RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

By | February 27, 2023
RBL Zomato Credit Card

Update: This card is heavily devalued from 20th Sep 2022 after which it looses all the grand benefits of the card. Hence, it may no longer be useful for most.

You might have heard that popular saying that goes something like “There is no such thing as a free lunch“. But here’s a credit card from Zomato & RBL bank that can disprove that statement.

Zomato Edition credit card not only gives you amazing discounts on food, but also gives you the ability to order free food. Here’s everything you need to know about the Zomato Edition Classic credit card.


TypeDining Credit Card
Reward Rate1% to 10%
Annual FeeNil
Best forDining & birthday spends
USPAccelerated rewards on birthday

It’s a must have credit card for dining benefits without a doubt. You not only get 5% for Zomato spends but also on any dining spend done at offline restaurants.

Joining Fee

Joining Fee500 INR + GST (LTF, as of now)
Welcome Benefit500 INR worth Zomato Credits
Renewal Fee500 INR+GST

You get what you pay (if you pay the fee), as Zomato credits. But never mind, it’s currently being issued as a Lifetime Free card.


Zomato Credit Card
Zomato Credit Card – Design

The card comes in a nice and creamy colour that looks similar to the Elephant Tusk White. While I initially thought that it might attract a lot of dirt, fortunately it didn’t.


Regular rewards

Dining Spends (Zomato)5%
Dining Spends (Anywhere, Offline)5%
Birthday Spends10%
Online spends1.5%
Offline spends1%

It’s a neat and simple reward structure as you can see. The rewards at above rate are credited as Edition cash which can be viewed on the Zomato App.

The transaction wise detailed statement of the rewards earned can be seen on the app in a matter of few taps.

The cashback % and the value reflects instantly as soon as you take the transaction. This is an amazing feature to have and its probably the first in industry to introduce such a transparent system.

Zomato Card rewards

Milestone rewards

  • 2000 INR on spending 2L INR (annually)

That’s a nice 1% additional reward rate on top of the existing reward structure. So it’s easy to get rewards as good as 2.5% on online spends, upto 2L spend. And of-course a lot more on dining and birthday spends.

Zomato Pro

Apart from all the rewards, you also get Zomato Pro membership that comes with below features.

Not a fan of it as such, as I wish it also comes with no delivery fee sort of benefit like the Swiggy One. But well, something is better than nothing.

Zomato pro Benefits


It just takes few taps to redeem.

The Edition cash that you earn through credit card spends can then be redeemed for Zomato Credits in a click of a button and it gets available for use, instantly.

These Zomato credits can be used while placing the order on Zomato app and it serves much like real money. You can also use it in conjunction with other Zomato promo codes as well, which is great.

I’ve been ordering free food all through the year using Zomato credits and it works flawlessly.

Onboarding experience

It hardly took me ~3 mins or so when I initially got the card, an year ago. The application takes all the details from Aadhaar card and authenticates it via OTP. 

I’ve never seen such a buttery smooth credit card onboarding experience in my life. These days we have similar experience on Unicard, Slice & other BNPL apps as well, but I would say Zomato was the first to give such an experience, at-least for me.

The good news is, you don’t need to have any relationship with RBL Bank to get the card issued in matter of minutes. It took about a week to deliver the card in hand.

As you might know, ICICI Amazon Pay card too was issued with such an easy onboarding process. However, it’s fast only for the ICICI account holders but here it’s for everyone.

Now I see that video KYC has been added additionally that could increase the process a bit, but overall it would hardly take less than 10 mins for the whole process to be completed.

How to apply?

  • Check out the “Money” tab on Zomato App

Zomato is onboarding customers in phases since past one month or so, on Visa. 

I see most Zomato app users are able to see the invite on the app but just incase if you’re not eligible yet, not to worry, it shouldn’t take more than a month or so for you to be able to apply for one. 

And by that time Zomato Edition black card can also be expected to be ready, along with upgrade offers for existing cardholders.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5 (since devaluation)

RBL Zomato Edition Credit Card is a hidden gem in its current form. It’s an amazing card not only for those who’re new to the world of credit cards but also for the super premium credit cardholders. 

After all, it can give you free food all through the year if you know how to use it, which is not a rocket science anyway.

Update: The Sun is setting on 20th Sep 2022. 😐

Do you hold RBL Zomato edition classic or black card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

229 thoughts on “RBL Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card Review

  1. Saurabh

    I got it Life Time Free. I see some other users mentioning the same on the other cardexpert article from an year back.

  2. Ashish Goyal

    Hi Siddarth,

    What do I have to do to make it life time free?
    As per my understanding, I’ve to make total purchases of 2 lacs to get my annual fee waived off per year.

  3. Naveen Swami

    Don’t you feel confused while paying for dining whether to pay with this card vs Dineout app? The Dineout passport + HDFC card offers anywhere between 15%-45% discount on total bill which beats anything else i have seen so far.

    I can admit, for ordering in 5% isn’t bad at all. But then again if you use Swiggy and pay through Amazon Pay Balance (purchased via SmartBuy) it again comes about 15% savings better than 5%.

    So whichever expense I think of this card can’t compete with the already existing options I have, so despite how excited I am to apply for this I fail to see myself making any good use of this one.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Naveen Swami

      Also to add, the banking partner here, RBL is one of the worse ones when it comes to customer service, issue resolution, online and app experience.

    2. Siddharth Post author

      Focus on the 10% instead
      5% is for those small restaurants, not for the fine dining as we’ve enough apps for that to get nice ~40% off.

    3. Sanjit Keshri

      Hi Naveen,
      When you say HDFC, I mean you are referring to Diners Black and Infinia for more discounts but these are difficult to get. Also, consider a restaurant which has no tie-ups with Dineout or EazyDiner. There are few good restaurants which are not in their list (Dineout/EazyDiner). In such cases, this card will come very handy.

  4. Naveen Kumar

    Hi Siddharth, I already hold RBL bank Cookies credit card and RBL Bajaj World Plus card , am I eligible for one more rbl card or can I cancel/migrate any one existing card and convert it to zomota card? If Yes, please how to convert? I didn’t received any invite from zomota or banner popup is also not available in the zomota app.

  5. AG

    I wanted to apply. But was never eligible. Looking forward to the day when it’ll be open for all.

  6. PJ

    Hi Siddharth, are there any caps on the rewards? specially 10% on birthday spends?

  7. Rohit vakaria

    Hi Sid,
    Above is what i found on rbl website currently.

    ‘1.5 Edition Cash on every Rs. 100 spent online or food purchases made on any platform other than Zomato’

    So dining anywhere (not through zomato will be 1.5 Edition Cash on every Rs. 100.
    Also i couldn’t find 10% birthday spend NOW on the website so is it still ON or removed?
    Even the Tnc dont have any mention of birthday spend
    Thanks for the help

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ignore RBL website info, its outdated. Rely on the info that Zomato shows on the app. I can see on the app what I’ve mentioned, as of now.

  8. Ankur

    What do you mean by “Dining Spends (Anywhere) – 5%”?

    Does it mean 5% cashback on all stand-alone restaurants, restaurants in hotels, dining apps like swiggy, etc?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Offline restaurants – yes
      Online apps – not tested yet.

      1. Yuvaprasath D

        Kindly let me know,how to redeem the cashback to adjust in our outstanding statement.I tried to adjust the amount in my outstanding but not possible.

        I want to know 10% cashback is on our bday is applicable for all type of spends like offline and online purchase ( rentpay, dineout, Zomato, insurance payment, wallet loading,fuel etc.) or hidden condition is there..

        What about limit cap?

        1. Ravi

          Yes, it’s applicable on EVERYTHING. Spent around 1.5L on my BD, got 15k Zomato Credits. I paid almost everything, insurance dues, bought digital gold, NPS, fuel, topped up wallets (MB, BB, Amazon Pay) etc… whatever was basically due in the next 2-3 months. Zomato is now free for the next 3 months or so. Basic Zomato coupons are still applicable (like TASTY/ZOMATO/etc) while ordering.

          1. Naveen Kumar

            Hi RAVI, What is MB wallet? I never heard about that.

          2. Neel

            Hi Ravi – So whatever I spend and get get cashback, I can only use it as Zomato credit – right? It is not going to my Zomato Wallet also. So I can only order food through Zomato and use the redemption as discount, correct?

  9. Nikhil

    Great card. I spent 2 lakhs last month to buy a TV & fridge and got 20k zomato credits. Ordering food every weekend with that credits now.

    We’re getting a car next month for wife’s bday. Need to pay 3 Lakhs down payment but her limit is only 1.7L. Do they allow to pay bill same day and release the limit?

    1. Raj

      Hi Nikhil,
      How about paying Rs.1.5 lac down payment by cad this month and settle the bill.
      Then pay Rs.1.5 lac in the next month to get all the credits?.
      Pls tell us how it goes, once you do it.

      1. Nikhil

        Raj, I don’t get you.

        I need to spend on same day, on wife’s bday, on her card to get the benefit.

    2. OP

      You can check with customer support for temporary increase in limit for 1 month.
      In the past I have tried with Yes and HDFC, they gave increased limit for only 1 month.

    1. Manikanta

      I got invite yesterday and applied for it. Approved today with limit of 2.38L

      1. Ravi

        I got invite but can’t see any option to apply in Zomato’s Money tab. My app is updated.

        Anything specific which needs to be done to see option to apply?

  10. Suresh

    Please explain the process you use to get the free food, not sure what you mean exactly

  11. Naveen Kumar

    I wanted to apply zomato edition card, I didn’t received any invite from zomota either banner popup is also not available. I am user of zomato for more than 4 years. I already hold RBL Cookies credit card and RBL Bajaj World Plus card , am I eligible for zomato rbl card or can I migrate by cancelling one by existing card ? If Yes, please how to convert?

    1. Chaitanya

      Call the customer care and ask them to convert/upgrade/change one card to Zomato card. They will be able to do it.

      1. Rahul Yadav

        No response by Rbl bank. I tried many times but they don’t get it upgrade from classic edition to black.
        Any other options.
        Please suggest

  12. Shashank

    I have been using this card for 6 months now. Loved the transparency of the reward structure as Siddarth has pointed out. This helped out in knowing that a txn at a restaurant was categorised as a hotel (stay) payment probably due to the pos machine used. I received only 1% cashback instead of the 5%. There is a dedicated chat support for the card within the Zomato app and they were able to give the proper cashback within 5 minutes, without asking for any proof or further details. Definitely beats the amex chat support.

  13. Anon

    > I can admit, for ordering in 5% isn’t bad at all. But then again if you use Swiggy and pay through Amazon Pay Balance (purchased via SmartBuy) it again comes about 15%

    What do you mean by this? You pay using Amazon pay for Swiggy through SmartBuy?
    I see a “15% off on Swiggy” in SmartBuy, but that’s only Payzapp card. What am I missing?

    1. Naveen Swami

      If you have either a Diners Black or Infinia you can purchase Amazon pay voucher to pay for swiggy, alternatively you can directly purchase swiggy vouchers as well.

      Both options give you 15% points on transaction value.

        1. Naveen Swami

          Club miles point value for travel redemption is 0.5, so effectively it becomes 7.5% for you

    1. Saurabh

      If you see zomato wallet by RBL bank in ‘Money’ section – you probably are not getting the credit card invite at this time. Saw the same for my wife. You are instead being offered zomato wallet, not sure how useful is that.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Not exactly. I can see both “Wallet” and “Edition” on my profile.

        1. Saurabh

          Got it. It appears people are getting invite for either wallet or credit card or both. I got only for credit card and my wife got only for zomato wallet.

        2. Sanjay Savla

          I wasn’t seeing any invite in My Wallet section.
          So I sent a message & was connected to Zomato expert,
          I was told to connect again in a day & voila, the offer was there on My Wallet section & I applied & got My card within a week.

          1. Kartik

            Hello Sanjay,

            Could you please confirm how and on what platform did you connect with the Zomato experts?

  14. Tarundeep

    Got the invite yesterday via email from Zomato. Applied for it. Now awaiting V-KYC approval.
    Checked with customer care regarding 10% cashback on birthday. It’s applicable on everything including fuel and insurance premium. The only exception is e wallet loads and cash withdrawal.

  15. Dev

    Got an email from Zomato regarding pre approved edition card LTF waiting for me. Clicked on the link and redirected to Zomato app. After entering pan,dob, address etc it shows unable to issue a credit card now. Also got a sms from cibil instantly. Checked cibil & found an enquiry from Rbl bank. I am already holding a cobranded card from Rbl bank. Called the customer care of Rbl , but they are unable to assist in this regard. Very bad experience, unnecessary cibil enquiry.

    1. Mahesh

      Same for me. After entering details it shows “unable to issue card. Kindly check later…” This is not related to cibil score since I have 800+ score. I think they are rolling out in limited pace.
      But for this if they do Cibil enquiry, then its unnecessary and too bad.
      Btw, are they providing mastercard variant also? Or only Visa? I see mastercard variant for Siddharth.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        I got the MC variant almost an year, before the ban. Now they’re only issuing Visa.

    2. Selvaraj Balakrishnan

      It’s clear! There is no credit card for those who having rbl card already,I think no one here claimed that they existing rbl credit card customer and got approved edition card.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Some were able to upgrade their existing RBL card to Zomato. You would need to keep escalating.

        1. Naveen Swami

          Can they do that with co-branded cards?
          Especially in this case where it appears process is controlled by Zomato rather than RBL

        2. Dev

          Siddharth, Are you sure about the upgrade? Today I called the customer care for upgrading my existing card. But they replied that cobranded card can not be upgraded to other variant. They even can’t issue another card despite of having good credit limit on existing Rbl card.

        3. Ravi

          I have an RBL Bajaj Finserv SuperCard and still got the Edition Classic. Didn’t need to do anything about it.

        4. Fahd

          I also requested swapping my Shoprite card for this.. RBL didn’t agree..I closed my Shoprite card but couldn’t get them to agree

      2. Aakash Karnani

        I was holding rbl platinum supercard with 40k limit. Randomly on 24th Dec 11AM called customer care and asked them if they can upgrade to Zomato Edition Classic to which they denied straight away and also got denied for limit enhancement. Later in the afternoon at 2ish got a pop-up from Zomato to apply for the card, applied and did the KYC. At 5.30 in the evening card was visible with a 2.25L limit

      3. Galiveeti Hemakumar Reddy

        I am having RBL credit card more than 3 year (Bajaj super card). Yesterday I got edition classic card. But both are sharing same credit limit.

  16. Sharad bengani

    I have been offered very low credit limit (35,000). My hdfc credit limit is 20x of that. Utilising 10% cashback with such low credit limit isn’t attractive enough

  17. Krishna

    I called them up and asked for joining fee waiver and they did it. Also birthday spend is awesome. I paid rent on birthday and got 10% back. With rent pay charges you are effectively getting 9%. Best part it’s unlimited cashback. Pooled in some 80k spend to get 8000back

  18. Keyur

    Definitely deserves a place in your list of “Best Credit Cards of 2022”

  19. Ritwik

    Does it matter if you are in a T2/T3 city?

    Question being does RBL provide credit cards across India or only in metro like IDFC. Will I be able to see this invite if my zomato is GPS’d to a T2/T3 city?

      1. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

        They are only issuing big credit cards to HNI customers in T2/T3 cities. Normal and co branded credit cards are not available in most of the T2/T3 cities.

  20. Anirban

    Me too got very low limit of only 35k although i got a very high CIBIL and my hdfc and amex card limits are over 20x of what is being offered. Not able to understand the logic of why so low credit limit. Sid – your thoughts?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This appears to be too low. Most have got in the range of 1L-3L. Unfortunately nothing can be done for next 9 months. Hope they make it as 6 months at-least in future.

      1. Gaurav

        This is exactly what has happened with me too!!
        Had this invite last year, when Zomato rolled out their cards. Ignored then!
        Last week got an option to activate wallet.
        I’ve totally stopped using Zomato, shifted to Swiggy, though I have Zomato pro activated for next 3 yrs😅
        Today again got this invite. Thought of giving it a try this time.
        But to my surprise, after they hit my cibil immediately on entering my PAN and clicking submit, they offered me a limit of a meager 35K😅😂🤣 Don’t really know what’s RBL’s criteria for assigning limit, though once I held one RBL’s LTF card of over 4L limit (closed now)

  21. Mannat Juneja

    Hi Sid,

    I got the card approved, wanted to know if it’s Visa Signature or Platinum.


      1. Prashant Gupta

        I have applied too awaiting VKYC. The lint offered was above 3.5L. Was skeptical earlier but being ltf and zomato pro free membership I decided to apply. Applied for a new card after a long time.

  22. Shiv Duggal

    In birthday date, if I make payment of life or term insurance, will i get 10% cash back? Then I can plan to make these payment from Zomato RBL instead of hdfc infinia….although my insurance premium last date is just before one day of my birthday but i can defer and pay next day still in grace period.

  23. Mihir Mohanty

    “The black premium Edition Credit Card is on invite basis of the bank and currently Zomato is not inviting applications of the same.” This is what I got after chatting with the zomato support.

  24. Amar

    What an amazing process for 10% birthday cashback.
    The moment you make the spend, it shows the 10% cashback availability on Zomato app against the transaction.
    I got it on all – Cred rent, insurance, bill pay et al.
    Keeping the card just for the bday benefit and hoping for upgrade to Black someday.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its indeed an amazing experience. Thanks for the additional inputs.

  25. Rajesh

    10% of birthday spend is awesome (much better than IDFC credit card 10x on bday-2.5% still). I got the card exactly on my birthday 😉
    I missed an insurance premium by a day only on zomato RBL CC though (used yes Bank 5x offer there though still thanks to this site info)

    today spent on a restaurant, supposed to get 5% CB but i see only 1% marked on zomato app. Probably might escalate to see if it can change.
    Spent on swiggy (my irony to open first on swiggy than zomato) – got marked as 1.5% CB,

    This definitely makes it to the best cards of 2021/22.

  26. neil

    Do the Zomato credits have any validity i.e., to be used within a certain period?

    1. Rajesh

      Zomato credits/cashback have lifetime validity – it shows on app with those words, but actually the credit card company trickpony/fact is you can use it only on zomato orders, it’s like your Zomato wallet.
      So a 10% or a 5% CB or a 1.5% or 1% CB, is actually worth bit lesser since you can anyway use bank credit cards to get 100-150 discount per order. I initially too thought it could be used to redeem as cash in statement but sadly we cannot.
      I am yet to experiment if i can redeem Zomato credits in combination with the basic discount coupons (like TASTY/ZOMATO/etc) which apply without a credit card.

  27. Deepank

    I could only see the ‘Edition’ card section on Money tab when address selected was of Bangalore. As soon as I changed it to my hometown (T2 city), the option was not visible anymore. Nevertheless, I applied and got approval instantly after V-KYC.

    1. Pavan

      For me after video KYC, it is showing the application under review and will take 1-2 working days.
      Any idea how long it takes before we get the card details?

      1. Selva

        Did you get the card? I’m also facing same issue, call centre helpless

  28. Purna

    There is a some problem in RBL bank.RBI has appointed person in the board.Please be careful if you have lumpsum amount in account.

  29. Gaurav

    Like many other members, I’m also not able to see the card as preapproved in my Zomato wallet tab despite being a Zomato pro member for > 4 years. Could it be because I hold another co-branded card of RBL? Also in case I wish to apply for the card, should I approach Zomato customer care (if it increases chance of getting LTF) or RBL customer care?

    Best Regards.

  30. Sunny Chauhan

    CARD NO WORKING. Strangely my card has stopped working all of a sudden. I get the OTPs but the transaction is declined every time ! I have ample limit left and still this is happening. Happened all of a sudden. NO idea what to do. Raised multiple complaints through the “help” option in the Edition Section of the Zomato app but the only response i get is we will get back to you in 24-48 hours which never happens. PATHETIC. Otherwise a pretty decent card – especially after being lifetime free and how easy it is to transfer the coins into zomato credits. Cheers !

  31. Manoj P

    Hey Siddharth. Thanks for your article. I have recently got this card. On the zomato app, it shows lifetime free but the application form sent by rbl after issuance of the card shows 1st year free and Rs 500 from 2nd year onwards. I had applied for the card on 4th of Dec this year. Are we entirely certain that this card is lifetime free ?

  32. Shiv Duggal

    Is it worth delaying paying the lic premium to take birthday benefit. I have few policies due around 36000 on 28th Dec, grace period will be till one month i.e. 27th Jan….my birthday is on 25 Feb…..so if i need to pay these policies then, it means policies will be lapsed but can be revived by paying 1% interest, so even then will save 9% it I pay by RBL card….bust question is …..is it advisable to go to this extent??

  33. Deepak Kumar

    I had applied for this card a week back, but it is still showing “Finalising your card details. This might take a couple of minutes”.

    1. Ankit Mittal

      Did you get the card? If yes then in how many days? For me the same thing is happening. Stuck on finalizing your card details

  34. Prashant Gupta

    The card issue experience was really fast from application online to delivery everything in 3-4 days.

    Can anyone confirm the forex charges? Is it 1.5%.

  35. Prashant Gupta

    I got Zomato Pro plus invite too. For Rs300 unlimited free delivery for a year. That’s nice. So they want customers to be truly involved in Ordering through Zomato and that through their cards. Nice marketing and thinking.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That’s cool. I’m on other side getting Rs.9 per delivery offer for all deliveries past couple of months, which I think is good too.

    2. Deepak Kumar

      Same here, I am also a Zomato Pro plus member now by paying Rs. 300 for one year.

  36. Nandhakumar

    @sid or anyone
    I have rbl maxima credit card and how to get Zomato card I can’t show apply in Zomato app how to trigger the application in app anyone know please tel me

  37. Ashish

    The application process and virtual card issuance was smooth. They sent the physical card through Delhivery which as usual was slow with its delivery. I intend to mainly use this card for birthday spends offer (Infinia and Amex MRCC covers my spends so regular spends on this card will not be needed). Any idea if around 50-60k NPS payment will create any issues?

    1. Ravi

      I’ve done 50K (In fact 1L me & my wife, same card) NPS with both Infinia & this card. No issues so far. I think that’s a very nominal usage. Nothing out of the ordinary.

      1. Shiv Duggal

        True….even I was thinking to do same, but my birthday is in late Feb, by then it will be too late to invest in nps as I need to submit investment proofs within 25 dec in my company to claim tax benefit.

  38. Aditya

    I received the edition classic card recently. I am interested in the edition (black/premium) variant. Any suggestions on how to proceed with the upgrade?

  39. Sandeep

    Hi Siddharth
    Spends on dining/food other than Zomato will get only 1.5 edition cash and not 5 points. As per RBL website

    1. Neville Joseph

      Fuel surcharge is not waived off. As a result, there is a loss of 0.18% (1% cashback – 1.18% surcharge & GST). So, it is better to use other cards with fuel surcharge waiver for fuelling.

  40. Shiv Duggal

    What are some of the spends which you guys are doing on birthday to utilise this card. I have almost no expense to make just for 10% cash back.

  41. Harsh

    Hi, any idea if the cashback expire? Is it a good idea to transfer it to zomato credits immediately?

  42. Hiren

    Hi Sid,

    As per the zomato app, the edition card is lifetime free with no renewal charges. All I want to know is, is this no renewal fees coming with the criteria with specific spends to be done during the Financial Year ?

  43. Mihir Thakkar

    This was LTF at time of application. Now my first statement is generated and they have charged INR 500+ GST. That is a nasty surprise from RBL.

    1. Binay Pradhan

      Ha ha. Today, I applied my LTF card. Would recommend to get the Rs.500/- waived through Customer Support.

  44. Prashant Gupta

    Really loving the card. 5% cashback even on sweet shop and normal restaurants is nice.
    How do I apply for addon cards. Customer care on zomato app says can’t be applied as of now.

  45. Deepak Jagga

    Spent using this card on dining restaurant. Got 1% only. Zomato support said go to bank. How to contact bank to look into it. Twitter?

    1. Gajanan Vaidya

      Normally Zomato Chat help to correct it from 1% to 5% instantly. They corrected for me on 3 occasion. Try one more time by providing date , amount of transaction.
      I found Zomato Edition cs very prompt .

  46. Ganesh

    Hey, thanks for the detailed review. I got myself an Edition card as well! I wanted to know if the Edition cash be used to pay dining bills. I don’t see an option to use the Edition cash.
    Also, Eg if the dining bill is 10,000 on a pro restaurant, and pro off is 20% off on dining.. I will have to pay 8000..can I pay this 8,000 using Edition cash?

    Looking forward to your response. Thnaks!

  47. Abby

    Has anyone availed the 3 month pro plus membership offer for 300/- ? Did they offer an extension for another 3 months/1 year once existing pro plus membership is over? Please share the charges if anyone has got the membership extended

    1. Saurabh

      I had got initial offer of 3 months pro plus for Rs 100 (didn’t hold this card at that time). Once that got over, I got an extension offer of 1 year for Rs 300 and took it.

  48. Raj

    Will one get 1.5 can back on online gold loan payment/ purchase as well?

  49. Gunasekaran Ramasamy

    Hi Siddharth,

    How can I get this card. When I check on zomato money page it is not available. It is showing to activate the wallet only. Is any transaction need to perform on the zomato wallet to get this card ??

    1. GTMAX

      It is not showing up because of your current location. Change the location to any metro city and you will see the option to apply the card.

  50. Zephyr

    I called up RBL customer care, i was told that one needs to be a Zomato pro member first to trigger the invite from zomato for classic credit card.
    Is it really the case ?

    1. Ashish Kumar

      Possible. I was on a 3 month voucher based pro membership when the option to apply for cc started showing.

    2. Rejaneesh S R

      When i contacted Zomato customer care for enquiring about this card, they said i should be an active Zomato user doing a good number of purchases using their app (I seldom use Zomato, but use Swiggy often). They never mentioned anything about pro membership for card eligibility

      1. Ashish

        I wasn’t a frequent user of Zomato. Like you, was using swiggy more often. Still got the offer probably after 1-2 months of activating Zomato pro.

  51. Rejaneesh S.R.

    So it seems like having pro membership could be one of the factors making us eligible for this card invite

  52. Manikanta

    Did anyone get 10% cashback on spends on birthday or is there any specific category limitation

    1. Saurabh

      Suggest you to read comments above . If everyone starts posting their questions without checking if it has already been discussed earlier or not, the blog will keep expanding unnecessarily.

  53. Prashant Gupta

    This card is really awesome. Spent almost 2.75 L on birthday and got the zcash after 2 days including the milestone cash. Best part is we can instantly see the cashback on any transaction. Currently it is also have 5% cashback on blinkit too. This card along with zomato pro is a real deal. It’s a must have card for everyone also being ltf.

  54. SS

    Where I can check the Zomato Credits, post redeemed Edition cash (I earn through credit card spends) ?

    1. Saurabh

      Profile -> Payments -> Zomato Credits (scroll to bottom)

  55. Ajai Singh

    While on my quest to get a alternative for Infinia dining 2x death I had taken a deep interest in Edition Black Credit Card due to the supposed 10% CB anywhere dine but that is not true sadly.

    I was sent rep sheets for both white & black and they say “1.5 Edition Cash on every Rs. 100 spent online or food purchases made on any platform other than Zomato” & “2 Edition Cash on every Rs. 100 spent online or food purchases made on any platform other than Zomato”. I searched the same on google and found the same words on RBL site :



    Maybe they changed the reward rate anyhow this makes them given 1.5% & 2% CB. I have gone with AU Zenith for 5% CB with spends of 1.2L in a year to reverse the fee for sure.

  56. Saurabh

    Anyone faced any issue for online payment getting an error “ VISA PREPAID CREDIT CARD not enabled.”

    Online payment is activated, is this a credit card or pre paid card.

  57. Sunil

    Actually, in order to receive free deliveries you must purchase Zomato’s pro plus addon for ₹1499. The price of the add-on remains the same regardless of whether you have this card or not. The only benefit of this card is the 5% cashback in restaurants and Zomato and the 10% birthday discount.

    1. Tarundeep

      This cardcomes with Pro membership.
      I got an offer for Pro Plus add on for 300 for 1 year which covers unlimited free deliveries. No surge or distance fee whatsoever.

      1. Varun

        Once I ordered a roll of 50 rs from 10km restaurant. Without pro plus the delivery charge would have been 90 rs 🙂

      1. Vikram

        I think they have increased it now… they are asking for 399 for 3months and 999 for a year for renewal.. or may be they have increased it for second time renewals..

        1. Varun

          I got zomato pro membership with the Zomato edition card and then got pro plus for 1 year with additional payment of Rs 300.

  58. Varun

    How to get an add on card for Zomato Edition card for my family.

  59. Vikram W

    One Hidden benefit of this card which i discovered is that it gives 1 percent rewards for Gold purchases from Physical stores.
    Most high return cards (Amazon pay/Axis Ace) etc donot give reward points on Gold Purchase from physical stores.
    The ones which do have low redemption rate.

    1 percent is a modest return on gold purchases.

    1. Ravi

      I always got regular rewards points on all my credit cards for gold purchase in physical stores including axis Ace card(2%)

  60. Dev

    Any existing rbl cobranded card holder applied for this card and got approved ?

    Actually I already have a rbl card and after seeing the offer in zomato app I applied for this zomato card but after entering all the details I got rejected and received an alert from cibil about an enquiry.

  61. Gkcards

    Birthday spends give a cool 10% cashback, so you can plan your spends on that day which can then be like free food for a year or more. Even NPS spend counts.

    1. Balpreet Singh

      Hi GK Cards,

      you mean if I spend 50k on NPS onmy birthday its a cool 5k cash back?
      No upper limit on cash back?


      1. Gkcards

        Yes, that’s the cool part. I guess upper limit will be your credit limit only

      2. Selva

        Beware! Now they blocking card instantly when we spend above 50% of credit limit in one shot.

        1. Gkcards

          i almost exhausted my full limit for 10% cashback, and nothing happened.

  62. Arjun

    I applied today and got approved instantly. I also see the Pro membership activated for 6 years.

    But the Pro Plus is still offered at 1499. I thought I can get Pro Plus for 300 if I’m a Pro member.

  63. pawan

    Guys for invite send dm to “edition by zomato” profile on twitter.
    They’ll ask for your registered mobile no and you’ll get a notification is a day or two.

  64. Manikanta

    Update on edition black card

    we apologize for the delay. Please allow us to inform you that the Black card is currently not available and we are working with our banking partner to restart the issuance of the Black version. Once available, we will open current users for upgrade too. Until then, you can keep enjoying the benefits of the Edition Classic card. If you need any further help, you know where to find us.

  65. Ayush Bhargava

    I applied for the card and it gor approved the same day. Now i can see the card in money section of zomato but there is no way to get the complete card no as well as the cvv. Is there anyway to access it till the time the physical card is delivered. Without cvv and card no there is no way to use it.

    1. SuperKnight

      You can try the RBL Mycard app, if not there, you need to wait for the physical card.

  66. SuperKnight

    DCB gave me a zomato pro membership voucher for 1 year, however with this card I am already a zomato pro member till the time I hold this card. In such a case what should I do with zomato voucher, will they return me some amount, like they did when I got this card (on pro-rata basis months left of my pro membership). Else please suggest if there is a way that I can monetize this membership anyway.

  67. Manikanta

    Update on edition black or premium cards:

    1)No more statement balance credit facility of edition cash.
    2)Still worthful as you get proplus membership

    1. Ankur

      Source of update?
      Also, I dont think they have started taking in new applications.

  68. Abhi

    My wife’s zomato acc was showing LTF invite for this card. After clicking on Apply it declined citing bank internal policy. Strange because I thought it has to be pre-qualified before showing the invite itself. Anyone else faced this?

    1. Sudheep

      yes.. Happened with me too.. Application via invite link got declined. My CIBIL is v. good , don’t know what all factors are included in the so called bank policy.

      CIBIL hit was instantaneous . I have escalated the issue with RBL asking if CIBIL score/report is not the parameter ( as I believe) for rejection, the CIBIL check should be done after you qualify the “other criteria”.

      No reply yet..

      1. Amit sharma

        Same thing happened with me. First they spammed my inbox with messages like you have been shortlisted but when after much thinking I decided to give it a go they declined it. I have 825+ CIBIL score.

        1. Abhi

          These guys are weird, my wife’s cibil is good and has couple of other cards, yet they declined. For me, the invite didn’t even show up even after requesting zomato support, despite the fact that I hold few super premium cards as well as RBL’s topmost card (Insignia) as well. On the other hand people are getting it with sheer ease. My RBL RM is helpless saying there’s no way he can get this done, it has to be via zomato.

  69. Manikanta

    Hi Ankur,

    You can check and confirm the same in RBL website itself. Earlier it used to be clearly mentioned as statement balance credit available, but now it is different.

  70. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Do we get the usual RBL offers with this card? It is still considered an RBL card right? RBL processes the Uni card, Federal Bank processes the Jupiter card, and the processing bank’s offers do not apply on those cards. So I just wanted to clarify whether the usual RBL offers would apply to this card? Since it is supposidly a co-branded card, it should be, but when I asked the RBL customercare about the card, they didn’t seem to know much and had told me an upgrade/switching isn’t possible from their end. Have the RBL Monthly Treats, pretty average card and I’ve had frequent issues with their grocery cashbacks. So thinking about getting this one…

    1. Virat

      Hey Mahesh, yes it is considered like a normal RBL card.
      There is an offer on bbDaily on RBL cards, i used zomato card and it was processed with the offer.

  71. Rejaneesh

    I received invite in my email but unfortunately my location (Trivandrum City) is not serviceable

    1. Rejaneesh

      But when I changed my location in the Zomato app to another city, I could see the invite option in the Zomato app. But as soon as I select the original delivery address, it shows non serviceable. Though I hold another RBL credit card at my original location

  72. K Jijo

    Hello Friends

    I got this card just before my birthday I was in doubt but they approved it, I spent very well and got good cash back. Before I got this card I was holding zomato pro plus which I got invite right before this card. Now my pro plus is ending in 3 days.. Will there any chance to renew my pro plus membership? Even I holding zomato edition card which give pro membership free.. Any advice?

  73. Rahul

    Is this card eligible for Amazon / Flipkart bank discounts when RBL Bank is featured? Or is it excluded?


    1. VishV

      I checked at Flipkart sale and this card was eligible for RBL card discounts.

  74. Ravi

    My Pro Plus is expiring and there s no option to renew it by paying. Zomato customer care informed that Zomato is revamping the entire Pro and Pro Plus program and hence cannot renew directly. One cannot even directly enroll to the Pro or Pro plus program by payment of fee. But one can still get them, if they got the Pro code or extension code through third party offers like banks, etc or if they hold Zomato Classic edition card, it is a life time Pro membership (6 years). Is this true?

    1. Saurabh

      This may be a new development. However the last statement is true – “if they hold Zomato Classic edition card, it is a life time Pro membership (6 years)”. But didn’t know if regular way of getting paid pro or pro plus membership is going away.

  75. Ram

    Anyone facing delay in getting the cashback on this card recently?

    My last cashback credit was almost 2 weeks ago.

    I’m getting a message on Zomato app saying they are upgrading but it’s been almost 2 weeks and no cashback credits.

    1. Deepak

      Yes, I am facing the same issue. Haven’t received cashback for my spends done 2 weeks ago.

      1. K Jijo

        Same problem, its goes directly to your RBL Credit card account… I have talked to the CC they still fixing…

        1. Deepak

          Yes, it has been 3 weeks now and the message appears as below:

          “We’re upgrading your experience ! As a result, you may notice a <> delay in receiving cashbacks. Please bear with us and we will make it worth the wait.”

          1. iD

            Update the App and try again. The cashback is showing now which strangely you have to transfer first to Zomato Credits by pressing Redeem button before use.

  76. Abble Bubble

    The issue has been fixed. I have received all pending reward points including the birthday 10% cashback which is awesome.

  77. Abhi

    What about all other spends of 1% including petrol pumps means ?? any clarification ?? and about birthday spends?? Any capping in the followings ??

  78. Shoeb

    Showing “finalizing ur card details” from last one week , when Contacted customer care, there say, ur card is being designed and will be delivered in 2-3 days, it’s been week now, and even card details is also not showing in Zomato app.. there said the approved limit is 1.74lakh

      1. Shoeb

        Finally after 20 days… it’s showing in app …please raise ur issue on twitter, edition by Zomato

    1. Garry

      If you have received the physical card, logout and login again in the app. It starts showing the card.

    1. Shubham Gupta

      +1, no more 5%cb on dining and 1.5%cb on online transactions. Only good for zomato orders now.

    2. Garry

      I have such bad luck! I got the card and the cashback devaluation email today itself! LOL

  79. Nitesh

    Great loss. My card was just approved and on d way. All my dreams broken.

  80. Abhi

    Big downgrade starting 20Sep. Birthday benefit of 10% gone, 1.5% on regular spends will be down to 1%, daily cap 500.

  81. Gkcards

    The mail didn’t say anything about 10% birthday benefit. That’s the biggest USP of card for me. I hope that stays

  82. VishV

    Yup. Just got the message.
    No 5% on dining.
    No 10% on B’day
    No 1.5% on online spends
    No rewards on Fuel, wallet load and Utility (which is fine though)
    Daily cap on Zomato spends
    I’m thinking about closing this card. 5% on dining was my most used feature. Also I hope the review will be updated soon and this card will be removed from Top recommended entry-level cards now.

    1. Raj

      Same here!
      I earned a lot of cashback on Dining out. Which was a MASSIVE boost for me. My major spends were – Amazon purchases, Dining out, and FBB purchases.

      So, I got the amazon Pay ICICI card, the Zomato RBL card and the SBI FBB card. SBI Fbb is pointless not since Future Retail is shutting down. And with the RBL Editions being DEvalued so much, its useless.

      The only reason I “may” retain it is because it is lifetime free, and having the 1.8 L credit limit helps me keep my overall credit usage % low and improve my CIBIL score. Otherwise this card is now ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Zomato has lost their minds.

      1. vicky

        IPO is sold to hapless retail investors. The blinkin merger is also done. So now why worry about customers losing

  83. Ajinkya

    Has anyone tried swapping existing RBL credit card for this card?

    I hold a useless RBL Shoprite card which is almost never used and want to swap with Zomato edition card but customer care as well as the branch is unable to take the swapping request for this card.

    My application got rejected by RBL when I applied via Zomato app as I already hold another RBL card with high limit.

    Should I close the existing card first and apply for this one after a few weeks?

  84. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I had asked about card swapping/upgrade, from my RBL Monthly Treats. Was told by the bank CC that the Edition Card is pretty managed by Zomato, and that RBL doesn’t directly issue the same. So no swapping or upgrade possible to the card. But if you get an invite on Zomato, then you can hold both cards. Haven’t yet received an invite, and with the current round of devaluation, don’t hink I would be too keen either.

  85. Prashant Gupta

    With this devaluation this card is useless now. Atleast the birthday offer should have been there – 5% would also have been good.

  86. Shiv Duggal

    Now since birthday 10% zomato credit is getting discontinued, i dont think it is worth to carry this card anymore. I was preparing to spend maximum this time coming birthday in Feb but no use now. Is there any other credit card in market which gives 10% cash back on birthday?? Any idea?

  87. Amit Patnaik

    According to the RBL website, food spends outside Zomato accrues 1.5% cashback, not 5% as mentioned.

  88. Nishanth

    I was able to get the card before they devalued it. One of the best deals I got 😊

    Spent 2.8L on birthday paying bills, school fees, rent and gold. Got 28,500 points credited the next day. Exactly one month later, they devalued it. It is mostly useless now apart from Zomato pro membership (which is too not worth that much anyways). Saving grace is that it’s LTF

  89. VishV

    I can confirm that today I received 5% cashback on restaurant spend. The only condition is that the restaurant should be a Zomato Pro restaurant (in Dining section of app) and you just need to pay the restaurant through Zomato app with Pro discount using Edition Card. The spend is counted as Zomato spend and qualifies for 5% cashback. Some restaurants may put a condition that you have to book your table through Zomato but most don’t care.

    It makes this card still worthy for me since in Bangalore, restaurant coverage of Zomato Pro Pay is still better than EazyDiner. So I’m keeping this card at LTF.

  90. Ritwik

    I can confirm that i recieved 5% reward of my spend at Blinkit on 27th Sep. If this card continues giving 5% rewards on zomato and blinkit then this will continue to make very good sense for me.

  91. Shakaeb Osman

    This card was best for birthday spends, as I spent my entire limit on birthday and can confirm that I received about 15,000 + 2000 (this was recent) edition cash, which gave me enough to eat for free for the next 3-4 months.
    This was the best feature any card can have, as it allowed me to even use edition cash while paying bills at Zomato associated restaurants (+10-30% pro discount).

  92. Shakaeb Osman

    Adding to my comment, post 20th Sept 2022 once the policies were updated I no longer have much use of this card.
    Someone who uses blinkit much or Zomato pro (they’ve reduced the restaurants too) might have better use, but even then I would suggest that you can get many food/dining centric credit cards.

  93. Mr. V

    Just got a message saying they are discontinuing the Zomato Pro membership from 24th Feb, which was life time free when they announced.
    Instead we will be getting newly launched Zomato Gold for 3-months.

    One less card in my wallet!

  94. nsy

    Zomato edition card is further devalued, no more deserved rating of 4/5

    Kindly note that your Zomato Pro Membership is getting discontinued with effect from February 24, 2023. As a valued member of Edition Card and Zomato Pro,You will get a 3-month complimentary membership to Zomato Gold

  95. Prashant Gupta

    They have now discontinued the pro membership and will be giving Zomato Gold for 3 month. This card will become useless now. Lets see how they are going to revamp the card.

  96. Manoj

    Hello Siddharth, in view of the discontinuation of Zomato Pro, what will happen to the RBL Edition card ? Any ideas ?


    Another benefit has been withdrawn. You will not get Zomato Pro membership as the same will be discontinued w.e.f 24th Feb 23. This card was advertised so agressively on the back of lifetime free Zomato Pro membership, one of the main reason I took this card at the first place but now, I don’t think it is of much use to me and will be surrendering the same soon.

  98. Harsh

    They have secretly reduced the online spend rewards from 1.5% to 1%.
    And Zomato Pro is gone too, in return you just get 3 month zomato gold.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Also now u don’t get option to redeem zomato cash in most restaurants during payment while ordering online.

  99. Sanjeev

    This card became useless and how. RBL is refusing to swap it for any other card. They say it’s controlled by Zomato.

  100. Gowrish Mallya

    This card is being discontinued post 15 May 2023. Will be replaced by LTF Shoprite card

  101. Vibin Varghese

    Received an email today stating that RBL is discontinuing their partnership with Zomato and will be sending a Lifetime Free RBL Shoprite Card as a replacement.

    I guess with them discontinuing one thing after another, it was only a matter of time.

  102. Sanjeev

    We wish to notify, that the partnership between RBL Bank and Zomato Limited, our co-brand partner for RBL Bank Edition Classic Credit Card and RBL Bank Edition Black Credit Card is getting discontinued.

    To provide you with a seamless experience, your RBL Bank Edition Classic/ Black Credit Card will be replaced with an equally exciting LIFETIME FREE RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card.

    Got this email today from Rbl.

  103. Sujay Adkar

    RBL and Zomato partnership is discontinued and RBL Bank is replacing Edition card with RBL Shoprite credit card.

  104. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Shopright is a rather useless card really. Monthly Treats would have been better, particularly if offered on LTF basis. Bad deal for the card holders overall.

  105. Sachin tendulkar

    Did anyone notice that RBL has suddenly started Decreasing the credit limit of the credit card without any notice.
    they did to me, from 2,47 lac to mere 35k limit.
    since there were no offers commming on and Reward rate was poor, hence was planning to close it but now certainly would do the same.
    5 of friends also faced it, all had min 2.5 lac to 5 lac limit n sudden change to 25k to 40k.
    waste card


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