HDFC Credit Card’s Tricky Spend Linked Offer – Jan 2022

By | January 27, 2022
HDFC Credit Card spend based offer - Jan 2022

HDFC Bank has the habit of sending attractive Spend-Linked offers on their credit cards and during the Covid/ban season we saw extremely lucrative offers.

But this time however they’ve come up with a new offer wherein you get a “coupon” on achieving the spends and not really a “voucher” which we get usually. Here’s everything you need to know.

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get a discount voucher* worth XXXX on spending YYYY on your HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Offer Period: 11th January 2022 to 31st January 2022
  • Offer Type: Targeted

If you look at the discount vouchers, you see that most of them are useless with 20% discount on spend, except on Myntra that gives 50% off on spend, which is very good in my opinion. Here’s a quick look at the brands.


The offer is overall un-impressive and most importantly, expecting much higher spends to avail such “discount vouchers” is not something one would be interested in.

Also, with the addition of new features to Axis Magnus, HDFC super premium cards are likely to loose the spend to Axis if they don’t do something interesting to keep the cardholders engaging.

Did you receive the spend-linked offer for Jan-feb 2022 from HDFC? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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53 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card’s Tricky Spend Linked Offer – Jan 2022

  1. Ravindra Kumar Kumawat

    I got spend 56,000 to get 2000 voucher. I got notification through my HDFC application. The duration for this offer is 11th January to 31st January. I got the notification yesterday. I didn’t get msg or mail and the notification was also late as the offer ends in couple of days. Also, the offer is not lucrative as it’s a discount voucher.

  2. Fahd

    I received offer for 129,000 of spends for 3,000 discount voucher….best is Myntra where the discount rate is 50%….Myntra voucher is available on Smartbuy at 5x so taking that into consideration the effective discount is even lower.

  3. Rohit

    In simple words it’s scrap 😂😂
    Bank is becoming like Reliance. I got some 200 voucher from reliance and since Reliance digital is walkable when I passed by and stopped to enquire they said I should buy worth 8k to use that 200 😂😂.. So always discount based vouchers are scrap.. Bank already makes huge money because of our swipe and give very minimum voucher now they want us to again spend to use that voucher..

    1. SuperKnight

      Use it on Jiomart. I bought groceries for 1k and got 200 discount. Another 50 Bucks from Mobikwik and some more with my Axis card. Fair Deal.


    Get a discount voucher* worth ₹3000 on spending ₹161000 on your HDFC Bank Credit Card xx1219 from 11th January 2022 to 31st January 2022!

    Giving it a miss. Not attractive for me.

  5. SM

    I got spend offer of Rs.265000 to get Rs.4000 voucher for DCB card. I have received this spend based offer after a gap of almost 3 years.

  6. daredevil

    This offer didn’t deserve a mention here on CardExpert. Why waste your time in such offers.

    Give us much needed articles like::

    Best offers on insurance spends
    PayLater from Amazon, Flipkart, Post Pe, ICICI
    Best UPI Apps
    Best debit cards
    Auto spends manager
    Best offer finder
    How to max out discounts

      1. Ankit

        Pay later is a good suggestion. Their nature is also quite similar to credit cards. Please review BNPL of various apps as well, if possible.

      2. Mohit

        Hi Sid
        Your advise are always helpful related to cards, bank and other benefits associated with them.
        Now I see there are a lot virtual /prepaid card like slice, jupiter, uni and many other which are very confusing. Can you pls advise about if it is worth going for these cards and if yes then for which card, one should try for maximum benefits or cashback /saving.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. Mohit

          January 28, 2022

          Hi Sid
          Your advise are always helpful related to cards, bank and other benefits associated with them.
          Now I see there are a lot virtual /prepaid card like slice, jupiter, uni and many other which are very confusing. Can you pls advise about if it is worth going for these cards and if yes then for which card, one should try for maximum benefits or cashback /saving.
          Thanks in advance.
          Hi Sid, any advise on it please.

  7. Rohit

    Is there any way I can get 3x points through payzaap for LIC payment? I have few premiums to be paid next month..

    1. Mohit

      On LIC, select option for paying through QR and use Payzapp scan and pay, select HDFC card to pay. (I used similar way to pay on ICICI)

      1. Rohit

        There is no option in lic sites for scan qr code. Infact they even removed wallet payment in LIC site. I did payment through CC. Am I missing something?

  8. Pankaj Borad

    I got spend 102,000 to get 2000 voucher. I think HDFC card offers are getting less attractive. They have removed bill pay in 3x offer in this….let’s see where they stop…but now HDFC cards are not that good

  9. Praveen Katiyar

    I got spend offer of Rs. 102,000 to get Rs.3000 voucher for Infinia Card.

  10. Rohit Bahl

    Get a discount voucher* worth ₹1500 on spending ₹57000 on your HDFC Bank Credit Card from 11th January 2022 to 31st January 2022!
    Received on 21 Jan.2022.
    Useless offer, can be skipped.

  11. Kiran KS

    Probably coz Myntra already runs 20-30% discount sales all the time….so a 50% discount on coupon is almost the same as 20% effectively

  12. ls

    even I got offer for discount voucher worth 4k on spending 2.33L between Jan11 and Jan31. Since it was communicated only on jan22, it was simply fraudulent in my view.

      1. Rohit

        If that’s case we will see more cancellation of cards and is no longer worth..
        Reason :
        1. Already higher rate for hotel bookings when compared to make my trip.
        2. Flights are the main reason for infinia and dcb with this reduction it becomes useless.
        3. Dcb fees of 12k and if we make only 500 to 1000 points/month then what’s the use of card.
        Still can’t trust coz lots of LTF cards issued on infinia and dcb.

      2. manoj singh

        Hope so it’s fake. Otherwise DCB and other hdfc cards will be of no use at all

      3. Sandeep

        I don’t know why would HDFC give 3x points on vouchers on DCB and 5x on regalia (which is actually a upgrade for regalia 5x points (1.33%*5= 6.65%) better than 5%CB. Seems fake only let’s see.

        1. Beginner

          No DCB will still be higher than Regalia based on this calculation.
          3x points( 3.33%*3= 9.99%) and also don’t forget you were getting 1x for your regalia transactions even now so actually the change would be 4x instead of 5%

      4. Robin

        It might be the reason for offering the so called upgrade from LTF regalia to paid millenia.

      5. FortuneSpeculator

        Hi Sid
        I wanted to convert my DCB points to krisflyer but on the portal it is asking for the expiry date for my krisflyer card which i could not find anywhere on my digital krisflyer card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have asked for help atleast on two prior occasions on other threads without getting any replies. Kindly help.

    1. RAGIB

      First 10X on instant vouchers gone and 10x on flights also gone. Most of the accelerated points used to come from these categories for me.

      Sad if true.

      Is it a sign of a new card launch above the present best?

    2. Manoj

      Yes its true, I had a talk with concierge and she told me that these changes will go live on 1st.

      1. Rohit

        That would be disaster to hold DCB /Infinia if that’s true.. We can see drastic fall in people using dcb /infinia including me I will stop buying vouchers. Coz who would buy 10k Amazon voucher to get 660 points.. In one way or other it’s good for people to stop unwanted expense.

      2. Deva

        for infinia holders,it will take few nights to get Normal sleep..

        Unexpected move by HDFC

    3. Ravindra Kumar Kumawat

      The info is correct. I have checked it with customer care. Its big-time devaluation. Fight for the new card, Galaxia, is on.

  13. Rahul

    3000 off on 167000 spends. I have spends of 1.2 lakhs already but not keen on the rest.

    The vouchers are nothing of note

  14. Abhi

    Checked with CC regarding DCB. I was told only 2 changes are coming from 1Feb in smartbuy:
    1. Flight booking reducing from 10X to 5X. But didn’t check what happens in case of redemption though, at the moment 70% is through points and remaining 30% fetches 10X. Probably that might drop to 5X as well, need to check.
    2. Amazon will drop from 5X to 3X with a daily capping of 2000 RP.
    She categorically said no change in other categories such as vouchers 5X, flipkart 3X or trains 5X. Hope that part remains true, else I ll have to shift some spends to Amex.

  15. Abhi

    Changes have indeed gone live, biggest setback on DCB being vouchers 10X to 5X to now 3X. Surely many DCB holders like me would want to switch to Infinia.

  16. Vijay Chand

    Very disappointing smartbuy reward points for Diners black effective 1st Feb 2022.

  17. Abhi

    Sadly, HDFC did devalue DCB and Infinia. Bad move. Now would need to reevaluate the credit card strategies. Looking forward to what the rest of the folks think of this move and their strategies.

  18. Manoj Jain

    As informed Changes done in Smartbuy. Devaluation at a rapid pace

  19. Amit Pohankar

    HDFC is devaluing its premium cards every month. The new Smartbuy update for Feb says, only 5x reward points on Air ticket booking (earlier 10x) and a new daily cap on reward point accumulation (2500 for Diners).

  20. P

    This is really bad, lot of devaluation for DCB. 5x to 3x for vouchers, Amazon; Daily limit and all 10x partners gone.
    Big time downgrade

  21. Nik

    T&C changed with max cap introduced for points earned per day for infinia/other cards , you may want to add an article.

  22. Sivaram

    The instant voucher for infinia is still 5X, there is no change there I think. Is the monthly limit for getting amazon voucher is 10k or 5k? THe gyftr website has this line.
    “A customer (a combination of registered mobile number and card number) can buy a maximum of INR 10000 worth of Amazon Pay Gift Cards in a calendar month.”

    Does the add-on card qualify as separate card as per this? is it possible to buy another 10k worth amazon instant voucher to qualify for 5x on Infinia?

  23. Sudipta

    I am seriously considering giving up Diners Black and get something like Axis magnus or something else. I have been able to hit 5l+ last 2 years but not sure if it is worth paying 10000 fees+GST for no benefit in return if I miss it this year.

    Especially when tonnes of new cards they are issuing as LTF while denying my request to make it LTF or upgrade to Infinia.

    Thoughts, folks? Any good alternatives to pile on spends – I do have SBI elite, Yes Exclusive, Indus pinnacle .

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      For DCB card holders–

      If NRV with them is about 50 lacs majorly in savings too, then also LTF Infinia is mostly not possible. So guys don’t waste your time n effort.
      Even if NRV is in the range of 1-2 crore, it is kind of 50-50.
      They have become too arrogant these days. Discount vouchers on spending and DCB major devaluation a case in point.

      Better search to build relationship elsewhere, where you get more value for your money rather than sticking to be an Imperia only.
      If you can spend upwards of 10 lacs on HDFC cards only, then try upgrade to Infinia paid also as fee anyway will be waived off.

  24. Neal

    Has anyone got the offer of 2000 discount voucher on spending 80,000 and one of the option was 2000 off on 4000 on Myntra.

    But what I got was 2000 points where I have the option to redeem 500 points for 10% off upto ₹500 on myntra.

    Am I missing something or HDFC made fool of us.

  25. Saket Shubham

    Did any one receive the vouchers for January? I received the link to the portal where they have mentioned 2000 points for redemption, however all the options are worth-less. Even the Myntra coupon that they mentioned for 50% off is not there, it’s just a generic discount coupon for 10% off upto 500. Pathetic change of course from HDFC, extremely poor in rewarding premium customers now with all the recent downgrades.

    1. ashish

      Yes, I also received the same worthless options wherein for Myntra the offer is Extra 10% off upto Rs. 500 on a min buy Rs.999 on Select Styles. Pathetic reward points.

      1. Lokesh

        Same for me too, selected Croma vouchers. But received expired vouchers 😛


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