HDFC Infinia gets Club Marriott Membership

By | April 13, 2019

As the Vistara Gold benefit was revoked from HDFC Infinia from March 15th 2019, HDFC Bank has replaced this benefit with Club Marriott Membership. The Infinia card holders on-boarded on or after 20th March 2019 will be sent an SMS/Email with the link to request for the Club Marriott membership.

Club Marriott Benefits

Remember, Club Marriott membership that comes with HDFC Infinia is different from the other bank cards like Axis Bank Select or even the membership’s sold by individual hotels.

Here are the benefits that comes with Infinia’s Offer,

  1. 2 certificates – Upgrade to the next category of rooms
  2. 2 certificates – 30% off on accommodation on the Best Available Rate on the base category of rooms.
  3. Up to a 20% off on the Best Available Rates on rooms at participating Marriott hotels in India and on Weekend Rates in Asia Pacific.
  4. Up to a 20% off on the food and beverage bill at the restaurants. Select hotels offer a 15% off.
  5. 2 certificates – 20% off on select treatments at the Spa from Monday to Friday. This benefit is valid for one guest.
  6. Detailed T&C is here


If you’re into Marriott, this is going to be a very good news for you. I can easily put a value of ~Rs.10,000 for the upgrade & 30% off on room vouchers alone. That’s a pretty nice value for a card with a fee of this range.

While Vistara Gold used to be an amazing opportunity to get upgrade vouchers & elite tier benefits, Club Marriott is equally good and is infact better in some aspects.

What’s your take on the new Club Marriott membership that comes with new HDFC Infinia Cards?

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

16 thoughts on “HDFC Infinia gets Club Marriott Membership

  1. Jude

    I dont think its all that great if u hold status with Marriott. Perhaps beneficial to Marriott newbies

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Unless you’re Plat, I still see #1 & #2 does makes sense.

  2. ANI

    Hi don’t u see existing gold / plat members already enjoying Point 1. I think 30% rate difference is only for 2 bookings. But it’s good. What about breakfast benefit with room booking?

  3. raulnayak

    Is this the same as Bonvoy? If yes then what level status is this?

    1. Surya

      bonvoy is a tier based membership. A better comparison of club marriott would be the accorplus membership, but that comes with food discounts up to 50% off.

  4. SH

    If I upgrade my Black to Infinia then will I get the Marriott Club benefit? Or is this for net new customers?

  5. hrishig

    How this is different from Marriot membership offered by axis? I am Marriot platinum elite and still brought axis select via axis burgundy only for the Marriot benefit. In fact, axis select Marriot membership is giving you one 50% off coupon which is very helpful. From HDFC, DCB is THE best card as long as they have 10X program. Don’t know why you need HDFC Infinia. Just my thought.

    1. Shivi

      @Hrishig- DCB acceptance issues abroad and even in India, separate Visa Infinite perks, 30% off yacht booking, Hilton Honours Gold tier jump, 2% cashback as RP over and above the fx markup charges, Infinite discount offers in Malaysia, Japan and Germany, BMS offers to name a few etc. were my reason to take Infinia over DCB. Infinia has a higher personal accident and medical insurance for international trips.

      1. Ajai

        There are some nasty acceptance issues with Visa Infinite based offers too. In Russia I was able to use any of the special Visa Infinite shop offers “Tax free Shops and local stores” because they require the card to be issued from certain places only.

        But I agree dinners is a gone case was only able to use it in the airport tax free shop that’s it and that’s across Russia.

        Just treble

  6. Ajai

    Bought the same card from Aero City JW for almost 25k in 2018. Sadly it does not work much outside Asia-Pacific and some parts in UAE but still worth it if you use the discount for food in international hotels. Tried to use it in America and Russia but nothing was gained.

    Check its website for participating hotels.

  7. Karan Oshan

    This Marriott membership is useless as when you call them to book, they quote rates 60% higher than present on their website

  8. Arun kumar

    Hdfc infinia club marriott membership is not usefull. This is just unnecessary fullfillment. Real club Marriott membership has complimentary stay of 2 nights and 50% discount on spa and food. Also contains birthday and anniversary vouvhers. I destroy IN HDI club Marriott membership cardanf vouchers. Normally 20 % discount provided by any hotel without any membership.

  9. Saurabh

    To avail the discounts above do we have to book through their website itself or we can book through say smart buy and then present the upgrade voucher at the reception desk on day of check in


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