Hands on with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

By | April 1, 2019

If at all there is one credit card that suits best for beginners, that must be Amazon Pay Credit Card by ICICI Bank. While I don’t really plan to use the card much, I got it primarily to experience the application process and of-course to add new plastic to my collection.

One fine day, when I opened the Amazon home page, a banner showed up, asking me to apply for the Amazon pay Credit Card.

I also opened the application page link on Amazon app and I was now able to see the Apply Now option being enabled there as well.

Amazon Pay Credit Card by ICICI Bank

Application Process

  • It was a 4 page process & it hardly took 1 minute to Apply.
  • The Virtual card was made available for instant use.
  • Amazon App & Net Banking also shows the new card in realtime.
  • The limit was shared with my other ICICI Credit Cards (Jet Sapphiro Amex & Visa)
  • The Physical Card received just in 2 DAYS. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen.
  • The design was Good enough for a Free card.

The sweetest part is, there is no CIBIL enquiry. Its amazing to see how ICICI did the integration with Amazon to make this entire process super fast and simple.

I wish every other credit card company does the application process as simple as this. Here are some of the images through the application process.

Amazon Pay Credit Card on ICICI Mobile App

How to become Eligible?

I initially thought I cracked the code, because I got this invite just after spending over Rs.50K in the month. But then I came to know that many others too got the offer the same day, so that “may not” be the eligibility.

That aside, I did few things when this credit card was initially launched. Like, I made test payments using all my ICICI credit/debit cards to see if that triggers the eligibility.

So, somehow I was added to their system during their Financial Year End push. I’m sure most of you might be eligible for the Amazon Pay Credit Card by now. If not, you may try things that i did above.

What’s more?

I got an SMS post 2 days of application that my Amazon pay account got credited with Rs.300, which was the promo for applying the Credit Card. I didn’t even notice it while applying 😀

So, basically I got paid Rs.300 for getting this free card, just like the Amex MRCC and Amex Plat Travel offers wherein you can get paid ~Rs.3000 for applying, for free!

Are you invited to apply Amazon pay Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

324 thoughts on “Hands on with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

  1. Karthik

    My application got rejected for this card, I have high purchase history and good relationship with icici saving account and credit card. Eligibility criteria is a mistery. Will reapply and month and see!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I think this is something to do with your Amazon spends and nothing to do with ICICI relationship.

      1. Gopal Gidwani

        Hi Siddharth,
        I don’t think the eligibility criteria has got anything to do with Amazon spends. I have been spending a few thousands on Amazon every month since the last 2 years or so for my monthly groceries and daily use household products. Still when I applied for this card about 3 months back, my application was rejected.

        I also have a relationship with ICICI (savings account) for more than 10 years now. But I did not have an existing ICICI credit card at the time of applying for ICICI Amazon Pay card.

        I think the eligibility is linked to having an exisiting ICICI credit card. I see from your application process, you were asked for your existing ICICI credit card number. You have also mentioned that your card limit was shared with your other ICICI Credit Cards (Jet Sapphiro Amex & Visa).

        From the above 2 points (asking for existing ICICI credit card number and sharing limit with existing ICICI credit card), I am guessing that the eligibility criteria is linked to having an existing ICICI credit card.

        The other factors like existing relationship with Amazon (purchasing regularly every month from Amazon) and existing relationship with ICICI Bank (having ICICI savings bank account) did not help me in getting the ICICI Amazon Pay credit card. As I mentioned earlier, my application got rejected about 3 months back.

        I was told that I can apply again only after 6 months. Since then 3 months have passed. I will try again after 3 months. In the meantime, I have now got another ICICI credit card. So hoping that this time my application for ICICI Amazon Pay credit card will be accepted 🙂

        1. Tej

          I never had any banking relationship with ICICI Bank. Though I’m a Amazon customer for more than 4 years, my purchases were intermittent. Though my cibil score is more than 830, as per the author, no cibil enquiry is done. I have only a Citibank credit card. But still I got this offer on my banner and when applied, got instantly approved for a limit 153k. So, we don’t know what criteria they are using to offer or approve the cards.

        2. zahid memon

          yes dear you are right it’s exactly same thing happen with me also but fortunately i do have icici credit card so they approved it in a second and its start to reflect in icici app also same time before receive card.
          one thing i want to inform you that its better to apply to icici bank streight for normal credit card which is also lifetime free ,in amazonicici pay card holder wont get mostly discount from other sites like flipkart because they are not allowing discount for commercial card corporate card and retail partners card so its better to focus on getting offer instead of rewards always rewards are lesser than offer

        3. Keshav

          Did u get approved after getting their credit card..
          Any time limit to re apply after getting 1st Icici card

        4. SAHIN JAMAN

          Your application for amazon pay icici bank credit card rejected or accepted ?
          Please reply

      2. Karthik

        I have a lot spending (for my friends and family also) in my amazon account.

      3. Tej

        Today I observed the offer on my Amazon banner. The offer is Rs 750 cash back for Prime customers. Sounds good! No cibil enquiry? Is it true?

        1. Sid

          I have a couple of credit cards but have no relationship with ICICI bank. I received the invitation on 20.06.2019 and I applied on the same date. On 21.06.2019 the verification executive visited my office, he took a photo of my driving licence and n photo of me post which I got a SMS that the application has been sent for further processing. After that there has been no update. Even after repeated follow up they are unable to tell me whether they have received my documents.

          Looking at the service while on boarding a new customer I am Having second thoughts on whether to continue with the card if at all they find my documents.

          1. Giri

            You are true. i got the first message reply on 17th June but till today no one came for collection of the documents. I am also thinking what support we can get for this cobranded card.

          2. Siddhesh

            Update: the status has now been to changed to verification complete.

            Application under process- process incomplete.

            Also there is a CIBIl query in my credit report.

          3. Sid

            Finally after an uphill battle of 1 month and 20 days with the ICICI customer care I finally received a msg that the card has been approved.

            I have received the login id and have been asked to generate password. I did the same however now in order to generate the cc pin it is asking me CVV no. However I have not received any communication regarding the CVV no.

            How do you go about this?

          4. RAVI

            Will they come for verification to office or residence sir…kindly reply…

      4. Abhinav

        Sir,is there any cashback for lic or icici insurance premium payments on this card through amazon pay..?

      5. Anjali

        There is no connection with ur Amazon history. All they want is good income& Good CIBiL.

    2. Salil Patwardhan

      Can a student apply ? I am currently a student So can I apply ?


    3. Suman Chakraborty

      True, eligibility criteria is really a mystery. I was rejected in spite of high credit score ( above 750), my Prime membership and good amount spending in each month in Amazon. I told my friend who hadn’t used credit card before about this card. He a applied and got approval. The most surprising thing is that they did not ask for his salary slip and bank statement for KYC verification. Isn’t it a big mystery?

  2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Congrats for another card. I also got approved and also got Rs. 200 in Amazon pay. Like you I was unaware of this offer. Feeling happy.
    One question are you sure that your new card’s limit is shared ? Mine shows separate.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks! Yes, this is 100% shared. ICICI also shares lower % at times. I think they made this update recently as many who got this card earlier got very low shared limit.

      1. MAA-traveler

        Are you sure the limit is shared? It has the same limit as other ICICI cards but not shared. This is more like an add-on card.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          They’ve single aggregate limit & it is shared! That’s how ICICI works. But their app/netbanking will confuse you.

          1. Shivi

            Exactly. Their Netbanking /App did confuse me and continues to confuse me when land on the credit card tab every now and then. It’s indeed single, shared limit.

      2. Manu

        Limit Is not shared Siddarth. The reason for this is..i had 2 cards earlier with shared limit. My Amazon card showed the same limit.. But after usage of older cards the available limit changed for them but this remained constant. I rechecked it by using this card, now older cards show diffente available limit in comparison to the limit available on this card.

  3. abhishek Indore

    There is nothing to do with your Amazon spends at all, I have applied thru my freind’s amazon account which has got invited without any single purchase in life span of that Amazon account. We can take over that Amazon account by changing mobile number and email id in Amazon account.

  4. Prashant Gupt

    I got paid Rs750😀. Yes the limit is shared with your other icici card. This card will make lots of sense once smartbuy 5x also goes for us, till then its good for beginners.

      1. Nabendu Mondal

        This was in one of their previous offers where they were paying 750 on card approval somewhere in November or December 2018

      2. Adesh

        I also got 750/- ,its because of Prime Membership, and i feel like this card is same as my existing credit card just details have been changed. It shows the same available limit which is available in my existing card.

  5. SaurabhN

    Hi Sid
    I also got.my card about 2 months back and surprisingly the limit is not shared with my Rubyx Visa card. They are independent of each other and I am damn sure about it 😊
    I use this card for all my Amazon purchases and wherever I can use Pay balance as wallet like in MMT. This gives cool rewards in pay balance every month.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “They are independent of each other and I am damn sure about it” – How do you say that?


        I think i know the reason why he says this. My primary ICICI has a limit of 300000 and available limit of 298000. This amazon icici card also has a limit of 300000 and available limit of 300000 as per website..! This i s how they confuse you

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          As per my knowledge, it’s shared limit. If you do transaction on any of the card it’ll be reduced from 3L, even though in Netbanking it’s shown as 3L for both cards in remaining/unused limit.

        2. Karthik

          ICICI does show like that but the actual account number behind the credit card and it’s limit will be the same.

          1. CR

            Yes! Can confirm this, The limits shown on the Platform is glitchy!

      2. Pradeep

        I changed the billing cycle for amazon pay, thy separate limit 🙂

        1. Chandhru

          I received the card couple day back. I guess they approve as long as we have a existing icici credit card.
          The total credit limit is the same old limit, I too got confused.
          But the available balance you get on your SMS will be correct – meaning ( Total limit – ( Amazon pay usage + Primary card usage )

          1. Mitesh

            How Many days does it take get the cash back in amazon pay balance ?? I applied on june 14th , card was approved and dispatched , I even did a test transaction on amazon. yet to receive the cash back on amazon pay 🙁

      3. raja

        Well, I believe the new amazon CC is not sharing the limit with my existing card atleast for me. My CIBIL , Crif Reports shows 3 ICICI CC ac , the new amazon CC has a recent open date. The balance on ac is also reported accordingly.
        Also I see ICICI paylater is being reported as Credit Card though the credit limit of 10k limit is not reported.

  6. Raj Pandya

    I think this card is not being offered to to the people who got their ICICI credit card against Fd. I have a Coral icici CC against fd from almost 6 months with 5l limit and I do not have the offer even have over 150 orders from amazon from past 6 months. Considering doing full KYC soon.

  7. Praveen Katiyar

    I got this card in Jan 2019. Recently when i called Customer Care no. mentioned on back of the card, i was told that this card is independent of earlier icici card i.e. i can close my existing card n continue having Amazon Pay card. Can anyone confirm that ?

    @Sid whats your take ?

  8. Rex

    My Amazon pay card has same limit as existing card but when I made purchase from Amazon card …it didn’t reduce my limit on other cards….hence I think limit is not shared.

    One more interesting thing…. ICICI pay later account is being reported to CIBIL as credit card..now my CIBIL will improve even faster.

  9. Amit

    If you already have an ICICI bank credit card just note this.
    1. The credit limit of Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card is not shared with your old ICICI bank credit card. These credit limits are independent.
    2. The statement and payment due dates may be different for both ICICI credit cards . I discovered it just in time because of Walnut app reminder else I would have missed it. So be careful while managing multiple ICICI bank credit cards. You have to make two payments / give two standing instructions, one for each card.

  10. Nisanth P

    I also got this card, and offer of 750/- .

    But unfortunately this card got hacked and one day @ 1030 PM i got 3 transactions totaling to 42$ in itunes stores. Luckly I was awake and I immediately blocked the card. I have used this card only at 2 places, Amazon and on another Indian website which claims secured website, nowhere swiped also. Not sure from where they got hacked. After that I have not renewed the card

  11. Gurtejbir Sandhu

    I recieved this card way back in early December 2018 as part of the first beta users for this program. Initially I was surprised to see Amazon entering the payments segment. My experience of spends around 1L+ so far, the rewards are really good (credited as Amazon Pay balance only) and because they give 5X/3X rewards for the website, Amazon is ensuring your stickyness towards the company.

  12. Purna

    I also got the card 2 months back with icici bank savings account relations ship.They were running offer get 2000 Amazon pay cash if we 50000 in 60 days.I got the 2000 amount.They are keep changing the joining offer.One of my friend got 750 because he is a prime customer.Another one got 500 because he is non prime user

  13. Vivek

    Not sure about the shared credit limit part – I got my card generated today with a credit limit of 30,000. I do not hold any other ICICI credit card.


      The limit of my ICICI HPCL Coral American express card is 45K only. At the time of application, I wasn’t asked to enter the card details.. They checked my CIBIL report and sent an executive for verification at my office address. I got approval message 3 days later. It was a pleasant surprise to know that the limit approved was 500K..

  14. Priyansh Modi

    I personally hate ICICI. Their apps/shared limit is too confusing. I had Jet Rubyx, discontinued and went with ICICI MMT.

    Yet unable to link that as don’t have savings account.
    Whatever said and done, the revert and response from Amex/Citi etc is definitely amazing and makes you continue to use those cards.

    I am not sure about using this card TBH. I mean I get it 5% is great but more often, there are Amazon offers on other banks. Hence would rather use my diners premium/Scb ultimate over this. Your thoughts?

    P.S- even got SCB ultimate so easily but that DCB :3 that’s out of my reach always. Even upgrade from YFP unable to get.

  15. Karthik

    I got the invite. But, do I need to be an existing ICICI card holder to be eligible? I see they ask for ICICI Credit Card number in the application form

  16. Manoj

    I also got approval for this card. Good card for amazon spends. More beneficial during sale time. This card beats the cashback option of citi cashback card on outside spends .
    @Sid- Thanks again for your wonderful updates. waiting for your article on best cards for 2019 .

    Anyone using RBL bajaj finserv platinum?? Any thing beneficial or better to continue with my old rbl fun+

    Thank you

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Manoj
      I have this RBL Bajaj Finserv Platinum card and it has no significant benefits.
      Worth noting are 250 off 1500+ bill on Grofers every Monday n Friday. Nothing much apart from this. Reward rate is paltry too.

      1. Manoj

        Thanks Satish. I would rather close it. Also can you suggest whether now the ICICI jetairways rubyx is really worth holding looking at the ongoing Jet crisis and also I don’t see any Jet flights since last month .

  17. Rohit Roy

    I have an invite too for Amazon pay icici card but didn’t get any other icici card because of their bad reward system. Did any one get the card without holding credit card with icici? Is this card worth if we have diners club black since we get Rs 5 for 150 spent plus 10x if offer exist. The only reason this card is good is EMI but again we don’t get points for that.

    1. Hemant

      I got this card without ever having used ICICI Credit card in the past. Only other card I have has a limit of INR 56,000 (HSBC Visa Platinum, Got it in 2015 when I started working).

      I never used CCs much after getting the HSBC card though. Everything changed when a friend of mine told me about the AmazonPay ICICI CC. So I checked my amazon and there it was, a LTF free card with a INR 750 joining bonus. I immediately applied through the simple application process. Instant e card generated with a limit of INR 1,30,000. I was delighted. This was mid January 2019.

      Now I hold these cards in a period of 3 months
      1. HSBC – LTF
      2. ICICI Amazon Pay – LTF
      3. Amex everyday spends(limit 3,33,000) – Annual Fees 499
      4. Citi Premiermiles Visa (Limit 2,26,000) Annual fees – 3000
      5. Citi Corporate (Limit 3,30,000) (Which I don’t use much since the rewards aren’t good) (FREE)

      I keep traveling for work(Domestic Flights+Hotels+Food+Cabs) and all these cards certainly are useful. For e.g. My spends have already crossed 2,20,000 in the last two months.(Personal+Official). I am thinking I will close the Amex card as I want to play with citi premiermiles for now. Any other card that you guys suggest.

      A big change from a cash/debit spend focused person to utilizing credit optimally and reaping the benefits out of the CC rewards. Still learning to maximize my gains.

      Big Tip that I found recently : Cred app, from which I have killed the bill worth INR 5000 ( 3x got INR 1000 as benefit on Cred app)

  18. rahul

    man your AMEX platinum charge card review.!!

    still eagerly waiting for it.

  19. aman

    i had got an invite but i am unable to apply for this card as when i enter pincode it say s
    Not available for your Pin code. We will
    send an invite, once its available.
    It is giving this error for any pincode. whats the solution????

  20. ARR

    Hi everyone,
    I got invitation for this card recently. The credit limit is shared with the existing credit limit. The virtual card was created immediately and the physical card was delivered within a week. The card design was pathetic.
    Rs.300/- Amazon pay balance was added.
    All of you please make a note that you won’t get any reward points/ Amazon pay balance for converting your transactions into EMI/NO COST EMI including Amazon spends; not exciting. (Read the t&c clearly)
    I think the invitation for this card is not linked with the spends of Amazon but, it’s directly linked with the existing credit card. My Jet sapphiro credit card is 3 months old and my spends are good.
    I feel that it doesn’t make much sense to have the Jet sapphiro at this juncture as the jet is in deep waters.
    I don’t find a single flight from Hyderabad to any of the destinations of the country in the coming 2/3 months.
    Can we hold this card by cancelling the existing Jet sapphiro Card?.
    Thank you

    1. Hari

      Yes. You can cancel your jet sapphiro and still hold this card.

      1. Amit Singh

        Can a College student(23Yrs) apply for ICICi amazon credit card if he sees apply link in his Amazon account.(prime member from past 2 years & good purchase history).?

  21. Saumendra

    As per my experience AMAZON checking eligibility by taking your registered mobile number in AMAZON account and comparing same with ICICI customer database. If it matches then they get to know you have an existing credit card relationship with ICICI.

    I had done purchase more than 5-6 Lakh in last few years at AMAZON , having a ICICI card and savings account but I was not getting APPLY button for this card at AMAZON. Then I analyze how others are getting invite why not me. I found AMAZON registered mobile number was other that which I have with ICICI. I changed mobile number in AMAZON to the one which I have in ICICI……after 2 days APPLY button enabled !!

    1. Shivi

      Thank you! I hope that is indeed the trigger everyone has been searching for.

    2. GTMAX

      I have the same mobile number however my email ID in ICICI credit card account and Amazon are different. However, I have just received Rubyx credit card 2 weeks back. I hope it gets triggered despite different email IDs.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Dear GTMAX
        Mine amazon pay card invite came after 3 months of holding an ICICI credit card. So if your mobile no. in amazon account and existing ICICI card account is same, I think this may be the expected minimum time line to get the invite.

        Better still, use your existing ICICI credit card for 1-2 transactions at amazon. This may trigger the invite faster.

      2. Hari

        I don’t think it matters. I had different mobile numbers and same email id. Still got the invite.

    3. ARR

      Hi Saumendra,
      I don’t think so. It might have happened in your case. But, in reality, it’s not like that. I strongly believe that there is a direct connection with the existing credit card. I spent a lot in Amazon. But, after the vintage of my ICICI card was more than 3 months, then it’s triggered.
      As per the t&c of the Amazon Pay card, it’s clearly mentioned that we’re not going to get any rewards/Amazon pay balance for EMI/ NO COST EMI too.
      ICICI slashing MAB charges inspite of having WEALTH MANAGEMENT status. When I approached them regarding this, they are clueless. There is no use with the Jet sapphiro right now. It’s better to discard the card.

    4. Tej

      I never had any banking relationship with ICICI Bank. I got this card offer and when applied, instantly got approved for 153k limit. So, we don’t know their criteria yet.

  22. Rohit Roy

    I spoke to Amazon customer care and they say we get reward points or Amazon pay balance 5x even for EMI. I am confused now since some comments say we don’t get. Can any user confirm why Amazon has reason to lie?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Rohit
      Bcoz its clearly written in tnc of the card. What you have been told is verbal reply which can’t be relied upon. Specially if you are making big transactions on EMI and later denied points on it as per tncs, you can do little and hence missed opportunity.

      Better take this in writing from amazon cc if they are sure about it, which I bet they won’t give. If they do then we all cardholders (of amazon pay ICICI card) have a reason to say “CHEERS”.

    2. ankit verma

      As per tnc —

      Get 5X Rewards on all purchases | No Cost EMI available [Only 1 is applicable at a time]

      Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) transactions and Gold-Purchases made on Amazon.in using the Card will not be eligible for any rewards.

  23. Vinod Kannan

    Received Limit Enhancement on Amazon pay credit card. But my Saphiro Card limit has not been enhanced. Hence, My Limit in Amazon Pay card is higher than Saphiro

    1. uttam

      This is interesting. What do you think triggered this? Have you been using your card regularly?

      1. Vinod Kannan

        I used this card only on Amazon pay… Only for ordering food via swiggy and to purchase sparingly on Amazon. The card is just 3 months old though… My 10 month old sapphire didn’t get any enhancement, but I have not used d card often.

  24. Rohit Roy

    I have it in written chat might be a mistake by customer care coz I again read T&C and it says no points for EMI, Amazon pay top up and reload. This card becomes useless other than EMI throughout the year and LTF card no major advantage.

  25. ankit verma

    I tried to purchase an AC through amazon. There is an offer running of Rs 1500 instant discount of on icici card. I thought of using icici amazon pay card. At card entry page it shows the discount available of 1500 but on the final confirmation it removed this discount and shows that discount is just 5x of amazon pay. So it look likes double dip is not possible. The card does not provide over and above any promotions run by ICICI card.

    If I changed to EMI payment, I was getting Rs 1500 off, but in that case 5x rewards points are not valid.
    So it liked you are just restricted to get 5X reward only and cannot combine with other icici offers.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      I used this card during super value day recently and have already recd. 15% cashback as amazon pay balance. 5X reward points as amazon pay balance will come after card statement generation only. So I can say that double dip is also possible maybe not always.

  26. Rohit Roy

    @ankit Verma
    Thanks for the info and that’s bad move by icici for not giving additional 1500 off. With hdfc I can get 10x+10%disocunt +if any cash back offer by Amazon pay and I can repeat the same with debit card too during the same Amazon sale period. What about bill payments like broadband? Do we get 2x points. Also can we avail 2x points +100 off with BMS? But compared to other icici cards I feel this is better than payback points. Would you recommend to take this card? I only wish there were points with EMI too.

  27. mohamed

    i was eligible to apply this card 3 days back, but my current coral card number shown invalid when i entered it. i tried 3 times its blocked now. I already sent mail to icici customer care, but no response as usual.

  28. Priyank

    Can anyone please confirm if I opt for EMI from the merchant (paytmmall), will I be getting reward points for that?

    Also please confirm if this card falls under the category of corporate or commercial cards. Thank you.

  29. Karthi

    I had read this post on this site and got inspired to apply from the link. Logged in and found the apply now option which was not coming before. But I had a different application experience. First off, I had connected my icici account to Amazon upi and that’s the reason I think I got the invite. Further unlike others, it said my pre approved limit is 3.3L and it dint ask me for icici credit card number. Seems strange. I also have a coral credit card with 1.5L limit but never used it on Amazon yet. I didn’t get a card number generated instantly. Went through normal application process and a guy verified my ID and address proof. Not sure if I’ll have a Cibil check too. Anyone had this kinda experience when applying?

    1. Sam

      Same! I have icici credit card and account but its asking for my address proof again. Do you know why?

      1. Addy

        i got a call from icici for asking why i have not completed the application process. I told them i already hold a credit card for which she replied that your card must be new thats why it is not asking for cc number and instead showing a form to fill up all the details. (I got the coral card reissued last month).
        How long u r having a relationship with icici? Are the mobile no. at amazon and icici same?
        I read in comments only that the application is open to all now.

  30. Rohit Roy

    I had a chat with Amazon customer care and they said it’s not necessary to have icici credit card in order to apply for amazon pay credit card so might be now they have updated the site ui . Bank might be just cross checking with your relationship with the bank and give the card accordingly.

    @ankit Verma
    I read the T&C again and it clearly states that 5x is in addition to any other normal offers which means we will have to get both. Also no points for EMI transactions.

  31. balaji

    I was resisting this til yesterday.
    They have upped the offer by 200rs. i.e., 500 amazon cash for prime members if applied and I did.
    Waiting for this card. Got 2.5L limit.
    This will be my backup card in case indusind iconia amex is not accepted, as i get 1% cashback. This will for sure save a huge amount if used for buying appliances on amazon.

  32. Karthi

    Yes, that’s right, I got a higher limit probably because I hold a icic privilege banking account. The card is auto linked to the netbanking user ID. Now I am interested to know if anyone got visa signature or better versions. There are specific offers running for visa signature and infinite so it would be great if this card offers them too based on the approved credit limit. Because hdfc credit card guys said if the limit is above 3L, then it is mostly a visa signature card and normal visa can’t have more than 3L limit. Is it true?

  33. Raj

    hi sid
    i also applied and got amazon pay icici card.
    however when i try to register in cred.. it does not recognize this card

    let me know…

  34. Ratnesh kumar

    Hello siddharth,
    I am big fan of your posts here..Now coming to this Amazon pay card..I have got the invite in 17 Jan 2019 and I applied and also got 750 as promo offer ..
    Let me tell you one thing, though the limits of cards are same (icici and Amazon pay) but both are independent cards…check your credit score from cibil and I got assured that both the cards are independent of each other…

  35. Santosh KS

    My application was approved and card got generated with CVV. But amazon pay balance is not updated. My amazon pay is not KYC updated. As per the FAQ, KYC is not required if you are an existing ICICI bank customer.
    Please suggest.

  36. Rohit Roy

    @santhosh KS
    Are you talking about sign up 750? Did you talk to Amazon customer care? There is a * next to 750 but no where it is mentioned about 750 on what basis it would be credited. Can other user who already have got their card can let us know on is there any conditions for 750 for prime customers.

  37. Balaji

    Now, they again increased it to 750. I missed it by 4 days. Should have patiently wsited.

  38. Pradeep

    i hold coral card & got amazon pay card recently, although limit is shown separately for each card in app & net banking, its a shared limit of old cards and amazon pay, confirmed with customer care as i maxed out my limit. icici has separate team for amazon pay card, as my call was transfered to them from the normal customer car officer. If by any chance you get higher limit on amazon pay then previous card, chances are that of limit increased and shared between old and new.

  39. Supriya

    I have a ICICI bank a/c, a coral credit card & an Amazon a/c. After reading this article today, I logged on to Amazon and lo the offer was there. It really was a 3 step process & I have my Amazon Pay CC. It shows up in my ICICI Bank account and the physical card is expected in 7 days. The limit is the same as my existing credit card.

    My husband has a ICICI bank a/c, a ICICI platinum credit card & an Amazon a/c. He did not get the offer.
    So really dont know the criteria for being selected for this.

    I’m just looking forward to the Amazon Pay credits.

    1. Supriya

      The physical card is in the post, but I got Rs. 500/- on Amazon Pay, so its really getting 500/- bucks for applying for a card.
      I also have a coral ICICI credit card, think I’ll close that one and continue this one – Any comments on this?

  40. Amit

    I regularly checked the link on the Amazon App during January – April, 2019. However, the ‘Apply Now’ button was unavailable for me. Following was my status:
    1) I was Amazon Prime Member
    2) I had not completed full KYC
    3) I was not having an ICICI savings account or any other credit card issued by ICICI.
    4) I used to regularly order through Amazon or use Amazon Pay balance for Swiggy / bill payments etc., but not that I had spent over a lakh in past few months or so.
    5) My location was Delhi
    6) I was holding Citi Cashback credit card (with limit of around Rs. 2.50 lakh for past 2 years) and Amex MRCC Card (with limit of Rs. 3.50 lakh for past 1 year)

    During the last week of April, suddenly the invite button was available and I quickly applied for the same. Here’s the brief process that was followed:
    1) After clicking on the button, I had to provide few details like name, address, date of birth, PAN, residential address, employer name (luckily, my employer name figured in the drop down list. One may never know if the application got successfully approved only if all the parameters got ticked) etc. After inputting those details, I was displayed the following message “Thank You for applying for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card.
    your application is under process. The Executive will call you within 5 days to schedule an appointment & will visit at the below address within 7 days.” Though, the process did not ask for details of any other existing credit cards.
    2) Received a call on April 29 at around 11:30 am from ICICI and a verification visit was scheduled next day at my residential address between 12-1pm.
    3) Executive reached my residential address at around 4pm on April 30. He scanned my original aadhaar and pan card, clicked my photo and entered few other KYC details, all done from his backend ICICI app on his mobile. Thereafter, I received an SMS from ICICI and was also asked by the executive to send an SMS ‘AMZ YES’ to the number 9215676766 from my mobile to complete the application. I was also asked to sign a physical one pager form which was basically acknowledging that I have read all the terms and conditions of the card. There was no furnishing of photocopies or photographs. Also, I was not asked to furnish any income documents nor were they scanned.
    4) Soon, in the presence of the executive, I received an SMS that my application form was successfully completed and sent for further processing. Similar status was being displayed on the Amazon App. I was told by the executive that there will be no further verification/visit at the office address. I remember that, while filling out the details on the Amazon App during the initial application process, I had the option to choose the visit at either my residential address or office address. I had chosen my residential address.
    5) Status remained the same for next 48 hours or so.
    5) On May 02, at around 4:45pm, received an email and SMS that my card has been approved. After about half an hour, I got an SMS with details of user id with which I can login to see my card details etc.
    6) On May 04, at around 11:15 am, I received the physical card at my residence through blue dart (Had received an SMS in the morning from bluedart that card was out for delivery).

    Following are few other details of the approved card:
    1) Received the credit limit of Rs. 3,03,000/-
    2) There is visa branding (but there is no mention of visa variant i.e., whether it is classic, gold, platinum, signature etc.) So I assume, its just a normal visa credit card.
    3) Successfully added the card on the Cred App on 06 May. Cred initiated a token credit of Rs. 1 to the card and it was credited on the same day to the card.

    So, the invite became available to me and the card got approved despite not having ICICI savings account or ICICI credit card.
    Hope the above information will be useful to others.

    1. Amit

      And I forgot to mention that the leaflet which came with the physical card clearly mentions that “If you already hold an ICICI Bank Credit Card, credit limit of your existing Credit Card will be shared with your new Credit Card.”

  41. Pradeep

    i just checked my cibil report, coral card is shown as separate a/c and amazon pay card is shown as new separate a/c, although limit is shared between 2 cards, each card shows combined limit individually. so if anyone has 2lakhs shared limit, its 4lakhs in the eyes of cibil.

    1. if any of you guys plan to cancel icici bank old card, think twice as your old long history will be closed. even if you are not using it, keeping it for merchant offers is a good idea.

    2. And one more thing if you’re going to apply new credit card, taking cool off period could be better as amazon pay card report is new, for me its just 2 months old as in payment status section of cibil.

  42. Conscience

    Hi Sid and Everyone!

    Following your site everyday for last 6 months.kudos for such amazing work.

    i have a query .

    i have an Amazon prime account with another number which is kyc done but This credit card is made using other number and corresponding amazon account to ICICI Amazon credit card is neither Prime nor KYC updated. i cant even get the KYC done for second account as it is not allowed.

    Hoping for the Solution from the Super brains Out there.


    1. Dr. Mohit Arora

      You can ask them to link your card with account which has amazon prime to get 5% reward on amazon transactions.

      For Kyc, you can use someone else document. Just u[pdate name on account to some family member name and get there kyc done on that account.

  43. Ketan Rana

    I have amazon pay credit card and card limit is 42000 but i am not able to use this card and my other card is nil its over limit so i am very cobfused why i am not able to use this card may my norma credit card is over limit thats why i am not able to use and or other reason please tell me if you know it

    1. Dr. Mohit Arora

      Yes because your other card limit over. That’s why you not able to use this because icici share limits between cards.

  44. Addy

    I got the invitation for the card today but on entering the mobile no. It is not asking for exiting icici credit card instead shows a manual form to fill details. Any suggestions how to resolve this?
    Email id in both accounts (amazon and icici cc) are different mobile no. is same.

    1. Manoj Kumar

      Amazon has opened up for all customers to apply for this card. They are doing CIBIL check through the pan card detail we enter on the application page. No physical verification needed. I got the card approved within a day and got separate card even already having ICICI Visa Platinum card. Both cards have different credit limit… Both are not linked to each other.

      Lets see how much benefit am going to get in this card. 🙂

      Paytm citi card is a worst one. Really poor service can’t compare with ICICI Pay card.

      1. Himanshu Kainth

        Didn’t knew they opened for all customers. I wasn’t ICICI savings account holder or do not hold any credit cards from ICICI. I applied yesterday.

        Today i got a call for documents pickup. Tho i was approved for the card. Limit provided was good too.

      2. Addy

        Going by this process they may do cibil enquiry which i dont want and my pincode is not servicable as per website thats one more problem.

  45. Ameya

    Finally the option popped on my account today.
    The process was simple as I am an existing ICICI account holder.
    Pleasant surprise was INR 750 credited as Amazon Pay balance for opening this card (Prime user here).
    I wanted to know whether loading Amazon Pay will be eligible for 1% cashback (as 5% cashback clearly puts this rider).
    Existing users, please guide.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      I have once again checked FAQs on ICICI website of this card, just to be sure.
      Last question in FAQ is ‘How and what do I earn on purchasing through Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card?’
      Answer to this question says, loading Amazon pay will get u 2% cashback.
      It is understandable, as Amazon pay once loaded can only be used on Amazon pay partner, the category which gets u 2% cashback irrespective of whether you are Prime or not.
      Hope that helps.

  46. ARR

    Hi Ameya,
    I loaded my Amazon pay with this card and I got 5% cashback as Amazon pay balance.

    1. Ameya

      Wow! Did not expect that. Have done a test transaction. Will update if I also get the same 5% cashback

  47. Aranya Vats

    Hi all, I had applied for Amazon PAY Credit Card on June 20 and the executive visit and docs pickup was done on 26.06.2019 but still the credit card tracker shows docs verification and executive visit pending! Can anyone help on this issue means anyone has facing same issue, Please guide me!!

    1. Himanshu Kainth

      Aranya Vats,

      I also applied for this card and documents has bewn picked up. Application tracker shows that docs need to be pickup. Have escalated this issue and found many customers are experiencing same issue.

      Don’t worry your card application is still in process.

      1. Aranya Vats

        Dear Himanshu, Thanks for reply
        Do u have any existing relationship (Credit Card, Saving account etc.) with icici bank. I guess existing icici relationship holders are immediately cleared for card approval, Rest, like us, who do not have any existing relationship with icici are on hold. What do u think??

    2. Om

      I think there is something wrong with your application. Yesterday as soon as the document pickup was completed, I instantly got below SMS :
      Dear Customer, your application form has been successfully completed and sent for further processing.
      And this happened right in front of the executive…

      1. Himanshu kainth


        I also got the same message. But when i am tracking my application it says documents to be picked up. On talking with ICICI customer care ,he said many customers are facing the issues.

      2. Aranya vats

        Dear Om and Himanshu

        Thanks for ur reply, I must mention here that I have contacted the verification agency on the phone no. given in initial sms and they said ur verification is OK from their end but the same has not been reflecting anywhere. I have also sent email to amazon pay CC customer care mail id regarding the same but no reply till date. Can u suggest anything for my query please.

      3. AMAN


  48. Anoop E S

    Applied for the card today, Card number generated and got Rs.750 cashback instantly toAmazon pay.

    But while applying it was not accepting my emeralde card. then applied using Jet Sapphiro Visa.

  49. Pratik

    Hi, Can anyone tell how to change my mobile number in the application to a new number? Cant see an option to change my mobile number

  50. Shridhar

    Used the card entire June month! Was expecting the cashback in the form of Amazon pay credits! But no luck didn’t received amy!

    When Amazon oay credits will be credited to Amazon account??

  51. Suraj

    Even I got the option to apply in after phase 1 ended(open to all) , i applied for the card and documents are picked up. But no update since one week. Another point is I never had any cc and this will be my first credit card. The application status still shows “Executive Visit and Documents Verification”. Any first timers got this card approved yet?

    1. Aranya Vats

      Dear Suraj
      Same here! Docs pickup on 26 june but no status update till date. Tracker still shows docs pickup and verification pending. The executive on phone confirms the application process complete. ICICI customer care repeatedly asking for my name address mobile number and application number on email, given a half dozen of times. Its just a waste of time. Amazon customer care always ask to confirm from icici side. Its a total chaos friends, totally unprofessional approach. We may suffer in future by such an unprofessional lenders for sure.

    2. Ashish

      I am still waiting for the docs pick up. Was supposed to happen 2 days back, but no one turned up. I am guessing they may have a rather large no. of applications to process.

    3. Suraj

      Update:- They called me and said application is rejected. I asked why, they said they will revert with reason in two days. They called again and said that address proof is not valid. I produced a new address proof. now the status shows “Application under process- Process Incomplete”.

    4. Suraj

      Update:- Finally Friday, my card got approved after more than 2 months and I got card today i.e Tuesday. This was my first credit card and I have no relationship with ICICI.

  52. Harish M

    Same here…. Documents verification was done a week ago but in application tracking its still showing as documents will be picked up.. They are simply wasting our time…. I have no hopes on this CC….

  53. Mohit

    I applied for the card on 2 july. Executive visit my location nd uploaded the documents in front of me. Same time i got the message your applion submmitted successfully nd processing for further action. In the evening i checked on amazon app my status showing process incomlete can anyone tell me about this. What the problem ??

    1. Abhishek Roy

      It takes some time for the thing to be updated. Even after document pick up and you getting a ‘successfully picked up documents” message, it’ll still take time till it is started to be processed by the customer care. I guess, they have got heavy number of applications and hence the delay, but rest assured that the application will be processed. Once it is processed, you’ll get sms and email if your application was successful or not. At Least this happened in my case, so I’ll request you and others like you, to wait for at least 10 days post document pick up.


    what all documents needed for ekyc .payslip is compulsary?

    1. Raghu

      For me, they have taken only Aadhaar card photo (that too from xerox/photocopy), not sure if it changes from person to person.

  55. Pushpendra Singh Patel

    I applied for the card on the 3rd night, when i saw an option for the same. As soon as i applied, it showed the approved limit on screen. I only got a 30k limit here. Though i have 1lakh+ limit on HDFC Religia first card.
    – Very next day agent visited my office for documentation.
    – On 5th i got the message that 750 credited to my pay account and card is generated.
    – The card was automatically added to payment options in amazon pay.
    – Now waiting for the physical card to arrive.

  56. Raghu

    I have received this card today (applied on 21st June, physical verification on 1st July) with Rs5L CC Limit – I had a salary account and credit card with ICICI about 8-9 years ago and there is no relationship again until now.
    Q1. Though they have shared my user id (which was the 8yrs old one) on my mobile number, I am not able to log into netbanking portal as it says registered mobile number is wrong.
    Q2. This question might be primitive, but just want to know if ‘Amazon Pay ICICI CC’ be used for any other ICICI CC Offers, say on Flipkart/Myntra/so on for cashbacks (just like any other ICICI CC)?


    1. Vineet

      I had the same problem as you did. They were so thick headed that even after explaining to them that this old acc of mine is no longer in use, they kept on linking my username to that acc and since I didn’t have the old debit gard I just couldn’t log onto my new credit card acc. It took multiple escalations and almost two months before the mistake was rectified

      1. Raghu

        Oh. Thanks Vineet. This is just ridiculous. The Amazon Pay IVR system is also so pathetic that despite entering right card number, it just says invalid entry, making it difficult to talk to them as well.

    2. Abhishek Roy

      Raghu, I too had the same problem as I held a savings salary bank account with them in the past. My problem is now solved. I’ll tell you how. Do exactly what I say, there is a high chance it’ll be sorted out.
      1. First call the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card number. It’s a special dedicated number given at the back of your card.
      2. After the card verification, ask them the Customer ID for the credit card. It will be a new Customer ID other than the previous ID.
      3. After getting the customer ID, you are supposed to reset the password online through net banking interface. I faced a problem here, when I tried to generate the password for the new Customer ID I received from the ICICI CC, I was shown an error message on the website that no mobile number is attached to this Customer ID.
      4. I then called the customer care of Amazon pay ICICI card and told them my customer ID after card verification. I told them to link m mobile number to the existing customer care given by them. They confirmed that Mobile number was not linked (even though I was receiving all other sms for the Credit card).
      5. They took the request for linking the mobile number to the Customer ID. I received an sms that the same will be linked in one business day. But it was linked in 1-2 hours only.
      6. Once the linking is done, you can set password online and voila!! You are inside the net banking and can now see the card.
      Let me know how it goes.

      1. Vineet

        I did the same till point 5. Inspite of that they kept on linking my old acc to my credit card. The whole process was so nerve racking that at times i thought about returning the card. Only after escalation and generation of 3 different complaint nos was i able to resolve this in 2 months
        I hope other ppl fare better

      2. Raghu

        Thanks so much Abhishek, for a detailed explanation.
        In my case, for the old user id, the actual ICICI cust care (not AP one), have first delinked my old unused phone number (which took 2 days) and then I called up Amazon Pay cust care, where they linked my present number to which all SMSes were coming (took 2 days for this). After that, I could easily login into netbanking.
        However, for ICICI iMobile app, as my savings account is now in a dormant status and doesn’t have the corresponding debit card as well with me, they asked me to visit nearest ICICI bank and get it activated/closed.

        P.S.: Wish there is an email notification for any updates on our posts on this blog!

  57. Saurabh

    I wasn’t a prior ICICI customer.
    Applied on 5th July. Instantly approved with limit of 5 lakh. I already have Citi card with 5 lakh limit)
    ICICI representative visited on 6th July. uploaded photo of my aadhar.
    Same day got the electronic copy on card on ICICI netbanking.

    The card was automatically added on my Amazon account (nice!). Rs. 750 added to amazon pay (very nice!)
    Waiting for the physical card now. Although, I’ll only use this on amazon.

    1. Raghu

      Hi Saurabh,

      How did you login on ICICI Netbanking (they have shared used id with me last week), can u pls share steps with me?


      1. Saurabh Sharma

        Sure. Just google ” ICICI generate password” and open the first link.
        click on “I want my password” and follow the steps mentioned on the screen.

  58. Nishith

    I hold a ICICI MMT Card… Initially it was unable to recognise my card no and I was locked from applying for the card. I called ICICI and told them the issue. Now my application is under process and the verification would be next week.

  59. Hardik

    I already hold around 7 cards from different banks,i needed a ICICI credit card but as bank refused me once i opened a wealth management savings account with them with initial 5lacs funding,i wanted to know how long it would take to hit a pre approved credit card offer on my account,does wealth savings account can trigger sapphiro card ltf offer too?

  60. Himanshu

    My documents have been collected on the 11th of July 2019. The agent took 2 months payslips and 3 months account statement along with the Aadhaar Card. He said the documents that need to be collected comes once the user fills the details on Amazon. He uploaded all the copies of in front of me. The application did ask for the office address, official mail, income details, and a reference person name and phone number. Post that, I instantly got an SMS stating that the application has been sent for further processing.
    The status tracking page has also been updated now it is showing Application Under Process but just below that it is showing Process Incomplete. So, can anyone tell if this process incomplete just normal or should I start chasing ICICI customer support?

    1. Himanshu

      So, 5 days later I received a message stating “Dear Customer, your Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card application has been declined. Pls apply again after 1 month from the date of your current application.”
      This was quite strange as I applied for Amex MRCC on the same day and it has been approved. I have a good CIBIL Score with no late payment and credit cards from HDFC, HSBC, Citi, and Amex.

      PS: I have no existing relationship with ICICI as of now.

      1. Prashant Agrawal

        For MRCC, did you apply online and had to give an income proof? My Citi card was approved with just salary amount declaration without proof and was wondering if Amex uses a similar system too (approval on basis of CIBIL without proof).

  61. varun bansal

    I applied from your link and I was approved as soon as I applied for card as I was already having a credit card from icici.
    And also instantly got 750 cashback for this free card. That’s awesome.
    It said I will receive physical card within a week

    1. preetam

      existing icici credit card no
      in this field which no. you entered
      i entered last four digit of existing but application locked

  62. Ravindra

    Is icici Amazon pay credit card useful for other expenditure like utility payment, insurance payment , electricity payment, mobile and dth recharge. And also other shopping.

    1. Raghu

      Since you can do all these payments via Amazon Pay where you get 2% rewards for this, this is good. For all other shopping its flat 1% cashback.
      Cards like SBI Prime give 5% RP for utility bills and so on, on standing instruction, so depending on your preference and usage, you may choose accordingly

  63. Purna

    This month did not reward points for redgirraffe .Looks like they have stopped it.

  64. Karan

    I applied through my friends account. Now, where will i get the amazon money?
    my registered mobile number amazon account or his amazon account??

    1. Ankur

      rewards go to account from which the card was generated so in your case your friends account.

  65. Krishna

    Hello everyone,

    I had applied for this card in Dec 2018 but was declined and was told to reapply after 6 months. I am again trying to apply now, after entering the mobile number in the application page i receive an OTP, and after entering the OTP a page comes up which says that “Application already exists with your mobile number”. After this i contacted both amazon and icici customer care but they are clueless and are trying to pin it on each other.

    Has anyone faced similar scenario.


        1. Ashish

          I too was facing the same issue, I escalated this to their head office with screenshots of the error and they resolved this issue in a week. at backend they deregister your mobile number linked to amazon application, nothing will be affected to your existing icicibank account registered on the same number. but you will have to followup on email on a daily basis, it took me 15-20 email reminders to get them to resolve it

  66. Habeeb

    When I tried to apply for this card, A page to enter the address details are showing after the OTP verification. Bu when I my pin code, it shows a message like “This service is not available for your pincode. We are working towards enabling it soon.”. I am from Calicut, Kerala. I tried with many pin codes in different cities from Kerala. All are the same. I have an ICICI Savings AC, Fixed Deposit, Trading Account, Pay Later AC, etc. Anybody else from Kerala applied for this card without an existing ICICI credit card?

  67. Vimal

    Looks the card is currently available in 35 cities only !

    Amazon should have made it available in all cities where an Icici bank branch is available

  68. Prabhushankar H A

    As of now, this Amazon Pay card processing is in a big mess. It seems they are over subscribed and are unable to cope. I applied for this card on July 12th and it was immediately approved. But even after 18 days I have been getting repeated calls by their Customer Care for document Verification. 4 times I gave them appointment and they never came. Every time I had to wait for them the whole day at Home. Finally, today a person came for verification. But in the application form which he showed, there were errors in the way my name was spelled and also errors in the way the name will show on the credit Card. So he went back without verification. Now they want me to send them an email explaining their error to them. They don’t even know to which email I should send my complaint. They want me to look it up in their website!!.
    This is the kind of service I am getting from ICICI even before becoming their Customer. Kind of scary..isn’t it?

  69. Mithi

    Any first time ICICI customers facing issues to sign up for iMobile or net banking.

  70. Ramesh

    I have done the needful as per what ever they have asked of me so far.
    Now after reading all the experience here, I am NOT gonna bother about this card and l

  71. Shashank

    Very weird experience in applying for the amazon pay ICICI card. I applied on June 23rd and the agent called for document collection on a weekday almost two weeks after application. Since I wasn’t at home and he refused to come after 6pm, the collection was postponed to a weekend. On July 13th, the documents were collected, including ITR and salary slips. They did a CIBIL enquiry on 15th July and on 17th July, I got an SMS that my credit card is declined despite a CIBIL score >800 and I can apply again after 1 month. When I checked status with the amazon site, it still showed processing. Customer care also said the application is under process. I lost hope and thought it was because of no banking relationship with ICICI Bank. Then one fine day in August, they call for verification and when I ask about the declined message, they say they are not aware and are only performing verification. On August 6th, I get a message that my credit card is generated and I have got a limit of 5lakh, the highest among all my other credit cards. Now, waiting for the card to be dispatched.

    1. Himanshu

      Hi Shashank,

      Almost same things happened with me as well. The documents were collected almost 20 days after the application date and there are two inquires by ICICI Bank in my CIBIL. After that, I got the same declined message. The status page is still showing in the process from almost a month now. I have already lost the hope of getting ICICI Amazon Pay Card.

      1. Shashank

        Hi Himanshu,
        Don’t lose hope. For all you know, it may be a case similar to mine and you may get the card one fine day. Is it showing as still processing on the amazon site?

        1. Himanshu

          Hi Shashank,

          I don’t think there is any chance of approval now as it has already been more than 2 months since I applied for the card.
          Strangely, it is still showing as Application Under Process on the status tracking page.

  72. Krishnapal Singh

    I don’t have ICICI bank account may I apply for this card,. Also when I apply it’s show this service not available in your area help me

  73. Alam123

    apply by filling serviceable pincode nearest you. Get the KYC verification scheduled on your choice. Go the city / area on the scheduled date and get KYC done. You too can get the card

    1. Alam123

      By following this process, I have been issued Amazon Pay ICICI Credit card. I was an ICICI card customer already. Now I have two cards of ICICI Bank. As I am a Prime Customer of Amazon, I have been given cash back of RS. 750/- as Amazon Pay Balance.

  74. Rohit Goel

    Can I get this card against a fixed deposit at ICICI?
    My cibil score is NiL.

    1. Ankur

      Icici provides some cards against FD but i dont think this will be possible but if you have icici account ? then maybe directly it will take.

  75. Vino

    Can anyone till what is the bill data and payment date for a new card holder? If Aug 24 is date of card activaction, should the payment due date fall in first week of Sep? or they generate bill on a particular day in Sep for a due date further?


      You have to pay bill within 15-20 days of Bill generation. Due date is 15/18/20 days after billing date (Different for different Banks). Wait for first Bill, you will understand everything. Everything will be mentioned on your Bill.

  76. Karthik

    Hi Sid,

    There is a CIBIL enquiry after 3 months. Please correct your page

    1. Dr Pankaj Gupta

      I too had a cibil enquiry by ICICI Bank, just saw in my latest Cibil report. This csrd was issued in July. I did not have any previous relationship with ICICI

  77. Jasson Josy

    Documents Verification seems to be done by Third Party Agency Person as they say On Behalf of icici Bank and not actual icici bank employee.
    So it’s matter of documents integrity and it’s misuse.
    Also is it required to submit any hard copy of documents???
    I think they capture our Fotos, and documents snaps in their app and submit online.

    Plz confirm and Clarify Above.

  78. Suman

    This is a superb entry level card.
    Here is what I do to get maximum benefit.
    I’m actually getting 5% for Amazon Pay load using this card. Not sure if you have noticed you are not supposed to get any for wallet load.
    Then pay for your utility bills using this balance, on Swiggy, Dunzo etc.
    I’ve got around 500 as pay balance in 2 months of use.
    Uff not to mention I did receive Rs 750 Amazon pay balance on Approval.

    1. Rakesh

      I think the Cashback for loading money to Amazon pay balance is 2% using this card. There are further promotions from time to time for using Amazon pay balance. So, these days the cashback percentage easily crosses 7 if you are careful in using your payment method. If you setup auto reload of Rs 1000 or more for Amazon pay balance , you get further 2% cashback ( cappped to Rs 2400 in a year).

      The beauty of this card is with the Amazon Pantry offers. Generally from 4th to 7th of the month Amazon Pantry shopping of more than Rs 1500 has a 15% instant discount for ICICI bank credit cards. If you use this card , it will give 5% cashback after the monthly statement also. If you landed on the page from ICICI bank flat 4% cashback link this will end up being a 24% cashback. Amazon Pay ICICI CC is the most transparent and easiest in cashbacks. Further you don’t have to have great skills in maximising redemptions . Simple and efficient are two words to describe this card.
      Other cards competing on Amazon are not so simple. For SBI card , you have to land on Amazon through YONO to get 5% cashback. HDFC cards have to land through smart buy for the rewards/cashback. Both take a lot of time in realisation of rewards and cashbacks. Rewards are like coupons which everyone is not able to cash in. Rewards result in redemptions where you end up spending more money even if you really did not require the expenditure to be done. Simple cashbacks are better for people who want to save money. In my opinion this is a great card.

      1. Conscience

        HI Rakesh,
        can you please elaborate ”If you landed on the page from ICICI bank flat 4% cashback link”? please provide this link.


      2. Hemanth

        Hey Rakesh!
        “If you landed on the page from ICICI bank flat 4%”

        How to land from ICICI? Through app or website?
        Please shed some light on this.
        Thank You in Advance

        1. Rakesh

          Icici homepage > Deals & More > Cashback deals> Amazon.in

          Disclaimer: ICICI did not pay me 4% cashback through this route using this card. I have raised a service request which is under examination

  79. Ansari

    I have got 600 Cash as well , not a prime member.
    My friend got 700, he is prime member.

  80. Vimal K


    Few days back, I have received this card. I wanted to go for an ICICI card, for getting 10% off on Flipkart BBD, and other such offers on ICICI cards. I tried using this card on Tatacliq where ICICI card offer is running. The offer is not valid on this Card 🙁

    Can anyone confirm if we get those discount offers on other such websites? Does Amazon Pay card get recognised the same as other ICICI Bank credit cards? I already have Regalia, so without normal ICICI card discounts, this card is not of much value as I get better rewards with Regalia on Amazon.

    1. Tushar

      I also have same query. Whether normal ICICI offers(like mmt etc) are applicable on this card or not? Please clarify.

      1. SS

        I use Amazon pay icici CC in Flipkart big billion sale and get instant 10% discount. So yes this card can be used in ICICI Bank credit card offers in different sites.

    2. Suraj

      offer was valid on this card during BBD but I found many icici offers are not valid on this card for ex on BookMyShow

  81. Vinit

    Application under process
    Process incomplete , its been 7 days when i applied for card until card is not approved

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      When you applied and when your status becomes “process incomple” ?

    2. Himanshu

      Hi Vinit,

      In my case, the status is showing as Process Incomplete since 12th July. ICICI has no idea what is going wrong with the application and I have finally given up on the application.

      1. shiv singh

        hi himanshu, did u get the card now?
        even my application is process incomplete from 16 NOV 2019? plz update us.

  82. Sandeep Kumar

    My application status shows :-
    Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card

    Application under process
    Process incomplete.

    What it’s mean..?

  83. Akarsh

    Those who are holding this card do check and confirm if you’re getting 5% on eligible transactions or not. I found out few days back that for few transactions on amazon I was only getting 1% instead of the promised 5%. When highlighted to CC the response was that it was a system/IT issue and that it will be resolved soon.

    1. Suraj

      I verified this in my first statment, thanks to Cred for categorizing my spends and I found the cashback to be nearly equal to the calculated value(but not exact). I had initially got less cb(saw in icici netbanking) but they added additional cb before crediting to my amazon pay balance.

  84. Abdul Bari

    Can anybody tell me how to contact Amazon pay ICICI customer care ? I paid my bill 11000 through SBI bank to ICICI amazon pay credit card its nearly 12 hours but amount did not got credited into ICICI Amazon pay credit card. Please help me

  85. Ankit

    Has any non ICICI Bank customer received this credit card on “Card on Card” basis?

  86. balaji

    If we buy amazon giftcards thru amazon pay credit card, how much is the reward rate ?

  87. Sravan

    I have applied for card on 1st October and verification by executive done on 17th but no update in status regards collection of KYC and when i contact customer care they arrange kyc verification again on 21st again and still no update in status it’s still showing our executive will meet you. When i contact customer care of Amazon they said application status is pending for review and said will call in 2 days have to wait and see

    Is anyone facing same issue

    1. Aks1231

      I am facing the same issue. I had submitted documents within 2 days of application on 24 sep. After that it is in process. When i called icici bank and Amazon they asked me to reschedule appointment. I had done twice but no one came to collect documents. I don’t know what is happening. It is more than 2 months now. I have given up the hope and not trying now. Looks to me like a scam and documents will be used for some illegal purpose.

  88. Arun P

    I am currently holding the below Life Time Free cards.
    ICICI Bank Rubyx (Amex+MC)
    Citibank Cashback
    HDFC Diners Rewards
    Is it really worth applying an ICICI Amazon Pay credit card along with this. Please provide your suggestions.

  89. NewRules

    So the documents verification was done for me. The guy just took photos of my documents in an app, and asked me to sign a terms and condition acknowledgement form. So that’s it? Just one sign is enough? And just photos? I haven’t applied to credit cards in a long time, but earlier they used to have a huge application form.

  90. Sunil P

    Just got my Amazon pay CC but I have received separate credit limit apart from my existing platinum CC. This seems to be a deviation from standard ICICI Bank policy of single limit shared between multiple CCs. Anyone please share if have similar experience. BTW there is a 10x difference between credit limit of both the cards. However the new credit limit is still half of my highest limit card.

  91. Ammar

    Recieved a message your card had been generated please login to internet banking/imobile after 48hrs but I have not received any login details for it on my email either nor a message for the delivery of the card but I see it in my Amazon account added.
    Can someone please suggest

  92. Ankur

    Hi Sid,

    This card currently has 5% cashback on international transactions and showing in Amazon app. Validity period 10 Dec 2019 up to 10 Feb 2020.

  93. Saurabh

    The credit limit assigned is 50% of primary card, recently my cl was increased on my primary card after 45 days there was an offer to increase limit on Amazon pay card which is exactly 50% of primary card limit, seems the limit are not shared.

  94. Bittu Kumar

    I have applied for the card on 1st Jan 20 and documents verification done on 8th Jan and got the Sms stating application sent for further processing from ICICI bank. But still it is showing pending documents verification in the amazon app.

  95. Random reader

    LOL… you mentioned that there’s no CIBIL inquiry involved. Even if you spend lakhs on Amazon but don’t have any credit history, you can’t get any credit card in today’s age, let alone Amazon’s own credit card.

    You’ll need to block some security money in the form of FD etc to the card when you have no or questionable credit history.

    Bottom-line: There’s no way on earth that you could get a new credit card without an inquiry into your credit score.

    1. Shivi

      He is right – for this card there is no CIBIL inquiry IF you have an existing ICICI Bank card already & if you have a pre-approved credit card from ICICI then also there is no CIBIL inquiry

  96. Shivi

    How do you increase the credit limit of this particular ICICI- Amazon Co-branded card? Stuck @ 38K since a year!

  97. Akshay


    My Amazon Pay CC is blocked due to incorrect entry, how can i get new CC for same, please reply.

  98. Ab

    Hi Sid (anyone please suggest the procedure)
    i got my coral card very next day after initiating to apply this amazon pay card. now the status showing that please complete your application. how can i proceed to apply this card through already existing icici credit card so that i got the virtual card instantly. also for KYC my pin area code is not servicable.
    i also talked to CC and asking them to please reset the process to apply this card through already existing credit card route but he told me this is not possible. if application is rejected by you then you have to wait for 6 month to apply fresh.

    1. Ryan

      I am also stuck in a similar situation. Even being a ICICI customer (SB, Coral & Platinum against FD) my KYC is pending. The phone numbers where different on Amazon and ICICI, may be thats the issue. Corrected it but couldnt reset the application. Called and mailed ICICI & Amazon a couple of time to delete / reset the application so that I can start fresh. Still no progress.

  99. Purna

    I have not received my ICICI Amazon Pay rewards to My Amazon account this month .Custome care asking me to simply wait .Is any one facing the same problem?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Usually amazon pay balance gets credited with earned reward points on statement generation date itself. But once it happened that RPs did not get credited.

      I did wait and credit was made within 2-3 days without any enquiry.

    2. Shivi

      It may happen if you returned/asked for a refund against any item which you bought from Amazon. This will make your reward points negative & offset it against next statement generation reward points!

  100. Divaksh Jain

    This card is now getting blocked for the high volume transactions. Do not use utilizes you limit 100% or more on this card.

  101. Vipul

    Using this card for almost 1.5 years now. Pretty good card, specially for people that do not want to go through the hassles of points and redemptions. Simply spend and get amazon pay balance added every month.

    Also, I want to point out that the card does share the limit with your existing card (if any).
    I had a coral credit card with a 1.7 limit, and this card came with 1.7 as well. One day I had to spend 2.5 somewhere, and I thought I’d pay half from coral and half from this, but after making the payment from coral, I could not pay from this and the transaction got declined because the limit was reached on this card as well.
    The ICICI mobile app showed both limits sperate and was showing that I had used my limit only on the coral. That’s when I realised the app shows wrong limits.

    Also, after that I closed my coral, and took a Rubyx, and now the limits are separate. This card is still at 1.7 (confused why they aren’t raising the limit), while the rubyx is at a limit of 3.2.

    1. Birbal ram sain

      I got same problem I purchased item from amazon pay. When I tried to use icici mmt credit card it declined payment because of limit over. Then I thought both are combined so I paid whole amazon pay amount in icici mmt credit card but when bill was generated then mmt card Available balance is more than limit and amazon pay was showing unpaid. Means I paid amazon pay amount to mmt because I thought both are combined.

  102. Anisha

    My request got approved and it also reflects in my icici account but for some reason I’m not able to use the card. I have a limit of 30k in the card but every time I try to make a transaction it says insufficient funds. Please help

  103. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Great offer. Now pay life insurance premium on Amazon using ICICI Amazon Pay card and get 2 percent cashback after statement generation as Amazon pay balance. No minimum value, no limit on no. of transactions.


      Hey Folks but there is a catch LIC is not present in Amazon Pay Network.

      1. Saurabh

        Now it has been added. So overall a good deal for insurance payments.

  104. Milan

    While filling out the form for amazon credit card, it is asking about which company we work on.
    So is this only for people who are working or students can also apply?

  105. Nitin SKL

    How to increase the limit of Amazon pay icici card while holding the icici bank card with higher limit?

  106. Anish Gupta


    How does the card compare with ICICI Rubyx cards?

    Best Wishes

  107. Amann

    I think you’ll get. Amazon Pay iCICI Credit card doesn’t have wallet loading restrictions.

    You’ll also get 1% with Paytm Credit Card (Citi Bank) i think.

  108. Himanshu

    Has anyone tried video KYC for the Amazon Pay Credit Card application?
    After completing the form, I got a link to upload the documents and complete the video KYC. The video KYC was done smoothly. The person on the other end asked a few questions and then I got a screen that my video KYC has been done successfully.
    5 days later when the status of the application did not update, I contacted the ICICI Bank customer support where I was told the KYC has not yet been done and you need to submit physical documents again.
    It seems like they have rushed into launching the product and their back end processing team has no clue about video KYC.

    1. Yugal

      Hi Himanshu
      I also applied for this card and video kyc was done on 5th August and my current status is we are accessing your document for cc. I don’t have any relationship with icici.I am a salaried person (state govt employee) and my cibil score is 787 will they approve my card?? And how many days they will take after video kyc for giving me any resolution like my card application is accepted or declined.
      Ty hope you will help

      1. Himanshu

        In my case, I had to go with physical document submission and then multiple complaints to get my application processed. Overall, it took me one month and 5 days to get the card.

    2. Teja Raju

      Hi Himanshu,
      I have applied for Amazon Pay Credit Card on July 17th and i have successfully completed my video KYC On the same day and video KYC was done smoothly. The person on the other end asked a few questions and then I got a screen that my video KYC has been done successfully.It’s nearly 39 days (1 month 10 days) still there is no update either it is approved or declined called to customer care and multiple emails have been dropped to know the status but there is no proper response from them.Status is showing as application under process but no further moment i guess.Lost the hope on getting the card.Have any one faced this kind of issue please help.Thanks in advance.

      1. Himanshu

        Hello Teja,
        I feel the most effective to reach ICICI customer support is via their Twitter support channel. I got most of my issues resolved via the same.
        I faced the same issue last year when I applied for the card. It showed in process for around 5-6 months and then suddenly, they said the card application has been closed because I did not submit the documents and I need to apply again.
        I suggest you to reach out to them via Twitter and when the representative calls, insist on getting the service request number of the complaint. With the help of SR number, you can escalate the issue later if it not resolved.

  109. Ashish Arora

    There WAS a CIBIL enquiry on my CIBIL profile and I lost 2 points as soon as I submitted the application for the card. Although, I got the card 2 days ago.

    1. Nikhil

      Agreed. I too had a CIBIL inquiry that lead to one point decrease in my CIBIL score. I hope they give me a high spend limit.

  110. Himanshu

    Does anyone know if I can apply for an additional card (like Coral Credit Card) based on Amazon Pay ICICI Card from ICICI Bank?
    I got the Amazon Pay ICICI card as a first card from ICICI Bank and since this card cannot be used to avail offers other sites like Flipkart, I was wondering if I could get an additional card based on my existing Amazon Pay card.
    I know that one can apply for the Amazon card in case he/she already has an existing credit card ICICI card but is the opposite true?

    1. Himanshu

      UPDATE: Yes, it can be done by calling to the customer care. I got another card just for the sake of availing different offers where Amazon Pay Card is excluded from the list of applicable cards.

  111. Yugal

    Hi Himanshu
    Actually i am facing same issue. After completing my video kyc today i received a mail regarding my application and they mentioned my uploaded documents was not clear so i have re-upload them in given link. But when i click on click its asking me for schedule my appointment. How you send them your physical document did you scheduled any appointment or sent them any mail. Help needed.

    1. Himanshu

      Hey Yugal,

      I wrote multiple complaints to ICICI Bank and Amazon regarding the Video KYC but in the end, I was told to schedule an appointment and give physical copy of documents to get my application processed. They said there is no other option available and then I scheduled the appointment and handed over the documents to the agent.

      1. Yugal

        Hi Himanshu
        After video kyc on 12th August i received a mail from bank and stating that my uploaded documents was not clear so i have to upload new document. But given link is not working. I talked with icici care and they told me to send required documents through mail i already sent them mail but there is no update regarding my mail.
        Can you please provide me any detail where i can log my complain.

        1. Himanshu

          They also told me to send the documents by email but later on, I got a callback and I was told to submit the physical documents.
          For complaints, I think the best way to reach out to them is via Twitter DM.

  112. Teja Raju

    Hi Himanshu,
    I have applied for Amazon Pay Credit Card on July 17th and i have successfully completed my video KYC On the same day and video KYC was done smoothly. The person on the other end asked a few questions and then I got a screen that my video KYC has been done successfully.It’s nearly 39 days (1 month 10 days) still there is no update either it is approved or declined called to customer care and multiple emails have been dropped to know the status but there is no proper response from them.Status is showing as application under process but no further moment i guess.Lost the hope on getting the card.Have any one faced this kind of issue please help.Thanks in advance.

  113. Shashank

    Hi Sid

    Will there be a hard enquiry on my cibil if i apply for this card??

    1. Doc Venkat

      yes there will be a hard enquiry on your cibil report if you apply for this card

  114. Shashank

    Can anyone tell me if i have an existing HDFC credit card having limit 1.25L and 9 months old…will I get approval for the amazon pay icici card without income docs. Also, have a cibil of 750 and no late payments on my existing card till now.

    1. Doc Venkat

      I have applied for ICICI amazon pay card on 31 august. I was not asked if i had other bank cards or not. It asked for aadhaar number and PAN number after that my video kyc was done with in 10 minutes of application. Physical address verification by third party was done on 5 september and I got mail saying my application got approved on 11 September and got a mail saying card dispatched on 13 spetember, card delivered on 14 september. Got a limit of 3.5L .I have multiple credit from HDFC,SBI,AXIS,YES bank with highest being 10L.I was not asked for my payslips, bank statement, other bank credit card details. I have provided only my aadhaar number and PAN number.

  115. neverfold

    I finally got this card, because its hard to ignore 5% direct cashback as most of my shopping is on Amazon. However, I was disappointed with their credit limit. I recieved only INR 40k. My highest credit limit on the card is close to 4L.
    I tried asking them on phone, ICICI said that the limit is decided by Amazon. If you want higher limit take an ICICI card (I am not an ICICI member). Anyone else face this issue of lower card limit?

    1. Gautam

      I am also having amazon pay card and not any other ICICI credit card.
      1 year back I got this card with mere 25k limit.
      I just had 3 transactions over the last one year thru this card and automatically I got limit enhancement to 9L and now 16L.

      Just wait for some time, you will get the limit enhancement.

    2. Mahendra G

      Even I face same issue. I got 38k when my highest limit is 4lac. But after using the card for 6 months limit Increased to 3.5 lac. So keep using it, limit will increase automatically.

      1. Kevin

        How do you know that you are eligible for credit limit enhancement?

        1. Shivi

          It’s given under Credit card management ~ manage credit limit ~ slider bar – Existing limit Maximum Limit

    3. Shivi

      Yeah, i got same issue. CL of Amazon Pay card is 38K for the past one and a half years. No idea why it’s stuck!

    4. Ashok

      Your limit is dependent on the total credit available to you when you put all other cards together. Banks are wary of enhancing your credit limit if you already have several other high credit cards.

  116. Mahesh S Panicker

    It is the best credit card I have used so far. Have experience with HDFC Millennia, SC Super Titanium, SBI Simply Save and a few others besides my ICICI Platinum. Very rewarding card particularly if you are an Amazon user, and as I had an ICICI card at the time of application, no issue with the application process.

  117. Jugal Kishor Yadav

    My icici Amazon pay credit card is approved but I can’t able to see my virtual card as I am not existing customer of icici bank….

    I got mail that my virtual card is created to use ….& Log in net banking or I mobile app to use it….but I can’t have user id….as I am not using icici account…..

    Please share how can I get my virtual card

    1. Fahim

      Kindly check your amazon account. It should be visible in amazon pay section. You can also get your customer id but calling ICICI customer care

  118. Rohan Tinku

    Let me make one thing absolutely clear… THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD. its a Credit Loan given by ICICI Bank to its existing credit card holders.
    Reason I say that:
    I’m trying to do a balance transfer from my SBI prime credit card to pay off the current outstanding on my ICICI amazon pay card. SBI doesnt recognize the amazon pay card number but it does recognize my primary Credit card with ICICI bank.

    1. Shivi

      Uhmm it’s a credit card alright! I have this card as a stand-alone card & it’s not linked to my main ICICI card (Carbon).

      There might be some issues with SBI not offering balance transfer for AmazonPay card.

  119. Sadanand

    After long wait finally i had received my amazon pay icici credit card. It is being shown under credit card tab inside my existing icici bank savings account. My concern is i had different mobile numbers for my bank and amazon account, is it possiable to have separate customer id/login id only for my amazon pay credit card ?? It helps me to avail otp on mobile number linked to amazon account. Thanks in advance…

  120. Chaitanya

    Applied and finished my e-KYC yesterday and got confirmation today that my card was generated. By far the fastest card approval even though I’m not an ICICI customer. Amex was the 2nd fastest for me. Application to approval was 2 days.

    1. Abhishek Maheshwari

      IDFC first banks select card was fastest for me , got approved in 5 min , ICICI has rejected my application two times with out any reason

  121. Chaitanya

    Got my card today. The look is an improvement over what is shown on the website. Application to card receipt was 5 days.

  122. KMS Rao

    Hi guys,
    Wish to share my experince with application process of my ICICI Amazon pay card.
    Though i had invite in my Amazon app since past three months, deicede to apply on 6th November(Friday).
    Started filling in the details and was struck at Pincode as my pincode is not in servicable area(Sub urban area) by ICICI. Then i randomly started changing pincode starting with Urban area near me and then gradually moved closer to my original pincode, where system started accepting all the pincodes that i have entered. This technique was shared by ICICI executive Three years ago while applying HPCL Coral Amex card .After completion of online application, an SMS was received instantly that a CIBIL enquiry was made and my CIBIL score has gone down by 5 points. Completed Video KYC immediately and on 9th November (Monday) i got an SMS that card was approved followed by an SMS taht Rs.750 as credited as Amazon pay balance. On 10th November, the card appeared in my ICICI mobile app and Amzon app with acredit limit of 1.2 Lakhs.
    Prior to this my only relationship with ICICI is that i had HPCL Coral Amex card since mid 2017, which i rarely used and I dont even have a savings account with ICICI.

  123. Saurav Das

    Are all insurance payments done on Amazonpay in Amazon app using Amazonpay ICICI credit card eligible for 5% cashbacks? Or is cashback available only for LIC premium payments?

    1. ASP

      I applied for this card a year ago when it was launched and ICICI took its own sweet 10-15 days to dispatch the card. I got a decent 5L credit limit and have already taken cashback of over 9,700 this year alone.
      Happy with the card.
      The only downside is the look and feel of the card – it looks cheap as the name of the bank and amazon pay is printed in silver over a black card. Doesn’t come across well as my other premium cards. Secondly, many times I have observed that quite a few schemes and discounts on ICICI credit and debit cards is not available on the ICICI amazon pay card and is expressed clearly on the TnC of the offer.

      Nevertheless, if you are a regular at amazon, you must have it.

  124. Antares

    I have amazon pay icici credit card without any account in icici bank.
    Is it possible to get this card upgraded to other icici credit card without opening account with them?
    Will I get any upgrade offer?
    Can I apply for other LTF icici credit card via calling CC or net banking?

    1. Girish Kandhari

      I got amazon pay card in sept. I recived offer in january for icici sapphiro LTF I dont have icici bank A/c

    2. Nirmalya Seth

      Hi Antares, I don’t think you can upgrade this card to other ICICI Credit Card. This is processed separately from processed from other ICICI Credit cards. However, you can apply for a separate ICICI card and also keep this card. I have an Amazon Pay Card and additionally I applied online for the platinum chip card as it was LTF. However, there was some issue with the application so I was advised by CC to visit the nearest branch. Upon visiting the branch, I actually got a better offer – an LTF Coral Card as part of a corporate offer. So, I applied for the same and I didn’t have any account in ICICI, although they were insisting to open one but I didn’t. 🙂
      You can’t find these types of corporate offers online. So, I would suggest you to visit a branch or contact any ICICI credit card agent to see what kinds of offers you can get. You might just get an LTF card without opening any account.

      1. Antares

        Thank you. I will contact cc agent and will let you know if I got any offer.

  125. Nirmalya Seth

    Hi Guys, I had applied this from a non-prime account so I was earning 3% cashback. I have recently upgraded my amazon account to prime. So, will I get 5% cashback automatically? Can anyone confirm? In the website it is mentioned that “If the Amazon.in account through which you apply for your Card account does not have an eligible Prime membership, your Card account will earn 3% Back on Amazon.in. If your Card account is currently earning 3% Back but the associated Amazon.in account has an eligible Prime membership, you will need to confirm your Card account number to Bank customer service and confirm your Card account to earn 5% Back at Amazon.in.”
    I did actually contact the CC, they mentioned that it will happen automatically but I was under the impression that they need to follow some process so that I can get 5% cashback. So, it’s a bit confusing for me.

    1. Gaurav Kukreja

      I have the same doubt. Are you earning 5% cashback after upgrading your account to prime?? If yes, was it automatic or did you have to communicate the card number to ICICI customer service?

  126. Sanjeev

    . Already I have ICICI savings account from last six months. Three days ago I applied for Amazon pay card but application was not asking any kyc, but in card status kyc was completed. Till now it is in under process. Is it acceptable? Or not?

  127. Rakshit Somani

    Got approved amazon pay credit card today with a limit of INR 500000. This is my 9 th credit card . Below is my journey-

    Opened icici savings account 6 months before( september 11) and maintained an average monthly balance of 1 lakhs , along with few basic transactions every month. Applied application on amazon day before and got it approved today. Being an icici bank customer def improves your chances of getting this card. I didnt give any documents for income proof and still got this limit.

    My cibil is 777

  128. Kiran Zambre

    In my amazon account its showing Your new Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is issued and ready to use. But how to see virtual credit card , because i dont recived Customer ID & Not linked mobile number also.

  129. Vijay Kumar

    I had weird experience as i applied on Jan 11,2021, Document verification was done on Jan 14,2021 and then application is under process for last 3-4 months, with no update nothing i tried to check it many times.

    I am already using 4-5 credit cards with a decent cibil score.I am not sure whats the problem.

  130. Ram

    I applied for the card in April 2021 and got the card instantly. Physical card received in 2 days. In first I purchased Tanishq voucher for high value and May statement showed this cash back. But it was not credited to my Amazon pay account even after a week. I raised a ticket for resolution, but looks ICICI bank closed my card due to high purchase value and rewards in first month. It’s unfortunate bank cancelling credit card becos I have rewards more than 10k in a month. Anybody has similar experience?

    1. Ram manja

      They may consider your transaction as commercial, now I’m also facing the same issue, my rewards not credited into amazon pay, first they will allow us to do the transaction and then they will review our transaction while crediting rewards, very pathetic policy by ICICI, Vague terms and conditions by Cards, my card is not cancelled yet but by God’s grace i have 1% of chance to credit my rewards because i did wallet transactions not commercial transactions, lets see what happens!

  131. Deepak

    I applied for the card and got the notification to do the KYC once it was done there was no communication , However with 2 days I got the message that your card is dispatched , Next day I got the card with the limit mentioned on the letter . But the problem is my application status still shows pending which is not letting the Cash Back credited and also the card is not linked with my Amazon Account to get Reward points .
    Raised the issue with Icici Customer Care , It’s been 15 Days since I got the card still no update , Anyone knows what can be done here ?

  132. Ram

    Do anybody facing issues with crediting rewards on  amazon pay icici credit card for high volume of transactions ?

  133. Nanda

    Hi Sid,

    I had a question.. Do you have any suggestions for Credit cards like ICICI Amazon Pay or SBI Simply Click where we can get easy Amazon pay balance by using these cards.. I dont have Amex to explore the 18K and 24K. I am basically looking for cards where I can redeem the amazon vouchers at a good conversion rate like Simply Click.. Any suggestions please?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, those two cards would help and you can explore IDFC first cards too for that reason.

      1. Nanda

        I have tried the IDFC credit card applications several times but have not got any response. I do have an account but got that created only a month back.. Are there any other cards that have good conversion rate for Amazon vouchers..

  134. Pranab

    I closed this card along with all my other ICICI cards approx 6-7 months ago.
    Now I’ve got fresh ICICI Sapphiro.
    While trying to apply for Amazon Pay card, message showing ‘Your new Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is issued and ready to use’.
    Can anyone please suggest, whom and how to contact?

    1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Pranab congrats for Sapphiro. I have some off topic question and I request you to kindly answer :
      In other thread you have mentioned that you had Rs. 8.15 lakhs limit in ICICI card. Now I am assuming that you have got LTF Sapphiro.
      So what limit you got this time ?
      How much you were maintaining in Wealth ac. ?
      Transactions type and volume ?
      After how many days of closing all ICICI cards you got offer for Sapphiro ?

  135. Pranab

    Thanks Captain,
    My current limit is 5.3L
    Don’t exactly remember, but I closed the cards somewhere around Feb 17-20 this year.
    So within little less than 5 months, I got LTF Sapphiro. Previously pre-approved Coral paid card with 1.3L limit was showing in net/mobile banking.
    No such spending or transaction pattern. It’s my salary account. I don’t keep much in the account (10-25K). I parked most of my money in my HDFC account to get an upgrade which I got (Preferred) about same time with LTF Sapphiro (along with my wife’s and mother’s account both being upgraded to Preferred).
    I received my Sapphiro card within 36 hours of applying which is incredibly fast considering there’s no airport in my city.
    Today (16th) the Dreamfolks card will be delivered.

  136. Abhishek Maheshwari

    My application for this card got rejected twice , i have hdfc regalia as my primary card , i also have axis privilege ,axis ace and idfc first select credit card .

    i have good credit score ..hard to understand rejection criteria .

  137. RAGIB

    Very good & rewarding LTF card and that too directly as amazon pay balance with no frills.

    But sometimes it declines transactions suddenly, out of nowhere even if everything is ok i.e. all settings reg. usage limits, per transaction limit, authorization etc.

    Used my other cards when in hurry.

  138. Abhishek Maheshwari

    So here is my story
    Applied two times ,got rejected 2 times
    Opend a gold priority account with ICICI and they gave me Manchester credit card for free ( no joining fee and renewal fee )
    Applied 3rd time and got apporved , they told me it will share my credit limit with primary card,but both cards have different credit limit .
    In short I got two life time free credit card and 750 rs as amazon pay balance for application

  139. Shreyansh Soni

    My Credit limit increased today from 87000 to 270000
    Got no intimation..was just casuallly checking in imobile app and there i got the offer
    Been using this card since Jan 2020

    1. manoj singh

      I got intimation for limit increase from 2.5 lacs to 9 lacs on Amazon pay card. Really great limit. Excited to get enhanced limit

  140. Sanket

    After SBI prime discontinued rewards for utility bills, I recently started paying bills through Amazon pay icici. But noticed bills higher than 10k cannot be paid through cc, only through amazon upi, which is dissapointing. Looking to switch to axis ace now.

  141. Beginner

    I didn’t receive the cashback for the latest statement, statement was generated on December 17. Heard from others that this happens when your credit card is blocked but I never misused my card. I used this card only for grocery purchase and jiomart purchase when 10% offer is there (used continuously for last 4 months in jiomart once each, with highest purchase being 3100). Monthly bills are always less than 5000.(4800 for the latest statement – cashback -45)
    Tried contacting Amazon and ICICI and both just asked to contact the each other and said nothing wrong from their side.
    Did anyone else face issue for this month, just wanted to see if its any technical issue.

    1. OP

      December, I also did not receive. Customer care told it will be added by month end.

    2. SSR

      Yes. In my case with similar statement date, they said it is a technical issue. As this happened first time since the last few years, preferring to stay quiet for sometime and see if it gets resolved. I did receive an email with amazon pay gift card reference id mentioning the cashback amount. Hoping that it can be used to directly follow-up with Amazon and not ICICI Bank.

      1. Beginner

        what I noticed is that the cashback is credited but not reflecting in statement. Tried calculating manually and I could see the difference. I guess that would be case with everyone who had this problem for December.

    3. SS

      Yes, I did not receive yet. Normally I received it on 19 or 20th every month.

  142. Akshay

    In 2022, the system has changed a lot. They wait for 15 days to decide on approval even if all other factors have been great.

    I applied on 02/01/22, the day which I noticed there was a cibil enquiry for 100k on my report and unsurprisingly from icici. I am adding this comment roughly 20 days after and I still don’t know if I’ll get it. I have no existing relationship with icici whatsoever and never plan to. But I think that shouldn’t affect the approval decision right?

  143. Nishit

    I have one question..
    I have Amazon pay card linked to Abc account.. In that account I have Amazon prime.. Nd If I’m doing purchase transaction from any other Amazon account that don’t have prime then how much rewords I ll get? 5%? 3%? Or no rewords?

  144. Apoorva

    Got this card today.
    One of the fastest to come in hand to me.
    Applied on 22/07/22 @11:30PM
    Got Video KYC done within next 30 mins.
    Approval Message on 23th Morning.
    Physical Card was in hand on 26/7/22.

    I have Axis, Citi & RBL card with me, apart from citi bank, both was done via Video KYC & ICICI was the fastest to come.
    Also got a nice limit to go with it.

  145. Praveen

    This card started devaluation of rewards after reaching the desired user base. Earlier for insurance or bill payments used to receive 2pc but now limited to 1 pc only. Also observed on rewards on paytm wallet loads earlier it used to give. Be mindful moving forward.

    1. neil

      Bill payments is still at 2% on the amazon app. haven’t checked insurance.

    2. Mahendra

      Hi Praveen, if you pay directly in insurance sites, u will get 1%. If you pay in Amazon site then u will get 2%

  146. balajic

    What about gold purchases and educational institutes ? Do we get 1% or nothing.

    1. vadakkus

      Don’t know about Gold but I pay school fees using this card and get 1% all the time. Gold should also get as I don’t think it has any exclusions except for EMIs.

      1. balajic

        Thanks Vadkkus,

        It seems I have to fall back to Amazon card as SBI cashback card de valuating many areas.

  147. Laxmikant

    #Gold #Tanishq #Scheme
    I have recently subscribed to the Tanishq Gold Harvest scheme with a 20k monthly deposit plan.The scheme offers a credit card payment option.
    I currently hold the HDFC Millennia, Axis My Zone, and ICICI Amazon Pay credit cards.
    Which credit card among these would be most beneficial for making these monthly deposits?


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