HDFC Diwali Spend based Offer: Get Vouchers worth Upto Rs.5000

By | October 25, 2019

HDFC Bank has been running credit card spend based offers quite aggressively since the beginning of 2019 as we saw earlier during Feb 2019, May 2019 and some more which wasn’t reported.

Just like them, this month too HDFC has come up with targeted spend based offers along with other merchant offers this Diwali. There are different variants in the promo and here are some of those I got in my family.

HDFC Diwali Spend based Offers

  • Offer 1: Spend Rs.X to get voucher worth Rs.Y (for Oct 2019) Source
  • Offer 2: Spend Rs.XX every month (for 3 months) to get voucher worth Rs.YY (for Oct-Nov-Dec 2019) Source

While Offer #1 is the usual one, note that offer #2 is bit tricky and is similar to what we see with Stan. C. Diwali Spend based Offer.

Remember, this is a targeted offer and not everyone would have got one. And it still remains a mystery as to who gets eligible for these offers, as I noticed cards with good spends too get excluded at times.


While its the usual spend based offer, sending them during Diwali makes it bit special indeed as you could double dip on the Merchant offers that HDFC bank is promoting with every other Actor/actress on social media!!

Speaking about the grand HDFC Bank Diwali Promo for 2019, those 10% cashback on most brands are good for a typical credit card user but its a big disappointment for super premium credit card holders when compared to last year’s LUCRATIVE Happy Hours 10X Promo.

Let’s hope such 10X promo on offline spends (electronics/apparels) returns next year, or maybe a better spend based promo similar to Amex Diwali Promo with higher voucher value.

What’s your take on 2019 HDFC Diwali Promo and did you receive any spend based offer this month?

53 thoughts on “HDFC Diwali Spend based Offer: Get Vouchers worth Upto Rs.5000

  1. Sunny

    I received a targeted email 2days ago. Spend 3000 by HDFC Credit Card on Amazon or Flipkart and get Flat 500 Cashback by January 31, 2020.

    1. Prannoy Ghosh

      Same here bro….. Such a bummer when you already spent the promo threshold in 1 go

  2. Hussain

    Hey Sid,
    Just a suggestion that maybe you could include the subject of the email somewhere in your posts so that people who missed it could directly search their inbox with the Subject to get the email,

    Btw, I tried searching and I guess i dint receive one 🙁


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Subject: Exclusively for you: Rs. 5000 gift voucher on Card xxXXXX!

      However HDFC usually uses different subject lines at times.

  3. Pranav

    Did you get these offer on infinia card, this is the first time i didn’t get yet

  4. Vyom Aggarwal

    From nov 25, you would be able to redeem upto a maximum of 70% of booking value through reward points for flight or hotel booking, rest will have to be paid through card. Got this email for regalia card.

    1. Shail J

      I believe this is applicable for regalia cards and not for other super premium cards. Got to know from their customer care executive.

    2. Gurjot Singh

      yes, bad move by HDFC.

      Although i saw that coming when they regularly do 10x reward offers.

    3. Sunny

      yes, sending same to Club Miles card owners. They are limiting the redemption in flight bookings and favoring it more to transfer it to Airline Miles (1:1 to airline miles is still a good deal)

    4. Pranab Das

      Searched old mails, alas! No such offer for me.
      Will this 30% payments for Hotel/flights from card be eligible for 10X reward points?
      Note: No such info for my Infinia

    5. Aka

      This is only for regalia , clubmiles etc…not for infinia and diners black !! I confirmed it through hdfc call centre.

  5. Prashant Gupta

    No offer till now for me. I dont receive any communication on my wifes card. Have raised this several time by email to customer care but till now no solution. Any other way i can do this?

  6. Selvaganam S

    I wanted to ask something which is not related to the article, but related to HDFC.
    I have net salary of 27000 and I applied for HDFC Diners Clubmiles credit card, but they told they won’t be able to issue and instead they issued moneyback card, which is a very basic card. I already own ICICI coral and Amazon Pay card, so this moneyback doesn’t make any sense at all I guess. Should I take the card or cancel? What is your opinion?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. KMS RAO

    I have received offer on my Regalia card- spend 29,000 from Oct 11 to 31 and get Rs.2000 voucher.

    1. Saurav Kumar

      same. i also spent 29,000 during offer period but when will they give voucher?

  8. Kush

    I am not very happy on HDFC process of giving the vouchers on the Spend Based offers. I got the spend based offer for May and June but till now I am just following up with them on my vouchers despite spending much higher than the threshold spend. If this is how they treat Infinia customers then only God knows what will happen to the non-premium card holders.

  9. Tejas Ghongadi

    I am actually quite annoyed with HDFC. in my 1 Year 3 Months of HDFC Credit Card usage (Regalia and then DCB), I have not received a single targeted spends offer.

    I raised this issue with Customer care but they had a standard response of these being system generated.

    Any idea what could be the reason?


    I received a targeted email few days ago. Spend 10000 by HDFC Credit Card from 16 to 30 oct & receive 2000 voucher from FLIPKART OR AMAZON OR MAKEMYTRIP.

  11. Sharad

    I saw a new link on Smart Buy to purchase gift vouchers…..are we getting 10X on buy vouchers too now??

  12. Rahul

    Hdfc surprisingly never sends me spend based offers. I spend close to 10 lakh a year on my hdfc card

    1. Sanjeev Khatoi

      Probably this the reason ;D

      They usually send it to folks who don’t spend more. Their main motive is to promote spending.

  13. Nihar

    I have not received any such promo mail through I use DCB preety handsomely; put 3 L in the last 4 months .
    Since the base of Debit cards is huge for HDFC & cashback is the mainstay of that platform bank has been gung-ho with it. This year’s HDFC Bank approach is a carpet bombing of sort , targeted at mass, across products and combines digital as well as physical push.
    Yes it has nothing for people hoarding reward points through 10X, even the usual partner promo with Flipkart & Amazon were not there. Simply placid & paltry compared to Amex , IndusInd promos which I am into.

  14. T R SHARMA

    I am trying to redeem my credit card points for booking of Domestic Flight but no option is available.
    Kindly advise how to redeem.

  15. Rahul

    I think the offer is sent only to those who had not spent much yet because I have One Regalia first and one Diners CLubMiles and already spent more than 1.5Lac in both but did not get an offer in either card.

  16. Saurabh

    Got offer for 1000 voucher on 10k spend. T&C on smartbuy page doesn’t say anything about wallet loads (usually, it says no RPs on loading wallets). Does this mean, for this promotion, even wallet loads would be counted as retail spend?

  17. Ankit Saraf

    Please check the new free memberships on joining/8L spends on diners. Also, 500 monthly vouchers for spends above 8L/annum on hdfc diners website. This is welcome addition and really sets the card as super premium.

  18. Kartike

    I got the following:
    Rs. 2000 voucher of your choice with HDFC Bank Festive Treats! To claim, spend Rs. 10000 with Business CreditCard xxxxxx from 16-31Oct

  19. Rajeev K R

    Got offer mail for November month also. Spend 42k and get 5k voucher. Nov 2st to Nov 30th

  20. P Ravindra

    I got this offer in October on my HDFC Bank Regalia CC. It was for Rs 47000 spend till Oct 31 against which Rs 5000 voucher was available. Today I saw that I had got the same offer in November as well. Did October effortlessly. Will have to figure out how to do November. Will just buy gift cards if I fall short. I had also got an offer for Rs 500 voucher against Rs 61000 spend in June.

    1. Amit Paul

      Do you remember the fulfillment date? I too got both offers and am waiting for two 5k vouchers

      1. P Ravindra

        3 months later. I just got the October vouchers. Expecting Nov vouchers by Feb-end. Also got an offer for Jan 2020 and Feb 2020 for Rs 5000 vouchers against spend of Rs 50000 and Rs 58000 respectively.

        1. VK

          Got my oct vouchers and waiting for Nov. Let me know if you have received them

  21. Mohit Dhuppad

    I received the below.
    Spend ₹5000 every month till Dec ’19 using your HDFC Bank xxxx Credit Card & get a voucher worth ₹1000 of your choice.

  22. Rishabh

    Anyone received the vouchers for Oct, Nov spends under above Spends based offer?
    We cannot see the terms and conditions any more so not sure about the fulfillment date.
    As per I remember it was by Jan end for Oct spends offer.

  23. Gkcards

    Has anyone got spend based vouchers for Oct/Nov? I got emails for 5K vouchers for both months, but didnt get any

  24. Rishabh Mangal

    Finally received the message today…. without any follow up with bank 🙂 😛


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