Amex Offer: 10% Cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, Uber & more

By | February 12, 2019

Another day, another offer from American Express. Here’s yet another cool promo from Amex to help you save on your regular day-to-day spends. The nice part is, the offer period is pretty long. Let’s have a quick look into the offer,

Amex Offer: O.F.F – Online Fab Fest 2019

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get 10% Cashback on spends with select partnersPartners:, Flipkart, Myntra, Ola, Uber, Uber Eats, BookMyShow, BigBasket, Grofers
  • Offer Period: February 8 to April 30, 2019
  • Min. Spend: Nil
  • Max. Cashback: Rs.1000 (per card)
  • Excluded cards: Corporate cards, supplementary cards & Amex Everyday spend cards
  • Type: Targeted Offer, not valid if you haven’t received the email from Amex.
  • Fulfilment: Within 5 days (or max: July 30, 2019)
  • Source

And not to forget, this is applicable only if you’ve got the communication from Amex. I received this email on my Amex Jet card and the registration for the same went through.

But when i tried to register my Plat Travel Card & Gold Charge Card, it throws out the error: Unfortunately this campaign is by invitation only.

Final Thoughts

While it’s a cool offer, looks like amex decided to put strict rules on who can register for the offer going forward. While that makes sense to a certain extent, I still wish they had allowed it for multiple cards owned by same person or at-least the supp. cards.

All that being said, saving 10% as cashback on big brands like above is definitely a great promo. And of-course you get the regular points as well on top of the cashback.

What’s your take on the Amex Online Fab Fest Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below,

Author: Siddharth

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30 thoughts on “Amex Offer: 10% Cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, Uber & more

  1. A2Z

    I Could register my Amex MRCC as well as Amex Gold Charge card. Looks very good offer but unlike last time they removed supplementary or account cards so quantum of gain is lower.
    OFF is really FAB offer & NOT-TO-MISS.

  2. drgrudge

    I got email for Plat Travel Card but I was able to register for both my Plat Travel Card and MRCC card.

    Would we get cashback for Amazon Pay wallet load as well?

  3. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Looks like they are trying to match 10X/10% offer of HDFC. Maybe they want to see response from cardholders at this point of time and in future they may have this kind of offers for every card.

  4. Amex Guy

    I couldn’t register my charge card as well. Worked fine with Plat Reserve, for which I got email, and on which I have spent a whopping total of Rs. 0 since I got it. Not sure why Amex decided to send it, not sure why they want me to spend on it.

    The qualification of cards for Amex offers has been extremely random lately.

      1. A2Z

        Last season it was awesome with all supplematry cards being eligible for it…
        It’s pretty good for those who have to do 4/6 transactions for monthly bonus points

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Same here got offer on my Platinum Reserve which i dont use at all. Didnt got email for gold and rewards card which my wife has. Probably they want the dead accounts to become active 😀

  5. valliappan

    Not sure if this is applicable on prime membership renewal, Amazon pay balance adding money, recharges!

    1. Jay

      No, American Express offers are only valid on cards directly applied through AMEX.

  6. mayank sharma

    Did anybody else get an email from amex about this “exclusive program”?

    1. SH

      Yes. It is open to everyone. Register once with your phone number and then you can use any card. Also the it is discount and not cash back, so you get the mullah immediately.

  7. ravi

    I have received a cashback offer from amex on booking indigo flights – i have plat reserve .. seems they target specific spenders for offers

  8. mayank sharma

    [reposting as link got removed] by exclusive program I was referring to a site named exclusiveprogram_dot_in. I got an email from amex to register on this.

    1. Prashant gupta

      I shared the details with Siddharth but dont know why it was not published. I have registered for the same looks good offer.

  9. Manoj

    Very nice offer. But, i din’t receive the mail for my MRCC card. What shall be the criteria they look into for sending the invitation.

  10. Hiren

    Didn’t get this offer on my Gold Charge card, probably coz I clocked the 4.75L spends for the Tanishq voucher. Clearly they are promoting spenders who aren’t spending and rather their so called “top spenders” aren’t in on this offer

  11. Ashwin R


    I’ve loaded my Amazon Pay wallet and have received the 10% cashback. AmEx doesn’t differentiate between spends and wallet load on Amazon. Both are marked as “AMAZON BD BENGALURU” and cashback received as “AMAZON BD.”

    This is incredible offer when stacked as below:
    1. 10% cashback for Amazon Pay load
    2. 2% cashback when paid through Amazon Pay. 5% cashback if part of Super Value Day items
    3. Buying through Jet Privilege (or any other cashback sites) for additional JPMiles up to 11%


  12. valliappan

    The cash back comes to amex account within 5 days and it doesn’t have any restrictions on Amazon pay wallet load, any transaction gets a exact 10 percent back. This is one thing that makes me hold a amex card!

  13. Akshay

    I didn’t receive this offer as well though AMEX is my primary card and I have been clocking INR 4L consistently for the past 3 years. Not sure what the criteria is

  14. Nihar

    Left to wonder whom are they targeting in this offer ! I have been clocking 5L & know few folks in my circle with similar spends on Amex cards but none received this cashback offer.
    These promos across the industry are becoming very random lately ! The rule engine is is hayway .

  15. hardik

    Just saw offer on my everyday spend card , transact 50k (any transaction) get 2500 flipkart voucher for period 25th febrauary to 15th april 2019 , i am confused how to avail offer with 25k limit on card !!

    1. raulnayak

      Between the promo period, you have atleast 2 statement generations. So just pay the full amount and spend. Or you could prepay so that you have a negative credit limit and then spend. I used the offer for my NPS and turned in a sweet deal.


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