Earn up to 25,000 Club Vistara Points by subscribing to The Economist

By | May 29, 2019

There are only few ways to earn Club Vistara points. If you’ve Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card, you can easily earn good amount of CV points in a a short time. If not, you need to search other possible ways.

Here’s one such opportunities in partnership with Economist which allows you to earn as good as 25,000 CV points, which gives you about 5 award flights.

Offer Details

Club Vistara presents The Economist special subscription offer, exclusively for its members. Stand to earn Club Vistara Points on print as well as digital subscriptions of The Economist – a reliable source of insight and assessment on international news, politics, business, finance, science, and technology, renowned the world over.

Below are the plans & the CV Points that you could get..

If you do the math, this gives you the purchase rate of Rs.1 to 60Ps per CV Point. That’s a decent value as I personally value CV points at around 75Ps to 1Rs /CV point. You can also get lot more value on select routes.

And Of-course, you also get subscription to the magazine!


This is indeed an amazing offer to grab if you’re The Economist Reader, no doubt. As Jet Airways is out of business, all airlines are adding new routes and I think this is the BEST time for airlines with loyalty programs to capture some market share.

That said, as there are only Air India & Vistara in this segment, Vistara has great opportunity to get loyal customers if they make their loyalty program even better.

For ex, they could allow easy redemption on Singapore Airlines with lesser points, launch more co-branded cards with better CV points earn rate with other Credit Card issuers, etc.

What’s your take on The Economist special subscription offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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18 thoughts on “Earn up to 25,000 Club Vistara Points by subscribing to The Economist

  1. saksham dhawan

    Any specific reason why you value the reward point value to around 75Ps to 1Rs. I believe you can also get better value say when booking flights when travel date is around a week ahead from the date of booking.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s minimum. Yes, you can get better value when booked in short time, select locations & during festive season!

      1. Saksham Dhawan

        If used in a way where value >1, you recover more value than the price paid by booking flights alone (at least for 1 year digital). Then you get the subscription too. I think this is really a deal.

        ( would have even considered buying the points for flights alone (even without the subscription :P)

        1. YS

          @saksham I don’t want the points only the subscription 🙂
          do you want to work out something mutually beneficial?

  2. Varun Rai Kapoor

    Hey ! Does this offer apply to only first time subscribers of the magazine ? The T&C’s mention that it’s valid for first time delivery in India. Though it does not specify if :

    1) First time delivery post taking CV Gold
    2) Physical or digital delivery.

    Request if you could please advise on this.

  3. Y S

    How about matching people who want to read the economist with those who want points? I don’t want Vistara points, but like the Economist so don’t mind going 50-50 with someone who may want the points so its a win win for all.

    If sid is okay with this.

    1. Lordsom

      Won’t work. Normal subscription is cheaper than this offer sans points ofcourse.

    2. Sachin Gupta

      Rates on Economist website are the same. These are no special price for Vistara and there is no other less price offer without the points.

    3. Faraaz Kazi

      I’d love to work it out with contact me at kazi(dot)faraaz(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Praveen Perumalla

    The rates are not special rates as mentioned by Vistara. I saw the same rates on Economist’s website too.

  5. Nihar

    I guess one of the few and cool ways of CV points accumulation is through transfer from Diners Cub Miles / Club Black given the 10X partners. Can anyone share this practice . How was the experience ? (I personally don’t hold any Diners card )

    1. Neo

      yeah, i have done this multiple times. The process takes 2-3 days & is pretty easy & seamless. If diners could add some more partners, it would become even better than it already is.


  6. ARR

    Hi all,
    We have travelled to Delhi by Vistara recently. Vistara had given me 2 upgrade vouchers. One was on account of Regalia and the second one on account of Birthday. I requested the CC of vistara to upgrade from economy to premium economy. I’ve paid around Rs.900/- for taxes. The executive told me she had done the upgradation. But, When I reached the Vistara counter in the airport they said it wasn’t done. The Vistara executive at the counter made the upgradation since there were some seats vacant. The seats were like economy only. They gave me points also since i’m a Vistara member.
    We had a mixed feeling with Vistara. The food wasn’t up to the mark. They served one veg and one non veg snack. They also served coffee/tea and cool drinks. Airindia served good food even in economy also. Air Asia served us only water in economy.

  7. Swapneil

    IndusInd bank cc points can now be converted into CV points of Vistara

  8. Meet Sharma

    Hello Siddharth. I have a vistara booking for August in premium economy. I have a class upgrade voucher through SBI Prime CC. But on telephonic call, they said that redemption seats are sold out. What to do now? Any chance of getting the upgrade after sometime?

    1. Anoop E S

      try for upgrade at the airport during check-in. If seats are available, they will upgrade you.

  9. modded

    OMG. This whole process has been a nightmare. I purchased an economist subscription planning to redeem those along with my accumulated points for a trip that was coming up. 7 weeks later and Vistara has still not awarded those points. I’ve dropped multiple emails since mid-august and I have not even received a reply. Twice/thrice I’ve called up and they keep on parroting that “We’ll update you in 24h”

    Not to mention, that they increased required redemption points for a lot of sectors midway through this whole thing.

    I mean, if Vistara was going to dawdle so much, I wouldn’t have even bothered. 7 weeks and I still have to follow up manually to ask for this process to be done when in 2019 pretty much everything is automated.


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