Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card Features & Benefits

By | November 19, 2022

Below article maybe outdated, please refer to the latest review here: Axis Vistara Infinite Review.

Air Vistara in partnership with Axis bank launched a range of Vistara Co-Branded credit cards around July 2016 which includes three variants namely: Platinum, Signature & Infinite. Among which Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card is the top of the line variant that can pamper you with Complimentary Business Class tickets on your everyday credit card spends.

  • Joining Fee: INR 10,000+Tax
  • Welcome Bonus: One Complimentary Business Class ticket (consider it pays off Joining fees)

Milestone benefits on Axis Vistara Infinite Card:

When you spend certain # anywhere with your Axis bank vistara Infinite credit card, you’re given with milestone benefits as below.

  1. Spend Rs.1,00,000 – 10,000 CV Points
  2. Spend Rs.2,50,000 – 1 Business Class ticket
  3. Spend Rs.5,00,000 – 1 Business Class ticket
  4. Spend Rs.7,50,000 – 1 Business Class ticket
  5. Also earn: 6 CV Points for every Rs.200 spent

Note that you need to pay extra Rs.500 or so as “taxes” to redeem these complimentary tickets. Apart from welcome bonus, on spending about 7.5L, you’ll end up with

  • 3 Business class tickets + 33,000 CV Points
  • CV points can be redeemed for tickets
  • Tip: Use CV points for Upgrades for better value

Now, what’s the value of it? For this, i took route BLR->DEL and here are the values

  • 3 Business Class Tickets: 60,000 INR
  • 3 Upgrade Vouchers: 30,000 INR
  • 33,000 CV Points: 25,000 INR
  • Total value: 1,15,000 INR (15% reward rate)

In other words, you get a super cool ~15% value back, as you spend 7.5L. A great return as you can see. Oh, but, do you travel in Business class usually? If not, the way you see this should be different.

An interesting part is, Air Vistara’s Business class ticket costs are not proportional to distance. BOM->DEL is costlier than BLR->DEL hence, the rates are based on the demand. Looks like there are lots of celebrities in Mumbai flying business class 😀

Features of Axis Vistara Infinite Card:

  • CardExpert Rating: 5/5
  • Reward rate: Upto 15% as complimentary tickets
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: 4 Visits/quarter via Visa Lounge Access Program & also via Club Vistara Gold Membership
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Yes
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax
  • Renewal Fee Waiver: Nil
  • Special Features: Club Vistara Gold Membership & Travel Insurance Protection, Complimentary golf access

While it delivers a better value than Vistara Platinum & Signature Cards, its important to ask yourself, will you spend 7.5L + Joining fees+taxes just for 4 flight tickets which hardly takes 2~3 hrs each? The perception varies from person to person.

However, if you’re a person who spend on new “experiences”, you might consider holding one. Like, if you want to access the business class lounges like GVK lounge in Mumbai, which the Priority Pass/Mastercard/Visa cards donot have access to, this Complementary business class ticket can get you one.


If you’re an existing Business Class flyer of Air Vistara who can spend 7.5 Lakhs a year “easily”, its no brainer to pick this card to save some costs. Only downside for most is the Vistara connectivity but now they’ve started flying even from Chennai and from other parts of the country.

Their connectivity is improving over time and they’re expected to go international by mid 2018, likely to Singapore from Delhi/Chennai. So i think we will have better opportunity to redeem the CV points on international sector as well in near future. Overall, its a wonderful product for the HNI i would say.

What’s your take on Axis Bank Vistara infinite Credit Card? Share your thoughts in comments below.

189 thoughts on “Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card Features & Benefits

  1. Chiller

    Hi Sid

    You mentioned the ‘business class lounges like GVK lounge in Mumbai’ in your post. Would you know of the other business lounges in other airports that you cannot access with Priority Pass/Mastercard/Visa cards?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No idea man. That was the only lounge i wasn’t able to access with priority pass so far.

      1. Himanshu

        You can access GVK lounge in Mumbai now with Priority Pass.

    2. Shrikant Soni

      Hi, does this card guarantee a CV Gold membership throughout its active period, or it’s only for the first year?

      I don’t fly enough with Vistara to maintain the Gold tier automatically, but having the extra baggage allowance whenever I do is of great help

      1. Bhk

        Hi. Your GOLD status with Vistara will remain vaild as long as you hold this card. This is irrespective of whether you fly Vistara enough times a year or not.
        I got this card recently. You are eligible for ONE Complimentary Business class ticket after you make the fee payment of ₹10,000+GST – which should be in your first billing cycle.
        Surprise!!! I got a FREE UPGRADE to BUSINESS CLASS from Economy class on my very first flight booked using this card on Vistara. My first bill had not even been generated then.

  2. Himanshu Aggarwal

    Hi Sid,
    I have recently got this card, but there is NO joining bonus with it.
    Can you pls share the related link, if any?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Was it a paid card? If you, you’ll get joining benefit as per their terms & conditions. Pls refer their website.

  3. Sam

    Is this card better than HDFC Regalia?

    Plus I see this is Visa infinite!!

    Any possibility that this could be life time free?

      1. RAVI GUPTA


  4. Sunil

    I see it differently apart from 4 business class tickets​you also get CV points which can be used to buy tickets. A Bangalore Delhi ticket is available for approximately 6000 CV points so with 32500 points you can get 5 additional tickets. So the value I feel is much more than 7.5%

    Also the extra free luggage checkin also comes handy


  5. Alok

    The Vistara infinite card (or perhaps I might speak of Axis cards in general?) might not be the best option when traveling internationally. On my recent trip to the US, my card worked for a few transactions, then started getting declined. It wasn’t easy to reach customer service — there’s no non-toll-free-number printed on the back of the card. Once I figured out how to reach them, after about 8 minutes of hold, I was told that I should first enable auto-debit on my card, only then they can enable it for international use. I was well inside my credit limit, and I don’t like auto-debit, so I asked them if there was any other option. But that seemed to be the only way to enable it again. So I left it back in my bag and used other means of payment. It could have been tricky if I depended on using that card for hotel/etc and didn’t have good backup.

    1. Siddharth Post author


      Thanks for sharing your experience with Axis credit card. Its seems to be a weird rule.

      1. Alok

        I’m probing (checking with nodal officer) to see what’s going on; the MITC says autopay is required for NRE/NRO, not sure why it was applied for a resident card holder.

        This had been my primary CC, but I’m considering downgrading this to something with a low fee, (especially because of vistara options out of BOM) and applying for Yes First Preferred to use as my backup CC when HDFC DCB isn’t accepted. Any red flags with Yes’ customer service? Or should I go with Citi?

      2. Alok

        Checking with the nodal officer revealed that even though I’m a resident customer, they had somehow “flagged” my card as an NRI card and applied the rule of auto pay which is specified in the MITC. Why this happened is beyond me; and while it’s fixed now, I definitely won’t consider this card as a primary/backup in the fear it happens again 😀

  6. Arjun Mahajan

    Anyone who has applied/using these cards (Signature or Infinite)? Is it possible to get it on a card to card basis?

    Their online application is extremely tricky. Got 4 calls from the executives, all disconnected after I pick up the call.

    1. Anoop E S

      No. They don’t offer card on card basis.

      Yes. Their application process is very tricky. Last years my application for signature version of this card was declined. On another occassion, I met someone who is working in their credit card decision making department. Fortunately, he agreed to check for the reason for declining the card. He told me that I have to close my 7 year old SBI card with 6 lakhs limit to get Axis bank card.

      1. Anoop E S

        No siddharth. Vistara sourcing team says monthly net salary above Rs.60,000/-

        Anyway,I’ve applied for this card now. Will let you know

  7. Ritesh

    Has anyone got this card as Life time free or can we get this card as LTF?

      1. Anoop E S

        True. No chance.

        coz this is aa airline tie-up card. Co-branded cards are good source of income for Airlines. They will not waive any charges…

  8. ND

    I am getting this card shortly (approved). Its a pretty good card and if you travel Mumbai – Delhi routes often, you can use exclusive Vistara Lounges (unlimited) even while flying Economy… Vistara Lounges otherwise are accessible only to Gold/Platinum and Business Class Vistara customers… Also will be my first Visa Infinite. Excited.

  9. saurabh

    I have this card for about 6 months and have earned the 2 Business class and 25000 points so far. I was able to redeep the points and ticket for a family vacation. But the issues which came up that vistara doesnt allow more than 3 tickets to be redeemed in a flight even after booking 2 months in advance. For the business class voucher, getting even 2 redeemptions together was not possible. Hence requested for a premium economy redeemption. Having all these restrictions reduces the benefit . The best way to use it for trips by 1-2 people and doing much in advance.
    customer service of vistara is good, only part one needs to call in week days during 9-6pm. axis bank customer service is horrible , i think sbi is better. have asked them for address change 2-3 times, visted bank , but no help.
    the fees for redeemption is about 680 Rs and not Rs. 1000 as stated in the article, might be it is reduced now. Vistara loughes are very remotely located in delhi around gate 40 and if one has gate in other side, it is of no use.
    rest is decent service. I think keeping the card will unlock once vistara starts international flight. i have amex jet card also, but i see more value in this as the points redeemption is cheaper and easier. the reward flight in jet is of no use, as it has lot of resitrictions.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s a great info. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the card Saurabh!

  10. Ravin

    Hi Guys,

    Applied for this card today solely based on the SQ benefits linked to Vistara’s CV points and UK’s International Ambitions – As for me there are very limited options out of AMD (only DEL on UK at this stage which I rarely use) but the redemption of CV miles on SQ is pretty good – Has anyone tried that yet?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      I think redeeming AI Miles on SQ is better. Isn’t it? Though, i’m yet to explore both in real life.

  11. RK

    Infinite card will also give u 32.5k miles, roughly valued at 25k INR. so total value on 7.5 lakh spend is 10%. In 1st yr only.
    However, renewal bonus is 0, so that reduces 2nd yr onward value to 8%.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s correct. I recently got this card. Will have the hands on review shortly 🙂

      1. S&S

        Eagerly look forward to it Siddharth!
        Have been waiting to make the move to this card but haven’t found enough valid reasons to.
        I’m sure your article will help 🙂


        1. Siddharth Post author

          You may blindly go for it if you can afford. I got more info now after redeeming some of these vouchers. Review should be up this week.

      2. RK

        What about Club Vistara Gold membership?? I think thats also valid for only 1yr

  12. Anoop E S

    This card got approved for me. Will be getting next week. My Club vistara status already got upgraded to Gold after this card got approved. They are also trying to give me a LTF Privilege card along with this.

  13. Gaurav Malik

    Had applied for this card….the card got accepted and in the verification call also they asked regarding the fees and the features of the card and if I was aware. But to my horror I have recived the base version of the card. I am already a Club Vistara Silver member….I hope I do not get downgraded….I have already escalated to the concerned team and if it does not get resolved will have to cancel this card as I do not see any value of this card. Any inputs. I know if I cancel this card I would be affecting my CIBIL score but I would have no option

  14. Arjun Mahajan

    Is a prior banking relationship with Axis a must for this card? Anyone who got the card without holding any account with them?
    Tried checking with the local branch for this card. They want me to open a savings account first and only then I can apply for any of the vistara cards.

    1. Bhk

      As per my experience, prior banking relationship with Axis is not mandatory, though it can definitely be a positive.
      I have no banking relationship with Axis. Was approached by their executives on T2 Mumbai twice for the card. Third time, I accepted. Did not give any ITR, I had HDFC Regalia for 1 year+ and SBI ELITE for about 6 months. ICICI bare bone basic Coral HP card for almost 19 months. I have a good record of timely repayments (100%) and had not applied for any loan or credit card for about 5-6 months. CIBIL score was 782 I think. Got the Infinite card approved in 4-5 days and credit limit was at 3L. Though I have higher credit limit on my other cards, I had given no income proof while applying for this card. Hence 3L limit is not disappointing.

  15. Gaurav Malik

    Hi Sid,

    Now you have this card when are you putting up the indepth analysis about this card and its best features amd how to get the maximum out of this card? Really looking forward.

  16. Rohit

    Hi, is the Gold tier renewed on card renewal? Suppose one does not accumulate the 25k CV points for tier renewal, will they be downgraded to Silver or will the Gold tier be renewed once the yearly fee is paid? Thanks in advance.

    1. Sreehari

      No Gold tier is renewed only on achieving the necessary tier points.

      1. Gkcards

        I thought will be forever Gold with this card. So the Gold benefits can be enjoyed for first year only as I don’t travel that much 🙁

    2. Bhk

      CV GOLD will remain good till the time you hold a vaild card. This is irrespective of whether you accumulate enough CV points per year to maintain the GOLD status.

  17. Mandar

    Hi Siddharth! I considered consulting you on your consulting page, but the page says you are not available for consulting. My query is, HDFC Bank officials approached me with Infinia card invitation. (This was after I applied for Diners Black through Bank Bazaar which found me eligible, but later gave up the idea as Diners club acceptance is almost nonexistent in my town). Should I blindly accept Infinia invitation, or should I explore others like this one or the Yes First Exclusive, Citi Prestige or Amex Platinum? I currently hold Regalia First.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Apologies! I hope I would be available back again post Sep 2018.

      To answer your query,
      It totally depends on your lifestyle. But Infinia is well worth it when they’re ready to give you one.

    2. Bhk

      I know this question is for someone else but I am tempted to give my opinion. Just grab the INFINIA CARD. It’s totally worth its fee and you will surely more than recover it’s fee every year!!

  18. Surindar

    No need to buy Business Ticket for using GVK Lounge at Mumbai Airport. Club Vistara Gold Card Membership is free with Axis Vistara Infinite Card. Club Vistara Gild Card members are entitled to use GVK Lounge. Not only that any persons accompanying the Club Vistara Gold Membee, who are otherwise entitled to use other loyalty lounge, can get their card swiped at the other lounge for Rs 2 and can then accompany the CV Glod Card member to use GVK Lounge for free. CV Gold members are entitled to 1 Glass of Draught Beer or 2// Glass of wine !!

  19. Anup

    3 Business Class Tickets: 60,000 INR
    3 Upgrade Vouchers: 30,000 INR
    33,000 CV Points: 25,000 INR

    I understand on the 3 businesse class ticket as you achieve milestone, but from where you derived the 3 upgrade voucher? Because as a gold membership you get only one business class ticket as joining bonus.

      1. Rishabh

        Just called Vistara. They are saying no upgrade vouchers will be given with Axis bank cards. Is this true ?

      2. Amol

        If I am already Vistara Gold Member.
        And I am planning get New Axis Infinite Card. Do I get 3 upgrade vouchers?
        Is it advisable to get infinite card if you’re already cv gold member?

  20. Ajay

    Took my wife to port blair from delhi using two vouchers “One for me one for her” and two for coming back. Earlier was told it would require a 4 vouchers to go and 4 to come back but thankfully the layover at kolkata does not count so a single voucher can be used.

  21. Pranav

    Do we get the spend based awards again? If I spend 7.5 L, I get 3 Business class tickets. So if I spend 15 L, do we get 6 tickets?

  22. Boopathy

    What is the benefit after we reach the 7.5 L limit on the card?

  23. Anoop E S

    This upgrade vouchers and lounge access vouchers… are they giving vouchers on renewal also? or just first year?

    1. MT

      As long as you hold gold status on Club vistara , the upgrade and lounge vouchers get issued every year

    2. Surindar

      Yes, On card renewal (Vistara Infinite Card), ,you get the Gold Membership card with one year vailidity, as well as 3 upgrade vouchers, 2 lounge access vouchers and 1 business class ticket voucher within 30 days of paying the renewal fees, 10000+ taxes

  24. Gaurav Malik

    Hi Sid,

    The 10,000 milestone points are only on new card issuance and not on renewal. Have spent close to 1.65L in less than 50 days and when I called the bank to check for the points, they claimed that it is only a Welcome benefit and not a yearly benefit. So in totality you get one Biz class ticket ( On payment of renewal fees) and three more biz class tickets on milestone spends.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing this.

  25. Nihar

    UK is in process of adding international destinations , how can it change the offerings on this card.
    Any idea if the milestone vouchers which are currently valid for domestic travel only; will they be now value based and available for International travels. Any thought will be much appreciated .
    I am sure Vistara cardholders will have this query.

  26. Animesh

    Do you earn points on this cards for Online Spends? For example loading up PayTM wallet with this Credit Card?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Yes for all transactions you’ll get reward points.

  27. Vikram V

    Is this still the best card for CV points? Or are there any other better ways? I am seriously considering getting a co-branded CV card

      1. Neo

        Agree with Nikhil. Transferring via DCB makes more sense. However,you milk the card by getting those free biz class tickets ( upto 4 in a year). And the CV Gold status certainly helps for domestic lounges.
        Would be interesting to see what is being planned for the DEL SIN flight now.


    1. Nikhil

      Just for earning CV points, I find DC Black better with the 10x and 5x offers and transferring to Vistara. Although the Gold and Business class ticket(s) one gets through this Inifinite variant makes it worth it, if you don’t qualify for gold with number of flights.

  28. ARR

    Hi all,
    I tried to apply for this card based on my vistara silver membership. The CC executive told me that I could apply based on the membership, but the branch executive told me that It’s not possible. Can someone guide me in this regard? Shall I apply for the lower variant and upgrade later?( I took two flight journeys in this month?

    1. Anoop E S

      Initially, I applied for signature variant and it was declined from bank’s end. After 6 months, I applied for Infinite variant. This time I insisted the sales executive to include my club Vistara account statement along with the application form apart from payslip and other KYC documents. My CV account that time was in silver status (thanks to HDFC regalia offer that time) and the CV account statement was showing details of 2 Vistara flights and one miles transfer from HDFC. In all verification calls, I insisted that I need Infinite variant only and that they can reject my application if they are giving me a lower variant.

      and I got Infinite variant.

  29. Ankit

    Is complimentary business card ticket is valid for international’s route too considering Vistara flying to Singapore??….If yes.. then it would be of great value…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Looking at the CV points required for award ticket, they would never allow it. But we could get lucky. Only time will tell.

      No. Only for domestic travel.

  30. Anoop E S

    Vistara is now operating an all economy seat aircraft in Delhi-Kochi sector. As such, there is no point in chasing the milestone benefits this year. Luckily, I could use the 2nd year welcome voucher before they changed aircraft. Further, there is no limit enhancement even after spending around 8 lakhs last year.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the Vistara update.

      Yes, it appears Axis Bank is not good with giving LE.

    2. Neo

      Hi Anoop,
      Yes the DEL-COK flight change is a big bummer!! Are you a regular on that route too ?
      But you could get benefits on other sectors on milestone completion. A biz class upgrade to say Goa or a Port Blair wouldnt be too bad, i would say.


  31. Sanjay

    Can I get cv points after using this card in wallet (paytm mobiwik pay zap) and petrol pump money transaction

    1. Amit

      Hi, you get CV miles for loading money in wallet. I have tried this for Paytm and received cv points against the same

  32. amitabh gupta

    I got this card having axis simple account and with 3lakhs new itr

    1. Himanshu Kainth

      Hello Amitabh,

      What status you have with vistara earlier? Is it silver?

  33. Vishal Tajpuria

    I am using Infinite since April 2019. Earlier I was using Signature. Though I have been receiving CV points for all the payments done on PayTm, this time on 13th Sep I paid my electricity bill through PayTm and did not receive CV points for the same.

    Is there any policy change by vistara?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Paytm is marking some txns as utility for which you wont get RP’s. Vistara has nothing much to do in this.

    2. Surindar

      Add your electricity service provider as a Biller on your Axis card and pay directly. Just to add that even Rent payments on Axis cards entitles you to CV points as well as contributing towards spends to achieve milestone benefits

  34. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    I got Vistara Axis Infinite Card in flat 6 days. Applied on 23/Sep, the Card got activated on 26/Sep, on same day Vistara Gold Tier was activated and got the card in hand on 28/Sep.

  35. Prateek

    Hey sid
    I got a mail saying vistara gold gives 2 upgrades and not 3.

    ONE-CLASS UPGRADE 2 complimentary one cabin class upgrade vouchers per year for use by self, friends or family.

    Have they reduced the number of upgrades?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      There were some changes recently.

      One-Class Upgrade vouchers on Tier Upgrade – 2
      One-Class Upgrade vouchers on Tier Renewal – 3

  36. Rakesh Singh

    Hi Siddharth

    Is Axis Vistara Infinite card better than HDFC Regalia?, I am planning to apply for either of these cards (I am a frequent flyer) and already have Amex Platinum travel card.
    Which card do you suggest? (this is my 4 communication to you, kindly reply)


    1. Mouli

      Hope you are aware that Vistara Infinite is a paid one and the joining fee is around 12k,if you are frequent traveller in Vistara Business class and you can spend 7.5 ;Lakhs/year then you can go for this card else not advisable especially with Vistara still not having great connectivity in the domestic routes

    2. Neo

      Go for Vistara Infinite only if you are based in a city well serviced by Vistara ( which means mainly DEL NCR & to a lesser extent now BOM). There is no point spending 12k on a card & not able to reap any benefits out of it.
      However, if you are based in either of these locations, then it may make sense to get the card.
      Also, remember, the tickets are issued at each milestone of 2.5 lacs & the ticket on the joining fee takes the longest to come ( take 2 months min). So if you can time the 2.5L spend within say 3 months of the card, you will have 2 business class tickets to redeem, hopefully for the same trip.
      The card also gives you CV Gold Status, the benefits which you can read on the Vistara website.

      1. Surindar

        Business ticket on joining or renewal takes time only because it is issued once the joining/renewal fees are paid. i paid the renewal fees immediately on being billed and informed the customer care at Vistara and got the business ticket voucher emailed to me within 20 days. Physical delivery of lounge access and upgrade vouchers along with Gold Card took 30 days

        1. Rishabh

          This is with Axis card ? Vistara customer care told me that no vouchers will be given other than the complimentary business class ticket.

  37. Igloo

    Rakesh ji
    Depnding on what spend you can achieve even vistara siganture or platnium is also not a bad specially when you are a frequent flier.
    But as mouli said only if you fly those routes vistara fly.
    You get an open ticket by paying the annual fees. Its worth it even on that amount.

  38. Rakesh Singh

    Thank you so much Mouli, Neo and Igloo! for your feedback and inputs.

    I guess HDFC Regalia is a better option than AV Infinite card.

    Few questions for Regalia card, does HDFC charge Priority pass usage at international lounges like Amex Platinum travel card (they charge $32 per lounge access) only annual charges of $99 is waved off.

  39. Rakesh Singh

    Guys just final words from the best minds in the business 🙂 🙂

    HDFC Regalia or Axis Vistara Infinite credit card?

    * I am a frequent flyer (not business class :)).
    * I have Amex Plat. travel card
    * Better points on day to day usage.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Mouli


      if you are frequent flier in Vistara still you can go for Axis Vistara Signature card also that is not for business class and annual fee also around 3k and its worthy one

    2. Neo

      Rakesh, the way I look at it, get both if you are flying vistara enough, esp if Regalia can be wrangled LTF. Consider Regalia to be the stepping stone to DCB. Make the best use of Regalia for Smartbuy, Vistara for insurance payments, etc. Vistara Infinite will give you CV Gold status ( upto you how importantly you value that). But with an upgrade to DCB using the Regalia, you have another avenue of earning CV miles ( Vistara is a DCB transfer partner).
      Also, Vistara Infinite will give you a short cut to Hilton Gold ( again it depends on how you value it basis your travel patterns).

      My two cents.

      1. rahul

        how is vistara infinite card , a short cut to hilton gold?

        1. S&S

          Any Visa Infinite or Signature for that matter can be used to fast track to Hilton Gold, after two stays or four nights.
          Offer valid till Dec 31st.
          Can give you status till March 2021.
          Check out visa promotions.

  40. Avinash Kumar


    What is the average limit in vistara infinite card because it is important to achieve milestones?

  41. ManzB

    The best return is if you do only 2.5 lacs spend. The working is ..
    1. Value of CV point accrued due to 2.5 lacs spend (7500 points) – 6,000
    2. Value of 10,000 Bonus CV points for reaching 1 Lac Milestone – 8,000
    3. Free Biz class tickets for 2.5 lacs milestone – 20,000
    4. Free Upgrade Vouchers 3 nos as Gold tier benefit – 30,000
    Total benefit – 64,000, which is cool 25% return on 2.5 lacs spend.
    If you go for 5 lacs spend milestone, total benefit is around 90K, hence the return is 18%.
    If you go for 7.5 lacs milestone, then total benefit is around 116K, hence the total return around 15.6%
    So best return is at 2.5 lacs spend.

    1. ManzB

      I have not added the benefit of Lounge etc, which if added, will give a benefit good enough to cover the Annual fees.
      I just now have applied for this card. Hope they approves it. I already have DCB, SCB Ultimate & Amex Plt Travel.

    2. Igloo

      @manzb you may have not noticed those 10k bonus miles are first year only.

      1. ManzB

        But then you get a Business class ticket for every renewal, which worth around 20K.. SO even if the 10k CVP is not there on renewal, still the benefit of free Business Class ticket is a good way to cover the cost of the renewal fees.

      2. ManzB

        Yes.. even then it is profitable as I have not added the Biz class ticket you will get against the renewal fees. This ticket itself covers more than the annual fees. Hence it is still beneficial to go for it.

  42. Gautam

    Dear Siddharth,

    Thanks a ton for introducing me to this wonderful card. I have applied and scheduled document collection for next week. I have a mother-nature query, you mentioned that we will have to pay Rs. 500 as a fee for booking flight ticket (like in SBI Air India we pay Rs. 800), which is fine. But what we get is a base fee waived voucher – base fee is generally ~88%of total flight cost. In cases where the business class costs Rs. 30- 60k(Chennai to delhi route) we will have to pay anywhere between Rs. 3k-7k as taxes. Is my understanding correct?

  43. Ranja

    If i spend 7.5 lakh in one month, will i get all tiers benefits?
    With such spendings is such return good or not?

    1. Mouli

      Yes you will get all the benefits but after crossing 12L ,you wont get much returns

  44. Abhi

    Is there a cap on the value of the complementary business class tickets? Can you pay 11800 joining fee and use the complementary voucher to fly on a sector whose ticket costs 20K? Can voucher validity be extended or it always expires in 6 months from issue?

    1. Mouli

      There is no cap,even if the ticket cost is 40k still you can use business class voucher to book it but there is only one seat allocated for this and if already someone has booked that quota then you cant avail
      you can Any ticket in the domestic regardless of the cost

    2. Neo

      No cap on value. If you find availability, you are good to go, irrespective of how much that ticket costs in cash.
      & yes, these vouchers cant be extended.

      1. Mouli

        Have you ever got the voucher validity extended ?
        When I checked CC Agent said it cant be extended

        1. Neo

          No never got them extended. Thats what i mentioned above as well. After all this is Axis we are dealing with, not Amex

          1. Mouli


            Sorry I misread cant as can

            I have written the same to Vistara CC ing Sanjiv Kapoor about extending the validity to 1 year and got response from a guy saying that they will consider this in their next discussion

    3. Ankur

      There is no cap but the ticket has to be used in domestic sector. Validity is fixed at 6 months and cannot be extended.

  45. misha

    I get 5l monthly bill for utilities including electricity, fuel, etc.
    Can I use this to earn cv points?
    What kind of limit can I expect without any bank account in axis?
    Is this the best return I can get?

  46. Gautam


    Thanks again for the detailed review. I have received my card and was thinking of ways to achieve the spend milestone of Rs. 1 lac asap. I have a small question – will LIC insurance payments and loading of wallets count?

    1. Gautam


      The above post is mine.

      It turns out that we will not earn any CV points on wallet load (based on the latest T&C issued by Axis). However, there is no information on insurance payments.

  47. Praveen Katiyar

    I hold Axis Vistara Signature, and i can confirm that Axis CV points are earned on insurance payments (LIC in my case).
    Hope it helps..!

  48. Gautam

    Guys, any idea when the first year only 10,000 bonus points are credited. I had spent a lac within the first-month billing cycle and 2.5 lacs 10 days ago (in the middle of the second billing cycle)… All I have received is 1 business class ticket and 3500 points for usage.

    Needles to say, I have paid all dues, including joining fees.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. Shubham

    Any offer running on this card presently? Thinking of getting a cc for Vistara Gold membership. How many flights are needed further to reach Platinum membership?

    Also is Amex expected to launch a Vistara card? Would rather upgrade my plat travel card with them in such case.

      1. ARR

        Hi all,
        I applied for this card on 12th jan through the Axis help desk of the Mumbai airport. I applied based on the CV silver membership and took two flight journeys in the last six months. I was not asked for any income proof. The executive took all the necessary documents like ID card, address proof, Aadhar and Pan card.
        I received no response from Axis for a week. I called the customer care and the executive told me that the distance between my residence and working place is around 130 km. They wanted me to send an email declaration. I did the same. After that I received a message stating that you would get the approval/disapproval confirmation within 72 hours. After 3 days, I got the message stating my card was approved.
        My card was approved in a span of 10 days with the credit limit of Rs.3,00,000/-. Now I see the card info in the app.
        I had a smooth experience with Axis.

      2. Neo

        Unless you do a status match with vistara , you would need to fly 40 flights to get to platinum. Dont think there is a workaround to that to my knowledge.
        CV gold is good enough as status in terms of priority boarding, baggage & lounge access.
        40 vistara flights credited to SQ may get u closer to KF gold.

      3. Anoop E S

        @Shubham… you need a total of 40 flights in the preceding one year to get Vistara Platinum. This is applicable even if you are Gold by virtue of holding Axis Vistara Infinite Card. So no shortcut for Axis Vistara Infinite Card holders who are at Gold Tier already.

  50. Sudheer

    What is the validity of milestone complementary flight voucher?

    1. AJ

      Typically 6 months. You can check here –

    2. Mouli

      6 months for complimentary voucher and 1 year for upgrade and lounge voucher

  51. Shubham

    Regarding Axis Vistara Infinite card following conditions are mentioned :

    4. No CV Points are credited for fuel transactions on Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card.
    5. No CV Points are credited for transaction through wallet load.
    6. The following MCCs have been excluded from CV Points eligibility: 6012, 6051, 5944, 6011,

    Can you explain what does 6012, 6051, 6011,6540 exactly mean from below definitions?

    as per MCC codes :

    6012- Member Financial Institution–Merchandise And Services
    6051 – Quasi Cash–Merchant
    5944 – Clock, Jewelry, Watch and Silverware Stores
    6011 – Member Financial Institution–Automated Cash Disbursements
    6540 – POI (Point of Interaction)

    1. Gkcards

      Does this mean no points on insurance/tanishq etc?

    2. Ankit

      Does this mean that CV points will get accrued for Vistara card other than Inifinite on Fuel spends?

      Does it mean Axis Vistara and Signature will earn CV points even on fuel spends?

    3. Ankit

      Does this mean that CV points will get accrued for Vistara card other than Inifinite on Fuel spends?

      Does it mean Axis Vistara and Signature will earn CV points even on fuel spends?

      Awaiting revert

  52. Anil

    Got my Axis Vistara Infinite Card, but got a very bad CC Limit (50% of lowest among all my CC’s) , even after submitting the income docs etc. I now reached out to Customer care for increasing limit, as current limit is not even 1x of my current salary, but they now say that credit limit will be increased after 6 months only. Any way to fix this as I think initial credit limit allotted is itself inadequate?

  53. PK

    I have already got the full benefit of 4 business class tickets on achieving a spend of 10L.
    Would it be worthwhile to try cancelling the card and applying again for it to reset the benefits?

    1. Shivi

      No can do! you just get the joining benefits once. even if you reapply you’ll be started off from 2nd year & chances are they might not issue you the same card. your pan number gets marked in their internal systems.

  54. Sudheer

    For the flights where only Economy and business class are there (no premium economy section), is one upgrade voucher enough to upgrade from Economy to business class or still 2 upgrade vouchers require?

  55. ARR

    Hi all,
    I received the Vistara miles for regular spends. I also received the Business class voucher for the milestone. But, I didn’t receive the 10,000/- milestone benefit and welcome Business class voucher so far.
    Did it happen for everyone?

  56. Ankit

    One more milestone have been added. One More flight ticket on 12L spent

  57. Ankit

    When do we get the one class upgrade voucher? Is it getting along with free flight tickets? Axis site is silent on upgrade vouchers

  58. ManzB

    Can someone confirm whether online EMI txns are counted towards milestone benefits?

  59. Anmol

    I can confirm that EMI counts towards milestone. But no CV points will be given for EMI transactions.

    Also, anyone willing to sell upgrade voucher? I need one before 17th September.

  60. Prashant Bushan

    Anyone got a renewal fee waiver on this card, as we do not fly that much currently, and it doesnt make sense to pay such high fee.

    If you did manage, could you please share your experience?


    1. Ayush Agrawal

      I managed to get 3000 cv points with a minor negotiation. Didn’t want to threaten cancellation since I wanted to continue with the card despite the reduced travel (a biz class ticket for 11.8k is itself worth it).
      Let me know if a harder negotiation works for you.

      1. Prashant bhushan

        Hi. Had to negotiate hard as I already had the statement generated. But got 3000 cc points. Initially they were giving silly excuses

  61. Ayush Agrawal

    Do you get CV points for rent payment through payzapp?

    1. ManzB

      Unlikely as it clearly mentions that Wallet load is excluded and Payzapp is a wallet.

      1. Ayush Agrawal

        Hey! Thanks for the response. Here are 2 things I discovered:
        1. You can’t pay rent in redgiraffe through Axis card.
        2. You get CV points if you pay rent through Cred

  62. ARR

    Hi all,
    Do I get reward points for buying Vistara CV points by using Vistara Infinite credit card?
    Is the purchase of CV points considered towards the tier upgrade?

  63. Prashant bhushan

    Can anyone confirm if we get CV points for jewellery shopping. Have a wedding at home and was wondering what to put the jewellery purchase on? DCB or Vistara Infinite?

    1. Ankur S

      In terms and conditions on axis site, its mentioned that jewelry/watches MCC does not get any CV points.

      So in this case use DCB.

      1. SK

        In any case, DCB should be used unless you are getting some multiplier. Base reward rate of Axis Vistara Infinite is 3 CV per 100 Rs, while for DCB, its 3.3 points per 100 rs, which can be converted to equivalent CV points.

  64. Abhi

    Gold members are supposed to get 10CV pts per 100 spent on vistara site, is that over and above the 6CV per 200 spent using Axis card?
    In other words, do you get 26CV pts per 200 spent on tickets purchased on Vistara site?

    1. Ayush Agrawal

      Yes, you do. Credit card points and frequent flyer points are earned independently.
      Keep in mind that the 10 points/100 rupees only counts base fare, and not taxes/fees etc., So it’ll not be exactly 26 points/200 rupees.

    2. Ankur S

      Club Vistara members earn Tier Points and CV Points per INR 100 as per their tier status on the base fare of Vistara flights so Gold members earn 10 CV for 100 spent on base fare. (This can be achieved by paying from any card and on any website).

      6CV for 200 is general spend reward and not specific to website.

      1. Abhi

        (This can be achieved by paying from any card and on any website) >>>> does this mean I can buy vistara ticket on makemytrip using gyftr vouchers, and still get 10CV per 100 on the base fare portion of the ticket?

  65. Deepak

    I got an email that till sept 30, 2021, joining fee is waived off if you spend 1.20 L in 90 days on Infinite card. Similar offer is also for other variants. Make it a nice deal as you get a Business class ticket and gold membership. Dont quote your earlier CV no as if the earlier one is Silver, you will continue with Silver only

    1. Bhoom

      I was thinking to apply for Vistara Infinite . Have you recently acquired the card or it’s your renewal year so maybe they want to retain the customers.
      Also I have query, Let say I have to go from Mumbai to Calcutta business class. There’s no direct flight , all are connecting flights so will 1 or 2 Business class voucher required for that flight? Any help would be appreciated

      1. Ayush Agrawal

        You’ll need 2 business class vouchers to book the ticket, or 2 upgrade vouchers to move from economy to premium economy, or 4 upgrade vouchers to move from economy to business class.
        Basically each leg of the trip requires a separate voucher.

  66. satish

    Vistara axis bank customer care service is respons slow. I waited for 20mts just for a simple query with their IVR music on . If one has a free time & loves music, one can go for it. even after 20 mts of wsit and talk my issues were not solved. Its frustrating.

  67. Sanchit

    I recently received the card, but did not get the vistara Gold card in the welcome kit. My Vistara status is still not upgraded in the app. The customer care has no idea how to help me.

  68. sai

    do we have to book flight tickets for infants who are 1 year old?

    1. Varun

      Yes, there is separate ticket with minimal charges for anyone less than 2 years of age, beyond 2 years of age, everything is charged in full, like an adult.

  69. Nipun Sachdeva

    I Applied for this card in October’21

    Received the card on 21 December’21

    1st statement was generated the next day with 11800 (Joining fees + GST)

    2nd statement generated on 22 Jan’2022 (Spent 2L in one month), paid the outstanding the next day.

    I still have not received:
    1) Club Vistara login details
    2) Flight voucher
    3) Bonus CV points

  70. Atul

    If a same card holder , holds INdus Explorer n Axis Vistara Infinite , same mobile/email.
    Will the CV points earned on either card pool into the same Vistara CV bucket or separate buckets ?

  71. Vikash Singh

    Vistara Infinite Rewards rate on payment made Vistara Portal, App or e-mail Link is also 6 per 200 or 10 per 200 ?? Rewards credit sometimes doesn’t matches with my expenses. Anyone felt same thing like this?

  72. Nikhil

    If we upgrade from vistara signature to vistara ininite, then what happens with milestone tickets earned already on old card? Will they be valid still or they will be nullified since card is upgraded?

  73. Gkcards

    Somewhere I read they don’t give points for jewelry purchase. They do give, and merchant category is clearly mentioned as jewelry

  74. Ankit

    I recently received my vistara infinite card( applied through travel desk at delhi airport). I am not a CV member. The recvd card has CV ID embrossed on the back side. When i am trying to log into CV thru this Id and ‘forgot password’ option, it says ” Customer Id not found”. Anyone else faced this issue..or is there any other way to log into CV? Kindly guide

    1. Pavan g

      You can call vistara helpline..they may resolve the issue and they have dedicated gold members helpline number

  75. Monu

    Have anybody redeemed CV points on their partner airlines such as AirCanada. Their Customer care has no clue.

  76. R

    Hi Sid

    How does one get 3 upgrade vouchers?

    I see no info on axis website.

    Please check once.

    1. ManzB

      You need to log in to your Vistara account and you will see under my vouchers.

  77. Sharad

    Is the business class ticket issued in the name of the card holder?
    Or is it like a voucher that the card holder can redeem for booking a ticket for someone else also?

    1. Mouli


      You can use for the card holder or for any of the nominees that you register in your account (Max 10 nominees shall be enrolled and once you enroll a nominee then you cant remove for 1 or 2years)

  78. Subrata Mukhopadhyay

    This card is under VISA Infinite, which has a tie-up with Bookmyshow for buy one get one offer upto Rs.300 per month. So that’s a cool Rs.3600 per month.

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