Bookmyshow RBL PLAY Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

By | January 13, 2023

RBL Bank silently launched “PLAY by BookMyShow” Credit Card during 3rd week of September 2022 under exclusive partnership with BookMyShow. RBL had cards with similar features & benefits namely, Fun+ Card (later replaced with Movies and More card), Blockbuster card etc. thereby creating confusion to customers.

RBL PLAY Credit Card
RBL PLAY Credit Card

Thankfully RBL decided to stop issuing these cards and instead launched RBL Popcorn Credit Card 3 years back having almost similar features & benefits. Lets quickly delve into card features, benefits and experience of RBL Play Credit Card.

Fee Structure

Joining Fee:

  • INR 500+ GST (Waived if you are a BookMyShow Superstar during card approval)

Welcome Offer: 2 movie tickets upto INR 500= 2X250 each at BookMyShow (applicable even for a BookMyShow Superstar with NIL joining fee). 200 BMS cash as well post card approval upon completing VKYC

T&C: Activate and transact once with your PLAY credit card within 30 days of issuance. Valid for any among Movies/ Plays/ Events/ Sports/ Activities/ Stream and for a period of 90 days from Card activation. Convenience fee has to be paid.

Annual Fee:

  • INR 500+ GST

Waived if you continue to be a BookMyShow Superstar, else waived upon spending 1.5 Lacs per year.

BookMyShow Superstar

As per BookMyShow, you become a Superstar on completing 10 bookings (via any card and not limited to PLAY card) in past 365 days and transaction amount is worth minimum 100 each time.

Superstar status continues upon making 10+ bookings in subsequent years.

Features & Benefits

USP Benefit/ Monthly Offer:

Spend INR 5000+ in a billing cycle to get 2 free Movies/ Plays/ Events/ Sports/ Activities/ Stream (upto 500 discount in Stream category) tickets upto 250 each

2 Free monthly ticket offer upon spending 5000+ will be activated for next month billing cycle. These free tickets can’t be accumulated and should be used within next billing cycle only.

Also monthly offer should be used in a single transaction and upon booking minimum two tickets (Wish! they made the redemption simple & convenient)

Other Benefits:

Upon booking F&B alongside movie tickets using this card and applying ‘PLAY Credit Card- F&B Offer’, a discount of INR 100 will be applicable once a month (Only one offer can be applied). Unused quotas will be carried forward.

Note: This offer is mostly useless if you hold any Visa Infinite Credit/ Debit card which discounts both tickets n F&B simultaneously (Keep in mind that the Visa Infinite offer is quota based and gets quickly exhausted)

Fuel surcharge waived off upto INR 100, once a month upon fuel transactions between 500 to 4000

Welcome Kit

RBL play card Welcome Kit
RBL Play Card


RBL PLAY won’t reward anything once you have spent INR 5000 in a billing cycle (Two free tickets criteria).

On paper although it looks like a sweet 10% kind of return, but as several cards offer B1G1, the reward rate will turns out to be ~ 5%.

Even bit lower as it’s not possible to make use of 250 per ticket everytime completely and hence in reality 3.5-4% kinda reward is justified.

Still good to use for RBL merchant offers and get those 2 free tickets every month. Because anyway very few RBL credit cards are rewarding enough.

Final Thoughts

PLAY card integration into BookMyShow app leaves a lot to be desired. Even though experience have been smooth in redeeming the monthly/ welcome offer, they should have easily provided monthly offer active/ inactive status for more clarity.

If you already hold an RBL bank credit card, the limit gets shared between them, even though I was shown a different lower limit during card approval.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 2.5/5 (4.5/5 for BMS Superstar)

If you are a BookMyShow Superstar and will remain likely maintain Superstar status, this PLAY card is a no brainer as you hit the sweet spot (Primary reason I applied for).

Joining/ Annual fee gets waived off. On top you get welcome offer as well. Not to forget RBL runs monthly offers on quite a few merchants viz. Bigbasket, BB Daily, Amazon Fresh, Flipkart Grocery etc.

Non Superstar members can skip applying this card as annual fee waiver criteria of 1.5 Lacs spend is quite a task if you already hold Super Premium cards having high reward rate in your wallet.

Author: Satish Kumar Agarwal

Charmed by the world of finance especially Credit Cards, Bank Accounts. Helping friends in becoming financial savvy gives joy n pleasure to me.

23 thoughts on “Bookmyshow RBL PLAY Credit Card: Hands-on Experience

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      I was already holding RBL Bajaj Supercard, still got approved immediately for this card.

  1. Niju

    Thanks for the Review.
    I hold this card being a bookmyshow superstar, but have no clue how to redeem the movie vouchers and where to see those as I had crossed the 5K spend limit.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Under offer section of BookMyShow, use PLAY Credit Card Monthly Offer and it should be easy for you. Use it in next billing cycle otherwise it will expire.

  2. Rohit

    Definitely useless card for me since I have 2 visa signature cards and can get 600 off per month which is huge for me coz I don’t see movie much on theather after OTT is available 😁

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      True that. If you can use 2 tickets every month, then only useful, that too if Superstar.

  3. shaishav

    The card is useless, if one has other card with buy one get one card. The discount of Rs. 100 in F & B category is useless as all the items in multiplex are very costly.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      F&B offer is useless, written in review. As this is not B1G1 offer, you get 2 tickets free upto 250 each. Just pay convenience fees.

      For F&B, one of the best is Visa Infinite offer, if quota is available by the time you book it.

  4. Razin

    I tried to apply for this card. But I got a message that unable to offer because credit acceptance criteria not met. I have a CIBIL score more than 760+. What happened here? How can I apply again?

  5. Reddy

    Applied for this card for BMS offer.

    During the application process, it showed me the credit limit as 2.5 lakhs. After 2 days of application, I have received a mail saying that ‘your application for play card has been accepted’. I am still waiting for the card.

  6. Mahesh S Panicker

    Not a great product even for BMS. There are other cards with usable options/offers… With no regular spends/rewards, no point holding this one. Badly designed by RBL. Think the only card useful in their portfolio is the Monthly Treats card, with steady cashback for grocery and Swiggy…

  7. Ramesh Shah

    If I take this card by paying joining fees and later on become BMS Superstar, will renewal fee be waived off?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal Post author

      Should be waived off. At the time of card approval joining fee/ renewal fee, system checks the Superstar status and decides whether to charge the fee or not.

      If in doubt, contact BookMyShow support.

  8. Harissssssssss

    I have applied this card when I am unaware of my non-Super Star status. Should I cancel the card after using 500 movie tickets and 200 BMS cash since it says 45 days return policy no questions asked. Will they refund 500 + GST fees?

  9. Nirmalya Seth

    I am a BMS Superstar user, got the offer in the app but the application was declined in the app saying that the internal criteria did not met. Not sure what their internal criteria is, but I have an LTF RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card with 770+ Cibil score.

  10. Swati

    I tried to apply for this card. But I got a message that unable to offer because credit acceptance criteria not met. I have a CIBIL score more than 760+
    How to apply again and where to contact.


    I got the card approved
    But I am not super star yet
    I will be superstar in next 2 bookings

    If I request the rbl team will they wave off ?
    I haven’t activated card yet
    After I became superstar n Activate the card
    Will I be charged 500

  12. Hardik Zala

    If I make a movie booking with this card, Now Suppose booking 2 tickets worth 230 each, 460 Discount will be provided, Now I will have to pay convenience pay which will be around 30-40 per ticker, let’s say I have to Pay 80 Rs convenience so for this order after discount payment value is less than 100, will this order counted towards superstar membership or not (Superstart T & C 100 Rs Minimum Order – 10 Order Per Year)

    1. Suhasa

      All free ticket bookings are considered as per RBL customer support

  13. Santosh

    Do not go for RBL PLAY CREDIT CARD . They are missleading promting 500 monthly free movie tkt offer. Actually you will get this offer only when u do certain trasacation. If spend on fuel, insurance, water bill, electricity bill, any utility bills , government payment, wallet transfer and many more spends will not be considered as spent to make u eligible for movie tkt offer. That’s why I am saying missleading. Do don’t go with this card if you are expecting free movie tkts

  14. Sujit Kumar

    I have a RBL Bank Play credit card, Earlier for any Spent like Insurance Payment, Rent Payment, Fuel Transaction etc. on play card we are getting 2 Free Movie ticket in each month. But the most of the category like Fuel transaction, All type of Insurance transaction , All UPI transaction RBL bank stopped giving Free Movie ticket even you spend 5000+ . So As my my view for a middle class Family there are the major spent in every month against which we are suppose to receive 2 Movie Voucher for entertainment. As RBL bank decided to most of the category excluded from this offer bucket, The RBL Bank Play credit card is useless forever. Those transactions are included in the offer list of RBL , other bank credit cards are giving good offers in terms of flat instant discount then why we will use RBL Bank card. RBL Bank higher management should think about it again, Else will close this card.

  15. Kalpesh Gala

    Absolutely third class card and third class service from RBL ..
    Even though my spend is more than 5000 rs in billing cycle and offer is not availed in that period – while BMS booking – it shows error that 5000 rs spend criteria is not met…
    When I called customer service.. their typical reply is ‘due to technical glitch – we can’t pull your data’ …. so no solution…
    What’s the use of this card then… one simple small offer is also not availed properly… why to spend this much on this card.. there are many other good cards .. go for them… i have closed my RBL play card now


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