Here’s How to Fly Indigo Economy in Style

By | February 11, 2019

Indigo is one of the major carriers on which I flew a lot in ~2016 especially because I used to get Indigo Vouchers from Amex Plat Travel card. As soon as Amex replaced Indigo vouchers with Spicejet, i almost stopped flying Indigo but that’s not just because of the vouchers as it was also the time when i started exploring Business Class cabins.

Indigo Fast Forward Add-On Service

If I look back at 2018, I hardly flew Economy except the routes that has no Business Class flights. But i recently had to fly Chennai to Kochi route in Indigo Economy on Republic Day as that was the only option that fit into my schedule.

As i’ve been spoilt with business class experience, long queues at check-in counter scares a hell out of me. So here are some of the ways i tried to get premium experience on Indigo, even while flying economy.

Indigo Fast Forward

Indigo has an Add-On called “Fast Forward” service that enables you with:

  • Priority check-in
  • Priority baggage handling service
  • Cost: Rs.400

Ideally you can consider it as a dedicated check-in counter that you get with a Business Class ticket.

During my recent trip, I availed Fast Forward service while flying Indigo Airlines that definitely saved me Min. 1 Hr in the queue (Republic Day Rush). If not 1hr, it would atleast help you save ~30 mins on a regular day.

Extra Legroom Seats

While there are no business class seats, there are few seats in Indigo that could get you extra legroom, like,

  • First Row Seats
  • Emergency Exit Seats
  • Cost: Rs.800/600

These seats are pretty much comfortable than sitting in the other seats which are tightly packed. Also, the cost is pretty much reasonable for the first row.

But, for Emergency row it must be free isn’t it? I mean when we’re ready to help the airline during emergency, we shouldn’t be charged anything right?! 😉

Anyway, I’m happy that Trujet isn’t charging me extra as I always go with the Emergency row while flying Trujet out of Salem.

Final Thoughts

If you apply above benefits, i think its equivalent to flying Premium Economy sort at an affordable price. I was surprised to have a seem-less travel even while flying economy and so thought of sharing this.

And I hope some day or other Indigo get’s their Loyalty Program live, along with a credit card which has been in works for a very long time.

Have you guys tried Indigo Fast Forward or is it only me getting excited at little things? 😀

Author: Siddharth

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10 thoughts on “Here’s How to Fly Indigo Economy in Style

  1. Ajay Singh

    Its definitely you getting excited at little things 😀.

    I stopped flying Indigo long time ago especially because of crappiest seats in the industry with paper-thin with back support – you can literally feel someones knee in your back when the guy behind you is tall and the guy in front is almost in your lap when they recline. I do not understand how they managed to cram in the extra rows of seats onto a regular sized plane, no loyalty program (biggest letdown for our geek brothers here I guess) , food is pretty bad for the price they ask for and no business class even when you can afford it (read when your company is paying for it) …

    Have been a regular visitor for a few weeks now. Great content overall Sid, very informative. Keep up the good.

  2. Rohit

    @Sid – I would say you are over excited about 6E.

    I try to avoid Indigo, I am based out at IXC – and the places I usually fly to DEL, BLR, MAA & PNQ are mostly 1 hop flights and my preferred transit airport is DEL. 6E does not fly out of T3 at DEL so I try to avoid it.

    Another reason is the free baggage allowance of 15K. AI gives 25K and I hold HDFC Jet platinum card which gives me 5K on top of 20K. When you are away for a week + at a time – the extra few kilos come in handy.

    I am a fan of AI’s domestic flights which depart from international sectors. This means I can use one of the many cards to access one of the many Int’l lounges at IGI.

    Having said that is there any way you can get a corp fare on 6E? If yes then you will get Priority/dedicated checkins, free seat selection and free meals.

    @Ajay – I don’t think you have tried Spicejet’s Dash-8s or Jet’s Max, they not only have restricted leg-room but their seat width is small. In my opinion Airbus 319/320/321 offers the widest seats and if you have a large frame (or a bottom) the extra 0.5 – 1 Inch of width makes a big difference.

  3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Indigo 6E fast forward and extra legroom seats offer on 1 day of the week (can’t remember which day) with HDFC cc at 50% discount was quite good one. Specially for metro airports which helps save time n convenience.

    Indigo on time performance is also always among top few.

  4. drgrudge

    Indigo does come cheap cost cutting like doing their own seats, cabin crew who are woman to reduce weight, no front row curtain (!), etc. The seats plainly sucks and it would be a pain to fly over 90 minutes on those seats.

    If one is based out of BOM or DEL, travelling with 6E doesn’t make any sense. I generally don’t like LCCs and I wonder why do even people bother with LCCs now that there is hardly any price difference between AI, 9W and UK.

    I avoid 6E like a plague and fly with them only if I am forced to fly with them. This is in spite of the fact I’m based out of MAA and not UK/9W/AI hubs of DEL and BOM.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I second you drgrudge. But the problem is Indigo has most of the slots in all the roots and sometime the only airline to fly a route. Then you dont have option but to fly with them. Many time i have flown on vistara with less fare than indigo for same time flight.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal


      Real fact in Indian skies is that one can’t avoid Indigo bcoz of its wide city coverage and almost 90% times its fares are cheapest. Also on time performance is always best or 2nd best.
      Though they should look into complaints raised by customers which are many.

    2. Rohit

      @Mayur: Get some FACTS !! Indigo has 45% marketshare and you cannot just dismiss the behemoth of the Indian aviation. So, it is good to see Siddharth doing a useful article for many many people.


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