American Express Lounge, Mumbai T2 (Domestic) Review

By | July 6, 2022
American Express Lounge, Mumbai Airport T2

I recently flew out of Mumbai and decided to explore the brand new American Express Lounge over the GVK Business Class lounge which I’ve access to, as I was flying Vistara Business Class. So this is a detailed review of the American Express Lounge located at Mumbai Airport, Terminal 2 (Domestic Departures).


TypeAmerican Express Lounge
Card acceptedPremium Amex Cards
LocationLevel 3, just opposite to the Burger King
Plug pointsYes, in plenty
AmbianceBusiness Class grade interiors & spacious
Food optionsBuffet & A-la-carte

A must visit lounge if you hold American Express Centurion or Platinum Charge card (Metal) as you get A-la-carte service. Other cards gives access to only Buffet area which you’ll find it average if you have access to the Adani lounge.


The lounge is located at Level 3, just opposite to the Burger King and isn’t easy to miss. Moreover, the O2 Spa is also very near to the lounge just incase if you need to use up the visits on your Dreamfolks DragonPass card.

While the lounge doesn’t have a dedicated restroom, you can access the airport restroom which is stone’s throw away from the lounge.


When you first enter the lounge, you may feel “that’s it?”. Well, its actually a small lounge if you’re comparing it with the the mighty GVK Business Class lounge

But as Amex limits the access to only very few cards, even the compact lounge would look bit spacious, thanks to the pleasant looking premium chairs in blue/grey colour.

While the entire setup looks really premium and professional, I feel it could have got more luxurious elements to it.

The lounge is divided into two sections and you’ll be guided to the one based on the card you swipe at the eye-catching entrance.

American Express Lounge Mumbai Airport – Entrance

Super Premium Area

This section of the lounge is located at the right of entrance and is dedicated for the super-premium Amex credit card holders. The major advantage of this section is that you get Al la carte dining option here.

Cards Accepted

Above cards gives complimentary access to this lounge area. As you may know, I don’t hold any of these cards at the moment of writing this review. So I got access to the lounge for reviewing it.


This part of the lounge has premium seating options spread across. Here’s a quick look,

American Express Lounge Mumbai – Seating Options


I sampled juices, chaats & few other dishes from the menu and they’re all delicious. Here’s a quick look into what I had,

Amex Lounge Mumbai – Dining Menu
Amex Lounge Mumbai – Some Juice & cut fruits
Delicious Food
Fish & Fries
Chicken Tikka Three ways (Must try)

Premium Area

This section is for the other Amex premium credit card holders that comes with buffet dining option. The Bar area is also located here.

Cards Accepted

Above cards gives complimentary access to this lounge area. While you may wish they had added Amex Jet Airways Card to the list, the obvious reason its not added is because there are too many Amex Jet card holders.

So, if they allow Jet cards, it might end up in a crowded lounge just like the Amex Delhi lounge at peak hours.


This section too has multiple seating options including high stools and overall looks spacious.

Amex Lounge, Mumbai – Seating Options


You get usual buffet here as you see in most other lounges. You may expect good quality dining experience as the lounge is operated by the TFS group that runs most of the other lounges in Mumbai airport.

Amex Lounge Mumbai – Buffet Spread
Amex Lounge Mumbai – Bar Area


During my visit, I was the only customer in the lounge for about an hour, which means more attention, quicker service, zero noise!

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5

So if you’re a centurion or platinum charge cardholder, you’ve no reason to goto any other lounge other than Amex lounge. You can have good time with pleasant interiors, no crowd & delicious food that comes to your table.

But if you’re not holding one of these Amex cards, you may access the TFS lounge (if you fly economy) or the luxurious GVK Lounge (if you fly business class). But, if you prefer a quiet lounge above all, you’ll need to get one of those Amex cards to access this lovely Amex lounge.

Have you been to the American Express Lounge at Mumbai, T2? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “American Express Lounge, Mumbai T2 (Domestic) Review

  1. Pranay Sanghvi

    Is that complementary for platinum reserve card holders?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, you get complimentary access to the “Lounge area #2” with plat Reserve, as mentioned in the article.

      1. Nihar

        Apart from the spend based vouchers every month, I think THE BEST UTILITY of Plat Reserve are the use of proprietary Amex Lounges at Delhi & Mumbai, but with a renewal fees of 10,000 + GST it still has to be positioned sweetly since there are only 3 visits every quarter. Now that’s something frequent flyers will not like.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          If you can show good spends, they do reverse the fee (or) slash fee by 50%

  2. Advay Dhingra

    I have an HDFC Infinia Credit Card (all thanks to you , didn’t know much about credit cards earlier) with a limit of 8L.
    Just a query :-
    HDFC gives 10x reward points on cleartrip which makes it 50 reward points per 150 spent (33.33% reward rate) in which reward points are capped at 25k/month. This seems too good to be true for me (new to super premium credit cards). Does it mean that if i buy 75k travel tickets on cleartrip , ill get 25k reward points?

    And also before any of you ask about how i got the infinia , I have an account with HDFC and called up my RM to apply for HDFC Jet Airways Diners Credit Card which gives 15 jp points as a sign up bonus so that i could be upgraded to Jet Peivelege Platinum , he came home and told me that im pre-approved for Infinia with a limit of 8L.
    Change of minds and got the Infinia!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This seems too good to be true for me (new to super premium credit cards) – Yes, but temporarily!

      P.S. Pls use respective threads for comments in future.

    2. Siddharth Mehta

      The 10x rewards are given when you use cleartrip through HDFC smartbuy and not for a direct booking on cleatrip website.

    3. raulnayak

      Did you sign up for Smartpay for waiving of fees or are you paying the yearly fees?

  3. SH

    The sad thing is that they are yet to get the bar license. They say that it won’t come before April. That puts paid to the plan to have some enjoying some fine liquor in tranquility.

  4. Saksham Duggal

    The lounge looks really luxurious and professional. Look forward to visiting this..

  5. Sumeet

    Not good times for the Jet Amex users . First all the uncertainty over jet airways then Amex doesn’t value them as important enough for their new lounge .

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its not that they don’t value, its just that they’ll spoil the exclusivity. Like, I wasn’t able to access the delhi Amex lounge as it was full for ~2hrs straight. They probably don’t want it to happen at Mumbai lounge. But yes, not so good for us anyway!

      1. Siddharth S

        Hi Sid,
        By this do you mean jet amex cards are allowed in Delhi amex lounges?

  6. Ajeet

    Hey, is it true that the AMEX lounge at T2 Mumbai is not accessible to international departure Travelers?

  7. Sudheer

    Right now I am in Amex Mumbai lounge. Now they stop allowing Platinum card holders to centurion area but You can order from menu.

    1. Sunil

      I visited this lounge today and they are allowing Platinum Charge card holders in the Centurion area.

  8. Rishi Shrivastava


    Pls let me know is there any lounge in bhopal airport?
    Also which card is the best for lounge access – hdfc regalia or amex platinum travel?

  9. Priya

    1)charges for this Lounge in Mumbai airport
    2) is America express corporate card accepted

  10. Gautam

    What a great website this is. Thanks Sid for the hard work you have put in.

    Now, I visited Amex premium lounge last week and I echo the thoughts shared by you. It’s a small place and a quite on too. My flight got delayed so I stayed there for over 2 hours and it was worth it. Food, ambience and staff were all amazing. Charging points, airport Wi-Fi also helped sail through.

  11. Sujeeth

    Which is a better lounge among Amex Centurion Lounge (can access via Plat Charge card) & Adani Lounge (can access via Vistara Business class ticket)?

  12. Abhi

    Seems like a good one in Mumbai. The Amex lounge in Delhi is shockingly small, maybe about 20 seats in all. Those who get entry often have to search for a vacant seat, and sometimes stand next to an occupied seat like in buses, in anticipation of someone getting up to leave for their flight. Literally just 4 seats are apron view. Food spread is small as the counter is small as the lounge is small, there’s a-la-carte menu also but not a lengthy one, as the kitchen is small.


      @Abhi, I also had a similar experience last week when I was flying to Mumbai, and the seating arrangement disappointed me. Though I got a seat, I saw fellow travellers looking for a seat in the Amex lounge. I have written to Amex as well as feedback. Paying 70k for the Platinum and not getting a seat is embarrassing. Mumbai Amex Lounge is much better compared to Delhi. We all should write to Amex for the Delhi lounge.


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