Diwali Offer: 10X Reward Points on Electronics and Apparels with HDFC Credit Cards

By | February 21, 2019

This year HDFC Bank is probably the last to roll out their festive promo on credit cards, but as someone rightly said “good things come to those who wait”, HDFC has come up with a great festive promo of the year. Lets quickly look into it,

Happy Hours - 10X Reward Points on Electronics and Apparels

Happy Hours – 10X Reward Points on Electronics and Apparels

HDFC Festive Offer – Happy Hours Details:

  1. Offer: 10X Reward Points on your spends on Apparel (Clothing) and Electronics. Classification of a retail transaction (Point of sale/Online) under a merchant category (Electronics/Apparel) will be defined by Visa/MasterCard/Diners/ Rupay
  2. Type of Txn: Both Online & In-store POS terminals
  3. Time of Txn: Between 5PM-9PM
  4. Offer period: 15th Oct to 10th Nov, 2018
  5. Min. Txn Size: Rs.5,000
  6. Max. Points: 15,000 Bonus Points (15K JPMiles on Jet Cards)
  7. Offer valid on: Retail and Business Credit Cards
  8. Excluded Cards: Cards which don’t have rewards points feature like Valueplus, Bharat, Commercial corporate cards etc
  9. Applicable on EMI transactions too.
  10. Fulfilment: After 90 days of campaign end date
  11. Source

Only thing to note with this promo is that there is a possibility that the stores might not have registered properly under electronics/apparels MCC category.

So do the transaction preferably in big stores where you could be sure that it wont go wrong. And just incase if it goes wrong, keep the bills ready which “may” help.

Debit Card & Payzapp offer

  1. Debit Card Offer: 5% CashBack on your spends on Apparel and Electronics on all days between 5PM-9PM. Maximum CashBack of Rs 750 CashBack
  2. Payzapp offer: 10% CashBack* on scanning ‘Bharat/mVisa’ QR with HDFC Bank PayZapp. *Max cashback upto Rs.250 per user during the offer period (1st Apr ’18 to 31st Dec ’18.)

Why its a Great Promo?

First, for jet cards, you’ve the ability to earn upto 53% (as JPMiles) on Diners Jet Card and even for other HDFC Jet cards you get grand amount of JPMiles. So this is an awesome news for those who’re holding Jet cards as its usually rare to see promos on Jet Cards.

Second, they’ve now included offline stores too. A lot of us prefer offline shopping when it comes to apparels (at-least me) and even for electronics like home appliances at times. For those type of people, this offer is a God send. I personally will benefit from this as my mom has some upcoming shopping plans 🙂

Third, there are also some partner offers apart from the 10X promos, like 10% Cashback on Lifestyle, etc. You can double dip on these merchants. Looks like HDFC has come up with a separate landing page for these Festive offers. You can find it all here

How much you can save

Note: This is a stand alone offer and you can continue to get 10X on Smartbuy txns & 10X on Diners Merchants as applicable. Two offers cannot be combined as you might already know.


Every bank send out Offers mainly because they want you to spend on Apparal & Electronics as that’s when they could stretch your spending habit, resulting in some txns being converted to EMI’s.

So this offer is here for the same reason and i also see other banks would follow this type of promos in future. While that’s a nice promo, i still wish to certain extent that HDFC comes up with some kind of spend based promos too in future.

And last but not the least, the Happy Hours 5PM-9PM is a creative idea. Looks like some alcoholic mind is serious at work 😀

Update: Fulfilment of this offer was done on 20th Feb 2019

What’s your take on HDFC Happy Hours Festive Promo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

43 thoughts on “Diwali Offer: 10X Reward Points on Electronics and Apparels with HDFC Credit Cards

  1. SH

    Can one double dip on this with the 10x on smartbuy?
    Also how is offer communicated. I did not get a mail on this. So wondering if this is targeted in anyway.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Double dip: ofcourse not. Even if they give by mistake, they’ll deduct/adjust in future 😀

      Its Applicable for all.

      1. Raj

        How do we figure out the category of online merchants like Flipkart/snapdeal/amazon?

      2. Karthik

        We can still use JetPrivilege portal to get added value above from HDFC offers.

  2. Shrey

    Offer valid for Assam, Orissa & West Bengal Alone from 12th October 2018 to 10 November 2018****

    This is very very important since most of the people are from metro cities and it makes almost 90% users ineligible.

    Please update

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You got it wrong. What they mean is the offer was opened to those location 3 days before.

  3. Anil

    So if load amazon pay, transaction will be treated as electronics/clothing as visa/mastercard. I will be getting 10X on that too

  4. Apul Agarwal

    Hi Sid,
    I have got an email for spend based offer on my HDFC credit card, which i am unable to see in your blog. It says for a 5% cashback of maximum Rs. 2500 for months of oct, Nov & dec. Follow the link for details. However there is some mismatch in the email and the offer page

      1. Nikhil

        how to restart hdfc promotional emails,.? Might have clicked unsubscribe long time back.

        1. Abhinav Jain

          Only way I am aware of is to reach out to your RM and ask them the credit card offers signup form (apparently there is one such form). The DC support team told me that.

          1. Rohit

            @Abhinav Jain: Did you get this form and activate promotional emails? what is the exact name of this form?

            @Siddharth and other members: did you try this method for getting back HDFC credit card promo/targetted offers email?

    1. Himanshu

      Hi Apul,
      Even I have received same offer but as per T&C, the cashback earned from 20th Sep to 30th Sep should have been posted by 15th Oct but it has not been posted yet.
      Have you received the cashback for the mentioned period?

  5. Vyom Aggarwal

    Double dipping with jp miles is possible with this offer, since you don’t have to be redirected through smart buy portal. Instead get redirected through jp portal and earn jp miles as well

  6. Kashyap

    HDFC does not fullfill reward points .😥😥😥
    Im tired of again and again asking them to credit points, their offer fulfillment is very poor

  7. Binay

    Hi Sid,

    I could not understand this situation clearly, please explain:

    I hold a DCB.
    I have maxed out Smartbuy(25K points) and 10X on select partner brands(25K points). Can i still get more points by spending offline(Lifestyle) ?


    1. Sameer

      Right you can get 15k more on spending at say Croma or Lifestyle. So now you can practically earn, 25k+25k+15K points all together during this offer period. And if you are lucky enough to travel internationally like me then add 10K more 🙂

      A quick note for others, you will not get 10x points for online spends at sites other that Flipkart, Amazon and Tatacliq. Other websites like snapdeal.com will be registered as general seller and not an electronics or apparel. I got this confirmed from the bank. So better stick to big stores or the three partner websites to get this additional 15k points.

      1. Raj

        Hi Sameer

        Amazon/Flipkart is also a general seller and not just limited to apparel/electronics. HDFC customer service representatives are highly unreliable as you can’t quote them later.


    2. Chirag Chopra

      This is a separate offer , if you spend 45000 at lifestyle, you will receive 15k reward points within next 90 days.

    3. Abhinav Jain

      Yes, this offer is a separate one and would count outside the 25K+25K usual limits.

  8. Ashish

    @sameer How do you classify electronic and apparels ? I wanted to buy a laptop on paytm – they give gst invoice + cashback + HDFC 10x would make it a real deal!
    Any idea if shopping on paytm mall between happy hours would classify for 10x or not ?

    1. Sudarshan

      Do not buy from Paytm as the transactions would not be cosidered for the reward points.
      I made payment of LIC insurance of having premium of 28320, but they have not credited single reward point to my account.

  9. aakash shah

    i called the hdfc helpline today as i have exhausted regular 25k limit on tatacliq. They said you wont get 10x points on any of the 10x partners for diners (extra 15k) if you already used the 25k points. Can somone confirm this?

  10. aka

    In the offers page posted at HDFC bank site , there is this excellent offer on the jewellery category. Getting instant additional discount over and above merchant’s offer ( validity 10th october-11th november ) plus 10x on all jewellery spends over 20K on 4th & 5th November,2018 ! No cap mentioned … THIS IS HUGE !!

    1. Anand


      If we buy on November 4 &5 in Kalyan Jewelry, we get 5X and on the top of that 10x, that translates into almost 50% am I correct?

      1. Vyom Aggarwal

        Found the link
        10 x on jewellery , 4th and 5th Nov, min txn 20000, max points 10000

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Looks like 20th Feb is the fulfilment date for this Diwali promo.

  11. ganesh

    Is any one received points ?
    from October I also not got any point for amazon transaction
    Where to complain not receiving any update from HDFC

  12. Prashant Gupta

    Received the October Amazon points after i raised complaint with the customer care. They took the order nos. and raided a complaint.

  13. Ganesh

    So any one got 10X
    if yes from which store you have purchased like amazon. flipkart, tatacliq, croma

  14. Surya Ganesh

    Can some one confirm me if they have received for purchases on TQ during happy hours ? I did not get and upon asking customer care, they said no two offers can be clubbed since you received 9x rewards for direct merchant and you will not be eligible for the happy hour points .

    In fact i made > 1L txns, technically only 83K is eligible for direct merchant, rest should eligible for Happy Hours and I should get points for those.

    Any help would be great .

    1. Arun Kumar Allu

      Unfortunately no. I enquired this scenario and they denied. I dropped the idea.

  15. Agarwal

    I received 9x jpmiles on 28th Feb, for my transaction in puma and reebok store

  16. Unknown

    I received points on my Regalia but still waiting for Jet card.

  17. Raj kumar

    Did anybody got points for doing the transaction on Flipkart/Amazon/TataCliq under this offer?


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