Rupay Global Program – Get 40% Cashback on International Spends

By | January 6, 2020

Looking for those lovely 10X offers on HDFC credit cards to save 33% on your international travel spends? Well, Rupay has a news for you. Now get 40% Cashback on International spends with Rupay Credit & Debit Cards. Here’s the offer details:

Rupay Credit Card india Launch – IDBI Bank

Rupay Global Program

  • Offer: Get 40% Cashback on International spends
  • Validity: 31st March 2020
  • Min. Txn Value: Rs.1000
  • Max. Cap on Cashback: Rs.4000 per day, Rs.16000 per month
  • T&C: POS Spends only. Cashback is based on per txn and not total txn done in a day. Refer to source link for more.
  • Eligible Cards: All International Credit/Debit Rupay Cards from any bank
  • Fulfilment: Within 45 days from txn date.
  • Net Savings: 35.5% (as you loose 3.5%+GST on Forex markup fee)
  • Source

Which Rupay card to Use?

Interestingly I don’t see any decent Rupay credit cards in the market from top players, for obvious reasons. Yes, HDFC Bank has the Rupay debit card, but I see its valid for use only within India (not sure if they changed it recently). There is one from Axis too but its not clear if its enabled for International use.

So the best I could find for now are from IDBI bank (winnings credit card) and the ICICI Coral Rupay Debit card (among other rupay gemstone cards) which I see from the press release, but not sure if its live yet.

HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Debit Card

Rupay International Acceptance

So even after you figure out the best Rupay credit/debit card to make use of the offer, the most important question is: How’s the acceptance in foreign land? The simple answer is, “we don’t know”.

Rupay has reciprocal acceptance with Discover/Diners/JCB but again the question is, how often they’re accepted?!

From my experience, if you really want to use this offer, the only country I see that’s easy to use is Singapore as I was able to use my HDFC Diners card in most of the places, including for cab rides as they have better acceptance for Discover cards.


Its undoubtedly an AMAZING offer but the ability to get Rupay cards from top players is tough, making it not so an easy offer to avail as not everyone would be interested in opening a bank ac with Public sector banks just to avail this offer, 16K savings is tempting one though.

And most of all, if we get the card from PSB, we never know if they would really fulfil the offer, as hardly anyone in bank would be aware of this offer.

Also, as per the reports from other readers, we know that no one was able to access international lounges using the rupay cards – a benefit that some rupay cards come with, but was not honoured.

That all said, what’s your take on the Rupay Credit/Debit cards and this offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

36 thoughts on “Rupay Global Program – Get 40% Cashback on International Spends

  1. Harmanveer Kaur

    HDFC have now enabled International transactions on the RuPay platinum debit cards. Can’t say much about the old ones, but new cards are ready with an international limit of upto 3Lakhs.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the update. Then it seems that’s the easiest way to make use of the offer.

      1. Prashant

        The offer page states that the Rupay card should be co-branded wth JCB or DFS.
        HDFC card does not have JCB or DFS symbol.

        1. GTMAX

          In continuation to Prashant’s query, will the HDFC Rupay card be then eligible for this offer?

          1. Abhishek Chatterjee

            @GTMAX, HDFC RuPay International cards are eligible.

            All HDFC RuPay International cards are DFS cards.

        2. Abhishek Chatterjee

          @Prashant, All HDFC RuPay International cards are DFS cards.

          check your HDFC RuPay International card bank side, Discover, Diners club & Pulse logo mentioned.

          1. GTMAX

            So if I am using HDFC Rupay-DFS card in Thailand, will I be eligible for the offer? As the offer table in the article and on NPCI website suggests that it has to be Rupay-JCB brand for Thailand.

  2. Praveen Katiyar

    Typo in paragraph titled Rupay Intl. Acceptance, first line best ‘Rupay’ card.

  3. Aims

    Which bank issues RuPay JCB card enabled for international transactions?
    As in the above images i dont see the JCB logo

    1. Shivi

      What do u mean Aims?

      Rupay is indian payments system. JCB is Japan’s. How can you have a card with these two?

      1. Abhishek Chatterjee

        @Shivi its called Co-Badged Cards or Dual network card.

        RuPay -JCB Global Cards are Co-Badged Cards,

        if you want to see RuPay-JCB Global card bank image & logo, visit here NPCI website

        In India, your RuPay -JCB Global Card work on RuPay network and outside India your card work on JCB network or JCB’s alliance partner card network.

        Approx all Asian Countries, Middle East, USA, Russia accept JCB Global cards, recently JCB Global cards now start expanding European countries, most of the major European countries now already accept JCB Global cards.

        JCB also partner with American Express (AMEX) to accept JCB Global cards in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

    2. Abhishe Chatterjee

      RuPay-JCB Global card –

      Recently Following banks issue RuPay-JCB cards in India (JCB logo mentioned on RuPay card front side):

      State Bank of India
      Punjab National Bank
      Axis Bank
      Union Bank of India
      Central Bank of India
      Andhra Bank
      City Union Bank
      TJSB Bank

      if you need RuPay-JCB Global card bank image & logo, visit here NPCI website –

    3. Anshumaan

      In Canara Bank, ask for ‘Rupay Select’ credit card.. they are internationally accepted.. you can get a rupay select credit card with min credit limit of 1 lakh.. moreover, u also get international launge access in this Rupay select card.


    yes above statement is correct from mr.harmaver. i have hdfc rupay debit card.. and i used it recently in japan (POS)

    1. Abhishek Chatterjee

      Yes, RuPay-DFS Global cards also accept Discover’s alliance partner card network outside India –

      For Example – In Singapore – RuPay-DFS Card accept in NETS Card Network.

      Japan – RuPay-DFS Card accept in JCB Card Network.

      South Korea – RuPay-DFS Card accept in BC Card Network.

      Brazil – RuPay-DFS Card accept in ELO Card Network.

      Mainland China – RuPay-DFS Card accept in UnionPay Card Network.

      Vietnam – RuPay-DFS Card accept in NAPAS Card Network.

      Nigeria – RuPay-DFS Card accept in VERVE Card Network.

      Republic of Serbia – RuPay-DFS Card accept in Dina Card Network.

      UAE – RuPay-DFS Card accept in Mercury Card Network.

      Turkey – RuPay-DFS Card accept in Troy Card & İşbank Network.

      UK, Ireland & Europe – RuPay-DFS Card accept in Barclaycard, Sage & EVO Network.

      USA – RuPay-DFS Card accept in Discover/Diners & Pulse Network.

      and many more..

      if you visit any small local shop in other countries, merchant may not display Discover, Diners Club logo acceptance but RuPay-DFS Global Card work on Discover’s local alliance partner card network.

      Best example here in India, most of the merchant in India not display Diners Club logo but your HDFC Diners Club card 100% accept every where in India because HDFC Diners Club card work on RuPay card ATM/POS network in India. same thing happend in other countries.

      1. Raivat

        Hi Abhishek,

        Thanks for the detailed info. I have one follow-up question: do you get cashback if you use Rupay-DFS card on NETS network in Singapore?

        Thanks in advance!

  5. Shivi

    TnC- “Any dispute or claim regarding the offer(s) by RuPay cardholder/s must be resolved with the merchant directly without any reference to NPCI.”

    So basically it means this may or may not work and if it doesn’t work then there is nothing the cardholder can do about it! LoL

  6. Anuraag Sharma

    You can simply get a digital RUPAY Platinum card from PayTM. All you need is your KYC done for the Payments Bank offering – most merchants will activate this for customers by default.

    I ordered the physical card for a one-time issuance charge + annual fee and it is still worth it because I get access to airport lounges twice per quarter.

    1. Abhishek Chatterjee

      @Anuraag Sharma, Bro Paytm Payments Bank issue only RuPay Domestic Platinum card.

      RBI guidelines not allowed Payments Bank to issue International variant card.

      if you need RuPay International cards then Private banks like (ICICI, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC, Federal etc), All PSU banks and Some Co-operative Banks issue RuPay International ‘Platinum’ debit card & RuPay International ‘Select’ debit card.

      RuPay International Credit Cards launched by SBI, HDFC, IDBI, United Bank, Union, PNB, PMC, Saraswat, Corporation, Canara, central, Andhra bank, vijaya bank, Syndicate & Bank of India.

      Axis & ICICI bank also under devlopment RuPay International Credit Cards.

  7. Harsh Gupta

    Does this card only give 40% cashback on spends in listed countries?? or anywhere in world

  8. Abhishek Chatterjee

    @Siddharth I think you dnt know much info about RuPay International card issuing banks.

    RuPay have 3 types of International cards –

    1) RuPay-DFS Global card (card accept in Discover, Diners Club, Pulse & Discover’s alliance partner card network outside India)

    2) RuPay-JCB Global card (card accept in JCB network & JCB’s alliance partner card network outside India)

    3) RuPay Domestic card (Shocked ? well, RuPay Domestic card also worked Internationally where RuPay have their own network like Bhutan, Singapore, Maldive, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. How its work ? because when you transaction in those countries where RuPay network available, you actually transaction in Indian Rupees, thats why your RuPay Domestic card will accept. currently i know RuPay Domestic card accept in Bhutan & will accept in Singapore after Febuary 2020 end, other countries i think RuPay network currently under devlopment. dnt have much info)

    Now come to the point How many banks issue RuPay International cards ?

    1) first talk about RuPay-DFS Global card –

    RuPay-DFS Global cards have 3 different variants ( RuPay-DFS ‘Classic’ Global cards, RuPay-DFS ‘Platinum’ Global cards & RuPay-DFS ‘Select’ Global cards )

    1st RuPay-DFS ‘Platinum’ Global cards –

    (a) Private banks like (ICICI, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC, IDFC, RBL) issue RuPay-DFS Platinum International cards (old RuPay-DFS Platinum cards now International cards).

    (b) All PSU banks issue RuPay-DFS Platinum International cards, i didn’t mentioned any PSU banks name because all PSU banks issue RuPay-DFS Platinum International cards.

    (c) Some Co-operative Bank also issue RuPay-DFS Platinum International cards, infact some Co-operative Bank issue RuPay-DFS ‘Classic’ variant International cards too. for example – Saraswat Co-operative Bank.

    (d) Recently i saw one Small Finance Banks issue RuPay-DFS Platinum International card. sorry i forget the Bank name.

    2nd RuPay-DFS ‘Select’ Global cards –

    Recently some Private bank like ICICI (Coral, Rubyx or Sapphiro), HDFC (Easyshop Select, Regalia) Axis Bank, Yes Bank & most of the PSU banks issue RuPay-DFS ‘Select’ Global cards.

    if you need RuPay-DFS ‘Select’ Global card bank image to post on your website, visit here NPCI website –

    2) RuPay-JCB Global card –

    well, Recently Following banks issue RuPay-JCB cards in India (JCB logo mentioned on RuPay card front side):

    State Bank of India
    Punjab National Bank
    Axis Bank
    Union Bank of India
    Central Bank of India
    Andhra Bank
    City Union Bank
    TJSB Bank

    if you need RuPay-JCB Global card bank image to post on your website, visit here NPCI website –

    Now last info. How many banks issue RuPay-DFS Global credit cards –

    well, RuPay-DFS Global Credit Cards launched by SBI, HDFC, IDBI, United Bank, Union, PNB, PMC, Saraswat, Corporation, Canara, central, Andhra bank, vijaya bank, Syndicate & Bank of India.

    Axis & ICICI bank also under devlopment RuPay-DFS Global Credit Cards.

    This year expected to launch RuPay-DFS Co-Branded Credit cards, already talk with some corporate companies.

  9. karthi

    i tried and used rupay card in international lounge last year, twice. but had to struggle a lot with lakshmivilas bank and rupay on twitter to get the refund after 4-5 months…

  10. Raivat

    Anyone who has successfully gotten a cashback? Pls mention country you visited, issuing bank and card network (DFS or JCB)?

  11. GTMAX

    Did anyone receive the cashback under this offer?

    For non-fulfilment complaint, are we supposed to raise it with our Rupay Card issuing bank?

    1. Shivi

      As per the tnc of the offer you’d have to raise the subject not with the card issuing bank or NPCI but with the merchant bank directly! Good luck with that.

  12. Manpal

    I havent recieved the cashback yet. it has been 90+days now.
    Anyone have any idea what needs to be done. The bank says the offer was not from them so they cant do anything.
    Used HDFC Rupay platinum debit card.

    1. GTMAX

      Damn.. I had also used HDFC Rupay platinum debit card.

  13. karthi

    not received at all.. they clearly mentioned contact the card issuing bank, but banks as always deny these offers. same thing happened to me last time too. i had to fight with them for 6 months.

  14. Jaspreet Singh

    I used Rupay cards on my international travel to USS. First i had to call the bank managers to enable the cards even though i gave request before i left. I have used rupay card from Syndicate Bank, Central Bank of India and Indian Overseas bank, but did not get any cash back. Please guide me what to do…

    1. Abhishek Chatterjee

      contact your bank, cashback received. register your complained to your bank on twitter.

  15. GTMAX

    Hi Guys,

    Received the cashback today from HDFC after raising the complaint directly to pnohdfcbank [at] within 10 days. You should now be able to get it faster than that. Not sure about the banks other than HDFC.

    Email reference shared below which I had written to them:

    Hi Team,

    I had done a transaction with my HDFC Rupay Platinum Debit card linked to my account number ___ for which I was supposed to get 40% cashback within 45 days from the transaction date. However, it has been more than __ days and I have still not received the cashback.

    Offer Details:

    Transaction Details:

    Txn Date:
    Reference no:
    Txn Value:

    Kindly process the cashback on priority.

    Hope the same helps all of you.

  16. Manpal

    Finally got 7500 back a week back for my dubai trip in Jan! I thought i was never getting it !
    Used HDFC RUPAY debit card.


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