application I raised initially is not valid for whatever reason and asked me to follow a set of instructions (which according to him is the only way of getting the card approved, with some ridiculous rules). Once physical verification is done, I was expecting to atleast track the application through my axis app but I don’t see anything. It’s been two weeks and I get a message today that card is declined. I hold cards premium to this (from other companies) and I also have an axis account since a while and I’m pretty sure I’ve brought them good business from my end but this is very disappointing experience with Axis.

  41. Pragyan

    I already had flipkart and ace credit card with them with shared limit of 3 lacs. Applied online for magnus and got it approved yesterday. Took around a week to get it approved. Also received an IVR call for confirmation of the application 2 days back. Sadly the limit is still same shared between 3 cards.

  42. Thomas

    Seshu please apply card to card basis, same thing happened to me got card now

  43. Shiznit

    I got an Axis magnus, last month but when I applied for a LTF flipkart card from axis , it got denied. Has it happened to anyone else? I have a credit score upwards of 800 and this is the first time a card got rejected.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      There must be 3 months gap between two applications in Axis

  44. Shreyansh Soni

    Hey sid
    I got this card around 15 days back and to my surprise the sale discounts on amazon and flipkart for axis credit cards are not getting applied on this card
    The same card discounts are getting applied on my flipkart and ace card without any issue
    I initially thought this of some technical issue but after complaining till the nodal officer i was informed today that the card discounts on merchant’s like amazon, flipkart and others won’t apply on this card as this card is excluded from those offers
    I have checked all the terms and conditions on amazon and flipkart (During the sale period) and there was only one exclusion on flipkart for flipkart axis card of 5% discount instead of 10% which is fine
    Can you please confirm whether anyone else is facing this issue or is it just some technical issue with my card?
    And if it’s true then this will be a major downside for this card

  45. Rohan

    Seems like all rent payments through sites like CRED, Paytm, NoBroker is being blocked.

    Can anyone else confirm?



      Hi Rohan, I don’t make payments on Rent websites, But i tried to pay my utility Bill . But i cant do it . I think they intentionally blocked it as well. Thanks to Shreyansh Soni and Siddharth about the Visa Bin issue. i reported my issue to nodal office , i don’t get any reply so far.

  46. Shreyansh Soni

    Update: Tried booking a flight today (2nd March) at makemytrip using axis’s discount code MMTWEDCREDIT
    After entering the magnus card number and clicking on continue the page shows ‘The offer is only valid on Axis Credit Cards’
    I think axis has not shared the card’s bin number with merchants either inadvertently or this is how they have designed this card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they likely missed to update the Visa bin numbers it seems. Will check on it.

      1. Amar

        Yes – same problem with Cred Axis 10x Edge rewards offer and guess same issue with Gyftr Edge rewards as well

      2. Gaurav

        Well, this is true. Furthermore, if you try and make payments for this Visa variants of Magnus cards through Axis’s Billdesk portal or HDFC’s billpay portal, you won’t be able to because of the same reason.

        1. Gaurav

          This bin issue of Magnus card is finally resolved😅
          Sent many mails to axis @pno, premium.experience etc, got no resolution. Finally just raised one simple complaint at the BO, and voila I was assigned a dedicated complaint resolver from Axis’s pno desk. He said that all these issues persist as this Visa Variant of Magnus card is not WHITE-LISTED for any customer.
          I was surprised to see his response; he was resolving one issue, then calling me back to check and confirm, then next, and so on.
          He has confirmed that now all offers will apply on Magnus card, apart from a few, which are likely to get resolved in a day or two. I also have checked the same, and it’s working for sure now.
          He further stated that, many of these issues have been resolved for all customers along with me ( I dunno how true that is)

          1. Shreyansh

            Hey Gaurav
            Can you please tell us how did you get a dedicated complaint resolver?
            Axis told me on 15th the gyftr transactions issue would be resolved in next 3 days and now they have resolved it 👍
            However i checked on cred and the 10x offer is still not getting applied

          2. Amar

            Thanks Gaurav for the effort – I can see the card is now working on Gyftr Edge rewards portal.

          3. Amar

            Cred offer will be resolved on 1st April 2022 – got confirmation from their Twitter team.
            However, I have another issue on this card.
            I am not getting even the regular reward points on the card as of now – 2 statements have generated.
            Raised the issue with customer care and they have escalated.

    2. Shreyansh Soni

      Update 2: The 10% discount on the ongoing amazon super value days also not getting applied
      Also its been a week i made a complaint to the nodal officer.
      Still no reply other than the automated mail
      Pathetic service by axis 🤦

  47. Sahu

    Applied online, received this card today with a limit of 71k. Just for comparison, my DCB has 7 lakh limit. I don’t know how can I achieve the milestone with this limit. This is my first Axis card, does axis normally give such a low limit or this is a special case?

  48. Vikram

    The bin bumber of Axis Magnus Visa Infinite card is also not there in bookmyshow visa infinite offer. So not being bale to avail the offer of Visa Infinite on Book My show

      1. Raghu

        You don’t need a visa infinite offer for this card.. there is an Axis Magnus offer separately – go and apply that offer.. I booked tickets twice already without any hassle.

        1. Vikram

          Yes i have also availed the normal Magnus offer, but i was talking about the Visa Infinite offer which i am not being able to avail. there is a seperate offer for Visa Infinite cards.

          1. Raghu

            yes got it.. visa infinite allows you to get snacks as well.. maybe because the Magnus offer is generous they aren’t providing this

          2. Ankur m

            No use, as most of the times the Quota is over and no T&C mention when the quote refreshes.

            Error Message: “Sorry, the quota for the offer you are trying has been exhausted. Please try again later. Please check offer terms and conditions for details or check the support section…..”

  49. Amar

    Were these offers honoured with the MasterCard variant earlier or this is specific to the Visa variant only?

  50. Vikram

    I went to purchase a samsung refrigerator today in which there was disocunt of Rs 7000 on axis cards, used my magnus visa infinite card to pay, the transaction was declined saying some rule error, i think this card is a real headache, how can axis do such a mistake of not sharing the bin range. If we cannot even use the axis card at places, then what is the use of such a premium card. i made a complain on the axis phone banknig, but they have not replied anything as such

  51. PK

    So I applied for this card and got it as well.
    I already had two Axis bank credit cards – the select miles and more and vistara infinite, with separate limits of 3.7 lakhs and 4.8 lakhs respectively.
    Once I got the Magnus, it had a limit of 4.7 lakhs.
    On the app, it showed that there are separate limits.
    I tried to swipe the Magnus for a hefty amount, and it got declined. On calling customer care, I was told that it is a combined limit amongst all cards! Till date it shows as separate limits on the app.
    Immediately cancelled all 3 cards as I can’t deal with such erratic and arbitrary things done on their own without intimation.
    Waiting for their “rentention” team for the last 10 days to call me to discuss what to do about the Magnus joining fees as I am not willing to pay it for sure!

  52. RM

    Having the same problem with Magnus
    – GyFTR/axisrewards as Amazon Voucher purchases are going for failed transactions
    – Amazon instant discounts offers are also not being extended.
    – Kind of repenting the idea of going for Magnus after having read the ga-ga review and paying the hefty fees (though the issues are not something Siddharth’s knew beforehand).
    – Just to add in – had applied for Add-on card during primary application only but that also did not come through.
    – the customer care (including Twitter DM) is absolutely below par.

    Better to stay away from Magnus is nothing that’s been promised of.

  53. Vikram

    Does anyone know how to check whether the transaction has tracked on grabdeals or not. Recently i did a transaction through grabdeals, it has almost been around 10 days but i have not reeived any message from Axis Bank whtehter the transaction has been recorded on Grabdeals or not. This is the first time i am using an Axis card and have no idea about these. Please can anybody help me how to check whether the transaction has been recorded on Grabdeals or not. I called customer care multiple times, none of the executive were able to help. Using HDFC is way way way way simpler. HDFC Smartbuy transactions shows as smartbuy in the statement and even at the time of making payment.

    1. Shilpa

      You generally get a message within 24-48 hours stating that your grabdeals transaction has been recorded.

  54. Leo

    Here is my experience with Magnus, I already own Infinia but cannot ignore 6.2% on Magnus –
    Applied online after reading this article on 28th Jan. Agent came to house on 29th Jan. He didn’t ask for any income proof (I already have Vistara Signature with 2.8L limit). Didn’t receive any communication until 15th Feb. Received card on 18th Feb.
    Now I couldn’t use this card for any online transactions, used to say “Your mobile number is not updated with us.” in spite of receiving SMS on doing offline transactions.
    Called customer care multiple times on different days, no one could give proper solution.
    Then one care person asked to visit branch and update the email ID again. Did it on 4th March. Filled KYC form.
    One care person asked to update email ID using mobile app. Did it on 4th March only. He asked me to try transaction after 4 hours. Still couldn’t.
    Now on 7th March, I am finally able to use the card for online transaction. Oof..
    Paid rent of 49999 on Cred, went smoothly. Cheers.

  55. Rutvij Gandhi

    Axis Magnus is giving unlimited BOGO on BOOK MY SHOW

    Also, no upper cap on ticket price

  56. Dinesh

    Hi Gaurav,
    Is the Magnus bin issue resolved completely ?
    What is the way to reach out to BO contact ?

  57. Thomas

    Tried adding Magnus to Samsung pay but failed I guess bin issue still present

  58. Kamal

    Hello, do we get accelerated 5x rewards for buying Amazon or other vouchers through GYFTR-edge rewards portal while buying through Magnus CC? Thanks.

  59. Shiznit

    Hi ,
    I have the magnus since February and so far no reward points added for any transaction. How long does it take for the reward points to reflect?

  60. Naga

    Very slow in dispatching the card after approval. It is approved state from March 16, and still they did not generate card and not dispatched, is this usual with this bank ?

  61. Sanskar

    Hi Guys. Can anyone confirm if the rental payments are still getting considered for the Rs 1 Lakh monthly spend.

  62. Amit

    Hello folks,
    Despite paying the joining fees on my Magnus last month itself, neither have I received the option of selecting Tata Cliq or so… Not am I enrolled on the Edge Rewards.cannot see any points (forget accelerated, not even normal) even after 60 days of spends. Is this normal?

    1. Amit

      Sorry, asking a similar question as above because it wasn’t answered.

      1. manoj

        You will get it after generation of first statement post payment of joining fee. Axis concierge team would call you.

    2. Raghu

      Yes – it is usual 🙂
      Reward points: I have followed up vigorously and credited one fine day.
      Joining benefit: One call to the Magnus concierge did the job.

      1. Deepak

        Hi Raghu

        Who / which department did you follow up for credit of normal reward points. My reward points for May after 4th May are not credited at all.
        Is anyone else also facing similar issues?


        1. Raghu

          Hi Deepak, This is happening for all.. no reward points credited to me after 7th May.. There may be some sort of system issue and need to wait for few more days

  63. Rho

    Q 1: Magnus card has no cash widthdraw charges? Does this count towards 1L transaction for 25k edge reward? Also what are disadvantages of cash widthdraw?

    Q2: any one tried with NPS T2 account for completing 1L limit?

  64. Nag

    Finally my card is approved today. But bank taking long time like 10 working days to approve. Slow process.

  65. MeltingMercury

    Is the above 1lac milestone of 25k edge reward points separate then the routine 12 points per 200?

    The website mentions 25,000 EDGE REWARDS Points worth Rs. 5,000 on monthly spends of Rs. 1Lakh – but doesn’t explicitly mentions that this reward is over & above the routine 1.2% rewards.

    Can others who have received the milestone rewards of 25K plz confirm the same…

  66. Thomas

    Hi can I use axis Magnus priority pass in domestic lounges, I want to use in 080 bengaluru

  67. jitendra saraogi

    Please confirm monthly milestone benefit is based on total spend in one full month or one billing cycle.

  68. Karann

    Hey Sid

    I’ve made total transactions north of Rs 50000 on Zomato using Axis grab deals and none of the transaction is recorded. Is there any way I can get it fixed? I’ve added my number and last 4 digits of my card on the portal. TIA.

    1. Ankur

      How do you know that the transaction has not been recorded? Has it already been 120 days?

      By the way, I have noticed some people getting confirmation SMS that grabdeal transactions have been tracked. I dont seem to be getting any for my Amazon purchases I made over the last month or so. Customer care is useless and dont even reply.

      1. karann

        No I think its been 60-70 days but someone here mentioned that you get a message if a transaction is recorded.

  69. UJ

    Anyone has any customer care escalation numbers / mail IDs

    Been three months and didn’t get the joining voucher or the monthly spend rewards

    1. Sumit Solanki

      Were you able to solve for this? Or still waiting?

  70. Shiznit

    Anyone here, got the 25K reward points? Was it automatic or needed followup.

  71. Naman

    I don’t have any relation with Axis bank right now. I applied for Magnus card on their website. 30 days have passed and no response. Does it mean Axis bank will give card only to existing customers? Please advise.

  72. Vin

    Hi Sid, All.
    Is anyone aware of any limitations of maximum of 6000 edge reward points per transaction on this card? That means transaction limit of ₹1,00,000.
    I got this card in Mar and made a transaction of more than 120K in Apr, but received only 6K points (instead of 7200). Axis customer service being as useless as ever where front-end support opens a SR saying you should get for entire value but back-end support closes it saying 6000 is the limit without citing any T&C.
    Yet to receive the 25K bonus.

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Vin I did transaction through Magnus of Rs. 1,51,327.50 on 19.04.2022 and I have received 9,027 points on 21.04.2022

  73. Sumit Solanki

    I have neither gotten the 25K reward points for last 2 months neither the welcome bonus (Tata Cliq).
    Customer care was clueless, they asked me to write an email to some “affluent cards” id for Axis.
    Any one else faced this?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Welcome voucher – Need to ask Concierge to issue the voucher
      25K – within 90 days from end of the month, so should start coming in from this month end onwards.

  74. Dhiraj

    Hi Guys, Need a clarification.
    Is there any cap on edge reward points for Magnus?
    In one page it mentions monthly cap of 10k points and on another it says no monthly cap.
    Tried calling Axis customer care multiple times. They have no idea of grabdeals concept and are absolutely useless.
    Thank you


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