Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.35,000 on spends

By | January 24, 2024
Amex Spend based Offer - Jan 2024

American Express India is back on their aggressive mode just as we recently saw the Plat Charge upgrade offer by early Jan 2024 and now they have sent out a targeted spend based offer to select credit card members today (24th Jan 2024). Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Offer Details

OfferGet Rs.X eVouchers on spending Rs.Y
Max. Voucher ValueRs.35,000 on Rs.10L spend (as far as I know)
Spend RequirementDynamic (likely based on previous usage)
Offer Period24 Jan 2024 – 5 April 2024
Fulfilment10th July 2024
Return on SpendUpto 4% + Regular Rewards

Its a simple and straight-forward offer from Amex as usual and the return on spend too is similar to what we saw during Feb 2023 promo. And like last year, this year too the offer period is good enough to meet the required spends.

Amex offer details - Jan 2024

Offer Variants – Regular Cards

  1. Spend 25K & get Rs.1K eVoucher
  2. Spend 50K & get Rs.1.5K eVoucher
  3. Spend 1L & get Rs.3K eVoucher
  4. Spend 2L & get Rs.8K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 3L & get Rs.12K Taj voucher
  6. Spend 4L & get Rs.15K Taj voucher
  7. Spend 5L & get Rs.20K Taj voucher
  8. Spend 7L & get Rs.25K Taj voucher

Above offer is meant for regular cards like MRCC, Plat travel, Gold Charge & Smart Earn.

Offer Variants – Plat Charge

  1. Spend 1L & get Rs.3K eVoucher
  2. Spend 2L & get Rs.6K eVoucher
  3. Spend 3L & get Rs.10K Taj voucher
  4. Spend 5L & get Rs.18K Taj voucher
  5. Spend 7L & get Rs.25K Taj voucher
  6. Spend 10L & get Rs.35K Taj voucher

Apart from the regular t&c, this time I see something new, which is “The offer is valid on purchases made on all your American Express® Cards” which means, you can spend on any of your American Express Credit Cards and they’ll take all the spends into account.

This doesn’t only mean supplementary cards, but also other Amex card variants. But as it’s new, it’s better to have a confirmation with them over call before you proceed.

Having said that, historically Amex always takes spends on all card accounts under your PAN to trigger the offer variant on the top tier variant, so I guess this should be smooth as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall a decent offer as always with 3-4% return on spend, apart from the regular rewards. Just incase if you’ve not received the offer, chances are you’re either spending too high (or) too low for them to offer you one.

As you might already know, this is one way to extract higher reward rate from Amex cards that generally has low ongoing rewards and it’s good to see that American Express is running such targeted offers often in the last 2 years.

If you’re new to Amex, this is perhaps the best time to apply for American Express Cards as you can avail them as First Year Free:

Are you receiving the Amex spend based offers for past 3 months? Do let us know in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.35,000 on spends

  1. Praveenkumar M

    8k taj voucher against 2L spend on plat travel card, upgrade offer: 135k points on spending 50k in two months tym

  2. Tushar Gupta

    Received this on my MRCC: Spend 25K & get Rs.1K eVoucher

    This should be easy as it has 4 months time to fulfill so (1.5k*4)*4 would be 24k anyways. 🙂

  3. Prashanth M

    I got the 3K voucher on spends of 1L for my MRCC. I have been getting the upgrade offer to Platinum for 135K points. I don’t see any value addition because of Infinia.

  4. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Didn’t receive anything since October, but got the 1500 on 50000 spend on my MRCC. Good to see Amex getting back into the game, There was also a decent offer on Reward Multiplier for Jan this year.

  5. Shivam

    Got this offer on Plat Travel (high spender), spend 4L to get Rs.15K Taj voucher.

  6. Anand

    Received this offer. Are Utility Spends considered as eligible spends for this offer?


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