HDFC Global Value Program – Get 1% Cashback on International Spends

By | January 6, 2020

HDFC Bank’s Global value program has been active since past couple of years as a part of their credit card offering but I see many not being aware of it probably because HDFC doesn’t promote it often, hence this article.

Basically the HDFC Global Value Program allows you to earn 1% extra as direct cashback to credit card statement on international spends, allowing you to save a decent amount every-time you travel abroad. Here are more details,

Offer Details

  • Program Enrolling Fee: Rs. 199/- per year
  • Welcome / Renewal Benefit – 500 Bonus Reward Points on 1st International transaction. This feature is available once in a year.
  • Cashback Benefit – 1% Cashback on all International transactions, both online & POS spends (cashback upto Rs. 1,000/- per statement cycle).
  • Milestone Benefit – Get Rs. 2,000/- worth Yatra voucher once you accumulate International spends of Rs. 1,50,000/- in a year. This feature is available once in a year.

Welcome Benefit would be credited within 60 days of first international transaction, post enrolling for the program.

How to Register?

  1. Call customer service number to place the request.
  2. After your request is processed (usually takes 3-5 working days) the service activation confirmation will be communicated to you through SMS (on the registered mobile no.)

Is it Useful?

Definitely! I’ve been using this offer since past couple of years and the cashback kicks in on time every-time just after the statement gets generated.

It’s a great addition if you hold HDFC Infinia or HDFC Diners Black as it helps to increase the net return on foreign currency spends. You actually save over 2% if you grab the milestone benefit of 1.5L spend a year.

Have you been use HDFC Global value program? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

43 thoughts on “HDFC Global Value Program – Get 1% Cashback on International Spends

  1. Rohit roy

    whether international online transactions also count as international spends or only through POS terminal.

  2. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Will international online transactions be eligible for cashback?

  3. Kishore

    All HDFC credit cards eligible for this offer or only selected cards..? I have spent $100 online through moneyback card last month..but didn’t received any cashback..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You need to activate this to be eligible for the cashback.

  4. Pranab

    Does spends in INR eligible for this? PayPal transactions to be precise.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No. You have to let PP charge you in foreign currency.

  5. Nisarga

    After accounting for the markup + GST charges that HDFC will charge, will it still make sense to go for international spends on a Diners Black credit card instead of a pre-paid forex card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      HDFC Forex card with 5X/10X makes sense over Infinia/DCB.

      For DCB, always add 1% extra (loss) while doing calculations as their conversion rate is poor at times.

      1. RB

        Could you please elaborate on this a bit?
        Do you mean – recharge Forex card with DCB/Infinia and get 5X/10X? Does DCB have 5x offer for charging Forex cards?
        Or this is some Forex card which gives you 5x/10x?

      2. Nisarga

        I was unaware of any 5x/10x offers on HDFC forex cards. Can you please elaborate?

        Also, could you please do a writeup about the pros and cons of all the different forex cards available in India? AFAIK, there isn’t any major difference between all the offerings.

        1. Pankaj Singhal

          Please see this link
          Though mentioning 10X, the max cap is only 5000 points on a minimum load of $1000 (~ Rs. 71000), nowhere close to 10X (at least on DCB)

          1. RB

            Is this targeted offer? In T&C, first point for Credit Card says
            “Customer if communicated by HDFC Bank Ltd. shall be eligible for 10X Reward points on loading $1000 or more with HDFC Bank Credit Card.”

  6. The Outrigger

    The best forex card I have found is niyo global. Superior concept to anything from hdfc, etc.

  7. Biplav

    To my surprise, Standard Chartered Ultimate also offers 1.5% cashback for international transactions. Not sure if they advertise this. They have slightly better exchange rate vis a vis HDFC.

      1. Anshul

        SC Ultimate is a trash card now as far as redemption options are concerned. I am sitting with pile of reward points but there’s nothing to redeem them for. No Flipkart/Amazon/Croma vouchers available. Rest is useless stuff, at lease for me. I am planning to cancel this card. I wonder what is SC upto!

    1. Sid S

      I guess StanC has 3.5% markup, so net fee still comes to 2% after 1.5% cb.

      1. biplav

        Hi Sid- most likely- although i dont see any different line item for “mark-up” fees- have checked +-2 month bills just to ensure markup fee was not charged in a different /later period . I assume this fee is incorporated directly in the exchange rate, maybe?

  8. Hardik

    Off topic-
    Few days back got offer to upgrade my dinners clubmiles (LTF) To dinners privilege (paid) , accepted request as it will bring me one step closer to get dinners black, anyone knows that smartpay trick to make card LTF will work on dinners privilege card or anyone has done it recently?

  9. Naresh kumar

    The annual renewal benefit is never credited by them atleast for me. I am on the program for 2 years now.
    It’s been 1 month i raised a request for those renewal points but no response from the team. when i call them, they ask me to wait for a week.

  10. Sonali K

    My card was upgraded from Regalia First to Regalia. Do I need to apply again for the priority pass or can I continue using the existing one?

  11. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Easiest way to register for this programme is-
    sms GVPYES to 5676712 and its done.
    You will immediately get a message that your request will be processed in 7 working days.

    1. Himanshu Kapoor

      Yes this is true. I called customer support and they said I am not eligible. But then I sent sms GVPYES to 5676712 and I got the message that request will be processed in 7 days.

    2. Kalyan

      This is the simplest, and looks like the only way these days. When I called customer support, they said the program has been discontinued. But sending the SMS got the ball rolling.

      The tip should be added to the main post as well.

  12. Biplav

    Store voucher /ecard- great. but StanC stopped providing Amazon and Flipkart vouchers for redemption.

  13. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Welcome benefit of 500 RPs posted to account within 3 days of international transaction. Quite fast by any standard.

  14. Abhi

    Anyone know is global value is discontinued ? It has been removed from website, I can’t find any references. (Not planning to travel, just some international order 😀 )
    Though in this time when international spend would be almost non-existent, makes sense for bank to pull out the plug.

    1. Gaurav

      You need to call them, it is still up for Infinia and DCB. Call and confirm with them.

  15. jitendra saraogi

    Please confirm if this programme is still on and valid.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Ashish Kumar

      They charged the annual fees on my card last month so I guess this is still valid.

    2. Gautam Garg

      HDFC Global Value Program is still offered by the bank.

    3. PM

      I am still getting cashback for international purchases. So for current customers it is on. Not sure if they are taking new customers on board. Please check with customer support.

  16. Anupam

    They are still auto-charging the 199/- every year. They recently charged my card.

  17. Deepak Jagga

    When does the 1% cashback get credited? I did two international transactions on 9th and 15th March after registering to the program. My statement is generated today but it doesn’t have any 1% cashback in it.

    1. Shivi

      It takes 7 working days just to register in the program. I hope you got the confirmation of registration & activation BEFORE doing the international transactions on your card. If not, the cashback will not be posted at all.

  18. vadakkus

    HDFC customer support guys are absolutely clueless about this. They have never even heard about this and saying there’s no such offer available. Saying things like “only Millennia card will give cashback, DCP card will provide points only”. Even their manager hasn’t heard of it. Asking me where I found this offer.


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