DEAL: Redeem HDFC Reward Points for Vouchers at 70ps/point

By | December 18, 2021
HDFC Rewards Redemption Offer

Just like the last HDFC redemption offer that ran during October 2021, this time too HDFC has come up with a good redemption offer where-in you could redeem your HDFC Infinia (or) Diners Black points for vouchers at 70Ps instead of usual 50Ps.

  • Offer: Redeem points for vouchers at 1:0.70 INR for vouchers
  • Offer Period: 18th Dec to 20th Dec 2021

Not sure if a similar offer is running on other HDFC credit card variants.

It’s a good offer depending on one’s situation. For example, my HDFC points are expiring almost every month and I usually transfer points to Club Vistara.

But given Omicron is on the way, travel will further be delayed, so in this situation redeeming for Amazon vouchers at 70Ps felt like a very good option.

Hence, I just went ahead and redeemed some of my points that I think will expire in next couple of months. The order was fulfilled in under 5 mins. Wonderful!

HDFC Rewards Redemption Offer - Amazon vouchers

That aside, HDFC is also running Buy1 Get1 offer (since past 1 month or so) where-in certain “products” are eligible for this redemption offer. Personally, I don’t find anything interesting here but you may have a look to see if it excites you by any chance.

HDFC Smartbuy buy 1 get 1 offer

What’s your take on the HDFC redemption offer @ 70ps for vouchers on super premium credit cards? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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102 thoughts on “DEAL: Redeem HDFC Reward Points for Vouchers at 70ps/point

  1. Rahil Shah

    “Not sure if a similar offer is running on other HDFC credit card variants.”

    Seems it’s applicable only for DCB and Infinia.

    Not showing up on my Diners Privilege – normal redemption rate of only 0.35 is applicable.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        But normal redemption rate of Regalia n Diners Privilege for GV’s are 0.25 and not 0.35.
        So I think RP’s value for these cards are bumped up as well currently.

        1. Rahil Shah

          It is 0.35. It was always 0.35. It’s even stated on HDFC Bank’s website. So it remains the same and no offer for cards other than DCB and Infinia.


        Hi what is the best way to redeem points in hdfc regalia ?97k i have as of now ,,,Amazon offer i dont think regalia is eligible

  2. Arjun Mahajan

    Diners website generating expired vouchers/vouchers which are nonredeemable on the check out page. All rewards point blocked in the said voucher and now have to wait for them to refund the points back to the account and repeat the process.

    Regalia website generated a voucher which did get redeemed on the check out page, but the page redirected to ‘Order Failed’. I am assuming the points will be refunded back for this also.

    Summary, wasted an hour to try and redeem points for Amazon and HDFC netted a cheap 2×100 bucks for each transaction as redemption charges.

    Points stuck till the time they don’t get refund, which most likely means I will miss out on this redemption offer. The website seems to be facing issues right now. Should be given a try at a later date and time.

  3. Lav Kanodia

    Offer is available only for DCB and Infinia.

    As per terms, DCB holders may also be able to avail it for Apple products it seems:
    1. Redeem your reward points on SmartBuy Rewards Catalogue for vouchers/products at 70 paise per Reward Point
    2. This offer is applicable on select vouchers & products listed in the SmartBuy Rewards Catalogue
    3. This offer is applicable only for Infinia & Diners Black Credit Card customers
    4. Offer valid from 18th Dec’21 to 20th Dec’21
    5. For Infinia offer not applicable for Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq, Joyalukkas and Apple Sku’s.
    6. For Diners Black offer not applicable for Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq and Joyalukkas vouchers.

    Have personally gone the Amazon way. Thanks for the timely update Sid 😉.

  4. Rohit

    My 1.40000 points would start expiring from 2023 jan onwards. not sure whether to redeem some amazon vouchers or just wait. Omicron is big question now and wondering what if it peaks in 2022 mid.
    Whats the validity of 5000 amazon voucher ? If there is no expiry then i will redeem for 30k odd.

      1. manoj singh

        But no issues. You can order something for same amount or more with Amazon and then cancel the same. You will get one year validity again in Amazon once they refund back in Amazon pay.

  5. vaibhav

    wow thank i was looking to buy croma voucher i have around 5k point so would have got 2k voucher of croma will check for amazon now cause it amazon in the end

  6. vaibhav

    how did you managed to accumulate 50k of point , that just beyond amazing Siddharth


        Isn’t the monthly cap at 15k pm for infinia? Can you please highlight if there is anyone to earn more than that limit? Thanks

        1. Shrinidhi S.

          Monthly limit is only on the 10x and 5x multiplier points. You do earn the standard 1x point.

    1. Nikhil

      I took the card in Nov 2019. Since then have earned more than 7 lakh points. But there are friend of mine who have earned 14 lakh also.

        1. Nikhil

          Simple- By maxing out accelerated reward points each month, there are many accelerated point schemes like insurance 5x payzapp 3x diners 10x, smartbuy 5x, Spending big for usual 3.3% reward is by default you will get.

    2. Tejas Ghongadi

      Honestly, 50K Points on Infinia / DCB is a cakewalk for people who have a decent amount of spends.

      So many Reward Multiplier partners across different category, its hard to been in the regular points category.

  7. Vish

    How can I check how many reward point will be expiring? I can’t seem to see it in the online banking section – is it only shown in the statement?

    How can people tell that their reward points will expire in a few months etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Kalyan

      The monthly statement will have a section specifying points expiring in the next 30 and 60 days.

  8. Pranav Sharma

    hi sid can you please tell how rewards points are utilized in hdfc system older points are redeemed first ?

      1. manoj singh

        If card get renewed then the validity also get extended by 3 years? Just a question.

    1. Debasis

      It is 1 Re= 1 point…but upto 70% of voucher value can be bought by points rest 30% by money

  9. sumit kumar

    Any idea of when they will ran there smartbuy extra savings day
    Last time they did it was in October
    I am waiting for it as I have something to purchase

  10. Raja

    Please let me know link of redemption. It doesn’t show by net banking rewards redeem.
    Thank you

  11. Shubham

    While logging in to site for diners black rewards, it asks the first 9 and last 4 digits of the card but my diners black has 14 card numbers in it. I am unable to enter my diners black card to pull out the points.

    Can you help SID?

    1. aka

      You have ” 14″ digits as the card number…say ” ABCDEFGHIJKLMN”…so just mention in the 1st nine – ” ABCDEFGHI” & last 4 as – ” KLMN”…..simple !!

  12. Chinmay

    But Apple products are available at 1:1, 70% by points and 30% by card. What do you think is better?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Tanishq is best (Infinia)
      Then comes Apple products (Infinia)
      Then Amazon vouchers

      1. Amit

        Actually Tanishq is not best. 10g coin there today is 58K something but if you take same coin from amazon (using amazon voucher) from MMTC it is 54K.

        same with Apple products. they are available at lower price in amazon. even 1+1 products are priced higher than what they are available in amazon.

        i believe amazon vouchers are best because you end up buying reasonable priced same/similar things are cheaper price in amazon.

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          When your buying amazon vouchers already you have lost 30% value(~17.4K as per your illustration for 58K and then buying gold coin for 54K), in case of Tanishq only 4K difference. So I feel still Tanishq is better deal here, also buy jewellery is better than gold coin purchase in Tanishq even though it’s costlier than other stores(GRT, etc) by ~5%

          1. Amit Gupta

            For DCB tanishq was not an option. also not sure when they will get this at par with Infinia. Best you could get is 0.7.

      2. Praveen Katiyar

        Tanishq voucher cannot be used to purchase coins, read it somewhere, long back. Please re-confirm T&C if anyone is planning it this way next time.

  13. srijeet

    hi, I am new in the cc world and do not have much idea, your blogs are helpful. Can you suggest a good card for me as a begineer. I have amazon icici cc, but that doesn’t provide good credit points/benefits.
    My major expenses are on food,shop and fuel (offline) mostly but I want a good cc will help me save some bucks upfront and help me to accumulate points.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tyler Durden

      As an HDFC/Amex/Citi/Axis holder……..Trust me that since you are a beginner the AMZN Pay card is an amazing choice to start with.
      No Annual Fees, No Cost-EMI and great cashback on AMZN purchases.

      Just read the comments here…even us super premium cardholders mostly use our rewards for Amazon pay credits. 😉

    2. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

      Try Axis Flipkart or Ace. You can also check AU Small Finance Altura or Altura Plus. HDFC Millennia will be good too.

    3. Saurab

      Apply for any HDFC beginner level card too(maybe Millenia) and start using that wherever you are getting same or better rewards than Amazon ICICI. This way, one day you can get an HDFC premium card via upgrades as they have best rewards.

  14. Abhishek N Joshi

    I dint find any of the offer for my DCB : Neither 70ps/point amazon voucher, nor buy one get one free.
    The path i followed was : Login netbanking –> card–> credit card–>redeem points

  15. Rahul singh

    Can’t find any Amazon vouchers on DCB. I tried on all sections. Can anyone guide where to look for?

  16. Pavan krishna

    Hi Sid
    Can you try to share some details about SBI newely launched credit card ? Sbi pulse credit card

  17. Dev

    I think this offer is equal if not better than flights/hotel redeeming.

    142800 points worth 1L Amazon voucher.

    If we book a flight ticket worth 142800 without points from the card, we will get 47600 points.

    So in totality, I’ve got a 1Lac amazon voucher plus 47600 points if I ever book flights worth 142800. Of course, the double-spend and amazon voucher validity of 1 yr is a concern.

    1. Anuj

      I believe both the Infinia & DCB Cards 10x earning is there with a monthly cap of 15000 & 7500 points respectively.

      Plus how do you get 1 Lac Amazon voucher, if you have not redeemed the 142800 points in the first place.

      1. dev

        I gave the points as an example only.

        The main purpose was to add points earned on flights spend to amazon vouchers….also the addition will not be simple plus but a geometric progression (70% cash + 30% points) and then the limit of 15k.

        I redeemed 142800 for 1lac amazon vouchers…

  18. Pawan Nayak

    Siddharth can you please help me out avail the Amazon reward. I have the DCB card and while trying to redeem my points (22k pts in total) it is showing 13k pts for Rs. 2k Amazon GC. How can I avail the exchange ratio you have discussed. Not able to find the option under product catalog or insta vouchers list.

    1. Pawan Nayak

      Oops, I got it. After some digging was able to find the option at the Infinia/Diners reward portal instead of the normal HDFC credit card redemption site. Thank you for this find!

  19. Anchit

    How much maximum Amazon gift card amount can you add?
    If i redeem and get 1lac worth of Amazon GC will i be able to add in my Amazon account that much?

  20. Sumit Solanki

    How does one do it? I am at the awards redemption site and normal multiples are showing up.

    1. Sumit Solanki

      Sorry I figured it out. This is available at the Infinia/Diners reward portal and not the normal HDFC Credit card redemption site.

  21. Arvind

    Guys, At Cred app, there are some unbelievable offers. For just Rs2/-, you can get home deliveries of products like honey, playing cards etc. I have already maxed out and waiting for deliveries of products. Will keep you posted.

    1. Saurabh

      That’s because CRED wants you to do some transaction via your cards so that CRED continues to store your card info. As per new RBI directive, all merchants have to delete saved cards info unless customers revalidate their cards by doing a recent transaction. Unlike most other merchants, saved cards are at the backbone of CRED’s business model and hence they are offering such perks as a one time option per card.
      So, you pay Rs 2 and CRED gets their fodder to continue as an enterprise 🙂

    2. Srini

      Actually its not much worth when compared to few days back the offer was different. You need to save the card for that offer. previously if we save the card for tokenization, 100rs amazon voucher directly they have given, when compared to that this offer not that much worth. wait for few days u will get much better offer for saving the card in cred.

  22. ManzB

    Redeemed for 50K worth of Amazon Pay. It was smooth and was delivered in 2-3 minutes. Still have more than 150K worth of points.

  23. Sachin G

    Hi all, this is off topic… what is the best way to buy amazon /flipkart voucher using HDFC regalia card ? Do we get 10X reward points all the time ?
    Can someone pls share the procedure to buy for getting maximum reward points ?

    1. Saurabh

      For Regalia you won’t get 10x/5x rewards. You can get 5% cashback on gift vouchers purchase using HDFC Smartbuy portal.

  24. hmmking

    I tried redeeming for an Amazon voucher.. When I tried adding it to my GC balance, it says Invalid code.. Am I missing something?

  25. kiran

    How many points do we receive for the cash component that is 30-90% that we pay while redeeming the reward points for Tanishq ?
    For example for example if we plan to redeem tanishq Rs.1000,we can pay Rs.700 from the infinia reward points and Rs.300 need to be payed by card.
    Could we know how many reward points that we receive for this Rs.300 spend ?

  26. Sandeep Kumar

    All who redeemed lacs of reward points against amazon vouchers do one favor to yourself to not add all the vouchers to amazon pay balance in one go but do as and when you need it.

    1. Rohit

      @sandeep @siddharth Can you explain why? I have redeemed 45k but will like to know what are the risks for people redeeming 1-1.5 lakhs Amazon vouchers into Amazon Pay.

      1. Rohit

        Just for safety just in case your Amazon account gets hacked or locked by amazon then you would loose that amount.

      2. Amar

        Because Amazon can and does suspend your account at their whims and fancies without leaving you any recourse.
        This happens more so when you have high amounts in Pay balance and usually use Amazon for paying bills rather than for shopping.

  27. Nagarajan Rajasekaran

    Sid or anyone,
    Most of the time we discuss on the topic of offers in credit card and it’s usage. But we haven’t talked about getting rewards for paying credit card bills. One such I know is is pay via CRED. But not sure how the coins can be used. Any other pointers would be helpful.

    1. Rohit

      @Nagarajan Rajasekaran
      Are you promoting cred ? Coz your words match tv ads 😁
      Be careful to whom you are sharing card details. In India there is no privacy and data security laws so companies can sell your data. My details were misused and police did not do anything about it.

  28. Amit

    Is smartbuy instant voucher website down? I tried to buy different vouchers but all fail even after trying with different HDFC cards. Is anyone facing same issue

  29. Mohit Arora

    I had redeemed 92500 gc for 1.32 lacs points but it’s still order in process from 20th December. Anyone else facing same issue?

    1. Gaurav S

      Hi Mohit, same issue, placed order around 8pm on 20th Dec and havent received the vouchers yet. Have emailed the infinia support but they seem to be so clueless when replying. They cant seem to understand the issue at hand. The points have been deducted but no vouchers and its not reflecting in the order history either which is most strange.

  30. Rahul

    I’ve missed both these 3 day windows for 70ps point redemption, is there a way I can get notified about it when it comes again? I’ve been holding off on redemption of my points. Waiting for the new Macbook M1 Max to be listed. But it doesn’t seem as if the catalogue updates as frequently.

    1. Abhishek

      I missed the last two instances too. So, I subscribed to your mailing list on 30th Dec 2021. I see you have posted new posts after this date. But, no emails were received in my mailbox.

      The last and only mail was for subscription confirmation. Can you check if there is any issues in your mail delivery.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        You’re subscribed to weekly alerts (which is not active yet). Pls subscribe to Instant email alerts. Both are different. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  31. Rejaneesh S R

    It’s there any chance that they run this offer again in near future? I’ve so many reward points in my account which i am thinking to be converted into Amazon/Flipkart gift vouchers

    1. shomit

      HDFC has removed amazon vouchers option for redeeming its reward points altogether. So dont expect

    2. Manoj Singh

      I have more then 1lac reward points and Is there any possibility to get 70p offer again on HDFC. please keep us informed

  32. Manoj Kumar Singh

    What are the chances to get this 70:30 redemption offer anytime soon from hdfc


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