Get Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card FREE for First Year

By | January 10, 2019

American Express is starting off 2019 with one of the most attractive offer that you could imagine. Now get a new American Express Platinum travel Credit Card FREE for first year – Yes you heard it right, you can now get this credit card for free, which usually comes at a joining fee of Rs.3500+GST. Unlike corporate/airport offers, this offer doesn’t come with any condition like 12L/15L per annum income criteria.

Why its the Best Travel Card?

Amex Platinum travel Card is indeed the best travel credit card in India at the moment as it is wonderfully rewarding for someone who loves travelling.

With a nice ~7% reward rate, you get Rs.18,000 American Express domestic travel vouchers + Rs.10,000 Taj Voucher every year based on spends (4 Lakhs a year).

I got this card in 2016 and got hooked to it ever since. It has given me unforgettable experiences, like below complimentary stays at Taj hotels across India,

Not just that, with these travel vouchers, I took my entire family for a trip to Delhi/Agra and saved sweet ~Rs.40,000 on flights by combining two years benefit.

The benefits just didn’t end there, the card also gives access to great spend based offers like the 2018 Amex Diwali Offer and many other Amex offers from time to time, so spending beyond 4 Lakhs a yr is also rewarding in many ways.

Earn Rs.3,000 for Applying

While its so good to see this amazing card being given out for FREE, what if I say, you can actually get PAID for applying the card?! Here’s how:

  • Offer 1: You can take advantage of the supplementary card offer to get Rs.2,000 worth of Amazon vouchers for free. Offer Ends: 31st March 2019
  • Offer 2: You get another 2000 Referral Bonus MR points on spending Rs.5,000 in first 90 days (if applied using below link). These 2k points are valued at Rs.1000 when redeemed for travel vouchers.
  • Total Value = Rs.3,000

So its an amazing card just to get hands on it. And if you can spend Rs.4 Lakhs a year, you get mind-blowing returns on it, as travel vouchers.

How to get it?

While Amex haven’t updated the waiver offer on their main website or offline channels, this offer reflects only on the referral site and here’s the link for you to apply,

It appears to be a short term offer and may get revoked anytime. So, if you’re having an idea to get the Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card, this is probably the best time to apply!

Thanks to the blog reader: Ramna for spotting the offer.

Author: Siddharth

I love Credit Cards! Minting reward points and cashback for years. Now exploring Airmiles & Hotel loyalty programs. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

93 thoughts on “Get Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card FREE for First Year

  1. Prashant Gupta

    I got an offer of free membership reward card for lifetime if i continue to pay the fees for platinum reserve card.

      1. Sakthivel

        Hi Sid,

        How are you. I like your blog very much. My query is already I. Holding 3 amex card. One gold charge and 2 rewards card. I can able to apply and get this Amex Platinum Travel Credit Card FREE of cost..

        Thanks in advance.

      2. Kartheek

        I got a similar offer too, having a Platinum reserve card. However, I wonder if I should switch to Platinum travel card or MRCC because I get more points through these than Reserve card. Also I stay abroad most of the year so most of benefits like Max hospital, golf course and others are of no use to me. What’s your take on the reserve card vs Platinum travel vs Free MRCC card.

  2. Nikhil Jain

    Whats the eligibility criteria for this card?
    Also, the Supplementary card offer which gives Rs. 1000 per card is available under the first year free offer?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      – The usual eligibility criteria for Amex applies. You can find all that info on application page.
      – Yes

      1. Nikhil Jain

        Supplementary card offer which gives Rs. 1000 per card is available under the first year free offer?

        Also, as Indigo vouchers aren’t of much use to me, can I convert this card to lower end everyday spends card 1 year later? If not, will it effect my cibil if i close this card after 1 year? And if I close this card after 1 year and apply any other AMEX in future, will they allow me to apply as a new customer?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          – Yes, Supp. card offer can be availed. No such restrictions.
          – Its Spicejet vouchers now. Well, as long as you’re using regularly for 1yr, the temporary ding on score will be fixed
          – Last query, well, i’m not sure about it.

          1. Prashant Gupta

            Yea u can apply in future. In fact i had closed this card withing 1 month of joining and again after 3 months i asked customer care that i want the card again. They were happy to give me the card and as i had some major spends to do they delivered it to me in 4 days.

      2. Nikhil Jain

        Hi Prashant, You had applied for the same card or any other card after closing it?
        In my case, I will be applying for a lower end variant after 1 year. is that allowed?

  3. AJAI

    Sadly I got rejected for MRCC lifetime free “15Lac offer” because I had held Jet Amex card till 7 months back. Going to apply for this but only if my chances for lifetime free MRCC is not nullified.

  4. Sreekanth

    The website asks for 14 digit KYC Identification Number. Even Aadhaar has 12 digits. Can’t pass through that step. Do you what can I fill there?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They’re referring to the “CKYC Number”.

      Checked with Cust. Care now and they said to type anything there, You may use Aadhaar no with 00 infront. Call cust. care if you still face issues. Reachable at: 1800 419 2122

      1. Anand

        Any possibility to get that card as I am in non service location, or can I get it by mentioning friends or relatives address.

      2. Sreekanth

        Thank you Sir. I applied. I already hold Regalia and Yes Exclusive. Hope to get this Amex card too and try to get some travel coupons.

        1. Sreekanth

          Finally, got two cards yesterday. Thank you. Noticed the welcome gift reward points are not available (as first year fee is waived off, but this is expected). One thing didn’t like is their extra charges for online transactions like electricity, water, gas bill. Can’t understand the logic behind it! And no reward points for insurance payments either. But I still like to see how it fares compared to Yes Exclusive. Thanks again.

  5. Atul Shah

    While applying for this card, they ask for net annual income which must be greater than 6L. Now, what is the meaning of Net annual income. I am self employed and my ITR’s ‘Gross Total Income’ column shows an amount of 6.35L am I eligible for this card?

  6. Nishit Sanghvi

    Can I get any amex card on card on card basis?? If yes then what is the minimum limit required??

  7. Arul

    I already had this card , speend 2lks. and cancelled before renew.
    Today I applied this card once using above link and confirmation page say “will notify with 20 days”.

    Is anyone applied? is it instant approval or do I need to wait for few days?

  8. Priyansh Modi

    Do check if you got bonus points for referral- recieved my plat reserve today.

    Now I hold jet plat, plat reserve. Can I then get this card alongside for free?
    And does it make sense to hold it?

    P.S- going to close jet plat for sure in next 4 months or so, as not worth it anymore. Even plat reserve not sure if want it for long term

    Only 2 cards I really want are Jet diners (for tier points to make me plat member) and Jet black (for 33% value on most of spends)

    While had a talk with HDFC people and might get it against FD, have you ever heard case of people getting both cards? Don’t mind paying fees and combined limit

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Bonus points will get posted on spending 5k in first 90 days.

      Yes, you can get it for free. Makes sense if you can spend. Meanwhile, note that u need 6 months gap between 2 amex approved applications.

      Hdfc, it might be tough in one shot.

      1. Priyansh Modi

        True. I guess I would ask them to issue me a Jet Diners against FD, get the tier points.and miles and post that will ask to change to diners black after few months.

        Not super high spends on any cards, so not going for another Amex.
        Infact thinking to discontinue following in next few.months:

        – ICICI Jet Rubyx (Might get it upgraded to Sapphiro due to high spends based offers on ICICI Amex)
        – Jet Plat – unsure regarding Jet

        Will keep Plat reserve for a year and depending on their offers, will.plan ahead.
        Continue with Citi premieremiles (first card), HDFC diners, yes preferred and axis priority (life time free for last 2) and even SBI IRCTC – (just for those SBI offers tbh)

        If not Sapphiro, might go for MMT Signature in ICICI to keep ICICI card.

        Any views? Any card you would suggest to keep or use more or such ?? Most spends on Amazon/Flipkart’s and some on travel portal and Paytm.

  9. Rajeev

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Can I still apply if i already have a AMex MRCC card ? It was issued just 4 months back. Not sure if they will issue one more ! And in case rejected, if that can affect my credit score ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      6 months is the usual cooling period before you go for 2nd card with Amex.

  10. Rohit

    On Amex MRCC, if you spend 4k per month for 24 months, you get 24,000 RP which can be encashed for 10k INR as statement credit. That is a >10% return on a spend of ~1 lakh spread over 2 years. That is what i’ve been using and looks better for me. I got MRCC lifetime-free.

  11. Abhi

    On 7th only I applied or this through AmEx desk at Delhi-T3. At 3500/5000 with NO spend based waivers.
    Couldn’t you have come with this a little earlier :'(

  12. Srikanth V V

    I had discussion about this card some time back with the card provider agent/employee (not sure though). The rewards for the 1.9L and 4L will be delivered to customer after completion of 1 year. so i think for that we have to pay the second year fee. Let me know if i am wrong.

    1. Mrinal T

      not at all true , the points are immediately credited when you cross the threshold , those points can be redeemed at any point of time within 3 years from credit , Taj voucher at 4 lacs gets mailed to you automatically when you cross the threshold which has a validity date of 6 months , i have used those 2 times (set off against the total bill, but booking has to be via taj phonelines or on their website )

  13. Sourav

    Hi Siddharth, is this card better than Diners Black? I have Diners Black and Yes preferred.

  14. Kartheek

    I got a lifetime free MRCC offer, having a Platinum reserve card. However, I wonder if I should switch to Platinum travel card or MRCC because I get more points through these than Reserve card. Also I stay abroad most of the year so most of benefits like Max hospital, golf course and others are of no use to me. What’s your take on the reserve card vs Platinum travel vs Free MRCC card.

  15. Rahul Singh

    A small catch.

    Supplement card offer applicable only till 31 Jan, so my primary card has to be approved or issued by then. Wish we knew svoit this few weeks earlier. Moreover, there is no renewal benefit on 5000+ tax fees.

    Still is it an attractive card?

  16. Surya

    I feel AMEX should launch some new variant cards in India, may be some Co-branded cad with hotels or airlines. If they do that then only they can catch up with other cards especially HDFC & SBI which are growing at a faster pace.

  17. Dhruv Luhariwal

    Do all category of spends count towards the 4 Lacs worth of spends?

    1. Amex Guy

      Slightly complicated. All spends count for vouchers of Rs. 26000 since you get them using milestone MR points. The extra ~3500 vouchers come from redeeming accumulated MR points. So fuel and insurance won’t count for them.

      1. Gaurav Malik

        Hi Amex Guy…Kind of confused between 1L MR or 40,000 Taj Vouchers. Need to choose one. But what I have read the MR are more valuable than the Taj Vouchers. What’s your take on this?

        1. Amex Guy

          1L MR, any day of the week. Even in worst of redemptions, you will get more than 60K worth of value at Marriott/SPG compared to 40K Taj. Also, Taj vouchers don’t cover your GST portion so it’s a super bummer. While on Marriott redemptions, there is no GST!

          You should comfortably get 80K value on MR. 1L if you spend a little time. And much much more if you wanna get into serious travel hacking. 🙂

          I’m thinking of writing a letter on definite first steps to take on Plat and Prestige memberships. Will give it out to Sid soon!

          1. Gaurav Malik

            Thank you for the response. That would be really helpful. You are alway the goto man esp when it comes to Amex Plat and Prestige 😀

          2. SH

            Looking forward. I am sure there will be new learning.

            Also is there an Amex Auto program like you alluded to in another of Sid’s post?

        1. SH

          Why will do that? Till 31 Mar, Amex is offering 10 MRs per Rs 100 in insurance transaction. Outside this period, it makes sense to go through wallet.

          Sid – it is not targetted. Clarified it with the CC.

  18. Anshul

    Thanks to the referral bonus, you @Siddharth will one day own a BMW through amex rewards! 😀

      1. aakash shah


        I just applied for the card via your link. The supplementary card offer gets over on 31st. Can i ask them to get me the supplementary cards with the main card and get the benefit also.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, you can. The application date of Supp.Card is considered for the promo.

  19. Amit

    Awesome offer but unfortunately, I got the card delivered 1 day before your article was published, as I decided to apply after reading reviews.

    They are not ready to waive off 3500+taxes even though final landing page belongs to American express.

    To my surprise, even AMEX team is also surprised that there is a website like yours which has comprehensive reviews. They felt great when they saw another article of AMEX ZOMATO offer.

  20. Nagraj

    I had a Platinum Travel card for 4+ years which i just recently got cancelled. I have a Citibank Prestige and an HDFC Diners Black. I think Amex suffers from a few problems – the low credit limit (1/3rd of what i got in both my other cards), no lounge benefits post the first year (that too limited visits on your Priority Pass) and reward yields that aren’t that great compared to both my other cards. Didn’t feel the need to keep it just for the occasional Amex offers – it makes more sense to hold onto a cheaper 499 Membership card for these

  21. Tuhin

    sir, i am new to credit card world.
    i have hdfc diners club miles, i get 4 point on spent of 150/- + 10xpoint on smartbuy
    amex card 1point spent of 50/-, 3 point spent of 150/- + priority pass.
    amex 2point=1jet privilege point / hdfc 1dinersclub mile point = 1 jp point
    should i get amex? why? only for priority pass?
    please answer

  22. Msar

    I applied it through the above link and got approved. And due to my rewards cards they approved it on C2C basis. No need for a y additional documentation.
    Will update once I get it in my hands and that is in the next 5 business days.

  23. KIRAN

    Hi guys,
    What is the maximum credit limit one can expect on this credit card,

  24. VK

    Hi Siddharth,

    Thanks for your blogs. I am new to your site but very soon I have become your admirer.
    I have a small query.

    I already have 5 credit cards (of different 5 banks). I am interested to get this Amex travel card. so would it affect my CIBIL score if I procure more credit cards.
    P.S. I make payment of all cards on time. Never used EMI facility (until its free).


    1. Siddharth Post author

      I have 10 cards and my CIBIL is >800. So you should be okay 🙂

  25. Sang

    Siddharth can you share the list of CC that u hold(category wise) .
    Something on lines of what big equity investors do.
    I think you can probably author an article regarding best CC’s available as per income category viz. 15-20 lpa,20-25 lpa for larger benefit of the portal visitors in the new yr.

  26. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Hi everyone,

    I had American Express Platinum travel credit card and closed it because the credit limit provided was not great and due to some other issues.

    Now I would like to reapply for American express platinum travel credit card but I have few questions in mind.

    1. Is Landline Number Mandatory to apply for American express credit card?

    2. I remember some where reading in the blog that we can apply for American express credit card on the basis of Business class boarding pass. Is that valid now too?

    3. If we apply without income documents like, What could be the expected credit limit?

    4. If I need to apply with ITR, Will they ask for only 1 year ITR or more? Should the business address be different from residential address?

    1. Amex Guy

      1. Yes.
      2. Try at the airport, maybe. They used to give cards based on car insurance docs too but not anymore.
      3. Zero.
      4. Latest ITR. Just the first page acknowledgement is all you need. No, address can be same. You must have a residential address in the country though, even if you apply as NR.

      However, if you’ve had Amex card before and had it for at least a year without any delayed payments, give them a call. Usually they can just give you the card you used to have again without any documentation. At least that’s how it used to be. But expect a pretty low limit until you refurnish your income docs.

      1. Dr Chirag

        Hi Siddharth.
        I applied through your link and got the card approved. Just one query. Can i use this card to pay off my HDFC Regalia CC and then claim points on amex?

    2. Ashwin

      @Sharathkumar Anbu,
      I’ve got my Travel Platinum card at domestic T2, Mumbai based on my Jet Airways Economy boarding pass. Then, my CIBIL score was only 2 (now over 800)! Last time when I checked at their kiosk for any offers on Platinum Reserve card, they were looking to check if I was a platinum with JetPrivilege.

      Further, I’d recently closed my Platinum Card but got it reinstated in a month. It was done instantaneously. They have an offer (targeted though) running which is valid till 31/03 where we get the MRCC as LTF so long we keep paying the annual fee in Platinum Travel or Platinum Reserve Card.

  27. Kanika

    1. One landline number is mandatory (Office or Home).
    2. Card application basis of business class boarding pass, not sure about it.
    3. Mostly likely you will get a credit limit of Rs. 75000 approx. It totally depends on profile and previous card history with amex. I am using Amex Gold Charge since 2013 and recently, i applied for Amex MRCC and got a credit limit of Rs. 4 Lac- . I am not satisfied with the limit and called up amex support and the support executive said that 4 lac is maximum limit for Amex MRCC.

    1. MAK

      Did you applied on card-card basis or on based on business class boarding pass..?. Pls confirm I met one sales guy he was saying we can based on business class boarding pass as well without income proof.
      pls confirm as I’m planning to apply with HDFC card with 2.5 Lac limit

  28. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Thank you Amex Guy and Kanika for your inputs.

    I had 2.25 L limit before closing the card with Amex. I called them up, they were ready to give the card with earlier limit and I had to pay renewal fees of 5000 Rupees without any welcome gifts.

    I thought applying for new card would better because of no welcome benefits and less credit limit but not immediately most probably after 6 months because I recently applied for SC Ultimate and SBI Prime and got each with 5L limit based on my HDFC Diners black card.

    Thank you for your inputs.

  29. Kanika

    I also applied SCB Ultimate and got my card yesterday with 5 Lac Limit. Applied card to card based on my Hdfc Bank Diners Black with 6.5 Lac Limit….SCB is not generous with credit limit.

    1. Amex Guy

      Sounds pretty generous to me, especially for card to card, that too with an HDFC card. Expect a 20% limit increase each year.

    2. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Even 5 lacs limit is pretty decent. I have heard about people who got 1 lac limit in Ultimate card who have applied on card to card.

      1. Rajesh


        How much limit is required to get SCB ultimate?
        I have HDFC regalia with 5 lacs limit.

  30. Gagan

    Hi, I applied for Platinum Travel through referral last week and got it delivered yesterday. Since I was already having MRCC LTF, opted for usage of existing KYC data from MRCC for the new card.

    I have 800+ CIBIL and for MRCC the limit is 4 lacs but for Platinum Travel was issued limit of 3 lacs only.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool. 3L is good limit to start with when it comes to Amex. You can expect 4.5L easily on your next LE, provided the spend is good.

  31. Nihar

    Hey Sid,
    Applied Plat travel card , through this link.
    Received it but with a meager limit , can’t fathom the reason , only 1/6 of my Reserve card. CC says wait for 6 months for review , anyways will try it .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, this happens when your other Amex card has high credit line. Happened to me as well on Jet card.

      But surprisingly, they allowed me to charge even 3X over the limit, thereby behaving like a limitless card 🙂

  32. Ram

    Got the card, but CC of AMEX said they 2000 BP for 5k spend is not there. Though i spent 9k this month did not get any bonus points.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not all support guys would be aware of it. So ask for escalation if they deny.

  33. Divys

    I applied through the link and got my card two days back. Does this card had advantage for Forex transactions over HDFC regalia

  34. Skywalker

    Hi Guys,
    My yearly income is around 8 lakhs, Right now i have 4 cards
    1. HDFC regalia first which i recently got upgraded to 2 months back
    2. Yes bank prosperity edge
    3. SBI simply click
    4. HSBC platinum
    I am wondering if i should get the amex platinum travel card and transfer all my spends to this card. Can someone help me out. My usual spends are utility bill payments etc and planning to travel abroad once a year and 2-3 domestic travels.
    Would really appreciate the help,

    1. Abhishek Roy

      Hi Skywalker. You have mentioned about income but haven’t mentioned what amount do you plan to spend in a year across all your credit cards. AMEX Platinum Travel makes sense ONLY if you spend 4 lacs in a year as that will give you all the travel vouchers including Taj Voucher. If you don’t plan to spend that much then AMEX MRCC is also great which is being given at FYF for now and subsequently only ₹1500+GST. That is a great card as you can easily get 12000 bonus MR a year just for spending ₹1K, 4 times in a month each month for a year. It also depends on which categories you spend more in. So lot of things go into deciding which is the best CC for you.

    2. Binay

      Amex Travel is really great if u can spend 4L in a year, then it converts the Reward Rate to 8% else one more card, don’t see the point as Amex acceptance is still low in tier 2 and 3 cities.
      Try SBI Prime for Utility payments.
      Try upgrading to Yes First Preferred it has 2% Reward rate and aggressive offers.

      Might I also suggest HDFC DINERS CLUB MILES if you are looking for a travel card


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