Targeted Spend Based Offers on HDFC Bank Credit Cards (May 2019)

By | May 29, 2019

This is my first spend based offer since late boarding HDFC Bank credit card in October 2017. Looks like the offer is highly personalised where some has received a choice among GV’s, whereas others have been given BookMyShow GV’s directly on reaching their target spends.

Here’s a quick look into the offers received on the HDFC credit cards in my family (me & spouse).

Offer Details

# My offer:

  • Offer: Spend Rs.1,18,000 with your HDFC Bank Regalia credit card and get voucher worth Rs.750 of your choice.
  • Duration: Spend between 1st May to 31st May 2019
  • Type: Spend based / Personalized
  • Fulfilment: 31 August 2019

Select vouchers from:

# Spouse offer:

  • Offer: Spend for Rs.5000 with your HDFC Bank credit card and claim your Rs.1,000 BookMyShow voucher
  • Duration: Spend between 05th May to 31st May 2019
  • Type: Spend based / Personalized
  • Fulfilment: 31 August 2019

Inference: Higher the spends on the card, higher the target.

What’s striking is the fact that though this targeted offer is for the month of May 2019, I have received it rather late (towards far end of the month). Also, the time period of this targeted offer is different.

What’s the offer have you received? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Satish Kumar Agarwal

Charmed by the world of finance especially Credit Cards, Bank Accounts. Helping friends in becoming financial savvy gives joy n pleasure to me.

43 thoughts on “Targeted Spend Based Offers on HDFC Bank Credit Cards (May 2019)

  1. Gkcards

    I got this Spend 63000 with your HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card and get voucher worth 500 of your choice

  2. Prashant Gupta

    Same here i too got the offer late (22 May) on my Diners Club Black card. Spend 156000 with your HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card and get voucher worth 1000 of your choice.

    Surprisingly on offer on my wife’s DCB card.

  3. Prem Taparia

    I got an offer to spend 79000 on HDFC Bank Diners Card and get gift vouchers of Rs500. Got the offer email pretty late (22 May).

  4. Praveen Katiyar

    I got the offer very late (on 24th May) for spends Rs. 36,000 till 31st May and get Rs. 1500 BMS Voucher.

    As I got the offer late, plus I found Yes Bank Offer (of Rs. 2000 Amazon Voucher for spending 40,000 till 31st May) better Iam not trying to achieve it.
    Also, BMS BOGO on ICICI Coral makes HDFC offer less attractive.

  5. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

    Looks like this targeted offer is more generous to those who have received BookMyShow offer. For others it’s ~ 1% extra.

    1. Rohan Kore

      My spend on hdfc Card was minimal. Got this offer. Spend 23000 using your Credit Card xx from 3rd July to 31st July and get a voucher worth 1000 of your choice from Amazon/Myntra/flipkart/ big bazar/ big basket. Got similar offer in June too, with spend target of 19k.

  6. Himanshu Kainth

    I didn’t get any offer on my HDFC Regalia card. My spends were very high from past 4-5 months.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      You already know the reason. Targeted offers avoid too high spenders or maybe nil spenders too.

  7. Praveen

    I got from sbi spend 25k and get 2K amazon voucher, from hdfc spend 10k and get 500₹ hp petrol e voucher

    1. JT

      I got the offer Rs.250 Bookmy show discount for transacting 4times my card at any value… I spent 150Rupees 4times…

    2. Yesupadam Jagati

      Did you get your voucher from sbi. Normally how many days it will take.

  8. amit

    Hdfc never gives me offer 🙁 they didn’t even increased my credit limit in last 4 years
    Currently my hdfc cc limit is half of my salary :p
    I even visited bank for limit enhancement, submitted documents but no luck.

    Any one can suggest?

  9. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    My wife received offer on 22nd in Diners ClubMiles. Rs. 500 voucher for 1 lakhs spends. I just completed spends today evening. Unknowingly I already had spend Rs. 49,000 in May which helped me a lot to achieve the target.

  10. ARR

    I received the 1st offer with the target of Rs.1,78,000/- on my Regalia.

    1. ARR

      Hi all,
      I got another offer for the month of June I.e spend Rs.2,86,000/- and a get voucher worth Rs.1500/- of Big Bazaar/Flipkart/BMS/MMT.

  11. rupesh

    Spend 295000 with your HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card and get voucher worth 1500 of your choice.

  12. Jay

    HDFC has a horrible reputation of not delivering on their promises. They are yet to fulfill their promised spend based offer from Dec 2018. I’ve been following up with them since 2 months and till date they’re just saying they’ll get back in “7 working days”.

    I did get the targeted offer this time for 750 voucher, but I don’t think I have the energy in me to chase them all over again even (in case) if I do actually end up spending that much on the card.

    1. Pankaj

      Same here brother,I got offer in jan and Feb spent 50000 get 5000 voucher by may till not get voucher

  13. Aditya Date

    266000 spends for 1500 gv.. given the fact that the spends target is reasonably high, is it correct to infer that my upgrade chances might be higher too??

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      It may have an effect, as it means you already are in high spends category. Still there are lot of factors at work for an upgrade, NRV and retail spends being most significant.

  14. Priyank

    I never get such target spend based offers from HDFC.

    Is there anything I could do from my end to get it activated?

    I am holding HDFC DinersClub – Club Miles card.

  15. Sandeep

    I received a different offer. Make 4 transactions on Regalia First card between 1st to 31st May, and get Rs 250 Bookmyshow voucher. Received the offer on 24th. But the good part is there is no minimum spend per transaction.

  16. Vishnu

    I have got a different offer from HDFC,

    “Exclusive Rs.250 BookmyShow Vocher just for you! To claim, Just transact 4 times using HDFC credit card **** before 31st May’19”.

  17. Rohit Roy

    I got this spend based offer last year for my regalia and I was just fed up following it with bank since it was like 5000 bonus points if I spend 75k or something. It took 6 months or something for me to follow up and I don’t remember now whether I got it or not. Worst thing was bank would ask for the proof and if you don’t have they will not give anything . So please take screen shots at any cost or save your mail . By the way my 5000 bonus points for Jan 2019 is still due and bank has not yet credited as of today.
    I am hdfc customer from past decade and now I am just loosing
    Interest on the bank for this cheap practice.
    Is it possible to to get diners club black card LTF for preferred customers. I already got it approved but I am asking them to make it LTF. And as of today how is the usability in various POS machines across India?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Shikhar Makkar

    Did anyone receive both the offers? I received 2 offers – transact 4 times to get Rs 250 BMS voucher and the other being spend 55k and get Rs 500 voucher of your choice.

    1. GTMAX

      Yes received 2 offers on my wife Regalia card.. first one is the same and second one is 250 voucher on 27k spend

  19. Rahul Singh

    Smart buy on diners revised
    Max points 5000 on all type of diners card from 1 to 30 June

  20. Raghu

    Hi Sid and Team,

    I currently hold HDFC Regalia with limit of 6.5L and contemplating on applying for HDFC Diners, but he says that I cannot hold for more than one HDFC CC at a time and that I have to close Regalia card and apply for Diners (according to my RM, I am eligible for Diners Black and my existing 40000 reward points on Regalia need to be redeemed before closing and cannot be transferred).
    Pls guide me if this is the right process and if ditching Regalia for Diners is a good idea (incl given that the cap of 5000 points for Regalia from 1st June on Smartbuy)?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You dont need to spend the points they will be transferred to diners. These RM dont know anything, diners black is bettwr than regalia. Go for it. Dont close regalia instead apply for upgrade which will preserve your points.

      1. Raghu

        Thanks Prashant. I will talk to customer service directly and see how things progress.

  21. Rajesh Kodityala

    I have got this. Spend 220000 and get 1500 worth vouchers. For December offer after multiple emails with customer care received 750 voucher end of last may even though it is supposed to give by 30th april. Now following up with customer care for January and February spend based offer. Not sure when they will send.

  22. Mohan Eluri

    I just received 5K vouchers for my March spend based program, flipkart and lifestyle vouchers are not there to select. Only Bata, Spencers, More, Basking Robbins, Smash and Pizzahut.

    Something is better than nothing 🙂

    1. Dr.Hardik Patel

      Hi, mohan and everyone who received hdfc spend based voucher code of these brands…i also received the voucher code but didn’t know how to redeem and which site…they send me 7 digit code of Rs.3500…please reply fast…even hdfc cc dont know how to and where to redeem…pathetic…

  23. Ashok

    Yes, even i got the 5000 voucher but they didnt mention about for which month offer they gave it. Nevertheless on Saturday morning even MORE voucher was not there. But evening they added it. So maybe we can wait for a week before claiming.

  24. Addy

    I never get any spend related offers from hdfc. I am holding a hdfc regalia card. Though one interesting offer i got most of the time is 4 months of interest free period on my card (normally jun to oct) where the credit card statement shows minimum amount due as 0. Any way to enable offers on email.

  25. abhishek Indore

    Flipkart voucher now available. I have claimed now.

  26. hari

    Received the Jan 2019 offer voucher today, although I have closed the card on which I have made the spends.

  27. Mickey

    I have spent more than 6 L – no offers received.
    How does auto upgrade get triggered from RF to Regalia if you don’t have RM or savings ac

  28. Sandeep

    I got this “Claim your 1000 BookMyShow Voucher. Just spend with your HDFC Bank Credit Card xxxxxx for 25000”

  29. Rajesh Kodityala

    I have got a mail yesterday, for June spend 57000 and get 500 voucher. Fyi I met 228000 offer for may.


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