Hands on with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

By | April 1, 2019

If at all there is one credit card that suits best for beginners, that must be Amazon Pay Credit Card by ICICI Bank. While I don’t really plan to use the card much, I got it primarily to experience the application process and of-course to add new plastic to my collection.

One fine day, when I opened the Amazon home page, a banner showed up, asking me to apply for the Amazon pay Credit Card.

I also opened the application page link on Amazon app and I was now able to see the Apply Now option being enabled there as well.

Amazon Pay Credit Card by ICICI Bank

Application Process

  • It was a 4 page process & it hardly took 1 minute to Apply.
  • The Virtual card was made available for instant use.
  • Amazon App & Net Banking also shows the new card in realtime.
  • The limit was shared with my other ICICI Credit Cards (Jet Sapphiro Amex & Visa)
  • The Physical Card received just in 2 DAYS. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen.
  • The design was Good enough for a Free card.

The sweetest part is, there is no CIBIL enquiry. Its amazing to see how ICICI did the integration with Amazon to make this entire process super fast and simple.

I wish every other credit card company does the application process as simple as this. Here are some of the images through the application process.

Amazon Pay Credit Card on ICICI Mobile App

How to become Eligible?

I initially thought I cracked the code, because I got this invite just after spending over Rs.50K in the month. But then I came to know that many others too got the offer the same day, so that “may not” be the eligibility.

That aside, I did few things when this credit card was initially launched. Like, I made test payments using all my ICICI credit/debit cards to see if that triggers the eligibility.

So, somehow I was added to their system during their Financial Year End push. I’m sure most of you might be eligible for the Amazon Pay Credit Card by now. If not, you may try things that i did above.

What’s more?

I got an SMS post 2 days of application that my Amazon pay account got credited with Rs.300, which was the promo for applying the Credit Card. I didn’t even notice it while applying 😀

So, basically I got paid Rs.300 for getting this free card, just like the Amex MRCC and Amex Plat Travel offers wherein you can get paid ~Rs.3000 for applying, for free!

Are you invited to apply Amazon pay Credit Card? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love Credit Cards! Minting reward points and cashback for years. Now exploring Airmiles & Hotel loyalty programs. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

80 thoughts on “Hands on with Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

  1. Karthik

    My application got rejected for this card, I have high purchase history and good relationship with icici saving account and credit card. Eligibility criteria is a mistery. Will reapply and month and see!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I think this is something to do with your Amazon spends and nothing to do with ICICI relationship.

      1. Gopal Gidwani

        Hi Siddharth,
        I don’t think the eligibility criteria has got anything to do with Amazon spends. I have been spending a few thousands on Amazon every month since the last 2 years or so for my monthly groceries and daily use household products. Still when I applied for this card about 3 months back, my application was rejected.

        I also have a relationship with ICICI (savings account) for more than 10 years now. But I did not have an existing ICICI credit card at the time of applying for ICICI Amazon Pay card.

        I think the eligibility is linked to having an exisiting ICICI credit card. I see from your application process, you were asked for your existing ICICI credit card number. You have also mentioned that your card limit was shared with your other ICICI Credit Cards (Jet Sapphiro Amex & Visa).

        From the above 2 points (asking for existing ICICI credit card number and sharing limit with existing ICICI credit card), I am guessing that the eligibility criteria is linked to having an existing ICICI credit card.

        The other factors like existing relationship with Amazon (purchasing regularly every month from Amazon) and existing relationship with ICICI Bank (having ICICI savings bank account) did not help me in getting the ICICI Amazon Pay credit card. As I mentioned earlier, my application got rejected about 3 months back.

        I was told that I can apply again only after 6 months. Since then 3 months have passed. I will try again after 3 months. In the meantime, I have now got another ICICI credit card. So hoping that this time my application for ICICI Amazon Pay credit card will be accepted 🙂

      2. Karthik

        I have a lot spending (for my friends and family also) in my amazon account.

      3. Tej

        Today I observed the offer on my Amazon banner. The offer is Rs 750 cash back for Prime customers. Sounds good! No cibil enquiry? Is it true?

  2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Congrats for another card. I also got approved and also got Rs. 200 in Amazon pay. Like you I was unaware of this offer. Feeling happy.
    One question are you sure that your new card’s limit is shared ? Mine shows separate.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks! Yes, this is 100% shared. ICICI also shares lower % at times. I think they made this update recently as many who got this card earlier got very low shared limit.

      1. MAA-traveler

        Are you sure the limit is shared? It has the same limit as other ICICI cards but not shared. This is more like an add-on card.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          They’ve single aggregate limit & it is shared! That’s how ICICI works. But their app/netbanking will confuse you.

          1. Shivi

            Exactly. Their Netbanking /App did confuse me and continues to confuse me when land on the credit card tab every now and then. It’s indeed single, shared limit.

      2. Manu

        Limit Is not shared Siddarth. The reason for this is..i had 2 cards earlier with shared limit. My Amazon card showed the same limit.. But after usage of older cards the available limit changed for them but this remained constant. I rechecked it by using this card, now older cards show diffente available limit in comparison to the limit available on this card.

  3. abhishek Indore

    There is nothing to do with your Amazon spends at all, I have applied thru my freind’s amazon account which has got invited without any single purchase in life span of that Amazon account. We can take over that Amazon account by changing mobile number and email id in Amazon account.

  4. Prashant Gupt

    I got paid Rs750😀. Yes the limit is shared with your other icici card. This card will make lots of sense once smartbuy 5x also goes for us, till then its good for beginners.

      1. Nabendu Mondal

        This was in one of their previous offers where they were paying 750 on card approval somewhere in November or December 2018

  5. SaurabhN

    Hi Sid
    I also got.my card about 2 months back and surprisingly the limit is not shared with my Rubyx Visa card. They are independent of each other and I am damn sure about it 😊
    I use this card for all my Amazon purchases and wherever I can use Pay balance as wallet like in MMT. This gives cool rewards in pay balance every month.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      “They are independent of each other and I am damn sure about it” – How do you say that?


        I think i know the reason why he says this. My primary ICICI has a limit of 300000 and available limit of 298000. This amazon icici card also has a limit of 300000 and available limit of 300000 as per website..! This i s how they confuse you

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          As per my knowledge, it’s shared limit. If you do transaction on any of the card it’ll be reduced from 3L, even though in Netbanking it’s shown as 3L for both cards in remaining/unused limit.

        2. Karthik

          ICICI does show like that but the actual account number behind the credit card and it’s limit will be the same.

          1. CR

            Yes! Can confirm this, The limits shown on the Platform is glitchy!

      2. Pradeep

        I changed the billing cycle for amazon pay, thy separate limit 🙂

        1. Chandhru

          I received the card couple day back. I guess they approve as long as we have a existing icici credit card.
          The total credit limit is the same old limit, I too got confused.
          But the available balance you get on your SMS will be correct – meaning ( Total limit – ( Amazon pay usage + Primary card usage )

      3. raja

        Well, I believe the new amazon CC is not sharing the limit with my existing card atleast for me. My CIBIL , Crif Reports shows 3 ICICI CC ac , the new amazon CC has a recent open date. The balance on ac is also reported accordingly.
        Also I see ICICI paylater is being reported as Credit Card though the credit limit of 10k limit is not reported.

  6. Raj Pandya

    I think this card is not being offered to to the people who got their ICICI credit card against Fd. I have a Coral icici CC against fd from almost 6 months with 5l limit and I do not have the offer even have over 150 orders from amazon from past 6 months. Considering doing full KYC soon.

  7. Praveen Katiyar

    I got this card in Jan 2019. Recently when i called Customer Care no. mentioned on back of the card, i was told that this card is independent of earlier icici card i.e. i can close my existing card n continue having Amazon Pay card. Can anyone confirm that ?

    @Sid whats your take ?

  8. Rex

    My Amazon pay card has same limit as existing card but when I made purchase from Amazon card …it didn’t reduce my limit on other cards….hence I think limit is not shared.

    One more interesting thing…. ICICI pay later account is being reported to CIBIL as credit card..now my CIBIL will improve even faster.

  9. Amit

    If you already have an ICICI bank credit card just note this.
    1. The credit limit of Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card is not shared with your old ICICI bank credit card. These credit limits are independent.
    2. The statement and payment due dates may be different for both ICICI credit cards . I discovered it just in time because of Walnut app reminder else I would have missed it. So be careful while managing multiple ICICI bank credit cards. You have to make two payments / give two standing instructions, one for each card.

  10. Nisanth P

    I also got this card, and offer of 750/- .

    But unfortunately this card got hacked and one day @ 1030 PM i got 3 transactions totaling to 42$ in itunes stores. Luckly I was awake and I immediately blocked the card. I have used this card only at 2 places, Amazon and on another Indian website which claims secured website, nowhere swiped also. Not sure from where they got hacked. After that I have not renewed the card

  11. Gurtejbir Sandhu

    I recieved this card way back in early December 2018 as part of the first beta users for this program. Initially I was surprised to see Amazon entering the payments segment. My experience of spends around 1L+ so far, the rewards are really good (credited as Amazon Pay balance only) and because they give 5X/3X rewards for the website, Amazon is ensuring your stickyness towards the company.

  12. Purna

    I also got the card 2 months back with icici bank savings account relations ship.They were running offer get 2000 Amazon pay cash if we 50000 in 60 days.I got the 2000 amount.They are keep changing the joining offer.One of my friend got 750 because he is a prime customer.Another one got 500 because he is non prime user

  13. Vivek

    Not sure about the shared credit limit part – I got my card generated today with a credit limit of 30,000. I do not hold any other ICICI credit card.

  14. Priyansh Modi

    I personally hate ICICI. Their apps/shared limit is too confusing. I had Jet Rubyx, discontinued and went with ICICI MMT.

    Yet unable to link that as don’t have savings account.
    Whatever said and done, the revert and response from Amex/Citi etc is definitely amazing and makes you continue to use those cards.

    I am not sure about using this card TBH. I mean I get it 5% is great but more often, there are Amazon offers on other banks. Hence would rather use my diners premium/Scb ultimate over this. Your thoughts?

    P.S- even got SCB ultimate so easily but that DCB :3 that’s out of my reach always. Even upgrade from YFP unable to get.

  15. Karthik

    I got the invite. But, do I need to be an existing ICICI card holder to be eligible? I see they ask for ICICI Credit Card number in the application form

  16. Manoj

    I also got approval for this card. Good card for amazon spends. More beneficial during sale time. This card beats the cashback option of citi cashback card on outside spends .
    @Sid- Thanks again for your wonderful updates. waiting for your article on best cards for 2019 .

    Anyone using RBL bajaj finserv platinum?? Any thing beneficial or better to continue with my old rbl fun+

    Thank you

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Manoj
      I have this RBL Bajaj Finserv Platinum card and it has no significant benefits.
      Worth noting are 250 off 1500+ bill on Grofers every Monday n Friday. Nothing much apart from this. Reward rate is paltry too.

      1. Manoj

        Thanks Satish. I would rather close it. Also can you suggest whether now the ICICI jetairways rubyx is really worth holding looking at the ongoing Jet crisis and also I don’t see any Jet flights since last month .

  17. Rohit Roy

    I have an invite too for Amazon pay icici card but didn’t get any other icici card because of their bad reward system. Did any one get the card without holding credit card with icici? Is this card worth if we have diners club black since we get Rs 5 for 150 spent plus 10x if offer exist. The only reason this card is good is EMI but again we don’t get points for that.

    1. Hemant

      I got this card without ever having used ICICI Credit card in the past. Only other card I have has a limit of INR 56,000 (HSBC Visa Platinum, Got it in 2015 when I started working).

      I never used CCs much after getting the HSBC card though. Everything changed when a friend of mine told me about the AmazonPay ICICI CC. So I checked my amazon and there it was, a LTF free card with a INR 750 joining bonus. I immediately applied through the simple application process. Instant e card generated with a limit of INR 1,30,000. I was delighted. This was mid January 2019.

      Now I hold these cards in a period of 3 months
      1. HSBC – LTF
      2. ICICI Amazon Pay – LTF
      3. Amex everyday spends(limit 3,33,000) – Annual Fees 499
      4. Citi Premiermiles Visa (Limit 2,26,000) Annual fees – 3000
      5. Citi Corporate (Limit 3,30,000) (Which I don’t use much since the rewards aren’t good) (FREE)

      I keep traveling for work(Domestic Flights+Hotels+Food+Cabs) and all these cards certainly are useful. For e.g. My spends have already crossed 2,20,000 in the last two months.(Personal+Official). I am thinking I will close the Amex card as I want to play with citi premiermiles for now. Any other card that you guys suggest.

      A big change from a cash/debit spend focused person to utilizing credit optimally and reaping the benefits out of the CC rewards. Still learning to maximize my gains.

      Big Tip that I found recently : Cred app, from which I have killed the bill worth INR 5000 ( 3x got INR 1000 as benefit on Cred app)

  18. rahul

    man your AMEX platinum charge card review.!!

    still eagerly waiting for it.

  19. aman

    i had got an invite but i am unable to apply for this card as when i enter pincode it say s
    Not available for your Pin code. We will
    send an invite, once its available.
    It is giving this error for any pincode. whats the solution????

  20. ARR

    Hi everyone,
    I got invitation for this card recently. The credit limit is shared with the existing credit limit. The virtual card was created immediately and the physical card was delivered within a week. The card design was pathetic.
    Rs.300/- Amazon pay balance was added.
    All of you please make a note that you won’t get any reward points/ Amazon pay balance for converting your transactions into EMI/NO COST EMI including Amazon spends; not exciting. (Read the t&c clearly)
    I think the invitation for this card is not linked with the spends of Amazon but, it’s directly linked with the existing credit card. My Jet sapphiro credit card is 3 months old and my spends are good.
    I feel that it doesn’t make much sense to have the Jet sapphiro at this juncture as the jet is in deep waters.
    I don’t find a single flight from Hyderabad to any of the destinations of the country in the coming 2/3 months.
    Can we hold this card by cancelling the existing Jet sapphiro Card?.
    Thank you

    1. Hari

      Yes. You can cancel your jet sapphiro and still hold this card.

  21. Saumendra

    As per my experience AMAZON checking eligibility by taking your registered mobile number in AMAZON account and comparing same with ICICI customer database. If it matches then they get to know you have an existing credit card relationship with ICICI.

    I had done purchase more than 5-6 Lakh in last few years at AMAZON , having a ICICI card and savings account but I was not getting APPLY button for this card at AMAZON. Then I analyze how others are getting invite why not me. I found AMAZON registered mobile number was other that which I have with ICICI. I changed mobile number in AMAZON to the one which I have in ICICI……after 2 days APPLY button enabled !!

    1. Shivi

      Thank you! I hope that is indeed the trigger everyone has been searching for.

    2. GTMAX

      I have the same mobile number however my email ID in ICICI credit card account and Amazon are different. However, I have just received Rubyx credit card 2 weeks back. I hope it gets triggered despite different email IDs.

      1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

        Dear GTMAX
        Mine amazon pay card invite came after 3 months of holding an ICICI credit card. So if your mobile no. in amazon account and existing ICICI card account is same, I think this may be the expected minimum time line to get the invite.

        Better still, use your existing ICICI credit card for 1-2 transactions at amazon. This may trigger the invite faster.

      2. Hari

        I don’t think it matters. I had different mobile numbers and same email id. Still got the invite.

    3. ARR

      Hi Saumendra,
      I don’t think so. It might have happened in your case. But, in reality, it’s not like that. I strongly believe that there is a direct connection with the existing credit card. I spent a lot in Amazon. But, after the vintage of my ICICI card was more than 3 months, then it’s triggered.
      As per the t&c of the Amazon Pay card, it’s clearly mentioned that we’re not going to get any rewards/Amazon pay balance for EMI/ NO COST EMI too.
      ICICI slashing MAB charges inspite of having WEALTH MANAGEMENT status. When I approached them regarding this, they are clueless. There is no use with the Jet sapphiro right now. It’s better to discard the card.

  22. Rohit Roy

    I spoke to Amazon customer care and they say we get reward points or Amazon pay balance 5x even for EMI. I am confused now since some comments say we don’t get. Can any user confirm why Amazon has reason to lie?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Dear Rohit
      Bcoz its clearly written in tnc of the card. What you have been told is verbal reply which can’t be relied upon. Specially if you are making big transactions on EMI and later denied points on it as per tncs, you can do little and hence missed opportunity.

      Better take this in writing from amazon cc if they are sure about it, which I bet they won’t give. If they do then we all cardholders (of amazon pay ICICI card) have a reason to say “CHEERS”.

    2. ankit verma

      As per tnc —

      Get 5X Rewards on all purchases | No Cost EMI available [Only 1 is applicable at a time]

      Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) transactions and Gold-Purchases made on Amazon.in using the Card will not be eligible for any rewards.

  23. Vinod Kannan

    Received Limit Enhancement on Amazon pay credit card. But my Saphiro Card limit has not been enhanced. Hence, My Limit in Amazon Pay card is higher than Saphiro

    1. uttam

      This is interesting. What do you think triggered this? Have you been using your card regularly?

      1. Vinod Kannan

        I used this card only on Amazon pay… Only for ordering food via swiggy and to purchase sparingly on Amazon. The card is just 3 months old though… My 10 month old sapphire didn’t get any enhancement, but I have not used d card often.

  24. Rohit Roy

    I have it in written chat might be a mistake by customer care coz I again read T&C and it says no points for EMI, Amazon pay top up and reload. This card becomes useless other than EMI throughout the year and LTF card no major advantage.

  25. ankit verma

    I tried to purchase an AC through amazon. There is an offer running of Rs 1500 instant discount of on icici card. I thought of using icici amazon pay card. At card entry page it shows the discount available of 1500 but on the final confirmation it removed this discount and shows that discount is just 5x of amazon pay. So it look likes double dip is not possible. The card does not provide over and above any promotions run by ICICI card.

    If I changed to EMI payment, I was getting Rs 1500 off, but in that case 5x rewards points are not valid.
    So it liked you are just restricted to get 5X reward only and cannot combine with other icici offers.

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      I used this card during super value day recently and have already recd. 15% cashback as amazon pay balance. 5X reward points as amazon pay balance will come after card statement generation only. So I can say that double dip is also possible maybe not always.

  26. Rohit Roy

    @ankit Verma
    Thanks for the info and that’s bad move by icici for not giving additional 1500 off. With hdfc I can get 10x+10%disocunt +if any cash back offer by Amazon pay and I can repeat the same with debit card too during the same Amazon sale period. What about bill payments like broadband? Do we get 2x points. Also can we avail 2x points +100 off with BMS? But compared to other icici cards I feel this is better than payback points. Would you recommend to take this card? I only wish there were points with EMI too.

  27. mohamed

    i was eligible to apply this card 3 days back, but my current coral card number shown invalid when i entered it. i tried 3 times its blocked now. I already sent mail to icici customer care, but no response as usual.

  28. Priyank

    Can anyone please confirm if I opt for EMI from the merchant (paytmmall), will I be getting reward points for that?

    Also please confirm if this card falls under the category of corporate or commercial cards. Thank you.

  29. Karthi

    I had read this post on this site and got inspired to apply from the link. Logged in and found the apply now option which was not coming before. But I had a different application experience. First off, I had connected my icici account to Amazon upi and that’s the reason I think I got the invite. Further unlike others, it said my pre approved limit is 3.3L and it dint ask me for icici credit card number. Seems strange. I also have a coral credit card with 1.5L limit but never used it on Amazon yet. I didn’t get a card number generated instantly. Went through normal application process and a guy verified my ID and address proof. Not sure if I’ll have a Cibil check too. Anyone had this kinda experience when applying?

  30. Rohit Roy

    I had a chat with Amazon customer care and they said it’s not necessary to have icici credit card in order to apply for amazon pay credit card so might be now they have updated the site ui . Bank might be just cross checking with your relationship with the bank and give the card accordingly.

    @ankit Verma
    I read the T&C again and it clearly states that 5x is in addition to any other normal offers which means we will have to get both. Also no points for EMI transactions.

  31. balaji

    I was resisting this til yesterday.
    They have upped the offer by 200rs. i.e., 500 amazon cash for prime members if applied and I did.
    Waiting for this card. Got 2.5L limit.
    This will be my backup card in case indusind iconia amex is not accepted, as i get 1% cashback. This will for sure save a huge amount if used for buying appliances on amazon.

  32. Karthi

    Yes, that’s right, I got a higher limit probably because I hold a icic privilege banking account. The card is auto linked to the netbanking user ID. Now I am interested to know if anyone got visa signature or better versions. There are specific offers running for visa signature and infinite so it would be great if this card offers them too based on the approved credit limit. Because hdfc credit card guys said if the limit is above 3L, then it is mostly a visa signature card and normal visa can’t have more than 3L limit. Is it true?

  33. Raj

    hi sid
    i also applied and got amazon pay icici card.
    however when i try to register in cred.. it does not recognize this card

    let me know…

  34. Ratnesh kumar

    Hello siddharth,
    I am big fan of your posts here..Now coming to this Amazon pay card..I have got the invite in 17 Jan 2019 and I applied and also got 750 as promo offer ..
    Let me tell you one thing, though the limits of cards are same (icici and Amazon pay) but both are independent cards…check your credit score from cibil and I got assured that both the cards are independent of each other…

  35. Santosh KS

    My application was approved and card got generated with CVV. But amazon pay balance is not updated. My amazon pay is not KYC updated. As per the FAQ, KYC is not required if you are an existing ICICI bank customer.
    Please suggest.

  36. Rohit Roy

    @santhosh KS
    Are you talking about sign up 750? Did you talk to Amazon customer care? There is a * next to 750 but no where it is mentioned about 750 on what basis it would be credited. Can other user who already have got their card can let us know on is there any conditions for 750 for prime customers.

  37. Balaji

    Now, they again increased it to 750. I missed it by 4 days. Should have patiently wsited.

  38. Pradeep

    i hold coral card & got amazon pay card recently, although limit is shown separately for each card in app & net banking, its a shared limit of old cards and amazon pay, confirmed with customer care as i maxed out my limit. icici has separate team for amazon pay card, as my call was transfered to them from the normal customer car officer. If by any chance you get higher limit on amazon pay then previous card, chances are that of limit increased and shared between old and new.

  39. Supriya

    I have a ICICI bank a/c, a coral credit card & an Amazon a/c. After reading this article today, I logged on to Amazon and lo the offer was there. It really was a 3 step process & I have my Amazon Pay CC. It shows up in my ICICI Bank account and the physical card is expected in 7 days. The limit is the same as my existing credit card.

    My husband has a ICICI bank a/c, a ICICI platinum credit card & an Amazon a/c. He did not get the offer.
    So really dont know the criteria for being selected for this.

    I’m just looking forward to the Amazon Pay credits.

    1. Supriya

      The physical card is in the post, but I got Rs. 500/- on Amazon Pay, so its really getting 500/- bucks for applying for a card.
      I also have a coral ICICI credit card, think I’ll close that one and continue this one – Any comments on this?

  40. Amit

    I regularly checked the link on the Amazon App during January – April, 2019. However, the ‘Apply Now’ button was unavailable for me. Following was my status:
    1) I was Amazon Prime Member
    2) I had not completed full KYC
    3) I was not having an ICICI savings account or any other credit card issued by ICICI.
    4) I used to regularly order through Amazon or use Amazon Pay balance for Swiggy / bill payments etc., but not that I had spent over a lakh in past few months or so.
    5) My location was Delhi
    6) I was holding Citi Cashback credit card (with limit of around Rs. 2.50 lakh for past 2 years) and Amex MRCC Card (with limit of Rs. 3.50 lakh for past 1 year)

    During the last week of April, suddenly the invite button was available and I quickly applied for the same. Here’s the brief process that was followed:
    1) After clicking on the button, I had to provide few details like name, address, date of birth, PAN, residential address, employer name (luckily, my employer name figured in the drop down list. One may never know if the application got successfully approved only if all the parameters got ticked) etc. After inputting those details, I was displayed the following message “Thank You for applying for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card.
    your application is under process. The Executive will call you within 5 days to schedule an appointment & will visit at the below address within 7 days.” Though, the process did not ask for details of any other existing credit cards.
    2) Received a call on April 29 at around 11:30 am from ICICI and a verification visit was scheduled next day at my residential address between 12-1pm.
    3) Executive reached my residential address at around 4pm on April 30. He scanned my original aadhaar and pan card, clicked my photo and entered few other KYC details, all done from his backend ICICI app on his mobile. Thereafter, I received an SMS from ICICI and was also asked by the executive to send an SMS ‘AMZ YES’ to the number 9215676766 from my mobile to complete the application. I was also asked to sign a physical one pager form which was basically acknowledging that I have read all the terms and conditions of the card. There was no furnishing of photocopies or photographs. Also, I was not asked to furnish any income documents nor were they scanned.
    4) Soon, in the presence of the executive, I received an SMS that my application form was successfully completed and sent for further processing. Similar status was being displayed on the Amazon App. I was told by the executive that there will be no further verification/visit at the office address. I remember that, while filling out the details on the Amazon App during the initial application process, I had the option to choose the visit at either my residential address or office address. I had chosen my residential address.
    5) Status remained the same for next 48 hours or so.
    5) On May 02, at around 4:45pm, received an email and SMS that my card has been approved. After about half an hour, I got an SMS with details of user id with which I can login to see my card details etc.
    6) On May 04, at around 11:15 am, I received the physical card at my residence through blue dart (Had received an SMS in the morning from bluedart that card was out for delivery).

    Following are few other details of the approved card:
    1) Received the credit limit of Rs. 3,03,000/-
    2) There is visa branding (but there is no mention of visa variant i.e., whether it is classic, gold, platinum, signature etc.) So I assume, its just a normal visa credit card.
    3) Successfully added the card on the Cred App on 06 May. Cred initiated a token credit of Rs. 1 to the card and it was credited on the same day to the card.

    So, the invite became available to me and the card got approved despite not having ICICI savings account or ICICI credit card.
    Hope the above information will be useful to others.

    1. Amit

      And I forgot to mention that the leaflet which came with the physical card clearly mentions that “If you already hold an ICICI Bank Credit Card, credit limit of your existing Credit Card will be shared with your new Credit Card.”

  41. Pradeep

    i just checked my cibil report, coral card is shown as separate a/c and amazon pay card is shown as new separate a/c, although limit is shared between 2 cards, each card shows combined limit individually. so if anyone has 2lakhs shared limit, its 4lakhs in the eyes of cibil.

    1. if any of you guys plan to cancel icici bank old card, think twice as your old long history will be closed. even if you are not using it, keeping it for merchant offers is a good idea.

    2. And one more thing if you’re going to apply new credit card, taking cool off period could be better as amazon pay card report is new, for me its just 2 months old as in payment status section of cibil.

  42. Conscience

    Hi Sid and Everyone!

    Following your site everyday for last 6 months.kudos for such amazing work.

    i have a query .

    i have an Amazon prime account with another number which is kyc done but This credit card is made using other number and corresponding amazon account to ICICI Amazon credit card is neither Prime nor KYC updated. i cant even get the KYC done for second account as it is not allowed.

    Hoping for the Solution from the Super brains Out there.



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