Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport Review (T3 Domestic)

By | May 18, 2018

Vistara Lounge at Delhi International Airport is more like a business class lounge that allows access only to Business Class passengers and Club Vistara Gold & Platinum members. That means overall less crowd compared to the all-time crowded Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi T3.

My Experience at Delhi Vistara Lounge

Here’s my experience in visiting Vistara Airport Lounge at Delhi international airport (domestic departures from T3 Terminal) during my DEL-BLR trip in Vistara Business Class.

Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport – Entrance

Check in

I was allowed in just by showing my Vistara business class boarding pass – Super Fast entry. They didn’t even scan the boarding pass, which was interesting to note.

Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport – Check-in

Seating & Interiors

The lounge has good set of seating area, that includes:

  • Regular lounging area
  • Dining area
  • Recliners – facing tarmac
  • Meeting room
  • Reserved room (for VIP’s)

Given the number of passengers accessing the lounge compared to its size, you can expect not more than 50% occupancy at most times, which means more pleasant experience.

The availability of the recliners in the lounge is a good thing but as they got only two of them, it’s almost always occupied.

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Seating area 1

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Seating Area 2

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Seating Area (inside meeting room)

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Seating area 5

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Seating area

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Recliners

Vistara Lounge Delhi – The Malt Circle

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Interiors

Its important to know that the lounge doesn’t have a washroom within, but you can still access the common airport washroom, located ~20 steps away from the lounge.

Food & mocktail

The food spread in Vistara lounge is pretty decent. You can expect starters, main course and some fruits/desserts though they could improve a bit, to be on par with GVK lounge.

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Food Options

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Food Options

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Food Options

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Food

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Dessert

Mocktails: The best part of the lounge, atleast to me, is the availability of mocktails. Even-though we have cold drinks in all lounges, availability of mocktails does make a difference. I tried two mocktails:

  • Litchi (love it)
  • Strawberry crusher (its good)

I actually didn’t see any other passengers have mocktail in the lounge, maybe they didn’t know about it? Anyways, have a look at the pictures below:

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Mocktails Bar

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Mocktails (strawberry crusher)

Vistara Lounge Delhi – Mocktails (litchi)


You can get things done, whenever you want it. From serving mocktails to other minor assistance, you can get help from them.

During my trip, there were frequent power shut down in the lounge and i wasn’t able to see the boarding status, so i asked the lounge supervisor about it.

She was kind enough to inform me personally when the boarding began. I’m not sure whether the business class boarding pass is doing this trick or its normal treatment for everyone else there.

Vistara Aircraft – View from the Lounge

Facilities at Delhi Vistara Lounge (T3 Domestic)

  • Wifi: Aiport Wifi
  • Food: Yes, decent spread
  • Ambiance: Good.
  • Recharge Station: Yes
  • Complimentary Access to: Business Class, CV Gold & Plat members, Lounge access vouchers
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 4.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Bottom line

If you’re flying Vistara from Delhi, Vistara lounge is probably the best place to spend your free time at airport as other lounges accepting Mastercard/Visa in Delhi Airport are all way too much crowded lately. On top of that, availability of mouth watering Mocktail’s makes it a unique place to refresh yourself before the flight.

Have you been to Vistara Lounge at Delhi? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below.

24 thoughts on “Vistara Lounge at Delhi Airport Review (T3 Domestic)

  1. Ankit

    Ahh, I got 2 vistara lounge access vouchers and 2 higher class upgrades which I got through some credit card free membership . They will expire in June. Currently I am in UK, and no plans till August. Can family members use this upgrade and lounge vouchers.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes you can. All you need to do is add them as a “nominee” on your a/c.

      1. kabir

        Are you sure about this Siddharth?
        I sent a mail to CV asking for this and they replied that it is not possible

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, i’m. I redeemed one of my vouchers for my friend and it was a smooth process.

  2. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    After reading ur review, looks like Jet will have tough time retaining its customers (specially Business class) once Vistara flies pan India.

  3. Rohit

    Hi Sid,

    If you’re CV Gold member, can you access the lounge even if you’re not flying Vistara?


    The dinner/lunch is not great but yes, the snacks/starters are great. The most relaxing lounge I have visited. Seating is nice specially the recliners. The only problem is that u need to be either gold/platinum or business class passenger. Also, need to fly Vistara at that time.

  5. Henry

    If I book premium economy Class ticket, And also I upgrade through voucher for business class, Can I access the Lounge??

  6. Mrinal T

    after visiting the GVK lounge in Mumbai and being spoilt by them , i found vistara lounge to be sub par

    did BOM-DEL-BOM on revenue biz class tickets

    and also , the older planes on vistara have their biz seats which have started squeaking , espically the leg recliners…now this maybe also due to the fact i got the youngest in the fleet on the outbound to DEL (VT TNK) and inbound on one of the oldest ( VT TTB)

    but just being 3 years old now , their maintenance issues are evident…hope they dont go the AI or 9W way (Heard 9Ws A332s are crumbling in biz)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True with leg recliners. Had that issue during one of the trip. Hope they fix them soon.

      1. Aaditya Pitke

        Is the food free for all? Will it be free for me in economy class or shall I upgrade to business class?

        1. Prashant Agrawal

          Access is available to passengers flying Vistara on same day with (1) Business Class ticket (2) Economy/Premium Economy ticket including Economy Lite with Club Vistara Gold/Platinum Status.

  7. Manjit

    Hi. I have just become gold member of Vistara and I had been recently twice to this lounge. They have changed the menu of Mocktails and they do not provide Leechi and Strawberry Crushers anymore. They have added more options now. The food options are still limited and they still serve on Vegetable Paneer dish for veg, one non-veg dish, dal, rice and roti for lunch, besides the usual salad. Evening snacks also I have seen its same Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka and Spring Roll.
    Besides they do still do not scan Boarding Pass if its Business Class, or Gold or Platinum mentioned on the boarding pass.

  8. Nihar

    Hi Sid,
    Today received a mail from JPrivilege with “Revised lounge access policy for guests travelling in Economy”. Come 1st Dec there will be NO lounge access for JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold Members travelling in Economy irrespective of the fare choice we make. Being Platinum tier member I was using complimentary lounge access whenever possible and saving my Card lounge access quota. Though they say “As a temporary measure, effective December 1, 2018, complimentary lounge access for JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members travelling in Economy will be suspended.” i don’t see good days coming back.
    I plan for Tier match with Club Vistara , though they will only give Gold against my Platinum and try finds flights on the routes i travel 🙁 .
    Hold Amex Reserve , IndusInd Iconia , Jet Sapphiro , Regalia First for lounge access as i travel domestic frequently suggest me any better strategy !

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Anything except Jet Airways stopping the service is better for now as they’ve no other choice.

    1. Prashant Agrawal

      No, you need to be flying Vistara on the same day to use the Lounge Access voucher.

  9. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Visited Vistara lounge at IGI Airport T3 terminal yesterday.
    1. Location of the lounge (near gate no. 41) is great
    2. Clear view of the tarmac from lounge
    3. Less crowdy and hence more peace n privacy
    4. Food option though less in variety were quiet tasty

    1. Keeping in mind this lounge has direct access only for Vistara Gold, Plat members and Vistara Business Class fliers; food options were quiet short on variety
    2. No washroom inside lounge

  10. Chandan Mahanta

    Hi: Will be flying from DEL by Vistara domestic flight on Dec 6, 2022, morning. Is there a lounge for domestic Vistara Business class passengers that is open?

  11. Abhi

    Now Vistara has tied up with Encalm lounge in Delhi T3. There’s the usual Encalm lounge and adjacent to it is a smaller section exclusively for Vistara customers.

  12. ARR

    Hi all,
    I’ve visited this Encalm lounge at T3, Delhi recently. It says it’s exclusively for Vistara Business, Gold and Platinum customers. I don’t think it’s exclusive for Vistara customers. Others also were there. The property was very small and the spreads were also not much. The lounge was full and no place to sit. I wasn’t happy with the property. There was one more lounge adjacent to it. It was also fully crowded. 100’s of people were in queue. I feel that Encalm isn’t a good hospitality management company. I too had the same experience in Hyderabad also. Plaza premium use to be very good. There used to be so many varieties of food during plaza premium management.
    It’s fully my own perspective and based on my personal experience. It may vary with others.


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