5 HDFC Bank Offers to Checkout this September 2018

By | September 28, 2018

As festive season is just around the corner, HDFC bank is already in the field to warm up their credit card customers with small offers to get them ready for the Big festive season. HDFC is still promoting Payzapp hard and they’ve sent an emailer this week with grand set of offers.

There are also other offers on credit card spends and Forex reload. Here are some of the HDFC Bank offers that i like,

HDFC Bank Payzapp Offers

Payzapp Offers

1. OlaMoney – 10% Cashback

  • Load OLA money with PayZapp.
  • Use TAXI Promocode @ PayZapp checkout page.
  • 10% Cashback
  • Max cashback Rs.100 per month.
  • Validity: 30th Sep
  • Fulfilment: 7-30 working days after date of transaction.

Its very simple. Just load your Olamoney using Payzapp with coupon code as above. You shall use Olamoney for Bill payments & more.

Payzapp OLA Offer

2. Billpay – 25% Cashback

  • Get cashback offer on Billpay/Recharge/DTH/Datacard through “Pay with PayZapp” provided customer is registered for
  • Flat Rs.25 cashback / Txn
  • Min. transaction amount to be Rs.100.
  • Offer eligible only for Customer who uses ACTIVE promocode at PayZapp payment page.
  • Maximum Rs.100 cashback per user during the offer month.
  • Offer valid on In-app Payments. Promocode redemption & Payment should be done on PayZapp’s Android & iOS app only.
  • Bill payments/ Utility payments via HDFC Bank SmartBuy is not eligible for cashback.
  • Fulfilment: Within 30 working days after date of transaction.

Its little tricky. You need to do 4 txns each Rs.100 to save Rs.100. Tiny, but you can do when you’ve a lot of free time.

3. Bharat/mVisa QR

  • Get 10% cashback*. Scan ‘Bharat/mVisa QR’ & Pay with PayZapp.
  • Max cashback upto Rs.250 per user during the offer month.

This one seems to be a good offer too, but quite tough to find the merchants, except Dominos.

There are even lot more offers from Payzapp and you can find the full list here: Source

5X Reward Points – Credit Card Spends

  • Get 5X Reward points on all transactions above Rs 5000.
  • Valid on all transactions done using HDFC Bank Credit Cards (Reward Points cards only)
  • Maximum Reward points is 5000 Per customer.
  • Validity: 1st September – 30th September’ 2018.
  • Fulfilment: 90 Days from the Promo End Date.
  • Source

While some of the readers mentioned that it could be of a targeted offer, i cross checked with the Diners Black team to re-confirm that it is available for all cards with reward points feature. Yet, keep the link & your txn details ready as HDFC skips adding such bonus points very often.

10X Reward Points – Forex Reload

  • 10x Reward Points on Loading/Reloading ForexPlus Card through HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • Maximum of 5000 reward points per customer per month
  • Note: This could be targeted offer.
  • Source

While this may sounds like a nice offer, the max limit makes it less attractive. Yet, this offer seems to be there for a while and might get extended, so you may get another monthly cap of 5k.

If at all you’re getting HDFC Regalia Forex Card, this is the right time. And not just that, there are also hell a lot of other offers too on Forex Cards, check out for more: getprepaidcard.hdfcbank.com


While HDFC is great at running grand set of offers, one thing i don’t like is that they don’t really fulfil the offer as promised, many a times. I’ve personally got over 50k points in past 3 years on escalation, but its a lot of work.

As i’m now sitting on good # of points, i don’t even monitor these 5X/10X points anymore and infact its very very tough as the spends are spread out across various merchants, etc. So if you’re doing bulk txn, its better to keep all snapshots & other details ready for future use.

What’s your take on these HDFC bank Offers? Feel free to comment below the offers you’re using, so others too can make use of it.

28 thoughts on “5 HDFC Bank Offers to Checkout this September 2018

  1. balaji

    TnC says “Only reward point cards are considered” . So, is this not applicable for MoneyBack card?

  2. Priteesh

    Hi Siddharth,
    I love reading your posts every now and then. I too am passionate about credit offers and reward points.
    I recently got my Regalia First card.
    In addition to those which you have mentioned –
    1. 1000 bonus RP for first transaction on PayZapp using my new card.
    2. 10 x RP(in addition to above 1000 bonus RP) on Flipkart and SmartBuy
    3. INR 250 BMS or BigBasket voucher for first 4 months on completing 5 transactions per month.
    The last one’s my favourite 😉
    Although i dont like the fact that they charge INR 99 for redemption of RP. Dont know if other banks charge this fee?? At least my Manhattan SC card doesnt.

    Happy spending 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Mickey

      ICICI also charges Rs 99+tax for redemption of payback points against vouchers or rewards. But if you take cash credit it is 25+tax.

      1. Zakir

        How to get cash credit? I am holding ICICI Platinum Chip CC where points are pre-linked with Payback card number mentioned on CC.

        1. Mickey

          Zakir – just call up customer care no. and tell them to convert points into cash.

  3. Amann

    Hi Sid

    Thanks for so many updates every day. Please do write about Yes cards targeted bonus points offer as well.

    Looking forward to many new updates this festival season. 😊

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I guess i’ve posted the one i got 2 months back on Yes card. (amazon voucher)

      Lets wait for the big ones 🙂

      1. Amann

        Hi Sid

        Just got an offer from RBL bank CC. Spend 5000 or more and get Rs. 500 e voucher. Spend period 15th Sep to 5 Oct 2018.

        Choices of vouchers are AMAZON, Big Bazaar, BMS, Croma, Pizza Hut. Fulfilment date: 31st October 2018.

        Plus you also get 1.25% in points for domestic spends (2.5% for international with forex markup currently waived).

        That’s a 11.25% return at minimum. Seems too good to pass.

  4. samit

    Hi Siddharth,

    The Forex Reload offer is a targeted offer as per the Diners Customer service team. You might want to double check.

  5. karthik

    Bharat/mVisa QR —another good place to use and avail the offer is in irctc site.Its like getting 10% off on traintickets which is a decent offer

  6. Rajat Gautam

    Received this offer from HDFC “Spend 10700 on your HDFCbank Credit card between 1st Aug’18 & 30th Sept’18 and receive vouchers of your choice”. Amount of the voucher is not mentioned.

    Options are Flipkart, BMS and Big Bazaar. Funny thing is received this mail 2 days ago, almost 45 days have passed out of the total. 2 months..

  7. Pavan

    I just called HDFC customer care and they told me the 5X rewards is a targeted offer.

  8. Kunal

    One correction, promocode for bill payment is “Billpay” and it is giving 10% cashback upto 250 (not Rs 25/txn). Mentioned code “Active” is for recharges, which is giving Rs 25/txn on minimum recharge of Rs 100, 4 times.

    Also, there’s an additional 10% cashback on payzapp payments with HDFC Debit cards in the form of points which can make these deals sweeter.

    1. GTMAX

      ‘Active’ promo code also work for postpaid phone bill payments. Can you please share the offer link for 10% cashback on PayZapp with HDFC debit cards?

  9. Saurabh

    Will Active promo code provide 100inr cashback each month or for the whole promotion period.

    TnC is confusing
    Maximum Rs.100 cashback per user during the offer month.

    Flat Rs.25 cashback and the customer is eligible for maximum Fixed cashback Rs.100 per month.

  10. Deepesh

    Spend a minimum of Rs. 15,000 consecutively for 3 months between September to November 2018

    HDFC Bank will contribute on your behalf towards child education in association with CRY – Child Rights and You

  11. Maulin

    Hi Siddharth,
    You said, “I’ve personally got over 50k points in past 3 years on escalation”.

    Does that mean the points you got is different from what you calculated?

    If yes, then how did you escalate?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, they often skip adding bonus points. You can email or catch them on social media.

      Even now they haven’t posted the 5k Bonus Points on one of our family card. They said there is a delay “owing to technical reason”. Always happens with HDFC.

  12. Mickey

    Even I haven’t got the 2500 milestone Rewards on my Money back card ( Get 2500 extra points on spending more than 180,000 in the Anniversary year ).

    I’m chasing HDFC since almost 2 weeks, no response. Phone banking wasn’t even aware of any such scheme!

    Now escalated the matter to Grievance redressal. They keep mailing and asking for 3 more working days.

    So much drama for just 2500 reward points. Really makes you wonder how a BIG bank like HDFC functions.

    I’ve dealt with Citi and ICICI phone banking and they are polite and helpful.

    HDFC customer care is absolutely the WORST.

  13. Mickey

    The email support is even worse!!

    Even the Grievance redressal does not understand a simple question in simple English. Unbelievable, this is India’s largest private bank.

    Now imagine escalating a simple matter of missing reward points to the Nodal Officer. How ridiculous

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      In HDFC, starting from customer executive till Priority Redressal officer, they just gives irresponsible and terrible support by just doing copy/paste template messages. You’ll get your points only by chasing them.

  14. Ramesh Kumar

    For me 5K reward points still not credited as per 5x rewards for September spending and the promotion link is expired now, don’t know how to raise the issue to HDFC customer care. Does anyone got 5x rewards?


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