Delhi Airport T3 Arrivals Lounge Review (Encalm)

By | August 29, 2023

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport had arrivals lounge in the past which no one cared because they were hardly of any use to anyone as they used to serve few biscuits along with tea/coffee in a compact lounge when I previously visited them about 5 yrs back.

But now with the all new Encalm lounge at the arrivals level at Delhi T3, we can experience regular lounge food and ambience infact lot better than any other departure lounge for that matter. Here’s everything you need to know about this new Encalm lounge at Delhi T3 arrivals. 


TypeArrivals Lounge
Card acceptedPriority Pass & IDFC Cards
LocationT3 Arrivals
Plug pointsYes
AmbianceBeautiful interiors with dining & lounge space
Food optionsTasty food (a-la-carte)

One of the best airport lounge in the country with a-la-carte dining options which might make you feel privileged like those of Amex lounges in Mumbai & Delhi.


It’s located in the arrivals level after baggage pick up area. Ideally, post arrivals you would turn right and go for taxi, however if you need to access the lounge, you’ll need to turn left and walk few mins to spot the encalm lounge on the right.

I’ve availed the meet & greet service during this trip so fortunately finding the lounge was easy, as meet and greet is also being handled by Encalm. 


  • Priority Pass 
  • IDFC First credit and debit cards (premium variants)

I used my IDFC First wealth credit card to get access to the lounge. It’s quite surprising to see that IDFC is taking steps to this level to give access to arrival lounges. 

While I’m guessing that only wealth/private cards are accepted, I’m unsure if other cards would go through, as the guys in lounge were not sure either.

That aside, remember that only few priority pass cards are not chargeable for swipes in India, like the one issued by HDFC Infinia.

Seating & interiors

It was such a cool place. The interiors with bright dining tables and proper seating arrangements looked beautiful & luxurious.

I’m happy that plaza premium lounges are out of business at most airports in India, as I personally feel that their interior design is so dull and monotonous across the globe.

Lounge Seating - Dining
Lounge Seating - Dining area
Lounge Seating - Dining tables

By the time I was there, I hardly saw 4 people in the lounge while it can easily accommodate 40+. It’s certainly a luxury these days to see lounges running at low capacity. 

But I’m not expecting it to remain the way it is. Only matter of time until it gets crowded. 


They had some snack & main course options, along with a dessert. I tried samosa & Phirni and they tasted so delicious. Here are some pics of the food options and more.

Lounge Food Menu
Lounge Food
Lounge Food display
Lounge Food - Samosa
Lounge Food Dessert - Phirni


  • Cardexpert rating: 5/5

I felt that I’ve visited an amazing airport lounge after a long time. It was more like 080 lounge at bangalore except that there is no crowd here. The food and service are top notch and so it’s obvious that it’s now one of the best lounges I’ve been to in the country.

And glad to see that IDFC Wealth Credit Card is having some unique benefits now.

Have you been to the Encalm arrivals lounge at Delhi T3? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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21 thoughts on “Delhi Airport T3 Arrivals Lounge Review (Encalm)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not sure as I mentioned. Might go through as it’s still one of the premium cards of IDFC.

  1. M s murty

    Hi sid sir,
    If possible, can you please arrange a list of lounges at arrival (repeat arrival only) in India that accepts our cards.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Only DEL & BOM has arrivals lounge AFAIK, not sure of the updated status at HYD. Vibes at BOM arrivals lounge was not so good from my experience.

  2. Ajay R

    Does this lounge have shower facilities? Would be of great benefit to folks arriving international and having a domestic connection.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No. They don’t have a washroom either, but can find one opp. to the lounge. But Ya wish arrivals lounge comes with shower facilities.

  3. Ankit

    Does HDFC not charge any amount when we swipe the priority pass issued with Infinia (both, primary and add-on) on domestic lounges?
    I think i read somewhere that the charges are $27 + GST, thats why i have never used it in India.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not on Infinia issued PP. But over using them might make them re-think, just like Axis did so recently.

  4. Rakesh

    Hi , do we need to have active boarding pass to access lounge ? Suppose my travel ends at Delhi still I can access lounge ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not required, as it’s an arrivals lounge and not a transit lounge.

  5. Rohit

    Hyderabad too got replaced with encalm from plaza premium lounge. Already used thrice and food was just excellent for dinner..
    One thing I noticed is Chennai domestic lounge is doing scam. Even though lounge is empty they will not allow you inside to the point that either you leave or forcibly pack your food (take away) they keep insisting since queue would get pretty long 20 plus people. I did not shoot video nor alerted queue because I was getting late to board flight. Did anyone else experience this in Chennai domestic lounge.

  6. Ajay Walia

    Is it available for international arrivals or domestic arrivals or for both. Thanks for reply in advance

  7. Deepak D

    IDFC Wealth card is proving to be a hidden gem especially bcoz its LTF. But it has a condition of spends in previous month to be able to use lounge access, right?

    PS: Sorry for a noob question, but whats this concept of arrival lounges? Suppose my travels ends in Delhi and I can just head home, instead have an option to use a lounge to relax? Do they allow entry without an active Boarding pass?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, 5K INR, which is fair enough. I wish it is quarterly/annual requirement though.

      Suppose my travels ends in Delhi and I can just head home, instead have an option to use a lounge to relax?
      – Yes. It’s useful when you travel economy & couldn’t access departure lounge at departing airport. Happened to me this time as DED lounge was fully packed and had to leave in under 5 mins. So some snacks on arrival helps.

      Do they allow entry without an active Boarding pass?
      Yes, as it’s not a transit lounge.

  8. Nidhi Pathak

    I visited the lounge during my Jammu visit in July end. The lounge is perfect👌We were four people and enjoyed loung access with our Credit Cards of Rupay and Visa categories.👏👏

  9. Prashant Agrawal

    I noticed that Yes Bank has completely withdrawn the Priority Pass that came with Yes First Exclusive. Aside from the Priority Pass issued with HDFC Infinia, are there any other Priority Passes that provide complimentary access to domestic lounges?

  10. Rahul Diwan

    Did you use your IDFC first wealth card or the dreamfolks card which came along with wealth?
    Also, if we spend 5K in previous month. what exactly we get next month?
    4 International lounge with Dreamfolks? + 4 Domestic lounge with IDFC Wealth CC + 4 Spa’s? Really confused what all we get.


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