HDFC 10X Rewards Program further Extended (April 2019 Update)

By | April 8, 2019

Here are the latest updates on the 10X Reward Points promo running on HDFC Bank Credit Cards. While HDFC gave a shock by March end by Changing 10X Points to 5X, they revoked that idea in a day and extended the previous promo.

Here’s the previous full fledged update on January 2019 just incase if you want to compare. Here’s everything you need to know,

Smartbuy Offer

  • Extended till: 30th April 2019
  • Upper Cap: 25,000 Points
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month
  • This Covers: Flights, Hotels & Flipkart/Amazon via Smartbuy
  • This Offer is also applicable on Non-HDFC Diners Credit Cards like Regalia, Regalia First
  • Point will be posted: 90 working days from the date of transaction. In reality, Flipkart points getting posted lot faster than amazon.
  • Offer T&C

Diners 10X Partners

  • Extended till: 30th June, 2019
  • Upper Cap: 2K for Diners Rewardz, 5K for Diners Clubmiles/Premium & 25K for Diners Black
  • Upper Cap Reset: Statement Cycle
  • New: Swiggy (instead of Zomato) & Furlenco (instead of Redbus)
  • Point will be posted: in next statement cycle.


Reg. Smartbuy, its safe to ‘assume’ that this is the last month of enjoying the 10X rewards. Going forward, we may need to settle with 5X points and 5% cashback. HDFC even made the 5X banners live for a while and then decided to change mind for some reason. But not for long!

Reg. Diners 10X Partners, its good to know that they’ve extended it further till June. I don’t see 10X on diners going away anytime soon, except changes in max caps and partner shuffle. This time, Redbus going away maybe a miss for some.

Overall, the fun is still on, Happy shopping! What’s your take on HDFC’s 10X promo changes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love Credit Cards! Minting reward points and cashback for years. Now exploring Airmiles & Hotel loyalty programs. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

85 thoughts on “HDFC 10X Rewards Program further Extended (April 2019 Update)

  1. Mohan

    Glad that 10X partner offer is continuing and that they have kept one food delivery partner intact (Swiggy this time) … Redbus is a big miss for me πŸ™

    1. Abhijeet

      True that … Redbus is a huge miss for me as well. I am sure there might be some catch somewhere ( knowing HDFC , they dont take too much time – 8 days in this case – update the partners. Probably as and when we read the TnC we might know better.

  2. Majumdar

    The last 12 months havent been good personally for me. First, my employer started a travel desk. And then gold coins were removed from 10x list. No easy pickings any more. You have to now actually spend real money to earn points.


  3. Binay

    Good news.
    But Furlenco ? I would have really liked PepperFry or Urban Ladder. πŸ™‚

  4. ankit kandoi

    What about transactions between 31st and 8th?

    Why have they written in t&c that it’s extended from 8th?

    It creates issue bookmyshow has offer which was already running post 31st as well.

    1. Abhijeet

      Yeah. Read the TnC now. I did 2 transactions on bigbasket between 1st and 7th April. I am inclined to believe that the program is effective from 8th till june 30th for the newly added partners and not for those who continued to be onboard.

  5. Ravi

    For a day in Amazon’s terms and conditions they kept validity date till 31st December, may be the offer is extended but they do not want to show because then customers do not spend agressively. Fingers crossed.

  6. rks

    On the website of Redbus, the 10X offer still continues till 30 April 2019..

    1. Ravi

      Red bus is still a 10x partner with Business Range of Credit Card i.e. Business Regalia, Business Regalia First and Business Moneyback. May be it is showing info with that regards.

    2. Aman

      Confirmed that this benefit is not there whether it is wrrtten or not

  7. Anshul

    One thing is for sure, HDFC has a poor team which manages these promotions and communications! Also, they need to manage their websites properly and hire better people who can write clear T&Cs and not post multiple contradictory ones!

  8. Deepak Kumar


    i have ~50k points with HDFC regalia card.
    Is there anyway i can redeem it for Amazon vouchers?

    1. Amann

      You can but it will be pennies on the dollar result. First convert points to JP miles an then jp miles to Amazon evoucher.

      1. Ket

        Amann, how does converting to JP Miles make a good deal? DCB points equal Re. 1, whereas buying Amazon voucher on JP is equivalent to less than 20 paise!

      2. BargainHunter

        jp miles to amazon evoucher is further pennies on the dollar!

  9. Nehal Siroya

    10X partner points are over a statement cycle. Since there was a break in between, would the same statement cycle continue (with limits aligned to your statement cycle) or all of it starts afresh? The reason I am asking this is because most of us would have less than a month left in our statement cycle. In that case, will I have a cap of 25,000 points (assuming I have a DCB) for the remaining days? Can someone clarify?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Its simple….month means calender month and statement cycle start from next day of your statement generation day. nothing changes.

      1. Nehal

        So if my statement gets generated on 17th, would I get 25000 points upper cap for spending during 8th to 17th? Or would it be less?

  10. Rushabh Shah

    Can someone help with this query on points? My statement cycle is on 17th. So smartbuy limit of 25k is on calendar month and for partner websites it’s statement cycle.

    Does it mean these 2 are independent? Can I get 25k from smartbuy and 25k on partner sites both? How is this calculated?

    1. Amit

      Yes both are independent.

      For Smartbuy, any transaction made between 1st to 30/31st, you will get 5 points (1x) for every Rs.150 instantly (but would be available for redemption after generation of statement) and the incremental 45 points (9x) are posted within 90 days. However, for Flipkart, Hotels & flight bookings they are generally posted within few days.

      For Diners 10X also same process is followed. However, instead of calendar month, its based on statement cycle.

      There is no limit on 1x points. However, for 9x points there is a limit of 25k each both for Smartbuy & Diners 10x.

    2. Chintan

      Yes both are independent, you can make 25k on smartbuy as well with 25k on Diners partners.

      Smartbuy counter reset at month end while partners reset with the statement

      1. ab

        Is flipkart 9X incremental RP still posted in 3 days . i am not receiving same from 1st april onward till now.

        1. Chintan

          I made a purchase from flipkart on 13th April and 9x is already credited to my card account in less than 3 days. I made a new purchase on yesterday i.e. 17-4-2019, I ll keep you posted on this one.

        2. Chintan

          Hi, I didn’t receive 10x on the purchase I made on 16th April on Flipkart, I think they do have made some change.

          1. ab

            what do you think will they post in 1st of next month as they made earlier or they follow amazon route i.e. 90 days after complaining by mail.

  11. Aman

    I have confirmed from the customer care that we r not going to get the 10x point of transactions done from 1st to 7th april as the offer is extended from 8th april

  12. ankit kandoi

    Aman, for bookmyshow : offer was already on going. In that case what happens?

    1. Aman

      Yes also confirmed that also only 10x from 8th april and not from 1st to 7th april

      1. Ravi

        You will get 10x on Diners Partners who are continued after 31st, if not all then at-least BMS. I am confident about it.

  13. S&S

    Fivetastic Offer discovery and experience

    1. Only make my trip shows up on the deals and offers link, while on 5 brands appear to be part of deals and offers.

    2. The deal code hdfc5x on make my trip didn’t work for me.


    1. Vivek

      Same here. HDFC5X didn’t work for me. HDFC customer care was clueless and asked me to contact MMT. MMT customer care was clueless and promised to call back but never did.

    2. Ravi

      Yes it is not working, but i have a Business Regalia card and MakeMyTrip MyBiz is a 10x Partner with business series of credit card so i use it to book flights from makemytrip.

  14. Ramesh Kumar

    In redBus offers section still diners 10x offer is active till Apr 30th, but they’re not 10x partner as per HDFC diners website.

  15. Sandy

    Is HDFC providing 10X points on currency upload on forex card for Regalia card holders. If yes will this be applicable on the suplementary card too, means u can mint this twice
    Also can you get airport lounge access on primary and supplementary card at the same time

    1. Ravi arya

      You do get airport lounge access for both the primary and supplementary cards at the same time. Regarding forex i have no information.

  16. @ry

    it’s very good news.
    now can you please update the best credit list.

    1. Binay

      Hahahaha, I like this comment, precise and to the point πŸ™‚

  17. Mickey

    @Sandy – both Primary+ add on HDFC cards have the same number. So how can you get the points twice??

  18. Pushan Sikdar

    Given that DCB has stopped 10x in foreign spends which is the best card to get now for FCY spends.

    1. AJ

      They still give 10X for HDFC forex card recharge using DCB. πŸ™‚

  19. ABhijeet

    Has anyone tried to do a Multicity booking through HDFC DIners black ? Currently it is not supported on the website, however is there any way to use the points and do multi city booking ? Has anyone done it ?

    1. Prem Taparia

      You may call at their Concierge number and enquire. They can do the booking offline and send you the link for voucher redemption.

    2. aka

      The concierge does it but obviously it is cumbersome and some connections may not be available with them..i tried to do one multi city with them but the preferred option was not showing at their end….ended up doing the second best !!

      1. Abhijeet

        For me the concierge was very helpful. They have the flight options that i was looking at. Pricing was a bit on higher side around 5% more and i gave that feedback.

  20. Raghav

    I did a transaction on Amazon and I bought tickets from SmartBuy (Yatra). Usually, SmartBuy would credit travel purchase 10x points within a couple of days and they would precede that with a text message to the phone as well, but I noticed that I didn’t get a text for ticket purchase this time. I called the concierge and they said that from the 1st of April, they have stopped sending texts for 10x and that points will only be credited within 90 days of the transaction. Has anyone received 10x points for the month of April for any ticket purchase? Also has anyone got an idea about how long before Amazon 10x points are credited? Does anyone think that there is a devaluation coming up and hence the 90 day delay- and thus maybe better to use Infinia website to get 2x immediately?

    1. Mathew Puthoor

      I also didn’t get message about transaction done in smartbuy flipkart. Earlier getting the message 2 days after doing the transaction was a relief. Haven’t received the bonus RP as well. πŸ™

    2. Diwaker

      I was going to ask for the same in context of Flipkart. Earlier, the 10X points were getting posted with 3-4 days of the transaction. But that’s not happening since 1st Apr.
      Can others also confirm on it or if there is a official word on it from customer care also?

      1. S&S

        Diwakar and Raghav
        Same here. Haven’t received sms for flite and flipkart purchases.
        When I spoke to imperia care on April 6th, I was told:
        1. Smartbuy 10x RP for airline tickets and flipkart gets credited within 2/3 days
        2. Smartbuy 10x RP for amazon has 90 day credit window
        3. 90 days windows for any other bonus RP on ‘offer’, such as insurance 2x.

        Looks like the 10x – 5x – 10x change over has also taken its toll on bonus RP credits.


  21. Harish Jindal

    HDFC is very very poor in crediting the points.

    Today, I called customer care to check reg the points credit for smartbuy and diners partner merchants. I have many transactions of small size but my points credited in total were very less.

    e.g. if I have transaction of Rs 290 on uber then according to me, I should get 290*5/150 = 9.67 (they can round down to 9) 1X points and 290*45/150 = 87 9X bonus points. Total points = 87+9 = 96
    But imperia customer care told me that for every Rs 150, I get 5 points. So, if I do transaction of Rs 290, its still not 10, so I get only 5 points.
    So, according to them for Rs 290 transaction, I will get only 5 1X points and 45 9X bonus points, so total 50 points against my calculated 96 points.

    Now, 50/290 is only 17% against 33% as advertised by HDFC.

    If someone has any such experience or information, please share.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      This has been there from long time. Every transaction ins rounded to nearest multiple of 150.

    2. cardexpertfan

      This is correct as per HDFC t&c. You only get points for multiples of 150. For eg. If you spend 300 on 10x partner/smartbuy, you’ll receive 100 points.
      However in your case, since you spent 290, you’re only eligible for 50 points since 290 < 300.

    3. Prem Taparia

      Your calculation is incorrect. Please be aware that HDFC credits one point on every “150” spend. If the spend is less than Rs150, then you earn no points. Also if you spend more than Rs150, but less than the next multiple of 150, then you will earn points ONLY for 150 and NOT for the balance amount.

      Which is exactly the case in your example.

      Out of your Rs290 spend on Uber, you will earn points only on Rs150. The balance 140 (since it’s less than 150) is wasted. Had your Uber spend been Rs300, then your points would have been 100 (10 1X and 90 9X).

    4. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      HDFC customer care is right. You may not like it, but that’s how HDFC calculates points on its cards. So it becomes less earning on small value transactions. Better way to maximize points is to do high value transactions, which will earn you near what is advertised.

    5. Abhijeet

      That calculation is correct. It is also written that you will get 5 points only when you do 150 rs transaction and its multiples.

    6. Mudit

      Hi Harish
      Thats exactly how they calculate points. and their justification is that they have written 5 points for every 150.
      i have been experiencing this since i have this card (2 yrs now). so for all the transactions like 290 or 449 or 599 i use other cards for normal transactions (for 290 u will get just 5 points vs say citi primier whr u will get 12 miles). for hdfc 10x i try to add aomething to cross the 300 or 450 mark in case of bigbasket etc.
      for othrs like flights, uber u have to be satisfied with approx 20% instead of 33%

    7. Mudit

      And yeah, you wont get amything if u do a transaction of Rs 149. neither x nor 10x.

    8. Ravi

      Ya it’s true, you generate 5 every 150 RS.
      So if you do transaction of 299 RS you make 5 points and if you do transaction of 300 you make 10 points.
      How to calculate
      First divide amount with 150, say amount is 550 then 550/150=3.66
      Now remove value after the decimal you will get 3
      Now as you earn 5 Points every 150 multiply 5 with 3
      5×3 =15
      For 10x, 15×10= 150

      If you want to do same in Excel
      Target amount cell in place of C5

    9. Mathew Puthoor

      What CC told is how it works. If uber fare is 290 you will get 10x for 150rs only which is 50 . If fare is 300 you will get 100 points.

      This works not just for 10x partners but for all transactions. If you swipe your card at a normal store for 100rs you get no points

    10. Ravi

      That’s the catch in calculation of hdfc points for low value transactions.

      Somebody gave the below formula for calculation in the forum for diner’s black

      Formula =TRUNCATE(transaction_amount/150,0)*5*10

      So for 290, value would be 1*5*10 i.e. total 50 points.
      So if transaction amount is below 150, there would be absolutely no points.

    11. Diwaker Singh

      it has always been like that only. For Rs. 290 you will get 5 points (1X) and then 45 (9X) points later.

    12. Srikanth V V

      Yes, thats true.
      Even if you make 299, you get 5 normal reward points +5*9 (=45) bonus points.
      This is true not only for 10X rewards, even for 1X also this applies.

  22. Rohit Roy

    @harish Jindal
    I too raised the same question and what reply I got was the remaining amount is added to the next purchase. That doesn’t make sense at all.
    For Eg: out of your 290 you get points for 150 and remaining 140 would be added to next purchase bill which is above 150 . If that was the case I told to customer care that then if my transaction cost is more than 150 then I can very much do the calculation for total billed/statement amount. But never the points credited are right. They also said that they will send me the statement breakup which never happend. I still didn’t get 10%cashback for transaction through smart buy Amazon using debit card for month Feb. I only had hdfc card but now I am going to get other bank cards too. The only place points got almost correctly credited was flight tickets through smart buy so I didn’t bother for few points which was still around 100 to 200 points less.

  23. Anant Agarwal

    Yes, their calculation is correct. They give points for every multiple of 150 and nothing for parts.

  24. Mickey

    Despite having good products/ offers/ rewards, HDFC cards customer service has consistently remained (and worked very hard to remain) the WORST customer service staff ever. They even beat the pathetic service standards of uber.

    But being the no. 1 (?) Card issuer in the country, they really don’t care because 80-85% of their card holders are not even aware of the card features and benefits.

  25. Sharad

    Has anybody experienced delay in 10x points credit in last 10 days? Earlier smartbuy Flipkart points were getting credited on 3rd or 4th day, its taking time now. I am still waiting for credit against purchase done on Apr 7th…

  26. Ravi

    I keep thorough calculation of all the 10x points i get, to my calculation i haven’t received 10x points for RAZORPAY ZOMATO and CITRUSPAY ZOMATO done after statement generation in march and before 31st March. I received 10x for Zomato Transactions in which razorpay and citruspay is not mentioned.

    I did receive the same before in Jan Feb and Mar,
    it is just this month.

    1. Anant Agarwal

      Hi chintan,

      I had same obswrvation for txns done in mar on zomato and bigbasket (10x diners merchants)..i confirmed with customer care and they also agreed that the point have not been granted yet. They had opened a ticket for backend team but i am waiting for status update on ticket since past 10 days.

  27. Rajnish

    Have one query. Do we earn 10x points for SmartBuy flight bookings for vendors other than Yatra and Cleartrip?

    On HDFC diners website it mentions only Yatra and Cleartrip.

  28. Chintan

    have anybody received a winpin BMS voucher from HDFC for standing instructions, I received one but it isn’t working

  29. Chintan

    I received 10x points for Flipkart EMI Instantly but the same isn’t happening for new transactions.

  30. Khushboo

    Are 5x reward points now only valid for MMT, what about Kalyan Jewellers is it removed?

    1. Ravi

      Is it valid on MMT because to my knowledge promo code isn’t working.

    2. S&S

      That’s what deals and offers in smartbuy says…
      But hdfc5x code isn’t working on MMT.
      Kalyan etc shows on hdfc page but doesn’t show on deals and offers page of smartbuy.


  31. Anoop

    Is there any minimum purchase amount to get 10x on flipkart and amazon through smart buy using DCB.?

  32. Chintan

    I made a purchase from flipkart on 12th April for which i received 9x points on 15th, 14th is my statement generation date. Later i made a purchase on 17th for which i haven’t received 9x points yet.
    I believe they have changed that method by which 9x points get credited to account from 3 days period to next statement in flipkart same as in with diners partners.

    1. ab

      they not providing at the statement cycle to me. i think they will post the RP’s @ 1st day of succeeding month as earlier.


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