Salem Airport (SXV) Reopened – My Inaugural Flight on 25th March 2018

By | March 27, 2018

Salem airport was constructed in 1993 and since then it has been re-opened and closed multiple times citing poor patronage as a major concern. It was previously operational until 28 October 2011. The airport was then used by industries in salem temporarily to run chartered flights to fly to metro cities.

Trujet ATR at Salem Airport (SXV)

Salem Airport (SXV) Reopens under UDAN Scheme:

On March 25th 2018, after 7 years, Salem Airport is again operational under UDAN – A regional connectivity scheme that has subsidised fares, with an aim to help common man fly even from smaller cities of the country. Currently Trujet is serving Salem-Chennai route. Air Odisha is also expected to fly soon in Salem-Bangalore routes.

Flight Timings:

The current timing of Salem Airport is as below and is expected to change in coming months.

  • Salem To Chennai: Depart:- 11:00 Hrs. Arrival:- 11:50 Hrs.
  • Chennai To Salem: Depart:- 09:50 Hrs. Arrival:- 10:40 Hrs.

I personally believe above timing is good enough for most passengers, but a return flight in the evening to salem would be a wonderful option to have. That would happen if the current flight is getting good occupancy, hopefully.


As the route falls under UDAN scheme, the Salem to Chennai airfare starts at Rs.1,500 and they seem to increase it by ~Rs.250 for every ~10 seats. Lesser the availability, higher the cost you gonna pay.

My boarding Pass on Trujet – Salem to Chennai Inaugural Flight

My inaugural Flight – Salem (SXV) to Chennai (MAA)

I took the inaugural flight from SXV-MAA on 25th March 2018 and I’ve actually paid for flight ticket this time (after long time). I was unable to redeem points as the route was not enabled on Cleartrip by then (its live now), which most of the loyalty programs use in backend.

I found a way though, for future bookings: Use Amazon vouchers redeemed from Yesbank credit card reward points and book anything using Yatra – yes, it accepts Amazon pay. This is a wonderful redemption option if anyone is still reading it 😉

Quick look:

Surprisingly, Trujet comes with meal service – Usually sandwiches and Frankie rolls, which is cold most of the time. Though the Tropicana (was not available in return flight) was well worth it 🙂

Water Cannon Salute at Salem Airport – Inaugural Flight

Trujet Magazine

Trujet Meals

Trujet Food: Sandwich & Juice

Overall, the ride on ATR was a mild rollercoaster one, as i felt the altitude dropping suddenly atleast twice, in each of my flight – I think its a thing with ATR flights that it can’t be so smooth.


  • For MAA-SXV flight, Counter in chennai opens only 2 hrs before departure, consider doing web check-in to get boarding pass earlier to get into lounges.

Just incase if you’re living in different part of the country, here are some of the reasons to check out Salem.

Few reasons for you to visit Salem:

Salem is the sixth largest city in Tamil Nadu by population and is known for manufacturing steel and for its tasty seasonal mangos. Locations to visit around Salem airport:

  1. Yercaud: Get some fresh air at Salem’s most popular hill station – Yercaud, located ~45km away from the airport. Climate is pleasant all through the year, and is best during winter season. Explore some cool resorts like: GReaT trails yercaud by GRT Hotels with the glittering view of the city at night from the top.
  2. Salem City: The Salem City, located ~15km away from the airport is currently not in a good condition with traffic congestion, poor roads, air pollution, all due to the construction of a two-tier flyover, one of its kind in the country which should be operational in ~2 years. If you’re exploring the city, you can get a good night’s sleep at CJ Pallazzio (has best breakfast in the city) or Radisson Blu for those who’re loyal to Radisson group.


Re-Opening of Salem Airport adds wings to my travel plans, as expected. I currently travel to coimbatore (or) mostly to Chennai by Bus for freaking ~6 hrs, by end of which i already become a dead meat. I easily waste 2 days on every trip due to these long journeys and now having flight service from Salem adds a lot of convenience, so now i’ve to think less to make plans for trips.

Anyone else is as happy as me with Salem Airport reopening? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

23 thoughts on “Salem Airport (SXV) Reopened – My Inaugural Flight on 25th March 2018

  1. Anoop E S

    Happy to see salem airport reopening. Salem airport can cater to public from Erode, Karur, and nammakal who might be now dependant on Coimbatore or Trichy.

    Let UDAN be an inspiration to reopen more such airport.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      And its surprising to see the base rates (1500 INR) are already gone almost for a month. Looks like there is good demand 🙂

  2. Abhishek Roy

    I have been redeeming Amazon pay balance for train tickets!!! Even travelled in Train for free… Lol…

    1. GTMAX

      Amazon pay balance for train tickets.. That is amazing.. On Yatra?

    2. Rohit

      Amazon pay balance is the next best thing after statement credit.

  3. Arjun Mahajan

    Are the redemption requests on yesbank credit card rewards paid? Like Rs 75 or Rs 100 + GST for other bank redemption requests.
    Asking for Yes first preferred and Yes first exclusive.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes for Preferred, not sure for exclusive, as they seem to have updated recently with charges.

  4. Sayan

    Just checked – Amazon Pay not showing under wallets in payments section of Yatra page.. Might have been pulled off

      1. GTMAX

        Abhishek, I tried booking bus and train tickets.. It is not showing Amazon pay as the payment option under Wallets.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      To book bus on Redbus, recharges, everything else travel on Yatra (yet to use though, but possible)

  5. Saravanan

    It’s good for the Salem region and good to see a airline offering Sandwhiches and juice for this price ticket.
    As for tourists, timings are perfect too. Hope that airport remains active forever.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It appears the booking for next 2 months is too good that they’re already thinking to send 2nd flight now 🙂
      Hope it happens soon.

  6. Balakumar

    Happy that atlast salem airport got revived with trujet,sure that its going to help salem econony to reach to higher levels in coming years.
    Btw i have booked my tickets for my chennai trp with family in trujet.
    Thanks to Udan and trujet.
    Looking forward to an additional evening flight fron trujet very soon.

  7. sravan

    but what about the connectivity from salem airport to salem city?
    if we have to book a personal cab it would increase the overall fare from end to end.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s true. I’m currently using my car to connect to airport from city. Ola might come up with some good rates soon, as only Ola outstation is available for now.

      There is a bus stop just outside the airport which can be used until then, not sure if it connects directly to Salem. You may need to goto Omalur and then to Salem.

  8. Arul

    I’m settled in Chennai. I noticed, It is just 60 KM to reach Salem Airport from my Home, which is located in between Dharmapuri to Hogenakkal.

    To reach Home, I go with CMRL -> MAA -> SXV -> 1 hour drive. OK I will try it sometime later


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