HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review (2023)

By | November 18, 2023
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is one of the most popular premium credit card in the country for almost a decade. Most of the premium credit cards that we have now are all designed after the success of this legendary card.

However, it has lost its name & fame as it went through series of devaluation in recent times but now HDFC has added new set of benefits to make it shine again as it used to be, except for lounge access.

Note that this is the Original Regalia and do-not get confused with the Regalia First, which stands one step lower to this card or with Regalia Gold, which stands one step above the original Regalia.


TypePremium Credit Card
Reward Rate1.3% – 2.2%
Annual Fee2,500 INR + GST
Best forAirport lounge access
USPPriority Pass for Add-on cards

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is an amazing card for family travellers as you can get Add-on cards for your family members which allows access not only to domestic airport lounges but also international lounges.

Joining Fees

Joining Fee2,500 INR + GST (Issued as FYF mostly)
Welcome Benefit2500 Reward Points (on paid cards)
Renewal Fee2,500 INR + GST
Renewal Benefit2500 Reward Points (on paid cards)
Renewal Fee waiverOn spending >3 Lakhs

Generally the card is issued as First Year Free and those who’re taking this card anyway spend 3 lakhs easily, making it a free card as long as the spend is met. It may also be issued as Lifetime Free based on the offer.

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Just incase if you’re not aware, the Regalia Credit Card has multiple variants, as below:

  • Regalia
  • Doctor’s Regalia (no longer issued)
  • Business Regalia (some benefits are different)
  • Corporate Regalia (no longer issued)

Apart from above, we do have the Regalia First Credit Card & Regalia Gold Credit Card which are different products altogether.

Reward Points

Default Reward Rate

  • 4 RP for every 150 INR Retail Spends
  • 1 Reward Point = 0.50 INR (when redeemed on regalia portal)
  • Reward Rate: ~1.3%

Milestone Benefit

  • Earn 10,000 Reward Points on annual spends of Rs. 5,00,000 or more in each anniversary year
  • Earn 15,000 Reward Points on annual spends of Rs. 8,00,000 or more in each anniversary year
  • Fulfilment: Within a month of reaching the spend milestone.

So if you’re able to spend 8 Lakhs in a year, you can get reward rate as good as 2.2%  – which is good, but not great.


Every now and then HDFC runs offers with various merchant to give you 2x/5x/10x of the regular points which multiplies the reward rate so well.

I was fortunate enough to earn 27,500 Reward Points in a month few years ago, but now they’ve put very low upper cap on most promos that it gets really hard to rack up points like in olden days.


All the above reward rate that I’ve mentioned is possible to achieve only when you redeem the points for travel bookings (flights/hotels). If you prefer to redeem your points for shopping or other vouchers from the catalog, you’ll end up loosing a lot.

Redemptions are easy and I’ve myself used Regalia Points many years ago to book a trip to Vietnam – typically saving 25,000 INR using points.

Lounge Access

Domestic (Primary)Visa / Mastercard2/Qtr
International (Primary)Priority Pass6/yr (shared)
International (Add-on)Priority Pass6/yr (shared)

For domestic access, HDFC Bank has become conservative and requires you to spend Rs.1 Lakh in a Qtr to avail upto 2 access (per Qtr).

This is such an inconvenient way to access lounges. Ideally they should have done it based on annual spends to make it simple and user friendly.

For international access, each add-on card gets a separate priority pass card which can be very useful if you’re travelling with family.

If you would like to check the remaining visits left on your card at any point of time, you need to check with Priority Pass directly pp [at] about the visits done on your PP card. Just deduct that # from your actual limit and you’ll get the remaining limits on your PP card.

Forex Markup Fee

  • Forex Markup Fee: 2%+GST = 2.36%
  • Reward rate on Intl. Spends: 1.3% (same as domestic)
  • Net gain: ~1% (loss)

So, HDFC Regalia credit card is not suggested for international spends. However, if you’ve activated the Global Value program you would get additional 1% cashback on international spends, making it a no loss/gain txn.

Golf Benefit

While HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card doesn’t have any standard golf benefit, you may still avail the Mastercard Golf benefit (1 lesson per month + 4 games per year) if your card is issued under Mastercard network.

The complimentary games/lessons may vary with the type of Regalia credit card you hold.

How to Apply

  • New Application: >12 Lakh Annual Income (Branch/Online)
  • HDFC Preferred Banking: If you’re on Preferred Banking for >6 months with good Balance/AQB, you’ve higher chances to get Regalia if above condition is not met.
  • Upgrade: Limits above 3 Lakh on existing HDFC card (Regalia First/Allmiles) with good spends would help.
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  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5

HDFC Regalia Credit Card is undoubtedly one of the wonderful credit cards designed so far. It’s so much popular that the cardholders know it when you say “Regalia” as it has a high brand recall value.

And no wonder that I would have myself literally seen 100’s of Regalia Cardholders swipe their card for lounge access.

While the Regalia with decent reward rate is good at its current position, if you’re looking for lounge access, it’s better to go for Regalia Gold Credit Card (or) Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card.

Whats your take on HDFC bank Regalia Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

461 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review (2023)

      1. KARTHIK

        3 to 4 lakh spends per year on this card. Didn’t get the upgrade, so switched to amex cards.
        Don’t have preferred banking but have savings account.

        1. Ashokkumar

          Today i got regali card based on prefereed account.i have start journy from Money back in june 2019.By filled upgrade form in feb 2020,my card upgrade in regalia first with same limit. ( At this time i have no any hadfc bank ac).In june 2020 open preferred ac and apply in jan 2021 by my BM with upgradr form.He took permission from region head on mail and then he sent my form.Finally i got regalia with 2 lakh limit.My BM also told me i will try for infinia in next year.

      2. Piyush Aggarwal

        Heelo Sir,
        I have a big confusion, I am using HDFC Moneyback it gives me 2points on Rs 150 spends and 4 points on Rs 150 for online transactions. Each reward point can be converted into cash at 0.20% . It also gives me 500 Rs cash voucher for myntra every quarter on spends of RS 50,000 for each quarter. I have been given numerous options to upgrade to Regalia First but I am reluctant to do so since Regalia points in my opnion can only be spend on Flights and Hotels and I am a less of travel person. Please guide me if I am right or wrong.

        1. Anurag

          its better to stay with Moneyback cc if your spends are less, regalia is a visa signature card so you will have more benefits than just reward points

        2. Jasmeet

          you can redeem the points on regalia first/regalia just like your hdfc moneyback card with an exception of converting it to cashback. you can’t convert your points to cashback on regalia/regalia first cards. But, all in all, an upgrade to regalia first is much recommended if your spends are more than 1 Lakh per year as with that spending you get free renewal along with other benefits. It also open up a path for you to have better cards in future.

      3. Saurabh Juneja

        What are the chances of upgrade from regalia first to regalia as I have high spends and preferred banking with HDFC Bank? Currently I’ve 8L credit limit.

          1. RAVI RANJAN

            Hey Sid,

            As far as I know HDFC has cancelled the 10x / 5x on Regalia. Earlier it has Max Cap of 5000 points per month. It’s a real shame that HDFC devalued it so much that at this point even Millennia has a much better reward structure than Regalia.

            Can you re-confirm the same?

          2. RAVI RANJAN

            Also I’d like to mention that I got Regalia on card to card basis which went smooth. Total TAT was 5-7 days.
            For whosoever it may help-
            Few things about card to card for Regalia
            1. Min 6 month old (Mine was 8)
            2. Limit should be at least 2lakhs. (Mine was 3)
            3. Normal kyc (No other documents for income proof.)

      4. RAVI RANJAN

        New Application eligibility has changed for HDFC Regalia Credit Card. It’s NTHP is 70000 for salaried and ITR of 8.4 lakhs for self employed.

        Also Regalia First Credit Card has been discontinued.

        1. Archana

          Hello Siddharth,

          I just received Regalia credit card. I was told on call by credit card department (Mumbai) that there won’t be any annual charges for a lifetime if I use this for utility bills. I don’t see this statement written anywhere. My expenses are very less and I’m not sure now whether to keep this card or not!

          1. Neel

            If you add a couple of regular bill payments (mobile, LIC premium, electricity etc) under smart pay option, please keep a screenshot. Now when you are charged at the year end for renewal, write to the customer care with the screenshot “SHOWING REGISTRATION DATE”. Also tell them that your RM/Wait, they are very slow. Send a reminder every week. In about 3-4 week’s time they will come back and say that they have reversed and made it LTF.

            Draft I used:
            I was informed during the card upgrade through my Personal Banker that if I chose to make SmartPay payments through my HDFC Regalia card, the renewal fees will be waived off. So, I set up all my utility payments through HDFC SmartPay on my Regalia card immediately after receiving the card. I received the card (XXXX YYYY) on , and I set up my Smartpay payments on . Please find the screenshot below showing the registration dates.

            Despite all of the above, I was still charged with a renewal fee on . Could you please arrange to reverse the renewal fees considering the points I mentioned above?

          2. Devansh Jain

            Recently I was told over a call with the customer care representative that HDFC is making most of the Regalia Cards LTF regardless of whether you chose to pay any utility bills. That’s the sole reason I upgraded from Regalia First to Regalia..

        2. Binayak Panda

          Hi Ravi

          I’m currently in Millenia Card. I got an offer for Regalia. Should I take the offer of Regalia?

          1. Pavan

            Go for it. It’s a Lifetime Free card if the annual fee mentioned on the offer page is zero

      5. Nishant Sharan

        Hi, Sid
        Thanks for all info you share time to time.
        I got an offer to upgrade to visa sign regalia intl…not sure of advantages over regalia first which i use currently.
        Please guide.

  1. Ameya

    Hi Sid, I think on spending 8L, you will earn 2.2% (~21000 regular spend based points + 15000 milestone points).
    But still, for a premium card, 2% is still very low.
    I am a frequent traveler and prefer the Citibank cards which 3-4 times in a year will collaborate with MMT to offer crazy cashback deals. If one includes these benefits, the return rates shoot up significantly.
    Also, I like the AMEX milestone rewards. They offer genuine value and that is the reason it is my go-to card nowadays.
    Needless to say, good review covering all aspects

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Reward Rate on Milestone spends updated. Thanks 🙂

      True, recent Citi MMT hotel offer was like 50% – Great value there, yet renewal fee is not being waived on Citi PM right?

      Yes, Value out of Amex cards as a whole equals to Super Premium cards.

      Thanks again!

  2. Poorna

    With respective to reward points and redemption, don’t you think Yes First Preferred has an edge over HDFC regalia?

      1. sumit Begwani

        Siddharth How is Yes Better in this as they have .25 redemption value for RP. ???while regalia hai .50 redemption value .

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          Yes First Preferred: 8 rps per 100= 2%= Flight/ Hotel + GV redemption also. Though now they don’t have Amazon GV in their options which was great.

          HDFC Regalia : 4 rps per 150= 1.33%= Only Flight/ Hotel booking is worth the value.

        2. AshishR

          for regalia, you earn 4 points / 150 spends, each point is 0.50rs
          so reward rate becomes 1.33% per 100rs spent

          for yes first preferred u get 8 RP per 100rs, each point is 0.25 rs
          so reward rate is 2% per 100rs spent

        3. Shivi

          “Dikhawe par mat Jaao, apni Akal lagao”. Simple, straightforward mathematical calculation

  3. Piyush

    If the case, the bank is not issuing me Regalia and I hold Diners ClubMiles, how do you see my current card? I understand that apart from a few lesser airport lounge accesses, there isn’t any difference between the two. Both have even the same reward rate. How do you see the difference?
    Should I still try to get hold of Regalia desperately?

    P.S: I don’t see any issue with acceptance of Diners now in Bangalore.

    1. Hari

      Clubmiles gives you more value when you convert your RPs to airmiles ( 1RP = 1 airmiles).

  4. Poorna

    My spend is 3L on yes first preferred and income is >40l. I also hold regalia. I hardly use regalia. There is emi for 12 month which ll be done in another 3 months. I hold both of them for more than a year. Can I get upgraded to yes first exclusive or regalia to dinner club black?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You can easily get diners black… any branch and fill the form with income documents.

      1. Ranjith

        I’ve been holding a Diners premium card for a while now. I was thinking about upgrading to Diners Black. When I approached the nearest branch there was a slight shortage from the income requirements and I’m being offered the regalia card. What do you suggest?

    2. Abhishek Roy

      Approach your bank manager. You can even get invited for Infinia. But getting Diners Black shall be easy for you if you hwv a current credit limit on your existing Regalia, more than 3-4L. Getting YFE through income documents is little difficult for your ITR, it’s worth giving a try. Insist on getting a life time free version.


        5 lac is the required limit for upgradation to DCB and 8 lac to be invited for infinia.


    Hi everyone,
    My money Back (CL Rs.75,000/-) was upgraded to Regalia First during Nov.2017 with the CL of Rs.4,75000/-. I spent around 13 lakhs and I was offered Regalia during Aug.2018. I’m a classic account holder.

  6. Rohit

    They’ve increased the number of domestic lounge visits but seems the list of lounges is shorter than last year.

  7. SJ

    Hi Siddharth,

    Do the add-on cardholder need to apply for a separate priority pass for international lounge access?
    What about the complimentary domestic lounge benefit for add-on card holder?

    1. Malavkumar Patel

      There is no complimentary domestic lounge access for Add-on card holder, And yes you need seperate Priority Pass for Add-on card holder for international lounges.

      1. AshishR

        there are 12 complimentary domestic lounges shared between primary and addon

          1. Suresh

            AshishR is correct. The Lounge access is shared between Primary & Add-on members. I and my Add on members have been using it

        1. Ashis kar

          I have been a imperia customer for HDFC.. on 22nd August they reduced all the benefits of Lounge access on my Platinum debit card and regalia card. Diners club still gets all the lounge access. I have closed down my regalia card. It doesnt make any sense. Amex rewards now has better returns of around 4% if u spend well. Plus i find my online shop needs mostly fulfilled by FK Axis 5%, Amazon Icici 5% and zomato RBL 5%. Basically by dividing my spends i earn a min 4% of return. All these cards are actually free eccept axis… but I manage to spend 1.5 lakhs a year so as in Amex. Regalia has become Regularia.

  8. Himanshu

    How to get business regalia? I currently have reglaia first. I have savings a/c with hdfc and classic member. current limit is 3lakhs.

    1. Malavkumar Patel

      Why would you want Business Regalia?
      Usually business variants don’t receive don’t receive targeted offers etc.
      You should upgrade your regalia first to regalia.

  9. Nikhil Goel

    Hey Sid
    I am holding Diners Premium with limit of 3.90L. Current 10x partners are of no use to me to avail 10x benefits whereas i can easily spend 8L in an year for the 2.2% reward rate.

    Do you think i should get it upgraded to Regalia or stick to DC Premium or upgrade to some other variant?
    Other cards in my wallet are
    Yes First Exclusive
    Axis Vistara Signature
    SBI Simplyclick
    AMEX Gold
    Kotak Privy League Signature


    Domestic lounge facility is for both primary and add on cards also. Shared among the cards.

  11. Keviv lawarga

    I hold diners rewardz card with a limit of 1.72Lakhs for over 2 years, have a corporate salary account for over 2 years, and In-hand salary is over 67,000 Rupees. Apart from that, I have a personal loan of 2 Lakahs with them with 12 EMIS paid, always on time.
    Will I able to get an upgrade to Regalia or are they very strict about 12 Lakhs ITR

    Also 2 questions:

    1)How many maximum add-on cards allowed
    2)Does the add-on cardholder have free domestic longe access?

  12. Rajkumar

    Hi Siddharth,

    I want to share my HDFC CC experience with you. I got a call from Telecaller (Aalia shaikh) and she offered me HDFC Regaliaa card with No joining and annual fees with lots of benefit( Bye one get one free offer on Book my show) . I was ready for this and submitted my documents and after few days they directly dispatch card to my address. Once I opened that is Dinner club miles card. I don’t want this card because there is no offer on Book my show with this card. Can you please tell me how I cancel this card?

    1. Himanshu


      Don’t cancel the card right away. It will hurt your cibil score. Just use the card, make timely payments and upgrade your card after 6 months . For regalia card
      preffered account with high NRV may help.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal


      Any Mastercard World variant of debit/ credit cards, selected Mastercard platinum variants ( Check respective offers in their t&c), Diners Clubmiles/ Premium/ Black variants, select Rupay cards and ofcourse PP will do.

  13. Joseph

    How do I get an add on card and add on priority pass for my wife on my regalia. CC told to apply online. But I can’t find such an option online. (p. s. I don’t have a hdfc sb account. Only have a credit card login)

  14. Joseph

    How do I apply for an add on regalia card and pp for my wife. CC told to apply online. But I don’t see such an option. I don’t have a hdfc account, so only have credit card login.

    1. Mickey

      Download the Physical form and send it to HDFC Chennai address with yr wife’s signature and 2 proofs

    2. Ram

      I guess you have to make ~3 2k transactions on your wife’s card post which you will get a link on SMS to apply for the priority pass

  15. Ali

    i have a hdfc-jet platinum card
    should i go for hdfc regalia OR citi premiermiles ??

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Hi Ali,

      1. What are your needs? What kind of rewards are you looking for?

      2. I believe HDFC Jet platinum card which you are referring to is Credit card. You can only have 1 credit card from HDFC in most of the cases. If you have upgrade option available based on your spends or income, You can upgrade to Regalia.

      1. Ali

        thanks for the reply

        travel benefit wise is regalia better or citi PM ??

        1. Sharathkumar Anbu

          General reward rate of Regalia – 1.33% for 100 Rupees (Reward points will be awarded only for multiples of 150)

          Reward rate of Citi Premier Miles – 1.8% for 100 Rupees (Reward points are cumulative which will give higher benefits)

          Reward rate of Regalia is lesser than Citi Premier Miles but regalia will be helpful when you use 10x reward points offer in Smartbuy (Flipkart, Amazon, Flight tickets, hotels).

          Citi PM doesn’t have such high accelerated rewards but it has very good merchant offers like HDFC too. Citi gives lot of offers with Makemytrip and other travel websites too.

  16. Ameet

    Wanted to know which card fares better between:

    Regalia vs HDFC Jet Priveledge World
    Regalia = 4pts for 150 spend
    Jet Priveledge = 6pts for 150 spend

    I also hold Amex Travel Card which is my primary card. Once i cross threshold of Rs.4,00,000/- spend, i would then start using my next card which would be either one of the 2.
    Which do you suggest??

    1. Amex Guy

      How much more do you expect to spend in a year? If you’re halfway there with 4L, you may also get an Amex Payback card which gives 7000 Flipkart voucher on 2.5L spend. Once done, go on to Amex Gold Charge and work for 10K statement credit.

      To win anything reasonable at points game, you either have to have much higher spends (15L +) or you must be exploiting multiplier offers. If neither of those are true, stick to threshold cards.

      1. Ebin

        Hi Amex Guy,
        Any idea why AMEX is not rewarding for insurance transactions while all the others do. I know they run some promotions which gives cashback on LIC payments but regular rewards are missing.

  17. PM

    Folks, I need some feedback regarding an offer my RM is making.

    I am a preferred customer and my wife’s saving/FD is attached to my preferred status. She isn’t working currently and has no income of her own since three years.

    RM called yesterday offering a LTF Regalia to my wife.
    Should we go for it?
    Points to consider
    1. I already have a Diners Black, Yes Bank Exclusive (LTF) and AMEX Rewards (LTF) and my wife has the add-on card for all of these, including the PP on YBE.
    2. This Regalia, if we go for it, won’t be used at all.
    3. Is a new line of credit worth it? Given that we have no loans and have always paid CC balance in full.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Ankit Tanna

      Hey PM, if it’s LTF, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it. Good to have a line of credit even if you don’t use it.

  18. Santosh

    Hi, Is there any credit card which offers lounge access to both primary card holder and addon card holder at the same time and in the same lounge?

    Thank you

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Ultimate does not provide for add on in domestic and for international also 1 has to spend 20k on each card for lounge access.


    Dear Siddarth
    Your reviews are always great. There is one update on add on card. I have used Regalia primary card and add on card at the same time last week in Hyderabad Airport. For info. Tell me which card gives unlimited lounge access .

  20. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Received Regalia cc on upgrade from 1 year old Regalia First cc.
    CL enhanced by approx. 40%.

    BM/ RM tried his best for DCB but unsuccessful. Will try again for DCB after 6 months.

  21. Mohan

    CL Enhancement, I tried in multiple ways for limit enhancement thru RM, Branch Manager and sending letters to credit limit division in Chennai. But all in surprise, today i book flight ticket from smartbuy for 80K for my trip to Sydney, they called me for transaction inquiry and increased limit from 3.6L to 9.7L… Huge limit enhancement.

    Also, i notice my friends Regalia cards been upgrade to Infinia in recent past once after their credit limit enhanced. I confirm same with 2 of my colleagues.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      That’s a huge Limit Increase. Congrats..

  22. Joseph

    How many add on cards can one activate on this card? And can one use all the associated priority pass cards on a single day at the same international lounge?

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      You can get 3 add on cards per HDFC card. Yes. You will be able to use all PP cards at the same time in a lounge. Please note that the combined limit for all PP visits in Regalia card is 6 per calendar year.

        1. AJAI

          Just wanted to correct this error I just tried to use two PP’s “Prim & Add-on” in one lounge and it did not work so had to use an alternative but for sure you cant use two PP’s in the same lounge.

  23. Ravi Srikant

    How are these reward points calculated? If terms say that maximum is 25,000 reward points a month, is this before 10x reward points or after as the extra points are anyhow credited after 90 days?

    So if i spend Rs 5,00,000 I would be eligible for 13,333 points (5,00,000/150*4) immediately but with 10x reward points I would be eligible for an additional 119,997 reward points (133,330-13,333). Could you please clarify how this works?

    1. Joseph

      I think you will get 25000 points max (with 10x),if you spend lump sum, whenever those points get credited.

      But I have a question, what if you convert that 500,000 spend into 6 EMI. Then will you be eligible to get
      500,000/6 = Rs83,333 EMI= 83333/150X40 = 22222 points per month x 6 = 133333 points. (which will easily cover the interest on the EMIs)

      This is assuming 10X points on smartbuy for flight tickets for eg.

      Does it work like that? Anyone?

        1. Joseph

          Smartbuy, terms and conditions for 10x on credit card says

          “Applicable for EMI Transactions (on flights / Hotels / Flipkart store). Not applicable on EMI transactions on Compare & Shop, and Amazon exclusive store.”

          I also confirmed with concierge that it works.

        1. Pavan Goyal

          Also no RP for transactions on wallets spl from hdfc only icici n sbi gives RP

  24. Ankit

    One of my friend using hdfc bank solitaire credit card with credit limit of rs. 26000/-. She recently got auto credit limit enhancement through net banking to rs. 150000/-. credit card is issued in sep 2018 and within 2 months of usage she got enhancement…

  25. Jospeh

    How do I book premium economy flight tickets on hdfc regalia website? They have options only for economy/business/first class.
    Concierge also unable to help.

    1. Shivi

      You can only book the class which is mentioned on that site. Else, you need to book Premium Economy from the flight’s own site and not through HDFC Regalia.

    2. Anoop E S

      I had sent a mail requesting them to incorporate premium economy in flight booking options. They replied like they are working on it and in the meantime, we can call them to book premium economy tickets.

      This was for Diners, but I think both regalia and diners are powered by the same service provider ie. cleartrip

      As such, calling the customer care number should help us book tickets in premium economy. But I am yet to try it.

      1. Joseph

        Called regalia concierge. They couldnt help. Says they also have the three options only. No premium economy.

    3. Mouli

      I also tried but no option as of now to book premium economy ticket in Vistara, Will check
      If you find any option then do post it

  26. Srinjay Dutta

    Do I get 10x reward points if I book flights through the regalia website? Currently there is 10x rewards going in the hdfc smartbuy website. Which would be more beneficial if i immediately do not have points to redeem but hold the regalia card?

  27. Shivi

    10x Rp no longer available for bookings through Regalia Website. 10x RP through HDFC smart buy gives you a 13.33% savings for Regalia and 33.33% for Infinia/DCB so that’s any day better!

  28. Vikram

    Just applied for Regalia yesterday. They offer it LTF if you apply for an add-on card or make one transaction through PayZapp within the first 90 days. I applied for an add-on card. I was confused between Citibank Premier Miles and Regalia, opted for Regalia since it was free anyway.

    The problem is I want a no nonsense card and want to basically just move all my debit card expenses to primary and add-on card, concentrate all expenses in one place. I have never used a personal credit card before (except for Corporate cards) but I realize I can still stand to earn some more through reward points even I was to not chase them intentionally. Shall I go with Citibank Premier Miles or stick with Regalia? I do use Big Basket and Amazon a bit more than anything else and Regalia does have 5x / 10 x points but I am not sure if Smartbuy offers the same convenience as shopping through Amazon app for example.

    1. AS

      A citi card is good to have if you shop regularly on BigBasket. If not PM, you can get entry level one with fee waiver on spending Rs. 30k in a membership year to avail all Citibank offers.

  29. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    I have Citibank Cashback card. For bigbasket Citibank 20% offer every month 1st to 5th day is among the best. For amazon Regalia via smartbuy is very good. Citi also runs frequent offers on amazon.

    I suggest better keep Regalia and apply for any basic citibank card among Cashback, Rewards or Indian Oil variant just to use their often good merchant offers. They don’t charge fee on above variants if spent 30K within year, which is damn easy.

  30. Ravindra

    I am planning to upgrade from Regalia to Diners Black. What happens to Milestone based reward points (10,000 for spending 5 lacs and 15,000 for spending 8 lacs)? I recently completed spending 5 lacs but 10,000 reward points haven’t been added yet. Are they added only after completing the Anniversary year? Will I lose them if I upgrade now without completing anniversary year?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Are they added only after completing the Anniversary year?
      Used to. But now, they’re doing monthly. Check after a month or write to support.

      1. Ravindra

        Update: I got them without completing the anniversary year. Hoping to get approval for Diners Black. Have been using Regalia for 2 years 8 months.

  31. Joseph

    Tried to access the new Earth lounge at the spanking new domestic terminal at Kochi using MC regalia. Was denied saying that regalia does not have access although they were welcoming other MC credit card holders. Any idea why?

    Also Sid a review of the new Earth lounge is in order. Hoping to see one soon…

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      HDFC have revoked most of the lounges.

      You may look at the current allowed lounges for Regalia Master card at

      1. Siddharth Post author

        This list was prepared as many seem to ask mastercard variant instead of Visa, just by looking at big list or by reading the blog 😀

        So now they’ve made single list for Visa/MC. Just ignore this list.

        However, Regalia doesn’t work at some lounges temporarily, maybe as too many are holding it.

        1. Sumeet Gupta

          Rupay platinum or rupay credit will work there instead of regalia?
          They have the same list of lounges as MasterCard, or even more.

  32. Shivi

    An acquaintance has got HDFC solitaire credit card with 8 Lakh limit on a 12 Lakh ITR under Preferred Programme with high NRV and HDFC is still refusing to upgrade her to Regalia!

  33. Harjeev anand

    Hello siddarth
    My Annual spend is 20 lakhs
    Which card you would suggest amongst HDFC REGALIA AND AMEX GOLD CHARGE in terms of overall benefit
    please ignore the annual charges as they will get waived

  34. Sarthak

    Hi Sid,

    You’ve mentioned about “4 RP for every 150 INR Retail Spends” on Regalia. What qualifies as “Retail Spends”? How many reward points will one get on spends other than “Retail Spends”? Even HDFC bank mentions this “Only valid Retail purchases qualify for Reward points”. I think this is quite confusing. Will I not get reward points for bill payments?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Recently got upgraded to business regalia from business regalia first.

  35. Joseph

    Is the pin for all the add on cards same as the primary card? Just received 3 add on cards. If not how to set pin? All cards have the same number…

  36. Mayank

    Can I redeem my points on regalia to miles? If yes, then what is the conversion ratio and how to do it?

    1. AshishR

      200 regalia points = 100 jpmiles/krisflyer

      can be done from netbanking or customer care

  37. Jannavi

    No doubt card will accumulate lot of points and has benfits.But when you try to book flight using it,there are lots of issues on the website.Middle name with initial as single alphabet is not accepted (looks like i have to change my name according to the webiste’s format and change in all official documents!),DOB field is greyed out even though it is mandatory,does no action on applying voucher code.In short service is THE WORST!Highly not recommended

  38. Manoj

    I got my first credit card (Regalia First) in November 2018. I’ve accumulated about 15k points, but seeing the low points value, I want to upgrade to Regalia.

    1) With a 9L salary, am I eligible for Regalia?
    2) Will my reward points get transferred to Regalia?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal


      Minimum time of 6 months is required for upgrade request.
      1. No (Min. 1.2 lacs salary pm required)
      2. Yes, on proportionate basis (i.e. 5:3 ratio)

      Chances of upgrade depends upon several factors like NRV with bank, Savings balance, FD etc.

    2. Himanshu


      Income is one of the criteria to upgrade to regalia. My income is half of yours. Few days back i got auto offer. My spends were very high along with preffered relationship both help system to get triggered. Hope this helps!

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Himanshu how old is your card and how much is your annual spends ?
        How much money you maintain in your preferred ac. and do you have any other investments ?

        1. Himanshu

          Regalia first was 2 yr old card. Annual spends over 8L+ .
          Account balance is around 2.5 lacs. No other investment.

  39. Anon

    Hi, i am looking to get a credit card for online purchases and occasional online travel, and fuel. What brand (hdfc, amex) and which card (regalia first ) would you recommend? My salary around 23 l, so for the above mentioned headings, what producta should be looked at?

    1. Mayank Goel

      I am having HDFC regalia first credit card and using the benefits of smartbuy for online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart. Recently, I booked my flights and hotels using smartbuy only as 10X offer was too good to miss. Hence, I was unable to utilize my rewards points on HDFC regalia first card.
      For fuel spends I am using SC titanuim value credit card. Since my fuel usage is less i.e. from home to metro station, it is suitable for me.
      For wallet loading and all other usages I am using Amex MRCC. In case some shop don’t accept AMEX, I use HDFC regalia first credit card.
      I also have SC Manhattan and Yes Bank prosperity edge credit cards. They are only for backup as they are LTF.

    2. Amex Guy

      You qualify for DCB. Get a DCB and shop via Smartbuy. Stick to Amex for fuel, or get a fuel card depending on your favourite pump.

      1. Himanshu

        Amex guy,

        How to qualify for DCB? I am holding regalia and prefered status at HDFC. Annual spends over 10L on the card.

  40. Prashant Gupta

    Completed 5L milestone and got the 10k points also within 2 days of transaction.

  41. The newbie

    Is a bank account with HDFC required for regalia ? I applied online but the lady on the other side tells me that a savings bank account is absolutely necessary for Regalia. They are ready to give me Regalia First (1.5L limit) without savings bank account.

    I have 28 L Base salary and hold Kotak Signature ( 4.5 L limit) and Amex Rewards ( 2L limit).

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You qualify for Diners Black. Have heard about this recently from a RM in bank when i wanted to upgarde my wife’s regalia to diners black. Anyhow i have sent the upgrade form to chennai.
      U can open the account and close it after few months if they are admant, thats what i told the RM what’s the use if i close after 2 months.

    2. Himanshu


      No, i don’t think so. Tho i am hdfc account holder but many do not hold. Maybe lady is misguidng. Check with other hdfc guy.

      If you have 28L salary. Straight away apply for Diners Club Black.

    3. Shivi

      Depends on the place of issue. Only the HDFC bank branch would be able to give you that answer.

  42. Joseph

    Does the PP come with a validity period. Or is it valid as long as I hold regalia cc?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Joseph
      PP issued on Regalia has a validity of 3 years from issue date.

      1. Joseph

        So what happens after 3 years? Is it renewed or does the offer expire.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          No idea man, bcoz still 1.3 year old relation with HDFC, so can’t say that.
          Old HDFC Regalia holders may advice better or you can always talk to customer care.

  43. Raj

    Just got my HDFC regalia card (via auto upgrade from LTF all miles during renewal)

    Is there any welcome offer / bonus if some txns done in first 90 days or similar? Please guide

  44. Gokul

    Thanks Sid for this wonderful blog. I have started using Credit card after reading this blog in 2018, collecting Air miles, Hotels reward points. I go for business travel to SFO/SEA/China every 3-4 months and stick to Singapore airlines whenever possible and last year alone I have collected ~1.3 lakh Krisflyer(which is equal to 3 round trip MAA-SIN economy tickets & Krisflyer Gold membership). I used to stay in different Marriot Properties(JW, AC, Westin, Sheraton, Courtyard, Aloft…) and and collected ~1.5lakhs Marriott rewards(Platinum member). Before reading this blog, I am not aware of these benefits and not bothered to register for any membership. In 2018, with Regalia spent around ~12 lakhs(Personal expense) and got ~2L points and with Amex MRCC, I have received 24 Carat statement credit.

    Much thanks to you and your knowledge sharing.

    Unfortunately, my company brought in Corporate Card policy last year. If I would have read your blog in 2017, my spending would be around ~40lakhs in my personal CC(Each trip expense is around ~7-8 lakhs excluding Air fare).

    1. Karthik

      even if you use corporate card for payment, I guess you can get airline loyalty points when booked directly.

  45. Sree

    Can i get my moneyback card upgraded to LTF Regalia? Been using this card since 2009 and my current limit is 3.4 lacs. Avg monthly spend of 30 to 40k

    1. Ganesh

      Yes Just send physical form to Chennai office with request for upgrade and limit enhasment

  46. Dr Chirag

    Hello Siddharth. I recently got upgraded to Regalia from Regalia first. When I received Regalia first CC, i received a separate Priority Pass card. I haven’t received it with Regalia. Do I have to apply separately or can i just swipe my HDFC Regalia card for complimentary lounge visit?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      @Dr Chirag

      Swipe your Regalia card for domestic lounges. Priority Pass is required only for International lounge access.
      If you want Priority Pass for Regalia, call hdfc customer care for the same.

    2. Shivi

      You need to swipe/use your Regalia thrice before requesting a PP card.

  47. Harish


    I have been offered for a card upgrade from regalia first to regalia and that’s why I landed here when I was trying to find about the benefits. There is an offer for an annual fee waiver of 2500 for regalia, which is to add any utility bill through smart pay and pay for 3 months. This should give me free lifetime membership. Just wanted to check here from experts if this is correct? Also, why redeeming points for getting items available in redemption considered not worth it as compared to flight/hotels?

    1. Shivi

      @ Harish – The LTF offers vary from customer to customer so just read the TnC of the card application form. Redeeming points against hotels/flights give you more value compared to redeeming against items.

  48. Kanji Dhanoya

    I have take HDFC credit card from last one year, i was issued in customer care service and hidden charges and no information provided from sent and customer care then finally statement was full of charge, so I was finally

  49. Shikhar Makkar

    Hello everyone,

    I upgraded from Regalia first to Regalia last year in November, 2018 after holding Regalia First for more than an year, got it in August, 2017. After upgrading, the rewards from Regalia first were transferred to Regalia. How does it affect the validity of my reward points after transfer? Will they expire in August, 2019 or November, 2020?


  50. Ankit

    The card has a spend based offer of 10K points for spending 5L before renewal. My card is due for renewal but I don’t know how much I am short of the spend. Few months ago it was showing it in my netbanking portal, not anymore. Anyway to check how much have I spent ?

      1. Ankit

        i hung up after 20 mins of “your call is important for us” 😀
        dropped them a mail yet to receive a response

      1. Ankit

        like seriously, skimming through 3years of mail even if search is easy 😛

        1. Shivi

          Not 3 years. Just past 1 year. Monthly statements. Easy to access and add.

  51. Chintan

    I downloaded this new form from HDFC to upgrade my Dad’s Business MoneyBack card to Business Regalia Card. HDFC has now removed Life Time Free Option from the Form. Can anyone confirm whether we can still convert a credit card to Life Time Free through Add On card and Standing instructions or I am late to grab the offer now.

    1. Rahul Sharma

      As per my conversation with customer care and HDFC branch RM the card is not being offered lifetime free. Post devaluation of Yes First Preferred, I wished to convert my existing Regalia First to Regalia.

      1. Himanshu

        You can get for FYF (First year free) and then Spend 3L on regalia for fee waiver.

  52. Mickey

    Has anyone upgraded recently from R First to Regalia? Does HDFC consider high CIBIL and good spends?

    Current limit on my R First is 1.85 only. I have good spends, CIBIL of 820, ITR of 12.5. But CU % is always high around 60%.

    Not sure if HDFC would consider my request for upgrade

      1. Ravi arya

        Hey Sid,
        First of all thanks to you and your website. I have learned a lot about how to use credit cards efficiently. I have a query and need your guidance, is there a way to get both Regalia and DCB. I am a holder of Regalia for the past 2 years and I have an opportunity to get it upgraded it to DCB. But i need Regalia as well due to its benefit for addon card. (Free lounge access +PP).

        1. RM

          As long as you have a limit of over 4 lacs on the regalia, it’s possible to get both regalia and dcb. They will just split the limit keeping 4 lacs for DCB and rest for Regalia.

          1. Ravi arya

            Thanks @RM. Ido have 4+ limit on Regalia. I will try to get to get them do the splitting as suggested by you.

          2. BGL

            My colleague who has a little over 4 lacs credit limit on his Regalia card, his numerous attempts to get DCB as a co-card with Regalia have not been successful with about 3 sales executive including his original sales team. They either feign ignorance or say it’s not possible now. Since he has no relationship with HDFC bank maybe he has no RM who could help him out.

    1. Himanshu

      I upgraded from R. First to Regalia two months back . My spends were high. Also i have preferred savings account with the bank they do consider high spending and cibil.

      Try sending form to chennai for LE+ upgrade if you are not getting offers. . As your ITR is 12 lacs they will easily give regalia.

    2. Vineet

      Well i had been using REGALIA FIRST for a year and a half. My spends would have been approx 2 to 2.5 lakhs. Had accumulated 35000 points and redeemed it for a voucher of approx 11000 rupees which is used to get a discount on my flight to Bali.
      Post that I sent a upgrade form to their Chennai office along with my ITR and salary slip. Was upgraded to LTF REGALIA. No phone call or questions asked. Just got an sms and email after 5 days informing me of the change

      1. Nandhakumar

        How much old limit and how much get new limit and itr value

  53. BasantP

    Dear Siddharth

    I hold a HDFC Regalia CC for last 6-7 years with CL of about 8 lac. Also got Priority Pass for lounge access. Now I need one PP for my wife for use when we both travel abroad together.

    Should I take an add on CC for my wife on my Regalia or go for Regalia First for her. She is a housewife with FD of over 40 lac in other banks.

    One more Q, is there any Debit Card which gives international lounge access through complimentary PP membership?

    1. Anvesh

      Just take an add on card. Make a few small transactions on the add on card within 45 or 30 days and then request for priority pass for add on card.

  54. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Vineet congratulations. How much is your income if I may ask ?

    1. Vineet

      Well I am a doctor in a government hospital in delhi[ AIIMS] so I get around 130000 pm. My spends are not much. Maybe around 20k to 30 k in a month through credit cards unless I am taking a trip abroad.

  55. Mickey

    Vineet you spent only 2.5 lakhs in 1.5 years and got upgraded??

    1. Vineet

      Yeah and that also without any hassle. I read that the requirement is 12 lakhs per annum salary and my ITR was a few lakhs above that. Plus I have been regular in all payments. Maybe that helped

  56. Prashant

    Hi Siddharth,

    I was using HDFC jet platinum card for last 3-4 years and now I have recently got a call from HDFC chennai team to get an upgrade to Regalia or DCB.
    I am already using Citi PM card for travel purpose. Could you please help suggesting out of DCB & Regalia, which card gives more benefits in terms of travel & hotels.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      DCB is the best as of now of all the cards. You should go with DCB. Check out the respective article on DCB on the blog.

  57. Hardik

    @prashant I would suggest without any second thoughts go with dcb! Congratulations in advance for getting a super premium card!!

  58. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Himanshu how much was you limit in Regalia first and now how much limit you have in Ragalia ?

  59. Amit

    Hi Siddharth ,

    I applied for regalia via Branch executive. Met all conditions of card like an existing savings account, Salary, CIBIL score of 800+ but the card was declined.

    Somehow didn’t get a satisfactory response other than Policy guidelines. If I try to apply via Netbanking, I got the message “hdfc internal guideline e1002”.

    I had HDFC Platinum card, which I see in Netbanking and stopped using it after it got expired and never received renewed card.

    Any idea on “hdfc internal guideline e1002” ? Something negative on my profile ?

  60. Karthik

    My last tax filing was for 14.4L and when I file in June it would be above 18L.
    I already have a money back card with a 3.68L limit
    Unfortunately my salary account is with icici
    I got a lifetime free upgrade option for Regalia first which I missed to apply last Aug.
    My spends in hdfc are low as I use sbi simply click for online and yes preferred for offline
    Is shifting my salary account the only way to get this card?
    The RM asked me to cancel my money back card and apply a fresh regalia first through her and then get a free upgrade to regila 6 to 12 Months down the line. Reluctant to do it.

    1. Bhavya

      Don’t cancel the moneyback card instead you can apply fresh for regalia using your salary slips. Cancelling the moneyback card would lower your cibil score.

  61. Parag

    Which variant of Mastercard is provided by HDFC for Regalia? Basic MC/ Platinum MC/ World MC?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Regalia/Regalia First– Both on MC World/ Visa Signature platform

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Dear Himanshu,
        Recently you got upgraded to Regalia. Can you please answer some questions regarding it if you are okay with it .
        1. How much was your annual spends on Regalia First ?
        2. How old was your card ?
        3. How much money you maintained in your preferred ac. and do you have any other investments or loans with HDFC. Please explain in details ?
        4. If it was requested by your end than can you please tell us what was your ITR amount ?
        5. What limit you had in R. First and what limit you have now in Regalia ?
        6. Any suggestions for someone who wants to upgrade from R. First to Regalia ?
        I apologise if questions are too private.

        1. Sudarshan

          I also got card upgraded from Regalia first to Regalia.
          1. My spend approx 2 – 2.5 lakhs uptill now from oct 2018.
          2. My card was 3 years old.
          3. I dont have preferred banking (classic banking).
          i have home loan and top-up loan with HDFC ltd .
          4. i have mailed the application form for the upgrade to chennai office.
          5. my credit limit was 3,52,000 and same limit has been given for Regalia.

          I had diverted all my spends to HDFC regalia first and HDFC group companies like
          HDFC ergo and HDFC life for insurance, home loan with HDFC ltd etc.

        2. Himanshu Kainth


          1) Around 7-8L annually
          2) 1.5 years
          3) Not much. 1 to 1.2L balance
          4) Got offer via net-banking. ITR was too low.
          5) The limit was sufficient to upgrade to regalia. Only Card upgrade no LE.
          6) As everyone says HDFC treats every customer differently. Try to increase the relationship with the bank and spend well on the card. Always keep good credit behavior. That’s all.

  62. Parag

    I recently got a Regalia Card through my HDFC Bank branch. While applying for it, the RM clearly mentioned that the card will be Life Time Free if I apply for SmartPay option to pay postpaid/broadband bills.

    After the card was delivered, I called the customer care and they said that the card is chargeable. How to resolve this issue?

  63. Parantap Chowdhury

    I have just been offered an upgrade from Regalia First to Regalia and have decided to take it up. I had a few questions if anyone could answer:

    1) I have crossed the 6L spend threshold for additional (5K+7.5K = 12.5K RP) on the Regalia First but since these are credited at the end of anniversary year and I have already upgraded my card, do I miss out on these points?
    2) Is there anyway the annual fee of Rs 2500 can be waived off?
    3) I tried to check for a limit enhancement offer from netbanking but did not find any (I have crossed 6+ months and have over 6L of spends) Is there any other way I can get my limit enhanced?

    Appreciate any help on this.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I got the milestone in next statement and not at the end of the year. In fact as i was looking for black upgrade i called cc to credit the points. I got the points and then I upgraded the card.

    2. Sudarshan

      Dear Parantap,

      1. This is condition given for reward points under annual spend benefits. so i do not think u will get the additional reward points on upgraded card.
      (If there was a spend aggregation benefit applicable on the old variant, then customer will no more be eligible for the feature on the previous product).
      2. There is free upgrade of my card.
      3. U can try contacting to your RM or through branch u can request for CL enhancements.

      Thanks and regards

    3. SG

      A lot of people, including me, had the Regalia for LTF before I upgraded to DCB. It helps if you have an RM to talk to.

  64. Abby

    I hold a regalia card and have recently made my parents + spouse as add on members to the same.
    Now i will be requesting hdfc to issue a Priority pass for all of us (4 PP).

    Please suggest what are the limitations to using these PP when we all are travelling together (Domestic/Intl)?

    Query 1: If myself and my wife are travelling can we both use our PP at the same lounge the same data same time?
    Query 2: My parents are flying from Delhi to Europe next month. Will they be able to use their PP at Delhi T3 lounges before flying?


    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Your parents will be able to use addon PP at Delhi T3. Only thing is that you will be charged $27 for each Swipe at domestic lounges even if its in international terminal within India. Better use eligible Master or Visa cards for domestic lounges. PP is only for lounge access outside India.

      1. Abby


        Thanks for your reply.

        So i guess the Regalia add on card in my parents name should give them FREE access to the Plaza premium lounge at T3 New Delhi before their departure to Europe ?

        Same way during their return they should be able to use their add on PP at a European airport again for FREE access to airport lounge from where they catch their flight back to Delhi ?

        Please correct me if i am wrong.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          I don’t think addon Regalia will give domestic lounge access. Addon PP will give them international lounge access.

          If your parents don’t have any credit card that gives domestic lounge access, better try debit cards as some of them have this facility too.

          1. ARR

            Hi all,
            Regalia Card gives lounge access to all the add on card holders also. They count the no.of access cumulatively. My wife and me have accessed the plaza premium in Hyderabad and Delhi as well recently. They permitted my child (4yrs)without any problem.

    2. Addy

      Ans to query1: yes u will be able to use both priority passes at the same time. Only thing u need to check how many times u can use the card per quarter.

  65. Suhas

    I recently got upgraded to Regalia after attempts to upgrade my regalia first to DCB. I have one doubt regarding the Priority Pass. Can the old priority pass continued to be used or should i apply for a new Priority Pass card.

  66. Ibrahim

    Sir I have a regalia first since February 2019 with CL 1.5L and I have spent around 6L from February 2019. I want to upgrade my card to regalia. But I don’t have any offer yet. Sir how can I have the offer.

  67. Abby

    My sister living and working in Europe has a monthly salary of approx 33 lacs ( when converted to INR) per annum.

    She has a new born kid and will usually be travelling to India quite frequently from next quarter.

    What cc do you guys suggest i can get her at this salary so that she can avail the best facilities possible at the airport lounges preferably without any limits?

  68. Prashant Gupta

    She can try for Hdfc regalia card…and also yes first prefered… for lounge access.

  69. Rhidhima Bahl

    Right now i possess regalia first cc which was upgraded from platinum in January 2019 with cash limit 150000.
    My spends since January is around 7 Lakh. I want to upgrade it DCB or Regalia. How can I do that.
    No option yet through net banking.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Rhidhima download the card upgrade form from the hdfc website and send to the chennai office and then follow up on email with them

      1. Rhidhima Bahl

        Thanks@Prashant, is there any option to maximize the chances of auto update. I mean through net banking I can have it. For this how I have to do the spends.

  70. Mickey

    That’s a good question Rhidhima – following this post!

  71. Mickey

    Do they consider for upgrade if you have EMI’s running on the card like Amazon EMI etc?

  72. Addy

    Hi members

    I am holding regalia for last 3+ years (recently renewed) with a limit close to 7 lakhs i tried to upgrade to dinners black but request got rejected (sent docs to chennai office). I dont have any other relationship with hdfc (cc member since 2010) and in last one year my spends are around 4.5 lakhs on this card. All of my credit scores are way over 800. May you suggest any solution that i can get a chance to upgrade (last time i applied in dec 2018).


  73. Mickey

    I have also spent more than 6L in 6 months on my RF card, but not received any upgrade offer.

    No RM.. cibil above 800.. all timely payments. How does it get triggered on their systems? Do open EMI’s have a negative effect for upgrade by any chance

  74. Mickey

    Also how will the cards division know if I’m a HDFC insurance customer as well?

    Trying to figure out how the upgrade option gets auto triggered

  75. Avinash N S

    Dear Sir,
    Currently i am using regalia first which got upgraded from moneyback since march 2019. Is hdfc credit cards give additional points for paying bills as like SBI prime card. How to get LTF regalia card, my usual spends will be around 3l to 4l per annum.

  76. Chintan

    Is Business Regalia Eligible for SmartBuy 10x as it isn’t mentioned clearly anywhere in terms and conditions, i am aware Business series of cards has separate partners list, but what about SmartBuy?

  77. Sanjay Chakravarty

    I am considering the HDFC Regalia. But I just checked on their website that e-wallet loads will not be considered for reward points! That takes much of the shine away, as I spend 20K every month through Paytm and Amazon Pay. Is it still worth it to go for the card, even if free?

    Also, unlike SBI Signature, reward points vanish after 2 years

  78. Mickey

    Vistara Silver membership has been withdrawn so much of the shine from Regalia goes. Except for more lounge visits, now there is no major difference now between Regalia First and Regalia.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal


      Major difference is point value.
      Regalia First- 0.3 per point
      Regalia- 0.5 per point
      Most other differences are of minor nature.

  79. S K Swain

    One of the best card, HDFC credit card service is also very good. I am using more then 7 year. Service/offers/reward all rocks. Just need to use it wisely .

  80. Arun

    ‘’ : If you’re on Preferred Banking for >6 months with good Balance/AQB“

    Maintaining the stipulated 2lakh or more than 5lakh?

  81. sanjay

    they dont give Rp on fuel as i under stand is that correct
    2. any other spend where they dont give rp insurance they have a capping of 2000 RP per Txn As I Understand Any THING OTHER than this /restriction ?


  82. Sudhindra Kamath

    Does HDFC offer Regalia and Regalia First as LTF now?
    I’ve heard that they offer only First Year Free now. Is it true?

      1. Praveen Katiyar

        After chasing HDFC for last 6 months, recently got LE (now Limit is 5.42L) and today got offer to upgrade from Money Back to Regalia on Netbanking with Fee of Rs. 2500.
        I see Regalia somewhat for 10x benefits, normal HDFC offers and ultimately upgrading to DCB/Infinia.
        PP not needed as i have YFE.
        Should i wait for FYF/LTF or get it now ? I seek ur valuable guidance.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          You can send Upgrade form to Chennai for Diners Black. You should be getting it 95%. But there are also mild chances of rejection along with removal of the upgrade offer as it happened to one of my family Ac. So you got to take a bit of risk.

          1. Praveen Katiyar

            Last month I sent the physical form, which was rejected, instead i was offered LE, which i took. Got Limit of 5.42 from 4.93L.
            What you suggest now ? Getting rejected means, getting struck with Moneyback for another 3-6months.
            Taking means, paying the fee and again wait for DCB/Infinia.
            Fully confused, please guide.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Okay, so its better to take Regalia upgrade in this case & ask for DCB upgrade after 6 months.

  83. Aryan Kohli

    It’s really sad that HDFC is not given Regalia as LTF, now it’s only 1st free.

  84. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Today is a wonderful day for me as I got an offer to upgrade plus LE from Regalia First to Regalia. Like many enthusiast I also use to check my netbanking page every day. I also received LE offer in my 2 family members card and in 1 friend’s card. Sadly friend do not needs LE.
    All my previous cards was lifetime free but this new Regalia will be paid one. It looks like HDFC has stopped issuing free cards. Anyways I would love to pay again and again it we keep getting LE and better cards.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      @ Captain.. Congrats..!!

      After more than 6months of daily checking LE & Upgrade i too got Upgrade from Moneyback to Regalia(with Fee), today.
      I was rejected for LE through a physical form in Jan and earlier. Last month when i sent the form through a HDFC card guy, for upgrade, it was rejected, but I was offered LE, I then sent the physical form and in a week LE from 4.93 to 5.42L.
      Though i dont need Regalia for any feature, may be just for 10x on Smartbuy and HDFC offers, still i may take as it takes me closer to DCB/Infinia. Waiting for @Sid for guidance.
      I can fee what you feel..! Cheers..!!

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Got Limit increase offer on my wifes dcb wow. Her limit is now Rs10L. Got the card 2 months back. The journey from Rs2L limit to to Rs10 L with multiple card upgrade has been fast.

        I still has less limit than her and get no limit upgrade offere whereas i had used the card heavily in last 1 year.

        Looks like it will he easier to upgrade my wife’s card to infinia if required.

      2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Praveen congrats. I too applied manually for upgrade to Regalia in April 2019 which got rejected. After escalation my limit was enhanced to Rs. 2.48 lakhs from Rs. 2.25 lakhs. Now today my limit got increased to massive 4 lakhs and also got upgraded to the Regalia. Though my ITR is only Fs. 3.40 lakhs I hope HDFC will give me Diners Black in 1-2 years once I reach limit of 5 lakhs.
        Siddharth do you think I should ask them for Black after 6 months ?

  85. Mickey

    I thought they normally give First Year Free? What about the cross sell products like add-on card? If you tick that then also it’s FYF.

    For subsequent years if you spend 3 lakhs then the renewal fee gets waived off.

  86. SURESH

    I too got a LE to my Regalia card from 3.9 L to 5.07 L on JUly 26th .I am still eagerly waiting for the DIners Black .
    upgrade. Do I need to wait for upgrade from Regalia to DCB Black to get kicked automatically or sending a upgrade form will help?

  87. Sree

    Wow it really looks like HDFC is finally being good to me too after a long time.. I was using moneyback since 2009 and hit a credit limit of 3.38 lacs in 2014. But after that never was i offered Limit enhancement(Though i didnt try to get it since previously it was offered to me from the bank itself on multiple occasions). In Feb 2019 i upgraded to Regalia first and again no credit limit enhancement. Been checking almost daily since then and finally i got a limit enhancement today to 4.39 lacs!!

  88. Skywalker

    Hi Guys,

    Need your suggestion,
    Cards I have right now,
    HDFC Regalia first
    SBI simply click
    Yes Prosperity Edge
    HSBC Visa Platinum

    I am planning to upgrade my HDFC or SBI card and I am thinking of below options,
    HDFC Regalia
    HDFC Diners club miles
    As my Credit limit on HDFC is 160,000 i dont think they will offer me Regalia and hence should i upgrade to Diners club miles?

    For SBI card:
    SBI prime
    But i dont think its worth as they have removed the Red giraffe biller now

    Please suggest

  89. Swapnil

    I also got LE and upgrade offer to Regalia from Regalia First. Is it possible to upgrade to Diners Black instead of Regalia by sending forms to Chennai as LE offered is at 4L ? Or should I take Regalia offer first and later after 6 months apply for Diners Black ?

  90. Mickey

    What’s the difference between normal Regalia and Business Regalia besides the fact that it is issued to Business persons? Features are same I think?

  91. Mickey

    I’d like to share my story –

    January 2017 – applied basic HDFC card, on card-for-card basis (Citibank, CIBIL 800) rejected

    September 2017 – applied again, rejected

    September 2017 – wrote a full-on sarcastic email to Nodal officer. (My friends who read it could not believe I actually sent this to HDFC)

    October 2017 – Received Moneyback card 😁

    September 2018 – Email to Nodal officer again for upgrade. No docs sent, only a simple e-mail.

    September 2018 – Upgraded to Regalia First

    June 2019 – Email to Nodal officer again for upgrade. Sent Upgrade form this time.

    July 2019 – Upgraded to Regalia 🤓

    1. Sree

      Thats cool! Can you tell more about your spends on your Regalia first and were you eligible as per bank criteria for Regalia at the time of upgrade?

      1. Mickey

        @Sree – I had spends of about 7L in 9 months on my RF card with all timely and even advance payments.

        I was eligible as per CIBIL and ITR but received no offer to upgrade. That’s why I wrote to Nodal officer and did not send form to Chennai because I was certain they will reject it.

        Odd part is my limit on RF was only 2.10, and after upgrade to Regalia it is still 2.10! No LE at all.

        How do they issue Regalia with limit only 2.10L?? Strange..

  92. M Singh

    I got upgrade offer from All Miles to Regalia, in netbanking it was showing Anual fee Rs 2500/- i contacted customer care & they told me that if I link Autopay (DTH, Policy Premium, Post paid Bill pay etc) then my card will be lifetime free.

    1. Hussain

      Whats your Limit?

      I am trying to upgrade from regalia first,

      Current limit is 1.6L

      Any suggestions?

  93. Shekhar

    Friends I need some suggestion! I am holding Saving accounts and Credit Cards in few banks. HDFC is my primary salary account and currently holding Regalia and Diner Club Miles Card from HDFC. Few other cards are from Amex, HSBC and Yes Bank. I am moving to Canada permanently so my status in India will be NRI. I need advise from you, what will happen to my all these credit cards after my status becomes NRI? I am planning to keep them as they are life time free and can be used for my visits back to India.

    Any specific guidelines from bank’s side or from Govt.’s side regarding this?

    1. Ron

      I’m no expert or anything, but I am in the process of applying for a HDFC credit card and have the form in front of me.

      In the declaration part, there is a line highlighted in red which says “I/We hereby authorize HDFC Bank to block my/our issued credit card if resident status changes to Non Resident in future and I / We confirm to clear the dues if any.”

      In addition, in the HDFC form center there is a form to convert credit cards from resident to non resident and vice versa. NR Regalia card can be lifetime free if you sign up for one assist and smartpay.

  94. Shri

    Could someone help me understand the earning capabilities when the spend is less than 150 INR?

    What if the charge is 50 rupees. Would I receive 4/3 points if Regalia were to be used? Or any card for that matter.
    On the other hand when upgrading to higher card, would the points move to new card or does one have to spend/redeem them before upgrading or cancelling/getting a new one. I would like to know this very much because I’m on process of doing so

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You do not get any points for Txs below Rs.150 and get points in multiples of Rs.150. No partial points. But Stan C and Amex gives points for partial amounts.

      The points are carried forward and the rupee value remains intact.

    2. Sree

      Minimum spend for earning points is Rs.150. I usually spend my lower expenses on Citi Premier miles since it gives 4 pts per 100 spent and it also gives for lesser spends as per the amount. For example, if i spend Rs.80 i would use my Citi PM as it gives 3 points.
      You can upgrade to a new card without worrying about losing points since it gets transferred as poer the ratio of the new card.

    3. Praveen Katiyar

      HDFC does not gives points on less than 150rs spends on Regalia.
      Different cards follow different ‘minimum block’ for rewards.
      Axis for example takes Rs. 200 as minimum block for reward.
      AMEX takes Rs. 50 for rewards, Yes Bank takes Rs. 100.
      Somewhere I read that StanC ultimate gives reward/points on bill total, not on individual trxn. That may help u apart from Amex which I confirm that it gives reward on minimum Rs. 50 trxn.
      Hope it helps.

    4. A2Z

      HDFC follows integer system & no points are awarded for transactions for value less then 150
      So if Spends are 150 then 3/4/5 points depending on card variant (Regalia 4/150, Infinia 5/150)
      So if Spends are 300 then 6/8/10 points depending on card variant
      So if Spends are 420 then 6/8/10 points depending on card variant
      So if Spends are 460 then 9/12/15 points depending on card variant

      SBI too follow same system
      SCB still gives points for fractional usage

  95. Shri

    Thank you all for the updates and additional details. I’m moving away from Regalia First to Diners Black and wondered if I had to redeem them or leave them intact. That’s when I noticed that I haven’t earned much points although there are plenty transactions and many being under 150.

    It’s safe to say, I should get AMEX as well as daily driver along with DCB. DCB because of its 10x potential and privileges that come with it.

  96. Nandhakumar

    Pls anyone ans this one regalia card eligible for RS 254000 to 273000
    Total 19000 limit enhancement offer.
    If I will take this offer or I will send my it documents to Chennai office.
    I need more limit for this.

    1. Sree

      Usually auto enhancement is given based on card usage. If you are confident about your docs then submit to Chennai office or else take up what is already offered

  97. Mickey

    Send your documents to Chennai

    If you have a high ITR they should give you a higher limit

    1. Nandhakumar

      If I willl this 19000 limit and if I will send only after six months for next upgrade or any short period to send

  98. Praveen Katiyar

    With lot of changes and devaluation etc.. can i request a latest article on regalia ? 2019 edition..
    I know its lot of hard work.. but please..

    Thanks in advance.

  99. Sandeep

    I received this card recently. (I have not seen it as i am still out of station and my family have received it)
    My card application was taken by a HDFC credit card agent and i told him at time of application that i need either Infinia or diners black, my only aim was to get unlimited lounge access.
    I am their preffered customer for 14 years and and is qualified for their Imperia banking all these time. I submitted ITR for 19.5L with a computation of 30L.
    *What should i do to get the Diners black/ Infinia? after how long can i request for an upgrade?
    * This is the list of Lounges, in this list there are a number of lounges in international departures areas of Indian airports. can we use VISA card access in international departue areas also, or do we need to use priority pass?

  100. Anil Baranwal

    Is it true that both members (Primary and add-on)can enjoy domestic lounges at different time, but can’t enjoy lounge at a time , together?

  101. Harsh Patel

    Hello Sir,
    I am holding a HDFC Regailia since a month (recent upgrade) and you have mentioned the following for lounge access for International:
    Access Via: Priority Pass
    Complimentary Limits: 6 (shared between Primary & Add-on cards)
    Limits Reset: Every Calendar Year
    If you would like to check the remaining visits left on your card at any point of time, you need to check with Priority Pass directly ([email protected]) about the visits done on your PP card. Just deduct that # from your actual limit and you’ll get the remaining limits on your PP card.

    So can i you tell me how shall i get the Priority Pass which is required for the International Lounge Access?


    1. Deepjyoti

      Hello, They generally send the PP card after you have completed 4 billed transaction. If there is a delay, you can write to them.

  102. Ravi Srikant

    For the extra reward points on spending Rs 5L and 8L it mentions all retail spends to be considered. What exactly are retail spends? Are insurance payments and rental payment through RedGiraffe considered in this?

    1. ka

      Yes, incluing EMI txns; retail excludes charges, fees, PP (I guess), interest, penaly etc. Just read MITC understand better.

  103. John

    Hi Siddhart, great insights as always and you’re the main go to person online for comparing credit cards. I have a query on whether I should go for the Regalia card considering I have been using Citibank Premier Miles card for about 3-4 year now. I mostly use my credit card points for flight redemption and nothing else really. I am happy with the current Citibank PM card but however, it does not have any international lounge access, considering I travel 3-4 times a year abroad. Moreover, Citibank would never waive off the annual fee of Rs.3000 even if you spend a lot. ( I am not a Citibank Account holder and only use the credit card) . Though I get 3000 miles on renewal equivalent to Rs.1350 (3000*0.45) and in reality paying Rs. 1650, do you think its worth it or would HDFC REGALIA give me a better value in terms of redemption and overall benefits? Again, Kindly take into account I mostly use the reward points for booking flights on MMT, Yatra. I would be really grateful if you can give me your expert opinion between the two cards – HDFC Regalia and Citibank PM card?


  104. Ajay Kumar

    Hi. I spend about 80k-1lakh per month on regalia. All was good. But now the bank has limited the reward points to maximum 5000 per month. That is just 20k of spends on their smartbuy website. I donot hold any other card and I didnot ask them for infinia as I know they will right away reject my application. Now if I want good points for flights and lounge access mostly domestic, which card should I prefer? I am staying in a small town called Vizianagaram of AndhraPradesh.
    Thanks and regards

  105. Mickey

    Anyone know what to do with old Priority Pass after card is upgraded?

    Continue using old one (with visits left) or apply for new PP?

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      I got my YFP(came alongwith PP) upgraded to YFE, which came with new PP. So I assume they either deactivate the old one or make it’s free visits zero. Why leave a chance for embarrassment (with old/deactivated PP or PP without free visits) when u can get a new one with surety of it working.
      Just my thots..!!

  106. Mickey

    @Praveen – I was reading you are now planning to upgrade to DCB? How much approx spends are you aiming for monthly on your Regalia?

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      In Jan I got upgrade option to Infinia, I remember our discussion in the above thread.
      Reply to ur last comment in above thread was disabled so commenting here.
      Did a lot of other juggling, hold Infinia and Diners Club Miles.

      Would happy to discuss n talk if @Sid share ur email with me, of course with ur permission. @Sid can ur share @mickey’s email after asking him, please.

    1. Sahil

      Yes I have been using add on plus primary card in the same lounge and it works. I have taken up 3 addons and all of my family members including me visited the lounge together.

  107. Mickey

    Yes but not at the same time. Primary + Add-on cannot visit same domestic lounge at same time because you will notice that the card number is basically the same

  108. Sree

    Got my card upgrade option in netbanking today from RF to Regalia. Been using my RF since April 2019 and crossed only 4 lacs spend so far but got the upgrade triggered. FYF with fee waiver if spends more than 3 lacs. Took it up gladly 😀

    1. Himanshu Kainth


      Congrats on getting HDFC Regalia. I have been using this card since Jan and spent about 15L+ on the card. I am waiting for infinia invite.

  109. Mickey

    @Praveen –

    how are your spends going on Regalia? What’s your target spend amount roughly in next 6-8 months to get invited for DCB?

  110. Anonymous

    Hi All,

    My sister has a Solitaire credit card. She got an offer recently to upgrade to regalia first LTF and also a credit enhancement from 1.5 to 2.78 lakhs. While she has opted for the LE, she is wondering if she should push for regalia instead. Her annual CTC is greater than 12. Kindly give suggestions and how to approach the same.


  111. Ujjwal

    TLDR; How to track 10x/5x reward points in HDFC CC statement(I hold a regalia)
    How does one verify if transactions on amazon/flipkart via the smartbuy page have materialized into the 10x/5x reward points.
    I sent an email to the hdfc customer care. They want me to generate a list of transactions for which I expect the 10x and 5x reward points.
    I have been exclusively using smart buy page to land onto amazon/flipkart over the past year and may end up sending them the entire list of transactions made on these 2 sites. I thought it would be easier for them to fig the information.. It is a manual process for me.
    HDFC customer care if POOR and keep giving rote answers without understanding what the customer is asking for

  112. Cagar

    Have they discontinued HDFC Diners Club Miles card? Just got an update that it is discontinued.

  113. Bhasin

    Hi Sidharth,

    Thanks for the grate review. I have applied and got this card after reading your review.

    I got visa signature card with additional add-on card. Can I use primary card and add-on card for lounge access same day?

    Also I herd lot of places Visa card is not accepted. Is it wort to apply for master card?

    1. Shivi

      You can use add-on card and primary card the same day.

      I have never come across any place where VISA is not accepted till you are talking of a Regional area with restrictions like Iran or some regional merchants with exclusive MC or AMEX partnership!

  114. Kumar

    Have received an SMS from HDFC to dial a 1860 number to claim the increased card limit on my Regalia card. This is valid till 15th Dec.

    Has anyone done this for enhanced limit ? Is it done automatically or there are more requirements to be fulfilled after this step.

    1. ka

      if you have received sms and it’s a genuine one, it will also appear in netbanking. safer to go via netbanking.

  115. ka

    now onwards, for flight redemption, only upto 70% points may be used. balance, at least 30% must be charged to the card

  116. PS

    Currently i hold HDFC moneyback credit card from past 3 years (CL 9 lac). Have fd of 15 lac in HDFC Bank classic account and income of 80k/m. Still i am not getting option in NetBanking to upgrade the card. RM is also not able to upgrade and saying I will be eligible for regalia first and not regalia, is it true that i can not get regalia directly? Also,why i am not getting invite from bank for upgrade?

    Thank you.

    1. Sanjeev Khatoi

      Don’t know why he is saying that. I got my Regalia upgraded from Moneyback couple of months back and my CL is just 3.15L

    2. Peter

      Have you been using payzapp app ? If so, please check the credit card section in the app. You will be able to see eligible cards there.

  117. Himanshu

    Today, I have received an Upgrade Offer to Upgrade my Regalia First to Regalia. I started with HDFC Moneyback in May 2017 which was upgraded to Regalia First in January 2019 and finally within 1 year, I have an upgrade to Regalia. During this time, I have received the Credit Limit enhancement offer for about 6 times.

    1. Arun

      Himanshu, what was your credit limit on regalia first when you received upgrade? And what was your spending pattern like with regalia first?

  118. aceshigh

    Damn this stupid HDFC bank. I have a jet airways card with them. have been asking for an upgrade. but to no avail.
    Total NRV – 50L
    Jet airways card CL – 10lakhs
    CTC- 25-28 L
    Still they wont issue regalia

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Send the upgrade form with ITR & Salary Slips to Chennai directly. U should get DCB easily and Infinia too if the bank considers.

  119. SM


    I have received a credit limit enhancement offer for Regalia card. The current limit is 9.65 Lacs and new enhanced limit is 11.65 Lacs. Please advise if I accept the enhancement offer, will it adversely affect the credit score and will a higher limit help in upgrade to Infinia or DCB?

    Thanks & Regards

  120. Prateek

    Got an option to upgrade my regalia first to regalia in December after 8 months of usage. Applied online and got the card in 1 week. Limit increased from 1 lac to 5 lacs automatically.
    However got a visa card, instead of mastercard (regalia first was a Mastercard ). Wrote a mail to them to change it to mastercard. Got a reply in 3 days saying they’re sending a new one.
    Gonna try for the infinia in about 8 months now.

  121. Bhavya

    Can anybody confirm if they are getting points in wallet loading as there is no mention on the HDFC website regarding awarding of points on wallet transaction.

    1. MT

      No points on wallet loading , even if they award during transaction settlement , on statement , it will be adjusted/lapsed

  122. Curious

    My Regalia was recently enhanced to a CL of 9.5 lakhs. I am waiting for an invite for DCB or Infinia however I dont see it happening as my RM didn’t give a positive reply when I asked.
    What is the maximum CL they offer on Regalia before they upgrade it to DCB or Infinia.
    Do I have a chance for a life time free DCB or Infinia. I hold a preferred acount with HDFC.
    What should I do to be able to get hold of a lifetime free DCB or Infinia.


      Hey how did u manage this increase. My regalia is 4 years old yet it’s CL is 4.55 lakh. I am not received any upgrade offer. I have an imperia account with the bank. My account is 12 years old.

  123. Avijeet Mohanty

    whats the major difference between
    HDFC Regalia Credit card vs HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card

    I have found 2 points …
    The rewards on Insurence is no there in Business Card (Oct 2019)
    0% EMI at on Samsung Phones + 6000 Cashback was not available on Business Card (July 2018)

    I am thinking bout swapping my HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card with HDFC Regalia Credit card …

    Am i gonna miss anything special here ?

  124. Rishabh Mangal

    50% Off on Zomato Gold Membership offer only for Regalia Cards valid till March 31st.

  125. Sree

    I have crossed the 5 lacs threshold in Feb 2nd week and my statement has also been generated today. But my 10000 bonus points have not been credited. Should i call customer care or does it take more time to get credited?

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Pls refer to this article again.

      ”Fulfilment: After completion of the card anniversary year.”

      Hope it helps.

      1. Sree

        What if we get an offer to upgrade in the meantime? I thot the bonus points now get credited in few days of reaching the milestone because when I had RF that was the case

  126. aranav koushik

    now regalia not accepting 100% redeem points for
    flight booking.
    if ticket total cost comes rs:2000 u have to pay max of 70% of amount
    say rs:1400 worth points balance by card say rs: 600.

    70:30 ratio !!!!
    even if u have 8000points worth rs:4000 !!!!

    disapointed with new rule

    aranav koushik

    1. Ashish Nikhare

      Its in a way somewhat better ! Just imagine, you need a flight or hotel booking and you dont have adequate points, you can still do the booking by redeeming whatever points left (ie. 40%, 50%, 60% max 70%) & remaining by cash.

  127. kps

    Hi Sidharth, Wonderful forum.
    I got an upgrade of HDFC Moneyback to Regalia in Jan2019.First year free card and the subsequent year renewal fee would be reversed if spend Rs.3,00,000.00 in a period of 12 months. And in Jan2019 , I got a call from HDFC team ,asked me to register (Smartpay) Insurance /Post paid bill to make the card LTF without mentioning any time limit. They didn’t tell any time limit . I registered my postpaid bill via smart pay in Oct 2019 and Expected card has converted to LTF, and spend <3L till 15 feb2020. Now they charged annual fee 2.5K+ taxes. I escalated the issue and asked for the waiver ,they agreeing only for 70% of 2.5 K discount without LTF and HDFC replied I should have registered smart pay within 90 days of card upgrade, but this 90 days condition they didn't inform me that time. I have Add-on card & credit limit of 7.15 Lakh, used HDFC cards without any slippage of payment & in regalia 2 bills registered for smart pay. Shall I escalate the issue further for LTF or agree for 70% waiver of annual fee siting the reason 90 days condition not informed to the customer , expecting valuable suggestions regarding this. Thanks in advance.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      I will suggest to accept 70% waiver and pay just 900 (appx). It’s not worth the effort with HDFC and its ill-informed(with purpose) team.

  128. Abby

    Guys how much time should i expect to get a limit enhancement on my Regalia? I got upgraded from Regalia first around 6 months back but have a low limit of 4.5 lacs only. With an average 50-70k per month spend on this card, i am still deprived of insta loans, jumbo loans facility. Seems like i will have to minimise expenditure using this card to indicate i am not dependent on credit cards. Will it work that way?

  129. Saurabh

    Now with 10X on SmartBuy gone, this card has been devalued in a major way and other premium cards have an edge over this. Hope to see 10X back soon.

  130. Sree

    Still havent received my 10000 pts for achieving milestone 1 of 5 lacs spend. I crossed in Feb 2020 but till date points havent been credited. Customer care was clueless whenever i reached out to them. As per their terms and conditions on website..

    Bonus Reward Points of 10,000 will be posted for the 1st Milestone Spend Threshold
    achievers of Rs 5,00,000 within a week of achievement. Additional Bonus Reward Points
    of 5,000 will be posted for the 2nd Milestone Spend Threshold achievers of Rs 8,00,000
    within 90 days from renewal date.

    Anyone else facing similar situation??

    1. Roy

      I too faced the similar issue and raised with customer care. They just informed that they will escalate this and get back. No response on emails too. I have crossed the first threshold on March 2020.

    2. Mahendra

      Hi Sree,

      I too face same issue. When called CC, they told bonus points will be credited once anniversary year completed. Still anniversary year not completed for me.

    3. Saurabh

      Yes. Same with me. I completed 5 Lakhs annual spend after card setup in Jan (for JAN 2019-JAN 2020) and didn’t get the milestone bonus. Have been following up with customer care for 6 months now. Each time I get two replies –
      1.) Your complaint has been forwarded to concerned department.
      2.) You will get eligible points in 90 days.
      This cycle repeats. I tried phone line, twitter, facebook, instagram, email, nodal officer, escalation but the response is same.

      This is inline with the worst customer support and opaque reward mechanism of HDFC. Forget AMEX, even SBI Cards are way better than HDFC when it comes to customer support and transparency.

  131. Reetzz

    All those seeking credit limit enhancement please note that it is entirely dependent on your Annual income. Because there is a provision in our ITR that half the total annual income can be given as credit limit for one card. Since many have multiple cards the card limit enhancement will be not high and not more than half of your annual income.

  132. Chethan

    I have received message saying credit limit enhancement from 6.46 laks to 8.6 lakhs. i have Regalia.

  133. Akash

    If i buy medicines from Netmeds and pay using Amazon. will i get reward points?

  134. Viral

    Is it anybody received credit card upgrade delivery or
    credit card application process delivery in june 2020 from hdfc ????? I received credit card upgrade from regalia first credit card to regalia credit card on 19th june 2020,but still not received mine regalia credit card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It may take time, upto a month (in my case, for a replacement), due to lockdown in Chennai.

    2. Mayank

      I also received credit card upgrade from regalia first credit card to regalia credit card on 19th june 2020 and applied on same day. I received my card on 30 June 2020.

      1. viral


        Kindly share have you received regalia credit card life time free or first year free from hdfc bank ??? if life time free what condition we have to full fill to hdfc bank currently

        1. Mayank

          Its FYF not LTF. However, my RM told me to register for smart bill pay within 90 days of card issue date and it will become Free. I hope its true.

          1. MILAN GADAKARI

            That’s what my RM told me. She has confirmed it’s become LTF now.

          2. Sunil Patel

            Yes Milan, its true if you activate smartpay for bill payment within 90 days the product gets converted to LTF for most HDFC CC variants.

  135. JOHN

    Last year my spent Rs 8 lakhs on regalia first card. Didn’t get the upgrade. I have saving account also.
    Have been following up with customer care for 6 month,Customer service person said that there is no offer for your card .I was escalate to nodal officer but the response is same.Very worst customer service support

  136. Viral


    Kindly reply if i add one utility bill in smart pay to convert regalia credit card life time free with condition below……

    Credit card set up in july 2020
    utility bill add in smart pay but service start date August 2020
    hdfc made smart pay utility payment for the month of August,September,October total 3 months then my regalia credit card convert to life time free

    or only one month utility payment made by hdfc bank ie. August 2020 through smart pay

    From above which condition are meet for convert regalia credit card life time free . currently not able to contact hdfc customer care becz. of covid 19 condition and i don’t have RM



    1. Udit

      Got a new regalia card this month. Confirmed with contact center that one bill registration on smartpay in first 90 days will make card lifetime free. This should in be in active state at 90 days. Would recommend to keep it active till you get it confirmed from contact center that it is lifetime free.

  137. Reetzz

    Hi Sid,
    Since the 10X is stopped for Regalia and Diners privilege cards and the 5% cashback has been added instead, will we still accrue the 4 reward points/150 spent on smartbuy portal along with the 5% cashback?
    If that is the case, then we may enjoy additional 1.3% cash back along with the usual 5%.
    Since there is a cap for 5% cashback it still might be worth for many holding regalia as the cap allows one to purchase for 40K in a month to get the max cashback.

  138. Sahil

    Hi Sid,

    I have been trying to upgrade my regalia card to Diners.
    I had ugraded from Regalia first to Regalia 11months back.
    I had applied for Diners upgrade from a branch in May but due to lockdown I haven’t received any communication. Instead they have increased the limit to 5.98L. Is there any chance they will upgrade to Diners?

    I have already spent more than 10L on this card in less than a year.

  139. sid

    Hi SIddharth,

    Is regalia portal shutdown or temporarily closed? i am unable to find it. Thanks

  140. Advait

    Hi Siddharth, what are the significant differences in the MasterCard and Visa Signature variants in this card, if any? Does it impact number of visits to lounge (apart from being charged Rs 2/- on Visa and Rs 25/- on MC and then reversed, which doesn’t matter) or which lounges provide access, or merchants/ restaurants etc?

    1. Shivi

      Acceptance issues if you travel a lot to North America and Japan and buy from wholesale shops there. Also, different perks.

  141. Rayhaan Pirani

    I have been offered this card on PaisaBazaar (not LTF, annual fees charged) as a ‘pre-qualified’ offer (I am assuming based on my credit score: 781 CIBIL, 820 Experian). Should I go ahead and apply? I am salaried, but I do not meet the income criteria (about 4.33 lakhs less gross income than required by HDFC); will this be a problem? I really want this card for the 10x offers, low forex markup, and lounge access, but I don’t want to get rejected based on income. I do not have any relationship with HDFC currently either.

    1. Pranab

      Hi Rayhaan,
      There’s No income criteria for Regalia. Also there’s no 10X on this card.
      Seems like you’ve mixed this with DCB/Infinia.

    2. Saurabh

      You should try your luck with this card. They do offer it even without meeting salary conditions in many cases. But 10x is now gone and among others than what you mentioned, this card can make way for Infinia/DCB card after few years of usage.

    3. FrequentFlyer15

      HDFC usually offers almost all its cards LTF. Also, icome critera is just a number. HDFC is great at identifying the CLV and making a decision. But I wouldn’t recommend to go through these portals since you may not be getting the best deal. If you just drop by their office, they may end up giving you the card for free hoping that later when ou start making more money, you will invest with them or open a preferred acount with them.

      Also, please note that the 10x is applicable only on Infinia and DCB now. My Club Miles and Regalia only bag us 5% cashback now. However, I spoke to the CS executive and just in time for Diwali, they will restart Diners Club 10x. So consider getting Club Miles since points conversion is 1:1 vs Privilege which is a higher card and still 2:1.

    4. Zulu

      probably you will be rejected. i Would recommend not applying.
      Apply only when the bank offers you the card. YOu can still apply Diners card which has 10X rewards and is similar to Regalia.


      Paisa Bazaar is not hdfc. Any PREQUALIFIED OFFER you see is just an eyewash. Moreover there is no 10x on Regalia.

    6. Rayhaan Pirani

      Thanks for all your responses. Didn’t realize that 10X was discontinued for this card, it makes it a lot less attractive. 5% is nothing as I already have Amazon Pay card + Amex MRCC which gives me >=5% anyway on most online spends. But forex spends and lounge access are pretty valuable for me.

      As far as I can see on the HDFC/Diners Club websites, ClubMiles is discontinued, and the only variants available are Black and Privilege. Diners has a poor exchange rate compared to Mastercard/Visa, so it’s not as good for international spends. Regalia would give me almost nil rate with the Global Value Program and accounting for the base reward rate (0.06% forex markup accounting for 1.3% rewards and 2% + GST).

      I guess I will connect directly with HDFC and try to get either this or Privilege LTF.

  142. Shivi

    Nobody will be able to tell you if you’d be approved or not. 10x offers have been reduced substantially on Regalia.
    IMHO it’s better to go through hdfc bank directly.

  143. neil

    hi Sid,

    Regalia no long offers 10X benefit but a 5% cashback. you may want to update the post.


    Hi guys
    I have not seen 5 percent cashback single time in my statement after spending on smart buy. Are you guys getting the cashback on regalia in statement?

    1. Saurabh

      Not so far. Hoping the June cashback to start getting credited anytime soon.

  145. Sree

    Finally got CLE on my regalia after almost a year! 4.39 to 5.26 lacs.. took it up gladly!

  146. mahendra

    Hi All,

    I am using HDFC card from last 10 years. 5 Years back my card upgraded to Regalia. From then onwards, I didn’t get single limit enhancement offer. I never defaulted my payment in 10 years. I have salary account with HDFC. I took jumbo loan 2 times and closed. I had RD earlier and matured. I have smart pay on my credit card.

    But still I didn’t get LE. Any suggestions from you.

    1. Kailas

      You can send your income document to chennai address then they will Inhancement your limit

  147. Kamal

    Hi, how can I use the hdfc credit card Regalia for additional 5kg baggage at the airport?? Tried calling customer care but no response.. Can someone help. Me out..

  148. Taj Dhillon

    Respected Sid sir
    I have been using regalia for last one year and spent around 6 lac in a year. 5 lac limit was completed almost in 6 months. Talked to customer care for milestone rewards, she told me to wait. Later during lockdown no direct contact with customer care, very hardly got connected but she was more interested to show me offers to solve my problem. Later sent email as well as Facebook but nothing fruitful. Please suggest me the way to get my milestone rewards.
    Second I have sbi simply save cc with limit 1.30 lac now getting upgrade offer for Elite card, my limit will increase if I accept the offer. Thank you and best regards

  149. Stephen

    Hi Sir,
    Earn Bonus 10,000 Reward Points when you spend Rs. 5 lakhs in the anniversary yea

    is this applicable only for the 1 year anniversary

    i am not able to reach their customer care. Worst customer care exp is HDFC

  150. Gautam

    Is there any easy way to find out the actual annual spends on the card or do I have to go through all statements.
    Also how to find out the renewal date so that I know if i need to spend more for milestone benefit eligibility

    1. Bala

      Only Customer care can tell us the total spends else need to chk with all the statements.

      For anniversary year, chk on card valid from date to 365 days, If you have the initially issued and auto renewed card. If you got card in between for the reason like lost or damaged then customer care only.

  151. Krishna Sharma

    The funny part is I am HDFC preferred customer for quite a long now and this is my salary account as well. I applied for this card through net banking and despite me meeting all the criteria they DENIED my application with no reasons mentioned. I checked with the branch and with my relationship manager and they were equally shocked and had no answers. I was following up with the customer care team and when i asked for the reason this is what they sent me
    “We regret to inform you that we are unable to approve your application as it does not meet the internal criteria of the bank. The criteria by which your HDFC Bank credit card application is evaluated is as per the Bank’s internal guidelines and hence we regret our inability to disclose the same. We earnestly seek your understanding in this regard”
    PS: My CIBIL score is quite high. No issues with income as well. Currently holding YES bank first preferred card with the credit limit of 5Lacs.

  152. Premal

    I applied for Regalia card through their portal on 3rd Nov and got an email confirmation that the application has been ‘approved in principle’. However since then there are no updates nor anything from customer care via email. I see the status on the website still as ‘INPROCESS’.
    The most bizarre part is when I call up customer care they are unable to find my information in their system 🙁
    Usually how long does it take for HDFC to issue card when applied through online channel. I am new HDFC customer with no prior relationship. Any specific customer care email ids that I should write to?

  153. Dr Koushik

    Can I use both primary and add on card at the same lounge on the same date and time?
    Also how to do it with priority pass card?
    Will there be any add on priority pass card as well?

  154. Shivi

    Can I use both primary and add on card at the same lounge on the same date and time? – Yes.
    Also how to do it with priority pass card? – Same like with Regalia card.
    Will there be any add on priority pass card as well? – Yes. Primary and add-on card holders get individual PP

  155. Shubhanshu Sharma

    Does someone know if we will get 5% Cashback on GV on someone else’s smartbuy account too?

    Like one Smartbuy account is allowed to buy 5k Amazon GV. IF I buy 5k GV from someone else’s smartbuy account do I get 5%?

    1. Raja

      The GV cap of 5k is linked to the card. So you can get the cash back on multiple cards regardless of who the cards belong to. The cash back or rewards will be credited to the card so if you are using your friend’s card, then your friend’s card will receive the credit.

  156. Sanjay

    I checked redemption on Regalia recently and its giving 100 Amazon voucher for 660 points, valuing a point at 0.15 INR
    This gives a reward rate of just 40 paise per 100 spent
    Isn’t this way less? I thought Regalia used to give more than 1 Rupee per 100 spent.

    1. Nitin Gupta

      Don’t redeem on the HDFC NetBanking. Use the dedicated regalia Portal, there you will get 500 amazon voucher for 1420 and 1k voucher for 2850 points respectively!

  157. Sundeep

    @Nitin Gupta The reward rate on Regalia portal is 2000 points for Rs.500 Amazon voucher. Would like to know the Regalia portal you are referring to, thanks.

    1. Nitin Gupta

      @Sundeep I am referring to the Smartbuy Regalia Portal (search for Regalia on Google and the second link will be of that only). Aslo this conversion is for Regalia you might be using Regalia First card.

  158. Joe

    Hi Sid! Can you help me with the cards that allow lounge access on supplementary cards

  159. slim

    I got this card now in 2021, how does the regalia card compare to citi premier miles?

  160. Mr. Chaudhry

    Guys this is weird. Regalia not accepted at plaza premium lounge @ domestic departures , T2 – Delhi. I flew from Delhi to Kolkata 3 days back and was denied entry at plaza premium. They specifically told that Regalia holders have lounge access only at T3 – International departures now and access at other terminals have been blocked. I cant tell u how insulting it was. Not sure what are these hdfc guys up to.

  161. Vijay

    @ Mr chaudhry
    I have accessed plaza premium T3 domestic departure lounge on 8 Aug 21 and it worked fine.

  162. Ratheendiranaath

    I applied for Regalia card with Lifetime free option when I applied thro branch. Even I dont have savings/salary account with HDFC. Happy that HDFC has such offers for corporate customers. Hopefully going to have great spend with this card.

  163. Sivakumaran

    Now, Regalia only has cashback it seems. No 5X/10X reward points.
    And no cost EMI being my major transactions, HDFC is not a good option as they wont provide reward points for EMI transactions. Is it wise to have Regalia as a major credit card? Only good thing is the consistent cashbacks which most HDFC Credit cards receive and the ease of access at all outlets.
    I also have an amex MRCC which is great but only in metros. My 4 major transactions used to be Broadband bill, Term insurance, Electricity Bill at 1019 INR, 1050 INR, 3300 approx for 2 months and managed to get the 1000 bonus points every month and with few more transactions i was able to get fee waiver and 18k carat reward points. Now it is increased to 1500 per transaction which is a big problem for me and there is also the Amex platinum travel card which is almost similar sans bonus points. what do you feel is the right card? Is there any other options? I spend 1.5-3L a year and usually plan my purchases when the reward points/cashbacks are good.

    1. vivek

      Earlier we have DCB for this range but due to ban you have no option from HDFC. They will not give you infinia for this range of spend.

      Looks like its better to move to Standard Chartered Ultimate for better 3.3 Reward.

  164. Amit Kumar

    Are spend based offer available for LTF cards?
    Last year i didn’t get, CC said no spend based offer for LTF cards. But this year i got 10000 RP much before the completion of card anneversary..
    ‘10000 Reward Points credited to your HDFC Bank Credit Card ending XXXX on XXXXXX towards Regalia Milestone year ly Tier I. ‘

  165. rinku

    Hi all members,
    I want your advice i am existing hdfc solitaire card LTF. Now upgrade option showing into Regalia with a condition First year free and after Rs. 2500 per year.
    Can i convert into Free life time if i spend 1 lac within 90 days. is this possible ?. pls advice me.

    1. Arjun

      Yes it is possible. Rather than applying directly via Net Banking you can try contacting your Branch –
      1. If you have your salary account in HDFC, the relationship manager would help in the LTF upgrade. My wife was able to upgrade from Solitaire to Regalia Visa. Without any further request, directly card was provided LTF
      2. In my case I was able to upgrade to Regalia MasterCard from HDFC Bharat. The Credit Card executive from the branch where I have a normal savings account helped in applying for the same and also getting it as LTF.
      3. You could also try with registering for SmartPay for any recurring bill payment. A manager from the same branch advised for the same initially, but without doing that itself I was able to get it LTF.

  166. ka

    my add-on cardmember is not able to use their card via chip pos because of unavailablity of PIN. on the netbanking portal, in the last 2 years, multiple times i have requested for duplicate pin by post, but the same has not arrived. can i generate PIN at an hdfc bank atm? is there a way to reset or set a desired PIN of the add-on cardmember on a webapage or a mobile app. has no option to manage add-on cardmember’s PIN.

    1. Abby

      Simply give a call to the customer care and ask them to generate a Green PIN OTP for your add on card. They will email and sms it to your registered mobile number instantly. This otp will be valid for around 30 days from the day it gets generated. Visit any HDFC atm machine with your add on card and CREATE PIN for this add on card using the otp and your registered mobile number. This will activate your add on card with the pin u created. You can use it at any POS once this is done. This will work 100%. Go for it.

  167. Joseph

    3x/5x/10x back on smartbuy for regalia cards from 1.2.2022. Gone is the cashback. Slight increase in value over all categories except rail.

  168. krishna

    very less reward value at current, if you see the rewards catalog its shows 1 rewards point = 35 paise or even less for some item.

  169. Gopi

    I am using HDFC millennia card.Now i got offer to upgrade to Regalia with renewal fee of 2500rs per year.
    what should i take decision. shall i change or existing card is better

    1. Darshdeep Grewal

      Take it. It will be first year free probably. If you feel can’t reach the spend criteria, then downgrade it after 10 months to Millennia back.

  170. Deepak Kumar

    Will I get points on regalia if I pay rent from cred app?

    1. Akarsh

      Suggest you use magic bricks instead. For hdfc cards they’re not charging service charge. So you’ll save that 1.5% that you otherwise pay to cred. You’ll get reward points on both platforms.

      1. ka

        does magicbrickscharge lesser that redgirraffe? redgirraffecharges 0.39%+GST.

        wef July 23, 2022, reward points earned on property management services including rent, is capped at 1000 RP/month on regalia. is there a better card to charge rent of over 37,500/month?

  171. Pritom Roy

    Could anyone please explain where/how to spend HDFC Bank Regalia card’s point to get maximum value? I tried smart buy to purchase flight/hotel but they are giving 1 pts = 0.3 INR. Is there any other place where I can get a better price for my HDFC Bank CC Reward points?

  172. Ankit Khandelwal

    I currently have Regalia LTF. I am getting an offer for upgrade to Millennia LTF. Should I take it or continue with Regalia? Which is the better rewarding Card?

    1. Varun

      I would stick with Regalia, because of the lounge access on add-on cards + priority pass.

  173. Basant

    I have 2 addon cards with 3 priority passes. Can we all use in foreign country at same time and same lounge?

  174. Joe

    Nothing gives more pleasure than a great points redemption.
    Transferred 18000 regalia points to vistara miles(9000 miles) for two tickets in MAA-BOM sector.
    Revenue ticket was coming to Rs 11200, so got a value of more than 0.5 for each point.
    Booking through smartbuy would have gotten me only 0.5 Rs per point and that too only for 70% of ticket value.

    1. Joe

      A quick correction. Had to pay Rs 1200 as tax for both tickets combined when using airmiles. So value of point came down a bit but still more than 0.5.

      1. KA Prasad

        If you had used Smart Buy, you would have probably got Vistara miles (Not sure – those with experience can confirm). If so, don’t you think that is much better?

  175. ka

    wef July 23, 2022, reward points earned on property management services including rent, shall be capped at 1000 RP/month.

  176. Andy

    Seems like slowly and steadily i am moving towards Infinia. Today all of a sudden i got LE of 40% on my existing CL of 7.25 lacs. New limit is now 10.15 lacs which is upwards of atleast the 8 lacs CL criteria for Infinia. I know this is just a step towards it and it may or may not happen that i get an invite for upgrade to Infinia but I hope i get the invite soon because there is absolutely no logic to who gets the invite all of a sudden and why.

    You guys will be surprised to know that my brother who owns a Regalia since last 1 year only and had a limit of 5 lacs got upgraded to Infinia LTF a couple of months back though he did not have spends through his Regalia for more than 5-10k a month. God know what sort of alogrithm hdfc has for the Infinia invite. Seems like even those who do not use Regalia much have got the upgrade.

    1. Duane

      Andy, interesting to read: then there is HOPE for people like me who have applied for a REGALIA BUSINESS in Jul 2022, and received just a REGALIA in Aug 2022. … that too with <3 lac Credit Limit!

      1. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

        Business Regalia is issued to Self Employed whereas Regalia is issued to Salaried, Student and Housewife. If you are salaried and apply Business Regalia it will be converted into Regalia application and vice versa.

        1. Duane

          Yes Darshanji, you are 100% correct… this month I applied for HDFC Regalia Business … and as I am salaried… they sent me HDFC Regalia. But its a great card, earned 3901 points this month itself.

  177. swati jain

    HDFC smartbuy has the worst customer service ever. HDFC Smartbuy is the most pathetic service offering. Their customer service is the worst ever where the people actually just attend phone and do not provide any services. There is no return or replacement for faulty products. majorly you earn points and when the time comes to claim/redeem those points, HDFC acts as if they have done a huge service to you and talk to you as if you are a freeloader. Shame on HDFC for their customer service.

    1. Abhi

      Quite true, only few issuers make you feel valued and have well trained CCs, such as Amex, maybe to an extent icici also.

      1. Duane

        @Abhi, apart from AMEX and ICICI you can add on CITI to the list of Card Issuers who make you “feel valued”.

  178. Anupam

    HDFC is lauching 2 new credit cards in partnership with Tata Neu.

    One gives 10% Neu points on Tata Neu app spends, 1499/- joining fee with 1499 points on joining, and 8 domestic and 4 complimentary international lounge visits. 5% on Tata brand spends and 1.5% on other spends

    The other gives 7% Neu points on Tata Neu app spends, 499/- joining fee with 499 points on joining, and 4 domestic complimentary lounge visits. 2% on Tata brand spends and 1% on other spends

    1. Duane

      Hey Anupam, thanks for sharing this update! TATA NEU sounds like a good card… I earned quite a few hundreds of TN points (via 1MG) and each is valued @ Re1. So this card sounds cool…. thanks again mate!

    2. Deepak Kumar

      I applied and Provisionally Approved TATA Neu Infinity Card but already holding Business Regalia.

  179. Nilesh

    Since 13 August 2022, many airport lounges removed from Regalia supported list.
    Silent degradation.

      1. Duane

        Vicky, I dont know your profile/status, but WHY ON EARTH would anyone (in their right senses) want to close a card and end a relationship that has been built over months/years? I am an AMAZON PAY customer since the card launched in Nov 2018 and continue to use same … and now I am an HDFC REGALIA customer since Aug 2022… I wont be closing a card because something has changed!!

  180. Andy

    On the basis of HDFC Regalia existing Limit > 10 lacs are there any top of the line credit cards I can apply on card to card basis from other banks (LTF) ?

  181. Deepak Kumar

    Today I applied TATA Neu Infinity card on invitation and provisionally approved but I already have Business Regalia. If HDFC provide only one card to its customer then How can I replace Regalia with Tata Neu card? Tata Neu Infinity card has better reward than Regalia.

  182. Duane

    @Deepak Kumar I would suggest that you do not cancel your REGALIA and instead see if the TATA NEU is delivered to you, since it has been provisionally approved. It could be they would give you 2 cards with a common/shared CL.

  183. Andy

    Do we get 10k reward points on reaching 5 lakh annual spend target on Regalia? I spoke to customer care and they are clueless about it thought hdfc website claims its on 5 lakh limit but customer care executive says its at 8 lakh. Anyone recently got those reward points on crossing 5 lakh spend?

    1. Deepak Kumar

      Yes…Regalia user gets 10k points on 5L Spend. I advise u apply for Tata Neu infinity card which reward rate is 1.5% – 5% unlimited. U will Forget using overhyped Regalia Card.

    2. Hari

      Yes, 10000 points on 5L spend and another 5000 points on 8L spend for Regalia.

  184. Andy

    Thanks for reverting back Deepak. I am just sticking to Regalia for the time being in hope of an upgrade to Infinia invite in near future. If not, then will definitely seek Neu card. Do we get lounge access for add on members as well on Neu like for Regalia?

    1. Deepak Kumar

      Hdfc is providing this neu infinity card to regalia holder as well. I received neu card as well. Limit will be shared hence keep both regalia and Tata neu infinity card.

  185. Duane

    @Deepak Kumar, thanks for this update! Please let us know, is it an auto-upgrade OR an additional card? Will the CL (Credit Limit) be separate OR will it be shared with the existing card (Regalia)?

  186. anand jain

    Understand that payment of tax can be made through credit cards with a fee (~1%). Do we get reward points 5 points for 150 spent even on this type of spend.

  187. balaji

    I have bharat cashback card. Now they are offering me regalia . Is it worth to update ?

  188. Deepak Kumar

    Update with Regalia and also apply for Tata neu Infinity card. Minimum 1.5% and max 10% reward. I am holding both Regalia and Tata infinty.

  189. kannan

    For domestic lounge access, the number of domestic lounges listed for Regalia are very less now. Compared to Infinia. A bit of a disappointment. For example Regalia domestic access is available for Bangalore but not for Pune/Chandigarh. Looks like these changes are from 13th Aug.


      The list was approx same 2 years back. Last year only Regalia had a good list of lounges. Niw back to the same old list.

  190. Mitul

    I was denied entry to lounge at Mumbai domestic airport (T1). The lounge receptionist didn’t even insert the card in the POS machine. So exhausting the limit is not in question. She straightaway said that this card is no longer valid for lounge access. Is this true? Anyone accessed lounge recently via this card?

    1. Guru

      Yes. This is correct. My Regalia card was also not accepted at Mumbai T1 lounge.

    2. Duane

      @Mitul this is strange. Let me check at Kolkata lounge this Sunday (Sep 18) and update here in the comments section.

  191. Duane

    @Kannan thanks for sharing this update. Hopefully Kolkata lounges are still available (will know when I travel on Sep 18).

    1. Deepak kumar

      I think always one should keep 3 or 4 cards in which lounge access is available whenever you are traveling by air. Always have backup cards if any card is not working.

    2. Duane

      @Kannan I guess my luck ran out: yesterday at Kolkata Airport was not able to access the lounge, as reached the Airport around 4:15 PM for my 6PM flight, took ages to get through Security and finally took off 42 mins late!! Yes, thats the state of INDIGO at Kolkata 🙁 So now, no update on lounge but will surely update this thread/forum on my next travel from Kolkata.

  192. Duane

    @Deepak Kumar, I feel with one card (Regalia) and unlimited access (Regalia) this keeping of multiple cards really isn’t necessary.

  193. Shabir Hamid

    I saw multiple people commenting on not receiving the 5L milestone benefits. All of them were posted during 2020. Can someone help me with the latest update?

    1. Duane

      @Rocky Bhai, thanks gor this upfate! Can you share how soon (after crossing 5 & 8 lacs) dis you get the points added ? Was it immediately? Was any sms received by you, informing about the milestone crossed and points added?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Btw, did you check your email, have sent you something few days back.

      2. Andy

        Hi Just to keep everyone posted.. I receive 10k reward points on crossing 5L limit. Received a message within 2 days of crossing the limit and was able to redeem the points immediately as well. Thanks

  194. Raja

    Yes, 5L spend = 10k points, 8L spend = 15k points as milestone benefit for Regalia. I wonder why there is no milestone benefit for Infinia card…

  195. Vamsi

    Is there a validity for the points accumulated on Regalia? What are the best redemption options for the card?

  196. Basant

    Are u sure about use of priority passes by main card holder and all add ons at same international lounge at same time without extra charge.
    I want to use at bangkok aurport with family members together. Kindly confirm

  197. Duane

    @Basant, I would strongly suggest you visit the Bangkok Airport Lounge and check with them. The reason I make this statement is over Nov & Dec 2022, I have visited the Lounge at Goa, Hyderabad & Kolkata airports : some of them did not even accept the HDFC Regalia Card for complimentary lounge access. I paid Rs 1100/- airport to use the lounge, but thats a different story.

  198. Rajarshi Roy

    @Basant I used my regalia first pp for self and add on pp for spouse same day same lounge together at Dubai marhaba lounge without any fee
    Total usage for regalia first is 3, for regalia 6. If count is within that, it’s ok. Actually on that same day i used at Nairobi airport too, for my own. So total 3 access was free of charge. So it works that way. But make sure you do not make your spouse as guest in your pp card, that’s chargeable, need to swipe two seperate pp for two of you.

  199. vadakkus

    Like Siddharth mentioned, Regalia is no good as a shopping card.
    I think Axis Select gives better value for shopping. You get a reward points rate of 10% for retail spends (20 points per Rs.200) and 5% return for points in the form of Amazon vouchers. Considering half retail and half non-retail spends this returns a reward return of ~2.5% in the form of Amazon vouchers (spend 8 lakh in a year to get around 1L points for 20000 worth of Amazon vouchers). For Regalia this is only 1.5% even with the milestone benefits added in. Without the milestone benefits it goes below even 1% in which case even ICICI Amazon Pay card makes better sense. All other benefits are nearly similar except for more lounge access.
    You could use it to buy Amazon vouchers off Smartbuy but again, this does not give anywhere close to the 5% benefit that the ICICI Amazon Pay card gives.
    But if you are a traveller (which I am not) you wouldn’t be opting for the Select card anyway.

  200. Sriram S

    Sid, i am looking upgrade from Regalia LTF card to Diners black card (which is not LTF) based on my current salary. i have about 70K of reward points in my regalia card & i have been informed of 50% conversion ratio to Diners black. is this good option to convert? or any other better option to use?
    Currently i don’t have any travel plans to use for flight/hotel bookings.

  201. ALI - Khuzema Tajir

    The business regalia mentions
    4 reward points per 150 of business spends

    But what is business spends

    They have not clarified if buisness spends include gst and income tax

    Can someone shed light on this

  202. Hariharan

    There is an offer for me to upgrade to Regalia gold from my current Regalia card. Is it worth it.

    1. Vikram

      Yes, if you wish to have flight related benefits, MMT and Club Vistara memberships. No, if you wish to have more open rewards structure.

  203. DUANE

    @Hariharan, good question! I almost fell into this “trap” laid by HDFC to migrate “Lifetime Free” Regalia customers into “One Year Free” Regalia Gold customers! thankfully having made an Excel with the existing LTF Regalia benefits vis-a-vis the Regalia Gold benefits, I soon realised there is not much (Club Vistara membership) that would be worth the shift… even if you have to pay an Annual Fee after the 1st year ends. So now, tell me, still wanna shift to REGALIA GOLD??

  204. Abby

    Lounge access to be provided only on monthly/quarterly spend basis now. Finally Regalia comes to an end as HDFC plans to force LTF regalia users to pay for Regalia gold upgrades. Pathetic !

  205. Salil Shete

    Got a mail today, they’ve changed the lounge policy. Now you can get 2 complementary domestic lounge accesses only on spends of 1 Lac in the previous quarter. once the spending limit is achieved, then you can get lounge access vouchers via logging in Smartbuy.
    Or upgrade from LTF Regalia to Regalia Gold, which has a Annual fee of 2.5k a year.

  206. Gouri Shankar

    It looks like they are moving everyone to paid versions. No more LTF from HDFC? I too got the offer to upgrade to Paid Regalia Gold from Regalia LTF, but didn’t opted for it.
    Generally speaking, for lounge access, they made mandatory spend on Regalia 1 lac per quarter which is same( 4lacs per anum) for Paid Regalia Gold to get wave off. Aren’t they same.

  207. Ojas

    Hi, I have HDFC Regalia Mastercard LTF variant. Just want to confirm which card I will get once my current credit card expires? Will I got Regalia Gold or similar Regalia one? Anyone experienced kindly let me know.

  208. Sam

    This card now has the spends based lounge access and that should lower the rating from 4 to 2.5. I will keep my Regalia Card in the back burner for now. Not as appealing as it used to be earlier.


    Not sure why so much of a hype around this card. Even simple LTF cards like ICICI Apay and Axis FK card give 1 to 2 % cashback for all round spends. But people go ga-ga over 1.33% valueback. If I am to spend 4 to 5 lac per year, u would rather spend it on amex plat travel and get a decent return of 7-8% minimum. Holding onto this piece of plastic only cos it’s LTF for me and a dim hope that HDFC might offer an upgrade to DCB or infinity someday


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