HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offers – Jan 2020

By | January 11, 2020

HDFC Bank has sent out spend based offers to select credit card members this Jan 2020, similar to those spend based offers which they sent during the Diwali season. Here are the offer details:

HDFC Spend Based Offer Details

  • Offer 1: Spend Rs.X to get voucher worth Rs.Y (for Jan 2020) Source
  • Offer 2: Spend Rs.XX every month (for 3 months: Jan/Feb/March 2020) to get voucher worth Rs.YY  Source

So one appears to be Jan offer and the other is a quarterly offer, the same way they sent during diwali season. Looks like its working for them!

I got 1st offer on Infinia and the return on targeted spend is about 3.3% which is on top of the regular rewards. So the total return on spend is as grand as 6.6% – which is awesome.

Offer #1 (that I received on infinia)
Offer #2


Its good to see regular spend based offers on HDFC Credit Cards finally. Even better, lately the fulfilment is also happening on time without our intervention.

While these offers give very good returns on almost all cards, Infinia and Diners Black gives greater returns, especially Diners Black gives you a lot as you not only get these vouchers but also get regular rewards + monthly milestone benefit.

Overall, its good time to have HDFC Bank Premium & Super Premium credit cards.

What’s your take on HDFC Bank targeted credit cards offers? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

68 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card Spend Based Offers – Jan 2020

  1. Prashant Agrawal

    Any idea how to opt in for credit card promo emails from HDFC Bank? I don’t get any.

    I tried contacting customer care and Twitter to put me on mailing list but that didn’t help.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      A repeated escalation would help. It took me about 3 months.

      1. kumarrsumit

        Will the diners black conciergerie help with that or the regular hdfc support

      2. Ameya

        I find this very unethical. No other bank does this. Why should one have to enlist in a service which the bank should’ve anyways provided!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Because one might have unsubscribed from the newsletter, which was the case with me.

          1. Pranab

            Hi Sid,
            I NEVER get such spend based offers on my Infinia (and Regalia earlier). But I get some trash notifications for loans and EMI (means I’m not unsubscribed to their newsletter).

  2. GTMAX

    Indeed an awesome time to hold these cards. I never used to receive any targeted and generic promo emails for the first 3.5 years of my card membership(Diners Premium & then Black).

    Got this fixed in April 2019 & have received these targeted spend based offers in 7 of the last 9 months. 5 of these 7 spend based offer required me to spent 60k-70k for 5K bonus points/voucher which is extremely rewarding & hence well worth the effort required to fix the issue.

    My savings account linked to the same customer ID for some reason had the product code mapping of a trading account. Got the product code changed to one that is applicable for savings account & it solved the purpose.

    1. Raghu

      Can you pls elaborate on “Got this fixed” part. How did you do that?

    1. Ricky

      Have u applied for any newsletter , because I have not received any email related to spend base offers.

  3. Pranav Sharma

    I only got that shit sunday brunch offer,infinia card holder,why i don’t get these huge spend based offers, only i got is rs500 Amazon voucher for till the date😔

      1. Nihar

        Till few months ago i used to get offers through SMS , but no longer from HDFC .
        And none through mail. Any advice or escalations through CC.
        Pretty odd we have to pull up Banks for not sending offers !

      2. Ricky

        Hi Siddharth I am not receiving any spend communication, what van be the reason. What should I do so that I receive this spend based offers..what steps need to be followed.

  4. Shailesh

    I got msg as below for my Diners black:
    Rs.1500 voucher from Smart Buy Travel/ Amazon just for you! To claim, spend a min of Rs.74000 using Card xxxx before 31st Jan T&C

    When checked with customer care I was told that it is valid from the date I received this message (9th Jan) and not from 1st Jan.
    How is your offer valid from 1st?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Your Offer URL reveals that its a different offer. Looks like HDFC is testing these spend based offers with many variations.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        No offer as of now on my both dcb cards. Have spends heavily on 1 so i think i may miss out on 1.

  5. Amit

    Again no offer for me. Lol
    I’m holding newly launched diners club privilege cc

    1. Akash

      Hi Amit, I am also thinking of getting Diners Privilege. Can you please tell me what documents are required for applying? Also how do you redeem your rewards? Are flight tickets the best option? Is there a restriction of 70% reward points for Privilege? Any other good options for redemption as I’m not a very frequent traveller.

  6. Lakshmi

    Offer On DCM spend 10k and get 1k Voucher
    On DCB spend 83k and get 1.5k Voucher!!

  7. Shivi

    Never got an offer from HDFC ever. Not on Regalia, not on Infinia in the past 7 years! And bank/card customer support confirms I am on the mailing list…so wtf?! -. –

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Same here shivi…i dont receive any offer on my wife’s card…complained many times they say they dont have any option to cancle any communication and they cant do anything wtf…

    1. Aka

      That is astounding..almost 15 percent return when combine the regular rewards !

  8. Saurabh

    Hi, You say fulfillment is happening without much trouble. In my case however, I did hit the spend limit both in November and Dec, and still to receive any notification for choosing the voucher. Not sure if I should be escalating to have this fulfillment done

    1. GTMAX

      The fulfillment is always 90 days at minimum with HDFC and the same is clearly mentioned in all their offers. You will hence receive the vouchers by Feb and March end respectively.

  9. Jatin Chopra

    Got this offer on my dcb, not spend based though, looks like an open offer. Max points limit of 5000 points is disappointing though.
    Wanted to buy iphone 11 from US but does not accept diners !

    Planning to travel abroad?
    Now, enjoy 5X Reward Points on all International spends when on Credit Card xxxxxx
    Check details T&C

  10. Karthi

    Hey sid ! I have a tough time applying for HDFC CC for my mom
    We have a business ca (regular current ac)in hdfc since 2016 which we upgraded to ascent ca past month and have a decent aqb around 50k in general and cibil score 832
    ITR 6 L this year and 5 L plus past 2 years
    A loan of 18 L in TMB bank with 8 L left to pay and not a Single default in payment
    Applied through bank and opted for regalia first but they said its decline and to choose for millenia
    And after applying for millenia they said its not eligible for premium cards and to apply for classic cards so applied for moneyback with them and its in process

    Meanwhile our preferred platinum debit card doesnt seem to be emi eligible offline , i tried at shopper stop and also flipkart but no use

    Why hdfc is doing like this , what could be the reason ? May be because my mom is 55 yrs old ?

  11. Maj Shetty

    So majority of the people have not got the offer… Need to info hdfc, I guess…

  12. Raj

    Hi Siddharth, I have the HDFC Diners card. Which other card should I take. Any suggestions.

  13. Aka

    I never received any target based offer in the past 3 years but thankfully got one this time -Spend Rs.90000 from 3rd to 31st January, 2020 using your HDFC Bank Credit Card xx5362 & get a voucher of your choice worth Rs.5000….combine with regular and monthly milestone, the return is approx 10 percent !! Awesome
    It may be noted that i have never called anybody for not getting a promo mail and i have always been a heavy user of the card !!

  14. SumS

    Will the smartbuy spends be considered for this target spend? In terms and conditions, it is mentioned as Retail Spend.

  15. Ramesh Kumar

    My target is 1K voucher for Rs.10,000 spending, even though my spending is very high in last 4-5 months. So don’t know based on what creteria they’re setting targets.

  16. Vipul Aggarwal

    I haven’t got any offer. I am holding Infinia card. I called customer care they said offers has sent to some selected customers. I am not sure how to get the offer.

  17. Nilesh

    Again, diff offer for diff people. I have spend 60K per month for 3 months and get 3K voucher.

    I cant seem to find the Diwali offer mail, how do you avail that voucher? DO they send it to you? Or you have to claim? I would have crossed whatever limit was asked for that offer.

    I sometimes wonder how long these crazy offers and points continue? As of now for an Infinia cardholder, an Apple watch is effectively at 26K if you know the right way to buy it. Which is so much cheaper than what one can buy even in US (around 31K)

    Enjoy till it lasts..

  18. Bourne84

    Hi Sid

    Started my credit card journey with the HDFC Moneyback card with a credit limit of 75 k in 2017 upgraded it Diners club miles after 9 months with the same limit in 2018 . Recently before 2 months my credit limit was increased to 1.5 lcs . Quick question I received my first credit card without any income proof till date since i hold a savings account from the past 6 years. What are my options to upgrade to higher variant card if possible ? I do not have a source income in India because I’m based abroad would that prevent me to upgrade to a higher variant card like DCB ?
    PS : I hardly use my credit card & even when i do it’s usually 5 – 10 % of credit limit & have a CIBIL score of 830 + consistently since 2 years .


  19. Seyed

    Spend based reward offer details available under offers tab in the reward program website.

  20. Surya R

    Question for those who have received personalised offers – Does this offer reflects in the “Spend Promo Details” dashboard in netbanking? I can see the annual milestone and something called “privy fresh street” for my regalia card by going to netbanking -> redeem reward points -> my rewards -> spend promo details.

    1. SG

      Not everyone has that option available for “Spend Promo Details”. May be related to Card type. I can’t and I have a DCB.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        This is currently enabled only for Regalia range of cards. May come to other cards in future.

  21. Mohit

    Good point Nitesh. However why will I waste 26k on an Apple watch?
    Also I hope they launch a true super premium card soon. They have diluted their card portfolio for dcb and infinia so much that I am sure these offers won’t be sustainable on existing variants

  22. Gopal Gidwani

    I hold Diners Black. But I have not received any spend based offer from January 1st.
    Also, does retail spend include both, online as well as offline spends? On one of the blogs, I read that only offline spends qualify as retail spends.

  23. Mani

    What is the redemption rate for rewards on Infinia? Is it same as 1 RP = 1 rupee just like Diners Black?

  24. *Ankit*

    Does “Regalia Range” and/or “Regalia Variants” moniker include Regalia First credit cards?

  25. Parth Patel

    I get an sms on 7th Jan that if I achieve spends of Rs. 30000 from 3rd Jan -31st Jan, I will get 2000 voucher of Flipkart/lifestyle/yatra etc.

    I read terms and conditions and it mentions all retail spends are qualified and exception are EMI’s. Does fuel and ulitily spend count as retail spends?

  26. Chintan

    Received a spend based offer
    Spend Rs. 67000 on HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Cards
    and register on SmartPay to enjoy
    5% CashBack on subsequent bill payments.
    What’s more, you also get a shopping voucher worth Rs. 2500 of your choice
    from the brands below:

    Big Bazaar

  27. Nitesh Kumar

    Hi Siddharth, i have a question that ‘does retail spend include both, online as well as offline spends? Or only offline will be considered for this?

  28. neil

    Got an offer today and its bit weird.
    – Spend 22K by 29th Feb and get amazon voucher of 1k/1 lounge visit worth Rs 1200
    – Spend 10K more and additionally get a free lounge visit.

    Anyone else get this kind of offer?

  29. Jayanth

    Sid, Can you please guide me on whom to contact in HDFC, to be included in the Spend Based Offers list ?

  30. Chalam

    Yesterday Received mail to spend 52000 for the month of March 1st to 31st to receive 5000 voucher.
    BTW did anybody got the voucher for the January month offer?

    1. Parth Patel


      I had received offer to get Rs.2000 voucher on spends of 30000 in January.
      I did spend 40000, but havn’t received any voucher yet.

      Hopefully they will mail it soon.

  31. Rajeev K R

    Hi ANybody received vouchers for Jan offer ? It was supposed to credit on April.

    1. Parth Patel

      No have still not received voucher for jan month. HAve mailed today and waiting for reply now.

  32. Santosh

    If there is an add-on card and targeted amount is spend on both cards then do we get 2 vochers?

  33. Ashish Nikhare

    HDFC has become very aggressive in asking to increase spends. Again, this month, they have sent spend based offer of same 2500 Rs. voucher, but this time with a minute increase in spend threshold.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its opposite in my case. Haven’t received any offer past 3 months!

  34. Rishabh

    Received the spend offer again for this month as well with 1000 voucher on spend of 16k. Both voucher and spend amount increased compare to June.

  35. VICKY

    So i have completed a spend based offer for the month of August. How can I choose which voucher i want?
    Will I receive some communication from HDFC to choose the voucher?


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