Save upto 33% on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Goibibo Using HDFC Diners Club Credit Cards

By | June 12, 2016

I’ve recently written an article on cashback and reward points system with which you could have known the point that the maximum one can save using the rewards points and cashback facility without any limits is only 3.3% (as equivalent points) on Uber premium cards like HDFC Diners Club Black or HDFC Infinia credit card. But here’s an outstanding short time offer with which you can save upto 33% without any upper cap attached to it as long as they’re retail spends, as per the offer terms.


HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card presents 10X Reward Points Program

Yes, it’s true, you can save upto 33% on any purchases you do make on below partner brands with Diners club credit cards:

e-Com Partners

  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Luxehues

Travel Partners:

  • Cleartrip
  • GoIbibo
  • Yatra

Movie Partners:

  • Bookmyshow

It’s a VERY HUGE & unbelievable offer in credit card industry and you must consider making the most of it by using the right credit card. For your information, this is a temporary 10X promotion until march 2016 run by Hdfc diners club in association with the participating brands mentioned above to speed up Diners Credit card sales in India. It surely works and so you’re reading this article.

Earn 10X Reward Points on HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Cards

Earn 10X Reward Points

Earn 10X Reward Points with Diners Club Credit Cards

All you need to do is use diners cards in participating brands and you’ll get the incremental 10x reward points on your card automatically. The reward points varies from card to card. As of now there are 3 different cards under diners club cards. See below the 10X rewards earning rate and how much each reward point is worth.

  1. HDFC Diners Black – 50 Reward Points on every Rs. 150 spent (1RP =  Rs.1)
  2. HDFC Diners Premium – 40 Reward Points on every Rs. 150 spent (1RP = 0.75Ps)
  3. HDFC Diners Rewardz – 30 Reward Points on every Rs. 150 spent (1RP = 0.75Ps)

As you can see, the greatest card of all is HDFC diners club black. However it’s not easy to get that card which is a real challenge. Apart from that, diners premium and diners rewards are comparatively easy to get which you may consider.

Savings Calculation:

Let’s say you purchase/spend something for 1 Lakh with above merchants, here are the savings you can get on each card.

  • Diners Black with Accelerated 33% Savings (Normal 3.3%): Savings Rs.33,000
  • Diners Premium with Accelerated 20% Savings (Normal 2%): Savings Rs.20,000
  • Diners Rewardz with Accelerated 15% Savings (Normal 1.5%): Savings Rs.15,000

It means, during the non-promotional period you might be saving only 3.3% on Diners club black, but during this offer period, you can save a whooping 33% (which is 10X of 3.3%) Nice isn’t it? Go grab one if you’re really spend a lot with their partner brands. You receive above savings as equivalent reward points. These points can then be used to redeem against recharges/bills/movie/flight/hotel tickets.

Diners Club international Says: “When exclusive privileges become an integral part of your life, you belong.” True that.

Making the most out of 10X Rewards in Shopping:

This offer is a blessing in disguise if you’re a regular shopper on Flipkart or snapdeal. Obviously you can’t purchase things just because there are offers, but what you can do is buy Flipkart or snapdeal vouchers so you can use it sometime in near future when the need arises Or you can simply sell the Flipkart/snapdeal vouchers to your friends at an attractive rate which they can’t get anywhere 😉

Travels got Cheaper than ever by Double Dipping with Goibibo Offer & 10X rewards

goibiboWith goibibo offering a lots of 50%-65% OFF promotions these days, by using Diners cards you can double dip, making your hotel stay super cheap. This is the best time to explore 3 star hotels as you can get them at nearly ~30% of its actual cost. (by clubbing goibibo & Diners credit card reward points)

Even though it comes with huge timely offers, i’m not thinking to get one due to its very low acceptance in places where i’m currently using my credit cards. That being said, this offer alone is a great reason to grab one of their Diners credit cards if you spend more in mentioned brands. Always have a backup Visa/MasterCard when you roam with Diners Cards. Also, i believe they’ll re-run the 10x offer even after the offer expires as they did the same in year 2015. What do you think?

Got something to say? Drop your comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

68 thoughts on “Save upto 33% on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Goibibo Using HDFC Diners Club Credit Cards

  1. Ashu

    I am holding Diners Club card. Can you explain how you are considering 1 RP = 0.75 Rs. I checked with customer care and they saying it is not possible to adjust the points against credit card bill statement.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its not possible to get cash credit against statement.
      You can however use the points to pay postpaid/broadband bills, recharge, hotel/flight booking and such and while doing so, 1 RP = 0.75 RS on Diners Premium credit card. Hope it helps.

      1. Vivek

        Hi, where can I pay these bills to get this reward rate? Is it through the reward portal of HDFC?

  2. Avinash Kumar

    I recently received DinersClub Rewardz. Card gives a real premium feel, but after reading few negative reviews I am bit confused on whether to have this card or not. I heard that this card is not accepted in any online retailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon and accepted only in few shops unlike VISA and Mastercard which are accepted every nook and corner. And, can I avail EMI option in online retailer like Flipkart etc etc. Please clear my confusion. Thanks


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its not accepted only in Amazon, it is accepted in most other online sites. however local store acceptance is pretty low.

  3. Skyla pinto

    Is anyone aware if the diners reward card can be used on emi on flipkart? Am tired of sending emails to HDFC, unable to call them and I urgently need to buy something on emi on flipkart. And is the 10x reward still applicable

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Depends upon the product/offer. If Flipkart shows the eligibility for HDFC Cards, then yes, you can. Apart from this, you’ll also be able to convert any transaction above Rs.1000 into EMI with HDFC cards. This offer varies from time to time & card to card. So cross check with customer care.

  4. Ashu

    Hi, i have a question. Suppose from my Credit i am buying stuff for my brother. And later on the Credit card payment is done by my brother from his netbanking. Will there be any tax implications?

  5. Keith

    Hi Siddharth,

    I have a HDFC diners Rewardz card. I have a doubt regarding the 10x reward scheme. There is a clause where the cardmember gets double the reward point for every incremental spend above Rs. 10,000.00. This translates no 6 RP per Rs. 150. My doubt is whether the 10x clause and the double rewards point clause work in tandem ?

    e.g. for a spend 150 spend above 10k INR, will the card member receive 60 points ?



    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t think both gonna work together. Just give a try, you may have a luck 😉

      1. Nikhil Mehta

        I cannot understand how they credit points, they should mention in the statement. The way they calculate never matches my calculation 🙁 Anybody has any clue .
        Also if bill is generated and i got refund from any online merchant , do i have to pay whole bill or I can deduct that amount which will be refunded

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Pay min. bill if u receive refund after bill generation.
          You can always ask customer care about the points mismatch.

  6. Potterhead

    I recently booked through Yatra (an airline ticket ~ INR 47000). This was 2 days back. When I checked my account for the points accrued, it shows about 950 points at the rate of 3 per 150.
    I double checked that Yatra is a travel partner with 10X rewards. So, I should be getting ~ 9500 points.

    Does it take some time for the promotional(?) points to get accrued?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It usually takes ~7 days for bonus points to appear.

  7. Pandu

    Thanks for the article.

    May I know the eligibility criteria for Diners black? Why is it a challenge?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      12+ Lakhs on IT may help. But they generally issue it to people with High Value banking relationship with them. Else get other premium card and try to upgrade after 6 months.

  8. Nikhil Mehta

    I got diners premium international card. I am in IT salary way above than 12 LPA but still they didn’t give me Diners black, they said we don’t give. I have a doubt here as my card is international ( Diners premium though) m I eligible for the offer??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Use it well and payback on time and ask them to upgrade your card to black after 6 months. You might get lucky 🙂

      1. Nikhil

        Can you please tell , when will the reward points reflect in HDFC diner club rewardz card as i shopped with Snapdeal with offer of 5x reward point worth Rs. 2000

  9. Ram Bahadur

    Hi Sid,

    I am having a Diners Club REWARDS card since 1 month. Can you tell me is it possible for me to covert my purchase on EMI, also there is no EMI option on flipkart for Diners holder And how does this EMI system activate and works for Diners Holder ?

    Waiting for your comments.



    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its same as any other HDFC card. Use inbuilt EMI offer if avail for you, check your netbanking, else you can use the merchant offers. Both are different.

  10. Prakash lokare

    Which card is best between hdfc money back or diners club rewards credit card.. Reply fast

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Depends on where you spend. Diners card good for 10X rewards.

  11. Vinith

    Well well Sid, I must say fantastic blog, you Really take time in replying.

    I have a query, if I am offered both Regalia and Diners Black, which one should I go with. I am really confused.

    Also diners acceptability is an issue I suppose. I am also scared that the 10x promotions can be discontinued anytime.

    Please guide me.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Go with Diners Black, they’re going to extend the 10x promo for next couple of months atleast. (likely until march 2017)

  12. gaurav

    Sid how can you say they will extent the scheme till march 2017.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They accidentally updated March’17 for few days and then they’re extending month on month. Also some of the partners mention the offer valid through march 2017. So its more likely to happen.

  13. Saurabh

    Is there any cap/limit on the 10x RPs per transaction? Example: Spending of 90,000 (single transaction) on lets say FlipKart should fetch you 30,000 points. So, is there any clause which says a limit of 5,000 or may be 10,000 RPs per transaction only and you end up losing the extra RPs?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, but statement wise limit is there. They’ve added this recently.

      1. sachin

        there`s a limit of 10000 rp per billing cycle for diners club premium, 2500 rp per cycle for diners club black, and 50000 rp per cycle for diners club reward


      In Diners Black
      Max 25000 RP in 10X prgm in bill Cycle.
      *International Spends 10,000 pts max

      In HDFC Bank Diners Club Premium
      Max 5000 RP in 10X prgm in bill Cycle.
      *International Spends 5,000 pts max

      In HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewardz
      Max 2000 RP in 10X prgm in bill Cycle.
      *International Spends 2500 pts max

  14. Kunal Talreja

    I spent 30000 rs on flight booking on make my trip through my diners club rewards card.. but got only 2x rewars points..

    customer care guys saying bonus points will be credited after 60 days of transaction date.. is it true

  15. ramkumar nagaraj


    What is the joining fee and also the renewal fee for this card?


  16. Abhishek

    Suppose I buy iphone and pay Rs.60000 by diners premium.
    How much cashback will I get.
    As there is limit of 2500 points per statement cycle. Does it means that remaining 13500 points will not be received?
    Please explain this clause.
    Thank you

  17. Pankaj Sharma

    Hey Sid as per you how do you compare Amex Gold Card Vs Diners Premium Vs Regalia? According to you which one is most valued?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Pankaj, all are on different Network. They can’t be compared. If u need benefits in each, get them all!

  18. Dr. Kunal

    Reward points what we get, can be used in ??? I m having Diners club premium… And can it be used i.e., redeemed through HDFC Website only ???

  19. Prashant

    Hi Siddhartha,

    What all one must check before getting into a credit card? I already have ICICI Coral and IndusInd Platinum (Pretty Basic) I pay no annual fee so thats a respite. Currently, my profile involves a lot of air travel and I spend a lot on online shopping/movies.

    I am confused between Regalia and Diner Premium(AMEX involves a very heavy annual fee hence not considering).

    And a very basic question Why do we need a credit card if we have teh capacity to pay by debit cards?

    Please guide!!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      With Credit cards, you can save money using reward points etc.
      Consider Diners Cards as it gives 10X rewards & unlimited local lounge access. Regalia is equally good.

      1. Prashant

        equally good confused me again 🙂 If I have to choose one which one it should be ?

  20. Vaibhav Jain

    Hi Siddarth, thanks for this useful analysis. I wanted to know whether this 10X rewards program on Diners Black applicable for a limited period. HDFC Bank website doesn’t mention this benefit at all.

  21. rahul

    Hi Sid, This card like regalia has lowest markup fee of 2% but will this card work well across international websites. I do a lot of international purchases and want to make sure there is acceptance for diners?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It works with Paypal but not with some Intl websites.

  22. Srini

    hello Sidharth,
    I am not able to do paytm wallet recharge with my HDFC Diners Club International card.
    Please let me know what will be the problem.


  23. Gaurav

    Wanted your opinion between the three cards. I already have a free SC infinite card.
    The cards are :

    SBI Elite Card
    HDFC Infinia ( Only challenge is 8 lakh Rs spend in year 1 for free card in Year 2 else there is a 12k rs price )
    HDFC Diners Black

  24. Saurabh

    Any update on whether the offer validity has been extended for another year till 31st March 2018?

  25. Nipun

    Hi Siddharth,

    Awesome post!

    Recently got Diners Black.. Just wanted to double check related to 10X rewards programme. If I go for one single transaction of huge amount say 1 Lakh, I would be eligible for 33k points ? I mean is there any upper cap for points per transaction ?

    Thx in anticipation!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Great, Congrats.
      there is no upper cap per txn. Happy saving 🙂


      Upper limit is 25000 RP in 10X programs in one Bill cycle (non international)

    3. Kushal

      There is cap of point per month not per transaction for 10x rewards. Tht is 25k points per month

  26. goyal

    Can i purchase Gold coins on Flipkart to get 10X reward points?

    1. Kushal

      I have not purchased but cust service ppl hav confirmed we can buy any thing from flipkart provided we use it via smart buy

  27. Tejas Patel

    Hello Siddharth

    I have a hdfc diners black. I redeemed my reward points for cash which got credited directly to my card account. However I got Rs. 0.50 for every 1 reward point whereas there website says each point is worth Rs. 1. Why is that?


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