HDFC Targeted Offer: Get Rs. 5000 Voucher based on Spends (Feb 2019)

By | October 25, 2019

It’s been more than ~2 years since i got a spend based offer on HDFC Credit Cards. Finally i got one on my HDFC Diners black credit card for January 2019. Unfortunately that email only said i need to spend Rs.X amount but didn’t say what voucher I’ll get.

This time though, it came with proper format of spend Rs.X to get Rs.Y Voucher from the set of brands. Here’s a quick look into the offer,

Rs.5000 Voucher Offer Details

  • Type: Targeted, Spend based
  • Spend Threshold: Personalised
  • My Offer: Get Rs.5000 Voucher on Spending Rs.1L
  • Offer Period: 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2019.
  • Only those customers who received the communication is eligible for the offer
  • Fulfilment: May 2019
  • Effective Savings: 8.3% (5% as voucher + 3.3% as points )
  • Offer T&C

While 8.3% is an amazing reward rate, only issue with HDFC is the fulfilment. I hope it happens smooth this time. I’ll keep this thread updated on the same.


HDFC has one of the complex AI in place that doesn’t easily allow us to figure out what triggers these kind of offers. That said, I’m happy to see spend based offers to be back on HDFC credit Cards.

Looking at the previous interaction on this topic with other readers, I assume this has been sent for many cardholders.

Did you receive the spend based offer on HDFC credit Cards? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

94 thoughts on “HDFC Targeted Offer: Get Rs. 5000 Voucher based on Spends (Feb 2019)

  1. Himanshu

    I didn’t receive any spend based offer. Maybe got upgraded card recently.

    Still waiting to recieve one.

      1. Rishi kochhar

        Dear Siddharth, has anyone or you received the fulfilment for this Feb 2020 offer ? As today is the 90 day timeline for the said offer as cut off date was feb 29th.

          1. Rishi Kochhar

            I have not received. Kindly advice what should I do ? You got through sms or email ?

          2. Lohit Veer

            Can u help me.
            I received the message, but I accidentally deleted it. I remember there is customer care number in that message. can u forward the message u received, without the secret code ofcourse.

          3. Lohit Veer

            Can u send that message, with out the secret code.

        1. Udit

          Jan voucher received on 26th May and Feb voucher on 28th May. As far as i can understand they only send SMS, no email. So go through yours messages.

      2. Aaditya Thakur

        Whom to contact if SMS sent by HDFC got deleted for vouchers email ?

  2. Hari

    I got this offer in Jan on both my cards. Rs 30000 on one card and Rs 50000 on the other. But there was no mention of the value of the GV.

      1. hdfc

        I also hold two HDFC credit cards – Regalia First and DCB. Have been holding Regalia First from few years and then wanted DCB since I was eligible. Requested my relationship manager to retain Regalia First since DCB is not accepted everywhere. They increased my credit limit on Regalia First for a month and then gave me DCB with the proportionate credit limit.

  3. A2Z

    I received for my Diners Premium card. Spend 30k & get 3500 worth Flipkart/Lifestyle/Bigbazaar/Bookmyshow voucher. First came sms which had all details then came email too which did not have spends threshold.
    Last month too same offer had come. Problem is getting the credit of benefit from HDFC as they have habit of forgetting offers after sending.

    Typo : Offer Period: 1st Feb โ€“ 28th Feb Jan 2019.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Typo fixed.

      Btw, did you get the offer in Feb even after reaching the target in Jan?

          1. A2Z


            received same offer, same diners card, now March month

            “Earn EXTRA on HDFC Bank CreditCard xxxx! Spend Rs.30,000 & get a Flipkart/Lifestyle/BigBazaar/BMS voucher of Rs.3,500 Validity: 31st Mar’19 T&C” Source


          2. vaibhav

            what is the email adress by which hdfc send these offers?

  4. Nikhil

    Can we check with call center regarding the offer, since I haven’t received the mail?

  5. abhishek Indore

    I have received this for my Regalia Card :
    Earn EXTRA on HDFC Bank CreditCard XXXX ! Spend Rs.50000 & get a Flipkart/Lifestyle/BigBazaar/BMS voucher of Rs.5000 Validity: 28th Feb’19.

  6. Srinivas

    I too received 3500 on 30000 both in Jan and feb .I did spend more than 30k in Jan I hope they Honor the offer for Jan as well

  7. Prashant Gupta

    I havenโ€™t received the voucher for the Nov spend based offer. Lets see, the problem is one has to follow up for these offers.

  8. Dhruvin jain

    Mee too received same offer , spend โ‚น1 lakh and get voucher worth โ‚น5000

  9. Ashok ilango

    Hi, I got 5000 offer for 50k spend. The question is do they consider online spend as well for this or only pos transactions.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        I havent received any offer on both regalia and dcb. May be my average spends have been more in last 6 months.

  10. Ankur Aggarwal

    I have recently applied for the card. In month of Jan – I have spent ~70000. However, I haven’t got any communication till now

  11. Ashok ilango

    For the same card i got one more offer. Rs.500 gift voucher for you!
    To avail, continue using Credit Card 4 times till March on any 3 categories: Fuel,Dining,Grocery,Utility,Movies T&C

  12. Jay

    Received a spend based offer as notification from ICICI for the month of Feb citing flat 1,500/- cash back upon spend of 30,000/-

    Says cash back shall be fulfilled on or before 31st May,2019

  13. Nipun

    There earlier Payment Holiday Offer was also great going with almost 2-3 months of holiday from payment.

  14. Chintan

    I received one in the month of November for Rs. 500 BookMyShow Voucher on spend of 25000 in one month. i did spend more than 45000 but never received that voucher. I still have that mail but I never inquired with HDFC.

    Though on an another instance in the month of December i received 2 Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 400 from HDFC, that too without any mail or offer.

  15. Rajesh Kodityala

    I got the same msgs for my regalia. In Jan they didn’t mention what I will get. But now 5k voucher for 50k

    1. Surya

      Did any one got voucher for Feb month when we can expect the voucher

  16. Amex Guy

    I got an offer of the century — spend 39K for Rs. 200 voucher. Had to read it several times to believe it..

    1. Vinod Kannan

      Same thing Here ๐Ÿ˜‚ : Spend Rs 23000 till 28th February and get Rs. 200 voucher of your choice ๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. abhijeet

        Even worse , spend 129000 from 1st to 28th Feb to get 500 INR BMS Voucher. !! And there is a long T&C for even getting that. Completely ignored the email.
        Feel this is the whole intent of the promotion. Encourage people with lesser spend by giving higher values vouchers. My spends have been high enough with HDFC. May be thats why I got such an offer.

    2. GTMAX

      Offer of the century because you got a targeted offer from HDFC for first time ever and not because of the reward rate!! Right ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. Mrinal T

      Bro , 2.26L spending for a 500rs BMS voucher , went straight to the bin ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Prasath

    I too got a 3.5k voucher for 30k spend.

    Do we need to phone them and request for specific voucher or will they be sending a default one? Any ideas


  18. Shahil Shaikh

    I am not counting on this HDFC offer. I too received 30k/3.5k offer. They have mentioned that the voucher will be sent in May, that’s a 3 months waiting period!

    That’s enough time for HDFC to forget about this offer.

    I had a 5k BigBasket spend today, chose to go with my SBI Prime, getting a cool 3.75% return.

    HDFC needs to improve their game!

  19. Nitasha

    Hey, I have a HDFC Moneyback card (please don’t roll your eyes). I had no idea its so bad..But suddenly I too got an offer on it – Spend Rs. 20000/- between 1st to 28th Feb and get a Rs. 2000/- voucher of flipkart/ lifestyle/big bazaar/ BMS voucher – Will get in May 2019. Reward rate of 10%.

    Actually HDFC has been good till now with offer fulfillment. They have this offer of Rs. 50000/- spends per quarter (on moneyback card) and you get a Rs. 500 voucher of Myntra/flipkart. I have availed offer in Q4 2018 and used the coupons. My redemption and freedom from this card will be this Feb offer and I then am gonna dump this card.

  20. Vaibhav Parekh

    Recently had applied for HDFC Black Diners Club credit card, I was been told that I need to have an existing relationship with the bank to apply for this credit card. I canโ€™t imagine that I will have to open an savings account first!!!

    1. GTMAX

      Even if this might not be true, not having a HDFC Savings account should not come in between you and DCB. Too precious to give a skip!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Mrinal T

      Walk away with pride , savings account opening is the RMs way to fulfill his targets … if you bow down to opening the savings account , in future you may be pressured to maintain preferred/ imperia level relationship

      But if you really want the DCB card , apply via a branch towards end of the month , simply start walking away when opening a account is mentioned .. if RM is desperate, he will put the application is process without the savings account

  21. A2Z

    HDFC has sent offer on my Regalia card

    Spend 180,000 get 2000 bonus points


    Their automated systems forget that such high spending for such poor reward can’t induce more spends

  22. Poornith Ninan

    I got an email last night promising me 5000 bonus points for spends of Rs.395,000/- between Feb. 1-28 on my Clubmiles card. How come points instead of vouchers?

  23. Shahil

    Furthermore, it says that eligible spends are ‘retail spends.’ Does that mean that online transactions won’t be counted?

    1. A2Z

      Retail Spends covers all spends ie Online & Offline but excludes SmartEMI, Insta Loan, Insta Jumbo loan, Balance transfer etc.

  24. Himanshu Aggarwal

    Hi Sid,
    I have also got this offer of Rs. 5000 voucher on spend of Rs. 100000. I have already spent 100000 till feb 18 on smartbuy/10x partners on my DCB card. Will this spend be eligible for this targeted offer.

  25. Gouri Shankar

    I got offer

    Spend Rs. 19000 per month till 31st March with your HDFC Bank Credit Card xxxx and get Rs. 200 voucher of your choice from
    Flipkart /lifestyle /Bigbazar /BMS

  26. Sourabh

    Hi Sid,

    I am thinking to apply for DCB, I see an option to apply online.
    As per HDFC site –
    Annual Membership fee – Rs. 5000 + Applicable TaxesWelcome Benefit of 5,000 Reward Points and renewal benefit of 5000 Reward Points (applicable only after the membership fee is realized and not applicable when the fee is waived off)* Terms & Conditions ApplySpend Rs. 5L in 12 Months and get Renewal Fee waived for next renewal year.

    As per BankBazaar –
    Joining fee is still 10,000 and it gets waived off if we spend 1 L in first 90days. Plus we get 1000 Rs Amazon voucher.

    I already have Regalia with limit of 6L+ and can manage to spend 5L easily on DCB with NPS and Insurance and regular spends. Now regalia also have milestone on 5 L and 8 Lac and return comes more then 3%.

    Should I go for DCB ? I don’t want to surrender Regalia card.

  27. Priyansh Modi

    Got 500 voucher on 27k
    As anyway paying rent via card, so might qualify. Let’s see.

    Not too attractive offer tbh

  28. Chintan

    Hi Siddharth,

    I believe you have a lot of cards and to carry and store them you must be using card holder and wallets. Can you review some. I was just looking for something compact and exclusive, ordered some from Amazon and returned as felt they aren’t up to the mark.

        1. abha

          will you guide me to how to proceed for my CC upgradation from diners premium to DCB.
          1. my last 12 month expenditure on CC is more than 13 lakh. and gross monthly income is 1.25 L approx.
          2. My limit is 2.5L and i have this card from last 1& half yr.
          3. Currently one upgradation is showing for clubmiles but this will half my all hard yearnd RP.
          4. Is it cumpolsary for DCB to upgrade first in clubmiles.

          1. Jugnoo Mehta

            Same case for me

            Siddharth, can you please suggest the path ahead.

  29. Krishnamurthy

    I too received same offer , spend โ‚น1 lakh and get voucher worth โ‚น5000 for consecutively for both Jan and Feb months. I didn’t spend in Jan but for Feb it has crossed with a single swipe.

  30. Roni

    Sid, I am a HDFC Bank preffered customer.
    I got my HDFC Bank Insta Mastercard Platinum Debit Card, replace with old default VISA Platinum one.
    Will I be able to access domestic lounges from now with my HDFC Bank Mastercard Platinum debit card?
    Kindly let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Anshul Chrungu

    Infinia cardholders are not eligible for this offer or probably card holders with high usage (already) are not receiving these offers.
    This offer(s) is certainly to promote spending on your cards.

  32. aka

    Not received the Rs 500 bookmyshow voucher for Nov. spends…and have not received any offer in Jan & Feb.

  33. Divyansh

    Spend Rs. 84000 per month till 31st March with your HDFC Bank Credit Card xxxx and get Rs. 500 voucher of your choice from Flipkart /lifestyle /Bigbazar /BMS.

    This is DCB offer. Are they kidding me?

  34. Chintan

    I received a mail with subject
    Confidential Your Gift Voucher from HDFC Bank Credit Card.
    Mail says,
    Thank you for using your HDFC Bank Credit Card. As promised, here’s your Gift Voucher of worth Rs. 250
    Claim the Voucher of your choice from the below mentioned brands by 31 Mar 2019
    Your Unique Password: Xxxxxxxx

    Options are BookMyShow, Myntra, Big Bazaar and Flipkart.

    I didn’t receive any mail before so I don’t know really my target spend, I spent 85000 in February.

  35. Curious

    I am a preferred account holder of HDFC and hold a Regalia card. My Regalia CL is 8L. Which HDFC card should I upgrade next to. And also how should I ensure that I get eligible for this upgrade. Dos and Donts pls.

    1. ab

      cash redemption of reward point is available in regalia card or not. please reply accordingly i will make my decision for upgrading.

      1. Curious

        @ab There is no cash redemption in Regalia. You have to use it against flight/hotels or some other options available on their website.

    2. Shivi

      You’ll get an offer to upgrade to Infinia. Keep a close watch on the upgrade offer @ your netbanking page, Curious!

  36. Rajesh Kodityala

    December offer should be honoured by now as today is 31st March and they said by 31st March. For me they didn’t.
    Anyone got the coupon code ?

    1. Chintan

      I received one BMS coupon worth 500 for Diwali Offer last week

  37. Venkat

    Any idea how to enable these targeted offers from HDFC? I get only the statements, and nothing else.

  38. shudhanshu

    Hi there,
    I didn’t rcvd any voucher for my spent in Dec and Jan its around 12k+ can anyone suggest how to check it.
    Many thanks

  39. Pankaj

    Same here,I have not received the voucher for Jan and Feb
    While my offer was spend 50000 in each month and I fulfill them with all terms and conditions

  40. Tejveer

    โ€œEarn EXTRA on HDFC Bank CreditCard xxxx! Spend Rs.30,000 & get a Flipkart/Lifestyle/BigBazaar/BMS voucher of Rs.3,500 Validity: 31january19 T&Cโ€ Source
    This message receive in my inbox

    I have not received the voucher for Jan
    While my offer was spend 30000 in month and I fulfill them with all terms and conditions

  41. abhishek Indore

    31/05/2019 is the date of Fulfilment of this offer. I was waiting for Rs.5000 voucher on spends of Rs.50000 for the month February 2019. But till now I have not received the voucher. Today when I contacted their phone banking, they asked me to mail the details and request for voucher thru email to [@] . I have done the same. Lets see!

  42. Prasath

    I have not received either. I have contacted via Phone and email as well, got usual response we will send the voucher soon.

    Has anyone received the vouchers?

    I’m loosing confidence on HDFC as they fail to fulfill their commitments mostly nowadays.

  43. Vineeth

    Oh man i received these offers 6+ times and I almost always fullfilled them but never received the vouchers.
    How do I follow up? I have the screenshots of the msgs and the TnCs.

  44. Sandeep

    What is retail spends means? Does it cover insurance premium payment?

  45. Sandeep

    What is mean by retail spends? Does it cover insurance premium payment?

  46. MK

    i lost my mobile can i get the feb campaign voucher sms again. i got the sms on may 28 but i lost i mobile on the same day.
    how come i can get the link and code again.

    1. GTMAX

      Request customer care team over the call. they will fetch the same from the back end team over their internal email and then provide the same to you over the call in hopefully 5-7 days.

  47. raman deep

    Hey I recived a msg from hdfc just spend 107000 in month of Nov and spend 243000 in jan to get 2500rs voucher in both month. Both of my target are completed but I don’t recive any voucher from it . Wht should I do now


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