HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Premium Debit Card Review

By | May 19, 2021

We all love credit cards, don’t we? At least the ones who have been fortunate enough to read our views at CardExpert would agree with it without any doubt. One of the prime reasons for holding a good premium credit card is the lounge access that comes with it. But you will be amazed if I tell you that there are even debit cards which will surprise you with such offers that are even difficult to get with great credit cards.

HDFC Bank has two such debit cards. One is the HDFC JetPrivilege World Debit Card which has been upgraded by HDFC Bank to have unlimited domestic lounge access under the MasterCard Lounge Access Program. The second one is the RuPay Premium Debit Card. Yes, you read it correctly. I can bet, most of us don’t have this debit card.

Even HDFC doesn’t want you to have this card. This is the reason why they don’t allow you to upgrade to this card from their netbanking portal. But you can still get it.

Applying for HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Debit Card

You can get this card ONLY by visiting the branch. The branch people will straightaway tell you that there are much better debit cards and that you can get this card by visiting the netbanking portal.

But don’t give up. Just firmly tell that you NEED this card and you would using this only for ATM transactions and lounge access. (Funny thing is they don’t know anything about this card). They’ll call their debit card team and ask them if this is possible or not. But yes, it can be issued through branch only.

HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Debit Card

RuPay Premium Debit Card Benefits:

Why to get RuPay Premium Debit Card over others? There are few reasons that will convince you regarding the choice:

  • This card has a annual fee of just ₹150 + ST.
  • It provides 2 lounge access per quarter.
  • The lounge access is not just restricted to India. It’s 2 lounge access per quarter globally.
  • The number of lounge is extremely good as they offer almost the same lounges as is offered by Diners Club International Globally.
  • There are certain lounges in India like Travel Club Lounge T2 (Domestic) Mumbai International Airport which don’t accept any major cards like VISA, MasterCard or Diners. They accept Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, AMEX Cards, ICICI (VISA cards), and RuPay Cards. A lot of us don’t have the cards that are asked here. But you can easily have access through this RuPay Premium Debit Card.
  • 5% cashback for utility bill payments (₹50/month/per card cap)
  • No fuel surcharge.
  • Welcome vouchers of CCD with 15% off on minimum bill of ₹300 on participating outlets of CCD.
  • Personal Accident Death/Permanent Disability Insurance of ₹2 Lakh
  • Concierge Service (Amazing, considering the annual fees of the card is just ₹150+ST)
  • Since NPCI has partnered with Diners Club, Discover and JCB (Japan), these cards will be acceptable even in your foreign visits in case of an emergency.
  • It allows a decent ATM withdrawal of ₹25,000/day. POS Limit per day is ₹1.25 Lakh/day. Well, no one likes to deal with cash after demonetization and thus ₹25,000/day in my opinion would be enough for most of us.
  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Don’t use this card for your regular purchases. You have credit cards for that. But for ₹150 + ST you get 8 access to lounges globally in a year. I think that places it in a much better position than even cards like HDFC Regalia which has restricted the number of complimentary priority pass access to 6 in a year. However, I do recommend to have separate debit card with some other bank as a back up card if you deal with cash a lot.

Let us know what you think about this hidden gem of a debit card I like to call it? How many of you actually have been using this card or plan to take it after reading this article? Please tell us in the comments section.

Author: Abhishek Roy

Abhishek is a Doctor by profession and is passionate about Technology and Photography. He pursues his hobbies during the little free time he gets and likes to make the most out of it. He has special interest in Credit/Debit Cards, Reward Points, Air Miles and Travel Hacks.

127 thoughts on “HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Premium Debit Card Review

  1. Vishnu

    This card has been providing lounge access from last year. I am skeptical about the international lounge access and I have not tried using it in international lounges as RUPAY cards from HDFC are restricted to domestic use only. It has been mentioned in the website and I confirmes with a phonebanker too. How will this card work in a global (international lounge) POS when it has been restricted to domestic use. RUPAY platinum card was marketed extensively and one of the key features they exhibited was lounge access. I have used this card for domestic lounges and yes it works. Limit is 2/quarter. Lounge access is not restricted to two hdfc debit cards. The lounge access through HDFC debit card is through mastercard platform. The other cards which give you access to lounges are
    1.Easyshop Platinum(MC VARIANT) 5/ quarter
    2.Easyshop Titanium 2/quarter
    3.Easyshop Titanium Royale 2/quarter
    4.Easyshop NRE Debit card(MC VARIANT) 2/quarter

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Well, there has been some misinformation. I guess, either it is wrongly written on their website or the phonebanker who has given you this information is clueless. We have this card and I can confirm that this card is activated for international Usage. It will work with all the lounges that are mentioned in the HDFC/NPCI Website. However, the International Limit on this card in my case is ₹65,000/day in comparison to domestic transactions where it is enable till ₹1.25 Lakh/day.
      Regarding the other debit cards, I know the other debit cards have access to lounges too. However, the whole point of mentioning only these two cards was that
      1. HDFC JetPrivilege World Debit Card is one of the top end debit cards in India with Unlimited Lounge Access and withdrawal of upto ₹3 Lakh/day cash. Very few debit cards can surpass that I bet.
      2. HDFC RuPay Premium Debit card because no debit cards in the entire arsenal of HDFC comes even close to the benefits offered by RuPay Premium Debit card if you consider the annual fees is just a mere ₹150+ST. Besides, NO DEBIT card gives International Lounge access as RuPay Card!!!

      1. JBM

        How to use this card for lounge access out of India? Do we need to pay the total entry fee upfront and then wait for charge reversal? I am looking to use the lounge in amsterdam. Thanks.

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          You have to read the fine prints from NPCI website. There have been some changes. Besides also contact HDFC to see if the6 have any additional rules or not. Like HDFC credit cards don’t have access to all the MasterCard lounges in India. So you know what I mean.

    2. Urluck

      Mr. Vishnu,
      I am having easy shop platinum MC debit card, dark blue coloured got under preferred banking.
      Does this give 5 domestic longue access per quarter ? Are u sure or u have confirmed with master card toll free number ??

  2. Praveen Perumalla

    Eight international lounge access for a debit card is a fabulous offer which beats even the premium cards.

    I can see Siddharth’s name on the card image. He already has this one too 😀

    1. Siddharth

      I was having this few years back but not now. It still looks so new as i hardly used it anywhere 😀

  3. Kapil Khurana

    Hi Abhishek

    Your description seems very lucrative. However, I hold their HDFC platinum debit card, which is without any charge as mine is a salary account. There I get 1% cashback, which gives me Rs. 750 every month neat cash for spends of Rs. 75000, and I do avail it every month. Would you still recommend me this debit card?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      To spend ₹75K every month on a Debit card just to get ₹750/month seems like a sin to me. 🙂 You can easily get much better cash back rates of 1.6% on HDFC Regalia, 1.5% on Diners Rewardz, 2% on Diners Premium and 3.33% on Diners Black and Infinia. So you see you lose out a lot. And besides this benefit, you get the interest free period of upto 50 days effectively allowing you to earn interest on that money too. 🙂

      1. Kapil Khurana

        Oh Abhishek. I know these benefits and use my debit cards mainly for repayment on a portal where credit cards aren’t permitted.

        Let me know if this one too has any such cashback? If not, what other reasons could be there for the switch?

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          If that is the case and lounge visits are not a priority, I think you are better off with your Existing Card.

      2. Aravind Balasubramanya

        I too was bought in by this 1% cash-back thing. But from Oct 2017, the 1% cash-back is very restricted to ONLY spending in eateries and malls! No cash-back for medicines, travel bookings utility bills etc.! I guess thats bad.

  4. Anuj Karwa


    Please check. The global lounge visits are restricted to 2 per annum and not 2 per quarter. (For reference, see the last page of February 2017 NCPI e-newsletter). 2 access per quarter is applicable for domestic lounge visits only.

    Also, please mention that for global lounge access visits, the lounge access charges would be first debited from the bank account and refunded in the subsequent month.

    1. PANKAJ

      this card no longer provides international lounge access, it is even removed from their website ie website of rupay, hdfc bank website, though still mentions it. I have personally tried to use it to access lounge at Kathmandu airport, but failed to do so, i had to then use my priority pass.

  5. Srikrsna

    As far as I know, according to your point
    ‘Since NPCI has partnered with Diners Club, Discover and JCB (Japan), these cards will be acceptable even in your foreign visits in case of an emergency.’

    This is one and only possible if the Rupay card has both Discover and Diners Club logo printed on the back side of the card and the card should be Chip and PIN. I am putting this information as I am making enough research on Rupay cards recently. More over the card should be mentioned as Global Debit card for International usage.

    1. Siddharth

      They usually deny access if you cross the limit and then you can choose to pay usual rates.

      1. urluck

        I am having easy shop platinum MC variant debit card, dark blue coloured got under preferred banking.
        Does this give 5 domestic longue access per quarter ?
        Can we confirm this with master card toll free number ??

        1. Siddharth

          Yes you do. MC Tollfree no just says “you still have visits left” for some HDFC cards for some reason.

  6. Arjun Sachdeva

    Great find.
    Any idea regarding the cross currency markup on this?

  7. Ranjeet

    I hold an IDFC Platinum Rupay card. Do the same benefits apply?

  8. abhishek k gaurha

    hello sid

    i m having this easyshop platinium card(rupay variant). but my name is not written over it. actually i got it with my hdfc welcome kit.

    so wanna know that whther i m eligible for lounge access or not.

    1. Haris Khan

      This will serve as an advantage to you when you visit lounge with someone who don’t hold any card for entry in the Lounge.

  9. Anuj Karwa

    I was issued a insta HDFC Rupay Premium(platinum) debit card yesterday and the limit mentioned on the same is
    ATM withdrawal limit – Rs 1 lac
    Daily shopping limit – Rs 2.75 lacs
    (This is much higher than mentioned on their website)

    I think HDFC is placing this card at par with mastercard/visa platinum cards they usually issue.

    1. Siddharth

      Most insta kits usually come with this, since past 2 years or so.

    1. PANKAJ

      I did try at Kathmandu airport, but was denied access, had to use my priority pass

  10. Anita

    my card doesn’t have any mention of platinum ,(blue card) its a rupay card from hdfc …will it work in lounge

  11. Suvankar Ghosh

    After reading this article, i have just upgraded from my old Mastercard to HDFC Platinum Rupay debit card (as in the photo above) for getting lounge access. I got the card today and activated it. But how to confirm that it has lounge access or not? Is there any helpline just like the Mastercard lounge access helpline?
    I have already checked the concierge service….. and whatever they offered was unbelievable for a card of this value!!! Thanks to Abhishek & Siddharth.

  12. Aman Gupta

    I have upgraded for this card through net banking and got the card in 7 days.

      1. Arul

        Netbanking? Yes just now upgraded by

        1. Hotlist your debit card
        2. Select reason “destroyed” from option and type your reason
        3. Submit and you will get option to upgrade
        4.It list all debit card with charges
        5.Select this card and you will get message like below

        “Your request to upgrade your Debit Card has been placed. Please note, issuance of new Debit Card is subject to successful processing of the request as per customer eligibility. You will be updated of the status of request shortly.”

    1. Ar Arbit

      How did you apply though Netbanking? I’m seeing any option there. :-/

  13. Anish

    Now confused which card to go for? the RuPay Premium Debit Card or the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card

    1. Siddharth

      If international lounge access is required, Rupay may help, else Jet card would do. Jet card is perfect if you fly often.

  14. abhishek k gaurha

    thnxxx sid

    really awesome card

    just visited hyd domestic plaza lounge
    they charge only 2rs.

    thnxxx for such useful information

    keep upadating

  15. urluck

    I am a HDFC Preferred customer. I am having Easyshop Platinum mastercard – debit card.
    I have applied for Rupay Premium debit card by filling a physical form.
    My application rejected with reason – Rupay card is for basic account holders like Jandhan or similar. For preferred customers, we don’t issue Rupay card.
    My RM mentions – as per branch policy, if you have one debit card, you are not eligible for second debit card for same account.
    What i should do ? – continue easyshop MC card ( more domestic lounge ) or try again to get Rupay by surrendering this platinum MC ?
    As per policy , Debit card fee is waived for Preferred customers, can I get Jetprevilege world debit card free ??

    1. Siddharth

      Yes, you can have only one card. You might need to apply after blocking the other.
      Jet cards are not free for any.

  16. amaan

    i too applied for this offline but the bank sent me visa card again….after i checked with my bank they said they will only issue instant rupay debit card and not name based rupay debit card

    will instant rupay card be chip based and will it be accepted by lounge???

  17. Urluck

    MY Rupay card application is again rejected with reply from HDFC Bank – Rupay card can not be linked to preferred account customers.
    My RM confirms this and says, it can be given to basic account holders only.
    Any one has similar experience or solution to get Rupay card ?

    1. Shivi

      Your RM is wrong. The problem is – RuPay debit card is issued to all Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana Account holders. Many branches and RM/BM are unaware of the “Premium” variant of the RuPay debit card which is reviewed & talked about in this post. I am facing the same problem – I have already been issued the “Basic” variant of the card twice!!

  18. Sunil

    My dad has a preferred account. My RM had ordered insta rupay platinum debit card at the branch. Then he asked me to block the existing debit card. Then he manually issued the insta card at the branch and manually linked it to my account. Thats the way u can get it linked to ur bank account.

    In case airport lounge visit is ur main criteria:
    U must be holding a visa variant of platinum debit card. Just go to branch and ask to change ur visa variant to mastercard variant of platinum debit card. Many ppl say that HDFC has airport lounge visit on mastercard variant of platinum debit card.

  19. Urluck

    Thanks for the tip to get Rupay card.
    I am having platinum Mastercard Visa card and had enjoyed longue thru it.
    But Rupay card provide free international longue access, which debit card does not provide.

  20. shailesh

    I tried using the card at Munich – Atlanta Lounge.
    the access was denied.
    Has it got something to do with International usage?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Depends.. First thing is, you card should be allowed for International Spends. That can be done by visiting the Debit Cards section through Netbanking.
      Second, the RuPay Cards work on the Diners Club International Platform in Europe and on Discover Platform in USA. Therefore ensure that your card was being swiped on a Diners Club International Cards Accepting machine.
      3rd is to ensure whether that lounge is mentioned on RuPay/Diners Club Lounges list or not. If not then it won’t accept in the first place

      1. shailesh

        1. international usage was enabled on my card.
        2. the lounge is mentioned on rupay website.
        3. there was only one swiping machine there. it did mention diners on the standee at the lounge though.

        so wondering if international access is really there!!

    2. Sameer

      Even I was denied visit to Abu Dhabi Lounge with this card. I had to use Priority Pass then

  21. AR Arbit

    Is Lounge Access Facility also available for add-on cards?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Which add on card are you talking about?

      1. AR Arbit

        This same card… HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Premium Debit Card

  22. Shivi

    Can anybody provide me with the “Special Card Code” of this particular variant, please? I applied it through branch 3 times and all 3 times the wrong card was sent to me. The branch has no idea of the card code whatsoever! 🙁

    1. Ar Arbit

      Special Card code of this particular variant is RRR01

      1. Shivi

        Thank you so much Arbit! I was issued regular “Jan-Dhan” RuPay debit card thrice!

        1. Ar Arbit

          Welcome Shivi…
          Have you been charged three times also? Or you got the money refunded?

          1. Shivi

            No, I was not charged anything as I was in their Preferred Banking before.

            Well.. I used “RRR01” in the form and again the form has been rejected. Head office says “No such code exists” and Branch is clueless.

      2. ANKIT

        Thanks a lot. If my Rupay card doesn’t come this time ,I will use this code

  23. Doney

    Anyone can help me with the “product code” of this card? I need this to fill in the application. Branch people has no clue about this !

  24. Ashish R

    “The lounge access is not just restricted to India. It’s 2 lounge access per quarter globally.”

    I think it has 2 lounge access only for out of india lounges per year. Also with that 2 access , the amount will be debited and credited back within a month.
    can someone please confirm this??

    “””RuPay International Airport Lounge Access Program:-
    Two Free Access Per year for RuPay Global Platinum Card holder
    Airport Lounge Access in 300+ cities across the world : access covers 500+ airports lounges worldwide.
    Applicable lounge fees will be debited to the card holder and will be refunded in the subsequent month.””

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      I have used the Rupay card in past for domestic lounge access in Mumbai.

  25. Neeraj

    Hello everyone while opening a new account even my relationship manager has put the code RRR01 , So m worried wether it will be rupay platinum or regaluar rupay?

  26. Soumodip Das

    Hi just wanted to know if this card is issued instantly at the branch or form mentioning the card code has to be duly filled and sent somewhere by the branch?

  27. Soumodip Das

    This card isn’t discontinued like other Easy shop debit cards right?

    1. shivi

      What is the full name of the card? That code is for regular RuPay card imho

  28. Ashish R

    Has anyone used this card in international lounges??
    And confirm you get 2 access per quarter or per year for international lounges?

    1. KARTHIK M

      5. Presently, Global Cardholder’s are entitled for two (2) free International visits in a
      financial year from NPCI. It may be noted that eligible Global Cardholder will be
      charged with the applicable lounge access fee at the time of entry. The lounge access
      fee will be reimbursed to the Global Cardholders’s account in the subsequent month.

      Please update the article.


    I got my card today finally. A new card starting with 6078 was host listed automatically and another card starting with 6521 was activated and received. Not sure whether that is different type of rupay that ppl are talking about.

  30. Someone

    Hi, just used my HDFC RuPay Debit Card in Singapore (Park Plaza Lounge) to avail complimentary lounge access. It should be noted that unlike at domestic lounges, you will be charged the full amount upon entry which will be refunded within one month (I got my refund within a week). So, for those asking whether it works internationally, it does. However, do note that your card must be Chip+PIN enabled and must read ‘International Debit Card’ on the side.

    1. Someone

      *Newer HDFC RuPay Debit Cards (as pictured) would be able to avail the benefit.

    2. Abhishek Roy Post author

      The post has been updated accordingly. Kindly do not post anonymously.

    3. Anil

      Hi Just saw your message with regards to HdFc Rupay Debit Card.. I had few clarification on the same.. For international lounge acesss do they swipe just ₹2 or we have to swipe the entire amount… how will we know if we have to swipe the full amount or ₹2… Please confirm

      1. Sharathkumar Anbu

        I have only used Priority pass in international lounges so I am not sure about it. But in domestic lounges, as soon as your card is dipped, the machine will validate if your card has Complimentary access or not. If you have complimentary access, it will show the amount Rs. 2 (Visa) / Rs. 25 (Master card – Refundable), else it will show the actual amount for lounge access.

        You will see the amount before you enter pin.

        1. Anil

          Hi Shantanu,For International lounge do we have to swipe the full amount or only Rs.2. plz confirm…

      2. Mouli

        Plz check with person in the Reception , he will say whether its eligible or not ?

  31. ajay

    hello guys.
    i just tried using my hdfc easy shop visa platinum card for lounge access. but they were saying that it is not getting accepted. as i am new to this can you please help me. i think there is no point in me giving 750/ year cse am hardly using card where i mostly prefer net banking.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      That card doesn’t have any lounge access. If you happen to get the MasterCard variant of Easy shop platinum card then you have lounge access. Besides, if you want lounge access, go for Jet Signature Debit Card.

  32. Saravanan

    Annual charge for this card is getting revised from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200.
    Thenr egarding international lounge access, it’s just mentioned in papers but actually it doesn’t work. I tried at Plaza Premium at Singapore, didn’t work. This lounge was mentioned in list of supported lounge for rupay card but it never worked.

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, no one have reported success in Intl usage yet AFAIK.

  33. Ramesh

    I have a joint account in hdfc bank in name of 3 person and got issued 3 rupay platinum debit card.
    Will we all 3 persons eligible for domestic airport lounge access twice,every quarter?

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes. All 3 will get lounge access 2 per quarter for each.

  34. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    I applied this debit card via branch for my spouse n received the card last week.
    The code is RRR01, I confirm. On applying this code above card received. No annual charges for Savings Max customer.

    Thanks Dr Abhishek.

  35. Rakhi

    I have a HDFC easyshop platinum debitcard in mastercard variant, i never used it in airport lounges as i am unaware of its features.
    Pl share features of this card incl airport lounge access.


    I got this card as I was denied lounge access through my HDFC platinum Easyshop Mastercard recently and while I don’t travel often, I do end up being at the airport once in a quarter. Yet to activate this. I usually end up transacting through my debit card for my daily utilities. Is this the right card for me?

  37. Jay

    Hi , I just got Rupay card today. Will be travelling next month to Singapore, planning to use for International lounge. Lets see if it works.

    Il update once I’am back.


  38. Prashant K


    This card is now available through HDFC NetBanking Debit Card upgrade option with fee of Rs. 200. Please update the article accordingly.

  39. sanjaysinh

    today i got easy shop platinum debit card. which one is better debit card in compare of visa , master and rupey cards in case of case back benefits and international access ?.
    there are a lots of verity on hdfc debit card like visa platinum, titanium, gold etc.
    can you please let me know which one is best ?
    appreciated your help over it.

  40. Ashish Nikhare

    I have this HDFC Easyshop RUPAY Premium/Platinum Debit Card and tried to access Travel Club Lounge at Nagpur, India. However, it was declined. I don’t know the reason why ? However, i then used Paytm Payments Bank Rupay Platinum Debit Card & it went through swiftly ! I later checked that my HDFC card was disabled for International Treansactions. Could this be the reason why access was denied with HDFC Card. Should International Transactions be enabled for Lounge access ?

    1. Amex Guy

      Plaza Premium at T3 domestic departures has one of the most confused staff of any lounge in the country. They once denied one of my Amex Plat authorised users entry by saying supplementary cards not allowed, even when they are. They refused even to try and see the card. Complained to Amex and they agreed that they receive a disproportionate number of complaints about that particular lounge.

      I’m almost certain you’ll get entry another day with another staff member.

  41. Ben

    Thank you for recommending this card. I’m a frequent traveler and already exhausted Priority Pass limits. Just an update: he RuPay card now can be ordered though netbanking at an yearly fee of Rs. 200.

  42. Sanket

    Tried using HDFC Rupay Premium in Loyalty Lounge in Mumbai T2 International. They said its discontinued. I was told the ICICI Coral Mastercard Debit/Credit cards are also no longer accepted. I could only use my Regalia First Mastercard.

  43. Kris

    I just gave a try recently and changed ATM and POS limits to 2,75,000 and 25,000 online and it worked!!
    So now I have 2,75,000 as ATM withdrawal limit and 25K POS limit, wanted to share with you all 🙂

  44. Hitesh

    Can somebody confirm if this card works in International Lounge recently?

    1. Jafar Gais

      It does not. Only “Rupay Salect Credit Card” works internationally

    2. karthickeyan

      just tried twice in malaysia and it worked. money was charged, still waiting for refund.

      1. uttam

        @karthickeyan Is the card still working for international lounge access?Did you get a refund?

        1. Karthickeyan

          Yes, it worked twice. But fought a lot with twitter to get the refund after 5 months. The bank ( mine was lvb) people did not eveb know what these things meant and gave up.

  45. Nikhil

    Please confirm is Rupay easyshop platinum debit card is same as Rupay premium debit card? Recently got Rupay easyshop platinum debit card but nothing is mentioned on welcome letter regarding complementary airport lounge access.

  46. sumit jain

    recently i used this card but they are not accepting it now. please check again and resubmit it. and even the charges are gone up 200+gst

  47. Saurav Gupta

    Tried HDFC Easyshop Platinum RuPay Debit Card at Plaza Premium Lounge in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) at International Departure near Gate no L 8, and access denied.

    But in NPCI and HDFC bank’s website it is showing that I can access but it didn’t worked here. Moreover it works perfectly in domestic departures but disappointed with the rejection in Kuala Lumpur.

  48. Harsh

    I tried this card for lounge access in Hamburg, access was denied.

    My card has international spend activated, Lounge was listed in Rupay website and Diners Website, and swipe terminals has Diners Logo. 🙁

  49. Jambui

    All rupay debit cards are for domestic lounges only though the range is quite wide.
    For international lounges rupay select credit card needed.
    All major psu provide rupay card in minimal fees though they provide credit card mostly to their own bank customers only.

  50. Ankur Maheshwari

    I tried lounge access with my Rupay Premium {6521 series}, and it was declined at Phuket, Bangkok, Bali, Kuala Lumpur in July 2019. All lounges were in Rupay Website and HDFC website.
    Lodged a complaint right away at talktous at hdfcbank dot com, and they are still not sure whether I can avail the complimentary lounge access internationally. Morons

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes, RuPay is actually very unreliable. Don’t count on it exclusively. Keep any other card in your kitty for international lounges. RuPay works fine in all domestic lounges though. Also, you have to insure that RuPay card is swiped onmy on PoS machines showing the RuPay/Diners/Discover Logos.

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        I had a backup Diners Club Miles for this very purpose, but Rupay international lounge access was promising.

        I read above that Rupay does work (Laxmi Vilas Bank) , its HDFC who is to blame I suppose.

        All the machines in which HDFC Rupay was declined, Diners Club Miles worked beautifully.

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          Check if International usage was active or not on the debit card.

          1. Ankur Maheshwari

            International usage access was enabled, did a transaction at an international website before hand.

            HDFC might not have enabled it their end.

          2. Abhishek Roy Post author

            May be. It’s difficult to predict things if the bank itself isn’t transparent about it.

  51. Dr Pankaj Gupta

    Although HDFC website mentions about international lounge access, rupay website no longer mentions it. International lounge access is not available for rupay platinum debit cards. I unsuccessfully tried it at Kathmandu airport.

  52. Sharadh

    Hi all,
    I recently converted my savings account to an NRE account, and while doing so, i was asked to hotlist my previous card (platinum MC) so they’ll issue a new card. And i got this Easyshop Platinum RuPay card. And it’s mentioned in the card that it’s ‘For use only in India’. And i had to travel immediately, so i didn’t bother to haggle with the bank. I’m yet to try this card internationally (currently in African countries where they don’t have partner providers).
    So, my question is, will i still be able to use this card in Diner/JCB accepted lounges ?


    Received new offer guidelines.
    Exclusive offers on your Rupay Card, effective 1st October 2020
    Enjoy instant 20% discount up to ₹100
    To avail use promo code RUPAY100
    · Valid once per Card per month on minimum order value of ₹129/-
    · Applicable only on Fridays
    Enjoy instant 20% discount of up to ₹100
    No promo code required
    · Valid for max ₹100 per Card per month on minimum wallet recharge of ₹129/-
    · Applicable only on Fridays


    ok, So after going through all the Comments. I came to know about 3 Special code for Rupay Premium Debit Card (The one shown in picture).

    RRR01 (4th character ZERO)
    RRN05 (4th character ZERO)
    RMR01 (4th character ZERO)

    Could anyone tell which one is Recently used ?


      ok, so the Recently used code is RRR01 (4th charater zero).

      But When I applied for first time for RUpay Card through the Branch. They send me the wrong card(i.e HDFC REWARDS card). Although the Branch Executive had appplied the same code (RRR01).

      Immediately I again went to branch And applied for the RUPAY PREMIUM DEBIT CARD.
      This time the branch executive applied the same code (i.e RRR01) but along with he also wrote a mail to headoffice Specifying the card name (i.e RUPAY PREMIUM DEBIT CARD).
      And then I got my RUPAY Premium card by post toaday (around 7-8 days after application).


    I have the same card and will be travelling on 22nd from delhi t3. Do we need to pay for food separately or is it complementary?


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