RBL Bank Launches Edition Credit card in partnership with Zomato

By | December 18, 2021

Update: Kindly refer to the latest review here: RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

RBL Bank, one of the popular player in co-brand credit card segment partners with Zomato, one of the leading food delivery giant to issue co-brand credit cards on Mastercard network, on which most of the co-brand credit cards in the country operate.

There are two variants of this RBL Bank Zomato co-branded credit cards: Edition Classic and Edition the entry level & premium variant respectively. Here’s everything you need to know,

RBL Bank Zomato Edition Credit Cards (Image: RBL)

Edition Classic (Base Variant)

  • Annual Fee: Rs.500+GST (you get 500 Edition cash)
  • Membership Benefit: Zomato Pro membership (across India)
  • Return on Dining Spends: 5%
  • Return on any Online Spends: 1.5%
  • Return on any other Spends: 1%
  • Birthday Benefit: 10% on all spends (New & hot!)
  • Milestone Offer: 2L spend to get 2K edition cash (1%)
  • 1 Edition Cash = Rs.1
  • Edition Cash: Edition Cash works just like real money. Use it to order food online or to pay at restaurants, using your Zomato app.

This is a very good value proposition for entry-level segment and can be quite compared with Axis Flipkart Credit Card to an extent as this also gives 1.5% returns on online spends.

To maximize the returns, spend 2L a year online to get 2.5% back (including milestone spends) and that is a return rate offered by premium credit cards. (considering only reward rate though).

Edition (Premium)

  • Annual Fee: Rs.1500+GST (no edition cash), renewal fee reversed on 2.5L spend.
  • Membership Benefit: Zomato Pro membership (Global India)
  • Return on Dining Spends: 10%
  • Return on any Online Spends: 2%
  • Return on any other Spends: 1%
  • Birthday Benefit: 10% on all spends (Now & hot!)
  • Milestone Offer: 5L spend to get 2K edition cash (0.4%)
  • Lounge Access: Domestic: 2/qtr ; International: 2/yr
  • 1 Edition Cash = Rs.1
  • Edition Cash: Edition Cash works just like real money. Use it to order food online or to pay at restaurants, using your Zomato app. Or use it like real cash to settle your Credit Card bill.

If I understand it right from the website, you don’t get edition cash for the joining fee, but yes you get Zomato Gold Global membership which could be factored-in while calculating the value received from joining fee.

To maximize the returns, spend 5L a year online to get 2.4% back (includes milestone spends) but that is not exiting enough for the premium variant.

Update: The Zomato Edition Classic Card is live now, and invites are being rolled out in phased manner now.


Overall a good implementation of design & features, especially on the base variant which is where most of the RBL users are in. But speaking about the premium version, they could have done a lot better as the wow factor is missing.

They could have removed the International lounge access on premium variant and given 4K Edition cash as joining benefit with a better milestone offer like 5K edition cash (instead of 2L) on 5L spend. That would ideally make it more of a Dining card rather than Dining+Lifestyle card.

Anyway, that’s my point of view. What’s your thoughts on the newly launched Zomato credit cards? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

79 thoughts on “RBL Bank Launches Edition Credit card in partnership with Zomato

  1. Prashant Gupta

    With so many card to choose again there will be few takers for the premium version…poorly thought off. Infact RBL has so Many cards, i think the sales team itself will be confused 😀.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah, 41 cards to be precise!!!

      1. Santosh Kumar

        its become better now with some 17-18 cards on their website

  2. Prem Taparia

    Any idea how to apply for this card? As per the RBL website, we need to download Zomato app to apply for this card. But the Zomato app does not have any link or information about this card! And worse, both Zomato and RBL are clueless about this issue 🙁

    1. raj

      Zomato Chat team confirmed that the card is yet to be published. Need to wait

  3. rahul

    One important benefit of Edition card:
    International purchases with a foreign currency mark-up fee of just 1.5%.

    1. raj

      With Niyo card – this is not a great feature !!
      Just my thoughts

  4. Ankit Jain

    One important benefit of Edition card: which could not find in Classic ( may require update in details)

    Edition Cash: “Or use it like real cash to settle your Credit Card bill.”

    only written in Edition card webpage 🙂 .. please revisit and confirm me too.

    Also, if someone find live on Zomato, please update here..


  5. Abhinandan

    Has the card been released yet? Zomato app doesn’t show any option to apply!


      Has anyone received this card. Kindly update about it

  6. Gaurav Malik

    Yes I applied for the Edition version of the card through the zomato app and was really a smooth process..KYC was done through Aadhar and the digital card I was able to generate and the card automatically got added to my zomato app.

    1. Gautam Khankhoje

      Hey Gaurav may I know which city are you in? I tried escalating to Zomato and still I am unable to apply

    2. Rajesh

      Can you please give more information? Where in the app were you able to apply from?

      1. Gaurav Malik

        Delhi NCR.. Gurgaon to be precise.Found this on the bottom of the ad page

  7. Praveen Perumalla

    Sid – They’ve recently the fee for the premium version rom 3k to 2k.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the update. Hope it works for them.

  8. Akshit Garg

    Now, You can join the waitlist to apply for the this card, after placing an order with Zomato.
    May be user specific.

    1. MrNightStar

      Yeah, i got same offer after i ordered. Offered Edition classic waitlist.
      Accepted. Let’s see when they roll this out generously.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        I also got the offer after I ordered. I have shown interest lets see. But asked pan no. Must be for cibil enquiry.

  9. Adwit Mishra

    Got an invite from Zomato to apply for this card, and within 9 minutes, I had the digital card ready to use. The KYC process was immensely smooth and as far as entry level cards go, the edition classic card is quite the looker.

    Got an initial limit of 39,000 INR. However, I order food online about 50 times a month so that may have played a key role in pre-approval.

  10. pratik jain

    Just applied for the card, got instant approval and card got added to zomato account for instant use

    1. Anirudh

      Were did u apply for this card rbl website or zomato app?
      i got an invite in zomato app but its a waitlist….

  11. Aman

    Got the card yesterday, wanted a RBL card to check out their app and some offers and this card made the most sense. It’s clean looking also. The onboarding process was a notch above Amazon pay ICICI card also which i consider great. The card shows with the masked number on my Zomato payments page but in the app the card is currently non usable. The card number and CVV are not issued. Applied on diwali, maybe they are yet to generate virtual card

  12. Him

    Wanted to know if paying 500 for card is better bargain for awaiting Zomato pro membership. If yes, card makes sense

  13. Arjun

    Has anyone with the edition card tried redeeming the edition cash for statement credit, if yes, what value they offer for 1 edition cash?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was recently said that only Edition Black (yet to go live) has this stmt credit option.

      1. Arjun

        Thanks Sid! What other redemption options do they offer and at what value per point?

  14. Bala

    Does rbl allow to hold two cards from them. Can existing rbl card holders apply for this card?

  15. Ankur Pathak

    I got the Edition Black Card. I upgraded my Fun + Card by calling customer care. They refused the upgrade. They told they are taking the request for card cancellation. You will get call from retension team and they have power to upgrade. I got call and requested to upgrade. I received the card in 7 days. As per website card has annual fee of 1500 + gst. But they will charge u joining fee of 1500 + gst. But you can raise the complain that no joining fee on website and it will be reversed. They may also ask to give complementary 250 Amazon Voucher or 2000 RBL rewards. Take the 2000 RBL rewards which u can later redeem for 2000 Rs. They give u rewards thinking that it will be something 300 Rs. But on this card each reward can convert to 1 Rs.

    1. Pratik

      I tried the same thing. The cancellation team also refused.

    2. Gyanesh Kumar

      Ankur did u redeemed edition cash into statement credit ever. If yes please share the steps

  16. Devam Dave

    I applied for the Classic card on 28th of November when I got a notification from the Zomato App itself. It was a smooth process and took 5 mins for KYC with Aadhar card. Got a message today (2nd December) that it will be delivered in a couple of days via Delhivery courier service. It is a fast process. Awaiting to explore it more.
    But I’m still thinking if I should use this one in Zomato or my Amex Smart Earn Credit Card
    Please let me know if anyone can recommend something.

    1. Ankur S

      You should use this card in Zomato. Smart earn does not have special benefit for Zomato but extra points on swiggy use. Also dining benefits are this card feature by reading the details.

    2. Sanjay kumar

      He Devam Dave
      Please tell me about the complete process of application for edition credit card by getting notifications

      1. Devam Atul Dave

        I got a pop up notification from Zomato to apply for the card, then once I tapped on it, it took me for Verification where I verified with Aadhar Card, and once that was done, I got the card in a few days. These days I am paying using Zomato Pro, and saving a lot of money as I am getting 25% off in many restaurants.

  17. MT

    I am only getting to join the waitlist for edition classic variant , can i join waitlist and then at time of KYC ask for edition variant ? Or they will only approve/deny the edition classic variant ?

    1. Nick

      As of now they are sending invitations only for Edition Classic card. Also, I didn’t see any option to choose between the two variants at the time of applying. Zomato officials are not sure when the premium variant will go live. I would suggest you to go for the card (if you are interested) and then ask for upgrade in future. However, I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be.

  18. Sundeep sharma

    If a person already has a RBL or Bajaj super card, is he still eligible to apply for this card. Beacuse RBL bank gives a shared limit if you even apply for a second card

  19. Abhishek

    My card application is stuck at “Checking your credit limit”. Anyone facing same issue? I have tried multiple times.

  20. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I have an RBL Monthly Treats card. Pretty poor in terms of rewards. RBL has decent merchant offers, so make sense to hold 1 card. Had asked the customercare for a card flip/upgrade option, they said this card can only be processed through Zomato. Also confused about which variant to go for. I have got an option to join the waite list for the classic card, would like to explore a bit about the premium variant before taking the call, would also want to close the Monthly Treats.

  21. ismail

    how do we check the application status of edition classic card once the app pushes it to waitlisting? all the banner/ad/apply section is missing in the app after i applied

  22. Aman Bindra

    Hi, has anyone received the 500 Edition Cash for Joining fees, i have my first statement generated, however the statement does not mention the 500 Edition cash nor does the zomato app show it.

  23. Ankit

    Is anyone else having trouble in paying off their dues. When I enter the card number on the RBL billdesk page, I get the message – Please enter a valid RBL card number. Even HDFC billing site does not seem to recognize the card.


      Try using CRED app. I am using it to pay for my RBL V Card 💳.

  24. Tirthakrit Mukherjee

    How long does rewards take time to get credited in this card? More than a month has lapsed since my first transaction, but no zomato cash yet.

  25. Shashank

    Where will i be getting that “5% value back on dining”? In Zomato credits?

  26. Abhinandan

    Got in the waitlist in Nov mid. Still no responses from Zomato… Any clues when will I be able to get the card?

  27. AG

    Is there a limit to the 10% rewards on spends on birthday? Can’t find any information related to this on the website. I am wondering if this is still available on either of the cards.

  28. Deepak

    I got an offer from Zomato/RBL on the Zomato app for this card. It was approved in less than 2 minutes. The application process was very easy and the card was generated instantly with a limit of 3.5 lakh. Unfortunately, that is how long the good experience lasted. The chaps at RBL are really unprofessional and they kept sending the physical card to some unknown address. They sent it to the wrong address THREE times. I was really scared for the safety of my card so, had to get it cancelled.

    The offer is good but the RBL customer service is pathetic. I will not recommend doing business with RBL. I will be interested in the card if Zomato ties up with a premium bank.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      RBL support is poor but Zomato support is much better. Tried Edition support on app for this issue?

  29. Dr. A. Bhattacharya

    Anyone has idea that they are accepting applications now?

    1. Nikhil

      Yes, I applied 2 days, Card delivered within 2 days. Till now experience have been good, The vertical design looks too good.

  30. Vishal Pipraiya

    Got offered to proceed with kyc on this yesterday 3rd June evening after having applied for waitlist last year. So long it took them! Aadhar OTP is done, video kyc with pancard is pending. Hope the card is as good as I think it will be. Zomato pro in 500rs with 5% on every Zomato spend is definitely attractive!

  31. Anu

    I have no option to apply on Zomato. Any link for this?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Current waitlist is being cleared now. Should open for all in few weeks I guess.

  32. Joydeep Banerjee

    I too have the option but address not deliverable 🙁

  33. prashant

    not using rbl card now , Edition Classic I find cheapest with rbl bank with good reward , just not want to close rbl card. is there any other card suggestion my usage is very low

  34. varun goyal

    Hello siddharth sir I am currently using RBL Platinum Delight card from around 3 years with limit of 2,40000 highest from any cards I am using so the matter is I requested from customer care for changing in edition variant but they are refusing so I give request them to close Platinum Delight card because literally they(RBL)only promise to give some benefits on their cards but they doesnt give them. In Platinum Delight card RBL promises give 1000 bonus reward points for doing 5 transactions of 1000 or more in a month but literally I don’t get theses bonus reward points without raising request in every month so I just want to ask should I close RBL Platinum Delight card with 2,40000 limit of 3 years limit. Is this will impact my CIBIL?

  35. Amitabh Maheshwari

    Have been approved the base variant LTF with 2.92 L limit.

      1. Saurabh

        I got base variant too with exact same credit limit – 2.92L. I don’t have any existing relationship with RBL bank.

  36. Aditya Sree

    Anyone from Hyderabad got the card? also where exactly in the zomato app do we need to check?

    1. Saurabh

      For me (Bangalore) when I open Zomato app on android, among the options at the bottom there is a new section – ‘Money’. When I tap into that I could see the invite. Now, after card approval it is showing all details like bill due, credit limit utilized etc.

      1. Fahd

        What is your ordering pattern on Zomato? How may orders per week / per month? Just trying to understand invite criteria

        1. Saurabh

          Not frequent but but regular. 5-6 orders per month. Some of them amounting to 1000-1500 too.

  37. mohan

    I am getting offer on zomato app lifetime free and no annual fee. Is this true

  38. Varun

    Hi Siddharth,

    I am getting option but I want Edition premium not classic one. Any idea how can I get hold of one?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The black one is not ready with Visa yet AFAIK.

  39. Vineet Punjabi


    I tried finding applying for this card but I am not able to find any option how to go about this nor the Zomato people are helping nor the bank people, No one has a solution how to apply this.

    Tried calling & emailing both!
    No use.


  40. Sunny Chauhan


    1. Card can be applied from MONEY TAB in the Zomato App [ It shows apply for the card automatically if you are eligible, otherwise shows only wallet ]

    2. I got card lifetime free with 6 years of validity and free pro membership too for the same duration [ I stay in Delhi NCR ]

    3. Process took hardly any time and everything was done online in 10 mins max including the video KYC etc.

    4. I will purely use the card for Zomato orders and Dining mostly. Cheers !

  41. Gyanesh Kumar

    Any black edition card user have tried converting Zomato credit into statement credit? If yes please help me with peocess

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