Delhi Airport Lounge Review – Plaza Premium (T3) Domestic

By | April 20, 2018

I visited Delhi recently and booked Air India primarily to experience their business class lounge in Delhi T3 Terminal Domestic Departure and also to make myself eligible for miles redemption on Air India flights. But sadly I wasn’t given the upgrade as business class was full and I had to check out the other lounge – Plaza Premium which is quite near to Air India business class lounge.

Note: If you’re looking for the lounge in Delhi T1 Terminal Domestic Departure, check out my other review: Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi Domestic Airport (T1)

Delhi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge Area

Delhi Airport Lounge Access Experience:

I flashed one of my Visa signature card for access and was denied saying the machine is down and then flashed my diners black card. They verified my name with the one on boarding pass and they let me in. Yes, they DID NOT swipe my card, neither noted down my card no.

Basically their swipe machines are not working but why did they show less importance to Visa cards?! I never know. Well, i entered the lounge and it was pretty big and had many areas like main lounge area, dining area, chat area, etc. Here’s how it looks:

Delhi Airport Lounge – Plaza Premium – Reading area

Delhi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge entrance

Delhi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge – Food spread/Cereals

I went straight to the food, they did have nice spread of starters, including cereals, boiled egg. They also had omlet, dosa cooked live and served on request. With hardly 1hr of sleep the previous night, I was half sleep and missed to take food pics ?

They also had a chat section, but it was morning and I dint try any, neither saw others have one but they had special Masala Chai/tea which I had a sip. It tastes good but I don’t generally drink or eat much when traveling, used to just taste all of them.

Facilities at Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi Airport (T3 Domestic):

  • Wifi: Yes, Very good speed.
  • Food: Yes
  • Ambiance: Plush interiors & well spacious (but crowded recently)
  • Recharge Station: Yes
  • Complimentary Access on: MasterCard, Priority Pass, Diners Club, Visa
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 4/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Overall it’s a pretty nice and comfortable lounge with almost everything you need. It gets added to my best lounges list in India and is in par with Above ground level lounge in Bangalore, except the fact that they miss Recliners, which is my favorite. Though everything else was good and wish I visit the lounge again next time.

Have you been to this Plaza Premium Lounge in Delhi T3 terminal ? Share your experiences in comments below.

73 thoughts on “Delhi Airport Lounge Review – Plaza Premium (T3) Domestic

  1. Prashant Gupta

    I have been to this lounge and had lunch, the food was good. I used my visa signature card. I had afternoon go air flight so reached airport bit early and had lunch there ?.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool, effective utilization of the resources πŸ˜€

    2. Vineet

      Do we have goair flights from T3? I was impression except Jet and Air india , all domestic flights are from T1 in delhi πŸ™‚

  2. Praveen Perumalla

    I’ll visit in my next Delhi trip. Also probably make it a point to avoid domestic terminal because the lounge is always crowded there.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True that, the other lounge at T1 is all time crowded!

  3. siddhant

    I KNOW very strage they did not swipe my icici sapphire just waived me in….

      1. siddhant

        in my case, in front of me was a priority pass customer whose card was not working & behind me was another customer with few cards in hand who seemed very very irritable due to delay, I guess the girl at counter thought it does not really matter becuased ICICI sapphire is amex card which is different system, somehow people at the lounges are not very enthusiastic about swiping amex systems & ask for master card.
        maybe that is why i was just waived in.

        But one of the best lounges i have seen until now is 1 in bangalore above the the ground level lounge, almost perfect, if not reviewed you should check it out. the best i assure you.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I’ve reviewed that lounge (Above ground level lounge in Bangalore), infact i’ve also mentioned it in the article πŸ™‚
          Yes, its one of the best lounges in India.

  4. Yash

    These services are free of cost ( wifi, food, newspaper and chat section). What is the procedure in order to get lounge in Mumbai or Delhi airport ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      All you need is the credit/debit card with lounge access.

      1. SANYAM

        Can you go with someone who has this card? Or do You meed your own personal card?

    2. Bablee ubejs

      Wonderful experience at the lounge !
      Though the entry line is v v long !
      Food is yummy ,ambience is good and service is excellent

  5. Aman Gupta

    1.) Do they charge for food?
    2.) Is there any time period for accessing the lounge say 2 or 3 hour’s like that?

      1. nitin jain

        Hi Siddharth,
        As there is time limit of 2 hrs so can we swipe our card 3 times if we want to stay for 6 hrs??I have a yes first debit card which allows accessing the lounge 3 visits per quarter.


    Hi Siddharth, this is my first comment, and I really appreciate the work you’re doing.
    I have a small query though.
    I’m expecting my Diners Club Rewardz card shortly and would like to know if the card really gets us access to Domestic lounges “UNLIMITED” Number of times!!!???
    (I use a ICICI Ferrari Signature card otherwise but the number of free lounge accesses is very limited on it just like many other cards.)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes its unbelievably Unlimited on Diners Rewardz πŸ™‚

    2. Sunil jain

      Hi sir,

      I am at delhi airport terminal 3 my flight is at 5 clock by air india to ahamadabad . Is there any launge I have icici coral and platinum card .

  7. Haris Khan

    Hi Sid,

    I had travelled to Hyderabad recently and got a chance to visit the lounge using Diners Reward card.
    Lounge was cramped and it was heavily occupied. But had everything to offer from breakfast, food, drinks, deserts.
    Its not about the visit I am writing but for the person who was swiping the guests inside Plaza Lounge.
    In free time, I showed him my few cards and asked which others have access to, interestingly I was under assumption that only VISA Signature has lounge access but Visa Platinum also has access. Moreover I don’t know that my debit card has Lounge access too. Below are the details :

    AxisBank Titanium Rewards MasterCard Debit Card – Lounge Access Yes, don’t know how much PA
    AxisBank MyZone Visa Platinum Credit Card – Lounge Access Yes, don’t know how much PA
    Citibank MasterCard Debit Card – No lounge access
    Citibank Rewards Visa Platinum Credit Card – No lounge access.

    Denied in all Citi cards in spite of having 6 digit salary a/c with them….shitty bank.
    Also if no one is having any card and want to use Lounge services, then better to buy before hand @ 700rs in AI and free for JetPriviledge tickets, just show boarding pass and enjoy.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚
      Yes, some Visa Platinum cards also has access and most business variant cards (like Business platinum) has access too.

      1. Akshit Malhotra

        Hi Siddharth please explain me all abt this lounge access.I have a debit card of axis bank that too of platinum which allows me complimentary access to lounges twice per quarter.

        Can I access this lounge if I get early for my flight through Jet airways or Vistara.Also if I have to bring the card can my father also come with me as he doesn’t have that debit card. Is everything free there?
        Also how much time can I spend there n do I need to show them something along with debit card.
        Please help.
        I have no knowledge abt this n is very much interested to avail this service.

      2. Mukesh Roshan Kumar

        Sbi platinum debit cards are accepted at airport lounges (delhi, bombay) But why visa platinum and mastereo platinum debit and credit cards of hdfc and yes banks are not accepted

  8. Kamal


    When I was offered SBI ELITE Master Card, I was promised I will get Airport Lounge Access all across Domestic Airports. I was also reading few comments above and thought if confirming first as I dont want to get humiliated by the staff over there.

    Can anyone please confirm this ? And yes what if Primary Card Holder is not travelling but the ticket is booked using same card for a family member – Is he/she is eligible for this lounge facility ?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes it will work, its only for the primary card holder. Others with your card may have issues in accessing the lounge.

  9. Akshay S

    Hi Sid,

    I happen to have an Add-on card for Diners Club Rewardz Card, does the add-on card also provides unlimited lounge access as for the primary one?

  10. Pragya

    I know you keep hearing this all the time but let me say it once more. YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING πŸ™‚ I planned to sleep early tonight but god your writing n knowledge kept me hooked upto to your blog all night.. huh πŸ˜‰

    Quick ques i have axis bank titanium rewards debit card. Will it work at above ground level lounge at Bangalore airport?

    Do you know its usage per quarter? Is it two or more as i have back to back two return flights with a layover so i would check in 5 times at the airport.

    Whats the deal with PP. How can i get it?

    Apart from my axis debit card i have citi indian oil platinum credit card and have been using from past 10 years but looks like a useless one as doesnt offer anything πŸ™

    Please if you can suggest a good card, i wouldn’t mind getting a new account open.

    Thanks for your patience in reading πŸ™‚

    Waiting for your response. Cheers πŸ˜‰

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thank you very much for your Kind words. It always inspires me to write new articles and reply to long comments πŸ˜‰
      1. Yes, Axis bank titanium rewards debit card (Mastercard) has access to Above ground Levell lounge. Its One of the best lounge i’ve been to. Call ‘MasterCard For You’ toll free helpline: 1800-102-6263 to find free visits
      2. These days PP is not allowed for domestic usage. Easiest way to get is via HDFC Regalia First
      3. Consider getting one of these debit cards in future if you fly frequently – 10 Best Debit Cards with Complimentary Lounge Access

      Happy Lounging!

      1. Pragya

        Thanks for the advice πŸ˜‰

        I read few comments asking for child policy. It may vary from lounge to lounge. But from my personal experience, I was able to take my 5 years old without providing extra card at Delhi International Departures.


        1. Siddharth Post author

          Cool! Yes, most lounges are kind enough to allow kids in single swipe.

          1. Hari

            Had been to Plaza Premium Lounge @ Bangalore. They did allow my daughter no questions asked.

  11. Ashok kumar Lohia

    I will be landing at Delhi international airport at 12.15 am and my next flight is at early morning 6 am by Viratara. Pl guide me the lounges for priority pass so that I can relax for 4 hours .

  12. Ashok kumar Lohia

    The lounges should be on the same terminal where i can take my vistara flight ( domestic)

    1. Amex Guy

      Overstaying over 3-4 hours would be very unlikely. They expect 2-3 hour stay, but 3-4 isn’t bad if the lounge is mostly empty. There is an ITC lounge nearby which you can use after this one. At T3 departures, there is also an AMEX lounge (Platinum only) and Air India lounge (don’t know who gets to go inside) if you have access to those. Air India is next to Plaza, but Amex one is quiet a walk.

      I’d suggest you eat at Plaza. ITC/Amex do not have as good catering. πŸ™‚

  13. sunil sharma

    I have ICICI Signature debit card & has two lunge access,can i add my wife as a guest? (Can I do two entry at a time with my card)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nope, you need to pay for 2nd person.
      Meanwhile, how did you apply for this card?

  14. Hitendra K Mohanty

    I am sbi visa elite card holder.Recently I was informed In Mumbai domestic airport T1 no lounge facility.Can I have info of permissible domestic airports in India.

  15. akku

    Hey Siddharth, I have an axis bank my wings credit card with lounge access. My wife has an add on card also, will they allow both of us ? And can we use our two free access in quarter back to back for a total of 5 hours stay in lounge ?

  16. Vinod Kumar

    Hi !
    I am having SBI Visa Platinum Debit Card and SBI Visa Signature Credit card. Are both these cards valid for free access to airport lounge ?
    Is add on card of SBI Visa Signature Credit card also valid for free access to airport lounge.


    I use HDFC REGALIA VISA CARD from last several years at various lounges throughout India.
    Unfortunately Premier Lounge at Delhi terminal 3, they declined Visa cards and told that only
    Mater cards are acceted. Strange but someone let me know the facts.

    1. Sarat Chandra Mishra

      I have booked AI flight from LHR-DELHI-BBS
      Waiting period at delhi is about 7 hrs after landing to take next flight to Bhubaneswar.
      Will AI lounge be available to me and my wife
      (both Sr citizens and on wheel chairs at T3)?

  18. Rishit Kasliwal

    I have a credit card of SBI exact name-SBI credit card elite platinum (VISA).With this card do i have a complimentary lounge access?Please tell me ASAP.

  19. Vijay Kumar

    Those who want to apply for a credit card for the sake of domestic lounge access must apply only maestro and not visa as most of the visa cards do not provide domestic lounge access, albiet it says so at the time of joining.

    Priority pass is only for international lounge access. So do not fall prey to it.

    The agents of credit cards are likely to give fake offers. Preferably take everything on writing in the joining form itself whatever is being offered.

    Reward point system of ICICI credit card is better than HDFC and SBI. One can utilise the rewards points of ICICI card for recharging, which otherwise is unavailable with HDFC and SBI. Also, ICICI depict the points with more clarity than the other cards.

    1. Siddharth Mehta

      Are you serious? ICICI is horrible when it comes to reward points. Even their best credit card – Diamant has horrible reward point ratio. The payback points are worth only 0.25 ps each. They may a huge catalog/options to redeem the points, I do admit that. But with horrible reward point structure, you are not going to earn a lot of reward points in first place.

      Only card worth holding from ICICI is Jet Sapphiro. There are cards with much better features available in the market compared to everything else that ICICI has to offer. I have personally held ICICI coral , rubyx and sapphiro and can tell you this from first hand experience.





    1. Sreehari

      Yes you can. For small children they allow even without card swipe.

  21. Manoj

    Few Points just want to clear
    1. I have Icici Coral Visa Credit Card, Is it enough to enter into the Lounge
    2. Is all facility are free of Cost ( Food/Wifi / Soft Drinks)
    3. How far from the Checkin Place in Delhi, As I need to connect another flight just after 3 Hours.

  22. Amit modi

    I was asked by the reception counter of plaza premium of terminal 1 that my Hdfc regalia master card is not allowed to be accessed and the same can be accessed at plaza premium at terminal 3. I asked them the reason and he simply denied by saying to check with your bank. Bad service not expected to treat a master card customer with out providing any good reason.. Dt. 29-07-2018. Time. 5.00 Am

  23. Chanchal Gupta

    Dear sid,
    Appreciate your hardwork really too good.
    Do review of the plaza premium lounge at terminal 2 of new Delhi airport.
    Also, is there a lounge on arrival@delhi??

  24. ARR

    Hi all,
    We had a nice food and ambiance here. They served omelets, dosas, chicken sausages, boiled eggs and many more. They gave breezers and cool drink cans.

  25. Anjali chand

    Very strange , Plaza premium lounge Delhi T3 denied both my HDFC visa and ICICI MasterCard .

  26. Mickey

    Anjali – not all variants of HDFC and ICICI are allowed for lounge access – which cards do you have exactly – it will be written on the face of card

  27. Sohail

    The only reason the card was denied because the visa & mastercard transactions are completed through pinelabs and there are some times when pinelabs takes the system down for maintenance. So there is no way the card will be used for a transaction. So its basically the service provider’s fault. As the servers are down there is no point in checking the card with the lounge as they cannot validate the card.

  28. Anoop E S

    They have extended this lounge few months back to make it more spacious. Technically, it is two separate lounges now with shared reception and shared kitchen. The extended/new area is offered to Priority pass and Diners (black, i believe) card holders. There is nothing specifically written over there to differentiate the lounges. But based on the card we hold, the people at lounge reception will direct us to go right (PP and DCB) or left (Visa and MC) as I’ve experienced.

    The lounge covered in this article is now offered to Visa/MC holders.

    Again the food offered in the PP/DCB lounge got more options. Will share the new lounge photos.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Great move it seems. Yes please, do share the pics whenever possible.

    2. Arjun Jayasimha

      I had a diners black so I was directed to the right, but my friends had mastercard so they were directed to the left. Seems I can head to the section on the left but not vice versa. Good to see a tiered system in Plaza Premium lounge where Priority Pass/Diners > Visa/Mastercard

  29. SG

    Is the airport lounge staff usually check that the name on the credit card matches the one on the boarding pass? I have an upcoming trip with my parents and I’m think if I should get them addons or will my multiple cards suffice?

    Also does anyone know if Plaza premium lounge B in International terminal in T3 accept Visa? I know it accepts Master and Diners.

  30. Piyush Kamboj

    does SBI platinum credit card has the lounge access at the Park Plaza lounge at T3 delhi??

  31. kumar pratyush

    The people having PP through Regalia will have to be content with the left side of the lounge(more crowded part) as the Regalia PP doesn’t give access to Domestic lounges Right? Any tricks to circumvent this Sid?

  32. NK Arya

    I have RBL Platinum Maxima credit card .

    1. Can I Use lounge access at T3
    2. what is details of facilities

  33. Chintan

    Hi Siddharth,
    I am impressed with the way people are reacting to your reviews. I hope that my queries will be answered as well as I am going to use my Axis Bank Visa Platinum card at Delhi Domestic Airport T1 by next week. Below are the questions:
    1) Is this card eligible for airport lounge access twice in a day (Morning flight and evening return flight)?
    2) Can I use my wife’s credit card for lounge access as she’s not going to travel along with me.
    3) How can I find/locate the Lounge on T1?


    1. Akash

      1) Is this card eligible for airport lounge access twice in a day (Morning flight and evening return flight)?
      Most probably yes, but just confirm once
      2) Can I use my wife’s credit card for lounge access as she’s not going to travel along with me.
      Yes, my brother used mine
      3) How can I find/locate the Lounge on T1?
      Ask some of the stores after security


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