HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card Review (2018)

By | September 13, 2018

HDFC Bank has been very successful with their premium offering Regalia Credit Card, so much so that everyone wants it. Earlier HDFC Bank used to issue Allmiles credit card for those who’re not eligible for the Regalia. But HDFC recently decided to stop issuing Allmiles card, probably because it was run by a different loyalty partner.

So that’s how HDFC Regalia First came into existence – as a good replacement for Allmiles credit card. Note that this is the Regalia First and do-not get confused with the original Regalia, which is one step above this card.

  • Joining/Annual Fee: 1,000 INR (But you can get it for free mostly)

HDFC Regalia First Credit Card (Visa)

Reward Points

Default Reward Rate

  • 1 Reward Point = 0.30 INR (when redeemed on regalia portal)
  • 4 RP for every 150 INR Retail Spends
  • Reward Rate: ~0.8%

Spend Based Milestones

  • Earn 5,000 Reward Points on annual spends of Rs. 3,00,000 or more in each anniversary year
  • Earn 7,500 Reward Points on annual spends of Rs. 6,00,000 or more in each anniversary year
  • Fulfilment: After completion of the card anniversary year.

So if you’re able to spend 6 Lakhs in a year, you can get reward rate as good as 1.2%  – which is pretty good for a card of this range.

5X/10X Offers

Every now and then HDFC runs offers with various merchant to give you 2x/5x/10x of the regular points which multiplies the reward rate so well. Hence, lookout for the offers every now & then.


All the above reward rate that i’ve mentioned is possible to achieve only when you redeem the points for travel bookings (flights/hotels). If you prefer to redeem your points for shopping or other vouchers from the catalog, you’ll end up loosing a lot.

Redemptions are easy and I’ve myself used the original Regalia Reward Points to book a trip to Vietnam – typically saving 25,000 INR using points.

Lounge Access


  • Access Via: Visa Signature/Master Card
  • Complimentary Limits: 8
  • Limits Reset: Every Calendar Year

Note that most of the Visa/MC limits are set to every quarter, but with Regalia range of cards its an yearly limit, which is great indeed.


  • Access Via: Priority Pass
  • Complimentary Limits: 3 (shared between Primary & Add-on cards)
  • Limits Reset: Every Calendar Year

If you would like to check the remaining visits left on your card at any point of time, you need to check with Priority Pass directly ( about the visits done on your PP card. Just deduct that # from your actual limit and you’ll get the remaining limits on your PP card.

Caution: Any visits made in domestic lounges or visits made above the limits at Intl Lounges with attract $32 fee per visit.

Other Benefits

  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 2% + GST
  • Credit Shield: 5 Lakhs

How to Apply

  • New Application: >7.2 Lakh Annual Income (Branch/Online)
  • HDFC Classic Banking: If you’re a Classic Customer for >6 months with good Balance/AQB, you’ve higher chances to get Regalia First if above condition is not met.
  • Upgrade: Limits above 1.5 Lakh on existing HDFC card (Moneyback) with good spends would help.

That aside, most of the salary account holders are given HDFC Regalia First even if you don’t meet the above eligibility criteria, provided your company is banking with HDFC.


Regalia is a Semi-premium credit card – a not so popular segment in credit card industry but HDFC is giving Premium feel even for non-premium customers and that’s how HDFC is killing the competition. Cards with similar reward rate are as below,


HDFC Bank is certainly doing a great thing by introducing Premium benefits to regular customers. Its also in line with the current generation’s expectation to meet their growing travel needs. And not to forget, this is not the card to hold, but the path to get the original Regalia – the actual premium credit card.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4/5 

Whats your take on HDFC bank Regalia First Credit Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card addict, minting reward points & air miles for years. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury hotels. Helping Indians choose a right credit card and enjoy luxury travel at affordable cost.

166 thoughts on “HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card Review (2018)

  1. Ramesh Padmanban

    Hi Sidharth, Nice blog with lot of information. Really helped to learn lot of credit card tricks. I am also holding Regalia first. But I think the reward point is equivalent to 30 paise and not 40 paise. Can you please reconfirm ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You’re right. I’ve updated the numbers. I’m still outdated on these cards 😉

  2. Mickey

    I’m having a hard time trying to upgrade my Money back to Regalia First. I have an existing limit of 1.5 and spends of 3 lakhs so far this year.

    You think I should escalate to Nodal O?

    In fact I even meet the ITR requirements comfortably + CIBIL.

    1. Swetank

      Easy way….ask them to deactivate your moneyback card. May be they can offer you upgrade at that time.
      If not, then also go for cancellation of card and apply for credit card through Hdfc website. You will get a call within 24 hours.
      I am sure they will approve you instantly for regalia first and maybe REGALIA directly. Just provide them your documents and card will be at your place within two to three week. 👍🙏

      1. Mickey

        Swetank – what is the difference between deactivation and cancellation? Aren’t they the same thing? Not sure if such tricks would work with HDFC, they are too smart🤔

    2. Abhishek Roy

      How have you approached them for the upgrade? Through th Relationship Manager/Branch People?

      1. Mickey

        Abhishek – first on call centre and then by email to customer care. I don’t have any a/c with them so no RM.

        1. Abhishek Roy

          Don’t do that. Simply send your ITR/Salary Slips for 2 month with an upgrade form where you have marked lifetime free option for regalia first by taking either add on card or smartpay and send it to Chennai Address directly.

          1. Saroj

            I also followed this process only and Got My Regalia First within one week.They didn’t increase my CL. It was same as Moneyback card(2.3 L)

          2. Hemant Singh Yadav

            What to do if itr or salary slip not available? Can i still get lifetime free regalia first? I have offer on my netbanking, but that’s showing fees of 1 thousand

        2. Kailas

          You can send upgrade form and Income document to Chennai address then you wil be easily Received Regalia first Card.whithin one week, because I’ve Hold Diners club miles card last one year ago,and A week before i was sent my 3 month pay slip and Bank statement with Upgraded form ,then i have received “Regalia First ” within one week.

  3. Himanshu

    I have R.First
    Spends on electricity bills incur any additional charges? On paying postpaid/prepaid recharges gives reward points?
    can i pay through smartpay? Any benefits?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Any payments through wallet will not get you points. You can pay directly on individual sites for points. Smartpay does not have any offer but payzapp has from time to time.

  4. Mayank Airen

    Hi Siddarth
    I daily look up on this site for any new article/blogs. I share similar traits with you when it comes to using right credit card to gain maximum benefit.
    I am holding 2 HDFC lifetime free credit cards. One is Regalia First(upgraded from Superia) and Diners Premium(upgraded from Diners Rewards). The combined limit of both the cards is 80K. This is the same inspite that my salary has increased multifold . I had in past applied for limit enhancement. Can you please suggest me how should I go about it. Is holding 2 cards a restriction for limit enhancement.
    Please guide.

    1. Himanshu

      Hey Mayank,

      How did you got 2 cards from HDFC? I heard only in few cases due to high NRV.

      My experience with HDFC. I got R. First two years back. With good spends i finally manage to get pre-approved offer. Limit got extended to 4X. And now 2 months back again got offer limit increased to 50%.

      1) Stay within 30% all the time
      2) Increase your spends

      If that not works take help of RM/BM or send docs to chennai.

  5. Mickey

    Do LE or card upgrade request be put as Hard/ soft inquiry on CIBIL? Does it affect credit score if denied?

    1. Himanshu

      My card has been upgraded two times and I have got LE for more than 6 times and there was no hard/soft inquiry by HDFC bank in any of the cases.

  6. Himanshu


    I don’t see HDFC doing cibil enquiry on LE. 4 months back my limit got upgraded. No enquiry done by HDFC

  7. Mickey

    What is the difference between Regalia First and Regalia First Business?

    Any difference in benefits/ rewards?

  8. Ankit

    No Cibil inquiry in HDFC for LE even My friend got a Hdfc Solitaire Women Credit Card without cibil check and No income documents. (Based on Preferred Savings account)

  9. Strydon

    What card would be best for following usage :
    1. International travel
    2. Movie tickets
    3. IRCTC
    4. Groceries and online shopping.
    5. Fuel
    Is there a “one card to rule them all ?”

  10. Mickey

    How to make the Regalia First LTF?

    HDFC upgraded me but I didn’t download the form and send it to Chennai, so it is not LTF

    Anyone know?

      1. DeeJay

        You can pay your monthly rent/electricity/telephone/etc bills with Smartpay. Just call up customer care and tell them you want to convert it into LTF card and they’ll help you.

  11. Mickey

    Believe me –

    HDFC card phone CC is the worst ever.. all are trainees, they have absolutely no idea even about basic queries.

  12. Mickey

    Himanshu –

    How can one increase spends and stay within 30% at the same time?

    1. Himanshu

      Spend on card and pay within generation date. This tip is given by sid and many others in every blog.

      Better to read all the comments/discussions. I have gathered so much knowledge about cards.

      Thank you very much sid.

      1. Vishnu Sheth

        Could you please tell me what Mickey mean’t by saying “staying within 30%”? I didn’t get the reference.

  13. ST Ali

    I am in a fuss with regards to Regalia First Reward points…

    My card was deactivated citing KYC requirement… I’d accumulated 37757 points on it & Never got the notification in any of my card statement when they will be expiring. Traditionally HDFC card statement mentions how many points are expiring in 60 days & also 30 days…

    Once KYC was completed & card reactivated three things happened with the card

    1) It stopped working for Online transaction requiring VBV (Error showing my mobile no. & email is not registered with bank post KYC)
    2) My cash advance limit is now ZERO
    3) My reward point balance is now ZERO

    After complaining regarding online transaction block repeatedly they finally corrected the VBV transaction after 1.5 months

    But my cash advance limit & Reward points are still ZERO..

    What can be done now with reward points.. Cash advance is not important to me since I never used it int he past???

    I never asked for card up-gradation ever & it was always given to me by HDFC at each renewal + I’ve a credit score of 859, can it help in any way ??

    1. ST Ali


      So I’d forget about all those points (37757) which were taken away after KYC completion. I wrote to their CC mail ID & they kept telling me to wait for 7 days… After 3-4 back & forth mailers I stopped contacting them & accepted that the points are gone for good & I was busy with other things in life…

      “The reason they gave me each time in their emails was that Bonus Points have a life of 2 Years”

      The explanation I gave them was that I never got any notification in any of my statements which clearly mentions points expiring in 30 days & 60 days respectively. I regularly do Card transactions so I cannot miss them. Also I am using & doing timely payments since last 14 years…

      2nd Point I raised was how can they take all (100%) of the points claiming the above mentioned rule which means I did not made any transactions in the last two years & never accumulated any points in that period.

      Anyway last mail I got mentioned that they will credit points but were not specific how many…

      I ignored the mail all together….

      Now in my current statements they credited all of my points… All 37757 points were given back….

      Cheers !!!

  14. Anitha

    Hi Siddharth

    After a lot of researching I went for an upgrade from Solitaire to HDFC Regalia First card 2 months ago. The application process and issue of the card was a nightmare and I would simply call it a bad experience. Customer care is pathetic considering I have had a HDFC card all along(7 years to be precise) and having been their customer. So much that I made up my mind to cancel the card and go for a SBI card. But this article really made me change my mind and give the card a chance to prove its worth rather than decide based on people who handled the application process. Really well written article, gave me the confidence to stick to my Regalia First Card.

    Thank you

    1. Mickey

      Anitha – if you scroll up 3 answers you will see that I have written that HDFC CC is the worst.

      Even on email.

      Most issues have to be resolved only after escalation to Nodal Officer, who are in fact quite good

      1. Karthik

        HDFC is the largest credit card issuers in India so they don’t generally care about their customers.

      2. Vishnu Sheth

        True, so here’s what I did when they wasted my time in telling me I will get a credit card, but only to have my application rejected due to some “internal credit policy” added by the fact that someone using the Twitter handle of HDFC asked me for a “slip” of proof for dropping something in the drop box – I lost my shit, I typed a lengthy email about them wasting my time and the customer service being annoyingly ridiculous and I cc’ed the entire Board of Directors of the HDFC bank (Yup, I literally went on their site and got the email IDs of the board members and copy pasted them in the email).

        48 hours later? I had the credit card I applied for in my hand.

        Some senior customer service team looked in it, apologized for the problems caused, approved and dispatched my Credit card within 24 hours and BlueDart delivered it within the successive 24 hours.

        So my suggestion is CC the entire email to the board of directors.

        P.S – I had a VP of the bank even stalk me on my LinkedIn post that email (it’s as creepy as it gets. Lol)

  15. Mickey

    ST Ali – can you tell us more about this KYC deactivation thing? What was the problem exactly, and didn’t HDFC ask you or warn you to provide details?

    Deactivation would be an extreme last step I thought?

    1. ST Ali

      Mickey – They did sent mailer for KYC but they never mentioned the consequences if I did not submit on time… I missed the deadline since I was out of station. I’ve been a customer since last 14 years & did 100% timely payment. What i am unable to understand is how 100% of points would expire together… It not like I did only one transaction two years ago..

  16. Kabilan

    Dear Siddharth, thanks to your advice, I got the diners black card and amassed 50k points using the 10x program of hdfc. I have used them to book my hotels in Dubai for my family vacation.

    I had also used the air india reward points in the sbi cards for business class flights. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

  17. Himanshu

    I recently applied for axis my zone card. Despite of decent ITR and cibil score of 784. My application has been declined. I mailed them to ask the reason. May i know what’s fraud score reject?

    1. dolphy

      this is useless card.. instead apply for sbi prime.. u will get it without salary / itr too.goodluck

  18. Mickey

    Sid –

    Can a family of 3 ( including 1 kid 11 years) get lounge access abroad ( as long as complimentary visit is valid ) with this set up? –

    SBI Prime with Priority Pass (Wife’s name)
    Regalia First with Priority Pass (My name)
    Regalia First add-on card with Priority Pass. (Wife’s name).

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Yes. I do 3 access on my name cards. No problem. You just need as many card as there are travellers.

  19. Ankit

    Fraud Score reject means that you are holding two pan cards or aadhar card…

    1. Himanshu


      No, why would I ? I only have one adhaar and one pan card. I’ve mailed to axis guys got reply it has been rejected due to fraud credit score.

  20. Mickey

    And they actually told you reason for rejection?

    Normally Banks just say internal policies

    1. Himanshu

      Have escalated at different levels. Even talked with various representatives over phone. Got this reason in one of the mail.

      I don’t know what’s wrong with my documents or report.

  21. Ankit

    Sid, forex mark up is 2% but you can opt for global value cashback offer which offers cashback of 1% on the mark up. So that’s good I guess.

  22. Aravind

    Hello All,
    I had a Hdfc money-back for like ages, close to 10 years.. after stumbling on sid’s blog got enlightened of the possibilities. My avg spend is around 30-40 k monthly mostly fuel, food ordering/ dine outs, paying bills and online shopping. Air Travel is very rare. What would be an ideal card for such a usage my take salary fall in 20L bracket . SCB is offering ultimate, Hdfc offered an upgrade to regalia first while I was looking for dinners club black. My question is does any of these two cards suit my usage pattern for maximum benefits? Please share your opinion


  23. Mickey

    Sending the upgrade form to HDFC Chennai.

    Have chosen LTF option with add on card.

    Is it advisable to write a figure for Limit increase also or they will decide the amount on their own?

    1. Ratnesh kumar

      Now the latest Card upgrade and limit enhancement form does not have LTF option….😣😣😣😣

      1. Mickey

        Yes, and it has the option to apply for Infinia! Which is odd because Infinia used to be invite only

  24. Sathish Chandar

    Hi Siddarth,

    I have applied for HDFC Regalia First, but what I received was HDFC Business Regalia First. What is the difference between these two cards ? Is it really worth using this or should I request for change ? I am not self employed. Pls suggest.

    Sathish Chandar

  25. L

    Hi Sid,

    Recently, some reward points were adjusted/lapsed on my HDFC credit card even though there were no mention of any reward point expiring in next 30 or 60 days in the previous month’s statement. When I inquired about it, I was told that “EasyEMI, e-wallet loading (PayTM, Mobikwik & PayZapp) and transactions (PayTM & Mobikwik ) will not accrue Reward points”. Please notice that it says “transactions (PayTM & Mobikwik ) will not accrue Reward points”. Apparently, this is effective from July 1st, 2017 and they informed their customers about it.

    I recall that they disallowed e-wallet loading but not all sort of transactions on these platforms. Even your article from that time suggests the same.

    Can you please clarify if this is true? If not, how to go about it? Their customer care is adamant about this change being in effect from 1st July, 2017 and all customers were duly informed .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      In my personal experience, yes, all txns especially via Paytm doesnt get reward points, even for those non-walet loan txn’s like txns on Paytm Mall. They get added and then reversed. I don’t think anything could be done about this unless they decide to.

      1. L

        Well, this is news to me. I thought only e-wallet loading was disallowed. Thanks for clearing it up!

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          But you can share the proof mentioning it’s not eWallet transaction, they’ll(Customer Care) credit rewards points. I have raised complaint few times for high value transactions(like purchase of bike from paytm mall) and they have recredited the reward points.

          1. ST Ali

            Thanks for bringing this to every bodies attention… Its true that they are not giving reward points for PAYTM transactions on Paytm Mall. Two transactions totally Rs 477/- incurred ~12 points which they took back. I was wondering why but now I know…

            Will let it be & will only go after high value transactions on PAYTM Mall for bonus points this way, by contacting customer care from now on…


          2. Vishnu Sheth

            If it’s not a eWallet transaction then what else would you tell the customer care it’s for? I’m sorry I’m not clear on this. Could you be a little more specific? What do I do to earn points if I’m using PayTm/Amazon Pay?

        2. Anoop E S

          might be coz their system does not differentiate between wallet loading and payment of bill in Paytm and other wallets.

      2. Barath

        I respect Amex Rewards CC for wallet transactions. Any amount spent loading paytm wallet also earns reward points in Amex Rewards CC. They made it simple with no non-sense terms and conditions.

  26. Mickey

    Therefore shopping on Paytm for groceries/ movies is best with Citi Rewards card. You get 10x reward points

  27. Tejas

    Is domestic lounge access available for Regalia First add-on card holder also?

    1. Kaushik

      No, only complimentary International lounge access (via PP) can be “shared” with Add-on card holder(s).

  28. Pree

    Hi, I have Regalia first Credit card with no account with HDFC, I recently started using the card.
    I wanted to know the 10X reward scheme, does i mean that if i shop from flipkart/amazon/cleartrip for 1lakh i get 25000 points which is equal to Rs.7500 ??
    is this calculation right?
    Also any tricks to upgrade it to Black diners?

  29. Jeson Francis

    Good work Siddharth and fellow members.Got cleared off many of the doubts. Please clarify the following:
    1. I have Regalia First Credit Card. The list of lounges shown in HDFC Regalia site is lesser than the MasterCard site. Will I be allowed in a lounge (complimentary) eg: Goa which is not in HDFC Regalia site but in MasterCard site?

    2. I got my Regalia First Credit Card along with PP card. I will be receiving shortly add-on card-both CC and PP for my wife. Is there any restriction on using
    CC/PP at domestic/Int’l lounge respectively at the same time??

    Thanks in advance

    1. Shailesh

      1. The lounge access is only to the lounges as shown in Regalia site and not as per Mastercard website. For example, Bangalore Above ground level lounge is shown in Mastercard website but not in Regalia and you will be denied access there. By the way, Goa, as of now has no lounges which are functional.

      2. PP issued by HDFC, if used for lounges in India are chargeable. You can simultaneoulsy use both main and add on card for access, provided it is within the total limit of quarterly access.

      1. Jesonfrancis

        Thanks Shailesh…I heard that we cannot use Credit card and its add-on card simultaneously in domestic lounges, but Original and add-on Priority pass card can be used simultaneously (free only at international airport)? Any idea

        1. GTMAX

          Hi Jesonfrancis

          You have heard it correctly. And Shailesh was specifically speaking about priority pass in terms of same time access for international lounges.

          Add on credit card card does not have complimentary access at all, so no question about being used at the same time or not

        2. Shivi

          @ Jesonfrancis:

          For HDFC Infinia card, the Primary and add-on Priority pass card can be used simultaneously at domestic as well as international airports.

          You will be able to use Primary and add-on credit card together at domestic lounges too provided the card number of Primary and add-on is different (the same account though)

  30. Rajeev

    Hello – I recently got an offer of upgrade to ‘regalia first’ from my moneyback card. Got a SMS for the same and netbanking shows the option of upgrade. But it’s asking of 1000 annual charges. Moneyback us free. Is thre anyway I can get regalia first for rather free ?

    1. Ananthapadmanabha Kurup M

      You should able to get the card lifetime free by registering a biller in the smart pay section or by availing for an add-on card.

      1. Rajeev

        Thank You Ananth ! Can you please also help on the steps , like if I just add biller in smartbuy, it will be get converted to LTF ? Or as Satish suggested in the below comment, do I need to send upgrade form to Chennai ?

    2. Himanshu

      Rajeev, Ananth

      I too got upgrade offer in net banking for regalia. Hdfc stopped issuing LTF cards only FYF cards are issued from now.
      Tho you can get spend waiver benefit for annual charges.


        What was your limit and how old was your card

  31. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Dear Rajeev

    In this case, better apply for upgrade via branch or send filled upgrade form directly to Chennai office. In the upgrade form, you will have option to select smartpay or add on card to make it LTF.

    1. Rajeev

      Thank you Satish! This sounds a better approach and I am going to give it a try. But Ananth has also suggested that something totally online could be possible as well. Any suggestion around that? Tha Nd again for your time and responses, Satish and Ananth!

  32. Jafar Gais

    Is there any way NRI’s can get this card withy FD? I opened a savings account in hdfc last month , it has a balance of around 3 lakh. I also spend around 2000rs per day through debt card. Can i get this card based on the balance kept or money spent?

  33. sidhant panda

    I am confused which card to take hdfc regalia first card or icici platinium credit card . Which will be good life time card for me . Please suggest

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Sidhant

      HDFC Regalia First is way better than ICICI Platinum card. But as both can be easy to get LTF, you can apply for both to benefit from merchant offers.
      But then ICICI platinum card is very basic card and there are much better cards than this within ICICI portfolio itself, if you are eligible and can bear annual fee. But much depends upon your requirements.

  34. Amit

    HDFC Regalia First Vs HDFC DinersClub Miles Card Vs HDFC Regalia
    (Visa Vs Master)

    1.Which card in your opinion will be better , if i get and option to choose from..?

    2.Is 10X reward program still running on Both these cards for Flipkart and Amazon.

    I dont have much expenses , will be majorly on
    a).Fruits , milk , some grocery items upto 3000 /mo from Star or Reliance (Visit frequency 2 times in a week)
    b).Little bit of online shopping (Depends on Offers)
    c).Quaterly payment of jio connection (400 Plan)
    d).2-3 Times Air travel from Bangalore to Delhi in a year.
    Not including Daily food and house rental expenses in the above as i cant get benefit on these via credit card.

    3.Can i get a better life time free credit card then these from HDFC …??

    4.For Maximum benefits,Should I Go for the Visa Variant or the MasterCard Variant

    I spoke with the sales guy from Bankbazaar and he told that i can get regalia first life time free card.
    What should i do…???

  35. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Dear Amit

    Best LTF card from HDFC is Regalia card. Clubmiles is also good but has acceptability issues. Regalia First is one step below Regalia with lesser rewards.
    But you won’t get Regalia directly. These days HDFC provides Regalia mostly to their account holders only even if you meet their eligibility criteria.
    Better apply for Regalia First and then request to upgrade to Regalia card later.

  36. Shivi

    HDFC Regalia First Vs HDFC DinersClub Miles Card Vs HDFC Regalia
    (Visa Vs Master)

    1.Which card in your opinion will be better , if i get and option to choose from..? Depends on your lifestyle. HDFC Regalia tops the chart for most.

    2.Is 10X reward program still running on Both these cards for Flipkart and Amazon. – Yes, check smartbuy site for offer validity.

    I dont have much expenses , will be majorly on
    a).Fruits , milk , some grocery items upto 3000 /mo from Star or Reliance (Visit frequency 2 times in a week) – SBI Prime
    b).Little bit of online shopping (Depends on Offers) – Depends which sites – Simply click/HDFC cards or ICICI AP.
    c).Quaterly payment of jio connection (400 Plan) – HDFC PayzApp/ICICI AP
    d).2-3 Times Air travel from Bangalore to Delhi in a year.- Any card offering 15-20% discount via travelling sites.
    Not including Daily food and house rental expenses in the above as i cant get benefit on these via credit card.- You can, 5% on house rent and daily food too via SBI credit card.

    3.Can i get a better life time free credit card then these from HDFC …?? – Yes, talk to customer care representative of the respective bank

    4.For Maximum benefits,Should I Go for the Visa Variant or the MasterCard Variant – Depends on what perks you are looking at. Go through visa and mastercard sites for deciding

    I spoke with the sales guy from Bankbazaar and he told that i can get regalia first life time free card.
    What should i do…??? – Read the various articles on this site!

  37. Nihar

    Hi Just few days ago was surprised to find Plaza Premium lounge at Del T2 don’t accept Regalia First.
    Same experience at Nagpur travel club lounge also.

  38. Anurag

    Do they issue priority pass as a card separately or Regalia card itself is swiped for international Lounge access??

  39. karna

    i was offered regalia first ltf with a condition of 3 transactions to be made with in 90 days …
    has any one got such offer ?
    i was skeptical whether my card is ltf or not because telecallers and branch ppl are telling that HDFC card can be ltf only with smartpay or insurance

  40. B H Kshire

    Hi. This is my first post here and I must thank all of you for your contributions, which had helped me to decide to go for the HDFC Regalia First credit card.
    The main reason for writing this post is HDFC Bank Interest rates for conversion of your credit card spends on the EMI, which are as follows:
    6 months EMI 19.2%
    9 months EMI 18%
    12 months EMI 15%
    24 months EMI 15%
    I have converted few spends on EMI on my ICICI Bank basic bare bones credit card before and they charged 13% if i remember correctly. Plus unlike HDFC bank, ICICI Bank does give you the option for 3 months EMI conversion.

    I am a preferred banking customer with HDFC. When I called my RM and later the BM, both of them said that they can’t do anything in this and can only “forward” my suggestion.

    Have anyone else experienced this kind of interest rates for EMI conversion on your Regalia First or Regalia credit cards? I feel these rates are ridiculously high. Plus no option to repay in 3 months EMI. In fact, the interest rate is more than that of personal loan!

    I have always paid my credit card bills in full (total amount due) and before the due date.

    Would appreciate any comments which can help me understand if this is how it is with HDFC or I am doing something wrong.

    Thank you & best regards.

    1. B H Kshire

      PS: I chose to NOT go for any EMI and pay the amount spent in full instead.

    2. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, the EMI rates are high since 2018 with HDFC and nothing could be done about that. Go for ICICI/Amex/Yesbank for EMI’s as they’re cheaper.

    3. Pradeep

      cool down my boy 😀 i use sbi elite and for 1.5lakh, they are sending me email for 22% interest :-P. amyway its not needed for me. ICICI is best for now. converted some spends to emi for13% for 6 months by app 🙂

    4. Abhishek Roy

      When one plans to take a product on EMI, always see the rates of EMI on the website itself when you buy. Many a times, the website will offer NO COST EMI. Second this is that if the website doesn’t offer EMI, then you can pay in full and take the EMI later from bank. For that, bank rates will apply. So choose to pay from that bank which has a lower ENI interest rates like ICICI, YESBANK, AMEX etc.

      Also understand that HDFC, doesn’t award any reward points for regular EMI except in few circumstances. So if you plan to take EMI, don’t use HDFC.

  41. Sarthak

    I have a regalia first visa CC. I was denied access to lounge in Bengaluru airport despite it being there on the list of approved lounges on the HDFC website. Since I was a first time user i did not question. Has any one else faced similar issue?

  42. Mickey

    What’s the main criteria HDFC look for to upgrade from Regalia First to Regalia? I have good spends + timely payment + CIBIL (810), but ITR is below their requirement of 15.

    Is it worth trying to upgrade through Chennai? I have no RM or a/c with them

  43. Amit

    @ Siddharth – Recently, the status for my HDFC credit card application (applied through branch/ RM) shows denied and received an email for the same. Dont know the reason yet. I can only think of 2 reasons (a) no credit score (0 score with cibil due to no credit history); or (b) residential address. Do you think RM can get it reversed on either of the counts i.e., get it approved?

  44. Mickey

    Is Business Variant considered a Corporate/ Commercial card? Lots of offers say not valid on Corporate and Commercial cards, whether they mean Business variants?

    1. Shivi

      Yes, they mean offers are not valid on the Business variant of the card.

  45. Dr s r khatua

    Hello sir I have rigelia first card if 1.4lakhs credit limit my annual income is 7.5 lakhs .
    How can I increase my credit limit to 2.5 lakhs

  46. Prakhar

    On HDFC Credit card portal, I see “Credit card Upgrade” available for my regalia First card to regalia card. I don’t fulfill the Income criteria of monthly salary>1.2L, do I need to share Income documents for the upgrade?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      No. Just accept the upgrade offer and chill. Upgraded card will reach you within 3-4 days.

      1. Prateek Donga

        @Satish Hi, I also got a similar offer but I just completed the 6L milestone of Regalia First. So, should I wait for the points to get credited?

      1. Prakhar

        Hi Girish, my limit was 2.35L, got the upgraded card with same limit. Points were converted by 60%.

  47. Mickey

    Vishnu – that is an incredible story man.

    Which card did you finally get and what limit? Did u find out why they rejected your application initially?

  48. Mickey

    Prabhakar – how long were you holding Regalia First before you got upgrade offer? What was your approx annual spends?

    1. Prakhar

      I guess you’re referring to me. I was holding the card since Nov 2018 (first card). Spends from Nov-till now had crossed the 6L milestone mark.

  49. Tushar Kondvilkar

    Had a very bad experience using the credit card. Also the customer care was rude and not supportive.

  50. Kiran Lal A

    As far as airport lounge access is concerned, is a diners club -clubmiles card or a regalia first credit card is a better option?

  51. Mickey

    What’s this 6L milestone limit most people have written? Is that a spend criteria that HDFC considers for upgrade from RF to Regalia?

  52. Praveen S

    I am holding RF card from Nov ’18 onwards. For the past 3 months (Mar, Apr, May) I am getting vouchers of Rs1000, 750, 500 from HDFC. These vouchers can be redeemed with Bookmyshow or BigBasket. SMS states its from “HDFC Activation campaign” for the month of Nov’18, Dec’18 and Jan’19. Is anyone aware of this scheme? What are the spend limits?

  53. Mickey

    What happens if you max out/ over spend your credit limit? Is that a negative point on your CIBIL score or HDFC’s own internal customer profile?

    1. Rex

      @Mickey 100% utilization of credit limit is a BIG red flag…your CIBIL score will come down rapidly. Anything above 30% will be reflected negatively in your CIBIL. My CIBIL went down 1 point due to 35%utilization ratio.
      Banks also penalise you for breaching credit limit.
      So don’t even try this.

  54. Krupesh

    I am expecting an international trip next month. I am holding a Regali First CC but haven’t opted for Priority Pass membership yet. Is the priority pass membership/usage chargeable on International lounge excess outside India? This is my first international trip so don’t have much idea about Priority pass and their lounge access program with Regalia First card. If someone can guide me, it would be a great help

    1. Sree

      HDFC regalia first gives 3 complimentary visits at international lounges per year with Priority Pass. You can apply for it online thro the website and the card is usually delivered within 7 working days.

      1. Krupesh

        Thank you for the input. Do they charge anything to get the Priority Pass? I got to know that using the PP for international lounge outside India is free for 3 visits/year, but don’t have any idea about yearly charge or charge to get the PP. If can tell me it would be a great help.

        1. Sree

          Its complimentary. Once you use your card for few transactions you can apply for it thro the link under HDFC Regalia First in HDFC website. They’ll mail it to your address within 7 working days

        2. Himanshu Kainth


          They don’t charge anything. Priority pass is valid for 3 years if issued by hdfc

  55. Ads

    I have HDFC Money Back Credit Card. I want to upgrade to Regalia First Card. But when I tried to upgrade through online and through bank, I got response that I already have HDFC credit card so you can’t upgrade and currently no offer for you. Basically offer declined. I am meeting all the eligibility criteria mentioned on the website, also I have civil score above 800. I don’t have any loan. My spend is around 10 to 12 k for limit of 130k. Which increased to 152k recently.
    What are the options I have?
    1. Apply for other banks card( which is a good card? Having good rewards for travel , restaurant and groceries spend in mall.
    Have good lounge access, atleast 2 per quarter)
    2. Cancel current card and apply for new HDFC card, although no guarantee of getting the card.
    3. Any other better option.

    Please help me on this as I am stuck with this card which is not giving any good benefits like rewards points or lounge access.

    1. Krupesh

      If you have a salary account with the HDFC bank then it would be easy to get the Regalia First. Though I hold a salary account with HDFC and despite having good Cibil score and spends I was not able to upgrade to Regalia first. Then I sent two filled forms to the bank one was to upgrade to Regalias first from Moneyback and the second one was to cancel the credit card (To upgrade the card/limit or to cancel the card you have to fill the form and send it to them via post or personally). I wrote a note on the second one that if you can’t proceed with the first form then please proceed with the second one, as I have better options available in the market than Moneyback and that kinda worked. I got the Regalia first in a week.

      1. Ads

        I will try this. Earlier I just gave upgrade form and pay slip. It was not approved.

    2. Sahal

      I had a similar experience. But you just have to download and print the upgrade form and drop it in any hdfc atm with income proofs such as payslips or form 16. I got mine within 4 days.

    3. Sree

      Wait for another 3 months and apply again after increasing your spends on the card. I think they would be generous with upgrading your card if you spend maybe around 20k per month on the card. Right now they may feel the spend pattern is less

  56. Mickey

    So you cannot get a card upgrade if you have EMI’s outstanding on that card? Is that correct?

    1. Vinod Kannan

      @Mickey It is definitely not like that. Infact the njmber of Properly paid EMIs increases ur chances of Upgrade and Limit Enhancement since u give more Business to the Bank.

    2. Sree

      I think the EMI is mapped to that particular card number so it might not be possible to upgrade


        i dont think so , as my simplyclick was upgraded to prime when i had outstanding emi

    3. Himanshu

      Hi Mickey, that is not the case. You can upgrade the card even if there is an outstanding EMI on the existing card. I did the same while upgrading from MoneyBack to Regalia First and Citi Rewards to Citi PremierMiles.

  57. Girish PRAKASH Kandhari

    I Got Regalia first upgraded from moneyback Lifetime Free through Rm but Regalia First is First Year Free How to make It life Time Free

    1. Sree

      Renewal fee is usually waived off on annual spends of above 1.5 lacs

  58. Mickey

    I’m not receiving any LE or auto card upgrade inspite of great spends and timely payments since last 1 year.

    How does it get triggered in the system? Trying to avoid the option of sending form to Chennai office because 1 year back they had rejected it for reasons best known to them

  59. Mickey

    Ads – write to the Nodal officer – I had upgraded my card from Money-back to Regalia First by sending an email to Nodal officer.

    I did not send any documents with the email because I had good spends and timely payments.

  60. Sreekanth

    I have a Regalia First Card, and I have an offer to upgrade it to Regalia. I am still in my first year, and I have spent about 6 lakhs in the card, near the second spend milestone. Does it make sense to upgrade it now to Regalia or wait till the year is complete? If I upgrade, will I lose the benefit?

    1. Sree

      If you upgrade before milestone completion you will lose the bonus as the spends will reset for the new Regalia card.

  61. Venkat

    Hi Sid,

    I have been using HDFC Business Regalia First credit card for the past 3 months with 1 lakh credit limit.
    I am self-employed fr 2 yrs, no ITRs. Earlier i used to be an employee of a company.
    This has been my first credit card. Joining fee waived. So far, my card accumulated 14000 reward points.
    How can i best redeem those points? Redeeming them for products is a waste, i guess.
    How can i increase its credit limit? Do i need to wait for minimum 6 months?
    I use credit card for Amazon shopping (10k/ month), fuel (7k/month), food (4k/month), Rent (10k/month), Utilities (5k/month) and insurance premiums for family (4 laks / annum).
    What other card do u suggest for me? CIBIL is 760.
    Appreciate your suggestions.
    Thank you.

  62. Mickey

    With CIBIL 760 hang on to this card for the time being.

    Redeem against airline tickets is the best option

  63. Dr Dnyaneshwar

    Hii Siddharth can u guide me on choosing between HDFC REGALIA FIRST Vs HDFC DINERS CLUBMILES Vs HDFC MILLENIA
    I have salary of 1.1 lakh pm and highest credit limit of 4.5 lakh on my ICICI RUBXY card


      Hi Dr Dnyaneshwar
      Among the two I feel Diners clubmiles is better , if you have a back up card.

    2. Sree

      With your income you can rather try for Regalia and later hope for an upgrade to diners black or Infinia.

  64. Mickey

    Go for Regalia First unless you are looking for specific Diners benefits.

  65. Kishore

    Today HDFC Customer care told me im eligible for ‘HDFC Regalia Credit card” . He told me it is pre approved , no documents required and it’s completely online application.i have savings account with HDFC with good AMB.

    1.My CIBIL 705 only..(he told me above 650 is fine for HDFC)
    2.i have other credit cards from yes Bank,kotak,axis.

    1. Mickey

      Kishore – everyone is eligible for a card. Whether you are “pre-approved” is the important thing.

      I’d say to wait a little more to build up your CIBIL score.

  66. Govind

    Hello Experts,
    Has Hdfc stopped the complimentary international lounge access on its Regalia First card?
    Sometime back, at the loyalty lounge in Mumbai airport, I was denied access citing the reason that Hdfc bank has stopped this service on Hdfc regalia first.

    Please let me know if this is correct.

    Thanks, Govind

    1. Mickey

      Govind – I used the Loyalty lounge in Mumbai – where you take the elevator 1 level Down – in May/ June and I got access with my Regalia First. Unless they have stopped the access now.

      If yes, then it’s bad news for so many RF users because it was a great mid-segment card

      1. Govind

        Thank you Mickey.

        Yes, I also did use the loyalty lounge few times earlier.

        The person manning the counter has told me that it was stopped since Nov, which I am not sure.

        Please let me know if anybody has correct information. I am contacting HDFC team and will keep the forum posted.



  67. Mickey

    Sree – what do you mean by “you need to use your Priority Pass”?? He will be charged US$ 32 per entry if he uses his Priority Pass in India

    1. Sree

      Mickey, Govind has enquired about using the international lounge at Mumbai. Hence my comment

      1. Mickey

        Sree – which I exactly what I am saying! – if he uses teh Priority pass in India he will be charged US$ 32 per visit even in International lounge

  68. rahul

    How much time it takes to obtain priority pass when you apply for regalia first card ?

  69. Gani

    I got an offer to upgrade to Regalia First from Money back , should i go for it ? . Please Advice.
    Note: i am not a frequent traveler.

  70. Pranav

    Hi Sid,

    Thank you for an amazing review. I’ve got two questions

    1. How do I get it for free? I don’t hold a HDFC savings account.
    2. I had closed a HDFC card in 2013 after using it for an year. An executive told me that HDFC usually doesn’t approve applications of customers who have earlier closed a credit card? Will they approve if I fit in their eligibility norms?


  71. SG

    I recently got my wife’s Regalia First card upgraded to Regalia. She already had a priority pass issued with Regalia first. What happens to that PP now that the card is upgraded? Can she continue to use it or do we have to meet the eligibility criteria again for Regalia to be issued a new PP?


  72. Anand Subramanian

    Hi, I used my priority passes (self and add on) issued on behalf of regalia first card in mumbai International Airport (t2) on my way to Dubai. As per my knowledge 3 lounge accesses are complimentary. But to my surprise and horror Hdfc charged me 1988+1988+gst charges. On enquiry, Hdfc says that complimentary lounge visits are outside India and domestic lounge visits are inside India. However the lounge we used was an international lounge. Has Hdfc been fair or are they cheating on their customers?

    1. dolphy

      dont use priotity pass in india.. all banks will charge for it.. free pp access will be given only outside india… in india u can directy use ur credit card for free lounge access

      1. Shivi

        PP issued against Infinia and YFE, among others, are free to be used in India also

  73. Vineet

    The Regalia first is going to be discontinued from 23rd Feb onwards. No new Regalia first will be issued after this date. This was told to me by the Representative of the credit card division who came with a new form today which had Regalia first missing

    1. RK

      Even the card agent guy told me when I applied for RF on Oct 2019. He said the card will be discontinued soon and will be replaced by Millenial variant .
      Millenial variant is not worth it. It has many pain points hidden in the TnC.
      Not sure why hdfc is doing this.

      I will be happy if they swapped mine to Hdfc diners club miles if I apply for replacement of my card

  74. Bhavya

    Is there a way to make a 2nd CC from HDFC LTF ?
    P.S. – First card is already LTF. Got an option for issuance of 2nd card also.


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