Earn Upto 10,000 Bonus Reward Points on Yes First Credit Cards

By | March 5, 2017

We all know that Yes Bank is the newest entrant in the Credit Card Industry in India and aims to capture the No. 3 slot in the Industry by 2020. Even though, this target is lofty but by no means is it impossible. We have seen that there has been an immense push for the masses to embrace digital economy with the recent demonetization move by the Indian Government and this has led to a serious traction for the Credit Card Industry.

Earn 2X Reward Points

Having said that, Yes Bank with their lofty target in sight, are leaving no stones un-turned to pitch in the best offers for their Elite “YES FIRST Cards” which include the Premium Segment YES FIRST Preferred Credit Card and the Super Premium YES FIRST Exclusive Credit card.

Get 100% Bonus RP on your Insurance Payments with Yes First Credit Cards:

Offer: Till 31st of March, 2017, you have a chance to earn 100% RP as bonus (2X points in other words) on your Insurance Payments with your YES FIRST Credit Cards (Max Capped at 10,000 RP)!!


What does this mean for YES FIRST Credit Card users?

This means that if you pay your insurance premium with your YES FIRST Credit Cards during the offer period, on top of the normal reward points that you’ll earn, Yes Bank will pay you 100% extra RP to a max of 10,000 extra bonus points.

In simple language, if you get 6,000 points for your insurance payments, Yes Bank will give you another 6,000 bonus RP. However, if you get 15,000 RP due to the normal spending on paying insurance premiums with your YES FIRST Cards, Yes Bank will give you additional 10,000 RP (Max Cap).

Thus, you see, instead of getting 15,000 RP you’ll end up getting 25,000 RPs. Isn’t it cool?

  • 10,000 extra RP means ₹2500 (1 RP = ₹0.25)

Important Points to keep in mind:

  • Card members will earn 100% extra bonus RPs or 10,000 RP, whichever is less.
  • No minimum spend criteria under this offer. All Insurance Premium Spends will be considered.
  • Insurance Premium Payments made on Add-On Cards will also be considered for gaining RPs, however, the maximum bonus RPs that can be earned Per Credit Card Account is 10,000 RP.
  • Offer valid till 31st March, 2017.
  • The Bonus RPs would be posted to Card Holder’s account latest by 30th June, 2017.

I think this is a really lucrative offer where in you can earn up to ₹2500 extra without sweating it out at all. All you have to do is to register for this utility bill payments by sending a Physical Form that is available in their website and register and pay for the insurance premium before the offer period ends.

Even though, cards like Diners Black Card through their generous 10X program, can allow earning of up to 33.33% (Diners Black Variant) on their Insurance Premiums through the Smart Pay feature but still, this offer from Yes Bank is one of the most lucrative offers in the industry in this front.

Let us know what do you think of this offer from YES BANK and how many of you are able to successfully make your Insurance Premiums with your YES FIRST Credit Cards.


Update: You get 1000 RPs (₹250) for every new YesPayNow registration with auto debit option.

Author: Abhishek Roy

Abhishek is a Doctor by profession and is passionate about Technology and Photography. He pursues his hobbies during the little free time he gets and likes to make the most out of it. He has special interest in Credit/Debit Cards, Reward Points, Air Miles and Travel Hacks.

19 thoughts on “Earn Upto 10,000 Bonus Reward Points on Yes First Credit Cards

  1. Siddharth

    Sadly Smart Pay feature on Diners Black is not working, atleast for me. They’re unable to charge the card for both of my Landline bill and also LIC premium. Something seems to be wrong with the system.

    Btw, YesFirst promo seems to be good, that’s a decent 5% savings on Exclusive variant.

    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      It seems to be working for me at the moment. I’ll keep an eye out for our autopayments and update if there is something really fishy from HDFC Bank’s side.

    2. Manu

      Siddarth, for diners cards one has to contact the customer care for setting up smart pay, it’s not allowed using netbanking . After that it works fine. For my diners rewards, the issue was resolved in this way.
      Hope this helps

      1. Pankaj Singhal

        I was able to setup Samrtpay online. Cancellation needs a call to the helpline.

      2. Abhishek Roy Post author

        It can be set online. I did set up a biller 2-3 days back online. However, if you need to delete a biller, you’ll need to call them. Your request for deletion will be taken care of within 48-72 hrs and once it’s done, you’ll get a confirmation email that billers have been deleted. Simple.

  2. sunny

    Very interesting move from Yes Bank considering many would be paying insurance premiums for tax saving purposes. Would be cool if they allow future payments through the channel as well i.e. register before 31st March, but payments get done post April.


    1. Abhishek Roy Post author

      Yes, the best part is you get 1000 RPs per YesPayNow addition. I forgot to mention that in the post. I’ll update the post accordingly. This allows you to earn a cool ₹250 every time you add a biller with Standing Instructions for auto debit.

      1. Jay

        Sadly, You will have to do it manually by filling the form and dropping it to their ATM or Bank Dropboxes.

      2. Praveen Perumalla

        Any idea on the minimum locking period for the standing instruction? 3 months, 6 months , 1 year ?

        Since the setup is a manual process, once it is activated, can we cancel it online?

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          No. There is no locking period I guess. There is an option to change the standing instructions or scheduled payments. However, I don’t have any standing instruction limit. whatever is the bill amount, in my case the entire amount gets paid. No limit.

      3. Aman

        Hey Abhishek

        How has your experience been with Yes Bank Standing Instructions (SI)? Any hiccups? Do they pay on or before the due date? Is there an option to have SI 2 days b4 due date?
        Do they alert you b4 and after payment? Do they send you a receipt?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Abhishek Roy Post author

          I have no experience with Yesbank SI. The sole reason being the manual way it needs to be set up. You don’t have a choice as to how many days before the bill due date the payment will be debited. The bank will do it as per the industry standard norms. Besides, yes you will get receipt for the same I guess. For more info you need to contact Yesbank directly

        2. Praveen Perumalla

          Hi Aman,

          You get an SMS once the bill is generated. The SI gets executed 3 days before the due date (It may vary by a day) and after it gets processed, you get a confirmation SMS. So far the payment got always credited before the due date. I didn’t receive any email receipt for it and I didn’t bother to ask about it.

  3. Praveen Perumalla

    Looks like I got my yes first card just in time ?

  4. Abhay Arora

    I am having diners premium and yes first preferred. I have to pay my premium this month of around 1.5 lakh. Which card should I use for doing this? Please suggest.

  5. Ajay Babu

    Hi sir i am looking for a good credit card.my salary was 51k i am first time applying for a credit card.please suggest me good card with less annual and joing fees and more offers to save my money please help me.
    Appreciated Your Quick Responses and Supports.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ajay Babu
    Oracle SCM Functional Consultant.

    1. Siddharth

      Visit the nearest branch Ajay, or you can apply online as well.


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