Fairfield by Marriott, Coimbatore Review

By | May 27, 2023

Fairfield by Marriott at Coimbatore is a mid-scale Business hotel located few hundred meters away from the Coimbatore International airport (CJB). Fairfield is in same range with the Aloft Coimbatore in most aspects but the biggest difference is the proximity of the hotel from airport. I visited the property during late 2018 and here’s a quick review of the same.

Fairfield by Marriott, Coimbatore – Exterior (Source: Marriott)
Fairfield by Marriott, Coimbatore – Interior


  • Revenue Rate: ~Rs.5000/Night
  • I Paid: 6000 Marriott Points (PointSavers)

I grabbed a night for 6k points, while the regular redemption rate is 7500 Points a night as its a Cat 1 property.

The hotel is located in few hundred meters from the airport and it also offers one-way airport drop on select packages.

Checkin & lobby

Check-in was quick and I was said that I’ve been given a garden view room. While the garden is small, you can still have a look at the cars getting in & out of the property as the view is nothing but the entrance of the hotel. 

The Room

Honestly the room is very compact (just like most Fairfield properties) and i felt like stuffed in small area. For the revenue rate that the property goes for, I expect a bigger room.

Sadly, no suites to upgrade either. Still, its a great business hotel if you’re just looking for a quick layover.

Food @ Restaurant

My booking doesn’t include Breakfast that I had at the restaurant – Kovai Kitchen. Even Aloft Coimbatore removed breakfast benefit on award bookings post SPG-Marriott merger.

Though, good thing is breakfast isn’t that expensive. It was under Rs.500. 

The restaurant was good enough for the property and I had some delicious food with great care.


The most important part of this hotel is Service. While I’m not really happy with the compact rooms, the service is so good that it reminds me of Vivanta by Taj, Coimbatore

At restaurant, you could see guys around helping with whatever you need and then there is someone collecting feedbacks.

Service doesn’t just end there. If at all I remember a hotel with amazing check-out experience in 2018, that was with Fairfield, Coimbatore. While checking-out, the lady at the counter was full of energy and was initiating conversation as if like a family member. 

I mean, it was very tough to find if she was naturally caring for the customers or due to the management’s brilliant training 😀 


Fairfield, Coimbatore is definitely one of the best place to stay near Coimbatore airport and if you can grab the PointSavers (6k points), you get very good value for the points. It’s probably the only hotel I know in India with PointSavers plan enabled, for now.

If you compare hotels of this range in coimbatore, Fairfield wins for the location, breakfast & service, while Aloft is bit better in terms of interiors, especially the lobby area.

  • Cardexpert Raing: 4.5/5

The stay was possible because of the Amex cards in my wallet that allows me to transfer Amex MR points to Marriott at 1:1 ratio.

This is one of the ways I maximize my Amex MR points value to a sweet 80Ps/Point, instead of 40Ps or lower with regular redemptions. Here are some of the Amex cards that’s worth checking,

Note: Using above links also gives you additional 2000-4000 bonus points, based on the type of card you apply.

Have you been to Fairfield Coimbatore? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

32 thoughts on “Fairfield by Marriott, Coimbatore Review

  1. Amit G

    Sid, I think you must have saved on gst part also. If 5000 is ex-gst. As with Points you don’t need to pay gst also.

    Also in how much time MR points reflect in Marriott account practically, once you initiate transfer. Have 27k points on my MRCC, planning to use in feb end.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, getting rid of GST is another advantage with points booking.

      It usually takes less than 5 Working days to reflect on Marriott ac after initiating the points transfer.

  2. Prashant Gupta

    Have been reading articles about amex marriot 1:1 ratio. Last 6-8 months i have redeem 24k points for Rs10 twice mrcc. Currently have 23k points. Thats total 72k points. Redeemed 13k points on platinum reserve for 5k amazon voucher.

    I could have had 1L points and got nearly Rs60k-70k value had i not redeemed for cash.

    Still confused. As of now i have 45k points in total. I am not into hotel points games, i think i need to take a plunge.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Well, the question is, whether you’ll be staying at these hotels otherwise. If not, cash redemption is still good.

      If your lifestyle allows you to explore hotels, then why not explore the hotel points game?!

  3. Prashant Gupta

    Also dont u think the net value will be less considering one need to pay for breakfast also.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The breakfast option on revenue booking + taxes for double occupancy goes for ~5.7K. So, the value actually goes up 🙂

      Btw, this is a very small property. There are many other stunning luxury properties that gives greater value.

      1. Mouli


        Could you plz come up with an article on Marriott Points ?
        I do have around 90k points in my Amex MR,is this the best option to redeem the points by transferring ?
        I see the mostly the properties are in the tier 1 and 2 cities not in the popular tourist places

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Value largely varies with properties. You got to do the math with the hotel you’re planning to stay. Will write a detailed article on this shortly.

  4. SH

    Great review. I think you are smitten by the lady at the checkout counter. You should visit more often😀

  5. puneet


    Most of the fairfield hotels have just 1 or 2 types of room types and no suites. I guess this property too doesn’t have suites. Rooms in fairfield are always quite compact compared to other marriott brands, I am right now staying in Fairfield Bangalore where BAR is going at 12k.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool, looks like Fairfield Bangalore has a Lounge too. Have a great time!

  6. Binay

    Hi Sid, can u write an article about “Best ways to redeem AMEX points”. It would be of great help for all.

  7. Vishal

    Sid, please an article on “Income Tax Dept. consequences” on excessive usage of credit cards.
    Is it legal that I swipe my card for someone else and then, he pays me.

  8. Sneha

    Hey Sid , can you please tell me about your experience with induslnd bank. I am looking to get a card from induslnd because of the low currency conversion markups.

    But I noticed a lot of negative feedback all over the social channel about thier customer service

    How’s your experience with them? Are they reliable ?

  9. Hardik

    Hey sid, if it’s possible for you then can you share your knowledge and make a article on amex limit enhancement trick or strategy something, it would be great, i am you’re regular reader 🙂

  10. Amex Guy

    As per the new program, Fairfield is supposed to give free breakfast to all guests, revenue or not, status or not. This inconsistency that has cropped up at Marriott is mind boggling. Just last month, a friend who is Titanium elite was denied breakfast at a JW, and got a fruit bowl with muffins when he pushed. I hope they fix things this coming year. I miss the SPG program so much!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Fairfield with complimentary breakfast on award booking – Sweet! Can you send me a link that states this?

      1. Amex Guy

        Doesn’t matter if it is revenue or award stay — there should be no paid option for breakfast at any Fairfield anymore. It is part of the offering as default: link

        The award/revenue stay differences in breakfast only applies in 2 cases — when breakfast is offered as welcome amenity, or when the hotel is a resort. Since breakfast at Fairfield is not a welcome amenity, you will get it even if it is award stay.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          But it also says “*Complimentary breakfast is not available in Asia Pacific Fairfield hotels” 😐

  11. Nihar

    Hey Sid could you have a comprehensive post on major Hotel loyalty programs in India and how to maximize their rewards. It would help lot of readers I guess as Card Rewards – Airmiles – Hotel loyalty are so intricately linked !

  12. Prashant Gupta

    Hi Sid,

    I have some 22K points in amex plat reserve. Card due for renewal in May 2019 which i may not go. Is point conversion to marriot bon voy the best redemption option. Else i will have to take 5k amex tarvel voucher for 15K and rest as cash etc.

    Can i transfer points from different cards (different account) into same marriot account

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If you stay with marriot, i don’t see any other good option. Its like 11k value and sometimes could even much better.

      1. Mouli


        I don’t have much knowledge on this program.
        My understanding is point conversion is in 1:1 ratio, that way it should be 22k worth,rt?
        1 Marriot point value is 50p or 1 rupee?
        I too have around 1L points in my Amex Plat travel card and thinking whether this conversion would be the best value for it?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          It does give great value. Yes, I would say 1 Point > 50ps

  13. udayakumar

    hai, great fan of your reviews , request to guide how you got on 6k point when actual redemption goes on 7.5K


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