Get 5X Reward Points on Jewellery with HDFC Bank Credit Cards & more

By | October 25, 2019

Just like last year’s Dhanteras 2018 HDFC Promo, this year too HDFC Bank has come up with similar Bonus reward points offer for spends on Jewellery during Dhanteras on HDFC Bank Credit & Debit cards. Here’s a quick look into the offer just incase if you’ve missed it:

HDFC Offers on Jewellery:

There are three different offers on Jewellery and here are the details:

  • Common Offer: Get 5X Reward Points (Upto 5,000) on Credit Cards (or) Rs.1000 Cashback on Debit card
  • Tanishq Offer: Save upto Rs.10,000 on 2.5L spend
  • Reliance Jewels Offer: Get 10% CashBack up to ₹ 2,500 on minimum spends of ₹ 10,000
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5X Reward points is one of the best among the above as you could get a return on spend of about 16.5% on Jewellery if you hold HDFC Bank’s super premium credit cards like Diners Black or Infinia. Even for other cards the return on spend is decent.

Speaking about fulfilment of bonus rewards, it went quite smooth for most cardholders in 2018, so you could expect the same this year too.


While 5X rewards are quite good, it is to be noted that HDFC has trimmed the benefits by half this year compared to 2018 as 10X Rewards became 5X and 10K max bonus points became 5K. Yet, its still worth it compared to most other credit card issuers.

What’s your take on HDFC 5X Promo on Jewellery this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Get 5X Reward Points on Jewellery with HDFC Bank Credit Cards & more

    1. GTMAX

      10% Cashback up to 2000/- with HDFC debit card under Online spends offer till 31st Oct

  1. Tejas Ghongadi

    One more point to note on this offer is that this is 5X + 1X offer and not 4X + 1X. I had a talk with HDFC Customer care on this. This makes the reward rate a good 20% for DCB and Infinia Card holders.

    Max Benefit of the offer upto Rs. 30,000

  2. Eshwar

    Can both 5x and 10% cashback in reliance jewels be combined together?

  3. Ashok

    Sid, Is there anyway can differentiate between jewellery purchase and gold coin purchase? For both they are using the same terminal. I think just a to create doubt they added the gold coin clause i guess.

    1. Ankit

      I dont think there’s a difference. I got 10x points last year on Regalia card on purchasing gold coin.

  4. GK

    Pls suggest any credit card offers for jewellery purchase in India.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Jay

    I had used multiple HDFC Debit cards in my Reliance Jewels purchase to maximize the CB. I noticed that they have issued 5% cashback instead of 10% in each of the accounts. HDFC does it again!
    And now there’s no one answering the phone on support lines because of Covid. Damn!


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